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    1. If I Was High

      by , 09-30-2014 at 04:09 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #366 - DILD - 2:15AM

      My memory is bad on this one but its a dry spell breaker.

      I am laying in bed trying sleep and I have some strange thoughts thinking about when I was in high school I would get high and eat something and then sleep like a baby. I wish I could do that now. I sigh and roll over. I notice my body feels very light causing me to recognize that I am in a dream. I become lucid and think I have entered SP very early in the night. I struggle to move and exit but I think I lose lucidity or just have an FA.

      I don't recall much here but I know I was chatting on Skype with OpheliaBlue, CanisLucidus, and Dreamer about lucid dreaming. Maybe it was more of a memory, but I regain lucidity because of and enter some more SP sensations. I am really close to getting the past this, but something smacks into my back and I think someone has woken me up, ruining my "WILD".

      I am at a very strange version of work and I think that I have only been asleep for an hour. The dream ends.

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    2. The Giant Mute

      by , 09-07-2014 at 08:50 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #363 - WILD - 7:47AM

      I wake fully now and use the toilet. I am feeling really pissed off that I didn't get a real lucid this time. I actually start feeling sorry for myself. It's after 7am and I know the alarm will go off at 8am. I decide to chill myself out and really focus hard on WILD.

      I enter vibrations. Oh God here we go again. Just like last time, I can't break past SP. My wife coughs and rolls over waking me some. I re-focus on body relaxation and slip back in fairly quickly. I struggle some more. I recall a semi lucid moment from earlier where I was going on about having too much negative energy lately and I need to meditate more. I may as well try that. I'm not getting anyplace like this. I clear my mind and I start to feel myself roll. Rather than try to stop it, I focus on the sensation as I meditate keeping my mind clear of all thought. I have some interesting HI but I gently push it away as thoughts.

      I watch a full scene form. I am walking outside and can hear my foot steps crunch on some gravel. Is this more HI or a full dream? I look around and see that I am in a bright summer day near a Half Round Barn. It looks like the one I pass by all the time just outside of town in waking life. I look at my hands and they seem solid but a little video-game-ish. I become super happy and relieved to have finally made it into a a solid lucid. I immediately start back on my goals for the night.

      As I walk around the barn, I use expectation to find Robin Williams. I notice how dry the ground is but there are high weeds along the side of the barn. Robin isn't there. I begin to call out for him as I walk. I notice how loud and full my voice sounds. I become excited again about being lucid but I push the emotions away. You don't want to wake yourself.

      On the other side of the barn, I come to familiar street near my workplace. Some cars pass and I think Robin may be in one. Then, I spot some men working on a house in the distance. I shout for Robin and one of them looks. He appears to be a little too large and has a red shirt on. I wave exaggeratedly and motion for him to come to me. He stops what he is doing and beings running toward me. As he gets closer he looks nothing like Robin. I decide to try to force it with belief and expectation. I look way for a moment and really concentrate on Robin Williams face. I see it in my mind (irony) and look back at the man. He looks a lot like John Pennett now (Wrong dead comic). Oh well. Just go with it.
      I say, "Hey you're Robin Williams!"
      The man doesn't say anything but his body language says he's confused and he disagrees.
      I give up on Robin and decide to move on. I respond, "So OK you're not Robin but you do have my fortune cookie."
      The man must be a mute, because he lets out a soundless, "Ah" and throws his head back in silent laughter.
      I see his red shirt is a "pocket tee" and the pocket is right at my eye-level. I spy a bulge in it the shape of what I am hoping for. I look up at his face and the man now looks a little like Wreck-it Ralph. Of course, this doesn't register with me at the time, because I really want that fortune cookie. The man reaches in his pocket with index and thumb and plucks out the cookie with his huge meaty hand. I greedily take the cookie.

      I notice there is no wrapper on it and at first I am a little turned off by that. Well, I'm not going to eat it and it's not like it matters here anyway. The cookie seems a little large as I crack it open. I pull the paper out and let the broken peices fall out of existence. I try to read it but everything is blurry at first. I focus hard. First I see some oddly spaced numbers. Then I notice the random characters above that. Then a word under the numbers. En.. Ensl... En... Encaved? I want to make sense of this word but instead I tuck it way to mull over later when I am wake. Then, for some reason I try to read out the numbers to the man, "Threeee? Two?" I can't seem to read what I am seeing. The man seems really impatient with me and I decide he's right; there's no time for this. I study the paper a second more while wordlessly committing as much as possible to memory. Basically, the paper reads something like this:
      2 3 4 3 5 6 3 5 4 2
      E N C A V E D

      I turn to the man forgetting about the paper, "OK hold on... Hey, I am going to perform a Patronus now. You can stay an watch if you'd like." I turn to hold up a wand but everything has gone dark now. I try to hold on an focus but I feel my body in bed so I let it go.
    3. Was Her Name Robin?

      by , 09-07-2014 at 08:05 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #362 - DEILD - 4:14AM

      WBTB was tough! I tried staying up longer but only made it 5 or 10 minutes. I was super tired and didn't bother trying to WILD hoping to ride the galantamine out later in a DILD or DEILD.

      I wake from a non-lucid dream about putting up Christmas decorations in my old house. There are multiple people from parts of my life that don't mess. I feel confused and unsure what to do.

      I roll over throwing and arm up but it puts me in awkward position. I hit vibrations almost right away but I feel so uncomfortable at the same. I try to tough it out knowing that if I can get past this I wont even feel my physical body. I eventually have to break out of it and adjust myself.

      After a few minutes, vibrations start up again and I spend a lot of time trying to break into the dream. The paralysis is strong and I can't seem to transfer over to my dream body. All I can manage is some wiggling motions at first. Several minutes later I start making it out blind and can only feel along the wall and them get slammed back in my body.

      Much later I make it outside though I'm still a little unstable. I recall that I have been missing the feel of the air when I step out in my lucids so I check it. It feels really cold outside. Too cold for comfort. I shift my attention away from it and I notice it no more. I remember my goal is three part; find Robin Williams, ask for my fortune cookie, and make a patronus. I begin searching for Robin and I see a red SUV parked on the street. I punch the window and make a fist-sized hole but it really hurt and my hand didn't go through like I expected. I pause looking at my hand. "OUCH!" I shake away the pain and just open the car door. There's is a woman in a tan business suit at the wheel but she seems really drunk and disoriented. I shake her and she is barely able to look at before passing out. I cop a feel of her right breast before I walk away.

      I see other cars down the street with head lights on. One turns off and I get a direct hit from the lights blinding me. This disorients me and the dream crashes. I think I might DEILD but the thought of all that effort made me just roll over and give up for now.
    4. Fishing

      by , 09-05-2014 at 01:05 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #361 - DILD - 4:21AM

      Fell asleep listening in SINE Isochronic Entrainer, Marijuana preset. I am not sure how much time passed, but I wake up with no recall and decide to turn the sound off. I go back to sleep with a mantra. Dream for get rest of the morning where extremely vivid.

      I am fishing some pond with Tonya and her girlfriend. They are sitting on the solid rock bank, complaining about no catching any fish. I see small perch in the clear water and say something about being able to catch only perch. I throw an empty hook in the water and on of the larger perch latch on. I pull it out and comment on how I can only catch perch. There is laughter. I notice the hook went a little far and has almost caught the fishes eye. I have a hard time taking the hook out without doing too much damage to the fish. I briefly consider making bait from the perch, but decide against it. When I finally get the fish off the hook I throw it back in.

      There is some dream glitch and now the perch is swimming up out of the water about eye level. I smack the fish with my rod but there is little effect. Then, I notice this is most likely a dream and do a quick nose plug. There is some stuffiness but I do blow through. I know I have goals but can't recall. As I think, I move on impulse by jumping on Tonya's back and acting like I am riding a bull. Then I recall thinking about the black stereotype of liking catfish. I decide that must be my goal. I shout at Tonya's girlfriend, "Hey black girl (I can't remember her name). Get me some fish." I think this idea was all wrong as I wake up.

      I'm sorry that sounds horribly racist but It really wasn't.

      I have some dream about having kittens and rats in the house. The older cats started eating the kittens but I find more and more kittens.
    5. The Sexy Time Traveler

      by , 09-01-2014 at 09:32 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #359 - ?

      I forgot most of this one as since FA got me. I need to make more effort doing an RC before I enter dream notes upon waking.

      I am not sure how I got lucid but I recall being in my living room. I try to do the Patronus spell again. I shout the spell really loud. I am overly aware how loud I am and hear my foot steps on the hardwood. The floor boards creak loudly and for some reason I worry that I am actually making noise. I worry that I will wake up my wife and kids.

      I have a FA and enter the dream into my DJ but I have difficulty seeing and typing.

      #360 - DILD - 5:30AM

      I have a feeling that I never really woke up from the last dream, but I am not sure of how much time had passed since. I go ahead and get out of bed like I had done a WILD.

      I feel extremely weak and have to crawly my way out of the bedroom. I give the floor a good like to help stabilize and crawl some more. I pause and wait a moment. The view of the hardwood up close looks so real that I question if I am really dreaming or not, but at that moment I see my vision become wavy and slightly unfocused like trying to see underwater. I recognize that as typical dream vision and crawl some more. I have a moment when my face is on the floor that I can also feel the back of my head resting on a pillow. I try not to think about this. I have a thought that I need more "cosmic energy" and I focus on absorbing some from someplace above me. This seems helpful and I am able to stand up.

      The room is really dark so I try light switches. No luck. I go ahead and head out the front door. I notice I have been chewing something like flavorless gum and my jaws feel a little tired from it. When I step outside, I take the gum out and examine it in the moonlight. It's just a wad of pink bubble gum. As I am looking at it, I notice that I am still chewing the same piece. Another dream glitch. I put the gum back in my mouth but stop chewing as I forget about it.

      I am now in the street. I see a car with one headlight make a left turn. This reminds me of my DeLorean goal. The dream darkens and I stop to focus for a seconds. I begin running and the dream comes back into focus with better lighting than before though it's still nighttime. I begin expectedly searching for a DeLorean and soon a silver car comes rolling up. It's not quite right. It looks sort of like the time machine but more like a Jeep Liberty with a Mr. Fusion on the back. I decide this will do and I walk around to the driver side. The car looks a lot more like the DeLorean now. I call out, "Doc?" as I slide up the driver side door. A light-skinned woman that looks like a plus size model in black underwear and bra steps out. She's very attractive with beautiful black hair. I find myself completely dumbfounded and aroused. She picks up a jean jacket and drapes it over her shoulders. She seems to be a little uncomfortable being so under-dressed. She's saying something about looking for her lost cat but I can't seem to follow.

      I have sexual thoughts and the dream breaks down to something like an imaginary fantasy of having her bent over next to the car. I realize that is starting to happen and I pull away, trying to focus, but the dream quickly collapses.

      I am now non-lucid and I find myself hovering over a small kitchen full of several DV members. I am looking for Dreamer. I feel that I need to tell her something urgent about her dream interpretation. I feel that she really needs to take a break from things. and I am really worried about her. ( I have no idea why)

      I slightly wake and try to reach for my DJ but can't move. I decide to DEILD and enter vibrations. The sensation feels unpleasant compared to how I have been WILDing lately that I can't seem to get anywhere with it. I wake up after a few seconds.
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    6. Forest Flight

      by , 09-01-2014 at 09:02 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #358 - WILD - 4:44AM

      I watch HI and soon notice that I have a PS3 controller in my hand. I am walking into a large garage. I feel like maybe the HI is now a full dream and I hesitantly take control. I drop the controller not really knowing why I had it. On the other side of the garage I exit and find myself in a wooded area a long a peaceful dirt road. The area looks a lot like Cyrodiil.

      I remember that want to produce a Patronus. I wave my imaginary want and shout, "Expecto Patronum". I think I start to see some blue energy but the dream become really unstable and dark. I rub my hands and focus.

      I find myself in an uncontrollable flight over the forest. I try to direct myself but I am unable to. The scenery is so amazing that I surrender to the direction of the dream and just enjoy the experience. I zoom over a blanket of green trees as I dip down into valley's up alongside rolling hills. The area is a lot like what you would see in the Ozark Mountain Range. My flight soon becomes more sporadic and I experience some intense ups and downs at great speed. I feel my stomach rise into my chest as I fall into a shallow creek. I enjoy the feeling so I leap up into the air at let myself fall.

      I wake slightly and lose lucidity. The was something about my boss and I needed to answer his text message. I realized that I left the Playstation 3 on and I need to go find the controller again so that I can respond to the text. I realize this makes no sense and I wake immediately.
      Tags: flying
    7. Clothing Glitch

      by , 08-31-2014 at 08:10 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #357 - DILD - 7:27AM

      I have some wakefulness for a while but it's too late for any LDS. I eventually feel sleepy and make a really poor attempt at WILD.

      I am at work in just my underwear. I feel the need to pee so I go to the restroom. I feel embarrassment for being in just my underwear and wonder how this sometimes happens. I wonder why my wife didn't tell me or why no one freaked out about it. I look down and see a neatly folder set of clothing. The sweat pants and shirt says, "Seneca Indians". I wonder if Amanda put this here for me. She's nice enough that this would probably be her way of helping. As I put the clothes on, I know this will just add to my embarrassment. I hear someone try to open the bathroom door but I have it locked. It's Jeremy and I hear him say something rude about me to Darlene. "Where is Mike anyway?"
      I think, "I'm in the restroom, asshole. I'm trying to get dressed." I hear him walk away.

      I decide to pee now and as I pass the mirror, I see my own black and white striped shirt rather than the red Seneca Indian shirt. I look down at myself thinking this can't happen. I mutter, "Of course. I make my own reality." I accept this has to be a dream. I look back at the mirror and see my face. It look about aright to me, but my shirt has changed again. Now I am wearing a women's navy colored low V-neck with with a white under shirt. I have some small breast and think that If I am going to be a woman I should do this right. I focus and will the breast to grow larger. I feel awkward that I am getting aroused by this. I decide to try something else, so I look away thinking that I will look different when I turn again, but unexpectedly wake up.

      I recall another LD from earlier but I just can't remember it. Something about talking to a DC and she's staying something really strange. It was short and lead to a FA. 3 LD's unaided total. Not bad even if my memory was poor.
    8. No Parking

      by , 08-31-2014 at 07:53 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I meant to have a WBTB galantamine but was way too tired to pull myself out of bed. I fell back to sleep thinking of lucid dreaming.

      #356 - DILD - 4:37AM

      Something causes me to look out the window and I see cut up tree limbs from the neighbors house in my yard. In waking life we have had property line arguments so this really gets me stirred up. I go outside and see whole trees have been cut up but there is a huge limb on the neighbors side. I can't seem to tell if the trees broke from a storm of it they had been cut down. It looks like a little of both. I don't want to fly off the handle it was all innocent. Out of habit I look up and see a huge daytime moon with a green planet joined to it. There are clouds or some sort of mist or steam coming from it. I recognize this dream sign and nose plug, a little surprised that I blow through. I note that I am dreaming, but almost immediately forget about it as my attention turns to a DC. I remain at least semi-lucid but I am really caught up in the emotion of the dream.

      The neighbor wife comes out and I talk to her about it. She gives some innocent explanation about the limbs. I feel relieved and told her that I thought her husband was just being an ass again. However, I'm looking at the tree stumps and they really look cut now. I walk past the neighbor woman and go to my house to talk my wife. I note how dream-like and wavy the woman's face is as I pass. There is a tree stump that is a part of my house wall. I pull on it and it feel soft and rotten. I can see inside my house. My wife comes out and we spend some time debating what happened to the trees. After a moment I realize that I got lost in the story of the dream. I do several nose plugs, regain full lucidity. I tell my wife that "I am having a dream" and I walk away.

      The neighbor husband is coming up the street in his horrible old Ford truck. In waking life, he always parks much farther up the street than necessary to be fully under the shade of the tree and hardly leaves me any space to park in front of my own house. It always drives me crazy so I take this chance to vent some anger. I step right in the middle of where he likes to park and as I flip him a double bird, shout, "FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKER! FUCK YOOOOOOUUUUU!" He stops waiting, but not getting out. Now acting on impulse I drop my pants and some how manage to rub my nuts all over the asphalt and curb. Then, for good measure, I pee on every part of it I see. As the tree gets a good watering, I have a moment when I worry that I may pee the bed, but I notice there is no physical sensation. It's all visual.

      Now I pause. I realize I am being completely crazy and wasting a lucid dream on a bunch of nonsense. I recall I have a two part goal in mind, but I can't seem to remember any of it. The scene around me starts breaking apart and I know that every time I try this hard to remember something I either wake up or lose lucidity. I try anyway.

      The next thing I recall is being on the street non-lucid. I see my father-in-law and his friend Kevin in a mail truck. I grab on asking for a ride acting completely crazy like a monkey. Kevin says 'no' but I do it anyway. Then, he says, "It looks like Christmas at your house."
      I say, "No. It's not." I look as we pass see a very different house with huge windows. All of them are open and it looks like everything is a huge mess. "Oooh. Don't look in there." I do some other crazy stuff and wonder what Kevin thinks of me now.

      I have a memory gap and find myself jumping on a pile of fresh tomatoes. I lay there a moment as the tomatoes collapse into a hollow center. Juice runs down from my weight crushing them. I hear talking and FIL and Kevin are there. I was hiding but I guess they found me.

      I walk and the area morphs into a living room. I take a disc from the entertainment center and recall how crazy I was just a moment ago. I laugh out loud and cover my face. I wake up.

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    9. Flying Car Not That Far

      by , 08-23-2014 at 07:23 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #355 - DILD - Time unknown

      This is lucid from Thursday night/ Friday morning is one of those that I lost lucidity in and didn't wake up right away. I was extremely lucky to remember this.

      I am at work. Someone from a friendship that ended badly shows up. A co-worker starts freaking out telling me he is here. I shush and telling not to worry and don't even fucking care anymore. I just act normal and do my thing. Then the ex-friend starts talking to my brother. None of this makes sense and I remember that I was trying to WILD. This sends me into a fake transition and I just get out of bed. I am in a mixture of my current house and the childhood house. I feel some mild fear as I exit the house.

      I recall my Hogwarts goal, fly there in a car and summon a Patronus. There are two cars in the street. One looks like the one from my last lucid and the other is a grey truck with red pinstripes and looks like and old Ford Ranger or S10. The driver side door is open and the dome light lights the night. I hop in and try to start it with a pretend key but the engine have a hard time turning over. Knowing this is a dream, I push the gas anyway expecting it to drive. The truck obeys and I speed down the street engine roaring. After a few seconds I pull up on the wheel and raise to a low altitude flight. I veer in the direction of the university and look around. I see a few street lights and dark tree tops. I realize that I haven't set a visual base for flying to Hogwarts. I have no land marks and the darkness overcomes me.

      I focus on lucidity as I peer into the black. I see a bright light then a scene forming. I try to hold on and wait but thats all I can recall.

      Much later I wake from this dream:

      I am playing dodge ball in some underground facility that looks like a laser tag set-up. Our dodge balls look like they are hard, heavy sponges soaked in a light gray paint. A tough looking old man throws a ball at me and it bounces and rolls in front of me. I scoop it up and he yells, "Out!" I spend some time arguing that I am not out because it hit the floor first. After some time I give up diplomacy and start pelting him with balls as hard as I can. Then I find some cantaloupes and start hitting him with those.
    10. Red Room, Blue Room, Ugly Marilyn

      by , 08-19-2014 at 02:44 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      This lucid dream is a part of a study with University of Missouri St. Louis conducted by SleepingSYNAPSE.
      I had to the opportunity to visit the campus and examine a room (Red) in waking life and revisit it in a lucid dream to measure dream memory. I was unaware of the other room (Blue) as being apart of the study and I found that I had very little waking memory of it.

      SleepingSYNAPSE, I am including additional info that may not be in the packet as well as this more thorough account of the dreams. Yes, dreams. I actually had a hard WILD before the more successful but the first yielded undesirable outcomes. I didn't have the extra papers for two dreams so I recorded the better of the two. Still, I think you will be interested in reading both here.

      On a more personal note, thanks for meeting with me on a Saturday and for the good times we enjoyed afterward. I was hesitant meeting a stranger in a big city, but I feel I have gained a friend. You are a good person. Your hospitality was appreciated by my wife and I.

      Pre-bed Supplements: A shot of cherry flavored vodka in a small juice glass with Coke.
      Bedtime: 9PM
      WBTB time/length: 1:00AM / 3min
      WBTB Supplements: 8mg Galantamine, 400mg Choline, cold pre-made mug of peppermint tea/4 bags (menthol)

      #354 - WILD - 2:10AM

      I enjoy a smooth WILD but enter a very unstable world. I do my usual dash for the front door and make it outside. I feel I need to rush to get the task done so I move quickly. I decide to "Hulk Jump" in the general direction of my goal.

      When I visited the university in waking life, I took careful note of the building's exterior. There is a nice park there with a pond. I had decided beforehand to make that my landing site since it is a unique feature of the campus.

      I make a giant leap over some trees and land in Bug Lake at the university with a splash. There are no physical feelings here; just the sound. I have some dark void issues so I splash around with my arms to stabilize as I think of the interior of the building.

      I am now in a hallway, but it doesn't look like I recall. The walls are colored like some sort of abstract mural painting. Grass and sky? The dream crashes.

      DEILD - I have some floating sleep paralysis sensations for a full minute or two.

      I visualize and re-enter the hallways. I see something like an "under the sea painting" on the walls. There are way too many rooms and I feel lost. I really focus on finding the Red Room and eventually find a door that looks close enough. The dream is still really unstable as I enter the room. It's dark inside and I think to feel for a light switch but I know this almost never works.
      I feel like I am in the void again so I focus on seeing.

      When the lights come on, I see that I am in an empty and really tiny version of the room. I stretch my arms out and my hands touch adjacent walls. I wake up and think to DEILD but for some reason the dream felt really long so I decide to journal instead.

      #355 - DILD (In-dream-WILD) - 3:16AM

      After the first dream, I tried to WILD and again and thought I had done it but I later recall other things that happened first.

      There was something about being worried about alarm clocks. I was afraid of it getting too late to get lucid and having to wake up. I look at the clock and see that its about 4:4[?]... almost 5am (Wake up time). I have a really hard time making out the last digit. It gets blurry and morphs a little. I recognize what is happening here and lay back down to complete my WILD efforts.

      After a second and some SP sensations, I realize there is no need to still be laying here so I quickly get out of bed. I notice I am in my childhood home of Luling, TX. I find this annoying and try to imagine being at the university again. I look down as I walk and try to visualize some common tiling or an imagined version of what I think may have been the flooring at the university. I see some generic brown speckled tiling but I am still in the same house. I try to deny it, but I just can't make it change over. Time for plan B.

      I go to the front door and have to actually unlock the dead bolt to get the door open. I recall the conversation with SleepingSYNAPSE about the guy that had a semi-lucid dream where he locked his wallet in the house and thought to summon the keys but not the wallet. This felt equally dumb, but I let the thought go as I start down the sidewalk.

      At the end, there is a dark colored compact car running with headlights on. It's dark but when I get to the car, I see Jeremy B, from work sitting in the driver's seat. I recall how this scenario worked well for the Angel Falls Task Of The Year and get really excited. I look into the open window on the passenger side and Jeremy says something that I perceive to be really dorky but mildly funny (much like waking life). I think I may have found an intelligent and somewhat witty DC, but I am not sure what he said so I ask.
      He stares at me like I am the dumb one for a second then says, "Oh nevermind. Just get in."
      When I sit down in the passenger seat, I find myself teleported to the driver seat. Jeremy is now standing in the street peering in the open window on the driver side. Without a word he plugs his nose and jumps feet first into the blackness of the street as if it is deep water. Seeing him do this seems extremely cheesy and bizarre. I chuckle and say, "Well... Ooookay. Thanks."

      I drive to the end of the block and make a right. As I do, use expectation to believe that the part of the university I want is on the next block. That would be the direction of my old high school in waking life so this allows an easy connection in my mind. The building looms just ahead in the night. There are the scattered trees with Bug Lake to the right. I grip the steering wheel for the first time... or maybe I just pull back on it like airplane controls, but I will the car to fly to a window, second from the top story. I don't bother counting floors this just feels right and I know it's all what I want to believe anyway. It's the fourth floor in waking life.

      As I am about to crash through a large window, everything seems very much like something from a Harry Potter movie. A suit of armor spies me through a whimsical-style, barred window and runs out of the way. I phase the car more than crash and I see a Filch-look-a-like just outside of the room. Any other time this would have been freaking awesome as I have a "Patronus" goal in mind for the future, but at this moment I am very focused on the task. I dismiss the oddities without a second thought. Actually, I am more worried about the interior being too dark. The room has red carpet and looks vaguely medieval with gas wall sconces on either side of an open door giving very little light. However, the hallway that Filch was meandering down is brightly lit.

      As I phase out the driver side door of the car, I feel the entire thing dissolve. I have desire to look at the effect, but decide that I better not, just in case I ruin the effect. Plus, I feel I am much cooler this way. I feel like some grand wizard doing amazing things, but not being particularity impressed with himself. Mastery. I leave the room in search of the rooms.

      I spend what feels like a lot of time lost in a maze of hallways until I find the main room of the study. I really can't recall much here, but I thinking it was mostly garbage imagery anyway.

      Now, I am in a strong and fairly accurate representation of the main room. I see a red door on the left and a blue door and the right. There is a counter and a hood vent on the other side. As I grab the door knob to open the red door, I have a feeling of anticipation. I note how very vivid the dream is and I feel pleased.

      Inside, the room is disappointingly very much empty, but it's at least the correct size this time. The first thing I note is that the shelves to the left are gone so this excludes several items. There is no digital painting in front of me. The desk and end table are gone. The walls are a pea green and this seems right. I recall a something sleepingSYNAPSE told me in waking life. When he dreams of his house he notices what things are missing or incorrect. I feel the same way about this room and begin copying what he said he did in his dreams. I point to the things mentioned and say stuff like, "That's wrong. This is gone. That's not right. This should be there."

      Something catches my eye. Where the large poster of the blond white woman should be, I see a very different one in it's place. It's really blurry and watery so I step closer to take a near-sighted examination of the picture. After a moment, it clears. The face is blurry but I see an African American man wearing a blue graduation gown, standing with his arm up in triumph. There is a mock diploma in his right hand and a huge grin on his face. I get the feeling this is some sort of lame university advertisement. There is some large black lettering on the bottom but I have already lost interest. Suddenly, I remember the last object to look for. CLOCK!

      I turn around and see it where is should be to the left of the door way, overlapping the trim. At first the numbers look Roman but as I get closer, still having some slight nearsightedness, the numbers look Arabic. I recall there is a time question on the sheet in waking life so I take note. The hour hand is on the 6 and the minute hand is one the 7. No, there is an 8 where the 7 should be. I will it to be a 7 but the number really wants to be an 8 and there is a type of tug-o-war with it seeming to morph into an 8 on its own as I struggle to keep it a 7. I decide this little detail probably doesn't matter since I recall the waking life time to be 6:15. I try to think what the time actually is here but I quickly realize that I can't even begin to think about how to read the clock so I just make note of the hand locations one last time and then step out of the room.

      Feeling somewhat accomplished and a little surprised that the dream is still going, I am ready for the Blue Room. When I step back into the Main Room, I notice there are a few changes. Mostly, there is now an extra blue door and instead of having a large pill-shaped covering, they are now entirely covered in blue construction paper. In fact, it all looks gift-wrapped. I start to go for the extra door but it feels wrong and there is some instability so I decide to go for the more correctly located door.

      When I open the Blue Room I am surprised to see a vast bedroom with blue walls and white trim. The style is sort of Victorian with 3 twin beds and a dark wood chest of drawers. There is a large mirror mounted on top with something like a wash basin. It seems like there was a dark colored rug on the floor but I may be be recalling that wrong at this point. I feel shocked and confused so I step back out into the main room not really noting anything there and then back in. The room is basically the same but there is a sense that the furniture has moved slightly.

      At this point I pretty much forget the University task as I feel this part of the dream has played itself out. Not really recalling any secondary goals, I start messing around with the dreamscape on impulse. I walk around the room and come to a very low light fixture about chest level with 3 or so unlit bulbs. I recall a scene from Oculus where Karen Gillian thinks she eats a light bulb while thinking it's an apple when it actually is an apple (Yes this movie is that weird). So, I decide to try eating a light bulb as I know I won't cut myself like she did (or thought she did) in the movie. I think to unscrew the bulb but decide that is too much work and I just pull. It resists a little put easily pops free. I put the entire fat end in my mouth and look in the mirror. My lips are distorted from the effort but I notice I look even more strange than that. My features resemble River Song from Doctor Who but with shorter hair and a melding of my waking life facial features and hers. I stare at this for a few seconds trying to will myself to look right but it's not working very well. I remember the light bulb and decide to chop down. I am surprise when I feel like I am biting into a plastic ball-pit ball. I spit it out and step away from the mirror.

      At this point, I think menthol starts having it's adverse (or desired as some see it) effect. It seems like a really good idea to reward myself for having put so much effort into this dream experiment. I recall how I did something similar for the Cretaceous Period Task Of The Month awhile back and start searching the beds for a female companion.

      Before I go on, I think I need to explain something. I visited SleepinSYNAPSE's father's restaurant in waking life while in St. Louis (Very nice place and awesome food!). In the men's restroom there were several posters of vintage female movie stars. The one that caught my attention the most is this classic image of Marylin Monroe's Breakfast In Bed.


      Almost immediately, I find her in a sheet with one leg out. I don't think of her as MM but I'm not really concerned with the face. I know it's a dream and it's all not real. However, during the act, I do happen to take a look at the face and notice a very ugly version of MM. The hair was right but the face was very distorted. I pause for a second, unsure if I want to continue but I decide to just focus on other parts as I quickly finish up.

      I decide that this dream has gone on long enough and I should wake myself before I forget all the details. I fall into the void but don't wake right way. I realize what is happening and struggle to shift back to the physical. I have images of making dream notes on my Galaxy Player, but I know this is false. I hit SP but instead of struggling to move the dream body I am doing the opposite until I reenter the physical. The effect was like a reverse WILD or reverse OBE... Very strange.

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    11. Lucid XP

      by , 08-16-2014 at 03:01 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      It's been a bit of a dry spell...

      Ive been nearly lucid several times all week but last night was the only one worth making an entry for. I woke around 3:30am (1.5 hours before the alarm for work) and drank a full glass of homebrew kombucha made from a caffeinated green and black tea blend and promptly went back to bed.

      The time of this experience was just before the 5AM alarm:

      I wake from a non lucid dream that I can no longer recall and settle for DEILD. I have been having what feels like hundreds... no, thousands of DEILD misses lately and so I took a slightly different approach. I focused on visualization with a very strong desire to stay alert. I repeated some mantra like "Watch the dream. Stay alert." While focusing on a deep body relaxation. There was no real technique other than just relaxing. I always seem forget this is most important for me, but this time I was highly focused and a little desperate.

      Right away, I began to see HI where I was tightening or loosening bolts on a stop sign. Somehow I equated, keeping the stop sign up-right with staying lucid. I had no physical sensation but I did my best to keep the sign from falling.

      Next I felt the very slight and subtle shift into the dream body. I felt vibrations this time, but I knew I was in. I began to struggle to move my dream body in a wiggling motion and right away felt I was about to break free but suddenly...

      I am at work and non-lucid. I am looking at a cut piece of 2/0 gauge wire (about as thick at the flat side of a dime). There is someone to my right and I begin complaining about how I was lucid but lost it so fast. I'm really upset. I ramble on as I see the wire shred away into little shards.

      I wake and try for another DEILD but the alarm goes off.

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    12. Pillow Attack

      by , 08-04-2014 at 03:36 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #352 - WILD - 6:32AM

      I don't recall the start maybe it was just a really smooth WILD but I am having lucid sex with my wife. I'm really enjoying myself but at some point I worry that I am making humping motions in bed.

      I have an FA where I am doing just that on all fours. To my relief my wife is asleep and only stirs a bit. I lay back down to DEILD and make some really weird moaning noises. Then theres the sound of someone in the bathroom and I know this is all wrong. I quickly realize that I am still dreaming.

      I get up quickly making my way into the living-room. I recall my goal to attack the enemy in a pillow fight. I am in my daughter's room now so I take a pillow from the empty bed.The first one that comes to mind is OneUpBoy71. I search the house calling out for him but no one is there. I remember that I heard a noise in the bathroom so I go check that out.

      The door is locked so I kick it down. The air is hot and humid and I hear the sound of the shower going. I open the shower to find him standing there naked. I immediately start hitting him in the head with the pillow. He runs away into the next bedroom with a huge grin.

      Laughing, and doing my best to not look at his nakedness, I chase after him into the next room. He stops not sure where to go and I whack him in the side of the head. I get curious about my accuracy of DC oneup's appearance and focus on this face. It's too blurry and undefined but he seems to be a teenager with longish hair that changes color from blond, to brown, to black.

      Oneup darts into the closet and I decide that I have had enough chasing a naked dude around my house. As I turn to walk away, I laugh and say "Alright dude, get some damn clothes on. Shit."

      With pillow still in hand, I decide to look for the next person on team McCoy. StephL comes to mind and I head outside to find her.

      When the night time air hits me if feels unseasonably cold. I comment in this as I step into the yard. Its way too dark and I'm not up to fighting for some light. I consider going back in, then stop. No, Ill go ahead and do some dream control. Mass TK... But all I have is this pillow. I throw it up and make hand gestures to make it float around. I flick my wrist and let the pillow fly off into the next two yards and into the next block. I watch the pillow unfurl into a blanket and gently float to the ground. I start go ahead and walk back inside but the dream goes black and I wake up.

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    13. The Emptiness

      by , 08-04-2014 at 03:34 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #351 - WILD - 5:49AM

      I have a smooth WILD from HI. I notice that I am working at my job with my normal coworkers. I take a chance and run forward hoping the dream was deep enough. After a second of running around I feel stable enough to continue. I go ahead and clap for further stabilization but my arms feel weak again. I'm looking for an enemy team member to fight but the more I progress the more the dream start emptying itself of major elements. First all my co-workers vanish and next large equipment and workstations until the plant is mostly empty. The hallways are now covered with blue tarps that drop from the ceiling. I still believe I can make something of this dream but my vision fades and I wake up.

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    14. 3 Step Tasks

      by , 08-04-2014 at 03:32 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #350 - WILD - 3:44AM

      I WILD and enter SP. I spend some time there in the vibrations and make my exit. Its really dark in the house so I try light switches but its no good. I'm beginning to feel some irrational fear with slight panic rising. I swallow it down. I wake up.

      DEILD back into SP..

      Several trippy things happen here and I'm probably forgetting some parts and order of things.

      I pull my galaxy player out to try to test if I can create light. Its not really lighting the room but I have a white screen. I get experimental and try bringing it close to my face. My vision whites out and vibrations increase the closer I move it and decreases the farther away I go.

      Suddenly, my galaxy player creates a strobe light effect and the ghost from Occulus appears over me screeching. I have no fear and I calmly dismiss it. I fades away. I hear my wife starting to mumble something so I hit her with the galaxy player. I don't know why but I want to really hit her so I take the GP and hit her even harder. Theres no response. I pull something else out from under the pillow. This time it feels like a plastic clothes hanger. I hit her with that.

      My son appears on the bed laying in a strange position on the bed. I say something to him and tickle his feet. I feel like my arms are super heavy and can barely move. My son crawls down from the bed and I hear him stomping away into the bathroom.

      I think of my wife again roll over top of her. She doesn't really seem to notice me and continues to sleep soundly. I think of maybe creating some sexy time but decide I wont get many points like this for the competition.

      I roll back over and notice the vibrations have stopped. I quickly get up and enter the living room. This time its brightly lit and theres a strange calico cat running around crazily.

      I want to nail down my 3 step tasks so the first thing I do is go for number 1, use electronic device. I reach for my cell phone, but first I don't feel it in my pocket. I try to fake it anyway. My hand come up empty. I try again but this time I really believe thinking of how it will feel in my hand. There some strange sensation of my hand bonding to my clothes then I feel the phone. I quickly yank it out and examine it. I am surprised how vivid and realistic it looks. I try to unlock the screen but its like its dead and the screen wont light up. There is glare from the lights and I squint to see. Now it looks like my night mode is on and I can bare see in all this light. I try turning it off but the app will not respond. I catch my reflection in the screen. One eye is a normal blue the other a super light blue. I look back at the first eye and now I notice I strange mechanical pattern in the pupil. My DC self starts making funny faces at me that I not doing; he has a life of his own. I decide Ive completed the task enough and look away.

      Now I turn* my attention to task 2, time control. I spot the cat wondering around and with the phone in my hand, try to use it as a remote to pause time. It doesn't work. Now I focus more intensely. I recall my old lucids that were triggered from watching Heroes. Hiro Nakamura was able to control space and time with thought and I was often able to do the same. I clap my hands together Full Metal Alchemist style and focus stopping time. The cat pauses in mid stride but something strange happens. The cat now looks like a hologram;* ghostly and insubstantial. I let out a whoa in surprise as I get on my* hands and knees for a closer look. I try to pet the cat but my hand passes right through. My mind tries to explain this by thinking is some* effect of existing on two overlapping time lines. Whatever. Satisfied,* I move on.

      Now its time for task 3, full transformation. I step outside on the front porch and let out a hulk roar into the night. My feel my body grow taller and my muscles bulge to massive proportions. I reach up at the awing of the roof with huge green hands. Still roaring a guttural cry, I crush the wood like its made of thin wafers. I go blind now and decide its time to let the dream go.

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    15. Clocks

      by , 08-02-2014 at 03:53 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #349 - DILD - 8:54am

      I am in my first house that I bought with my ex but instead I am with Alysha. She's talking to someone and my son is playing a game. There are several boxes with plush green hair balls. You set a timer and they all pop out. You have to put them all back in before the time is up. For some reason the game is spread out on our bed in the living room. I lose interesting in the game and interrupt my wife, "Can we move our bed out of here before we have people over?" She says we can and I start taking the now broken down bed to the bedroom. My wife leaves saying something about 7PM being the bridal shower. Again? I thought she did that last week.

      I am now in the master bedroom. There's already a bed. Sunlit filters in the room leaving everything a golden color. At first I am a little sad that its Sunday night and the weekend is almost over. A feeling of a memory enters my mind and it is cozy and comforting. I linger there trying to understand this. I see a clock. It's 7 something.

      I walk back down the hall. I think that I had taken a nap until 7 and I hope that I will be able to go to sleep again. I see another clock its 5 something. I get suspicious and grab another clock. It's a distorted 2 with some half-formed digits. I remember that it's actually late morning and I was hoping for a DILD. Well hear it is! I decide to go ahead and nose plug but this time I suck in instead of blowing out. This causes my physical body to snort loudly, jolting me awake.

      I had other NLDs but this one was kinda funny. Basically my brother told me about frogs at the park that make marijuana and bury it in little holes in the ground. I was curious about this and wanted to try smoking it. My dad starts ranting and raving about weed. I wonder why weed is so demonized. I start driving but I never make is because the packet of Corn Nuts I was eating said something about causing hemorrhoid flare up. I got really worried and found a bathroom at my parents house, took a hand-held mirror and looked at my own butt-hole. It seemed fine.
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