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    Roman Officer, Dutch Army Snatchers, 3rd attempt at confidence issues

    by , 08-04-2011 at 07:57 AM (350 Views)
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    04-08-11 I am in Holland staying at Ruth's place, though the place is quite different to how it actually looks.

    The house reminds me most of all of a country side small farm. There is a main house and a converted garage, which is white, connected by a yard filled with small stones and some light foliage.

    We are staying at the converted garage. A lot of the dream is oriented around being outside moving and returning to the garage. When I say we I include Kaiser and Duki.

    One night Kaiser and I are in the garage alone and he is talking about this Japanese artist and as he mentions the name I recognise it. He plays a track and tells me something about this particular track is one of the two possibilities you get when downloading his stuff for free. It is randomly selected between this and another. I think he likes the other better.

    He does some exercise that is supposed to be strength exercise, but amounts only to him flexing his muscles without weight. At first I find it strange, but then I consider that when you are lacking the stuff why not at least make the best of it.

    I am getting trained to be a gunner in some sort of APV. We are talking about what positions in the vehicle would be best, and we sort of agree that my position as the front gunner would be preferable.

    I ask how may people it carries and he says “30 I believe”

    The following morning we are awoken by some general noise and we can all tell that something is up. The yard outside is crawling with people in camouflage suits and somehow I know they are with The National Guard/Local Defence Volunteers. They are headed for the garage.

    Duki starts getting into his camouflage gear, and I loose track of Kaiser. Duki gets caught and I manage to get out of another door towards the front of the garage away from the yard. I get into my mili suit and walk back in. They aren't chasing me which means the disguise worked and I discover that these are the Dutch version and they are scared because apparently we have made a defence or military agreement with the queen of Denmark.

    I am a Roman officer walking around in a castle. I am ordering units around by drawing squares on the ground with my finger as you would expect from any RTS game.

    The only problem I am finding is that when I try and select units I keep knocking them over inevitably because the motion is making my hand run through the squad.

    When this happens the soldiers turn to tin soldiers and become useless.

    I walk down a bridge, well more a combination of a corridor and a bridge made of what looks like limestone. On my right there is a boy who is collecting tin soldiers that he can use for something or sell.

    I become mad at him and tell him that he should give them back. He doesn't and so instead I start taking the small petty coins, black in colour from him.

    He immediately starts crying, he will be in trouble and the small amount of currency I have taken from him really means a lot. I feel majorly bad, like sledgehammer-to-the-chest bad (actually still feel it thinking about this part ^^). So I stop the activity and instead I start giving him some change I have lying in my pocket.

    The change starts out with 20-50 Euro cents, really worth nothing to me, but almost a fortune to the boy and in the end I give him a Euro.

    This next bit is cryptic to explain with my logical brain system switched on, but I will try.

    I explain to him that it is rather funny that I am giving him these Euroes, when they haven't even developed a currency system in Denmark. (whatever, made sense in the dream ^^).

    I ask Jørgen Kirke Dude, who is sat close to me (now we are in a garden of sorts) wearing a toga when they will introduce a system of currency in Denmark. He say that in 67-68 or so, which will amount to about five days (Actual time is around the 9th century)

    I am standing in a garden looking out over a field. Something isn't quite right, I don't recognise the place and I turn lucid. I bother not with reality checks or anything of the like, I just know.

    I look around to engage my senses for a while. It is slightly windy and the clouds are dominantly grey. I marvel at the details of the plants around. They are all green plants with some greyish white and pale pink/purple flowers.

    The clouds seem somewhat off, they are too jagged if anything. Though them being there still leaves a greyish tint to the light of the dream. I look out over the field, which is beige in colour though the wheat also sports some green elements, which I believe is unnatural to the real world sort.

    I take off in flight out over the field. I ask the dream for help again with the confidence problems. I let my hand run through the wheat as I fly above the field.

    I am stopped by a barking dog. It looks like a sheep dog, one of those black and white ones and it is aggressive. It barks at me and snaps it jaws. I give it a quick slap and realise it is actually scaring me a bit, but I remember to remain calm and try to avoid violent confrontation. As soon as my mindset towards the dog change, so does the dog. It transforms into the cutest boxer pup and I sense all aggression depart from it. It jumps up my leg and look over my shoulder towards a farmhouse in the middle of the field.

    I (think I might thank the dog first, not sure though) take off into flight and fly over the house. There are a couple of men down working the garden and I sense something like father and sun. I ask them if they can help me and I get a somewhat hostile response, but am asked to fly around the back of the house.

    I do so and I ask another man, think he is younger than the first I saw. The mood is hostile and I don't know if he actually say anything before a woman shouts out of the house.

    “Why do all these lunatics have to show up when the weather is bad”
    I look around and notice that snow is either already fallen or coming around shortly.
    I tell her that I was guided in her direction for help with my confidence problems. I am standing over her jumping lightly on her fence making it look easy.
    she tells me something like “Ah, well forgive my potential rudeness, I have no time to be politically correct, but my ancestor was an Indian (rather than using the term native American) and I might be of assistance..”

    I wake up

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