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      Haha I'm just checking in every now and then and marvel at my DJ. It's crazy how much I dreamt back in the day. How are you by the way?
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      Freedom fighters are made of love it's all you need.
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      I am back! ��
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      Toty wings...
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      Hi! Sorry, I had to be somewhere; I was in a rush. I really appreciate you messaging me! It's totally fine; It was actually my fault for putting a question knowing I was in a rush.
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      Nice new avatar pic
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      Gab, could I have my hot wings?
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      Just lurkin'....I might be in chat this week.
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      What happened to your avatar?
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    Head split; Boat; airport...

    by gab on Yesterday at 05:41 PM
    Whoa, long gap : (

    Not great recall, coz short sleep. But had some fragments few days ago and today.

    1. Somebody splits someones head with a sword. Right down the middle to the neck. Person is still alive, talking, and we are trying to match the halves by veins and other markers. I'm wondering how come this is so easy and how come it works. I have a feeling it shouldn't.

    2. On a river boat. River is artificial canal, not too wide. And not deep at all, as I find out when a kid falls in the water and I jump after him. I come out all wet and I'm kinda surprised.

    3. This was long. Now all I recall is me being at the airport. Walking with some group.

    4. OP PMed me, she wants to come back.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Peru people and bird

    by gab on 06-09-2017 at 03:41 AM
    Last night


    Interesting dream, again with Peru. Not sure what I have with this country, but I already had a few, mostly about artifacts, some village and some others.

    So I'm walking with a female. She is showing me around. Some building with some modern, all glass additions, with a plaza between them.

    Then I'm walking in some corridors. Looks like an indoor marketplace, but there are no stalls, no merchandise that I can see. Only a huge amount of people all walking somewhere. Local kids are trying to sell us things, but we shoo them away. Feeling that we are undercover or something secret is going on. Somebody comes at me with a stick, i take it from him and defend myself. I get a distinct feeling that I'm in Peru.

    Now I'm on a cement tile walkway that's outdoors. A beautiful bird flies by at height of my face. I know he is rare or extinct and he has some special meaning. I'm still in Peru.

    I grab a camera and start taking pictures of him, hoping I get some nice ones. As if the bird knew this, he is posing. His face is just inches from mine. Size and look of a road runner, but he has beautiful colors of deep greens, blues, reds. He is looking into my eyes, cocking his head from side to side. He has about a 3 feet long tail consisting with only one - two long feathers, but on the end of them is a few more beautifully colored feathers.

    Now outside of town. Looking up at the small hill, there is a boy standing, and a small lion or cheetah cub comes up to him from behind a hill. I tell someone else to look and I grab a camera or binoculars. Then I look down and I have a same cub at my feet. This other person finds 4-5 cubs nearby. As I'm waling away, their mom comes up and she is following me, as I'm walking backwards away from there.


    by gab on 06-09-2017 at 03:22 AM
    This was on tuesday, 6/06/17

    The regular WBTB with alpha GPC and GM

    38 min WBTB, sofa at 5:38

    Upon waking up, I didn't write anything down. There was lot's of darkness, not much coherent stuff going on.

    I did the Recall task again, was easy and I remembered pretty much everything I practiced before bed, so I lost interest in it soon.

    Lots of hover flying again.

    Looking for a rope for another personal goal - to grab it and be pulled up to space, or just to swing on it for fun. I desperately wanted to find it, but no luck.

    Had a cool non-LD at 4 am, when alarm woke me for Alpha GPC.

    I'm in my childhood room, looking out the balcony door. The skies are getting really dark. Black swirling clouds are ominous looking. To the left high up, on the black clouds there is about 5 flags. All in full color, all of what look like real country flags. I'm not sure now if I recognized any of them, even if in WL I do know flags.

    I ran to grab my camera and I open the balcony door to get a better picture from the outside. I immediately regret it, because a tornado force wind start to push the door open against me. I try my hardest to close it and we wrestle for a bit. I have to drop my camera to use 2 hands.

    While this is happening, to the right, over a house, black smoke like cloud is taking a shape of head of that octopus dude from Pirates of the Caribbean. It's taking shape and losing it, as the small particles in the cloud are shifting and blowing around. Another shape is taking form in another cloud and I realize it's not really a cloud.

    ( seeing images in the skies does happen in my dreams. I think I like seeing them, even if they weird me out.)
    lucid , non-lucid

    TOTMs and personal goals

    by gab on 05-31-2017 at 08:38 PM
    Last night

    10:10pm - bed
    3:52 am - 600mgs alpha gpc an back to sleep for another hour
    5:05am - 5:50am - WBTB
    5:50am - 8mgs Galantamine and sofa time

    LD estimate - 30 min or less

    Had hard time falling asleep on the sofa, my pillows felt too rigid. So I turned to my left side, hoping that I didn't do it too soon. But I know I'll be ok, since I got lucid on both sides before, not only on the back.

    I still hear the 6am chime. Next thing I know it's 7 am and I'm deciding to wake up from lucids to write them down.

    1. The Exit
    I realize I'm dreaming in the bed in my childhood room. I'm looking at the window I want to get out of, and I'm trying to get up from the bed. It's hard. I sit up, but something is pulling me back. I try again and I smile, since I know this game. I'm trying to stand up slowly, so it puts up less resistance. I get to the window but get slowly pulled back. Still having fun, clawing at the window trying to hold on to something. I try one more time and this time I phase through the sheer courtains and the glass of the window.

    I start gliding in the air at second story height, same as my window is, over my parents yard. I pause for a few seconds as huge joy washes over me from flying. I notice how easy it is to do, how different it feels from walking, how differently my body feels and how much happy this makes me.

    2. TOTM, kinda

    I think of the first TOTM (well, I suggested it for a TOTM, but wasn't picked, so I added it to my personal goals).

    The goal is to sing one of your favorite songs and see how much you remember from it as opposed to waking life memory. First thing that comes to my mind is the national anthem. I start singing loud and on key "ooh say, can you see? By the dawns early light". I'm both surprised and pleased by my choice of songs, haha. I think I stop there, satisfied that I know the words.

    3. Landscapes

    I fly over a lot of different landscapes. Streets, houses, country side... As I'm flying, I see something that looks like a deep gash in the ground. I wonder what it will be. I'm thinking it will be a canyon and I get a bit worried. As I come closer, it's filled with water. Deep blue with small waves, like a swimming pool would have. As I'm flying over the road to the right, I look at the lake and try to do some water bending. Trying to make a water spout or a twisted column of water. But it doesn't happen in next second, so I lose interest, as that was never something I had interest in doing anyway.

    4. TOTM - Total Recall

    Not sure where I am, but I'm still in the air, hover-flying. I decide to do the Recall totm. Try to see how much you remember from waking life - your name, where you live, work, grew up, and anything else.

    So I thing about it and say my full name, my parents name, place where I work, I clearly see that I'm at different place than my parents. I stop there, because I realize that I remember EVERYTHING! I could go on. I'm a bit surprised and very happy about how much I remember. I'm also wondering a bit if I am not awake.

    5. Past life regression

    I read this thread http://www.dreamviews.com/dreamviews...ml#post2216488 and since I'm interested in the topic, I tried it out in hopes that I will get something.

    I practiced saying "When I turn around I am in my past life" , then did it couple of times in the lucid. All I saw were some dark buildings while I was turning, never really saw what was behind me. But I aborted every time, thinking NOPE to dark buildings. That is NOT where I want to go, haha. Gotta prepare better and try again. This is now one of my permanent personal goals.

    6. Vision

    Most of the time I had pretty good vision. Wasn't bright and sunny, more like a bit foggy, or at dusk. But still good. Sometimes I didn't see well at all. I was saying all kinds of stuff trying to make it clear up. At some point I saw the center of my vision getting brighter and as if clouds were being pushed to the side. So I lifted my hands and shooed them to the side, like you would clouds or smoke. It worked.

    NON-lucids at the end

    I am in a huge classroom. Surprised at the young age of the students. I get to the end, closer to teacher's desk, where some older students sit. I walk back and try to take some young students with me, thinking there is no way they can see and hear the lessons from that far away. It's a geography lesson, which I turn into lesson about lucid dreaming. I told them all about my lucids I just had, about the super recall and how to lucid and all that.

    Lol, just thinking about some other personal goals, when I recalled that I made it rain. Didn't feel it on my skin at first, but as I was telling about it to someone, I started to feel cold and wet drops on my face. I think this was not tonight though.

    Oh yeah, no sex tonight! woooo : D

    Personal goals

    1) Past lives
    2) Sing
    3) Pay more attention to sensations, like flying or just touching something
    4) Find rope hanging from the skies, pull at it and let it take me to the space
    5) More WL recall
    6) Enter a poster to go to another planet

    energy weapons

    by gab on 05-31-2017 at 05:00 AM
    Few days ago:


    I'm running around outside. Shooting at someone with my bow, that's shooting blue energy arrows. I hit the other person a couple of times and see bloody spots on his body. I get hit a few times too. It's like some kind of games, or real fight, maybe war.


    We are going out. Everybody is dressed up and waiting for me to do the same. I'm like how did I get myself into this? Stockings and a smart business dress.