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      You always stand out to me for some reason. Maybe it's because you seem pretty normal but w/ a great view on things abnormal by societies standards, lol. You know what I mean. It was a compliment. But when I check if you've wrote in your journal I get a little sad. I'm always expecting to see your journal entry but get disappointed that you haven't entered any recently.
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      Thank you for the like.
    3. Hello stranger
      How have you been?
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      Happy birthday! :d
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      Zhay!! I see you've returned in my absence. I'm glad to see you back.
    7. Thank you for the hug
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      Everything Aly just said, and a bigger hug.
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      I don't know where you disappeared to, but I hope you're doing alright.
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      Hehehe, you gave me my 300th like
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    I am 35 years old, happily married and the mother of 4 kids (boys are 16, 14) girls are (13, 12)
    We have a pregnant dog and cat at this time :)

    I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses though I am currently disfellowshipped (excommunicated). I believe everything they teach and plan on rejoining the fold as soon as humanly possible.
    Central West Virginia, USA
    Dreaming :)


    "I think duping is fun. I want to dupe butterflies in jars and build a butterfly jar fort."- Exitalis re: Skyrim


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    Great dream

    by Zhaylin on 04-08-2017 at 04:03 PM
    I've been awake for 2 hours now so my recollection is going to suffer. But, wow.
    I had the first truly great dream in a very long time.

    My memory starts out sexual. We were under covers on a couch, trying to be stealthy. My grandmother starts firing off a list of stuff she wants the guy to pick up from the store lol. I pretended to be asleep until he was gone and then my grams told me he was engaged, that the marriage must take place and I needed to forget and stay away from him.
    Next thing I know, I'm back in time to the early 1900's. I was with a wealthier class of people in nice gowns and social standings. I was paired with some girl and we talked about favorite songs. I then told her about Jekyll and Hyde and sang part of a song for her. I told her it wouldn't come out until the 1990's but she HAD to see it even though she'd be 105
    The dream gets vividly sexual but we're interrupted by something else. Turns out he was married and his wife was ushering him to a car. She told me they both had their own sexual kinks and secrets. I told them I was pregnant and they'd never see the child because WV was much too far away for that.

    We were crammed into a ancient car with another family. It was a poor family and they were selling their children and babies.
    Then I insist on driving but the steering wheel is on the wrong side and women weren't supposed to drive so I fought for the steering wheel.
    The roads were insane. There weren't any stop lights or signs so everyone was just doing their own thing and a bus full of orphans barely avoided a train, but crashed into the side of a factory.

    Someone ended up finding a book I had about cars. It had a logo (Motorolla lol as a car company) which was a car just then being invented. They were fascinated by everything they read.
    The dream just fizzled out.

    A tidbit I don't know how it fits is that I had a gummy substance stuck in my mouth and throat. I had to grab it with both hands but also be discrete. It made several appearances in the above dream. I've had that event throughout the decades but rarely. I've never really known what it signifies.

    I also had a zombie dream at some point. I loaded myself into a wrong save game and it was horde night. I was rushing to the roof access to avoid the horde when a giant hornet attacked. I grabbed it and tried stabbing it but kept missing. My health was very low and I eventually died. I saw an error pop up saying my bedroll had been destroyed. Great. They destroyed my base and there was no telling where I'd respawn.
    I came to in a nice neighborhood. I saw one of my earlier build with a staircase that didn't connect to an upper floor. I wondered if I had enough stamina to make the jump. I did. When I landed, there were bicycle's tied nearby. I approached the door and heard something like breaking glass. One of the bikes fell over and shattered. People lived in the house and thought I broke the bike until they reviewed a recording. We had a good laugh about me mixing up the homes and I noticed it was 11:30AM and horde night was over.

    I had those dreams between 7:30AM-9:30AM.

    Jumbled Mess

    by Zhaylin on 02-10-2017 at 07:26 PM
    I recall lots of fragments:
    living my new game Starbound- terraforming, fighting creatures; vaping in public and being charged a fee for "smoking" in a room; vaping in a theater and feeling the publics scorn; traveling abroad and running out of e-juice
    Ugh... there were so many others and just like that *poof*

    Abundance lost

    by Zhaylin on 02-07-2017 at 05:55 PM
    I had a great multitude of great dreams last night.... but woke too frequently and lost most of them
    Now all I have a fragments and snippets.

    In one, I was on a roof with my step-mom. She stomped and hissed at a kitten and it fell off the roof into a pond. It was swimming in the water but crying to get back on the roof. There was a weird earthen area on the roof. A couple of cats were sun bathing on it, but one was starved almost to death and had flies buzzing around it.
    (I had that dream, on large part, because there was a male cat outside my window caterwauling for females).

    In another dream, I was trying to sell a porcelain head. I told them I found it in a bunch of stuff my grandmother left behind and it occurred to me that I had way too much stuff too and had to part with some. I told them I wished I could find all my uncles coins.

    In another dream, I was fighting with my dad. Someone left mildewed dishes behind and I accused my brother. Hate and rage filled his eyes and I kept pushing 'you can't stand that I've said something against your precious little boy?!' My dad raised up to hit me and I dared him to, then left, saying he was dead to me.
    (I don't understand that dream at all... I was the "precious" one to my dad. He and my brother never got along)

    Another dream was of driving and getting lost and seeing cargo loaded onto flatbeds and big rigs and gas was under $2.00

    Ugh... there were so many others, but I've lost them completely....

    More blah

    by Zhaylin on 01-30-2017 at 08:10 PM
    I had my standard zombie dream, except I was moistening some sort of canister with spit on my hands so I could stick them onto the side of a trailer to give me more space There was a zombie cop in a house right beside me and needed more space to maneuver and avoid his acid spit.
    Then I loaded someone else's file and it was horde night but it also had the baby mutants from The Forest.

    I had another dream I only recall partially. My brother moved into my bio-dads house. It displaced my step-mom though and she was lashing out over FB. I asked if she had left anything behind and he said they got everything- even one of the cats.

    Fitbit: 7AM-1:30PM restless 2hrs 39 minutes for a grand total of 3hrs and 56 minutes worth of sleep

    Loneliness and fighting

    by Zhaylin on 01-29-2017 at 09:59 PM
    I had a strange dream about being in bed with my p-doc. We were just snuggling but it could've turned into more but I saw my hubby's lights come on across the field and jumped up terrified he'd see a different car in the driveway and come investigate. As the dream evolved, hubby didn't live there, my mom did. She knew who was over and she was furious because he broke into her house, knocked over the Christmas tree, stole 2 boxes of gifts and a loaf of bread. I kept trying to tell her he didn't do that, that he'd been at my place the whole time, but she wasn't hearing it.

    In another dream, some girl cut off her arm with a knife. I told myself that couldn't happen because it wasn't strong enough to get through bone, but it never occurred to me that I was dreaming