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    1. Bear and Missile Escapades

      by , 12-09-2019 at 10:41 AM
      Morning of December 9, 2019. Monday.

      Dream #: 19,348-02. Reading time: 3 min 20 sec.

      Sleep-wake mediation begins with the typical activation of the preconscious simulacrum (reticular activating system personification) as intrusive to make my dream state less inviting and sustainable. My identity is extant to a partial degree, as I recall Zsuzsanna and our family, but our home is fictitious. The preconscious simulacrum is an unfamiliar woman who is staying with us and is supposedly Zsuzsanna’s friend. She has a young daughter and son. At one point, it is late at night, and I cannot rest or focus because she and her children are making noise (with the attempt to pull me out of the dream state), so I tell them to get out. There is increased neuron energy in my annoyance, which vivifies my dream, but this does not wake me. Even so, a wall opens up, though it leads more inward into the dream state by my intent, and I see everyone else walking out into a forest. It is still night.

      I walk into the forest, finding it a pleasurable setting. The woman and her two children have gone behind some dense shrubbery. The vague awareness my dream is becoming a bathroom wake-up call remains in the background. The preconscious becomes an animal semblance. A bear is in the woods, so I decide to turn around and find shelter. Ambiguity becomes a factor, and the house no longer exists, but there is still a bathroom left. I go in. The bear follows me, but I close the door. At times, I can see its claws slide in and out under the door. I hold the door closed, my strength keeping the bear from coming in. Wall mediation vivifies my dream and increases awareness of my identity. Imaginary physicality and momentum become more realistic.

      I try to sustain my dream despite my need to wake. I fill my hands with water from the running faucet of the bathtub on my right. The tangibility of the water is amazingly realistic, and I can feel its heat (cortical arousal overriding virtual melatonin mediation). I think the bear might be annoyed by the hot water, so I continue to fling it under the door. The bear seems annoyed but does not leave. The dynamics of cortical arousal integrate more with the situation, and guns appear. I suddenly have a Beretta in my right hand, and there are now weapons and several rounds of ammunition on the other side of the door. I shoot the pistol under the door at a rocket launcher. My act implies ambiguous intent as I typically use fire to wake myself. The house exists again. The missile curves, but its trajectory remains adjacent to the outer walls of the house. With x-ray vision, I see its flames. I also hear a loud sizzling. I am amused. I anticipate it will explode near the front of the house. I sense my thoughts creating the dream content, but release the dynamics of cortical arousal so that I remain in the dream state. As a result, the rocket does not explode.

      I make one more attempt to reset my dream. I open the door, and the bear becomes smaller, backs away, and falls into a pothole filled with water. Only its head is visible. The house is gone again, and it is if I am looking at a street. Even so, I turn to go into the forest, and the house appears again.

      Sleep-wake mediation continues, and my dream’s potential exit point renders as a store’s checkout (which is common). Zsuzsanna is here. The preconscious personification is here with her two children, except they are now both boys. I make one more attempt to remain in the dream state. I walk back to the beginning of the checkout and pick up a magazine (cognitive arousal). Liminal awareness that reading is often not viable in the dream state causes the magazine to fly out of my hands and slap against the ceiling, briefly sticking to it (vestibular cortex liminality). Two can play at this game, so I use telekinesis to cause the magazine to fly rapidly all around the checkout area and slap into my hands three times. The preconscious, now a man, looks on with puzzlement, and I finally wake myself by going to the end up the checkout (exit point).

      Compare this with another recent bathroom wake-up call dream where I was in an underwater bathroom and holding the door against a giant catfish. Another dreaming experience rendered the RAS semblance as a vulture, blocking me from the bathroom in that instance because of vestibular system correlation and drop anticipation (with its association with flying or falling). There was one with the same dynamics with a snake, and one with a lioness as the RAS semblance. Some people might wonder why a different RAS semblance occurs with what is otherwise the same simple process each time. The reason is to prevent a pattern from emerging, which would confuse the dream self into thinking there is wakefulness consistency present.

    2. Big Catfish Attacks Outside Underwater Bathroom

      by , 11-13-2019 at 09:07 AM
      Morning of November 13, 2019. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 19,322-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min 30 sec.

      The gradual emergence of my instinctual self from slow-wave sleep into REM sleep carries the subliminal goal to achieve consciousness to get up to use the bathroom. My real-life identity is absent. The urge is not that pressing, so my dream self remains distracted within an imaginary realm, requiring considerable preconscious effort to arouse me from sleep due to warm weather.

      I had been swimming underwater in an unknown resort hotel to find a bathroom. During this time, an unfamiliar male is also in the underwater hall, swimming several feet behind me. Soon, a big catfish (though not much bigger than me) appears and eats the other male after bumping into him several times. I manage to get into the underwater bathroom and close the door behind me. I consider it might be better to use a different bathroom as I am uncertain if the toilet works.

      My dream self passively integrates with the precursory form of wall mediation (that modulates dream sleep into the waking process). The catfish is still outside the bathroom. It tries to eat me and keeps bumping into the door when I have it halfway open as well as striking my body. After a few minutes of battling the catfish, I swim out into the hall, and the catfish simultaneously swims into the bathroom, signifying escaping illusion to achieve wakefulness. I trap it inside by closing the door.

      My emerging proprioception (and vestibular system correlation) atypically decreases in the next scene (again, due to the warm weather), similar to the dynamics of a false awakening, where I typically tell someone about my previous dreaming experience, though it is part of the same dream in this case.

      While upstairs, I see several members of the public present in the lobby that is not underwater. I tell a male tourist (who is sitting on a couch) about the incident, as I do not see a hotel employee, though one soon arrives. He is unfamiliar and about thirty. I tell him in detail about the big catfish eating the other man. However, there is some uncertainty if the body would still be whole or if he would be in pieces, as I recall the catfish was not much bigger than me.

      I become aware of the existence of my youngest son as a thread of my real identity emerges as I grow closer to wakefulness. My dream’s fictitious backstory now includes my son being at the resort with me, and we both need to find a bathroom. However, I start to lose my sense of self by falling back into passive dream meandering, which results in the preconscious pulling me back into the waking process by creating a post-Naiad simulacrum to increase proprioception again.

      I realize, as the room grows darker and with decreasing detail with my dulling senses, I had been holding onto something with my right hand and cannot go any farther (or return to slow-wave sleep). It turns out to be the yellow elastic belt of an unfamiliar girl standing at the bottom of a staircase. (Yellow is the color that correlates with emerging consciousness because of its brightness and association with sunrise.) I walk back several feet as my dream vivifies as I once again grow closer to wakefulness. I look at the coil (vestibular system autosymbolism, specifically the cochlea) that covers the palm of my hand, though this is illogical as it implies her belt had an unrealistic amount of slack near the buckle. I apologize to her, making an unlikely excuse that I thought it was the baluster of the staircase I had been holding yet while continuing to walk. She remains cheerful. The stairs are my instinctual cue to wake (though I often use stairs to vivify a dream).

    3. Flight from Muddy Ground

      by , 06-19-2018 at 08:20 AM
      Morning of June 19, 2019. Tuesday.

      I do not usually post generic bathroom wake-up call dreams unless they have unique factors. This one does, as vestibular system correlation seamlessly integrates into it in the last stage of the waking process, which is atypical.

      I become aware of my need to use a bathroom when I am in public. I enter an unfamiliar public bathroom and notice it is not clean or maintained very well. There are six open toilet stalls, three facing three on opposite sides of the room. One unknown man is sitting on the toilet near the corner. I consider using the one third to the right in the same row, but I decide not to, as the seat is not very clean. I walk around contemplating what I should do as a few other unknown males come and go.

      As I am standing just inside the entrance doorway, an unfamiliar short-haired boy of about twelve walks in, looks at the condition of the bathroom, and starts talking to me. I perceive him as a Communist from Eastern Europe who is probably in the region temporarily. He starts making comments about ecology and land features in the region (though I do not know where the setting is implied to be and I do not have a viable memory of my conscious self identity). I walk out with him, deciding that I will have to go home to use the bathroom.

      I continue on my own and step off the sidewalk onto muddy ground. I see that I am barefoot. I am carrying my shoes, but when I put them on the ground to put my feet into them, they become very muddy, so I decide not to wear them. My feet sinking into the ground a few inches annoys me. Two unknown young males of about twenty are watching me from the sidewalk. I take a few more steps and the ground remains soft and muddy. I do not really feel like trudging through this.

      Finally, I decide to fly home. I lift my arms and rise into the air effortlessly. I start flying toward another building in the distance, about twenty feet above the ground. There are a number of people walking around below. I start to consider how strange it is for so many other people not to fly to their destination, as it is more comfortable and easier than walking.

    4. Dinosaurs, Lions, and a Gorilla in Faux Lucidity

      by , 02-05-2018 at 08:26 AM
      Morning of February 5, 2018. Monday.

      I enter an unusual state of faux lucidity, where I have the awareness of what the dream state is and how to create and manipulate dreams, but I do not have my conscious self identity or full realization I am dreaming at the time even as I am creating and manipulating my dream (a bizarre enigma that cannot be resolved in waking life thought, yet which I otherwise experience very often). This is different from states where I am aware of my conscious self at one level, yet do not recall what a dream is, though I am still able to greatly influence dream events and features. This validates that the nature of RAS mediation is not predictable due to the variations of circadian rhythms, as the biological need to wake varies depending on depth of sleep, physical needs, and certain thought processes - many of which are random (for example, threads of something seen on television or material from a book).

      I step into the dream state, yet immediately lose conscious self monitoring. I find myself walking through an open area that seems to be a wide street in an unfamiliar city. I am thinking to myself about what time period that I want the dream’s setting to occur in. I think about it being the 1920s, 1930s, or 1940s, and decide I will make it the 1930s.

      I watch people walk around, dressed as if they were from the 1930s (although it had been the 1920s before I willed the change). I offer to help an unfamiliar woman (of about fifty) by carrying her package, but she is not interested in me helping her.

      Next, I focus on dream state indicators (still without viable awareness that I am dreaming at the time, as this is by residual threads of habit in the lucid dream state since childhood). I find myself in the southwest bedroom of Cubitis (where I have not been since June of 1978). A young version of Zsuzsanna is in the bed, which is aligned along the south wall, head at the southwest corner. I create a radio for her to listen to, but then I am trying to remember if the songs that are playing are from the 1930s or from a much later period, as I do not want to alarm her with inexplicable sounds.

      I get distracted and summon a group of dream characters to then look through the door of my room. However, the doorway opens into a landscape instead of my old Cubitis bedroom. I create the essence of a dinosaur in the distance (a typical act in faux lucidity since childhood) and tell the unknown people to watch. The dinosaur eventually appears, but is like a mix of stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus. It moves over the top of a mountain, from right to left in profile (subliminal reinduction attempt), and roars. It is far away at this time and poses no threat.

      From here, I go back to the southwest bedroom, but then RAS mediation temporarily increases and I go into the bathroom (and although I do have to use the bathroom in reality, it is not yet that intense a wake-up call), as I am aware the dinosaur is in the house (which makes no sense as it would be too big) and I am now wary of it (even though I had deliberately created it minutes before). I close the door to subliminally avoid the waking activation. I feel soft weight pressing against the door, but I am able to keep it closed. Still, RAS mediation triggers an offset dream of a different level of awareness rather than doorway waking symbolism fully activating.

      Entering a different dream state and level of awareness, I then find myself walking with a group of people that I had summoned. Zsuzsanna is present as she is now. We are all walking through an unknown city.

      Ahead, and to our right, next to the curb, is an oversized vehicle that resembles a giant stagecoach (more like a stagecoach illogically mixed with a circus train car and doubled in size). It is basically a cage on wheels in the shape of a giant colorful stagecoach. The area behind where the driver would sit is an open area where a lion jumps up and looks down at us. There are other lions in the cage in the bottom area. I am thinking that the lion will jump down near us, but it remains in its location, as something vague in the back of my mind reminds me of subliminal dream manipulation but not directly and not with viable lucidity. This is a bizarre enigma, to subliminally reflect on subliminal (non-lucid) control of the dream state without being viably aware of being in the dream state and yet controlling the dream anyway.

      From here, there is an area where people are watching a gorilla walk around. P.T. Barnum is present and showing off the gorilla. There is a cage, and straw covers the street upon where the cage had been placed, but the gorilla is able to leave the cage through the open area. There is no threat however, and the people do not seem that impressed. There is an unknown girl present and I tell her to become part of the scene so that there is an additional ape for the people to view. She does not look like a gorilla of course, but I eventually decide to make her with hair all over. She goes over to the gorilla and P.T. Barnum seems slightly puzzled but somewhat appreciative, even though the girl is not actually a gorilla or acts like one. It seems the public will believe anything, which pleases him. I vaguely remember the Barnum effect, which relates to people who believe in “dream interpretation”. My dream eventually fades with no dominant RAS event. (P.T. Barnum is the personified preconscious in this case, though my dream self already has a thread of emergent consciousness evidenced by my odd state of faux lucidity, so I wake without the need for a strong emotion as the waking alert factor.)

    5. …and they were searching for drugs

      by , 08-23-2017 at 02:23 PM
      Morning of August 23, 2017. Wednesday.

      Considering that I neither smoke nor use drugs (even legal medication), this was a rather impersonal dream on some levels, but with the typical preconscious initiation symbolism as since early childhood.

      I discover two large marijuana cigarettes in a drawer, which I am aware belong to my older half-brother Dennis. Completely unlike my waking self mentality, I am actually thinking of smoking both of them (though this is about subliminal dream state revivification rather than having any waking life relevance). Still, when Dennis shows up, I pretend that they should be shared with him. Curiously, he says he does not indulge in such acts anymore.

      For what seems to be a long time, I stand near the end of the Cubitis driveway near Highway Seventeen. It seems to be late at night. I feel very good. I smoke one of the cigarettes, being clearly aware of the odd way the smoke and fire spreads out from it.

      Eventually, a team of at least four men show up during what seems to be the next day. Apparently, they are here to search the house for drugs. The main one, the personified preconscious, whose job is to make me realize I am dreaming and thus should wake (to attend to important biological needs), is a chubby unfamiliar man with a gray beard. My mother is present in some scenes, mostly appearing as she was in the 1970s. I have no recall that she had died in 2002.

      In another scene, the men are in a meeting in the house. I find a large box which contains sweet grass in a few different forms as well as several other herbs, some braided. I consider that they might see the plants as illegal drugs but this is not the case. They know it is sweet grass and even discuss how useful it is.

      In another scene, the preconscious brings out a tackle box from somewhere. He seems to believe that he may find drugs in it (though the real purpose is obviously to get me to think about fishing, which symbolizes activating neural energies to arise from sleep). This angers me somewhat. Still, when he opens it, there are two large globs of stale cat food, though he does not seem to know what it is at first and expresses disgust. I inform him that it is cat food and that the tackle box had not been opened for many years. (As a cat has been validated to be some sort of “guardian” of liminal space as first determined in dreams when I was about five years old, this suggests I am still subliminally attempting to sustain my dream in unusual ways by having supposedly “hidden the cat food for many years” so as to halt a particular shift in consciousness. There is sometimes a subliminal hypnopompic association as well, based on “cats always land on their feet” to downplay the waking start that often includes a falling sensation of which is biological and has no waking life relevance.)

      In one of the last scenes, I decide to go into the bathroom, as I still have a joint in my right pants pocket (though no one has checked me thus far) and I plan to stay in here until they leave (and this is likely an awareness of needing to wake and use the bathroom, but the urge is not yet that dominant). While I am in here, the shadow of the preconscious is cast through a window (which suggests he is closer to coalescing as my emergent consciousness). I stand near a different wall, but I still suspect he is watching me and I start yelling at him about spying on people, telling him I will call the FBI, which he seems to find amusing.

      The emergent consciousness factor shifts back into subliminal reinduction as the preconscious is now clearly in view through another window. He comes into the house again and I consider that they may go through every container in the house no matter how long it takes. Before I see the preconscious inside the house again, I go into a room that is similar to our oldest son’s room in the Barolin Street house. I drop the joint down a vertical opening between the wall boards (at about elbow level) oriented to the right of the room on the north wall. The tip is barely visible. Perhaps they will not find it, but it still seems a possibility. (Note that a wall symbolizes real-time divisions of neural energy patterns and the more defined division between levels of consciousness. This validates the basic real-time subliminal theme of this dream.)

      Getting tired of the presence of the preconscious (and only knowing what his presence indicates at a subliminal level), I stab him numerous times with a dagger (which validates non-lucid dream control as this is something I would not think about consciously in a real-life situation as such unless my life or a family member’s was directly threatened). There is a lot of blood; so much blood that there seems to be more blood than physical volume of his body. Soon, the other officials enter the room and look down casually at the remains. “Well, that didn’t work,” says one male, “He’s still not awake.”

      They perform some sort of ritual to resurrect him. His remains transform into some sort of computer console as from the 1950s though I am aware it is female. The men watch the screen and I see a young version of Zsuzsanna walking around, but what this implies does not fully register. (A computer typically represents increasing neural activity in the waking stage as the unconscious does not possess viable thinking skills). I am not sure if they had intended to change him into a female computer console or not. Maybe it happened randomly, but they do not seem puzzled. They turn dials and study the actions of Zsuzsanna on the monitor. “Neural activity increasing,” says the male watching the console while the other two stand around. There is a list of Hz values on the right, the top one being 22 Hz (supposed intelligence enhancement). (Zsuzsanna was awake at the time in reality and had been walking around in the house.)

      Then…I am in an unknown room at a table in a less vivid offset dream, sitting with most of my dream’s characters. I am drinking grape juice and notice that I have “hidden” the joint in the glass. It illogically remains in a vertical position near one side of the glass. (There may be an association with attempting to drink through a paper straw, which always irritated me in real life.) I tell them that I do not really care much about the taste of what I am drinking and my dream fades. (Almost all of us wake up with a strange flavor in our mouths. Your tongue accumulates a series of bacteria stored overnight.)

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    6. A Word Usage Argument (fully explained)

      by , 07-27-2017 at 07:14 AM
      Morning of July 27, 2017. Thursday.

      I become aware of being in “my apartment” in the King Street boarding house. (I have not lived there in real life for nearly thirty years.) My bed is on the opposite side of the room as the door.

      In actuality, based on the real layout of the King Street boarding house and where I am, “my apartment” in my dream would be the King Street bathroom; the larger bathroom on the west side of the mansion (second floor). Adjacent to the north wall is a composite element, the Cubitis southwest bedroom’s large closet (which in real life was at ground level in a one-storey house).

      My dream self has no memory of my current conscious self identity and does not see my location as unusual or mixed up even though it is, as usual, a brand new composite.

      I need to use the bathroom. I go over towards the closet and notice one just outside the closet’s left sliding door (but facing the closet). I see that someone else had used it and not flushed. However, I also see that there is soon no water and I lift up the toilet and see there is no pipe or in fact, any sign of plumbing, as if it was just a container to empty elsewhere. This annoys me, as I do not feel like doing this. (I am unsure of where the water went, as there is no sign of a leak anywhere.)

      Going into the closet, I see a second toilet, out from the west end. It has also been used by someone else. I consider using it, but then see it is like the first, water lowering but with no plumbing. (In reality, with respect to the mixed-up layout, the King Street toilet would have been in this general location, though both of my dream’s toilets are in incorrect orientation otherwise. The King Street toilet faced south, but the two toilets here face north and east.)

      I am aware of an unknown female in the hallway. I am not sure if I should open my door. Still, I do, and she eventually starts to make fun of me for what I had written on a few documents downstairs that are on the chest of drawers in the foyer. These documents are apparently mathematics tests that I had checked and graded recently. I do not have a full understanding of what she is saying, but she does not seem to understand my system of grading or supposedly very clever usage of the language. This “unknown” female is actually my wife Zsuzsanna’s younger half-sister Crystal. However, my dream self does not recognize this fact.

      Soon though, I notice my King Street landlady standing just outside my door (and the other female is gone). She is also annoying me by questioning my grading terminology. In particular, she complains about me having written “cooked” on one test I graded. I explain to her that “cooked” is a common word for “finished”, meaning that the test was successfully completed at possibly a hundred percent. I then decide to make fun of her, but I am not sure how. I start to make fun of the word “fantabulous”, but it seems she agrees with me that the word is idiotic and apparently would not use the word either. From here, I wake, having to use the bathroom, with a vague memory of the lyrics to “Wake Up Little Susie“, which I haven’t heard in years.

      This dream contains, intriguingly, six common forms of waking symbolism:

      1. Bed recognition waking symbolism (a subliminal awareness that my physical body is in bed and asleep, and as such, is a real-time dream state indicator).
      2. Toilet waking symbolism (a biological indicator that I need to wake up and use the bathroom, which is why the toilets in my dream were not usable - and note also that my “bedroom” was in the area where a large bathroom was in real life).
      3. Water lowering waking symbolism (a common type of waking symbolism which has several layers of meaning including a biological need to wake and rehydrate).
      4. Doorway waking symbolism (the personified preconscious, in this case my landlady from years ago, transmuting into my emergent consciousness due to her beginning to agree with me, is also a type of coalescence waking symbolism, but I only typify it as such when it is a more dominant factor). A doorway typically symbolizes the dream’s exit point, though may also serve as a trigger into lucidity. I first realized this when I was four years old.
      5. Alarm clock waking symbolism (subliminal until briefly after hypnopompia).
      6. Failed flight waking symbolism (subliminal). As I have already explained hundreds of times since 2004, “failed flight” (and waking symbolism in general) has nothing to do with so-called dream interpretation and is unrelated to real life other than when literally extant (environmental influence) or premonitory (such as my dream of the missing Malaysian flight shortly before it occurred).

      The potential staircase reinduction symbolism remains unused. This is validated by the graded tests being downstairs (deeper into the dream state) and my dream self acknowledging this by saying “finished” (that is, my dream is finishing).

      Relevant lines from “Wake Up Little Susie”: “The movie wasn’t so hot, it didn’t have much of a plot” (meaning that my dream was not that involving or interesting); “We fell asleep, our goose is cooked” (failed flight waking symbolism in a very clever “hidden” thread, which has happened many times in the past); “Wake up little Susie”. (Note that my wife goes by Suzi.) The lines “The movie’s over, it’s four o'clock” relate to my dream ending at about four o'clock.

    7. Snakes, Snakes, and Snakes

      by , 04-16-2017 at 10:16 AM
      Morning of April 16, 2017. Sunday.

      This dream has various disconnected scenes featuring snakes. Its vividness grows then lessens several times. In this dream, our house seems rotated in orientation as well as with a few other changes. For example, the wooden cupboard in the bathroom directly faces the bathroom door rather than being perpendicular to it. (Despite the fact of having carefully documented and studied tens of thousands of dreams for over fifty years, the same setting, regarding its layout and overall appearance, has never occurred more than once in a dream other than in resets during the same sleeping period though even then there are differences.)

      There are a number of snakes that appear over time. It starts by me noticing one in the “living room”. The living room is ambiguous as there is a vague awareness of being indoors and outdoors at the same time (a very common perception in my dreams since early childhood). The floor, for example, is somewhat like dirt, and one snake crawls up out of it. I am aware of how dangerous the snake is.

      There is a scene where I catch a snake and its head is close to my face. At this time, I suddenly become incorporeal but the “other me” (who is now a different unfamiliar male) is bitten on the face by the snake. The snake then apologizes (in a human male voice) to the man. I see that it has somehow removed its fangs (perhaps spit them to the floor). It tells the man it is going to remove the venom by sucking it out. Each area where the snake’s teeth were is somewhat like a sucker on an octopus tentacle and this will apparently aid in the sucking out of the poison. The man’s life is saved by the snake that bit him.

      After catching a number of large deadly snakes, I put each one, apparently dead, into a small box (which is somewhat like a white gift box of the type that would hold a wristwatch). By this point, the snakes (only the ones in the box) are only the size of small earthworms. It seems I am sending them to a herpetologist for a special study, perhaps for payment. Each snake is different. I catch a white one with purple polka dots. There are layers of tissue in the small white box that separate the snakes. I look to see if any of them are still alive but I do not see movement.

      I have a false memory as Zsuzsanna speaks. She “reminds” me of the time when a dangerous eastern brown snake (said to be the world’s second-most venomous land snake) was in our bed. I recall the event clearly (even though it never actually happened, either in my dream or real life).

      I go into the bathroom and close the door. A large snake is behind me just outside the bathroom door. I feel that I have no choice but to crawl up onto the top of the wooden cupboard (which as described above in the first paragraph is in the wrong location). I see its head come out from under the door. I start throwing toothbrushes, razors, tubes of toothpaste, combs, bottles of shampoo, and anything I can get my hands on. Each time I throw a bunch of items, the snake backs away, sometimes going back behind the bottom of the door, but I soon see it appear again each time. I throw items at it at least ten times or more and it gets very annoying to see the snake coming back under the door each time. Finally, I decide to climb down and make a run for it. As I am leaving the bathroom, Zsuzsanna calls a different snake a “coral snake”. Apparently, it had also been in the bathroom (perhaps in the bottom part of the cupboard). It is banded red and black and another (unknown male) runs from it (though I do not question where the other male comes from).

      I then start picking up all the razors, toothbrushes, and other items that I had thrown so that I can put them back on the top of the cupboard. There are some other scenes with crawling snakes and another scene where I climb up onto the top of a tall bookcase, but my dream fades. The bookcase seems to be in the living room of the Loomis Street house, facing directly out from the doorway of the northeast bedroom and blocking it. As usual, I do not regard the fact that the bathroom is from our present home in Australia (though altered) yet certain other rooms are from the Loomis Street house in America. I have decided this may be a form of sustained doorway waking symbolism. The snake is seen as crawling under the bathroom door (thus there may be a subliminal awareness of needing to wake and use the bathroom), but in the last scene a bookcase is blocking a bedroom door. (Books are associated with an increase in neural energy and emergence of more viable thinking skills.)

      All my life, (regarding non-lucid dreams) I have contemplated why settings are always different and rarely based on any correct memory of a real location. Although the “subconscious” can never get anything right, even the most basic detail, my theory is that the setting is rendered from the concurrent dynamics of the dream based on economics and convenience. For example, if the incorrect layout of the bathroom had been correct, I would not have had the open view of the snake coming under the door and I would not have as easily been able to target it by throwing items directly at it. I would have had to fling them at an unusual angle down close to my left (while having to lean more over the edge). There have been many dreams where the incorrect nature of the setting seemed directly based on the flow of my dream’s situational dynamics. It makes perfect sense, as that is how waking thought works. (For example, when you have a particular new thought, the exact same sentences do not manifest each and every time forever afterward, or there would never be a new thought, thus dream settings are skewed by thought continuity, not based on static memories of real places.)

    8. Skewed Induction and Weird Godzilla Costumes

      by , 01-23-2017 at 07:23 AM
      Morning of January 23, 2017. Monday.

      I am wandering around near an area near the shopping mall. There are a number of people who are involved in some sort of publicity relating to Godzilla and a particular store (or perhaps the entire mall). I walk through the hall of the shopping mall at one point and I am annoyed by seeing three people approaching me who are all in unusual oversized Godzilla costumes (though a few other people are in human-sized Godzilla costumes), though not really looking like any typical movie version of Godzilla. They are about twice as tall as me so I assume that they are wearing stilts and have features within their costumes for more control of the larger arms and such. They do not really regard me directly though I know they are there to annoy people with some sort of promotional gimmick.

      One Godzilla costume is meant to convey the idea of rocky skin (somewhat like the Thing from “Fantastic Four”). Another is a purplish color with polka dots. One has mixed elements of lion and clown, with a sort of mane that seems akin to a wide clown outfit collar. I have an uncomfortable feeling that it will be difficult to shop anywhere in the region with all these annoying promoters.

      There is one scene where I see someone (unknown) watching a Godzilla movie on a narrow wall between two hallways, but the man playing Godzilla is somehow directly talking to the viewer. I get the impression he can even stick his head out of the implied screen unless some sort of holographic technology is involved. (In this case, the Godzilla head is about the size of a human head, unlike the large costumes.) I wonder if the viewer is going to allow himself to be attacked or “eaten” for entertainment purposes.

      I later find myself in a beautiful area near a marsh, eventually within a forest with dense shrubbery. I begin to relax and explore. However, one of the people who are wearing Godzilla costumes comes to where I am, though does not find me. He looks near a large shrub but cannot see me. This time, the costume seems about three times bigger than me but the size does not bother me (and does not even seem a factor).

      Finally, I focus on the nature of gravity. Water seems to run uphill. This is very puzzling. Josh Holloway (the actor from “Lost”) is present. Some small rivulets of water that flow upwards on the wall form a tree-like pattern. I see something very unusual and point to it. At first, I think it might be more water moving upwards along a wall but it turns out to be the glow of the plastic wrap over a new toy cap gun still on the card and somehow stuck on the wall.

      Josh is also apparently annoyed by all the people in weird Godzilla costumes. Several more (unknown) people appear and we explore a large public bathroom (which may be abandoned). I look at the sink and notice water flowing upwards in the side of the basin. Later, we manage to evade a person in a Godzilla costume as he only looks around in the first section of the bathroom.

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    9. Not Quite a Family Dinner

      by , 08-01-2015 at 02:01 PM
      Morning of August 1, 2015. Saturday.

      In my dream, I find myself in an unknown composite, atypical, and possibly a mix of Rose Street and North Monroe Street, though another location is added later on. I am seemingly in a house visiting people I do not really know (or recognize in conscious afterthought) at all, possibly my presence based on a friend knowing this family. There is a man and his wife, probably in their thirties and they have at least three teenage daughters. In some ways, this is the opposite of a typical imposer dream in that I feel as if I am imposing in this one (rather than people I do not know “invading” our home), which is so rare, I cannot recall the last time this situation occurred in this particular manner.

      I am sitting in a cloth-upholstered armchair (not a recliner or at least not open as one) in what I am guessing is a large dining room. The large rectangular dining table with a dark brown veneer surface is longways from the wall (and against it on the opposite end) directly facing to my side of the room. It takes me awhile to realize that I am not dressed and just have a sheet around me. Still, not only does no one seem to notice, the married couple seem to be somewhat impatient or concerned about my not being at the table yet (though not angrily so; they are quite cordial and welcoming). The unknown female has apparently put a lot of effort in preparing a large meal and I feel slightly bad about not being certain if I really want to sit down with them (especially as I am only in a sheet). At the same time, I notice that there are only six places set across from each other (none on the edge opposite the wall though there would be room for one extra setting there otherwise), and this does not at all seem to be enough space for all of us (considering that there are also a few other guests around my age, it seems, though they may not actually all be staying).

      I feel that the food should not go to waste, though I tell them I have to use their bathroom (mainly so that I may get dressed even though they still do not seem to care at all even though they are devout Christians). When I go into the bathroom, I am aware that it is actually the room I stayed in on Loomis Street when first moving from Florida in the summer of 1978. Through the doorway (south) is the (wrongly placed) dining room I had just left and to my right (west), instead of the door into the very large closet that adjoins the two bedrooms, it appears to be an open door that leads to a small unlit room that is also adjacent to the dining room. Also, there is no curtain on the south doorway, so I am directly exposed to people walking around in the dining room, who are seemingly becoming concerned at me not coming out yet. There is actually a toilet in the room directly facing the south doorway. I stand in this area trying to put clothes on (which were apparently absentmindedly left by another male) though people keep coming in and interrupting me, albeit either cheerfully or absentmindedly. This includes my sister-in-law Cindy (appearing as she did about twenty years ago) coming in from the west doorway and Zsuzsanna’s half-brother Simon coming in from the south doorway at different times.

      Finally, the three girls come in and start yelling at each other and punching each other in the stomach. Then the mother comes in after a couple minutes and yells at all of them, and then all four of them are all wrestling around on the floor and rolling around and fighting and kicking (though I am not sure why). I decide I have had enough of this and will not stay for dinner after all and will just leave in a sheet. I have no desire to get involved in whatever issues they have with each other.

      My dream’s ending was mainly environmentally scripted by at least two girls arguing outside our window (while they were walking down the footpath) when I was sleeping, as has happened in the past, thus changing the nature of my dream. The rest of my dream was likely heavily influenced by two Jehovah’s Witnesses (male and female) knocking on the door quite early around the same time period, as my wife had told me they left a paper which she immediately tossed away.

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    10. A Big Fly Crawls From a Small Pipe and Bites Me

      by , 10-02-2014 at 04:02 PM
      Optimized 1 minute 45 second read.

      Thursday morning, 2 October 2014.

      A Big Fly Crawls From a Small Pipe and Bites Me

      Dream # 17,454-02.

      I am in the bathroom of my current real-life home. I recall I need to replace a tap spindle because the shower’s hot water does not turn off completely. (In reality, the spindle threads had worn; the handle turned without tightening.)

      I focus on an area near the ceiling where a small pipe capped with a bolt juts diagonally downward. (The feature does not exist in reality.)

      Something undetermined inside the pipe, seemingly alive, is slowly pushing out the bolt. It turns out to be an unnaturally big green bottle fly doing this. It emerges after it pushes the bolt out. (There is no backstory implying how it got inside the pipe.)

      The fly painfully bites the middle of my right forearm, which I assume may be fatal. Without emotion (because of dream state intuition), I sit at the foot of our bed to wait for Zsuzsanna.

      An unfamiliar man of about 40 (this dream’s protoconsciousness) sits in our lounge room. I do not perceive him as an intruder. I think he might be here to help me with either the plumbing or my presumed medical emergency (even though such an immediate response would be impossible in reality), but he does not react.

      Upon waking, I realized my dream’s pain was an exaggeration of “pins and needles” caused by uncomfortably sleeping on my right arm. (I often sleep on my left side, unlike here.)

      A life form emerging from somewhere, especially an enclosed area, correlates with my anticipation of exiting the dream state. It is as simple as that.

      The fly (somatosensory anticipation from neuronal energies increasing) emerges from the pipe (REM atonia decreasing through spinal neurons).

      There is an additional association with achieving arm and hand mobility and strength because I swat at annoying flies in real life. My dream’s beginning exemplifies REM atonia by focusing on a tap handle unresponsive to a hand tightening it.

      If you still do not understand dream content causality, review the following:

      I am uncomfortably sleeping on my right arm. REM atonia (natural immobility while sleeping) is also a factor here.

      The dream state responds to this by presenting a situation where using my right arm (to tighten a tap) is infeasible.

      Spinal (to the upper end of the “pipe”) motor neurons (“buzzing fly”) increase my awareness of my wrongful sleeping position until pain (“fatal” fly bite) becomes the predominant focus.

      Sitting at the foot of our bed in the last scene demonstrates metacognition as a precursor to wakefulness.

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    11. Surreal Motorcycle Stunt (bathroom wake-up call explained)

      by , 01-10-1991 at 07:10 AM
      Night of January 10, 1991. Thursday.

      Dream Number 47,590 (original system). Optimized 1 minute 45 second read.

      Waking-Life Factors Underlying this Dreaming Experience:

      I had slept about 15 hours, the longest I ever slept in my life. It was a cold evening, and I had felt unwell. I wrapped myself in blankets and slept on the floor of the northwest corner of the sun parlor of the Loomis Street house in La Crosse, Wisconsin. My head was northward. I was sleeping on my left side in a fetal position.

      Dream Content:

      I stand near the doorway in the bathroom of the Cubitis house. There is not much light (at first) other than a soft yellowish glow from outside via the small window, but it seems to be nighttime. Several unknown people are standing around, and their attention is on an unfamiliar man on a motorcycle. He readies himself to perform a stunt.

      The motorcycle turns slightly, moving from its orientation toward the toilet to being in line with the window, its headlight brightening. The motorcycle rises into the air with a soft mechanical humming, going toward the window, simultaneously "shrinking" (caused by distorted distance perception) as I wake with a need to use the bathroom.

      CAUSATION (not "interpretation"):

      With this familiar dream type, imaginary kinesthesia (vivid but illusory movement and motion) begins because of vestibular phasing, caused by emerging from REM atonia (solely a result of REM sleep). (All dreams in this mode result from vestibular phasing during emergence from REM atonia but with slightly different narrative types.) This association results in imagining my dream body as a vehicle to compensate for the illusion of vestibular phasing. (There are thousands of matching examples of this process in my online journal.)

      Virtual Amnesia and Dream Errors:

      A motorcycle would never have fit in the small Cubitis bathroom. The bathroom window was too small and too high for a child to climb through. I am in the Cubitis house to prevent associating the dream state with real life. (An imaginary bathroom while sleeping is useless.)


      Try to grasp the reason the motorcycle first aimed toward the toilet but with the outcome that it left my dream's imaginary setting through the window despite the surreal (and nonsensical) implication because of my attention vacillating from dreaming to waking out of a biological need. The crowd (lack of privacy) was a secondary factor in making my dream's imaginary bathroom unusable.

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    12. Splat!

      by , 07-02-1989 at 01:02 PM
      Morning of July 2, 1989. Sunday.

      I had been painting the larger bathroom on the second floor of the King Street boarding house for my landlady. It is a sort of greenish lighter teal color (much the same as in reality).

      After I finish painting, a large crane fly suddenly appears and lands on the north wall near the sink at about shoulder level and with a sudden splat (creating the impression of very small droplets of paint flying out from the surface of the wall), creating a strong focus on tiredness. There is also a sense of disgust that is close to literal nausea.

      Induction factor: water (man-made; bathroom sink). The setting is known and realistic and somewhat public (shared boarding house bathroom). There are no other characters. I seem to have a physical body as I had been painting. Return flight factor features as a crane fly. The mood was primarily of a sense of annoyance and disgust. Additional coalescence factor: paint (fluid), coalescence (as crane fly hitting wall) undesired; seemingly “blocked”. Possible explanation: being subliminally aware of something on my face, possibly my own hair. I also tend to dream of insects in a negative context when being too warm or too cold in addition to being overtired.