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      You always stand out to me for some reason. Maybe it's because you seem pretty normal but w/ a great view on things abnormal by societies standards, lol. You know what I mean. It was a compliment. But when I check if you've wrote in your journal I get a little sad. I'm always expecting to see your journal entry but get disappointed that you haven't entered any recently.
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      Thank you for the like.
    3. Hello stranger
      How have you been?
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      Happy birthday! :d
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      Zhay!! I see you've returned in my absence. I'm glad to see you back.
    7. Thank you for the hug
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      Everything Aly just said, and a bigger hug.
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      I don't know where you disappeared to, but I hope you're doing alright.
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      Hehehe, you gave me my 300th like
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    I am 35 years old, happily married and the mother of 4 kids (boys are 16, 14) girls are (13, 12)
    We have a pregnant dog and cat at this time :)

    I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses though I am currently disfellowshipped (excommunicated). I believe everything they teach and plan on rejoining the fold as soon as humanly possible.
    Central West Virginia, USA
    Dreaming :)


    "I think duping is fun. I want to dupe butterflies in jars and build a butterfly jar fort."- Exitalis re: Skyrim


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    Another lost dream

    by Zhaylin on 10-25-2017 at 06:45 PM
    and this one was so awesome too.

    I remember a toddler. Only she was really 35 years old. She was pretending to be a child to influence someone of power.
    I vaguely recall a coup (sp) between leaders and a shooting which was a play for escape only the wives of 2 allies were killed in the confusion.
    And that's pretty much all I recall

    Then the zombie dreams overwrote it It was decent as far as "same ole, same ole" goes. The bases were pretty cool and the zombies were almost all feral (meaning they run day or night instead of only at night. It's a video game thing). I kept running out of ammo and running circles around them and parkouring out of their reach.

    As I woke up from that dream, I figured out (or possibly figured out) who one person on my server is. I put out an invite over FB (IRL) for my 7 Days to Die server. Everyone was accounted for except one. But it's password protected and only a handful of people (on Steam) know what I use. I'm going to have to ask him when I get on lol

    Another tidbit of a dream involved me clubbing animals. Only, they wouldn't die. Even though I clubbed a dog until it was disfigured, it still followed me around loyally which made me very sad. And then I clubbed my favorite cat, Simon, and he too wouldn't leave my side. I was afraid of the animals and sad I had to kill them. I have no idea about that dream.


    by Zhaylin on 10-19-2017 at 08:48 PM
    I keep getting woken too quickly. My daughter's been popping in my room every morning... the puppy wakes me with his barking every afternoon.

    Tidbits I've recalled have been of having a failing pregnancy. Either the fetus isn't doing well and I loses it (only for it to come back stronger), or it gets stronger on its own.
    I never have a "pregnant" belly, but I can still feel it move and I push on it to encourage activity.

    Other tidbits have been standard zombie and building dreams.

    Yet others, are just hints of dreams: space, wormholes, agricultural and terraforming. Those are the dreams I wish I had remembered the most.


    by Zhaylin on 10-15-2017 at 05:43 PM
    I SO wish I remembered more of last nights dreams!!!

    I recall a man somehow tied in to me. He had cucumber slices on his face and many, many eyes.

    In another dream, there were people with a third eye in the center of their head... but one boy, from the US didnít have a true eye. When you first saw him, he had just a slight bump, but then it got bigger and bigger. It was some kind of wart. It expanded out, almost like a horn, it got bigger still until it was larger then everyone in the audience and consumed the boy. It looked like neither a horn nor a wart. It was ridged where it kept expanding, but it was expanding at the base.

    Another dream was a zombie dream. But it was more old school video game meets zombies meets real life. I was in a swarm of zombies, weaving through them, trying to reach giant crystals for a speed boost what game did that come from? Sonic? Mario Cart?

    Oh yeah, in yet another dream I kept passing signs in a foreign language. I kept asking a guy to translate them for me.

    Oh yeah (again lol) in another dream, I was at my Grams house. My uncle was apologizing for not improving the yard. I was confused why he was making a big fuss about it. It was there yard. If they wanted dog and horse poop everywhere, there wasnít anything I could do about it. My Grams explained it was because of the kids who play in the yard, and also because they werenít allowed to park along the road any more....then I was swimming and my uncle was upset because I was too pretty and getting too much attention which was making him jealous (my Uncles IRL were mentally disabled. The uncle in the dream was like a mesh of those 3 in one).

    Another dream was about brothers. One was beating the other and one was being sexually abused. I recall them scurrying through a small window, running, getting into trouble but thatís it.
    Thatís been a strange, recurring dream lately. I keep dreaming about brothers and sexual abuse.
    In a dream earlier this week, I dreamed a man went back in time so he could rape his younger self. What the heck? I can usually tell or guess the origin of my dreams...

    Unless the brother dreams come from a show I was binging called ďBloodlineĒ. Okay. I can see that giving me the brothers, it what about the sexual abuse? Maybe thatís coming from the news and all the allegations against Hollywood. Hmmmm...

    Extreme fragments

    by Zhaylin on 10-11-2017 at 06:35 PM
    I don't know how much I'll be able to recall once I start writing. I had an extremely rough night and actually "slept" for 11+ hours. I feel very out of it and loopy (and headachy) right now.

    In one dream, I was driving and looking for something. I made a bad turn and ended up going up some courthouse steps, turning and going right back down. I felt like an ass. I stopped to ask for directions but 3 people were snubbing me for that illegal turn. One of them (the mayor I think), softened at the end and gave me directions to Hepzibah (where my bio-dad lived)

    In another dream, I was at some place ordering food with my eldest. I was having a Strawberries and Cream Tea. Don't remember the food. It cost $120. for 2 people. My son was crying afterwards. I thought it was because he was broke. We were in the car and he was crying about cutting someone out of his life because he loved her but she didn't think of him the same way. I was trying to give a personal experience about how we can't make people feel certain ways but that doesn't mean we have to cut them out of our life.... but there was a song on the radio and my son kept interrupting me because he wanted to hear it and see all the colors (?) I became mad at him because I knew he just didn't want to hear what I was saying, so I snapped and told him to listen to it on the internet.

    I had several Jehovah Witness dreams, about being back with the congregation, but I've forgotten the specifics.

    The last dream was of zombies lol. It was standard base building, parkour and fleeing stuff. Except one thing was odd. I had a little hidey-hole and was being over-run. I ran to it and realized I never upgraded it. Upgrading used a lot more resources and I was afraid I was going to run out. But as I went through the stages of wood to iron, clicking the doors and walls with my wrench, cartoon monster faces appeared lol.

    That's it.


    by Zhaylin on 10-09-2017 at 05:46 PM
    Don't recall much about my dreams last night. The pup woke me barking his head off so I jumped out of bed

    I remember a terrifying yet mesmerizing spider/alien creature. I kept trying to take his picture, but he vanished. Then a narrator came on, saying the creature prefers jungle habitats. So then the dream takes me to several cities. Someone with me commented that the cities looked exactly the same. I told him that city planners tend to copy ideas and plans from cities that work.
    The last city was surrounded by lush jungle. I ordered some food. It was Oriental- noodles and rice and other stuff. They messed up my order and was giving me a surprise dish to take home as compensation.
    Then I saw the spider creature. He was huge and had double or triple the amount of legs. He moved more like an octopus.
    As I snapped his picture, his legs then body hardened and crumbled to dust.

    Another dream had the spider creature in it too, but it was mostly about animals- cats and dogs. I set a cat on to "mate" (a reference to a video game called Ark), but I realized 5 hours later that I forgot to turn it off and the poor cat had been "raped" nearly to the point of death. A puppy got loose and I was afraid the spider creature would eat him.

    Bah!- I had another tidbit but forgot it while recalling those other 2