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    15.7.2011: The great escape

    by , 07-15-2011 at 07:05 AM (912 Views)
    Dream Lucid Me DC

    Dream 1: I was on my school yard with some big guy. I was lucid. I'm not sure about, but I might have entered the dream through a portal. The man said that he was waiting for her daughter to get something to him from the school. He told me he was a god. I saw a girl come out of the building and give the man something. Then the man was holding a metal rod. There were other children around me. The man told me that he had a house in the moon and that he could teleport us there with this metal rod. I pointed at the moon and shouted "To the moon!" The rod started glowing white. He swinged it in front of us and we teleported. It was dark, so I couldn't see anything. Then we teleported back. I had lost lucidity and woke soon after.

    Dream 2: I was in some school. Me and some other students were removing books from an bookshelf in order to get to the other side. Then we left and started to play ice hockey. We won the match, but then a female teacher came in followed by a crowd of zombified children. (Apparently some children had been disappearing from the school. And here they were. One of the zombified girls started talking to one non-zombified boy. "Help me.. I'm dying." she said. The boy promised to help, but told the girl to act brainwashed until he could come up with a plan. We went on to a balcony right above the playing area. The boy who talked to the girl was short, so I lifted him so he could see the zombified kids playing ice hockey. We talked a bit about how we could help them. Then the short boy fell over the safety rail. I grabbed his arm and the two other boys with us grabbed me and we pulled him back. Then our principle gave us a speech. No idea what he said. The school flooded (It was build on a small island.) And only me and some other boy got away. We went to our house. (We were adults now.) There was some poster on the wall showing two safe places around here. The other one was this house. My friend told me to look outside the window behind me. There was a military truck there and soldiers came out from it. Then I saw some more soldiers standing near a gas station on the other side of the house and told him to look at it. It took me a while to get him to look at the right way, but when he did, he became worried. He told me we were leaving. I realized that those soldiers were the once zombified kids, as well as the rest of the school, now all brainwashed by the teacher. We took our bikes (He might had had a motorcycle.) and started going away. (Something may have happened before this, but it was probably just shooting some guards.) I saw a sign that had the same poster attached to it as the one I saw in the house. We started going to the safe place. On the way one kid from my real school joined us. The road finally kinda ended inside a building. (One wall was gone and the road went in from there.) We got to the corner of the room where there was one lone computer. I thought he was going to get some information from it, which I thought was a stupid idea, because there were two brainwashed girls getting closer. Instead my friend lifted the computer and threw it through one of the windows and jumped down. I followed him and the boy from my school came last. There was a small edge on the wall and we hided under it. The girls looked outside the window, but didn't see us, even though really they would have. I looked around to make sure no one else was coming this way. I crossed my eyes and started seeing the world differently. Although the only difference was that the world seemed more dark and I could see the ground go up and down on one spot. I thought it was some guard travelling underground. I waited till the girls went away and shot to the ground. My friend asked me what the hell did I think I was doing. I told him about the guard and shot again. He told me to not waste any ammo. I pushed my hand underground to the spot where I thought I saw the guard. My hand touched some smooth and round. A lot like a human skull. I pulled my hand away as I didn't want to see what it was. We saw the ocean not far from there. The boy from my school started trying to wake himself up. I heard a voice saying something like "And then he tried to wake himself up by closing and opening his eyes rapidly." I tried it too. Didn't work. We jumped into the sea, my friend first, me second and the boy last. We stayed underwater to avoid the guards. I started wondering how I could hold my breath so long. (Nope, no lucidity here.) Then I tried to wake myself up again and it worked.

    Fragment: Reading someones DJ where he/she met three characters. I only remember one called "Princess Twilight."

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      AWESOME! come the moon tonight!