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    Short Lucid - Afternoon nap

    by , 11-12-2010 at 06:14 PM (584 Views)
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    12/11/10 I am putting this one in a separate entry as it occurred during an afternoon nap.

    I am in a supermarket, or rather I am listening to the story of a guy who is not allowed back into the supermarket although his friends are in there drinking beer. He says that if he knew he wouldn't be able to get back in he would have stopped for a beer like his friends. It doesn't make it better that he can see them laughing at him from the other side of a window screen where he is trying to get them to help. They are pretty drunk apparently.

    Skip (There seem to be a continuous temporal structure to the dream, but a radical change of scenery takes place here and there)

    I am supposed to go meet some friends of mine (I actually had to do this) and I promised Ronja I would pop by with some groceries. I obtain these groceries at a meeting of some kind, seems a bit like a therapeutic setting (the details are a bit unclear). The groceries are some she has left from a prior party or gathering of some description and includes half a sack of coal and numerous rectangular boxes. Nothing weird about that, I pick it up and head to her flat, I am speaking to multiple people on the way out and even ask one of them to hold the door, which isn't like me considering my total social ineptitude. As I get out of the main door the bottom of the bag drops and I am forced to put the boxes in the half empty (Not sure if this it is thinking positive or negative here, from Ronja's perspective I would come across as negative seeing I am referring to her lack of coal, but it is a positive thing for me that there is enough space to fit the remaining groceries inside the sack, I suppose optimism isn't an absolute variable independent of context. Philosophical ruminations aside and back to the dream) sack of coal, and although it is an anoying situation that will further obstruct me from meeting my friends I join in with the random laughs the situation is sparking from bystanders, I mean come on the situation is actually a cliché so just go with it when it happens, right? I get to Ronja's block, which is located in Hornslet and the building is way to tall for anything that exists in that little town. I feel a bit down again as I know it will take a bit of time to get all the way to the top. I try and cheat my pulling out my mouse and clicking on a very small area towards the top of the building to call the lift.
    This is where I start realising that something is off. “Hang on a minute, my interactions with those people back there and this”. I check my hand and although all fingers are there my index finger and the one next to the pinky (sorry too lazy and busy to look up the actual name of it) are growing shorter. Right, Dreaming! I fly up a bit, lending a brief contemplation to how easy it would be to go and drop off the groceries now, and how utter pointless it would be to even try. I see a man up there and call out “Hey! you know we are dreaming right?” “Yeah sure” he replies sincerely. I get down activate my senses in order to promote stabilisation and start touching a lot of things. The road that should have a stony asphalt sort of feel to it feel an awful lot like a mixture between rubber and the wooden floor you would find in a sports arena, weird. There is some more scaffolding in the surrounding and a man is walking up the street in the same direction as me. I go over to him intending to introduce myself, but I realise it is my old school friend Thomas. I tell him we are dreaming, and he seems to handle it with a bit of difficulty trying to run away from. He runs in a weird zig zag fashion trying to get away from me. We end up fighting and although he is no match for me I am not quite able to throw him far away into the galaxy as I intended with my first move and he keeps coming back as I keep grabbing his wrist and kicking him in the torso. Some woman appear and join the fight, but I would rather just kiss her so holding on to Thomas, I grab the woman's arm in the other and sort of position her between us as she strikes. I kiss her and I can see her cheeks gaining colour and a small smile arise. I later try to get rid of Thomas to get with the woman, but she refuse me and Thomas keeps coming back, damn! I try to force her a bit as I have heard DCs can be easily persuaded, but I wake up prematurely to lend empirical support to that theory.

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