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    New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight

    This is my new dream journal on the new blog dream journal system of Dreamviews. I'm ready to see how this works out. My old dream journal was getting pretty long, so it is really about time to open a new one so it is more manageable to search through...

    For anyone who is interested in looking at my old dream journal, just click on the following link:

    Raven Knight's Dream Travels

    I hope everyone enjoys reading my new dream journal!

    Color Codes:

    Non-lucid is plain black text.
    Fully lucid is blue text.

    1. Game of Dreams - Oceans of Green

      by , Yesterday at 10:23 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-18

      Game of Dreams - Oceans of Green

      Daenerys: I am outside on a beautiful sunny day, and I am riding a beautiful horse. There is a vast valley stretched out for me. It is completely filled with green grass. The grass is waving, making it look like an ocean. There are some people with me. One of them is a knight. He is talking about the grassy valley. He says right now it’s all green, but there are times of the year when it is in bloom. He says this grass blooms with a bright red flowers. I am thinking about how beautiful that must be, when the knight goes and ruins it by comparing it to a field of blood. I give him a sideways glance, wondering why he had to make that comparison. He goes on to say there are other kinds of grass mixed in with the blood grass, and those grasses bloom in so many different colors it looks like a rainbow. He says there's a kind called ghost grass that is semitransparent, and it murderers all other grasses. I don't really care to hear about homicidal grass.

      I kind of want to go off on my own for a while. I tell the knight that I would like to have a few moments alone. I tell him to have the others to stay behind for now. He says he will tell them. I ride my horse out in the grassy fields. The grass is much taller than I realized. It's almost up to my horse’s belly. I get the urge to go down into the grass. I see some color down there, some pretty flowers I want to see closer. So I climb off my horse and get down in the grass to look at the flowers. They are very pretty little blue flowers that smell very sweet. I hear birds singing in the surrounding grass. I wonder what other animals might live out there.

      The peace is disturbed when I hear some loud argument from back on the top of the ridge. After the yelling which I can't quite tell what was said, I hear hoof beats. Apparently someone didn't feel like staying put. The rider appears and pulls up on the reins a bit too quickly and as for rears up and throws him off. I laugh as he lands on his ass. It is amusing. I see that the writer is my asshole brother. He's being an asshole again. He is pissed. He asks how I dare give him a command. I think he is taking this much too seriously. I just wanted to be alone for a bit. He comes over closer to me and starts being a pervert. He put his hand up under my vest, and pinches my breast. That is annoying. I push him away for me and tell him to cut that out. He falls back on his ass. He glares at me. He gets up looking angrier than ever. He says he thought we had that cleared up, that if I ever dared to oppose him again he would seriously hurt me. I tell him if he wants to try, go head and bring it on. He gets back up and starts to come at me.

      I am about to give him a kick to his family jewels when he gets suddenly pulled back. I look and I see that he now has a whip wrapped around his neck. He is pulling at the whip with his hands, and having trouble breathing. There is one of the people that had been with me on the top of the ridge, he is on a horse and has his whip around my asshole brother's neck. He asked a question in a foreign language. The knight has caught up to us now, and he translates. The man with the whip is asking if he should kill my brother. I told him no, don't kill him. The knight translates. The man askes another question. The knight again translates. This time the man has asked if he should remove one of my brother’s ears to make him remember his error. I say no, don't hurt him. The knight translates. The man removes the whip from around my brother’s neck. My brother chokes and gags as he tries to catch his breath.

      I look around and see that my brother's horse has wandered off. I figure that doesn't matter. He can walk back, I don’t feel like finding his horse. The other people on horses find that amusing. My brother acts like a child. He sits down on the ground and refuses to move. I tell the others that if he wants to sit there and sulk like a child, let him. I get back up on my horse, and all of us start heading back up to the top of the ridge where the rest of our huge group is. So far my asshole brother is not moving. I lose sight of him. I wonder out loud if he could get lost out there. The knight says that there's no way you can get lost. He says our group is leaving a path like a highway. I find the idea that our groups passing is causing that much distraction to be sad. I rejoin my husband on the top of the ridge and we start moving out. And then I wake up.
    2. Game of Dreams – Tears Falling

      by , Yesterday at 05:20 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-17

      Game of Dreams – Tears Falling

      I am having dinner with my family. My dad and sister are there. It is a large table and there's a lot of food on it. My teacher is here. I remember her trying to teach me needlework. It was not very effective. So I'm sitting there and looking at mine, but I'm not really feeling very hungry. My sister is sitting several seats from me and she isn’t paying any attention to me. She is with her friend. I have the feeling that her friend is an asshole. My father says there's going to be a big tournament in his honor. He says he really doesn't want to have anything to do with it. It's just a big expense that the kingdom can't afford. My sister and her friend find the idea of the tournament exciting. She asks father if she will be able to go. Father considers and then says he will get both my sister and me good seats. I think it sounds stupid. I say I don't want to go. My sister says the tournament will be an amazing event, I'm not welcome there. Father is annoyed. He says he is getting sick of my sister and me fighting. He says we are sisters, and we should start acting like it. I'm angry at my sister. But for now I don't show it.

      Father announces that he has no appetite, and then gets up and leaves. I look at my food, and it does not look tasty. I decide I have no appetite either. I get up. My teacher asks me where am I going. I realize that maybe I should be polite, so I politely ask if I may be excused. She says no. She tells me to clean my plate. I tell her to clean it herself. I get up to leave. As I go passed my sister, I pause to tell her off. I tell her that we both lost our wolves, but at least she knows hers back home and safe in Winterfell. My wolf is somewhere out in the wilderness and I don't know if she is dead or alive. Talking about that makes me feel like crying. I hurry from the room before my tears fall. I don't want anyone in there to see me cry. I hear my teacher behind me yelling at me to come back. I ignore her. I go running upstairs to my room. I go through the door and slam it behind me. It’s a heavy wooden door with a very satisfying to slam. There is no lock but there is a bar that I can slide down to keep the door from being opened. So I do.

      Once I am safe in my room I feel safe to cry. And I do. While I am crying, someone comes up and knocks at my door. It is a hard and angry knock. And it is a not very friendly voice is speaking out there. A woman, my teacher, tells me to come out there in mediately. She says if I don’t come out immediately my lord father will hear about this. I don't care. I tell her to go ahead and tell him whatever she wants. She goes away. I open my clothing chest, and dig through it until I find a sward buried on the bottom. I think the sword out, I remember it is named Needle, and I start practicing with it. I am shit. I am in the middle of practicing with it but I am thinking about other things. I briefly considered going out the window and running away. Maybe I can find my wolf in the wild. I am thinking about that when there is a knock at the door. This time it is a gentler knock. And it is also a gentle voice that speaks. It is my father. He does not sound angry, he just sounds sad. That makes me feel kind of bad about my behavior. Anger I can handle, but disappointment not so much. He says he wants to come in. I raise the bar blocking the door, and open it. He comes in.

      My father sees the sword in my hand. I had even thought to try to hide it before he came in. Yes it's me who's short is that, and I just see at night. He asked where I got it, but I don't want to rack out my brother so I say nothing. He says it doesn't really matter. He takes it and is looking at it. I have the feeling I'll never get it back. He wants to talk about things that of been happening lately. He says he doesn't like it when my sister and I are fighting. I tell him I don't really want to fight with her, but then I trail off. We talk about different things and I am close to tears again. And then it just all comes out, I don't even know what I'm about say untill I say it. I am crying as I tell my father that I had to throw rocks at my wolf to make her leave because I knew if she came back with me, they would have killed. The queen and the king. And I couldn't stand the idea of seeing that. I told her to leave and when she wouldn't leave I threw rocks at her. There be plenty of wild game out there for her to eat, and I do even heard other wolves out there, so she might even find a pack. My father seems to agree with my theory that she'll be OK out there. He says she was born to be in the wild, and she will surely adapt to it quickly. And she will certainly be the leader of any pack she joins. I am in my father’s arms still crying but it's stopping. My father asks me about the sword again. He asked if I really want to learn. He says I've got a wild streak, like a lot of others in our family. He says he will ask around and see about someone to train me. And then he hands the sword back to me. That comes as a surprise. He hugs me before leaving the room. And then I wake up.
    3. Game of Dreams – A Knife in the Dark

      by , 08-17-2017 at 11:51 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-17

      Game of Dreams – A Knife in the Dark

      Catelyn: I am in a room that looks like a bedroom in a castle. I am sitting in a chair beside a bed. There is a boy lying unconscious in the bed, I know he is my son, Bran. I am carefully feeding him a mixture of honey and water in a desperate attempt to get some hydration and nutrients into his body in a time long before intravenous drips have been invented. But this is too little I know, and if he doesn't wake up soon he'll... but I don't let myself think the word. I stop the feeding and hold his hand, little more than a skeletal hand now but still warm to the touch, focusing on healing him. I don't know if it's doing anything. A man comes into the room and starts talking finances. I don't care about money. He is also talking about positions that need to be filled because of people who have left town. I don't care about that, either. All I care about is Bran... I tell him to leave.

      A boy comes in... this is my older son, Rob. He tells the man he will discuss the finances and positions to be filled tomorrow. After handing my son a piece of paper, the other man leaves. Rob is now talking to me about other responsibilities I'm ignoring. My younger son is crying for me, he's only 3 and he needs me, especially with dad away. He pauses and then says he needs me, too. He says he can’t handle everything all on his own. I want to turn to him and be there for him, but I have the persistent thought that if I let go of Bran's hand he will die. There is a commotion outside. Rob says the library tower is on fire, he will take care of it. He rushes out and takes a guard by the door with him.

      Shortly later a man enters the room. I don't recognize him, but he is holding a dagger. He starts towards Bran and then sees me. He says I wasn't supposed to be here. I say that's too bad, because I am. Just what was he intending to do with that dagger? He looks at Bran and says he would be doing the boy a mercy, really. I tell him there's no way he is killing my son! He comes at me with the dagger. I change my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and block his blow... but then I realize my arm didn't transform! Of course not... Catelyn Stark is not infected with the Mercer Virus! The blade cuts painfully into my arm. I grab his wrist with my left hand and twist it until he lets go and then I push him away, he falls onto his back. I am about to move in when there is a blur and then there's a wolf on top of the man ripping his throat out. Rob comes back and asks what happened. I tell him that the dead man tried to murder Bran with the dagger. Rob sees my arm and says someone should take care of that. I agree to that, starting to notice the pain more with the incident being over. I leave the room with Rob and then I wake.
    4. Game of Dreams – Innocence Saved, Innocence Lost

      by , 08-12-2017 at 09:22 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-10

      Game of Dreams – Innocence Saved, Innocence Lost

      Eddard: I am in what looks like a living area in a castle. I am pacing, worried. My daughter is missing. A man tells me my daughter has been found. I ask where she is then. The man says she is in the throne room seeing the king and queen. This pisses me off. She’s been missing for four days and that’s the first place they take her?! I go out the door, heading for the throne room. I know where to go and I get there to find my daughter surrounded by a bunch of hostile faces, I see them as assholes. The king and the queen are there with the prince. I go over and put my arms around my little girl, asking if she is ok. She says she’s hungry and tired, but not hurt. I am pissed, I demand to know why my daughter wasn’t brought straight to me and been given a chance to rest and have something to eat before being dragged in here. The king, a fat man I know to be named Robert, says he thought it was best to get this business over with.

      I am still annoyed, but I let things go on. The Queen claims Arya and her friend attacked Prince Joffrey and then her wolf bit him. Arya and Joffrey both tell different accounts of the event. I ask how serious Joffrey’s injury was. They seem hesitant to discuss the injury. A man comes into the room with Sansa, she claims she doesn’t remember what happened. Arya calls Sansa a liar and attacks her. I hold Arya back and tell her that is not productive. The Queen wants Arya punished, but Robert says sometimes children will fight. He says I should take care of disciplining Arya and he will take care of Joffrey. He gets up to leave, he has clearly had enough of this whole affair.

      The Queen isn’t done yet. She says there is still the matter of the wolf. I say I have yet to see any evidence that Nymeria has done anything. The Queen holds up a shirt with a shredded and bloody sleeve. Nymeria chewed Joffrey’s shirt? She said Joffrey’s arm was in it. Joffrey says his arm was almost chewed off but there’s no injury because Sansa is a sorceress and healed it. I ask if I’m seriously expected to entertain that notion. If Sansa has healing powers then we’d better get her back to Winterfell to heal her injured brother! The Queen says she will not have a vicious beast in her castle. I tell her it wouldn’t be right to throw Joffrey out, he’s only 12. She gets red with anger and says she meant the wolf! Robert reminds her that the wolf got away. She said she wants both wolves put down. I tell her no one is going to hurt those wolves. I am thinking to keep protesting until the wolves can stay with Sansa and Arya but then I am thinking the Queen might arrange something to happen to them just out of spite… so I think better of it and say fine, I’ll have Lady, and Nymeria if we can find her, taken back to Winterfell. The Queen says she wants them dead. I tell her that’s not going to happen. I’ll send them back to Winterfell… for their protection, not hers.

      I take my daughters from the room before the Queen can protest any further. Once outside Sansa is saying it isn’t fair to have to send Lady away, she didn’t do anything. I tell her I agree, but the only way to keep Lady safe from the Queen is to send her away. If Lady stays, then the Queen could fabricate another attack or just order her guards to get rid of Lady and I might not be in a position to stop her. Sansa looks sad about it but finally agrees. I tell her that Lady will be waiting for her at Winterfell when she comes to visit or if circumstances in Kings Landing changes enough that we can safely bring her back. Arya asks what about Nymeria. I tell her I’ll get some people to look for the wolf, and if we can find her, she will go north with Lady to be safe, too. I tell Sansa we should go say our farewells to Lady and get the wolf beyond the reach of the Queen as soon as we can. Lady is tied up outside and I leave Sansa to have time to say goodbye to her wolf before she is escorted back home.

      Some soldiers on horses ride into the area. They have a bloody sack on one of the horses. A man, the name Sandor Clegane, The Hound, comes to mind, comes over and looks pleased with himself. He says they haven’t found Arya but they got her little pet. I think they already killed Nymeria and I am pissed. The Hound dumps the bloody sack on the ground and laughs. He opens the bag and I react quickly, turning Arya away from the horror. It’s not Nymeria, it’s a boy, no doubt Arya’s friend, practically cut in two. I want to kick The Hound’s ass. I ask if he really had to cut down a child?! He smiles and says the kid ran. I ask if he’s trying to tell me he’s so incompetent that he can’t capture an unarmed fleeing child without cutting him in two?! We’d better hope Joffrey never gets distraught and runs away! You’ll come back to the King and Queen saying, “I have good news and bad news, your Graces. The good news is we brought the Prince back. The bad news is he’s in two pieces.” Sandor says no one dares say that to him! I ask him then which is it? Is he too incompetent to capture an unarmed child without cutting him in half, or is he a sick and pathetic fuck who takes pleasure in murdering defenseless children?! I notice Arya is holding on to me and crying. I immediately feel bad about making that scene in front of her, making a painful moment even worse. I put my arms around her and tell her how sorry I am about what happened to her friend. Sansa comes back with Lady, she is also crying. I want someone to pay for making my daughters cry. Sansa wants Lady in her bed with her just one more night. I am walking with them back to our quarters when I wake.
    5. Game of Dreams – Of Weddings and Bullies

      by , 08-09-2017 at 12:34 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-08

      Game of Dreams – Of Weddings and Bullies

      Daenerys: I am at a wedding, a big outdoor wedding. I realize I am getting married, but that can’t be right… I don’t see Altaïr anywhere. I want to marry Altaïr. The man beside me is a large and strong looking man with black hair down his back in a braid as long as Sephiroth’s hair with small bells hung in it. He is speaking a language I don’t understand, not paying attention to me. And I’m supposed to marry this guy? My brother is sitting below me on a hill and glaring up at my periodically. There is food and drink constantly brought to me and I eat nervously. Some men fight over a woman and one of them dies, everyone accepts this as normal. Then there are lots of gifts. Some slaves (I don’t want slaves!), some cool looking books, three egg shaped stones they say are dragon eggs, and the man I married gives me a beautiful silver horse. He lifts me easily onto the horse and I ride her around a bit. I immediately love that horse. Now it is time to go? My asshole brother grabs my leg too roughly and says I had better please my new husband or I will wake the dragon like never before… I see no dragon! I kick my leg to shake my brother off and tell him he had better stop being an asshole or I’ll shove his face up a dragon’s ass! He looks surprised and asks what has gotten in to me.

      I ride my horse after my new husband. We find a spot and I know he wants to have sex… but I don’t even know this guy! I don’t want to have sex with him! I expect he will just start violently having his way with me, but instead he starts caressing me, being gentler than I’d expected from the way he acted at the wedding. But I still don’t want to have sex with him! I’m crying and he pauses to brush the tears from my face and say the word no. No as in don’t cry? No as in don’t be scared? I’m not sure… And I don’t have to do any more because the dream ends.
      Sansa: I am riding a horse outside under bright blue skies. The skies look bluer than I ever remember seeing them. I am not alone, there is a boy, Prince Joffrey, riding beside me. My first impression is that he is an asshole… but I think better of calling him that. My next thought is he is a prince I am supposed to marry… but I don’t even know him, though I guess I should give him a chance. We ride through a forest, exploring here and there. Joffrey seems like a decent guy, I’m not sure why my first impression was that he’s an asshole. We keep going and soon find a couple of children playing with sticks as if they were swords. This is where Joffrey shows his true colors.

      Joffrey gets off his horse and shows me why I thought he was an asshole. Joffrey starts making fun of the boy for beating on a girl. The girl is my sister, Arya. The boy drops his stick and kneels before the prince, but that does no good. Joffrey pokes at him with his sword and tells the boy to pick up his stick and fight like a knight. I tell Joffrey we should just leave these two alone. Joffrey says this boy was beating my sister, we can’t just leave. He pokes the boy’s cheek and draws blood, saying he won’t hurt the boy… much. That’s when chaos breaks loose.

      Arya attacks Joffrey with her stick to keep him from hurting the boy. Joffrey turns on her and attacks viciously, breaking her stick with his real sword. The boy runs into the trees with no thought for Arya’s safety. A wolf comes flying from the trees and clamps down on Joffrey’s arm, making him drop his sword. Joffrey cries out and says to call the wolf off, which Arya does. She looks at his mangled arm and says the wolf didn’t hurt Joffrey… much. Arya picks up Joffrey’s dropped sword and throws it unceremoniously into the river nearby before chasing after the boy with her wolf going after her. I go to check on Joffrey’s arm and he gets pissed at me. I tell him it’s his own fault for being a bully. He says he’s going to tell his mother, I resist an urge to slap him. I tell him not to be such a baby, I can fix his arm. I grab his arm and focus healing energy through it. The bite heals completely, much to Joffrey’s amazement. But he doesn’t thank me, he scoots away from me and says I’m a sorceress and then runs off into the trees. What a loser… Everything fades.
    6. Game of Dreams - A Fall and A Healing Touch

      by , 08-08-2017 at 06:43 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-07

      Game of Dreams - A Fall and A Healing Touch

      Bran: I am playing a virtual reality game of Assassin’s Creed. I am in a medieval setting and I know my goal is to make it to the top of a broken tower. I climb a tree to reach the roof. I make my way across the rooftops, jumping and climbing with ease. I reach a stretch with a row of stone gargoyles just perfectly placed to swing from one to the next like on a child’s jungle gym. I swing from one to the next and then I hear voices from what I’d thought was an empty part of the castle. I get closer and hear a man and a woman talking about getting rid of the hand of the king, I immediately think they’re talking about my father! I swing to the gargoyle over the window and hang upside down to see who the culprits are, I’ll need to know who they are when I tell my father. When I peek in the two of them are making out. I remember hearing the man call the woman “sweet sister” so that means brother and sister are making out… I make an involuntary sound of disgust. The man looks over and I recognize the queen! The man comes towards me, I try to climb back up but the gargoyle breaks and I fall, grabbing the ledge by the window. The man reaches for me and says to take his hand. Not a chance! I’m sure they don’t want this secret getting out! I try to move away from the window but I’m too slow… the man grabs me and pushes me out into open air, I fall into my bed and wake.

      Tyrion: I am in a library. It is an old fashioned looking library with old leather bound books. I get up and leave the library. There’s a stairway going down outside. I hear people below talking about a boy who got hurt. A man calls the other as a prince, the prince sounds like a boy. The man says he wishes the injured kid would hurry up and die. The prince says it’s the wolf he can’t stand, the howling kept him up all night. The man says he could put the wolf down. The prince says there’s so many that the Starks would never notice. What a couple of assholes! I go the rest of the way over to them and respond to the boy’s comment that no one would notice the missing wolf. I say I’m quite sure the Starks can count to six, unlike some princes I could mention. It then occurs to me that the boy should go give his sympathies to the parents of the hurt boy. He calls me his uncle and says he doesn’t care about that boy! What an asshole! Someone should slap him in his ugly mug… so I do. He looks stunned then whines that he’s going to tell his mom! So I slap him again, making his cheeks a matching red. I tell him he can tell his mom all he wants, but first go tell the boy’s parents how sorry he is that their boy is hurt and emphasize if they need anything at all, the boy is glad to help. He runs off, I’m feeling quite satisfied as everything fades.

      John: I am in a stairway that seems to be leading up a medieval castle tower. I am going up to say goodbye to my brother, he has been hurt. I also know that he is actually my half-brother, and his mother doesn’t want me there. But I want to see my brother before I have to leave. I climb up the stairs more quickly and when I get to a door at the top I open it slowly. The woman is sitting in a chair beside a bed where my brother lies, unresponsive. The woman asks what I’m doing here, I say I’m going to say goodbye to Bran. She says I should leave. She gives me a dirty look that could curdle milk. I ignore her look and walk over beside the bed, on the other side from the woman. She says she’ll call the guards. I tell her to go ahead, I have every right to say goodbye to my brother. I go over and take Bran’s hand. He is so very skinny, almost skeletal. I see under the covers that his legs look like they’re bent wrong… didn’t anyone even bother to set the bones? I know it’s a medieval setting without a lot of medical knowledge, but really? I wish I could do something, something to heal him. I am focusing on healing him as I hold his hand. There’s movement under the covers. The woman gets excited and looks, but the movement stops. The legs look better now. The woman is talking. She says she prayed for this… she prayed to the seven that Bran could stay with her, that Ned would change his mind… she’s crying. I don’t know what else to do, so I say this isn’t her fault, she didn’t want him to stay with her like this… She gets mad at me and says she doesn’t need my absolution. I say of course she doesn’t… but she needs her own absolution, don’t blame yourself. Before she can respond I leave the room and everything fades.
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. Game of Dreams

      by , 08-07-2017 at 04:58 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-05

      Game of Dreams

      John: I am in a large room full of tables and a lot of people. There is a procession of what look like VIPs going down the center aisle towards a raised table at the front of the room. First a stressed looking man with a distracted looking woman, then another woman with a really fat man, followed by a little kid on his own then two more pairs of kids, two boys and two girls. Next comes a nice looking man standing alongside a short guy that looks more like a dwarf than a human. But I don’t see any other races around so I assume he is a short human. And then a feast begins. I am eating various meats and breads and drinking a sweet wine when something brushes my leg. There is a wolf pup down there so I give the pup some of the meats. A man comes over and we start chatting about various details we have noticed. The name Uncle Ben comes to mind. He says they can use observational skills like mine in the Knight’s Watch. This idea immediately appeals to me, but in spite of the fact Ben is the one who brought it up, he keeps saying I can’t do it because I am just a boy. If I am too young then why did he suggest it in the first place? I get mad and then realize I’m making a scene and that gets me even more upset so I run outside. I see the short man from the procession earlier and he says he drank too much wine and it’s considered rude to vomit on your brother. I don’t want to talk to anyone right now so I keep going and then everything fades.

      Catelyn: I am in a bedroom of what looks like it might be a medieval period. I am a woman, and I spot that immediately because I am naked. I am lying in bed naked while a man in the room is standing by an open window and apparently enjoying a cool breeze that is blowing in. He says he doesn’t want to leave Winterfell. I tell him if he doesn’t want to go just say so. A man knocks on the door with an urgent message, or so he says. The message is for me. I open it and at first it looks like gibberish, but when I look at it in a slightly different way I can see what it means. Ned’s (my husband) friend is dead, but he was murdered by the Lannisters. I tell Ned that is another reason not to go. He says this letter changes everything, now he has to go south with Robert to find out the truth of what happened to his friend. He says Robert may even be in danger. There is a bit more talk about where the kids will stay, he is expecting I will stay behind to run Winterfell while he’s away. I’m not feeling good about the conclusions we reach, but then everything fades to black.

      Arya: I am in a classroom working on arts and crafts. I look at my work I am not pleased. For some reason I have been sewing a very crooked line of stitches. I hear a group of girls not far from me whispering… about me? They say they were talking about a Prince who is so handsome and gallant. There is another group of girls with the teacher. I am sitting by myself as happened throughout my actual school years. The teacher comes over and looks at my stitching. She says it will never do. She says I have the hands of a blacksmith. The other girls are all staring, some are laughing… even my sister looks amused. I am embarrassed. I want to leave. I get up and head for the door. The teacher asks where I think I’m going. I’m mad about the blacksmith comment and I tell her I have to shoe a horse. I leave the room and slam the door behind me. I go down some stairs and find my wolf pup at the bottom of the stairs tied up. I untie her and decide to look around. I walk for a while and find a covered bridge with a boy gazing through a window into the combat training yard. I look there and see some kids practicing with wooden swords. One boy is saying he wants to use live steel, and another boy is saying to bring it on, but the instructor won’t allow it. I am still watching when everything fades.
    8. Living Another Life

      by , 08-04-2017 at 05:25 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-03

      Living Another Life

      Daenerys: I am in a room with a man that I am thinking is my brother, though he looks almost like a girl. I am looking at a really pretty purple dress that my brother says was a gift. Then he cops a feel on my breast and pinches hard. I push his hand off and tell him to quit that, he says something about waking a dragon… but I see no dragon, just someone who likes to feel up his sister, what a pervert. He takes my silence as a response and leaves. Soon a couple women come in and fill a tub with hot water and scented soaps, apparently I’m supposed to bathe. I get in the tub and the women bathe me even though I could do it myself, the young one chatting constantly about a man I’m supposed to meet who is hot and strong and brave and… After bathing I get dressed in the pretty dress and step outside to where my brother is waiting. The nicest thing he can say is I don’t smell like a horse, which is good since Kahl Drogo has thousands of horses and wants a different mount tonight. I call him an ass. He stares at me in stunned silence as a fat man comes up in a cart and says I look regal, we must go right away before we’re late.

      The three of us ride through a town that looks like an old style pueblo, but bigger than I have imagined a pueblo. We get to a huge palace like house and go inside. There are lots of people there, they are all men it seems. The fat man points across the room and says that’s Kahl Drogo. He says he will make introductions and heads over. My brother is saying I had better satisfy Kahl Drogo so he can claim the lands that are ours by blood. I ask him if he really expects me to sleep with a man just to get him a crown. He says he’d let Drogo and every man in his khalasar take me and all of their horses if that means he gets his crown, I should be thankful it’s just Kahl Drogo. I am about to call him a few choice words when the fat man returns and says Kahl Drogo is coming. My brother is telling me to stand up straight, hold my head up, smile… I tell him to stop being an asshole. He grabs my arm painfully and I stomp on his foot painfully and we both give forced smiles to Kahl Drogo as he approaches. Everything fades.

      Eddard: I am a man now, and I am at the gates of a castle watching a lot of people arrive. I am waiting for my friend to come, he is with them and he is king. As they arrive I don’t see my friend. I see a woman in a crown and I have to resist an urge to call her a bitch. A fat man in a crown gets off a tired horse and comes over to give me a bear hug. I realize that is my friend! He’s gotten fat! He wants to go down to the crypts to pay his respects to someone. The Queen bitch doesn’t want us to do that now. There are introductions made and then the king and I go down into some crypts under the castle, finding our way by torch light. Stone statues of people with wolves at their feet line the wall. We reach the last of the crypts and the king, his name is Robert, pays his respects. We head back and he tells me how my friend John Erin got suddenly sick and died. And he wants me to take John’s place as the King’s Hand. I don’t like that idea, it would take me away from my home… so I say I am not worthy of that honor. Robert says it’s no honor, he wants me to run the kingdom while he eats, drinks, and whores himself to an early grave. I want to call him an asshole. I feel like I’m surrounded by assholes.
    9. Someone Else’s Skin

      by , 08-03-2017 at 05:29 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-02

      Someone Else’s Skin

      I am in a dark forest at night and there is snow falling lightly. I am on a horse, and there are two men there with me also on horses. One of them is young but seems to be the leader. We are all dressed in all black. The other two are arguing about whether some people we are after called Wildings are in fact dead. Did the cold kill them? Garrett says cold can kill, and shows that he lost both ears to the cold at some point. I gather that the one man who looks like a leader is Sir Waymar Royce and the other man is Garrett. They call me Will… so I’m a man? Garrett tells Sir Royce that he believes the Wildings are dead because I said so. Sir Royce wants to see the Wilding camp I found, so we head off.

      Sir Royce is riding a big horse, really too big for the terrain, and Garrett and I are on smaller horses. We get to the base of a ridge and then go on foot, leaving Garrett with the horses. At the top of the ridge we look down into the Wilding camp. There are no bodies, but their gear was left behind. Sir Royce sees this as an “I told you so!” moment, and I ask why they would have left their weapons behind. Sir Royce wants me to climb a tree to see if I can spot the Wildings so I do. I see no Wildings but I see strange specters approaching. I look down and see Sir Royce is engaging one in battle. He gets wounded and several specters surround him to finish him off. I call out to distract them and jump down among them. I pull out a sword and use the song Battery by Metallica to charge it with light energy since these look like demon specters. I cut down the one Sir Royce was fighting and turn to face the others as the first lets out an unearthly shriek. I take down a second and then a third, their shrieks echoing in the night… and then everything fades to black.

      After the darkness clears I am somewhere else. Now its daylight and I am on a small horse or pony, going through a medieval town with some other people. I feel I am a young boy now… We go to a town square where a man is being executed. I see the man has no ears, and that triggers a memory of Garrett in the dark forest, that’s Garrett! A man is pronouncing Garrett has been sentenced to death. I start to say something but a boy near me stops me. I say I know the man being executed, the boy says there’s no way I could know that man… he’s an oath breaker from the wall. I look back and see the man take a large sword and cut off Garrett’s head. One man there seems to find it funny. We leave on horseback heading for a castle. The man who did the execution (I find myself thinking he is my father) is explaining that the person who hands down a death sentence should be the one to carry it out.

      Two of the boys had gone ahead to race back to the castle but we catch up. One of them (my brother Robb) is holding something squirming. There is a HUGE wolf lying dead. Robb is holding a cub! It’s adorable! I want to pet it. The other boy (half brother John) hands me a cub and I cuddle it. After arguing for a bit it is decided we (me and my two brothers and two sisters) will keep the cubs and raise them as our own. The boy who laughed at the execution seems disappointed that we aren’t going to kill the cubs. I give him a dirty look and ask what kind of person would want to kill innocent cubs? We head back towards the castle. John stops as we move away from the wolf and finds one more cub that he keeps. I am thinking I should have said something about knowing Garrett, but there’s no point to it now. Everything fades…

      After the darkness clears this time it is night again and I am in a forest of some kind. Now I feel like I am a grown woman. There is a man sitting near a creepy tree with a creepier face carved in the trunk, I have the thought that man is my husband. I approach him and say the name that comes to mind… “Ned?” I almost add “Flanders” after that but I stop myself. Ned asks about our children and I tell him they are inside trying to choose names for the wolf cubs… but wasn’t one of those wolf cubs mine? No… that was a different dream, where I was a young boy… and that seems really weird to be thinking. I have bad news for my husband… a letter. I take it from a pocket and hand it to him. He reads it and then looks grief stricken. His old friend John (not my brother / son) had died, and he is taking that hard. I hug him to try to help him feel better. He keeps reading and finds another old friend named Robert who is coming for a visit. That cheers him up some. He starts talking about all there is to do to prepare for a visit from the king and a whole lot of people. Then everything fades again and I wake up.
    10. Let It Snow

      by , 07-27-2017 at 03:59 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 07-26

      Let It Snow
      I wake up in my own bed, a false awakening. I get out of bed and dress before going to the other room. I look out a window when I don’t see my mom around. She is outside with Max, throwing snowballs at Max, and the entire ground is covered with at least six inches of fresh powdered snow! Bearing in mind that I live in a desert that almost never sees snow, definitely not in the hot summer in July, I go outside immediately and get involved with throwing snowballs at my mom. We get in a big snowball fight and are having loads of fun when I wake up.

      This was another false awakening, and I get out of bed and wonder how seeing all that snow didn’t make me do a reality check. I dress and go to the other room. Outside the window I see that things mostly look as they usually do except for some snow that is in the shade under the trees in our yard. I wonder why my mom didn’t wake me up earlier to see the snow since it’s such a rare event. Then I wake up for real.

      One Life to Live
      I am in an office that looks like it belongs to some executive of a big company. I see some other people in there, and one of them looks familiar. He looks like Asa Buchanan from the old daytime soap opera One Life to Live. He is doing something with a letter and looks up at one of his people, who looks like a hired goon. He says those fools will never worm out of this now, he owns everything they have. I think he is being an asshole and bullying someone so I go over and take the note right out of his goon’s hand. It is a forged document giving Buchanan Enterprises full ownership of some business. Asa asks who I am. I tell him it’s not nice to cheat and I tear the letter to shreds. Asa gets mad and says I shouldn’t have done that. I say he can’t threaten me. He says his hired goons will take care of me. I tell him I’ll kick their butts if they try anything. He says there’s no way I could do that. I grab the arm of the goon closest and twist it, flipping the man to the ground. I say I can do what I want. One of the other goons shoots me right in the chest. Nothing happens except I have a hole in my Assassin’s robes. I say that’s annoying, I like these robes. I see Asa’s shocked face before I wake.
    11. Snakes!

      by , 07-18-2017 at 11:09 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 07-18


      I am at my house with my mother. It isn’t the house we currently live it, rather it’s the one on Calle Kino where we lived quite a few years ago. We go outside to take the garbage and recyclable bins to the end of the driveway. I push one and she pushes the other. We get them out ok and then turn to come back in. When I turn around I stop so quickly that I fall on my ass. There is a rattlesnake not far in front of me. I am probably within striking distance right now. I start to move slowly away from the agitated snake. I glance behind me to make sure I wasn’t heading towards anything dangerous and I see another rattlesnake behind me! Looking around I see a total of five rattlesnakes around my mom and me. I manage to get to my feet and then my mom and I take the only opening to get away from the snakes.

      Once we are back safely in the house my mom seems to completely forget the snakes ever existed. I, on the other hand, am paranoid of finding snakes in the house. I look around the rooms but I see no snake. I then hear a bark from outside. We have an enclosed porch on the back of the house and the dog is waiting outside the sliding glass doors that lead outside. I recognize the dog as our current dog, Max. My mom opens the door and goes into the enclosed porch. It is getting dark out now so I can’t see into the corners of the enclosed porch. I get a flashlight and shine it into the darkness at a suspiciously shaped object. It’s a snake! There’s a snake in the enclosed porch now! I tell my mom and she urges the dog to hurry from the outside door into the main house. We go in after and close the door. I look at a cage on a table and see my hamster inside. I am thinking I haven’t fed my hamster for far too long. I sprinkle food into the cage and the hamster eats happily. I am wondering what to do about snakes when I wake up.
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      non-lucid , nightmare
    12. Star Trek Lucid

      by , 07-18-2017 at 12:42 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 07-17

      Star Trek Lucid

      I am at my friend’s house spending the night. I roll over on the air mattress I use when I stay over with my friend and think I have to pee. So I get up and go to the bathroom but forget completely about peeing and I go into the kitchen instead to look for a midnight snack. Something just feels strange. I pinch my nose to do a reality check and I find I can breathe a little, but not much. Am I really dreaming or not pinching hard enough? I go outside and look up at the night sky. I then attempt to fly and I find I can. I am definitely dreaming. So what should I do now? I fly over the neighborhood a bit because I love flying in dreams. I then think I shouldn’t let this dream go to waste, I should do something worthwhile. I focus on Through the Never by Metallica and open a portal, concentrating on going somewhere I am needed. To my surprise, a portal opens right away. I am pleased with that because often times it seems my full lucidity gets in the way of effective dream control.

      On the other side of the portal I land on what appears to be the landing platform of a space station. While the station doesn’t look exactly like the ones in Star Trek I see a lot of people in what look like Star Fleet uniforms. I look around and I can see out of the station to where there is a fight going on. I go to the edge of the landing platform and look out on the fighting. I could help if I had my Fire Valkyrie. I hear someone calling to me from behind to get back from the edge. Instead I jump off of the edge, right out into open space. I find I am falling strangely, I pass the force field that keeps the station pressurized, but breathing is no problem. My Fire Valkyrie forms around me and I join the fight. I don’t recognize the attacking ships, but I do recognize the Star Fleet ships. At least the big ones. There are also fighters that are styled like the Star Fleet ships.

      I fight to defend the Star Fleet space station for a while, then I hear people saying the Borg are coming, too. I am thinking I will have to change things so these Borg won’t assimilate by force unless they are being attacked. I keep fighting the enemies until the first Borg cube appears. I then fly over closer to the cube so I can get a connection to their main collective through my ship computer. I hack my way in and figure all I really need to change is their primary directive. I don’t want that to be “Assimilate everything.” anymore. I want it to be to survive instead. To exist peacefully in the galaxy, peaceful exploration is fine, and so is self-defense and the defense of others. The only case where assimilation is acceptable is if the subject for some reason agrees to be assimilated or if they are enemies attacking the Borg. No more trying to forcefully assimilate entire races for no reason other than expanding the collective. I go into the code and make these changes and then disconnect. The Borg cube pauses, perhaps to analyze the situation, then it attacks the enemies but not the Star Fleet ships. The Star Fleet people seem to notice this and they do not attack the Borg. I am about to go back to fighting the enemies but I wake up.
    13. Eve Online

      by , 07-17-2017 at 11:54 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 07-17

      Eve Online

      I am outside lying on the ground and looking up. I see the stars above me shining brightly in the night. They seem to be shining brighter than usual, but I think that is just because the city lights aren’t as bright right now. I lie there and watch the stars, getting lost in the depths of space. It feels like I am actually floating up towards the stars. Soon I am looking at what appears to be a jump gate like they have on the game Eve Online. And there are so many spaceships going into and coming out of the gate! There are so many that I am constantly expecting to see them crash into each other, but somehow they don’t. Considering it looks like a setting in Eve Online, I am also surprised no one is fighting. It seemed there was always someone fighting around the jump gates in Eve… I continue watching the ships come and go and soon it feels like I am right there among the ships as I watch them all fly by.

      Now I am in my Fire Valkyrie flying among the Eve ships as they go in and come out of the jump gate. I have somehow made this transition without realizing anything is strange, now I feel I am playing Eve Online and the Fire Valkyrie is just a normal part. I fly through the jump gate, not remembering where I am going but hoping there aren’t any gate campers on the other side. I emerge in a low security sector and wonder why I came here since there is unregulated PvP fighting here. And, of course, there are gate campers waiting for some fool to do what I just did. I start looking on my scanner to target the gate and get out before I get destroyed… but then I stop myself. I’m in my Fire Valkyrie, not some cheap Eve ship! I’m going to teach those assholes a lesson!

      So I turn and face my attackers. There are several battlecruisers that look familiar but I can’t remember what they’re called. There are also numerous smaller ships that I don’t recognize. They are ganging up on me. I set to it, dodging most of their attacks and the ones that hit don’t get through my shields. I return fire and start blasting their ships to pieces. One by one their ships are destroyed and the pilots are left in their escape pods floating in space. I don’t target the pods because I remember that the people who destroy the pod when the pilot goes to escape are the biggest assholes. So as I destroy all of their ships I let the pods make their escapes, and soon I am alone by the jump gate. I hope they learned not to gang up on ships they assume to be weak, because that ship might not be as weak as it appears!
    14. Night Raiders

      by , 07-13-2017 at 11:30 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 07-13

      Night Raiders

      I am outside on a dark and moonless night. I peer into the darkness, using night vision to see what is going on around me. I see a village like one out of a fantasy RPG close by. I also see that there are a number of people sneaking up on the village. The people sneaking up on the village looked like armored warriors. Even as I am thinking that the attack begins. All of the warriors hidden in the dark charge forward, crying out loudly, words I can’t understand. The village doesn’t have any defenses that I see. Sleepy villagers come out to see what is going on and get cut down. I am not going to let this happen. I charge into the open myself, creating a fence from the tendril ability of Alex Mercer to keep the attackers from progressing any farther. They try to cut through the tendrils with their swords but that is ineffective. People are gathering on both sides of my fence now.

      There is a lot of commotion going on and soon someone comes forward who appears to be the leader. He asks what the meaning of the holdup is and then sees me. He orders me to remove this strange barrier from his path. I say no, I won’t allow him to attack this village. He identifies himself as Theon Greyjoy and says he’s the prince of somewhere called the Iron Isles. I comment he must not be much of a prince if he finds attacking defenseless villagers to be amusing. He says he doesn’t need to explain himself to the likes of me then orders his soldiers to kill me and remove the barrier. For some reason I am reluctant to kill these people so I decide to scare them instead.

      I make a very obvious display of shifting my arms into Alex Mercer claws adding some tendrils reaching out from my body and moving around me and glowing red eyes to give the impression of something demonic. A man attacks me with a sword and I use tendrils to take the sword from his hands and bend it in two, breaking it as if it was a child’s wooden sword. The soldiers are now calling out that I’m a sorceress and a monster and as I advance slowly they are in quite the hurry to retreat. Theon drives his sword through my middle but I feel nothing. I pull it out and melt it down with intense heat from my hands. The wound immediately regenerates. That’s all Theon has to see before he turns and retreats with his soldiers. I call after him that if he comes back he will see the full extent of my powers. Everything fades to black and I wake up.
    15. Two Nonsensical Dreams

      by , 07-11-2017 at 12:13 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 07-09

      I am with my mom in a computer store. We are looking around for an external blu-ray drive for her to plug in to her computer so she can load some new software to it. I’m glad we’re getting it for her because I will be able to borrow it to use on my laptop that didn’t come with a drive built in. So far I have to download any software I want to add and there are some things I also want to back up to disc. I look at some video games and I find a box set of Ratchet and Clank games for the PC. I pick it up and look at it and I find they are different games than those released for the Playstation 2. I wonder why I’ve never heard of these and I grab the box down. I continue looking around for the external drive, and I soon run into my ex-boyfriend James. He seems taller than I remember. He is an employee here. I ask when he got this job. He says he has always worked here. My mom comes up beside me and says she doesn’t want anything bought from a store employing that asshole (pointing at my ex). I look at the Ratchet and Clank game I’m holding, I really want it. I am going to pay for it but I wake up.

      Book Alley
      I am in my own house, but it’s not the one where I currently live. I look around the house and then go out the back door into a small back yard. It’s a typical yard with green grass and some shrubs around the outside edge. There is a gate in the back for putting trash out into the alley. I look around in the small yard for a bit then I go out the gate in the back. I see a typical urban alley leading off in both directions. Apparently it is no longer used for access because both ends have been blocked off. I see an old book display has been discarded in the alley. There is an orange tabby cat peeking from behind it. I try to approach, but the kitty runs away. A white cat jumps off of the book display and I catch it in my arms. After a short cuddle I set the kitty down. I walk down the alley to the other end of the alley and I find there is a makeshift awning set up over a couple chairs and bookcases with books on them. It looks like kids might have set it up to come out and play and read in. I bring the discarded book display down and set it up under the awning, putting a few of the books on it. I look at the books and I see a lot of children’s books. I see one that looks like an antique. It is leather bound and cool looking. I open it and find it is an old book of fables. It is such a cool book that I decide to borrow it and read through some of the stories. I plan to return it later, maybe with some more books to add to their collection. As I am walking away with the antique book I wake up.
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