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    19.7.2011: Dryspell finally gone

    by , 07-19-2011 at 10:57 AM (775 Views)
    Dream Lucid Me DC

    Dream 1: I was sitting in a room that looked like a bomb shelter. The ceiling, walls and the floor were all made of grey concrete. There were some men sitting with me. We were some sort of league of wizards. Then I started to feel uncomfortable. Apparently everyone else felt it too and we decided to continue upstairs. We climbed a ladder to a house that looked a lot like mine. One of the men, apparently a friend of mine, acted weird. He seemed really nervous. I went to talk to him, but I can't remember exactly how the conversation went. I first asked if he knew what caused that feeling. He said that he had brought a bird, that caused the feeling to everyone near it, downstairs with him. He said he would go and get the bird out of there. I promised to keep it a secret. After a while I went down there too to see if he needed help. I opened a large iron door and saw him being attacked by a phoenix. I raised my hand towards the bird and shouted "Fire!". The room got dimmer and my friend ran out of the room, just in time to get out of the way of an fireball shot by the bird. The bird flew into the first room. All the other wizards were there too. I became half lucid and formed a ball of darkness to my hand and threw it at the bird. I missed. I think I created an forcefield in front of us to block an attack from the bird. Then I pointed my hand at the floor and moved it in a circle. A dark area appeared on the floor under the bird. Then I lifted my arm and an hand came out of the darkness.

    It grabbed the bird and transformed into many tentacles that wrapped around the bird, making it immobile. My friend looked at me in awe and the dream ended.

    Fragment: I was playing a game. I was in a room with two corridors leading out of it. I took the left one, but it ended up to a locked door. I went to the other one and encountered Bowser. I defeated him and got an upgrade and a key. I opened the other door and fought against an ice giant. After that I can't remember anything except that the final battle was against Xemnas.

    Dream 2: I was at my school. We were told to warm up by running in the deep snow. Then we ran out of the school yard. We heard shooting coming from the school. We ran as fast as we could to get away from the shooter. More kids followed us. I don't remember much, but at some point I became lucid. I woke up and used deild to induce another lucid. I can't remember how many lucids I got this way. It was around 3-4. All I remember from the dreams is being at some school, going through a large window, making everyone angry, being unable to summon my keyblades and holding the angry crowd away from me with my fist till the dream ended.

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    1. Zelkova's Avatar
      lol the first dream made it sound like you would have epic dream control when the lucid came up. Too bad you couldn't summon your keyblade.

      You sound like a major gamer. Which is fine of course, great for dreaming.