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    5.7.2011: Random stuff

    by , 07-05-2011 at 05:53 PM (397 Views)
    Dream Lucid Me DC

    Dream 1:
    I was walking to school, but it didn't start till a lot later, so I decided to go to my friends house instead. It might have been 7am (In the dream.) My friends door was open a little and I could see light coming from the left side of the room, indicating that he was awake but his parents weren't. (This wasn't his real home.) I opened the door expecting to see him, but instead saw some girl. My friend walked behind her. I canīt remember much after that, but I think we played some game.

    I saw some kind of games title. It said "Chrono god Trigger" After that I was in a room with some people. The room seemed like a some sort of crypt, because there were lots of sarcophagus near the walls. Suddenly a big guy (Maybe skinless.) came in with a black sword. I summoned two keyblades and blocked most of his attacks, but then he started to get past my defense. I got angry, grabbed his sword and striked his back so many times that he started praying me to stop, so I did. Next there was me and possibly that guy trying to get a balloon to a exit without popping it.

    Something about 3 characters from Friends talking. (Ross, Joey and someone, probably a woman.)

    I can't remember where I were, but I took out a laptop and ordered two tickets to the pyramid. Then I traveled in a train while rubbing my hands to stay in the dream. (Which was quickly fading.) The guy next to me started rubbing his hands too and asked me to give him a couple of high-fives. Woke up before getting to the pyramid. (If the train even was going there.)

    I was once again with my friend, playing the same game as last time. We were two characters with katanas that could change powers in a jungle. First we saw some small enemy and attacked it. Soon we lost sight of it and wondered if it was hiding or dead. Then two other enemies attacked us. One big guy and one that was maybe 18 years old. We mostly fought the big guy as the other guy didn't really do anything. I changed my powers to fire and shot couple fireballs at him. They missed and almost hitted another guard. My friend told me not to draw anymore attention. We finished the big guy, but as a last resort he disembodied his hands, which grabbed me and started slowly dragging me to the direction of the other guard. I pushed my legs against a stone block to prevent me from moving. (The hands themself didn't move me, there was more like a invisible bond between them and the body, so that they were attached to the body, but were a little further away from it.) Finaly the enemy died and left behind a yellow heart. (Like heart containers in the legend of zelda, only slightly different design and color.)

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