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    A night on the town looking to pull

    by , 08-23-2011 at 11:35 AM (683 Views)
    non-lucid - Notes - lucid

    23-08-11 I am in town at night and a lot of people have been out partying. It is night time and I am headed home. On the way back I decide to do a little parcour, not because I can do it, but because I want to try.

    It is working out fair, nothing fancy just jumping from this bench to this trash can with the occasional jump off a wall.

    I get on a roll and I get to the end of the pedestrian zone and due to my momentum and confidence I decide to take a leap out over a couple of cars.

    Mid jump I realise it is police cars and they realise that I am free running. So as I am hanging in the air they drive to intercept me (gravity aint what it normally is so they have plenty of time, and this might also be the reason for why I am doing so well ^^).

    I just manage to jump over the police car though the driver is trying to force me to land on it. A big mean looking officer gets out and asks if I have been running out of building and generally getting into trouble (I get the feeling he doesn't like me or maybe just free runners in general). I show him my teeth and tell him I was just having a bit of fun and that I suck too much to do pretty much anything complicated.

    He lets me go, but he isn't happy about it.

    I continue homewards, but as I get closer I notice that the street leading up to my building has been taped off with police tape. Since I am not the only one walking this way we are told by an officer that we must go around to the other side of the building taking a longer road that first off leads downwards to a tunnel.

    I don't want to, mainly because the first officer I spoke to was such a dick, so in defiance I jump up and grab some metal fencing on the top and get myself up. There are some women that help we by lending me their hands to stand on. I know I can get up myself, but I am not too proud to accept the help as I know there is an officer walking behind them.

    I get up and head for my building, there I see the officer that stopped me in the streets. He is looking at me with a video camera though I have hidden behind a metal fencing and the angle should prevent him from looking through. But he is looking straight at me though!

    I decide to jump back into the tunnel and take a less defiant approach of getting home after this, though it pisses me off!

    In the building I go up with the lift and find myself in a flat, which is weird, because it isn't my building after all and normally the lift would be between the flats. I decide to go look for Mark and Drew's flat, as I believe this to be their building.

    I am at a narrow cave entrance, looks a bit like what Craig has to go through in cowboys vs. aliens. It is night time and dark.

    There is some sort of droid sentinel in the entrance. It shoots out a conal blue ray that will lock onto your presence after a while and get you shot. We need to get inside and we loose a couple of droids from the sentinel before we figure out what to do.

    The conal beam narrows and widen in a set pattern from a line to the cone, though the pattern is rather rapid it is possible to jump from hiding spot to hiding spot while it narrows, if you do get caught in the beam you still have a second or two to get away before getting disintegrated.

    I run in with a droid that resembles R2D2 a bit and I have to drag him sometimes, because he aint fast enough. It gets hairy once or twice but we manage to get to the end room behind the sentinel. There is a staircase leading up to the main rooms, but before we ascend I throw R2 up to know the sentinel off its position, which results in it falling off the piece of rock and break when it lands.

    I move through a door and notice a hell of a lot of people walking by higher up, though they are walking very strange. They are walking with their legs spread fairly wide apart and in a set motion that makes them look like robots.

    I also see some women dressed in red and the dresses are so big that it makes them look a bit like caterpillars. It is about this time I become lucid.

    As unattractive, as the women are I decide to.. well go for it. I figure I can animate her a bit more and I firmly expect there to be attractive curves under all the clothing.

    I struggle a bit with the caterpillar suit, but finally manage to get a hand slipped into her panties and start warming her up till she is nicely hot and sufficiently wet.

    Then I wake up >.<

    I am in a room in a rather big house. I don't recall much before realising I am dreaming and doing a reality check via telekinesis.

    There is a camouflage jacket in front of me hanging on the wall. I pick it up and drag it to me using my mind only.

    I don't really recall what I am doing before I decide to step up on what could be a fireplace mantel. I create a portal on the floor without looking at it, to go to Chichén Itzá.

    I then jump backwards and let myself fall into the portal on the floor. I feel myself sink into the floor and then after a short while I am surrounded by light. These would be the ley-lines also located at the pyramids. I start flowing with the lines which is basically just a stream of light.

    However I notice I can't really see anything besides what it looks like with your eyes shut and I wake up.

    FA: However I look up and notice there are two comic books. Not just of the same series, but the exact same copy and there is a little animation (like the one in my previous Dresden/Vamp themed dream indicating residual magic).

    I wouldn't have two copies of the same comic hanging on the wall (Oh yeah, they are also hanging on the wall! XD). I check my hand and see it in extraordinary vivid detail. I count the fingers, there are five of them, but hang on I am positive I am dreaming! Oh, there are five fingers plus the thumb = six. OK! Dream time onwards!

    I fly out the window while looking at the glass as it isn't breaking, never get tired of that! and expect El Castillo to be on my left as I have had success with before.

    No luck this time, though I do find myself in a city vastly different from the one I live in, though normally I would find myself in my own neighbourhood. The city or town can best be described as a combination of Bergen (though without the fjord), something Austrian with a jungle surrounding it.

    I keep flying about expecting El Castillo to turn up at any time, which doesn't happen.

    The dream is much brighter than the others I have had this night. The atmosphere is thick with jungle feel, very moist and hot, but the sky has the Bergen ever-cloudy look.

    However I fly up one of the roads at one point and to my left between two buildings there is a giant, yes a giant! It is a man and I think the only thing I tell him is something like “You are a fucking giant aren't you?” (my flatmate later pointed out I might have hurt his feelings like this, so my apologies if I have! =P).

    While I see and address the giant it is night time.

    I fly onwards, not sure how (and I don't even think about it in the dream) but it is daytime again and I arrive at a misty edge. I perceive this to be the edge of my dream area and decide to expand a bit. I first command an increase in clarity, which happens. Then I command for the mist to disappear, which makes it thin out a bit, “No completely!”, which makes the mist turn red “The red mist also!” which makes it vanish completely and I can look out over a jungle area, which some houses on the hill sides.

    I expect El Castillo, but it doesn't appear to be my night, though some of the larger houses on the hill sides take on a partial pyramid shape (meaning they only recede on two of the sides).

    I give up and decide to try and find someone I can have sex with (Think this is fairly common when I have had alcohol the night before, though normally when I drink I don't turn lucid).

    I fly back towards the first town and come across some strange wooden fence things that makes me unable to fly because they are so close to each other and I need a bit of falling space before I can fly (I don't normally need this, my lucidity has been directed to my balls at this point it would seem).

    I end up at a little café and find Djana there, I try and approach her, but know she might not be the best bet. So I move on to a woman sitting at the next table, she seems familiar with shoulder length dark hair and delicate facial features, though I can't put my finger on where I have seen her.

    I try and kiss her (without talking to her first) she leans away from me and tell me to stop and that she is there with a new boyfriend.

    OK. I think, after participating in this shared dreaming project, I might have to start considering things like consent just in case I am actually dealing with external entities. I can't remember if I apologise (if I didn't and someone had a nightmare of someone assaulting them amorously, then please accept my apology!)

    New approach then! “I want sex! anyone around interested?”. I get a fairly quick reply from a woman next table, though I can't recall any of her features. I think grey is the best word to describe her, grey clothes and bland features, fairly boring, but hey lets rock.

    Think we manage to agree to get away from the restaurant before I wake up.

    Notes: Right OK! drinking and dreaming tends to lead to sexual desire in dreams, which probably shouldn't come as a surprise as I react the same way to the stuff when awake =P.

    Something about getting a soldier in an arm bar after he has crossed a bridge in a forest. He tells me he concedes and I ask him if he would mind going over and pretend to be my prisoner by the bridge so I can capture more.

    He doesn't want to play ball and I find it unfair, because it is only a game and I should be able to catch more. I let him go and he starts resisting so I get on top of him and start pounding his face with my fists.

    There is a black guy coming up from the bridge, he looks at us, I don't know exactly what happens or why he does it.

    I am punching Rasmus and Thomas is the face while they are sat next to my dad (I think) being punished for having done something stupid.

    I know people will hate me a bit for it, so I justify my action by telling someone that it will take a bit of heat off both of them, though really it was just for vengeance.

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