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    New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight

    This is my new dream journal on the new blog dream journal system of Dreamviews. I'm ready to see how this works out. My old dream journal was getting pretty long, so it is really about time to open a new one so it is more manageable to search through...

    For anyone who is interested in looking at my old dream journal, just click on the following link:

    Raven Knight's Dream Travels

    I hope everyone enjoys reading my new dream journal!

    Color Codes:

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    Fully lucid is blue text.

    1. The Dark Tower Ė Riddle Me This

      by , 12-16-2017 at 06:08 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 12-15

      The Dark Tower Ė Riddle Me This

      I am on board Blaine the monorail. I look around and see that Roland, Eddie, Susanna, and Jake are here. I wonder where MoSh is? It seems like I havenít seen him around lately. Now Roland is insulting Blaine. He is saying how rude he could be if Blaine was not a mere gadget. He says he could call Blaine a sucker of cocks if he had a mouth. The others are just shocked at this, but I think I might laugh. I stifle my laughter, thinking this might not be the best course of action. Roland and Blaine go back-and-forth for a bit, calling each other rude and stupid, but then they finally come to an agreement. If we can stump Blaine with a riddle, then he has to stop at the end of the track and let us off. If not, heís just going to slam into the end and turn everyone inside of him into paste. I figured this shouldnít be a problem for getting everyone off. But it would be best to stall so that we can get the ride across the wastelands. Roland then asks Blaine to leave while we consult with each other. Blaine agrees, and screen at the front of the room turns red.

      Roland lays out a plan for how we are going to do this. Roland says we need to judge how good Blaine is at riddling, and we will each tell one riddle. Susanna first, then Jake, then me, then Roland, and Eddie will go last. After we have chosen riddles, Roland touches the screen at the front of the room to indicate to Blaine that we are ready. Blaine seems more than happy to get going on the contest. Susanna tells a very simple riddle that Blaine seems annoyed by. What has four wheels and flies? Blaine response that it is the village garbage wagon. He says if we have no better riddles than that he will regret saving our lives for even a short time. I also canít help but notice that he hesitates slightly before giving the answer to this riddle in spite of how easy he says it is. Roland then tells a riddle, which Blaine sends the answer back immediately. No hesitation. It is my turn now. Alive without breath, as cold as death, all in mail never clinking, never thirsty ever drinking. Blaineís answer is immediate. A fish. Jake tells a riddle, and finally Eddie. What is no sooner spoken than broken? Silence.

      Blaine is just starting to say something when a sliding door at the back of the compartment opens. Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series walks in. We all do a double take. She says this does not look like the Hogwarts Express. I tell her it isnít. I tell her I can get her back, however. Blaine insists no one is going to leave unless he says so. I ask Hermione if she has a riddle to tell the train? She asks why she would tell a riddle to a train? I tell her the train is an artificial intelligence, and it likes riddles. We are in a riddling contest. Hermine he said sheís heard of artificial intelligence, but never seen one. I tell her now she has. Hermione tells a riddle. First think of a person who lives in disguise, who deals in secrets and tells naught but lies. Next tell me what's always the last thing to mend, the middle of middle, the end of end? And finally give me the sound often heard during the search for a hard-to-find word. Now string them together and answer me this, what creature would you be unwilling to kiss? Blaine comes back with an answer immediately. He does concede that that one is very interesting, however, saying that itís four riddles wrapped up in one. Hermione still wants to know where we are? Eddie just says she came through the wrong door. Blaine says he hopes we learned something useful. He asks if we need more time to consult? Roland says yes. The screen turns red.

      Hermione goes to the door she came through, but it closed after she entered. Thereís no way to open it from this side. Hermione he doesnít understand how this is possible. Roland says she must be one of our ka-tet. We decide that Roland will tell riddles to Blaine on his own for a while. He touches the screened indicate he is ready to continue. We ride on while Susanna, Jake, and Hermione try to figure out how to open the door. Eddie seems to have zoned off into some other world inside his mind. Roland cranks out the riddles, and Blaine cranks out answers. I go over and talk to Hermione. I ask if anything strange happened before she came in? She says no, she had just been helping Neville look for his missing toad. She had been opening the door at one of the compartments, but instead of walking into a passenger compartment she walked into here. She hadnít intended to step into the room, but the train had bumped and sent her stumbling forward. I tell her I will get her back to the Hogwarts Express. Susanna mutters that I am assuming we get out of this alive. Hermione asked what she means by that. Susanna did not mean to say that, and she looks regretful. Hermione at this point is 11 years old, and I donít think Susanna intended to burden her with the full truth. But now itís too late, itís either the truth or lie. Susanna tells Hermione that Blaine is malfunctioning. And if we donít stump it with a riddle before we reach Topeka, itís going to run itself off the track and kill us all.

      This continues for a while, until Blaine says weíre running out of time. I noticed Eddie still seems zoned into another dimension. After Roland runs out of riddles, Jake tell some from his book. Blaine solves all of those very easily as well. Then I tell if riddles that I remember. Blaine answers all of those as well. Even a couple that I thought might have been rather secure in their dimension. Hermione even has a few riddles. Blaine is apparently not fooled by riddles from the Harry Potter world. It seems that we are now out of riddles. Blaine asks everyone here once more if we have any riddles? He asks Roland of Gilead, Oy of Midworld, Jake New York, Susanna of New York, Raven Outworld, and Hermione of Outworld. The only one he conspicuously skips is Eddie. And yet it is Eddie that speaks up and says he has a few riddles to pass the time.

      Eddie hesitates for a bit, and then asks the same riddle we started with. What has four wheels and flies? Blaine is clearly annoyed. He says that Eddie is too stupid to even remember that one has already been told. Itís the village garbage wagon. And yet, in spite of the fact that this riddle has already been told, Blaine gives off the slightest pause before answering. Eddie asks Blaine another one. A big moron and a little moron walk out onto a bridge. The big moron falls off. Why didnít the little moron fall off? There are some strange clicking noises, and then Blaine starts bitching. He whines that is not a proper riddle and says he will not answer. Roland says if Blaine refuses to answer, he has lost the contest. Roland asks if this means Blaine cries off? Blaine says no. He seems to stammer a bit, and then says the little moron didnít fall off because he was a little more on. He says he feels soiled from answering that riddle. Eddie rubs his finger and his thumb together, and when Blaine asks, Eddie says that is the worldís smallest violin, playing My Heart Pumps Purple Piss For You. This goes on for a bit longer. Lights in the room are flashing, the walls are not staying opaque, and I think Eddie may have broken Blaineís brain. Voice of little Blaine keeps telling Eddie to stop, says that heís killing Blaine, but what exactly was Blaine trying to do to everyone on board? So Eddie keeps telling his bad riddles, why did the dead baby cross the road? Because it was stapled the chicken.

      Finally it seems the Blaine circuits have completely shorted out. The walls become permanently opaque, the lights go dim except for some emergency lights, and the train is now just coasting forward. We are going to crash. Everyone gathers at the back of the room, and I create a stasis bubble around all of us. So when we crash, in spite of things flying around the room in disarray, no one is hurt. The door that Hermione entered through is even forced open. We force it open the rest the way, and I see the Hogwarts express on the other side. Hermione goes quickly through, and then something collapses blocking the way. A ladder drops down from an escape patch in the ceiling. I am figuring we are all going to go through it, but instead I wake up.
    2. The Dark Tower Ė Jakeís Rescue

      by , 12-16-2017 at 06:06 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 12-14

      The Dark Tower Ė Jakeís Rescue

      Dark tower. I am with Jake. I am in Jake. I am Jake. There is a really stinky ugly gross disgusting guy that is leading me through what seems to be a maze of narrow alley ways and junk piles in the city. He is also an asshole. He seems to have named himself Gasher, and he refers to himself as my pal, but I like him about as well as I like intestinal flu. And his disease is something much worse than intestinal flu. He has big oozing pustules all over his face, and the smell of decay is coming from them. I think I might vomit. He keeps telling me to go faster. I tell him that I cannot go any faster because Iím a kid. He says that better not be true or heís going to have to smack me upside the head. I say if he does that then Iím going to have to rip his dick off. He says to go ahead and do that, because it hasnít been much good to him for quite some time. He says he canít even piss without it burning. I donít really want to hear any stories about his dick. I figure it is probably about to fall off. So I use some energy and move a bit quicker. I know that Roland is following us. In spite of Gasherís certainty that Roland will not be able to follow, I know he is. We descend through a sewer access cover into some dark tunnels. I have to use my night vision to see where Iím going. It seems the Gasher doesnít need to bother with seeing at all. I hear a crash back along the path we have taken, and briefly wonder if Roland actually stumbled into one of the booby traps. But that thought doesnít last very long. Gasher, however, seems fully convinced that the booby trap worked. I see no reason to try to convince him otherwise.

      The asshole sure likes to smack Jake. Iím not allowing that. Every time he does, I block it or dodge it. He gets annoyed that. He says Iím being pert, and I had better not be such when I meet Ticky. We finally descend from the pitch black tunnels into a tunnel that looks better maintained, and it is lit by neon lights. We follow that until we come to the hatch of a submarine. Gasher activates an intercom and says heís brought the kid, meaning me. The guy on the other side asks for a password. Gasher says they should know his voice by now. The guy on the other side insists on a password. Gasher is having problems. He canít remember the password. He looks at me and says Iím going to have to help my old pal out. I say I donít see any pals around here. He tries to smack me and I block it. I tell him if he wants a favor thatís not a very good way to get one. He takes the scarf off of his head, revealing a disgusting oozing pustule covered scalp, and that almost makes me want to vomit again. Everything about this guy makes me want to vomit. He pulls a small paper from the folds of the scarf and hands it to me. He says he needs me to read whatís on that paper. The word bountiful is written. So let me get this straightÖ You have the password written down on a piece of paper, which Iím sure your friend Ticky would not approve of, and you canít even read it yourself? Gasher tells me to stop being pert. But he doesnít even bother trying to smack me this time. I go ahead and read the password to Gasher. He passes this on, as he slips of paper back into the scarf and covers up the abomination that is his head. The guy on the other side of the door accepts the word bountiful and opens up.

      We passed through an airlock, and another of these patches, and into a room that looks like itís a refurbished missile silo. There is a guy that reminds me of Khan off of Star Trek sitting casually over large chair in the center of the room as if he thought it was a throne. He voices surprise that Gasher was able to remember the password. The Tick-Tock Man starts talking to me but Iím not paying a whole lot of attention. Iím looking around the room to see what possibilities for getting out there are. There is a woman in there who has a laugh like Bellatrix Lestrange. She looks a little like Bellatrix as well. Ticky is finding her laugh to be very annoying. He tells her to shut the fuck up. He is interested in a watch that I have. But watch is not working, it is going forwards and backwards at irregular rates. Ticky says he wants that. I can kind of see why, he has a small glass case with what appears to be a miniature grandfather clock in it. Ticky says something else and Bellatrix starts laughing again. Apparently heís had enough of it though. I can barely see him move but he threw a knife that embedded itself and Bellatrix his throat. Bellatrix falls to the ground and bleeds out. Tickyís wanting to know a lot of information I donít have. He is wanting to know how to start up a huge number of computers that are hidden underneath the city of Ludd. I told him I have really no idea how that stuff works, but I guess I could take a look at it. He gets immediately pissed and says that Iím not going to get anywhere near them.

      I tell Ticky I canít figure out his computers without seeing them. I see a Oy in a vent. Roland caught up. I hear him telepathically. He says he is outside, thereís going to be a diversion and he needs me to let him in. Ticky is still wanting information. I figure if we needed distraction, Iíll give him some information. So I reveal the fact that Gasher wasnít able to remember the password. He has a hidden on a piece of paper in his scarf, and he wasnít even able to read himself. He had to have me read it to him. Gasher announces that heís going to kill me for that. Ticky is taking my accusations seriously. He wants to see the scarf. Gasher pulls out a knife and backs away and says that he doesnít really want to stab Ticky, but he will. Ticky does not take that as a serious threat. I look for the button to open door. I can hear Roland telling me telepathically to let him in. Oy comes in through vent and decides to rip up TickyĎs face. That freaks him out, and he is now blundering around the room yelling and screaming because I think Oy just popped his eye. He throws Oy off, and tries to grab me. I am headed for a control panel, but I donít make it. I end up in TickyĎs throne. Thereís a gun there. I grab the gun. My thoughts of ripping his dick off for a bit too strong, I shoot Ticky in the balls. That apparently causes an excruciating level of pain, and he can no longer come after me. Now the doors open by themselves. Roland comes in guns blazing. Blows everyone in the room except for me and Oy away.

      Now it is time to get out. An alarm is blaring everywhere, and I think this whole place is about to come down. There is a voice in the machine. That is the voice of Blaine the mono, Blaine the pain. It is asking if we know riddles? I know I used to have a book of riddles in my backpack, but that got dropped along the way. Roland collected it. So my answer to that question is yes. Rolandís answer to that question is also yes. A silvery sphere appears to guide us out of the underground disaster area. We follow the sphere, but in addition to the place falling apart, all of the people down here seem to have gone mad. Many of them are committing suicide. We come to moving platform, and write it the rest the way. It transforms from a level platform into a movie set of stairs, and escalator, and we emerge at what appears to be a train station. There is a monorail parked here. Itís a large pink monorail, although it has no cars attached. We have found Blaine the mono.
    3. The Dark Tower Ė A Bridge to Doom

      by , 12-16-2017 at 06:05 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 12-14

      The Dark Tower Ė A Bridge to Doom

      I am walking with the others along an old road. For while it is hard to see anything around us, because the road sits down below ground level. We finally come to a bridge. It is a large suspension bridge, although it doesnít look like it is in the best of conditions. I think Eddie might be sick. He says the heights have never been one of his favorite things. Roland asks if he thinks heís going to be able to make it? He says now is the time to admit that if it is the case, and we will find another way. I can see that Eddie is looking across the bridge to a point where a lot of it is broken away and it looks like we will have to cross on top of a large curved pipe. That doesnít look particularly easy. After considering it for a bit, he says heíll make it just fine. I tell him if he needs help I will help him. And also his Witchblade will. If he slips and falls, it will not let him fall. It will shoot a tendril or rope to grab hold of something more solid, and then it will pull him up. So we start across the bridge.

      Eddie is doing his best not to look down. Roland and Susanna both seem OK, although Susanna seems a little uneasy with her artificial legs. She has gotten used to walking on them, but this is something new. Jake seems to think this is fun. He seems to have no fear heights, and he is making his way across the bridge as if there was nothing wrong with it. We are making our way across to quite easily. We come to the part where we will have to walk across the curved pipe, but there are cables to the sides of it so that we can use them as hand rails. Jake runs off across the pipe. Thatís when he decides heís made a mistake, when he looks back and sees his little Billy Bumbler struggling with it. Oy is having trouble getting purchase on the curved pipe with his clawed feet. Jake is trying to urge him across. Eddie seems to be doing OK for now, so I go forward and try to scoop up Oy learned my arms. He doesnít seem to want to be touched by anyone except Jake. I told him that I can carry him across the gap. Jake is also trying to reassure him, telling you itís OK and let me pick him up. Finally he lets me scoop him into my arms. I look back and ask Eddie if he will be OK? I say if he has trouble, I can come back. He says he will be OK. So I carry Oy across the gap in my arms.

      There is an asshole at the other end of the bridge now. It is the asshole Gasher wants to take Jake back to his Tick Tock Man. Heís holding a grenade up over his head and saying that we had better cooperate or we will all ride the handsome. I think that means heís going to blast all of us into the next world. The idea that the grenade might be a dud comes to mind. The asshole says that he wants to take Jake with him, but everyone else will be able to leave. People are getting angry when Roland seems to be considering complying with it for the time being. Probably because if the grenade goes off, even if the blast doesnít reach us it will probably destabilize the bridge enough to make it fall. So everyone would die. Eddie says the grenade might be dud. That seems logical considering itís probably pretty old, but it doesnít seem safe to count on that. Plus, I am remembering from the books that it is not a dud. And then Jake says he should make the decision for himself. He doesnít wait for Roland or Eddie or any of us to come up with a plan, he heads off across the rest of the bridge towards the asshole.

      The asshole says he thought we would listen to reason. Eddie is saying that Jake should stop, thereís no saying that Gasher will let us leave even if he has Jake. He tries to say heís not that much of an asshole, if he was he would have told us to throw our weapons over the side. But he didnít because weíre going to need them in the city. Oy, still in my arms, now wiggles his way free and goes chasing after Jake. Jake catches Oy in his arms as they meet up. Asshole wants Jake to throw Oy over the side, but Jakeís only response is fuck you. I am thinking maybe I could telekinetically contain the explosion if the grenade kills off. I start to follow Jake so I can get a better view of the hand holding the grenade. The asshole says to stop right there or will all ride the handsome. He moves away from the end of the bridge and disappears between a couple of buildings. Just a little bit after that I hear a loud explosion. The grenade wasnít a dudÖ
    4. The Dark Tower Ė From The Outside

      by , 12-16-2017 at 06:04 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 12-14

      The Dark Tower Ė From The Outside

      This is another dream weíre not a lot seem to happen, there was just a lot of talking. I am with the Dark Tower people, and everyone seems to be telling their stories. I am wondering why I am even there, unless someone is going to attack it seems pointless. Roland is talking about their ka-tet, how they were all meant to come together. That just results in me feeling more like an outsider since Iím not truly one of them. So I just sit there listening, without actually contributing anything. Roland is saying that it seems everyone else can read each otherĎs minds to a certain degree. He says he canít do that entirely, because heís not a full member of the ka-tet. I want to tell him that itís not him that doesnít belong here itís me that doesnít belong here. Finally it gets dark out. Everyone else goes to sleep except for Roland, he is standing watch. There is a large city up ahead that I know to be the city of Ludd. I hear drums playing from within the city. It sounds like a distant rock concert. I canít hear any of the instruments, but the drums would be audible furthest away anyhow. My imagination seems to fill-in guitars and vocals in the background though I canít quite hear what the words are. Roland asks if Iím OK? For some reason I donít just say yeah. For some reason I say that Eddy got out of his prison that was heroin addiction, Susanna got out of her prison from her mental illness, and yet Iím still in mine, I guess you could call the dreams a work release program? And thereís no escape pending. Roland says we are all in a prison of some kind. He says he did not choose the quest for the tower, it chose him. He may have preferred to settle down, there was a woman he knew long ago he wouldíve liked spend the rest of his life with. Thatís not what Ka had in store. At the same time, thereís no reason to give up. Thereís no telling when a door might open up into my prison or his prison and let us out.
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. The Dark Tower Ė River Crossing

      by , 12-16-2017 at 06:04 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 12-14

      The Dark Tower Ė River Crossing

      I am with Roland, Susanna, Eddie, Jake, MoSh. We are all making our way along a very old road. In the distance up ahead I can see what looks like a city. It looks like the type of city I would see in my own world, but it is clear that is not where we are. Eddie seems to think it looks like New York. I am not sure what city it could be, but I get a bad feeling about it. Part of me thinks we should go around it, but another part says there we have a train to catch there. We cannot go around. Before we get there however, we approach a small town. The town looks to be abandoned with many buildings that are falling down. Roland however says that he has a feeling there are people there. Eddie asked if theyíre friendly? Roland asks if a strange dog may bite? In other words, he doesnít know. We start making our way through the town at a rather slow pace. The purpose is so that they donít feel threatened by a quick approach, but also we donít look like weíre scared and easy targets. We come to an intersection. It crosses at right angles to the one weíre on. Roland picks up a rock and throws it at a metal box thatís hanging over the street. There is a loud clang, a bell rings, and a flag pops out of the box. It is a green flag that says go. Eddie thinks it is an old version of a street light, Susanna thinks that Roland just did something stupid, MoSh seems occupied with something that he sees off to the left. He is looking at what appears to be a large courthouse or church.

      As MoSh is watching the building, a couple of people emerge. One of them is an old man, and he is leading an old woman. The old woman seems hesitant and nervous, but the old man seems quite excited to see us. The old woman keeps asking if we are harriers? The old man says no, heís never seen a harrier with a weapon like that. He is indicating the guns sticking out of Rolandís holsters. The ones with the sandal wood grips, clearly they are distinct weapons of a gunslinger. We approach the two, and the man looks at the guns in awe. He says that we are no harriers, but there is a gunslinger with us. Roland speaks to them in a very respectful manner. I think he is using what they call the high speech, but I canít be sure since my translator translates everything pretty much equally. As he speaks to them, the old womanís face lights up. She says that he is a gunslinger. I take a closer look at her and see that she has no eyes. That is how come she did not know for sure he was a gunslinger until she heard him speak. Roland lets the blind woman feel one of the guns. We follow the old people back through the courthouse. Behind it there is a hidden oasis. They have a beautiful garden back there, and I can see they also have areas where they grow their own crops. They keep it all well hidden from the main streets so that roving harriers do not become aware of it.

      There is some more old people there. Two of them are twins, and the first thing that pops into my mind are Fred and George Weasley when they tried to cross DumbledoreĎs age line and became old. There is an elderly woman there who seems to be their leader. She is no doubt the village elder. She asked us if we will come break bread with them, and then palaver. She says she can see we are on a quest, though she knows not what we are seeking. Roland says that we are seeking the Dark Tower. She makes the sign of an evil eye, and says that is an accursed place. She says no one who has gone seeking the Dark Tower has ever returned. I feel like telling her that we are going to change that, but I donít see the point. I noticed that MoSh is talking to a couple of the people. I canít hear what he saying though. At this point the elder and one of the some of the others lead us through into a beautiful garden. It is here that we sit down and prepare to have our meal. There are no seats or tables, but it is very nice setting. The woman who is the leader announces our presence to everyone who is gathered. She announces Rolandís arrival as the return of the light. It is clear they hold gunslingers and very high esteem.

      The meal, which proves to be a wonderful thing, starts off with a drink that is some kind of a spiced cider. Roland warrens Jake not to drink much or will be carrying him out. I donít generally like alcohol, but the stuffs pretty good. I noticed for the first time that there is a Billy Bumbler following Jake around. I hadnít noticed Oy was with us. The people bring us food, and I feel rather bad about eating any of it since I donít really need to eat in the dream state. But that seems like a rather lengthy thing to try to explain to them, and if I donít explain and just refused to eat Iíll appear rude. So I decided at some point after this I will restore some of their food supply in exchange. I guess itís a good thing that I came to an acceptance of eating some of their food because the desert is some kind of amazing cake that I donít think I couldíve said no to. Soon in the meal is done, as if to announce its completion Eddie let out a loud burp that is acepted as a complement to the chef. The chef deserve lots of compliments. Then most everyone else leaves, because they say itís time to palaver. The elder is asking if we wonít stay the night, but Roland seems to think we need to move on quickly. Theyíre also suggesting that we should go around the city, which they have named blood, but Jake seems convinced that we have to go through it. I remember from the books that we have a train to catch.

      The rest of the time is spent exchanging stories and getting as much information about Ludd as possible. There is a single bridge leading in, and once inside there are two groups, the Greys and the Pubes that are always fighting and will no doubt both want to take Jake. There is also talk of Blaine the Monorail. Stories of this train indicate it can go faster than the speed of sound. These people tell of seeing it go by on the railway in the distance and then hearing a huge explosion shortly after it passed, which sounds like a sonic boom to me. They say the train hasnít traveled for many years, though they canít seem to agree on how many years. The blind woman insists she has heard a train leaving Ludd and heading in the opposite direction. While the other people in the town donít seem to believe her, I am thinking she is rightÖ being blind would enhance her hearing and if the wind was blowing right she might have heard even the distant sounds of the train leaving. My mind has wandered somewhat while listening, and I notice MoSh is nowhere to be seenÖ I wonder if he wandered off or woke up. I donít have much time to wonder before I wake up.
    6. Glory of Love

      by , 12-16-2017 at 06:02 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 12-12

      Glory of Love

      I dreamed of AltaÔr. Nothing much happened during the dream, at least not action wise. But AltaÔr wants to get married. Although the bigger question is why in the world would he choose me? He says the one thing he would like to do more than anything else would be to find a way for me to get physically out of this dimension. He says using door that is death is not acceptable, but a door like the one on Rolandís beach or in the haunted house would be. He says that if he canít get me out of this world, then heíd rather come here. To have the chance to prove that Iím wrong. Prove that Iím wrong when I say that no one out here could ever love me. Prove that Iím wrong when I think there is no love left in this world. And if that second part somehow proves to be true, then he wants to bring love back through the love that he feels for me. I just fail to see how thatís possible considering Iím so fat ugly out here. But he is said he doesnít care how fat I manage to get, and he says he could never see me as ugly. Besides, he seems to think I might still be able to learn at least some of what it takes to be an assassin, including parkour, and he says that thereís a lot of exercise in doing that. And, of course, doing it with him would be fun. I wish I could. There is no way of making that a reality. Iím stuck here, and he stuck there. Although I wouldnít consider him stuck.

      AltaÔr is singing a song to me. That seems surprising at first, but I think he knows very well that I am more receptive to music than to normal talk. ďTonight it's very clear, as we're both standing here, there's so many things I want to say. I will always love you, I will never leave you aloneÖ. I am a man who will fight for your honor, I'll be the hero you're dreaming of. We'll live forever, knowing together that we did it all for the glory of love. You keep me standing tall, you help me through it all, I'm always strong when you're beside me. I have always needed you, I could never make it alone. I am a man who would fight for your honor, I'll be the hero you're dreaming of. We'll live forever, knowing togetherthat we did it all for the glory of love. Like a knight in shining armor, from a long time ago. Just in time I will save the day, and take you to my castle far awayÖĒ It enters my mind that Masyaf could be considered a castleÖ so he really does have a castle! Now if only he could really take me thereÖ ďI am a man who would fight for your honor, I'll be the hero you're dreaming of. We'll live forever, knowing together that we did it all for the glory of love.Ē

      AltaÔr repeats that he wants to get married, even if it can be only in his home world. He wants to get married at Masyaf, to literally take me to his castle. He says we should do it, and invite everyone we know that we can trust and share dreams with and everyone we know from the dream state that we can trust, thereís room at Masyaf! Iím not really sure what to say, I have realized Iíll never get married in the physical world, but doing it in the dream worldsÖ AltaÔr says he thinks my birthday would be the perfect time to do it. He says to at least think about it. I donít need time to think about itÖ my answer is yesÖ YES!
    7. Castle in the Mist

      by , 11-29-2017 at 01:01 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 11-28

      Castle in the Mist

      I am with my mother. We are standing on a ridge overlooking a valley. My brother lives somewhere out there. I find this distressing, because when I look out over the valley all I can see is smoke. Iím not sure if there was a fire or if it is pollution. I am thinking my brother John is in danger. We need to get to John. I am looking for a way down into the valley. It seems everything is closed due to current conditions. No one wants to listen when I say my brother is down there. Then I find a way to get closer. Iím not sure if the situation changes or if the dream changes, but now I find myself on a crowded trail headed towards a castle on a hill. My brother did not ever live in a castle. It appears to be a tourist attraction. There still seems to be a large amount of pollution around it. The castle is shrouded in smog and it is hard to see from a distance. I still take pictures with my phone, even though it is little more than a silhouette. I am with some people. Iím not sure who, maybe my mother, maybe MoSh, Iím not sure. Maybe other tourists. The procession approaching the castle is quite slow. That is to be expected with a tourist attraction. There are also people talking along the way, giving information about the castle. There is a lot of talk about it being haunted. It is announced that there are four guest rooms or dormitories in the castle, and anyone who has the nerve to stay in them can do so. I donít think anyone wants to admit there are scared, but no one steps up to find out about renting the rooms.

      As we approach the pollution seems a lot more malevolent. I am wearing my usual Assassinís robes, and that is something I turn out to be glad of as we get closer to the castle. I see swarms of bugs in the sky. But when we get closer to them, it turns out theyíre not just flies. It is a swarm of flying bugs of some kind. They look like small flying slugs or something. Slimy and fat and they look malignant. They look like they shouldnít be able to fly because they are too big. They are swarming around everyone, and trying to get close to them. I see some people are having problems with the things trying to get into their clothes, mouths, noses, and ears. Iím not squeamish about bugs, but that is grossing me out. So I pull my hood all the way forward and then pull the edges of it together over my face. I can barely see where Iím going, but the bugs donít seem to be able to find any access. We pass through the bugs in a relatively short amount of time and then I am able to open up my hood again. Now we are closer to the castle and can see it better. I take some more pictures of it. I have heard someone say that we shouldnít take pictures, but that is one of the main reasons I cameÖ I seem to have forgotten about John. I am wondering if this means it is fake, and theyíre afraid people will be able to identify their tricks. But the feeling of malevolence I sense pretty much dismisses the idea. I take more pictures, ignoring the people saying that we are not supposed to. I know that photographs sometimes reveal things that the human I cannot see.

      As we head away from the castle, I find a pile of silver coins. They arenít worth much, but they seem like a good souvenir. I am thinking I might be able to identify some aura or energy around them once they are separated from the malevolent source. I pick up a couple of silver coins about the size of silver dollars and slip them into my pocket when no one is looking. Iím sure I am not supposed to do that. We return through a visitor center, but now the museum displays are twisted and strange. There are now images of torture and death instead of articles of ghost sightings. The people are weird her. Almost everyone is having sex. Theyíre doing it everywhere. Everyone is in various stages of undress, and they are in various groupings having vigorous sex. I have no idea why they all decided to fornicate in the halls and on the streets. I think it has something to do with the haunted castle. I am feeling no urge to take off my robes, however. A couple people approach me as if they are interested in doing so, but in spite of what I think might be a demonic cause, they are not interested in doing it by force. When I turn them down, they just move onto the next willing participant and go at it. I hurry through this area along with several other people that seem unaffected. We soon make it past those areas. I look back at the castle in the distance, it appears much further away than it should be now. It is once again shrouded in smog. I wake up here.
    8. A Haunted Night

      by , 11-29-2017 at 01:00 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 11-28

      A Haunted Night

      I had an array of dreams. Some may have been inspired by the creepy video I watched before and went to sleep. I was with someone in several of them, although Iím not sure who. Part of the time I thought I was with my mother, part of the time I thought I was with my brother, and other times I wasnít quite sure. But here are the dreams.

      There was a house. It seemed a bit bigger than the one in the video but that mightíve been because it wasnít destroyed. The one in the video had burned, and at least the attic area had completely burned off. This house was intact. When I looked at the house I got a sense there was something there, something malevolent. There were three men there. Iím not sure who they were, I didnít recognize any of them. They were hiding out from a crime they committed, probably theft. They came to the house, and they had to break in. Although it wasnít destroyed it did appear that it was boarded up and abandoned. They could also seemed to sense the presence in the house. But they werenít wary enough to leave. Not long after they went in, one of them came back out and went to their truck. He went into the vehicle and retrieved box. I believe it was a stereo. He took it back into the house. Maybe he thought some music would make the place feel better, but the music device was already infected with malevolent energy and would only make matters worse. I was thinking that I should warn them. I knocked, but no one answered. Soon the owner of the property came, he didnít seem pleased someone was in it. He knocked at the door to try to get their attention. No one answered the door, and I felt almost certain that it was too late.

      I am in my bedroom at my old house. My electronic devices seemed they were somehow inhabited by malevolent forces. My computer was behaving really strangely, and that pissed me off. Then my tablet was changing my data from what I had put into some really cryptic messages. And after that my phone started behaving strangely, too. I was thinking the malevolent energy seemed to be spreading from one device to another, and it was only a matter of time before whatever was infecting it figured out how to spread to other items and even living things. I went out into the backyard. I looked up into the sky where I saw what looked like spaceships. They were flying around in the sky, and there were quite a few of them. They look similar in design, but not identical to, Star Trek starships. I started taking photos with my phone. I had gone ahead and taken my phone with me even though it seemed like it might be corrupted, I didnít want to leave everything behind. I was worried about losing important data. And it seemed my phone was the least infected. So I started taking photos of the spacecraft. I was still doing that and trying to figure out why they had visited this planet when I woke up.

      On a Roll
      This was another dream that was not related to the huntingís. And this one I was in what seems like a fairly large office or school. I was getting around from place to place somehow by writing on Iíll ball. It was a small ball, about the size of a tennis ball or maybe a little bigger. It was a soft rubber ball. Somehow I would stand on it, and roll along on it. Iím not sure how this couldíve worked, because in a normal reality the ball wouldíve simply rolled out from underneath my foot. But in the dream it seemed to work quite well and I moved along at a good rate. I was rolling from office to office or classroom to classroom, Iím not sure which, apparently someone was jealous of my transportation. They left something sharp on the ground to cut my ball open. At that point it went flat. Now when I went to step on it instead of rolling it just went flat. So now I started going from room to room in the school/office and trying to find another ball. I seem to think it was quite imperative that I find another ball to use, I guess the idea of just normally walking was absurd. I did eventually find one. And then it was back to my old way of getting around. Strange.
    9. The Dark Tower Ė The Final Drawing

      by , 11-21-2017 at 05:35 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 11-20

      The Dark Tower Ė The Final Drawing

      I am in a grassy area with a couple of other people I recognize. Roland Deschain, Eddie Dean, and Susanna Dean are all there. They seem surprised as if I have just appeared out of nowhere. I in a Dark Tower dream. I wonder if MoSh is around somewhere. I donít see him. We are following a very old road. I see Susanna has learned to use her Witchblade legs well. She is walking with confidence. Eddie is walking beside her holding her arm, but it is not to help her keep balance. Itís because they are in love. We keep going and come to a grassy hill. There are stones standing around it. Roland says this is a speaking circle. He says there will be a demon there and it will be either male or female. He says if it is a female, he will have to keep it distracted while Eddie does what he has to do. He says if itís male, then Detta Walker would be better suited to itÖ or me. He says he doesnít know whether I would be able to deal with a demon or not. I tell him I can kick the demonís ass. He says itís not that simple. He says the demons only weakness is sex. He says that is both its strength and it weakness. I tell him that if the demon is a male Iíll rip his dick off and shove it so far up his ass that heíll be giving himself a blowjob. Roland seems to think Iím not quite understanding correctly.

      We soon come to the circle. We enter into it, and Eddie takes out what looks like a sharp stick. Iím thinking that he is going to stake the demon through the heart as if it was a vampire. I blurt that I didnít realize we were dealing with vampires. Then I canít help but laugh. Roland thinks Iím losing it. Eddie goes over to a spot slightly up the side of the hill. He starts drawing in the ground. His stick is sharp enough to cut through the grass and into the dirt. Roland is insisting that the only way to keep the demon off of Eddie will be for one of us to have sex with it. Iím sitting there thinking there will be nothing gained by Eddie drawing pictures in the dirt while the rest of us fuck demons. I sense that there is something approaching. I wonder if it is the demon? We wait for a bit as Eddie draws. Something is approaching us from beyond the circle of stones. Many somethings. Was Roland wrong in thinking there is only one demon? Perhaps we will all have demons to fuck. But these are not demons, or not as far as I can tell. These are those cloaked things from earlier. It looks like masses of darkness concealed in cloaks. Shadow demons, though they are not actual demons.

      There are many of the cloaked figures. They are circling around the speaking circle. I wonder what they are doing here. I step out of the circle and ask one of them what they want here? The one that I spoke to says they want for Roland to turn Ďití over. I asked what Ďití is? The cloaked figure says Roland knows. I tell the cloaked figure I have something that I will give itÖ but it wonít like it. The figure says there are too many of them here, this time there is no way we can win. We should just hand over what they want or everyone here will face a fate far worse than death. Before I can answer this, Roland answers for me. He pulls out his gun and blows the thingís head off. That seems surprisingly effective for something that looks like a shadow demon. I tell the next one I am in full agreement with Rolandís answer. If they donít want to be destroyed they had better leave. The only response I get is a hollow laughter. I notice absently that it started pouring rain, but I am barely noticing the wet. It is time to kick some ass.

      The cloaked to figure had been rightÖ There are too many of them. So I will even the odds a bit. Divide by Disturbed will have to do the trick. ďIím going to tear a big hole in what is to be, to end all this infatuation with unity. Iím seeking my salvation alone again, I never needed to be one if you anyway. Donít want to be another player losing in this game, Iím trying to impress upon you that weíre not the same. My own individuality is so unique, I am one impressive motherfucker now wouldnít you say?ď then with each repetition of the word divide in the chorus I split in two. So it goes from 2 to 4 to 8 to 16Ö ďYou might say that Iím the last one standing! And though you try youíll never find a way to break me! You might say that Iím sick of being stuck in the crowd, I hear the sirens but theyíre never going to take me!ď Now that there are 16 of me I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade. All of my duplicates do the same. We now have the entire speaking ring surrounded, and thereís no way the cloaked figures can approach Eddie, Roland, or Susanna. Then I hear Roland say the demon is coming as well. Iím a little busy though. Susanna says it is a male, then calls out to someone I canít see that the pussy is over here. I kind of tuned him out for now. I remember they were able to handle the demon in the book, but these clocked figures arenít supposed to be here. So all 16 of me start cutting down the cloaked figures where ever they stand.

      I take a glance over towards Eddie. He has completely drawn a door in the ground and is drawing a knob. The door knob becomes three-dimensional, and there is a keyhole. He sticks his wooden key in and tries to turn. It wonít budge. It looks like heís about to freak out. It looks like Susanna is having some pretty wild sex. Although I think she may be the one in command of it. I can sense something on her that seems to be trying to pull away. Eddie pulls out a knife and makes a very delicate cut on the key. There are a couple more cloaked things left, and they seem to be trying to get away. I am thinking that this should not be allowed. Before they can get very far I use the tendrils of Alex Mercer to impale both of them and tear them apart. With all of the cloaked figures gone, all 16 of me merge back into one. Eddie has turned the key, and the door is opening. Roland pulls Susanna over near the door. He says that when he tells her, she should let go of the demon. I look through the door, and I see MoSh. He is coming up a hallway with a boy. That must be Jake. It looks like the house has come to life around them. There is a monster with several large holes in its face, and it looks pissed. It has a huge gaping mouth that looks like itís ready to eat anything can get a hold of. Thatís when Roland tells Susanna to let go of the demon. He tells MoSh to duck, and then he grabs something invisible from Susanna and throws it into the hallway. MoSh ducks down and the demon goes straight the monsterís gaping mouth.

      MoSh and Jake come up and out of the door. This point the door slams shut. And then it turns back into a drawing. The rain is quickly washing that drawing away. MoSh has been helping Jake along, and it looks like Jake got hurt somewhere. His leg is pretty messed up. It doesnít look difficult to heal however. I focus healing energy through Jakeís leg. We are all getting hopelessly soaked. It is pouring rain, though this seems to be the first time Iíve noticed how wet I am. MoSh is wanting to know who the fuck these cloaked things are anyway? Maybe I shouldíve kept one of them alive so that we could find something out from itÖ but dead shadow demons tell no tales. Maybe Iíll be able to keep that in mind next time. Iím feeling a little strange, right now I am wanting to get mad at Roland and tell him that he needs to open up another door so that I can get out of my prison. Whatever cause that reaction, I donít know. But I donít get to find out because everything fades and I wake up.
    10. The Dark Tower Ė Missed Contact

      by , 11-14-2017 at 09:19 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 11-14

      The Dark Tower Ė Missed Contact

      I am with Roland, Eddie, and Susanna. I look around to see where we are. Roland, Eddie, and Susanna have been making a journey. I am not sure where they are going, but theyíre following a path of distraction. I start remembering. This path of distruction was left by Bearzilla, the giant cyborg bear. They seem to be having difficulty with pushing Susanna in her wheelchair. I think maybe I have an idea. They stop, and I hear Roland talking about Susanna getting a piggyback ride. She really seems to hate that idea. I see Roland has a harness on his back that it looks like someone could ride in. I catch up to them and say I have a possible alternative. A sentient Witchblade can form into weapons and armor, why not legs? I reach into the pockets inside my robes and pull out a Witchblade. It looks like a simple bracelet right now. Everyone is wondering how I managed to get there without any of them knowing. Especially Roland. I hold out the Witchblade to Susanna. I tell her that can help. She says she doesnít see how a bracelet can help her walk. I tell her to put it on, and it will show her.

      While she is sitting in her wheelchair, Susanna slips the Witchblade onto her wrist. It tightens there so that it is firm but not uncomfortable. I tell it to give her legs. The Witchblade forms into armor. But the armor continues and forms complete legs where Susannahís end in stumps. Everyone around is completely amazed. I tell her it might take some getting used to these new legs. She may need to learn to use them first. Iím not sure how it will feel. She sits there and looks at her legs for a minute, and then moves one of them. She lifts her right leg and stares at the Witchblade foot. She tries to get up from the wheelchair. It is clear that sheís not very stable on the Witchblade legs. Eddie comes over to steady her. With Eddie for support, Susanna takes the first few steps that she has taken for many years. I pull two more Witchblades from my pocket. I gave one to Eddie and one to Roland. I told them that they may not need assistance in walking, but it will still form armor or melee weapons if they need them. I think theyíre about to ask some more questions, but the dream has been a pretty short one, and I wake up.


      It seems like it is later in the same dream, but I woke up a little bit in between. I am in a small area where Eddie and Susanna are huddled together on one side of a nearly extinguished campfire, and Roland is on the other. Roland seems very restless. Is tossing and turning, and talking in his sleep about Jake. He keeps calling to Jake as if he thinks the boy will answer somehow. He does not seem sane. I assume it is the paradox. Susanna asks if Eddie thinks they should wake him up to get him out of the nightmare? Eddie says he wouldnít dare. He points over at gun that is lying on the ground not far from Rolandís hand. I told them that I will do it. They do a double take, looking up at me. I repeat I will help Roland, even if he shoots me it wouldnít hurt me. So I quietly go over to Roland. I even levitate a little bit off of the ground so I wonít make even a sound. I get so close to him that Iím whispering in his ear. The song My Last Breath by Evanescence. ďHold on to me, love. You know I canít stay long. All I wanted to say is I love you and Iím not afraid. Can you hear me? Can you feel me in your heart?Ē As the song continues, Roland seems to calm down. Finally as it is ending he relaxes completely. I believe his dreams are now gone. His sleep is dreamless. I tell Eddie and Susanna that he should be OK now for a while. And soon this paradox will be resolved. And then I wake up.


      I am with Roland and the others again. This time weĎre just sitting and talking. Some of the talk is about the Witchblades, where I try to explain some things about them. That they have minds of their own and will respond to unseen threats and they also respond to their wearerís mental commands making them like an extension of the wearerís body once theyíre fully adapted to each other. Then Roland starts talking about MoSh. He asked if I know my friend was there earlier? He says that MoSh was there with them earlier, and he is certain that moSh has had formal training as a gunslinger. I tell him I did not realize that MoSh had been there. I ask him what happened? He said he and MoSh were talking, then they found a nest of weird mechanical things that attacked them. He says that even his old teacher Cort would have been impressed by MoShís shooting. I ask him for what details he can remember. I tell him that since this is a dream state for us, sometimes we have trouble remembering. Anything that I can tell MoSh might help him remember.

      Roland says they were traveling along the path that the bear had left when they heard strange mechanical noisees. He said he and Eddie went to check it out. He said they saw was six little robots moving around in a circle. There were a lot more around them, but they all appeared to be dormant. He said that Eddie started shooting the little robots. He says Eddie shot all but one of them. The last one was coming at them, right as Susanna came over to see what was going on. Eddie took that one out as it was attacking Susanna. Eddie was getting pissed off at Roland because he thought Roland had left Susanna in danger. And while Eddie was getting pissed off, a couple of flying things attacked them. Roland says he shot those easily. Roland says MoSh came up to them and asked if there was a problem? Before Roland could answer, a whole flock of flying things attacked. There were so many of them that it took all four of them shooting to get them all before someone got attacked. He says he did not see MoSh miss even once. I tell him that thatís good, and I hope that MoSh will remember this when I tell him. I also hope I will remember this so that I can tell him. Roland says he is very interested in this method of travel we seem to have. This dream travel. I tell him thatís hard to explain. And I donít have a chance to try before I wake up.
    11. Pull the Demon From Inside

      by , 11-03-2017 at 11:43 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 11-03

      Pull the Demon From Inside

      I remember dream. It started out that I was with Alicia at her house. We were looking through stuff they got at a yard sale. There are old purses, books, wallets, and other crap. I start looking through the wallets. Alicia and her mom want to know if any of them are in good enough shape to resell. I open one wallet and find lots of money was left in the wallet by accident. I figure it is not Aliciaís, not her mothers, so whoever finds it first gets to keep it. I take the money out of the wallet and slip it into my pocket. Alicia apparently she thinks Iím going to spend the night tonight. I am OK with that until she mentions that she has to get up at 4 oíclock the next morning. She and her mother are going on a trip, and they have to get a really early start. I tell her if sheís getting up at 4 oíclock in the morning I wonít be spending the night. She seems surprised and disappointed. She says I will have to take care of her pets. She hands me a little cage that has both a hamster and a gerbil in. They are both very cute. I go outside to find my car, but it is not there. I look around and find out someone has moved it and it is now parked on Aliciaís front lawn. I realize I forgot something, so I go back in the house to get it. When I go through the door the entire dream changes.

      I am now in a long narrow hallway. It is so dark, the shadows seem almost solid. This is not AliciaĎs house. I walk down the hall, not sure where to go. I pinch my nose and find I can still breathe. I am dreaming. The hall seems to go on forever. I finally reach a room at the end of it. There is a woman in the room. She turns and looks at me. Itís like thereís a shadow over her. She tells me welcome to the nightmare. I tell her it is a dream, but no nightmare. I tell her it is my waking existence that is the nightmare. She laughs, although thereís no mirth in it. It sounds weird. I remember what I am here to do. I have to use a song to get a demon out of this woman, itís Asuka. I had been thinking about a song by Device called Penance, so I use it. ďI can make the nightmare go away, I can pull the demon from inside. I can make the nightmare go away, and save you from this and endless night.Ē Asuka, stands there and listens. Her eyes turn weird. They turn a solid black as if they were empty holes that lead oblivion. When the song is over, she speaks again. She is not talking in her own voice. It is a weird gravely evil voice, and it says that if I think that is going to bring it out then I am a fool. But I donít see any reason to sit here and argue with a demon. I have another song in mind.

      ďI came here by day, I left here in darkness, and found you. Found you on the way. And now, it is silver and silent. It is silver and cold. You in somber resplendence I hold.Ē The song is called Silver and Cold, and it is by a band called AFI. That stands for A Fire Inside. The demon woman just looks mildly amused at this new song. I continue it. ďYour sins into me, oh my beautiful one, your sins into me. As a rapturous voice escapes I will tremble a prayer, and I beg for forgiveness. Your sins into, your sins into me. Oh my beautiful one.Ē The demon just repeats that itís not going to work, but itís voice sound distant and Hollow. So I just continue the song. ďLight, like a flood her with wings, I feel your hollow voice rushing into me as your longing to sing. So I, I will paint you in silver. I will wrap you in cold. I will lift up your voice as I fall. Your sins into me, oh my beautiful one.Ē

      It looks like there is a dark cloud trying to tear out of Asuka, it is holding on, but it itís not going to hold on for long. ďIíll fall asleep for you, I only ask you turn away. Iíll fall asleep for you, I only ask you turn, as it leaves into me, my beautiful one. Your sins into me.Ē So now I absorb the whole dark cloud out of Asuka and into me. It feels bitterly cold, but beyond that I donít notice any effect. Asuka seems worried that I pulled it into myself. I tell her that this will not be a problem, because my soul already belongs to Jesus. The light energy will purge it out. This song is What Iíve Done by Linkin Park. ďLet mercy come, and wash away what Iíve done. I faced myself, to cross out what Iíve become. Erase myself, and let go of what Iíve done. Iím for given what Iíve done.Ē
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    12. The Exorcism of Asuka

      by , 10-31-2017 at 05:30 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-30

      The Exorcism of Asuka

      I am in a house that I do not recognize. I look around to try to figure out where I am. The house basically looks normal, except it is dark. The shadows are darker than they should be. I also donít like the feeling I get while Iím here. Like something is watching me. I start looking around to figure out what is going on. I leave what looks like the living room and go into a kitchen. I still donít recognize it. I hear a strange noise from behind me. A strange noise, weird clicking noise like I heard first on the movie called The Grudge. The sound is creepy, but I want to know what is making it. It sounds like it is in the living room where I just left. I go back into the living room. Now the shadows seem even darker. And some of them are moving. One of them moves and grows and takes shape. It takes the form of a woman crawling on the floor. She is the one making the Grudge noises. And she also seems to be able to turn her head at a completely unnatural angle. I am thinking that maybe she needs healing. I remember thinking that in the movie The Grudge only the ghost of the husband was evil, the others were corrupted by his evil. They got corrupted when he murdered them. So now would be a perfect time to purge that darkness out of her.

      As she gets closer to me, instead of running out of the room like a lot of people do, I focus on the song Touch My Heart from the Devil Hunter soundtrack. The music plays in the room, and pillar of light energy surrounds the Grudge woman. She seems to float off the ground as if the energy was lifting her. The light energy from this song also purges the shadows from every corner of the room. And I have a feeling that the light energy doesnít stop there, it is cleaning out the entire area. As the song ends, the woman is set gently back down on the ground. For a minute she is still laying there, and I cannot see her face. I am hoping that she is OK. I go over to help her if she needs it, and when she looks at me I recognize her now. Now she looks like Asuka. She gets up off the floor looking rather confused. I ask her if sheís OK? She says yes, she is. She says she justÖ and hesitates hereÖ tripped. I wonder if she has no recollection of acting like the Grudge woman.

      I ask her if she remembers that, or if she remembers my song. She says I just got there. She looks around and says the place looks dirty. I tell her it might need some more cleansing. She was going totally Grudge woman around here. She doesnít seem to know what Iím talking about. Iím wondering if it is gone, or if it just retreated? I am thinking she might need another healing spell. Just to be sure. I focus on the song Full Moonlight this time. This is also from the Devil Hunter soundtrack. This song creates a glowing orb in the center of the room, it looks like the moon. Size of this orb expands and fills the room. It then continues to expand beyond that. It is not solid, so it has no effect on the physical objects or people in the room. Once the song is over I noticed that the room looks a lot better. It looks as if someone has just given it a really good cleaning. I ask Asuka if sheís feeling OK? She pauses for a bit, and then says she is. She says sheís feeling OK, just a little tired. I comment that she might need some rest after having that dark energy in her. She says that might be a good idea. She turns to go upstairs, and about the same time I wake up.

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    13. The Dark Tower Ė Split Timelines

      by , 10-27-2017 at 07:19 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-27

      The Dark Tower Ė Split Timelines

      I am at a campsite. It is dark out, and I am there with several other people. I see Roland, Eddie, Susanna, and MoSh. Roland seems to be having some difficulty. He says heís going crazy. I remember in the books this is the result of a paradox orchestrated by the man in black. Roland is telling stories, one that he says is real and one that he says was supposed to be real. I do not interrupt his telling. Mosh also stays quiet during this time. Although he seems a bit distracted. I wonder if he sees something out in the darkness. Those strange cloaked figures maybeÖ After Roland has finished his story, Eddie gets part of the concept correct. He draws a line at the beginning for the timeline before Roland met Jake. Then he skips a space and draws a line after Roland parted ways from Jake. He draws a circle in the middle and says that that is what weíre going to has to just ignore. Roland says that wonít work. He canít just ignore it. I tell Eddie I can add a bit more detail to this.

      I set to drawing in the circle. I draw the two separate lines that represent the two separate timelines that now exist. I point to the one on top and say this is the timeline where you met Jake. I point to the one on the bottom and say this is the timeline where you did not meet Jake. Both of these things are true at the same time. The only thing that got it all fucked up was the man in black. I draw a few extra things on the timeline. I draw the door where he met Eddie, the door where he met Susanna, and last the door where he interfered with Jack Mort. I tell him at this point, the man in black created the paradox by arranging for him to save Jake. This is where Jake was transported to his world. But he prevented that. So then I draw a line backwards to where he had met Jake. And I donít technically heís on the wrong timeline right now. He has memories of the other timeline because he experienced it, but heís on this one so heís also got memories of this timeline now.

      He says the only thing that keeps him arguing in his mind about this is the jawbone that he took from the man in black. He throws the jawbone into the fire. It flares up as if it was made of something flammable. Eddie stares into the fire, and I remember that he is now seeing the shape of the key that he will need to help properly draw Jake back into this world. That will fix the timeline. But that doesnít seem to have eliminated Rolandís issue. I tell him that I think I can help with it, but the only way to fix it permanently will be to fix the timeline. He asked how to do that, and I said it is coming in the future. I feel that it is. I actually know that it is. So I use the song on Roland to help stabilize his mind which is the same one I taught Eddie to use on Susanna. My last breath by Evanescence.

      ďHold on to me love, you know I canít stay long. All I wanted to say is I love you and Iím not afraid.Ē I have taken a hold of Rolandís hand, and he seems now focused completely on me. ďCan you hear me? Can you feel me in your heart?Ē Now Roland is holding onto me, he actually has tears coming from his eyes. Frustration? Iím not sure. ďI know you hear me, I can taste it in your tears. Closing your eyes to disappear, you pray your dream wonít leave you here. And now youíll wake to know the truth, he still there. Say good night, donít be afraid. Call on me, call on me we can face the night. Say good night, donít be afraid.Ē That seems to have Roland in a more focused state when the song is over. Now we can present him with facts. Eddie remembers Roland telling him about traveling through the mountains alone. Without Jake. But both MoSh and I remember Jake. So obviously he is real. Susanna canít say either way, she hasnít heard any of this before.
    14. Some Fragments

      by , 10-26-2017 at 07:57 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-26

      Some Fragments

      Shelter: I am driving my car through the desert near my house. I am looking for a cave or an underground structure. I am thinking that I need to know of some place relatively safe in case there is a nuclear bomb attack. I am finding more caves and stuff than I thought I would, but none of them seem sufficient. Either they are two open to the outside air, or not deep enough, or both. One I find that looks promising seems to be known by too many people. I am thinking if we are too late, there would be no room for us there. Or maybe other people who got there first will be assholes. I am going inside to check yet another small cave when I wake up.

      Homework: I am at a school, though it doesnít look like any of the real schools I have attended. I have to look around for my class for too long so I go in late. I find a seat and try to look like I didnít just run in. The instructor doesnít say anything, she just passes out booklets of papers. Each booklet looks pretty long, and as I page through it I see very little writing in it and a lot of blank lines meant for us to fill out. This homework assignment looks like it will take hours. The instructor is guiding us through the first page and says to fill in ďnuclear / atomicĒ in the first blank underneath the ďtypeĒ heading. I write that down, though I have no clue what it means.

      Game of Dreams: This part is from Game of Thrones. I am with some people in Kings Landing. We are sitting behind a booth like a merchant booth in the marketplace. We have a lot of food. There are also people gathering around. Someone let them know we have food. We start distributing this food. Things get a little out of hand. People are pushing and shoving and getting violent to get some food. But when they get too out of hand, Vegeta glares at them. I hadnít even realized he was there. Everyone backs down and proceeds in an orderly fashion. Vegeta laughs. He says a couple of the tough looking guys pissed their pants. We continue giving out food to the people. We have an infinite supply. I am thinking that Q has given us a bottomless store of food. There is meat, cheese, vegetables, grain, bread, fruit, and even some sweets. Everyone is very happy to be getting the food. I can tell they are all hungry. And it seems other merchants have been price gouging lately, but Iím not charging anything. Their coin is useless to me anyhow.
    15. Game of Dreams Ė House of Fire

      by , 10-26-2017 at 12:21 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-25

      Game of Dreams Ė House of Fire

      Arya: I am in a bed inside a room made of stone. I am Arya. I hear a sound. At first I think it is a wolf howling, but then I realize it is a horn blowing. And I immediately know it is a signal of danger. Everyone is scrambling to get out of their beds and get their clothes on and grab whatever weapons they can find. I climb up to the battlements of this fortress along with several other people. The man who is the leader of our group is already there. His name is Yarin. As I look out over the village, I see most of it is on fire. I wonder what the point of that is? A group of soldiers comes riding up to the gate. The one that appears to be their leader commands us to open it. Yarin says that none of the villagers are here. He says that the only ones here are members of the Knightís Watch and we take no part in their war. That doesnít seem to matter to that guy below. He says open in the name of the king. Yarin says we donít recognize any king. We are all with the Kightís Watch. Mostly children. The guy down below says children died the same as anyone else. I am thinking to call him a cowardly asshole, but I keep my mouth shut. It is clear that these enemies, who are flying the Lannister banner, do not give a shit who we are. They just want to kill people. The leader down below gives the command that they should storm the walls.

      It is at this point that a strange cloaked figure stepped out from the side. It is a woman, dressed in white robes. She looks like she is from Assassinís Creed. She tells the soldiers that they will have to get past her before they can assault the walls. They find this amusing. I realize that that woman down there is me. After a brief exchange between the enemy leader and me, there is a short fight. I watch myself easily dispatch three soldiers that come forward to kill me. This is really kind of interesting. I donít normally get to watch myself being a badass. The enemy leader asks me if she really thinks she can take on all of them by herself? Thatís when AltaÔr shows up. He says I donít have to face them alone. I am thinking I will watch the fight, but Yarin doesnít seem to like that idea. He says that itís only a matter time before they get past those two weirdos, and truth be told, we really donít have a chance against all those soldiers. He says Gendry and I should run. He says to take as many of the others as we can. I am thinking there is no need for that, but then I remembered that the barn is most likely still on fire. I have to get the three prisoners out of there, and as many animals as I can rescue. I follow Gendry out towards the barn inside the fortress, that is where they keep the animals when they have to hide up in the fortress. And it is on fire.

      There is a little girl with us that seems to cry all the time. Gendry scoops her up in one arm. He has no trouble carrying her. We get into the barn, I hear the animals around panicking. I also hear the prisoners trying to break free. Gendry and Hot Pie have opened a trap door in the floor. They tell me to hurry up and come along. Iím not ready to go. I ask where they left the axe that they were using to chop wood? They tell me itís outside. I told him to go ahead, I will catch up. They disappear through the hole. I hear a lot of noise right now, both humans and other animals are panicking. Since no one can see me, are use telekinetic energy to blast out a couple of large holes in the walls. This allows for donkeys and horses and some other barnyard animals to escape. But the prisoners will need some help. I run outside and quickly grab the axe. I run back into the barn weaving around horses and donkeys as they run for safety. The smoke inside is thick. Itís hard to breathe. I follow the sound of the prisoners calling out. When I get close enough I throw the axe up to one of them. I canít even tell which one it is. I figure they can free themselves with that.

      Now I see I could be in trouble. This barn is completely engulfed in flames all around me. I know I canít make it back out of the barn before it collapses, so I dive for the trap door opening that Gendry and Hot Pie used. I just barely get through the trap door when I hear a loud crash behind me. I face plant in the mud but I donít mind. At first I thought the barn had collapsed completely, but I guess that hadnít quite happened yet. Because I have only gone a few feet before there is an even louder crash behind me, followed by a cloud of dust and smoke. The dust and smoke make it hard to breathe. But it soon passes. Thereís no way Iím going to be able to go back the way I just came. The dust has settled enough that I can continue going through the tunnel. But I donít get very far before I wake up.
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