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    TotM, Portal Attempts, metal transformations

    by , 08-05-2011 at 12:12 PM (469 Views)
    05-08-11 I am in holland again, I am outside and I am sleeping, though I am partially awake. There is chatter in the background and I believe they wouldn't actually wake me up, due to me having specified having an interest in dreams and sleep.

    I keep waking up and looking out down towards the garage. At one point Ant comes over, I hear him before I see him and he intends on waking me up in a rather funny, but unpleasant matter. He intends to pour a glass of pickled cucumber over my face.

    As he approaches I look up and laugh a bit, he doesn't seem to want to stop so I look at him, still smiling and start making some physically impossible move and tell him to lay off or “there will be violence”.

    He lays off and we decide to head out. We head towards a supermarket at first and I am quickly left behind. I think about Ida who is standing a bit ahead and I think it is fair enough she doesn't want me anyways, I have little interest in her anyways. However it does spark a hint of emotional discomfort though no way near as much as usual.

    As I am climbing over the wall I look down and I see a blue beetle that is best described as a mixture of a lady bug and a LEGO Duplo piece, with legs. I hear Ruth shouting to the others “He is coming I have just seen him jump”.

    I notice how gracefully I jump both down the wall and past a couple of people over a pool of water. I notice my dream sign that I am capable of parcour. I become lucid.

    I start looking around and fly a bit. I am in a city that seems like a crossover between Ĺrhus and Amsterdam. The rest of the crew is in a warehouse on the top floor and when I see them I start flying up towards them.

    On the way up there I decide to try out some spider man stuff instead and I procede to crawling up the wall. Close up the wall is mostly redish with a lot of black to gray texture in it. The way I am stuck to the wall is remarkable in the way that I don't seem stuck as such, but it feels like my hands and feet are magnetically attached to the wall.

    I start thinking if there is somethng I am supposed to do. I have decided to give the confidence issues a bit of a rest and decide to go playful. What is the TotM. Get a DC to sing and go to the chocolate factory, right.

    I let go and drop to street level. I burst out in song in order to get the rest of the many DCs on the street to join me. I think I am going with “Dangerzone” off top gun, but no one seems to join in except a guy from behind me across the street and he just shouts Danger!

    That won't hold up and I get a bit annoyed.

    I ask to ladies walking by if they want to sing for me, but they refuse.

    I think at this point the dream starts to fade and I command it to come back verbally. Things go blank and as the dream comes back it feels like I have one eye open in waking life and one in the dream world. I have felt like this before though and this time I decide to just ignore it.

    I command the dream to stabilize and between that and ignoring the open eye syndrome (Coined!). I get the dream back on track. I run into a tanned guy wearing a yellow sports T-shirt with a sports bag over his shoulder.

    I ask him to sing for me, but he only looks at me briefly before he turns sround, take on an arrogant attitude and tells me that he won't. Now I am getting angry so I grab hold of him place my hands on both sides of his face and looks him in the eyes. I briefly think of vampire compulsion, glamour or whatever you want to call it and start talking to him.

    He stares blankly at me.

    “God damn, this is my dream and I am sick and tired of getting refused”
    He reples with an astounding empty stare.
    “Now you will sing to me!”
    He starts singing “Happy birthday to you...”
    “Yeah yeah that will do” It is boring and not my birthday, but task accomplished.
    “Why do you need me to sing for you?” he asks
    “Don't worry about it, you have done your part thank you”
    “You keep information tight, don't you”
    “As I said, this is a dream, so once you have been integrated with my consciousness again you will understand”

    Now to the chocolate factory. I immediately think about doors. I have to find a door and expect the chocolate factory to be on the other side. It is getting darker, but I find a door inside a building and try and will the chocolate factory on the other side.

    When I open the door I expect a portal to be there, though I only find a white canvas. I try it out and try and walk through it. It is difficult in particular my head doesn't really seem to be willing to. After a couple of minutes of faffing around inside a door that isn't a door the dream starts fading.

    I pull the move I tried out before and when I come back in the dream again things have changed slightly. The scenery is darker and I am not sure what is going on. I am pretty sure I am dreaming, but I am uncertain so I pull a hand RC. Sure enough.

    I was trying to open a portal to the chocolate factory, right onwards. I spot something that looks like a hotel up the road. I walk to it and prepare for the door to be a portal.

    Now unfortunately the front door is made of glass, so it will be difficult imagining anything but the hotel I can see through the glass door. So I decide to walk through it and find another door I can try with.

    As I open it there is no portal behind it, but a small passage way and a mirror at the end.

    A mirror, that is interesting. That could be used as a portal, but first I observe my self reflection flicker in the mirror. It isn't like anything is missing, but my reflection is there one moment and gone the next flicking on and off.

    I decide to hop through it and having learned from the first experience I go through head first. I manage to get my entire body fully through and then I just hover there. I start falling a bit and I figure that will work, never done portals before I don't know what to expect.

    I keep falling and eventually looking up I see a door, I reach up for the handle and try and pull myself through, however I wake up just as I get the door open.

    I am with some superhero crew. We are gathering some black obsidian bars, that are to be transformed into a single adamantium bar. I proclaim to someone that it is stupid to try and do that since adamantium can't be altered. I wonder if Stark can do it seeing as it is him collecting.

    Notes: Third night in a row with a lucid. The technique of awakening from a night of dreaming, trying to recollect them and then go back to sleep seems to work wonders. Though I didn't have many dreams to recollect this morning the Obsidian/adamantium dream was fresher in my mind, but I have spent much time with my niece while writing down the dream, so memories have faded a bit.

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