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      Toty wings...
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      Hi! Sorry, I had to be somewhere; I was in a rush. I really appreciate you messaging me! It's totally fine; It was actually my fault for putting a question knowing I was in a rush.
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      Nice new avatar pic
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      Gab, could I have my hot wings?
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      Just lurkin'....I might be in chat this week.
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      What happened to your avatar?
    8. Thank you! For the wings!
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      Gab, thanks for the calming down in the chat.
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      It was nice talking to you earlier!
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    Peru; Chased by police

    by gab on Today at 03:58 AM
    This was last night. Bed 10 pm. Watched The Town movie, where bank robbers have a shootout with police in riot gear.

    Long and detailed. Took 2x300 alpha gpc.
    So I'm in a building with others. Trying to escape. Get to a huge room, size of a hangar. We are high up. Looking down, the room continues to the left. Blood on the walls. It's some kind of a killing room and same was suppose to happen to us. Long heavy chains are hanging by the walls from the ceiling. I'm thinking if I could climb up, swing the chain, grab another one, all the way to the exit. But they are too far from each other.

    Someone comes and opens locked door, let's us continue escaping. Going through corridors and rooms. Now in a residential house with group of escapees. We have a long way ahead of us. I'm looking through cabinets to find survival gear. Finding clothes, plastic forks, tupperware, items for personal hygiene. Packing them all. We see police in riot gear sneaking around the house. Watching them through the window blinds. Then I hear my mom yelling outside the window if I am there. I get out through another window and meet up with her. Now some people from my original group walk by. I tell them to watch out for police car on the corner, so we turn and walk other way.

    This was a couple of days ago.

    I'm In Peru on a group tour. Walking through some caves. Guide tells us about artifacts that can be found. We look, and sure enough, there are silver colored rings in the ground. Some are only half berried, some found after some digging. I pick some up, but then I leave them. I don't know why we were able to find them and what's the catch. When we are leaving, one male tourist says "will pay for these copies" . It made me think that guides put them there for groups and then they make them pay for it.

    Another scene - going on a fast boat across a large lake. Water is very muddy and turbulent. Lots of strong currents, large waves. I'm thinking which way I would swim to the shore if we capsized.


    by gab on 03-17-2017 at 12:30 AM
    Last night, bed 10pm 2:15am

    2:15 am - 2x300 alpha gpc and back to bed for 1 hour 45 min till 4 am
    4 am - up for wbtb

    I started to feel the effects of alpha gpc very soon, but couldn't fall asleep long or deep enough to lucid.

    2 dreams before WBTB
    In a house, some people, something about clothes, someone coming for a visit, he is drunk.

    I'm in Somalia. This is my first dream visit in this country. I'm walking in a corridor, a man hits a woman that was just passing by, slams her head to the wall and I can hear the sound it makes. I know that woman are mistreated here very badly. When a woman encounters a man, she has to kneel down, otherwise he will get mad and do something. We are coming to a bus station, but I can't get there, because there is a man on top of the stairs being a dick to a woman. One lady sitting on a bus station bench shakes her head to me "do no come here now". So I kneel at the bottom of the stairs, but get up when I have enough of it. The guy at the top of the stairs looks at me and I think I made a wrong decision but I don't care. I go around and squeeze by the gate and hop on the bus as it is leaving.

    Now we are on a tour boat. Next to us is what I think is the other shore, but when it starts to move I realize it's a very long boat. I'm looking for my camera wanting to take a picture how they are using the river as a freeway. Every inch of the river is covered by boats and they are going fast as cars.

    5am - 2x alpha gpc
    5:10am - 2x4 galantamine
    5:10 - sofa

    I had a dream I was WILDing and then I saw what was happening around me with my eyes closed. But no awareness and I don't think I got lucid at all.

    Cats and coyotes

    by gab on 03-16-2017 at 12:06 AM
    Last night, bed at almost 10 pm - 3:20am

    House on a hill I used to live in. Lots of people, parties, noise. Walking on the patio, a black dude in african clothes is starting to play bongo drums. I'm like really, you have to do that now, at 10:30 pm? Then I look at my watch and it's 1:30 am. I'm like fuuuu. Too late for that noise.

    I'm in a house. My cat got out. I look and she is on the driveway, not able to move away from a few coyotes. I'm walking fast, praying I get there on time. Throwing rocks and branches at coyotes. The move and dodge them, get hit a bit, but don't leave. I'm hoping my cat won't start running. I get there and scare them off. Inside, I'm telling her:

    [11:52:14] <gab> I was protecting my cat from coyotes last night, haha
    [11:52:39] <gab> then I was telling her "you came <--> this close to being taken!
    [11:53:16] <gab> it seems like I can talk to my cats in mydreams, and they can talk and understand me too

    March TOTM - Make a cup of tea - success

    by gab on 03-09-2017 at 08:35 PM
    Same nite as Grow yourself big to reach the moon attempt before the WBTB. http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/gab/

    So after the alarm woke me up at 4 am, I stayed up for a WBTB

    WBTB 4am-5:30am (I was so stoked from a random lucid, that I couldn't sleep sooner. Plus, that is my usual waking time so I had to fight my body's urge to "wake up for the day" and stay in the sleepy mode.)

    I already took 2x300 Alpha GPC at 3 am, but I felt like I used that up for that random lucid, and since my WBTB was so long, I took another 600.

    - 2x300 Alpha GPC
    - 2x4 Galantamine

    Sofa at 5:30 am
    Woke up from lucids at 7:52

    I estimate lucid was about 60 min long, maybe bit longer. I could tell the extra choline made a difference. I was getting headrush and entering lucids at much faster pace than normally, and the headrush was very intense.

    I don't remember much details, since there were no breaks in lucidity when I could retell my lucids to myself. And I slept more after I wrote down a few keywords.

    Ok, so there was a TON of sex in this one. It was happening with some invisible entity, for a long time. But there was some problem, he may have forgotten to take my pants off. Then bunch of other scenarios with chicks and dudes.

    After much walking and exploring, I remembered the TOTM Make a cup of tea and report how it tastes"

    I start looking for some place to make the tea. I see some fire on some snow covered ground. I decide to go closer and use it. Hoping to see people there who will have cups and stuff. But there are 2 dogs by the fire. Another fire is nearby and I see a cat by it. I come closer and as I'm wishing for it to be a fox, it turns into a fox. He is not very friendly, starts to chase me away. Needles to say, he didn't have any cups : D

    I come to a market place and I search the stalls. There are some glass colored tea cups on one of them, with some liquid in them. I ask "is this hot water"? Vendor says no, it's tea. Well, that's not what I need. I grab one cup, dump the liquid from it and I ask the vendor to put a bag of tea in it. She is putting some in her cup as well, but it's not a bag, it's lose tea. I'm ok with that and she sprinkles some in my cup. There is a pot with semi hot water and I pour that in my cup. I hope I don't burn myself when I taste it. It taste like rose-hip tea. Kinda mild flavor, but very nice. Lukewarm, not hot at all.

    After that I go for some more sx and slowly losing lucidity, until some long dream in singapore or other major asian metropolis, in a hotel with my brother and his wife. Not sexual haha, we were just there.

    Did some flying, didn't see much, looking at hands to make it more clear, didn't really work.

    Updated 03-09-2017 at 08:39 PM by gab


    March TOTM - Keep on growing

    by gab on 03-09-2017 at 01:23 PM
    Last night bed 10 pm - 3am

    3 am - 2x300 GPC

    set my alarm to 4 am for a WBTB

    LUCID before WBTB and galantamine

    The alarm woke me up from a lucid. I just had to giggle as I had no idea why the alarm is beeping since I'm in a lucid already and it was awesome.

    LUCID - TOTM bonus - Grow Big - didn't finish it coz alarm

    I don't know how I realized I'm dreaming. But I start walking through some rooms. They are well lit, but no exit. Looking through medial cabinets to find a flashlight and maybe something to open the locks with. Finally there is a window. I get out.

    Walking on a street, trying to remember the TOTM, but I didn't read them yet, because I didnt do the WBTB yet. I see a beautiful cat. Long hair, stripes of brown and black, white socks. It's playing with a tennis ball size ball of same color as he is. I rejoice, yeey, a cat in my dream! I start calling it and as I'm getting closer, I realize that the ball is another cat, perfectly round ball, with a face on it, blinking at me. Haha.

    I'm still walking but now there are buildings on both sides of me. Now I remember one of the TOTMs - Grow yourself big, above the clouds, step on the moon.

    I look up, but buildings have overhanging roofs, so I keep walking till I see the skies. Looks like buildings are trying to close in to take the access away from me, but I'm having none of it. I think "grow big" and I'm starting to grow.

    I'm past the roofs now and the view I get is INCREDIBLY beautiful. I see distant rolling hills, rocky, orange soil, like in american southwest. I see an Arch, and another one, much bigger one closer to me. They are incredible. They skies are getting dark, clouds are gathering. I see wind turbulences on the bottom of clouds, wind whipping them like mad. Wind is picking up, now it's getting strong and I see pine trees getting bent and branches flying off. All this time I'm saying 'Keep on growing". And I'm growing.

    Now I have reached the clouds. It's dark grey in there and warm. I realize that's how it's suppose to be. I see small particles flying by. I realize that usually when flying high up, that's where I lose lucidity, because I lose view of the dream scene. So I figure quickly, I will have to look at my hands to not lose reference as to what I'm doing. I keep saying "keep on growing" when my alarm wakes me.