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    6.7.2011: The legend of Zelda

    by , 07-06-2011 at 09:11 AM (901 Views)
    Dream Lucid Me DC

    I was at my grandparents house. We talked about something I can't recall. Then I said that I'm going home. My grandfather said that I should leave at 6pm, but all the clocks showed that it was already 7pm. I took their car and started driving home. I realize that I'm driving into the wrong direction and turn around. My car turns into some kind of motorized bicycle. For some reason I stop near a gym and go in. There's a hockey team practicing and I join them. I'm not too good at it, so I leave and go home. (It was 6pm, so I thought my grandparents clocks were broken.) Nobody's home. I take my parents savings and go shopping in hopes of finding them a present. (For whatever reason. Probably to apologize for taking their money.) I see my sister there, as well as her friend. There's someone breaking into a shop to steal a painting. I look at him for a moment till he looks back. Then I just say hi to him and walk away. Suddenly I'm holding a painting that's identical to the one the man was stealing. I walk outside and start to wonder which way my home was. I see some old lady riding a sort of pedal car and ask her where the church is. (One landmark in my hometown.) She points a direction and I thank and start walking. Soon I come across a castle that blocks the road. Suddenly I'm playing a Zelda game. (Wind waker, to be precise.) I go inside and see a guard walking down a hallway. I quickly turn right to a staircase, climb up and open a door. The guard hears it and starts running up. I find myself in a hallway pretty much identical to the one before. I once again turn right before neither of the guards (The one in the hallway or the one coming through the door.) can see me. But this time I don't climb it. Instead I hide under it. The guards run up without noticing me. A treasure chest appears next to me. But then an imp lifts me in the air and throws me away from my hiding place. A blue ghost sees me, grabs me and teleports me and itselfnto a large room with two more ghosts. There's also a large window with no glass. There's some kind of giant man-eating plants mouth coming through the window. The ghost throws me on top of it. I jump back down and try to escape, but the ghosts pull me back. I run to the opposite direction, out of the window. I see a grassy platform near the castles wall. There's also the plant's base. It looks a lot like one enemy from Twilight princess, except bigger.

    I jump to the platform, kill a golden skulltula with a hookshot and jump down next to the castles entrance. I see a path next to the door and follow it. There's a hole in the fence, but there's a soldier guarding it. I talk to him and he tells me about being in dept and if I give him 700 rupees he will let me pass. I only have 400, and they're my parents money, so I give him nothing. There's some woman standing next to the fence. I speak to her, and she says I shouldn't even try before pulling all the date levers. (Or something.) She says I currently have one pulled and there's four more. I climb the ladders next to her and find a lever with a number four on top of it. When I pull it the number changes to 3.

    Something about some guys wanting to fly and then doing it by riding cannonballs. I was again playing Zelda. (This time it was Ocarina of time.) I was standind on a floating island. The guys who wanted to fly came there. For some reason I shot them with a bow. And every thing on the island. The dream rewinded and I did it again, only this time the other guy turned into a monster and attacked me. I also saw another Link with differently colored clothes.

    I saw some text saying that this battle ends tomorrow. (Or that was the time limit for the battle, it could end sooner.) I also saw a HP meter for the monster. I shot it a couple of times and it fell down from the island. I thought I won, but it came back up by using its ears as propellers. I finished it and saw a cutscene where I fell into a river and a dog jumped after me. We floated into a cavern. Then I could choose some pet from 4 choices. (All looking pretty similar.) I saw me and my friend playing the game and he accidentally chose one, without asking me. But it turned out I could use all of them, the one he chose was just better. They had some abilities like flying and transforming me into other things. I woke up.

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    1. Azra's Avatar
      Probably the best Zelda dream ever.