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    1. A Vivid Roller Coaster Adventure (control without lucidity)

      by , 09-09-2020 at 06:52 AM
      Morning of September 8, 2020. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,622-02. Reading time: 4 min 18 sec.

      I instinctually summon imaginary kinaesthesia to vivify and sustain my dreaming experience. It is crucial to comprehend that this process is not symbolic, interpretable, or influenced by waking life but is a deliberate attempt to become more immersed in my dream. (Summoning imaginary kinaesthesia means instinctually directing the vestibular system ambiguity resulting from the lack of viable discernment of my physical body and its orientation while in dream sleep to favor the inward illusory side of this ambiguity to increase the illusion of movement and momentum. I have indulged in this practice since I was a toddler.)

      I am also instinctually aware of Zsuzsanna sleeping close to me on my left. As a result, in my dream, she is sitting on my left in what first seems like a small open train but soon becomes a car on a roller coaster. There are no other roller coaster cars or people. (Meanwhile, Zsuzsanna is dreaming of being on a train, intimating we are in the same stage of dreaming, not necessarily transpersonal as it is a fundamental process.)

      My dream vivifies with realistic movement (correlating with my imaginary physicality) as we ride the roller coaster. I see its unusual structures ahead, but I remain unconcerned, and our ride is smooth. The landscape is similar to that along West Avenue North in La Crosse. I realize that the ride will take us to a resort that features a beach. This factor is an instinctual summoning of melatonin mediation. Water exemplifies the illusory essence and nuances of sleep. (Meanwhile, Zsuzsanna continues in the same dreaming stage. However, in her dream, she remains on the train. Rain starts to come in because of a leak in the roof.)

      At the unfamiliar resort, the beach is suddenly an indoor feature after the typical indoor-outdoor ambiguity of this dreaming mode begins but favors the indoor factor. It is now more like a big indoor swimming pool. Our oldest son is now with us (even though he did not travel here with us), but he is only about ten years old. (There is no recall of our other four children at this point.) He cheerfully jumps into the water. Several other people are swimming while I sit with my legs hanging over the edge of the pool and sarcastically complain about there being no beach. At this point, because of sustained virtual melatonin mediation, I become aware our son is not resurfacing. I soon see him below the water’s surface and pull him up, and he seems to be unconscious (instinctual awareness I am sleeping). He recovers and complains about a man grabbing him underwater and doing something to his face.

      Zsuzsanna, our son, and I walk down a hall as I complain about the place and the man who may have hurt our son. A sleep-wake manager (also the manager of the resort) comes to us with another unknown male and states how he removed a small stick from our son’s nose and also intended to bring him up to the surface. Even so, I am annoyed that such a business would allow debris where people are swimming.

      In the next scene, Zsuzsanna, our son, and I are in a small room with windows encompassing three sides and benches attached to three walls. We watch an unrealistically large shark swimming around, though it does not bump the glass or pose a threat. The height of its head is higher than the windows when it is closest. (This scene was directly influenced by “Underwater” from 2020, though in the movie, it was people watching a giant fictitious oceanic creature through a window. Despite the influence, it correlates with precursory liminality that I informally call wall mediation, instinctual awareness of the concurrent division between imaginary dream space and potential waking space.)

      At a service counter, I become annoyed when the manager gives us complimentary bowls of ice cream. I knock them to the floor, as I do not want to spend any more time here, and end up leaving on my own with less of my waking-life identity. I climb up the roller coaster and attempt to ride a car back home (mistakenly perceived as Northside La Crosse, where I have not been in waking life since 1994). Even though my dream exponentially vivifies at this point, it also transitions to the emergence side of physicality and kinaesthesia. It now seems I am on a mechanic’s creeper (instead of a roller coaster car) and trying to move through a small wooden tunnel, feet first while on my back. (This type of dream state process occurs when precursory liminality becomes predominant in that I am then liminally aware of my physical body being immobile and beyond my control while sleeping. At this point, I am also instinctually aware of my sleeping position, which is mostly on my back.) I think about the unusual restrictions of the design and consider how men of a bigger size than me could not use the transportation at all. Even so, it seems likely that I will not be able to continue comfortably.

      I decide to teleport (with only vague myoclonus). I am suddenly in an unknown outdoor location in Northside La Crosse. Two people are present; an unfamiliar man and a woman (quantum model of Zsuzsanna). I tell the man that I teleported here. He seems puzzled and incredulous. I prove it to him by teleporting about six feet to the left of my present position with the sense of quickly blinking and becoming more aware of the dream state’s essence again. He cheerfully holds up his cell phone to film me in a conspiratorial manner, but I turn so that my face is out of range. I cause his cell phone to stop working. The screen cracks, and it displays what looks like an analogue television on an empty channel.

      I explain that whatever I say happens. I summon somatosensory dynamics (to augment my dream self’s sense of touch), but with big diamonds rather than eggs or coins. I open my hand to reveal an unrealistically large diamond that I give to the man. I tell him it is only worth about $30,000.00. Other diamonds appear in my hand. I give the woman one.

      In the last scene, she happily approaches me as I am leaving to remind me I had already given her a diamond on a previous day. She opens her hand to show me two large diamonds.

    2. Fun with Unreal Flood

      by , 02-06-2018 at 08:22 AM
      Morning of February 6, 2018. Tuesday.

      In this dream, I sustain the water induction stage and create the concept of a world flood, but I am mainly focused on how many different ways the dream state can render it wrongly while remaining vivid and while I remain at least partly lucid.

      The setting seems to be a large city. I have a lot of fun walking and running on the surface of the ocean and riding the tidal waves toward the city, which is mostly already covered by floodwaters. I also go underwater at times (though my dream self can always breathe underwater, as it is just the dream state and the dream self’s “physical body” is just an illusion anyway).

      There are some obvious errors in rendering which I focus on with amusement.

      At one point, I am swimming, but the water’s surface seems solid, though soft. Still, I slide over it on my stomach, somewhat unrealistically. In the distance, I see the tops of skyscrapers, though barely visible, emerge from the water and then sink again. This is based partly on the slope of the water’s surface changing at times.

      At another point, I realize that the skyscrapers are miniature buildings. Some of them are not even as wide as my computer desk but imply a number of windows on each side. Still, I see them as normal buildings. Lesser waves, caused by my swimming, the water dynamics being far more realistic at this point, hit the buildings and I hear glass breaking, with the illogical impression that the small pieces of glass are going down to the bottom (inside) floors of the skyscrapers. I find interest and enjoyment in this situation for several minutes (mainly because it is the semi-lucid dream state and I can create and destroy whatever I want, the breaking glass sometimes sounding more like wind chimes).

      At another point, I find amusement in how there is a dry area between a number of miniature buildings (again, still implied to be a real and normal-sized city) with the water somehow kept back by an invisible wall in this particular area (at least one city block implied), though it is not perceived as an invisible wall by my dream self, only an erroneous dream rendering, which I actually start to make fun of in my dream. That is, I am making fun of the dream state and its inability to be consistent or render the setting realistically in this particular case, actually speaking aloud (my dream self’s voice that is) to the dream itself.

      I play around with the setting and various dynamics for a long time before waking. I mentally will new buildings to appear at times, and then bring the floodwaters to them. There is no evidence that the city is inhabited by miniature people. I am the only one present in my dream manipulation. There is not even any indication of RAS mediation, dominant or otherwise (though this is mainly because it is not the last dream of the sleeping period, where things like needing to wake and go to the bathroom are not yet dominant factors).

    3. Rescuing Shark or Girl

      by , 03-10-2017 at 09:53 AM
      Morning of March 10, 2017. Friday.

      I am swimming under the ocean (and I can breathe underwater as in many previous dreams since early childhood). I am near the ocean bottom. The imagery is beautiful. A shark swims toward me but turns and swims to my left as we move past each other and I am not threatened or even acknowledged in any way. There are other fish, including sharks, here and there.

      I soon notice a submerged bus on the ocean floor. It appears to be empty but I decide to explore. Eventually, covering the bus, is what I assume to be long equidistant strands of some sort of seaweed, and yet oddly, it looks more like green Christmas tinsel garlands arranged vertically around the perimeter of the bus, each about a foot apart. They sway with the ocean current and actually seem to “reach out” at times. They establish a sense of joy though I remain puzzled about this seeming setting distortion.

      Curiously, my dream temporarily becomes a dream within a dream, of viewing sparkling Christmas ornaments and swaying garlands. I seem to circle intricately decorated Christmas trees and look deep within their branches and feel intense joy. Soon though, I am back under the ocean in the original setting.

      I swim into the bus through the open doors at the front right side. The driver’s seat is empty and it looks like the whole bus may be empty. I swim towards the back. I notice a human body (female) wrapped up in transparent plastic, in a middle seat on the right, wrapped with a cord around the middle. For a short time, a potential (flight symbol) waking prompt distorts the scene and the inside of the bus seems more like the inside of an airplane where men would line up on each side to be ready to parachute (and all the singular one-person seats face outwards now instead of towards the front of the bus). I try to focus more and the bus temporarily becomes a separating construct of giant ribs after an impression of thin white splitting plastic, pieces of the seats floating outwards and upwards. However, I am soon back in the original setting.

      I look at the girl’s face through the plastic. She is unfamiliar but alive. Her eyes glow brightly as she smiles. There is something I do with my mind that I do not recall ever doing before (which also occurred in another dream of this date). I think it has something to do with a dream of May 18, 2015 (“Unusual Bird”), except in that dream, I was watching the event happening to someone else from a distance. It has something to do with deliberately superimposing the essence of your face onto a dream character’s face (almost like forcing a three-dimensional “mirror” around the person’s head, yet internally and externally at the same time). There is an extraordinary sensation and skewed awareness that cannot be accurately described. (I also get a vague impression that this may be the supposed “new” entity or “contact” from a few other dreams.)

      For a moment, her head becomes that of a shark (though somewhat anthropomorphic as it looks directly outward from the otherwise vertical body), but changes back, seemingly implying a playful sense to demonstrate an ability to quickly change. I carry her out of the bus (though still with the plastic around her) and swim up to an underwater cliff. Perhaps she is a shark but I still think she should be rescued. I carry her over my left shoulder as I swim.

      From here, there is intense and vivid fractal imagery which flashes and turns. I am still seemingly underwater though and continue to “swim” through the surreal patterns. I also see flashing Mandelbrot patterns.

      I watch an orange octopus (which seems ambiguously entwined within the spiraling fractal imagery for a time). There is more than one at times. Looking from underneath the octopus at one point, I get the impression of a billowing and waving skirt, which temporary becomes such an image for a short time. The octopus imagery is very detailed and correct at first. However, there is one point where I see an “octopus” that seems to have virtually endless tentacles. It sits on the cliff.

      My dream shifts into more fractal images and impressions of the shiny patterns inside oyster shells.

      As I wake, I experience the most unusual hypnic jerk I have ever had. It feels like numerous small tendrils of electricity grabbing my foot and lower leg and lifting it up. My entire leg moves upward as I wake before it drops back onto our bed. (I had been sleeping in a position where part of my right side and much of my stomach is on the mattress.) Typically, hypnic jerks and other waking muscle movement (other than my nightly back spasm) are not this sustained (though my leg usually does jump a bit) and I do not recall feeling individual tendrils of energy “grabbing me” or “attempting to lift me” like this before. It was very strange and interesting…and something new and appreciated (regardless of it being somewhat startling, although because the effect is similar to a dream I had in America where the energy of Zsuzsanna’s essence was fully felt upon me, it did seem external - though I am not sure of the source - if it was Zsuzsanna, who was sleeping near me at the time, I do not recall her “sending” this way before).

    4. A Beautiful Beach, Cool Water, and…Almost Kicking Someone

      by , 02-07-2017 at 08:17 AM
      Morning of February 7, 2017. Tuesday.

      I become intensely aware and feel cheerful, though I am not lucid, during what seems to be the last stages of someone leaving an area that he had been caught trespassing in late at night. I am not regarded by any of the characters in this situation even though I am fully physically present. The owner of the land remains at the rear of a guard’s large building, giving warnings to the other male who had trespassed. This other male however, is now with a guard at the front of the building. I watch him and the guard through the window from outside (on the left side of the building when looking at the front). Each time that the owner of the property shouts something at the trespassing male, the trespassing male then “interprets” and relays to the guard (on his left and not close enough to the window to hear the owner) what the other male had supposedly said.

      The property owner loudly informs the other male that a helicopter will be coming with people to arrest him. He will also be fined a large sum of money; at least a thousand dollars. He gives a number of minor details. This results in the guard being told (by the trespassing male) that a helicopter will be coming to take the trespasser to his home and that someone will bring money to give him (rather than him being fined). Everything the property owner shouts is changed by the other male to become a beneficial event for him. The guard does not realize this at all and writes down the instructions on a notepad. Even though the situation is hilarious, I am only mildly amused.

      I turn around to see an amazingly beautiful beach and nighttime scene. I walk towards it, thinking that I might take a helicopter from an island not that far from shore (which I may be able to walk to because of sandbars). I notice an orange beacon in the center of the island. There also appears to be a park shelter or some sort of small utility building on each corner of the island.

      Still, once I am on the beach itself, my perception and clarity becomes extreme. The scene is so beautiful and blissful, I become distracted and forget that I had been thinking about getting on a helicopter or going to the small island.

      I notice two sandbars just off the beach. I go to the closest one and roll around and slide with the incoming waves in the wonderful cool water and white sand. Two other people, an unknown male and female, are also enjoying themselves. I first think that they may be playing with some sort of sea creature such as a dolphin or octopus, but this is not the case. As I walk past them, I am somewhat annoyed. I would like to enjoy the beach more without strangers around.

      I see a large park shelter. There are three pairs of picnic tables, each pair touching end to end and the ends perpendicular to the front opening of the shelter. Two couples sit at opposite sides of the building. I walk in from the right side, having enjoyed being barefoot in the cool water and sand, but I soon notice a lot of crumpled empty packages from vending machine products and other rubbish strewn on the floor. There is a puddle and it looks like someone had even peed near one wall.

      I decide not to go fully into the park shelter and absentmindedly say aloud, “this is a real pee place”. The other male in the water looks up and asks me what I said. “It’s a pist-place!” I say.

      “You can’t expect people not to take their stuff out to enjoy nature,” says the male (which also seems to mean that he thinks it is okay to throw trash everywhere as well as put various recreational junk on an otherwise isolated pristine beach). As he says this, I notice an equidistant series of small yellow cube-shaped plastic boxes across the front of the park shelter (which I am certain were not there moments earlier), each overflowing with various items. Some of the items are for sports and recreation on the beach.

      “I prefer water, sand, and rocks to this junk,” I say. I start to become really annoyed and kick an oversized green Monopoly house (about the size of a football) from the top of the contents of one of the boxes as it flies at the other male, almost hitting his head. I kick a couple of the small storage boxes, also missing him. I then decide to kick him directly in the head with my right foot.

      Just as I somehow lift my foot high enough to kick his head, I wake up with my right leg thrashing out like a real kick (while on my left side). (Thankfully, I did not kick anyone or anything in reality.)

      • A beach in a dream is liminal space autosymbolism, a typically heightened stage between sleeping and waking, similar to bridges, parking lots, and porches, all of which represent a liminal link between the dream self and conscious self identity during the dreaming and waking process. I usually become much more aware in liminal space (especially as it links directly to the waking transition and emergent consciousness factor). In this case, I was only one step down from ordinary lucidity and at the highest level of (non-lucid) liminal dream state awareness, with full-body awareness.
      • The first situation in my dream is some sort of comedic transmuted “return flight” precursor where another male takes on my dream self’s role. (I never actually see a helicopter and my dream is altered into a sustained increased awareness rather than ending here as it should which is likely why the waking prompt was more extreme than usual.) From here, I deliberately sustain my dream without lucidity and even the personified preconscious element shifts to another scene (not that common). Water and its dynamics symbolizes sleep in real time, which is how I am able to additionally sustain my dream by focusing on the beauty of the beach and ocean (known as reinduction). The fact it is nighttime is a circadian rhythms factor of the deeper unconscious (which delays the emergent consciousness factor).
      • A waking prompt is a biological necessity, typically brought on by the dream self or something else falling, flying, collapsing, rising, and so on. In this case, my hypnic jerk actually seemed changed into a semi-conscious act, as if I knew I had to do this to fully wake (and as usual, the personified preconscious was the focus of instigation).

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    5. Helicopter and Seagulls

      by , 12-25-2014 at 06:25 PM
      Morning of December 25, 2014. Thursday.

      I am on a helicopter seemingly in early evening, though before sunset, with unfamiliar people (including the pilot), apparently all adult males of around thirty (though I have no focus on my own age). We are flying over the ocean. I notice several girls swimming in the ocean far below. Without paying much attention to my present circumstances, a young girl is soon seen hanging in the doorway of the helicopter, to my right but only half inside, somehow having come from the ocean far below, apparently by flying. Her facial expression is cheerfully mischievous though friendly. At this point, I notice there is no pilot (of whom had originally been on my right), yet I feel only mild concern. However, two seagulls ahead, one on each side, somehow seem to be guiding the helicopter back to land by their presence alone. I assume the girl is a shape shifter whose natural form is a seagull.

      Water Induction - Vestibular System Personification, female (subliminal summoning of young version of Zsuzsanna) - Parallel Autosymbolism; RFWS (Return Flight Waking Symbolism) with WEWS (Water Emergence Waking Symbolism) - RAS truncation (pilot vanishing) - Vestibular System Mediation (soft waking) - Emergent Consciousness Factor as flight symbol - right-sided waking symbolism while sleeping on my left side.

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    6. Take One Take Two Take Superman Out

      by , 06-21-2013 at 12:21 PM
      Morning of June 21, 2013. Friday.

      Here are a couple dreams of the same date with a few different scenes.

      There is a flood again, but the water comes mostly from large tidal waves that somehow move more inland. Some people are looking for survivors as there is still a danger from more flooding.

      There is a strange scene of riding the fast, powerful waves just to get to another area, perhaps to our house, as I was getting my youngest son and oldest daughter from some sort of group meeting or visit in a building from a room that was a bit like my old apartment on King Street.

      A woman is looking for her young daughter of about four or five years and I help a few people dig through the mud near a curb. She was trapped under a lot of mud near the curb and must have somehow gone through the storm drain, which is also filled with mud, and yet she is somehow still alive. However, it would be impossible in real life to take pieces out of the street and sidewalk so easily, although it is broken up a bit in my dream. The girl’s breathing makes bubbles come up through the mud and a thinner layer of water over the mud. Also, it seems there are several storm drain chimney-like sections very close together.

      In another dream, I have my old snub-nosed revolver and end up protecting a few people from another person who has a gun, but who sort of becomes a friend. This was probably heavily influenced by a two-part episode of “Deep Space Nine” I had just seen (“Past Tense” parts 1 and 2).

      There is trouble with another person who seems to be a threat to the area, but then Superman arrives (I have not seen the new “Superman” movie yet - “Man of Steel” - but may in a few years - also really tired of hearing the word “reboot”, which is mindless, way overused “trendspeak”).

      There are about five repeating “takes” in a row in this dream that are mostly the same. I shoot Superman on the right side of his stomach, and he seems surprised and is badly injured (but not dead). People are amazed. All I did was use a Kryptonite bullet, which anyone could do, really.

      I have tentatively decided to classify part of this as precognitive (I never do this unless it is verified with at least a few details involved, but this still happens continuously and has since earliest memory), as my young niece in the USA had to drive through flood waters around the time I was dreaming this - around the same streets as in this dream - and I last saw her in real life when she was very young. Could be coincidence in this case, though, as floods are a fairly common theme, both precognitive and somewhat symbolic, perhaps. However, almost all my dreams contain at least a few clearer implied precognitive elements of one kind or another.

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    7. Flash Flood and a Fish

      by , 01-08-1983 at 01:20 PM
      Morning of January 8, 1983. Saturday.

      I am in a mostly unfamiliar area seemingly in La Crosse. I may be near the place called Bonanza (which is a restaurant, I believe) where people fish. Over time, there is threat of a flash flood. A lot of people are struck and carried away by the rushing water and I end up hanging onto some sort of wooden debris (part of a house, I assume), quickly floating directly north. I suddenly notice a large, healthy, silvery fish next to me as if it was just tossed from the water somehow, or more like riding the waves at the same pace I am, remaining uninjured. It seems somewhat important, like a significant event for me. I am not sure what species it is; it may be a large herring. I feel a sense of vividness at that point, the most vivid part of my dream. It seems almost mystical. I have found that other people have had very similar dreams, one mentioned in a lecture about it relating to the gift of abundance.
    8. "She was afraid to come out of the water"

      by , 11-08-1979 at 05:08 PM
      Early morning of November 8, 1969. Saturday. (Between 1 and 3 am.)

      In my dream, my female classmate, Carol Waters, is swimming in a very small “swimming pool”, which seems to instead be a section where concrete is otherwise to be poured into the hole that is presently filled with water (as part of an internal floor foundation my father had been working on). The water in it may be a result of recent rain even though the setting seems indoors, though there are possibly missing external walls behind me or on either side as well as the roof not being constructed yet. It reminds me a bit of an actual construction area my father worked at previously but also (more likely) could be from newer construction on the new rabbit shed on the north side of our backyard. There is another person in my dream besides me and Carol Waters; seemingly my father, standing with arms akimbo to the south (facing north) of the small “swimming pool”. I am to the east of it. There is a sense of puzzlement in the scenario. It seems to be midnight or after in my dream, which may be reflecting the actual time in this case.

      My father seems to be puzzled as to why Carol Waters (her real name) is using it as her own private “swimming pool”, as he needs to finish his work and pour the concrete (after removing the water), though he would not actually do this work so late at night. She is “swimming” upright, almost vertically in a seemingly physically impossible way; in an unusual very swift manner back and forth (east to west and back). The scene is highly unlikely, as the area for the concrete to be poured would not be deep enough to use as such (assuming Carol is actually upright in the water, though she may just be doing a wrongly perceived or distorted dog paddle). My father says that she is “afraid to come out of the water” giving me a vague awareness of the Brian Hyland song “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” (even though I am not certain of what Carol is wearing in my dream, as she never comes out of the water).

      This dream was in the middle of the night, seemingly coming out of a very deep sleep. It also seems too cold (even for Florida) to consider that someone would be swimming at this time. It seems amusing in that her surname was Waters and this is the only dream I documented as ever having her specifically as a character and was related to her being in the water.

      Trying to be as accurately detailed as possible here, I will add the nature of the setting as in being of typical very clear perceptual bilocation. The scene, as well as its implied in-dream location, also seems to be oddly set between the south inner and outer wall of my bedroom, partly in the front yard in front of my father’s room (original room before he built the extension into the carport). This sense of bilocation occurred in the majority of my dreams when young (and still occurs more sparsely) though I had not previously given the specifics online.

      A probable meaning to this dream is that I was merely focused (in-dream) on the dreaming process itself; that is, the water being the essence of the dreaming mind, projecting myself as Carol the swimmer, the pool not being a real pool (dream state as opposed to waking consciousness), my dream being short (not that much water in the faux pool), and the building incomplete (dream not fully rendered even though vivid). As most dreams have a precognitive or remote viewing layer, this one foreshadowed newer work my father was to become involved in. (He added a new area to the rabbit shed as well as becoming more involved in local construction involving houses, churches, and park utilities.) Also, immediately after my dream, he talked about rainwater making the concrete too wet and had to do additional work.

      Additional notes. There was an association with an apparently fictional lyric “she was afraid to come out of the ocean, she was afraid to come out of the sea…” (as I often misremembered song lyrics as a child). Also, I always, even at this age, felt the song was a bit ambiguous, as it was not clear if the bikini or the polka dots were yellow. I did not see Carol Waters as shy in real life.

      melatonin simulacrum subsequent mediation / water lowering waking symbolism

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    9. Swimming with Sharks

      by , 09-12-1976 at 03:12 PM
      Morning of September 12, 1976. Sunday.

      In my dream, I find myself at what seems to be the bottom of the sea, though it does not seem that I am really that far underwater. It actually only seems that I am in about ten feet of water or less. There are a few different kinds of large sharks swimming near me, but I do not feel threatened.

      There is something about retrieving a wallet, though I cannot recall if it is mine or not. For some reason, I am aware of at least one important credit card (possibly more) - Mastercard I think, with possible associations with implications of the word “master” - and possibly some identification cards or folded documents in the wallet I am to retrieve. I can easily breathe underwater, and move about somewhat as if swimming.

      My dream takes on an odd ambiguity, almost like two simultaneous dreams (both “deep in the ocean” and “looking at city features”), or at least implied bilocated settings. Above me, I look up through a “transparent” floor (as if I have X-ray vision) and notice at least one girl in a skirt walking above me in a presumed office - though I do not feel any significant voyeurism-based interest regarding this imagery and perspective and it is also unlikely that the building above me is actually over the water, as it seems like a business building somehow being seen from elsewhere. However, it may also be a high school with a young teacher present, though I see no one else. There may have been an odd level of foreshadowing and self-fulfilling prophecy here. A few years later, when “going back to school” in a manner of speaking at WWTI (after moving back to Wisconsin) to get my GED (or so-called high school equivalency), I got a student ID card for the first time ever. After the term I absentmindedly threw it over a bridge over the Black River.

      High school (my tenth grade classes) had started on August 30th, but I did not go until September 13th, due to having recently had an operation on my hand, and I was also still in pain for a couple weeks after my surgery. This dream may have related to the concept of trying to find my “identification” (or place at school) while starting tenth grade with certain students perceived as “sharks”, or potential bullies as well as either “getting credit” for doing school work or getting school credits in a metaphorical association.

      For an indeterminable reason, this dream seemed somehow “linked” to another completely unrelated and later dream (perhaps being somehow associated with the “same” presumed fictional town at one point) about a fictional movie or documentary about the “1910 Fruitgum Company” (an American bubblegum pop band of the 1960s) as if it was a real company. At one point, I watch while flying or floating from above, a 1922 red Phaeton (long-term-recurring dream feature) going down a street. It is implied that “Winchester Cathedral” (which I vaguely seem to hear playing at least once in my dream) is “their” song, when it was actually done by The New Vaudeville Band in reality. On one level, this may have been a subtle desire to “return to the past” (or at least review it).

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