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      Yeah I've been off of lucid dreaming for quite a while. Going to get back into it. Nice to see you too.
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      Hey gab
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      I'm planning on staying, for sure! I've been having some lucid dreams without even doing anything, so I feel like it's a good time to come back I'll look for it now!
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      Aww, thank you! It's so good to be back! How are you?
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      Hey Gab
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      of course
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      Weird, short, long, confusing, great, unique: all those! I've been chasing it for the past months ^^

      How's life my dear Gab ?
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      I have sent you a PM concerning chat.
      P.S If you could give me the 2 star TOTY that would be great.
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      The Lifeboat IRC is not working for me!
      It changes my username:
      naturespirit was corrected to naturespirit_
      It then says closed link. Help!
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    dentist, talking in sleep wilding

    by gab on 09-29-2017 at 06:13 PM
    [10:03:37] <gab> in a dream few days ago, I was falling asleep, and another person was watching me, she started asking me questions and I was replying with "mhm" . She said "oh, that's what you meant by being awake while asleep"

    [09:56:34] <gab> I have a toothache, and had one in a dream too, doctor came and wanted to give me a shot for pain, but I ran away
    [09:56:50] <gab> while thinking what an idiot I am, he was trying to help and I didn't take it

    [09:57:22] <gab> oh yeah, forgot to say, that I'm putting off going to the dentist in waking life

    Almost lucid

    by gab on 09-22-2017 at 05:56 PM
    First day when I actually had to use 2 blankets, because it got chilly at night. Finally, I'm so over hot summer.

    So, in a dream, I decide it would be a great time to WILD. I start to rock back and forth and I try to actually feel the motion. Like it happens when you imagine a motion while falling asleep, then when you are in HH, you actually start feeling it.

    So I start rocking, I'm on a verge of feeling it, when someone in the dream disturbs me and I can't continue. Dangit.

    Airport; Scandinavia;

    by gab on 09-11-2017 at 05:44 PM
    Off today, so sleeping in.

    Switched to sofa around 3 am as per usual, coz can't sleep on the bed the whole night.

    I'm at the US airport. Looking for my flight with another person. Rest of our group is already at the airplane. Looking at the departure board, trying to find my flight to Frankfurt, Germany, but not sure what the connecting airport will be, because thinking it's not a direct flight.

    They are already calling us to the gate, and that's how we know where to go. The glass door we try to enter through is exit only and the officer motions to me to go around. I do, then I panic because I don't remember seeing my passports in the bag I packed earlier.

    Now, I'm in Scandinavia. Also waiting for a flight or a ride. I finally decide to go buy some local cookies at the place I see nearby. I stop at the museum to look at some crystals and see an exhibit of millions year old slice of a tree.

    I ask a guy if there is more crystals ahead. He tells me no, only some poor people housing development.

    I keep going towards the "cookie place". I come up to a most beautiful sight. It looks like a shallow lake, with dozens of smallish Viking ships on it. The ships are all dark brown, ornate, all same, and turned the same way, towards me.

    I look in the left bottom corner of the lake. The water is see through and inviting. I tell the other person, who now is my younger brother, that this is where we should have spent our time, swimming and playing in the water.

    Some strange light comes over the lake, and illuminates small parts of it, as a sun peeking through clouds would do. The water turns incredibly beautiful tropical blue and I'm ecstatic. I start taking pictures with something that looks like a drink pouch, lol.

    I'm attending some class teaching english. Few classes in, I'm suppose to go to the next one, but it's 6 pm and I'm tired. I don't want to go, since It's for beginners and I'm not a beginner.

    The classroom is attached to some church type of a building. I'm escaping from there. Manage to get myself to some sexual situation before I leave.

    In a shed, still by this church, telling someone about lucid dreaming.

    Lucid childhood history

    by gab on 09-05-2017 at 11:57 AM

    Bed 5pmW
    WBTB 1am - 2 am
    back to sleep on the sofa because my arm hurt (this is how I basically do it every night now, minus the WBTB)
    No supplements

    Not sure if it was a WILD or a DILD. Was pretty long.

    [17:42:55] <gab> had a very interesting lucid last night
    [17:43:27] <gab> I went to some kind of an office/data storage, and they showed me pictures and videos from my childhood
    [17:44:03] <gab> they knew everything
    [17:44:10] <gab> past and future
    [17:45:55] <gab> I think I dreamt about this, because I had a dream with a house few days ago that was pretty strange, so I read about meaning of dreams with a house/rooms/doors, and it sounded interesting
    [17:46:20] <gab> and I decided that I will explore houses, even if I dont like to
    [17:47:11] <gab> that, plus 11 hrs of sleep and a WBTB

    I was in a room. There were offices to the left and to the right. Brightly lit, dark wood desks and man all busy with papers and stuff. Dressed in white shirts, vests and dark pants.

    I remembered that I don't like to explore in houses, but I also remembered that I made a decision to explore despite of that. Because I read on the website about houses representing our mind, which I already knew. Doesn't make it any less scary, haha.

    So I went to the left and somebody started to help us. I was taken to a screen, like a flat screen tv on the wall. Images started to show. Photographs, that started to move like a short video.

    Me, maybe 6-7 yrs old, sitting in a cardboard box. Another kid in his box next to me. We were playing that we are driving them, having a blast. (now that I'm typing this I just remembered, that we used to play in boxes like that, outside in the weeds, pretending they are space ships.) I noticed how my faced looked, clothes I was wearing, and many more details.

    Next image was me in my early teens. In a black and green checkered flannel shirt and dark pants. Short hair, very tomboy-ish. I noticed my face again and how it was true to my look from that time, but how different it looked from my earlier images. And how differently I dressed.

    There were more videos. Then I realized, I could ask them anything. I remembered my mom wanted to know about her dad. They said they can show him to me. They took me to a person laying on a hospital table. Top part was human male, bottom was a very strange alien. Stomach was twisted and narrow. They told me this is my mom's real dad.

    I wanted to know more, but I could tell they are busy.

    But I still asked if I will be able to lucid dream when I'm old. I didn't get an answer. I had a feeling during this whole experience, that they know everything, but that didn't mean that we should also know everything. Some things are for us to figure out, or not know.

    I found myself in front of my childhood house. Something didn't add up so I counted my fingers. There were more. I rejoiced and started flying, all giddy.

    I watched this airplane fly and fall into the water. I dove after it, into murky and dark water that I percieved to be a wide and deep river. I pulled the airplane out to the surface. It felt good.

    Updated 09-05-2017 at 04:04 PM by gab


    Scary House; Visit from beyond

    by gab on 08-30-2017 at 12:55 AM
    This today:

    I'm suppose to start working in this house. So they are taking me to my room to show me where I'll be staying.

    The house is huge, almost size of a city block, if not bigger. I don't see it all, but I sense it.
    Walking through a light color carpeted corridor with white walls, that's zig-zagging. I ask why are we this far from all the other rooms. We walked for minutes.

    My room is at the end of the house. I don't feel good in there. It has at least 3 doors, and later I see more of them. I don't like them. I open one door, and it leads to another small, empty room with much older decor, but it's empty. Another door from that room leads to unknown, but dangerous place. All doors lead to places I should not go to. I'm sitting on my bed, when I notice that a white door on my left has a top panel pried off and as my vision zooms in, there is a tall, white haired albino looking guy looking at me. I walk up to the door, scared, but I confront him asking why is he spying on me.

    Few days ago:
    I'm in a line at some amusement park or place of fun. I start talking to this woman and it turns out she is Hungarian. We start talking and I'm pleased that I can fluently talk with her. We introduce each other and I know she is Margit. I tell her we had a family in a town (forgot the name in the morning, but in the dream I knew it's the correct one) and we found out that we are family. I knew she is a personification of my "aunt" margit. later I saw her name somewhere written down and it was Tunde, but I still knew it was her.

    It was very emotional, we both cried, and we were VERY happy to be reunited.

    (Yesterday, I met some Hungarians at my work, and I was surprised how well I can speak to them. I immediately thought about this dream, how without it, I wouldn't have been able to speak to these people this well, because I have not spoken that language in a good while.)