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      of course
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      Weird, short, long, confusing, great, unique: all those! I've been chasing it for the past months ^^

      How's life my dear Gab ?
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      I have sent you a PM concerning chat.
      P.S If you could give me the 2 star TOTY that would be great.
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      The Lifeboat IRC is not working for me!
      It changes my username:
      naturespirit was corrected to naturespirit_
      It then says closed link. Help!
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      Yo.....these chat instructions doe. All i wanna do is just hop on and click chat, so I snuggle your face till it hurts like I usually do.
    7. Probably not, but I might start posting to my DJ again. I see a lot of the same people are still around.
    8. Hey Gab - always good to see you here!
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      How were we not friends already? I blame fake news.
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      vm reply
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    Aerial fight in Israel

    by gab on 08-13-2017 at 03:39 AM
    I'm in a room, looking at the window. Bad guy is there, aiming at me. I aim at him with my long rifle, get him in the scope and blow his head off. I'm pleasantly surprised that the gun actually worked.

    I'm in Israel. Visiting in some kind of official capacity. Walking through a town, going up a path. Light streaks appear high in the skies. I realize they are missiles. I ask a military pilot, if it's some kind of an exercise. By then I clear some brushes and I see some alien looking flying objects attacking, and getting hit by the missiles.

    Preparing for after war

    by gab on 08-10-2017 at 12:36 PM
    On a street with a group. People dressed as police start shooting at us. We fight back, I get a shotgun from one of the terrorists and aim at another one. A guy is targeted by a laser sight, I follow it to find the shooter, but it's a sniper high in the air, obscured by clouds, on something that looks like a helicopter.

    We win the fight, I look back if we collected all their weapons and we get away. Now we are in a building and I remotely see a part of it that's all white. It has all kinds of emergency items stacked against a wall. Plastic sheets, things that you use to protect yourself from radiation or chemical agents.

    As my view is leaving that area, white door is closing and I'm thinking that that's where we would be confined if we get attacked, and that it looks pretty safe, but isolated. A sign above door says FOG, and I know that's an acronym for that safety place. And I say in english, that it sure is not Free Online Games.

    We are sitting, laying all huddled and talking. I look at my phone and there are 4 messages. One is from Ophelia and I'm surprised but happy.

    August TOTM - Moon; Past life; sx

    by gab on 08-08-2017 at 06:48 PM
    Last night bed around 8 pm

    WBTB 2:14 am - 4:11 am

    2:41am - 3x 300 alpha GPC (300 more than normal 600 dose)
    4:11am 8mgs Galantamine

    I was really sleepy and ready to fall asleep just on time, about 15 min into taking GM, 2hr 45 min into taking GPC.

    But dangit, had to get up 4 times, every time when I was on the verge. I got pissed (and I realized that I shouldn't have, because no problem is big enough to put me in bad mood and nix my WILDing chance). So I just said ef it and laid on my side, knowing that I had WILDs here as well, so I knew I can still do it. I just couldn't lay on my usual WILD position on my back with pillows anymore.

    So I finally fell asleep just as the GM was one hour into it's effect, on the top of it, and so was GPC, at it's peak at 3 hrs after taking it.

    I was in a dream in some situation 100% sure I'm not dreaming. To prove it to someone, I counted my fingers. There was 6, then 8, then over 10. I realized I'm dreaming.

    Started walking around and remembered the Turn the Moon blue TOTM. Looked for the Moon, but didn't see it, again. So I remembered some personal goals I set my intent on doing during WBTB. I turned around thinking - behind me is my past life. I looked, but I don't think it was behind me. When I turned back in front of me, there was a distant scene. All lit in deep blue, silver, black illumination. Almost like light through blue ice. 5-6 steps, made of stone, very long ones. Like leading to a throne. 3-4 warriors were standing on those stairs. Dark looking, scary, ominous. Holding spears. Reminded me of those frozen warriors from Thor movie, that Thor went to fight to their frozen planet.

    I turned away thinking it's too scary and no way I'm gonna explore that. But next second I changed my mind and got excited about my decision to actually go there and see if it's really dangerous, or if some adventure awaits. Since I learned that not everything that looks scary actually is and it's good to overcome your fears. (I'm also doing this in my lucids when I'm exploring houses.)

    After this, I found myself in some sexual situation. I was already losing lucidity here, so majority of this was in a non-lucid.

    Some private house, getting ready for a sx party. Closing curtains and such, undressing. Lots of preparations. Not sure if it even got to any action. I know someone was there whom I knew, and rules were that if that happens, you can leave, coz that's awkward. But that person happend to be my boss in WL and they said No, I can't leave. Lol, being screwed over at work is translating beautifully into my dreams, haha.

    Blue Moon totm

    by gab on 08-05-2017 at 02:25 AM
    I'm off today, but wasn't planning on WILDing. Then I woke up around 1am and wasn't able to fall back asleep.

    So I got up, watched some TV and took

    2x300 Alpha GPC - 2:47am
    8mgs Galantamine - 3:53am

    and went back to sleep on the sofa.

    Next thing I know, I'm sitting up, laying down, sitting up, laying down... over and over.
    I realize I'm dreaming and I added some feet to head flat sliding motion. Then I hovered out of the room in the same position.

    I decided right away that I want some sx, after not LDing for about 3 wks. I got some 2 long sx episodes.

    Next time, i don't remember how, but I ended up on the street. Started walking slowly. I noticed how good my awareness is and how long it lasts. I wanted to do something meaningful, haha, so I kneeled down and started to pour dirt through my hands while noticing how it feels.

    Then I remembered the TOTM - change the moon to blue. I read what dreamvixen said in the thread and at that time I decided that I want to do this task.

    I looked up and it was at night, but overcast. I kept looking for the moon. Did the "hey look, there is the moon", but it didn't work. That's when I said forget it and got some more sx.


    by gab on 07-14-2017 at 12:42 AM
    Day off today. I was planning on getting up at 2 am, which is 1 hr before my normal waking time. Do a WBTB and WILD. But even before the alarm went off, I turned it off and opted for a sleep in.

    I woke up at 4:30am. Stayed up for maybe 15 min. Debated to take choline or not. I chose not to take it, but to go on a sofa and see if I could WILD. I covered myself with my bath robe in hopes to attract my cat, so he would sleep on me as he used to during my so many WILDs before. It worked.

    He laid on my legs and despite of him moving, kneeding and purring, I fell asleep. Just before I dozed off, I felt a WILD coming. My head started to buzz and get a headrush. I wanted to help it get me over the hump and into a lucid, so I tried standing up.

    Not sure if it worked, but next thing I know I am walking in the town square of my childhood town, in front of the church. It's very crowded and as soon as I realized I'm in a dream, I decide to just go with the flow, walk around and explore. Then I remember just about the only TOTM I wanted to do and I decided to look for a picture or a poster. I see one on a church wall. Walk up to it and for some reason, instead of just walking into it, I start to dig into it. The wall is kinda soft, but a bit resistant. I give up and I think I lose it here.