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    Uneventful Lucid, didn't get to speak to Mitzu.... again

    by , 11-12-2010 at 12:00 PM (458 Views)
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    12/11/10 I woke up and did a reality check, the flat seemed perfectly normal, but finally me trying to get in the habit of reality checking upon wakeups seemed to pay off. The only thing that seemed different to the flat was that it was mirrored, however I only discovered that after having checked my hand and found 7 fingers. I went around the room looking at the details and feeling it up a bit in order to stabilise and noticed an extravagant amount of ornamental lighting, which is unusual for me, screw it I refuse to be an anti consumerist in my sleeping life, it looked rather nice after all. Ok so, stabilisation seems to be OK and it is now daylight rather than dark outside. I do a little jump over my coffee table and refuse to land and instead take off into flight, the old fly through the window without breaking it is intriguing as ever. That is until I slam my face against the glass and I can feel my glasses bending on my face. That is weird I have never worn glasses in my dreams before. I try again for a bit, unsuccessful until I decide to just open the damn thing, damn what is going on with my control. I fly out and find some scaffolding and slide down it, but the falling sensation is arousing a primal fear so I take off into flight instead (W.T.F!!!!!???), landing on a trailer a bit later. I call out for Mitzu and turn around to see her reflection in a window and sure enough she comes around the corner a bit later. She looks somewhat different, still yellow eyes, but more Asian, she also has an Asian accent. I speak to her in Danish (I normally don't do that in dreams either) and think again. I can't remember what I said in Danish, but the English sentence I muttered was “I don't expect this to be an issue, but is it OK if I speak Danish to do you understand” She replied that it wasn't a problem and the dream started fading.

    Damn, Damn, Damn I just want to have a good conversation with her but I always seem to wake up shortly after her appearing.

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