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    Shortcut through trash/air vent, beer can/bottle

    by , 08-24-2011 at 11:17 AM (593 Views)
    24-08-11 I am Going to a swimming stadium, though I am not taking the planned route. The planned route would be swinging by Stonehenge, about a 5 km drive.

    Instead I go through some sort of air vent in a large building. The passageways are really narrow, dirty and dark.

    It takes about 5 minutes to get there.

    I hang about in the swimming pool for a while, it is dusk time and there are some other kids there. I decide to take off and walk over to the wall.

    In order for me to get to the vent I will have to remove some of the panelling, not only that but I will have to stand on the exposed piece of wood that was holding the panel, which is screwed into the wall.

    There isn't much space, but I seem to recall having done it before. I finally get the door open to the shaft.

    Before I can go through I must put a hand into the shaft and empty it for trash. The trash is some black stuff from farming I think, as Henrik can explain how it is made. Seems like a mixture between coal and dust.

    It just falls into the water, but I have a feeling it will be OK and it isn't exactly a new procedure I am doing.

    A woman, might be my aunt asks me if it is worth it. I ask her if she has to take the 5 km route past Stonehenge, she confirms and I tell her it will take me 5 minutes to get back.

    When most of the trash is out, it seems to take longer than it had before, I am looking out over a horizontal window as an access point, which I remember thinking is a bit weird.

    Sitting at a coffee table with a beer. It is a beer can, but there is a bottle inside prodding up out of the hole of the can.

    I sit and marvel a bit, how the fuck could anyone get that bottle down there without removing the top of the can.

    Then a person on my right explains that there they are fairly rare and if you manage to collect 9 of them, you would win 9 k DKK.

    “Ah then I shouldn't have given the last 3 to ….”

    Something about time travel in order to make sure to obtain the right ingredients for a particularly tasty meal.

    Physical time travel (done by placing hands on top of each others) means that you get a fraction of your dream powers with you to the physical realm though (WEIRDNESS!)

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