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    The theme is "shared", Killing the king of the wild things (without the wild things)

    by , 07-13-2011 at 11:34 PM (814 Views)
    13-07-11 I am on a beach and there are someone there that I am supposed to remember. The scenario concerns shared dreaming. I turn lucid at some point though the trigger eludes me and the vividness of the dream isn't great. The person running the show isn't who I expected. A couple of other rookie lucids are there with me as well. They all tell me their names and I find it important to remember them, but they are soon forgotten. Was there a Mark in there, and someone whose name begins with an R (Not supprising considering I readh MoShs shared dreaming thread just before bed). In any case the whole thing is a bit difficult to explain. The beach seems to be this gigantic hub and the leader is passing from one person to another assisting them, either with control or something else.

    When I step in an start directing the show a bit, it is with great respect for the people around me. I say something like.

    “Right, time for dream stabilisation, how do you guys normally do this?”
    There may be some mumbling amongst 3-5 people standing by the waves before the answer is returned.
    “Have you tried spinning?”
    “Think I have done, but not in a while.”

    I start spinning, but not your average spinning. I utilise a technique I have picked up in my non-lucids where I gradually spin with my body more and more parallel to the ground. People either try trampling me or try and jump over me and I become a bit playful and start doing some whirled spinning jumps up amongst the people standing right next to me. I turn around and spin around with my back towards the sand. Though this is fun I don't think I am engaging the scenario enough and I soon wake up.

    I recall only the dream after I turn lucid. I may have been lucid prior, but what is written is what I remember. I know that the dream was long prior to what I remember though. I am in some sort of hall. It reminds me of a mixture of a factory warehouse and a sports hall. I think of what the task of the month is and I remember it is about ”where the wild things are” and becoming their king.

    I don't encounter any wild things to my memory, but I undertake a quest to summon their king and dispose of him. There are three pre-quests I have to fulfil before I can find him. These three quests will grant me three keys I have to use to get the final key. I start the first one but start thinking that I may not have much time left in the dream, so I decide to cheat by flyng up and grabbing the key from a wooden box with a narrow opening in it. My flying isn't really controlable at first but I manage to snatch the key before I start the descent.

    I defy my lack of ability to fly as I head for a risen platform hovering above the floor where the King will spawn. ”I am dreaming I know I can fly!” and this thought makes it possible. There are four boxes on the platform, one at each corner. I put in the key and turn it. There is a mechanical vibration in my hand as I do this and looking out over the floor I can see four elements descending from the ceiling forming a square. I know the king will be in the middle of these. I look around on the other key hole boxes on the platform and wonder why there are keys in all of them, though i reason that if I hadn't cheated I would have had four keys in total.

    After a short while the king makes an appearance, He approach from a gate on the lefthand side and as he makes his way towards the descending things he is ethereal at first. I figure I will have to wait until he takes on coporeal form to attempt an attack on him. At first when he takes on bodily form he is naked and very white, sorta vampyrish, however I am dreaming and have no fear so I jump down flying at great speed towards him. When I arrive he has taken on a bunny suit and is slightly fat. I tell him I challenge him and put up my fists preparing for a boxing round.

    Before the fight starts we are interrupted though by 3-5 people wearing black cloathing, the leader seems to be a woman. I feel slightly frightful and grab the king and take him behind a shelf.

    ”Wasn't I dreaming, I am sure I was dreaming, there is no need to hide” I think to myself.

    I look at my hand and as I do a couple of extra fingers start growing so I am reassured and take the king and walk over to the people. I also know that I can't really hurt anyone so I talk to the woman and tells her to grab hold of the kings legs.

    I grab his head and rip it clean off and I am somewhat relieved that it makes the sound of clothing being ripped as this happens. He was only stuffed afterall.

    I start walking towards the gate the king appeared from and think to myself. ”Damn, you got that ”where the wild things are” story completely screwed up, this probably won't count anyways”. ”Ah well it was mildy enjoyable in any case”. After this I wake up.

    I am in a room and a handful of attractive women are there and I am talking to Kaiser about Caroline Loven. I tell him that I have been with her 4 times. I am going through the excersise starting at 5 trying out 3, but decide on 4 (the actual number is 2). I am unsure as to how the conversation arose, but think we were discussing attractive women we had been with.


    I look outside the window and am surprised to see a large red building move towards my left away from me. I think it a bit weird, but quickly someone tell me that TV2 is going to get their asses handed to them for this as apparently they are to blame. I recall the television show and don't find it particularly weird (Would have hated myself for missing this, if it wasn't for the fact that I had already had one lucid that night ^^).

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