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      Just lurkin'....I might be in chat this week.
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      What happened to your avatar?
    3. Thank you! For the wings!
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      Gab, thanks for the calming down in the chat.
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      It was nice talking to you earlier!
    6. Thank you, Gab!
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      Hi ! Yes, the massage is on my list was a great idea
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      I really appreciated chatting with you too. You made me feel welcome, and I am new here. Thanks for giving me a good first impression of DV. It makes me want to return! Seasons greetings and best wishes to you and all that's yours! Paul
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    oh yeah, recall

    by gab on Yesterday at 05:31 PM
    I'm given a room in a large building. I walk inside and rejoice, when I find some hidden passages and rooms in the back, that lead to another part of the building. I am happy because even though I'm kinda scared, I know it's gonna be intense.

    I walk through to an abandoned looking hallway with tiles and columns. Feels like old hospital or institution. Some guys walk by and I know I'm in trouble coz I should not be there and I should not be seen. They are doing some experiments with people there.


    by gab on 01-13-2017 at 04:36 PM
    Whoa, no recall since 1/4/17?

    I got a text today at 1am, went back to sleep. Then at 2am, tried, but couldn't fall asleep again. Got up, did some computer stuff then moved to sofa, on my back, reclined, like when I WILD. I thought what the heck, why not?

    I was getting faint "memories" of things. Then this sharp, moving image took me by surprise. I'm looking out an airplane window. It's bigger than normal, and oval only on the top, straight on the bottom. Behind the window I see a landscape going by and I can tell we are landing at schiphol, netherlands. Just few more feet to wheels down. IWL, that's where I'm going, haha.

    I started to get some vibrations, quite distinct, and they are getting stronger. I'm ready for a WILD. But I fall asleep.

    Dream is in some hotel/dormitory/school trip kind of an environment. I just got a new room. Looking inside, I'm happy that it has more windows. I'm telling someone, I'm so happy. I was about to move to other place because my old one had only one window. (WL again). Now I have lived in rooms with view to the street, side and now the back side, which is very pretty.

    I look out the hallway, and I can see that our living spaces are inside of a huge, abandoned industrial building. I wonder what's going on.

    Somebody is coming after us. So I go through some rooms, then open a door that leads outside. I'm on a rickety platform and I know I need to go down so they can't see me. I keep looking inside to see the door open and I start climbing down as the person looking for us walks inside. I climb down far enough for them to not see me. As I'm climbing, there is a tons of stuff on the wall. Star Wars collection action figures, space ships, collectors cards, all kinds of fun knick knacks.

    Vivid, detailed, fun. Thank you!

    January TOTM - Pencil - success, Pandora - fail

    by gab on 01-04-2017 at 05:10 PM
    Finally had good conditions to WILD.

    Took a nap in the afternoon, so went to bed later.
    Last night bed 11:30pm - 2:30am
    2:30 am - 2x300 Alpha GPC
    2:30am - 3:30 am one more hour of sleep for 4 hrs total
    3:30 - 4am - WBTB
    3:50 - 2x4 galantamine
    4am sofa

    Estimated length - 45-60 min

    5 am still heard the chime on my watch, after I already turned to both sides than back to my back and finally fell asleep shortly after when I felt first signs of falling asleep.

    Woke up 6:27, after last part of the dream was already non-lucid - FA of me writing down my TOTM.


    (I wanted to do the opening of a forgotten christmas present, massage, tell pencil to draw. I realized I have not used a pencil in a long time, so before bed I was visualizing how I will pull out a pencil from my back pocket and I thought about if it will be regular one or a mechanical one. I also visualized pulling out my box cutter, cutting the tape on a present and opening it. And how I will open my door and there will be Pandora.)


    As soon as I realized I'm asleep, I got up and went to my front door, as I visualized it before bed. Opened it but there was nothing. So I went to the window to get out that way.

    I flew to the neighbors window and I felt naughty, because I knew it's at night, he is asleep and I will be intruding. I looked in both of his beds which looked like someone slept in them recently, but they were empty. I looked again, and there he was, under a sheet, on his back. I giggled and went down on him. I wish there was a nice way to describe this in detail, but there isn't, so this is all I can say. I was wondering if he will notice and wake up. Another girl joined us. I was like "I didn't need help, but ok."

    I'm standing on a street, looking around what to do. There is an area to my left with lots of people, between some trashcans. They are watching something going on and I know I was part of it before. Not as a spectator, but as a performer. From my previous dream you can guess what it was about.

    I remember I wanted to do some of the Beginner tasks just for fun. So I kneel down and my hands touch beech sand. It's so soft, like the softest flour, cool to the touch because it's nighttime. I play with it, take it in my hands and let it run through my fingers. I smooth it with my hand and watch the pattern my hands make. (It's so simple but very cool detail and I will do this from now on often.) I decide to look for some seashells and I find a huge mollusk with some seaweed, but it opens and I can tell it's dead. I wonder how come It doesn't smell.

    Throughout the whole even, at least 3 times I realized that I can't see well. I brought my hands in front of me and forced myself to see them. They were slowly appearing in better detail, until I was satisfied and moved on.

    Somewhere in the middle I realized this is quite a long dream and it's nice and stable, almost no fadeouts, only dream scene changes. I was not worried about it ending or me waking up at all.

    I remembered the "Tell pencil to draw something" TOTM.
    I sat at a desk, pulled out a pencil from my back pocket (just as I visualized before bed. It was logical, because I carry a pen there at work, but have not seen a pencil in a long time.)

    I looked at it as I pulled it out. It was a regular pencil, with forest green shaft, white band at the top and black top. No eraser. I put it down and say "draw something". I look at the desk and there are some marks as if someone draw with an eraser. That's not good, so I ask it again. I lose the scene here.

    I end up at the similar table again after something else, pull the pencil out again and this time it's shorter, as if it was drawing a lot in the meantime. Some female is sitting opposite of me and we are talking and watching the pencil. I ask it to draw. It does some calligraphy ribbon on the desk itself, but it doesn't look like a drawing. I look at it and when I look back, surprise! There is a beautiful, technical drawing, like from a blue print, of an airport. 2 runways, 2 passenger buildings with boarding attachments and some perimeter buildings. It's clean, no shading or anything else. Only blueprint, except it's on white paper and with the lead tip.

    I pick up the pencil to examine it. I want to read what kind of pencil it is, the manufacturer and anything you can usually see on a pencil.

    There is a lot of writing on it, lot more than it should fit. There is something in faded golden letters on every side of this many sided pencil. Left and right side of lettering is faded, the middle is more readable. I look at the lead and it's loose, ready to fall out. Great details.

    I am hover flying over the street. I am sooo happy about this. The feeling is incredibly good.

    I want to turn but realize I have low control. I decide that it's my dream and I can do whatever I want. So I slow down in nice and controlled way, turn around and fly where I wanted to.

    Hrm, the inevitable sex. With others, by myself, came to happy ending 2 or 3 times.

    6. FA
    I'm at my moms. I rush to the desk ans start writing down my dreams. I draw the airport picture too. If I didn't, I would have not remembered how it looked after I woke up for real.

    My brother is in some radio program and so am I. I'm some "performer" and the tell me they will need me to do it now, and also say some commercial. I tell them no way, I'm writing this down first, nobody talk to me till I'm done.

    I retreat to my room to continue. My mom barges in telling me stuff, and I yell at her to not talk to me. My dad comes in with vacuum turned on, I yell at him too. Mom tells me through the door that they are leaving to some fun place and to go with them. I don't even reply. I don't want to lose the memory of my dreams.

    THANK YOU! I LOVE my higher self, my subC and my mind. My partners and friends. : D


    by gab on 01-04-2017 at 04:29 AM
    Took a nap this afternoon. Longish dream about me being in some kind of a building, lots of corridors, stairs and rooms. The feeling was a mix of some retreat, hospital and work.

    There were dead bodies wheeled out on gurneys under white sheets, I spoke to the "retreat leader" and thanked him, I looked and found some food, rested in one of the rooms that made me feel like I maybe work there.

    Making fire

    by gab on 01-03-2017 at 03:50 AM
    Dream at 12:35am

    1. There is some kind of a huge building construction. I fly up and there is something about stamps wrapped up in wrapping paper.

    2. Now I'm going to a river and I'm pulling out people that escaped from a fire that I see burning on the other side of the river. When i say I see smoke, the smoke starts rising and it's getting stronger.

    3. I'm showing someone how I practice making fire. How it's easy. I put a hand on some piece of wood and I make it char. There is no fire or smoke smell when I sniff it. Then I focus some more and I make flames come out and smoke that changes color based on what I want it to look like.

    4. I'm in a kitchen, my store director is cooking there too. I ask what else I can help with. She says I was suppose to start the tamales, but I didn't. I tell her yes I did and I show her a pot of stuff with green sauce and bag of corn tortillas. I wash my hands in the pot of green sauce and I'm mortified that she saw me and why in the world would I do that. I think of an excuse: If I'm to work tomales with my hands, I better have them coated with that sauce.