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    1. Worlds Worst Dreams

      by , 08-20-2010 at 04:01 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I don't remember all of them (thank goodness) but they were awful.

      In one dream, my rabbit, Cuddlebug had crawled into some tube. The tube became tiny and it was somehow pressurized. It could unscrew but I always confuse my left from my right. Instead of loosening it, I tightened it and I felt a pop and my hands became wet with blood. I killed my pet and cried a lot- cursing my stupidity.

      In another dream, it was a zombie apocalypse. I was running through the large house I always dream about. My youngest daughter was attacked and I didn't hesitate in killing her. I struck fast, but didn't complete the job. She laid on the ground before me, with a dazed expression on her face. Then she became a size just a little larger than a barbie dolll. I sawed of her head and then my grief consumed me.
      Then I worried about how to conceal her body in case the world wasn't ending and the State stopped by.
      That dream continued for a long time, but I've forgotten most of the details.
      I was on a train at some point, and everyone marveled my stupidity.

      That's it.

      Oh yeah, but night before last, I dreamed I went back in time. I saw my younger self at the age of about 6. Then it dawned on me I wasn't that person. I was someone else, even though I still resembled her.