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    Thread: DVA Ideas Here!

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      Lightbulb DVA Ideas Here!

      As you might know, the DreamViews Academy is a place where any member can sign up and take lessons into several aspects of lucid dreaming, either as a beginner, or to simply get a better understanding of some particular techniques or concepts. Currently, we have several courses up and running:

      - Dream Control and Stabilization by BrandonBoss and DutchRaptor
      - General Lucid Dreaming by Checker666
      - Introductory class by OpheliaBlue
      - WILD by Sageous
      - Dream Yoga by Sivason
      - DILD by Gab

      Along with helping educate the lucid dreaming commmunity and keeping the DVA a friendly place conducive to learning, it is our goal that this project continues to grow and improve, which is why we want to make sure that all members have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions.

      If you have any ideas/concepts that you want to see explored in the DreamViews Academy, let us know by posting it here. Once we have several requests for a specific subject, we will make sure to respond properly by releasing content in the form of one (or several!) lessons.

      At the same time, if you think you have knowledge and experience regarding an aspect of lucid dreaming not yet covered in DVA (or would like to help out in an ongoing class), we encourage you to either post about it here, stating your intention of contributing to a Lucid Dreaming course, or submit your work to any member of Staff. Your request will be evaluated, and if new content ends up being released, you will be given credit for the contribution.

      So let us know what you want to see in the DreamViews Academy so we can make this initiative reach more and more lucid dreamers, and so we can keep providing the best teaching experience!

      Thank you for your continued support!

      Note: This thread is not meant for any lengthy/unecessary discussions. Simply submit your suggestion/feedback, and rest assured we will take it into account. Also, please keep all responses civilized or else the Kraken will be released (he has not ben fed for months).
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      How come for the WILD course there's no specific threads for a person? Like "Xvaiuer's Workbook" or something along those lines. I kind of like the idea of doing that better instead of posting on the What Happened thread, because it gets so many responses it's kind of hard to keep up with in my opinion.

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      I don´t know if it is feasible but i would enjoy an « All Day Awareness» course.
      Check your memory, did any suprising event happpen ? does the present make sense ? visualize what you will do when lucid, and how. Reality check as reminder of your intention to lucid dream tonight. Sleep as good as you can; when going to sleep, relax and invite whatever comes with curiosity. Grab your dream journal immediately as you awake and write everything you can recall (if only when you wake up for good). Keep calm, positive and persistent, and don't forget to have fun along the way

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      It's not a LD thing, but it would be nice if the forum had a style selector again. You know, for the skins. The one at the bottom of the page now doesn't work.
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