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    1. White Helicopter and Clock Tower (with comparisons)

      by , 07-30-2018 at 01:37 PM
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      Many specific patterns linked directly to the dreaming and waking process and its autosymbolism have been occurring continuously in my dreams for over fifty years, most occurring one or more times each sleep cycle.

      White Helicopter and Clock Tower.

      Morning of December 31, 2012. Monday.

      A white helicopter flies over a mostly featureless green field. It flies to the left of a clock tower that displays five minutes past ten. There is a vague apprehension of the rotor blades hitting the tower, but this does not occur.

      Vestibular system correlation of this nature is by emerging consciousness definition, represented by the clock tower which also correlates to the ultradian rhythm at the end of the waking process.

      Now I will look at other dreams (posted previously) that are a model of the same dreaming and waking process.

      In “Brother Earl’s Flying Saucer,” from November 29, 1976, this same waking process renders a spacecraft that my older brother Earl supposedly built. The spacecraft looks much like the Flying Sub from the television series “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.” It flies to the left of a clock tower. Regardless of a couple near misses with the tops of buildings, it successfully flies away.

      In “Not Quite Paris,” from June 13, 1978, I non-lucidly choose to place my focus closer to the process of vestibular system correlation. In this specific case, it is the Eiffel Tower, not a clock tower, but it is still the reactive representation of the emerging consciousness.

      In “Helicopter Ride into the Beautiful Mountains,” from February 8, 2017, the right side of the helicopter I am flying in taps a commercial building, but surprisingly, does not result in a mishap.

      In “Failed Flight (Wing Knocking On Eaves),” from October 1, 2014, the wings of the Cessna that someone else is flying is tapping the eaves of a building I am in on the fourth floor. I see it through the windows to my right. Instead of crashing into the building’s exterior wall of which is perpendicular to the section of the building that I am in, it stops and falls.

      In “Computer Tunnel?” from September 11, 1983, a low-flying airplane crashed into one of two skyscrapers. I am in a wheat field and run through a tunnel with walls like a printed circuit.

      In “The Future Delegates,” from September 11, 1982, while hugging, my “dream girl” (Zsuzsanna) and I jump from atop an airplane as it approaches a burning city and one of two skyscrapers. (Note that this was the precognitive form of Zsuzsanna before I knew of her in waking life, before our contact in 1991 and before we met in 1994).

      In “Amusing Helicopter ‘Rescue’ (with Pierce Brosnan),” from May 19, 2016, a miniature version of Pierce Brosnan (as James Bond) in a miniature helicopter “rescues” an effigy of me from the top of a high building. I place a tiny human-shaped pillow (meant to be “me”) into a small bed in the miniature helicopter.

      In “School-Bus-Plane Over Ancient Greece,” from November 16, 1969, I am on a flying school bus. Ahead, through the front windows, I see scenes of ancient Greece; the Oracle at Delphi and the Temple of Athena Nike. We seem to be ready to land. There is a sense of looking into the distant past.

      Thousands of other dreams that I have experienced and resolved since early childhood use this same basic template. Astoundingly, most people seem to ignore everything that is in plain sight (no pun intended). They prefer to pretend that the dream has “symbolism” related to waking life when such a process is typically not even viable. (Consider how difficult it is to read in dreams, or for that matter, even think at all other than in lucid states.)

      This type of dream is an extension of the flying, falling, or rising dreams, which has nothing to do with real-life factors other than in rare cases. It is a result of the vestibular system correlation of the waking process, as the reactive representation of emerging from sleep and is not symbolic in the conventional sense. A tower or other high building of the emerging consciousness becomes the focal point in some cases, though not always. It is all about correlating illusory physicality and increasing dynamics of the conscious self as in waking life. Whether or not you maintain either non-lucid or lucid dream control, such control has little to do with real life, but the extent of knowledge of the dream state and specific level of sleep.

      What does the conscious self possess that the dream self does not? There are many factors. One is the inability of the dream self to viably discern where his physical body is as he or she sleeps. That is a no-brainer, but many people do not even seem to have the slightest grasp of what it means or the nature of related reactive representation in the dream state. They go on to pretend there is a correlation, corrupting the “I am” of the dream state with the “I am” of current waking life, thereby on a path of misconception.

      Once anyone of reasonable intelligence dismisses the notion of waking life “interpretation,” or things “indicating” other things (relative to dream self to conscious self) new opportunities and clarity of mind develop. People who only pretend to understand dreams are easily recognized and dismissed. The causes and effects of the dreaming and waking process are more clearly understood, and non-lucidly or lucidly controlled. (Contrary to popular misconception, lucidity and dream control are unrelated, and in fact, many dreamers have less control when they are lucid than non-lucid. That is because of how the reticular formation functions. Many people who talk about “becoming lucid” have no understanding of what the dream state is.) “Bad” dreams become very rare and the potential for prescience increases. However, as can be seen here (with the September 11 dreams), prescience often correlates with the patterns of the dreaming and waking process.

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    2. Hanoi (postcog or not)

      by , 08-07-2015 at 02:07 PM
      Night of August 7, 2015. Friday.

      Oh no, not this “or not” again. (Someone slap me.)

      Well, here is another little “weird” one. I do not have a Tower of Hanoi puzzle in real life (at least on hand) unless the baby-toy variation is relevant (my first guess being “no”). This is just a brief and skewed “anniversary” dream, I think, of playing around with a version of the Tower of Hanoi (and there are apparently several variations). Though it has shades of postcognition, I am more-so inclined to believe I might have seen the newspaper very recently due to the extensive level of research I have been doing of late.

      One of the newspaper headlines I would have seen (while living on Rose Street) on August 7, 1965 reads “REDS ASK HANOI AID”. What this has to do with my dream, I remain clueless. Because the word “aid” appears, I assume it may be a play on help in solving the Hanoi Tower (which I have not really messed around with in years, the last time being a computer game version of it). Of course, maybe it is something that looks like the Hanoi Tower, and, specific to the date (August 7) perhaps metaphorically relating to three people who are passing something of a puzzling nature between the three of them.

      No clue otherwise.
    3. The Tower Big Ben

      by , 12-20-2010 at 06:20 PM
      Morning of December 20, 2010. Monday.

      Feeling relaxed, as I step through green grass of about knee length (apparently being barefoot and wearing shorts as I can feel the velvety grass against my legs and feet), into an area closer to the shore of a pristine lake, I feel very peaceful. There is no one else present. It seems to be late morning or afternoon.

      Eventually, evening seems to be approaching. I am not surprised (at least at first) when I turn my head to my right and see the tower Big Ben. I even consider that it may be a feature of the building I live in (though without a thread of memory of what country I live in). However, I do start to become puzzled by the nature of time and how it seemed to be afternoon only a short time ago. Still, I do not have any negative thoughts or worries. I continue to sit by the shore of the lake, feeling content.

      My dream self does not seem aware of it being my 50th birthday. The clock tower as an emergent consciousness symbol is rendered via circadian rhythms factors (and the later stages of the sleep cycle) but additionally in this case, may also represent mortality. It is also qualified as being this dream’s waking space prompt and is additionally associated with the puzzle of being between dreaming and waking. This is because my older sister Marilyn often bought Milton Bradley Big Ben jigsaw puzzles. The lake symbolizes being in a specific stage of the sleep cycle, while the clock mainly represents the waking precursor.

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    4. The Persian Princess and the Towers

      by , 09-11-1990 at 04:29 PM
      Morning of September 11, 1990. Tuesday.

      Of all the continuous precognitive dreams I have had since early childhood (many of which were specifically linked to my wife-to-be, though some of that is now considered as “sent” impressions from her long before we met), this one stands out a bit more as it has several layers of precognition relative to a particular time period (though I have had many like this since childhood, including the “Patches” series which even foreshadowed the exact but highly unlikely imagery from how the house in Cubitis would look many years later). The mood was somewhat similar to the more impersonal missing Malaysian flight dreams I wrote online just prior to the actual events (and one post which still has the original server date for the “cop out” mentality crowd that pretends to have an answer for such things that really could not even begin to be explained in human terms). The odd thing about the missing Malaysian flight (in terms of my precognitive dreams) is perhaps related to the fact that Malaysia also has buildings called the “twin towers”. This is something I have only pondered fairly recently. Pop culture synchronicity and foreshadowing may be more relative to some world events than how my own mind is differently wired.

      Before I get into the more summarized details of this dream (only the more major scenes), I should mention possible (but vague and very early childhood) influence from the May 1952 issue of “Imagination”, one of those digests leafed through before I could read much (in 1965 at age 4) and which a brother-in-law (sister Carol’s first husband) sometimes dried out on a wood stove after retrieving them from the dump. As mentioned in other entries, this cover featured a dark-haired woman with her arms raised and two skyscrapers coming apart in the foreground. This featured the story “Tonight the Sky Will Fall”, which also happened to coincidentally be in the same edition as a hard-to-find book I had in my youth (a particular print of “Space Opera”) but which inexplicably a copy (same edition, even) was on the top of a pile in the Maryborough library - in fact, the first book seen in the first trip to the library after meeting Zsuzsanna my wife-to-be and the last place I would expect to find such a book. This event made even me do a double-take and once again think “what in the world is going on” for a week after, even though I was used to unexplained wide-ranging over-the-top synchronous events by that point. April 9, 1994 was also a relevant date to this dream concerning the “rise of the tower” and seems directly related to the concept of the 99th day: "Jerusalem literally fell on Tam. 9th, 586 BC, which was the 99th day of that year.“ Without intending it, we got married on April 9, 1994. It just worked out that way due to time and VISA concerns. (In my "Kingdom” story, which used details from this dream and others and written during this time period, the date of the event was also associated with 11-9, though Australian month and days are indeed reversed this way. This dream was also partly influenced by Tom Petty’s “You Got Lucky” video, regarding a scene after the supposed apocalypse and my dislike of older video games.)

      In my dream, the only directly familiar character (aside from the “mystery girl”) is my older brother Dennis (from my mother’s side). For some reason, we seem to be in New York and enter the ground floor of one of the World Trade Center buildings. I find myself gazing intently on “A Young Lady Reclining After a Bath” (Muhammad Mu’min). The painting is covering nearly the entire upper half of the wall. However, it appears mirrored to how it actually appears in reality and at one point seems to become far more lifelike, displaying the familiar “mystery girl” of hundreds of past dreams. The image shifts to where she is also more on her side and seemingly eating a fig. Dennis also looks at it but seemingly for a different reason, as if he is uncomfortable. For some reason, I get the strong impression that this is the “Persian princess” I will marry (even though the “mystery girl” also had Hungarian Romani heritage on her father’s side) and it will be within less than a year that she will make contact (which it was, in March of 1991). I “explain” this to my brother Dennis, though he seems a bit awestruck by other unknown concerns. We go up to the top at one point and it seems to be like the Lake Placid Tower (although it was Carol and her husband that took me there, not Dennis). I feel a strong sense of urgency that we need to get back down to ground-level and so we do.

      From here, a dramatic event unfolds. I start to feel a very strange and unexplainable awareness of motion and change, and a powerful sense of “something coming up from below”. A large tower rises directly from the ground and knocks aside the World Trade Center towers. They collapse suddenly but then seem to vanish. The “new” tower is multicolored but otherwise ancient-looking and I sense that it is Persian. Dennis leaves the area and my dream shifts slightly.

      From there, I see hundreds of people wandering in the streets, seeming confused and some in shock, looking at the “new” unusual skyscraper. The people are looking at numerous posters of missing people on various fences and such (this part being identical to imagery I saw on television after 9-11). I spontaneously say, “Well, it was a nice planet while you had it”. A young male looks at me oddly and somewhat angrily. I look up into the sky and notice two large objects, seemingly pillars of green fire that move horizontally and then arc upwards. They make a sizzling sound and I am not quite sure what they are. I get a sense of something Biblical and cannot quite think of them as spaceships even though I seem to resolve them as such as I wake.

      The missing Malaysian flight was another extreme and unlikely world event which I did manage to post online at least part of beforehand from a few precognitive dreams (and since did not edit - the server date remaining as prior to the event for the typical “cop out” crowd). As I am certain I am not the only one that has experienced this continuously, I have to wonder what is going on with the rest of society (and in fact have wondered this since I was about four).

      Precognition often has extreme and layered detail in terms of overall accuracy, yet is often skewed into unlikely composites linked with one’s own life (but which may also be linked to books or movies you have not yet seen in an artificially personal way as if the fictional event was actually integrated into your own life somehow in-dream), which is why it often seems “wrong” or not correctly “seen” (not counting visually exact remote viewing and similar perspectives). I have been studying the nature of this since childhood. It seems to be a combination of true precognition, skewed metaphors, and visual associations that are more relative to puns or other types of plays. It is also often so trivial and impersonal as to be ridiculous (such as dreaming with more precision about a television commercial or comic book before you see it). The 9-11 pop culture foreshadowing has been more significant and examples of it can be found all over the Internet, which tells me that the majority of people can “see” yet somehow do not acknowledge or express it more socially (but through art, stories, comic strips, and so on). It seems that only long-term dream journalists are the ones the most open and honest about it (and of course for entries already written such as my Malaysian flight going missing, the point becomes moot anyway, I suppose).
    5. Falling Tower

      by , 09-11-1977 at 09:56 PM
      Morning of September 11, 1977. Sunday.

      I am outside near the concrete walkway to the shed in back of my Cubitis home. Curiously, there is an “unknown city” (at first) I become aware of to the west (mostly to the northwest) beyond the other side of Highway Seventeen. It is fairly rare for this scene to occur in my dreams with this directional orientation, as usually, unknown “new” cities appear to the east, beyond the railroad tracks. I notice one high building, probably the Empire State Building. I do not consider, however, that I live in Florida and nowhere near Manhattan.

      Somehow, the building falls over, tipping to its side (possibly related to a military jet flying too close to the area, implying doomsday - a recurring in-dream concept at this time including the “Three Doomsday Jets” dream). Even though it was far away, it somehow suddenly ends up near where I am standing (though the area between the house and shed and between the house and neighbor’s orange grove is much more expansive than in reality). Strangely, it then begins to turn top over bottom (reminding me vaguely of a “twitching caterpillar” for some reason). The scene becomes highly ambiguous and extremely unrealistic. On the one hand, it is a building that collapsed (or rather “tipped over”) a great distance from my home, yet on the other hand is quite small at this point, like a model (though still implying the same full-sized building), only about ten feet high. It continues to turn top over bottom in a circle around me as if in a deliberate attempt to fall on me after failing the previous times (as if it holds some sort of conscious intent).

      I become extremely uncomfortable and annoyed (with a growing “mental dullness” - my dream seeming only “half-rendered” at this point) at this persistent “thing”/skyscraper that wants to “fall” on me. It continues to dance around me in a circle in a top over bottom routine, somewhat in the manner of a dropped gyrating coin that never stops. I eventually perceive that I am only a few inches tall, though see myself from a higher disembodied perspective. It becomes almost like watching an annoying news report while half-asleep or in an intoxicated stupor. It is almost like I am trapped in having to stay in the act of running around in a circle, as the tower will never finish its presumed “falling over”, it seems, almost decaying into abstract incoherency just prior to waking, as dreams sometimes do.

      UPDATE with grammar enhancements March 2015. I did not really see this as either significant or precognitive (even in 2001) originally (with regard to the September 11 attacks in 2001 over twenty years later), partly due to lack of a coherent scenario and the fairly rare “mental dullness” my dream seemed to generate - caused by a very mild headache in sleep which faded after fully waking (as well as it seeming to be the Empire State Building rather than one of the World Trade Center towers by conscious association that day). However, because I have seen thousands of examples of date-relevant associations regarding precognition and foreshadowing with my own dreams (and additionally via pop culture or incidental published works not relevant to my dreams), I presently feel there may be some sort of subtle link, regardless of the bizarre level of distortion and impossible dream imagery here.
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    6. Running…and the Tower (apex lucidity experiment)

      by , 08-13-1972 at 02:13 PM
      Morning of August 13, 1972. Sunday. (Online entry extensively expanded for additional background and clarity and resupplemented on Friday, 1 September 2017.)

      This dream, from age eleven and during summer break after completion of fifth grade on June 2nd, occurs in the state of apex lucidity, where my dream self is fully corporeal, including in weight and momentum, with all the physical dynamics and augmented senses as in waking life. In this state, full control can be maintained by the conscious self identity. Since age four, I had been involved in my own continuous experiments with the dream state, including, on some days, several hours of specific affirmations (and other types of preparations) prior to sleep.

      In reality, I am sleeping on my back, my feet southward. The foot and right side of my bed are against walls with tall jalousie windows with the head of my bed being open into my room. The entrance to my room is to my left, on the opposite side of my room. Although it is daylight, my eyes are covered with a pillowcase (of an additional pillow than the one my head is on) from behind my head.

      Surprisingly, there is still some vivid hypnagogia, where I am still able to willingly return to the dream state. The hypnagogic virtual “slideshow” is slow enough to eventually choose the setting that I want to “step into”. However, because it is morning and circadian rhythms dictate that most of my sleep cycle is over, most of the settings (cycling at about one per second) display primarily featureless fields, though there is still the residual essence of water (which symbolizes sleep dynamics and the metaphorical tidal aspects of dreaming that seem to be based more on the glymphatic clearance pathway rather than always correlated with Earth’s tidal dynamics). I step into a setting without surrendering my conscious self identity.

      I step onto slightly damp ground, somewhat marshy and squashy. The grass is nearly up to my knees, though sparse in some areas. I decide to see what would happen if I run with my eyes closed. Would my dream change?

      I start happily running barefoot and I feel as if I have a lot of energy. I keep my eyes open for a few minutes. The open field is slightly less marshy over time (the “water lowering” waking symbolism precursor, which has been documented hundreds of times since childhood and still works as such over fifty years later).

      I continue to run, now with my eyes deliberately closed, through the slightly muddy grassy field. The marshy ground is bordered by drier ground with denser and shorter grass as I run joyfully, with an incredible sense of freedom and appreciation. The sound changes slowly over time, from my footfalls producing shallow splashes of water (which I find wonderful) to the slaps of drier ground. There are no buildings visible anywhere, including in the distance.

      Eventually, I decide to open my dream self’s eyes to see where I am now. Despite the continuous vivid perception up until now of cheerfully running through an open field in mid-afternoon, I now suddenly find myself at the top of a tall ivory tower, looking out over mostly featureless grassy ground. (The tower mostly resembles the Sather Tower, which I have never been inside in reality.) I puzzle over this change. I do not recall running up a winding staircase (or changing direction as such, which would have been required in the implied smaller area) which my present location would seem to indicate (though I do not know what the inside of the Sather Tower is like).

      My puzzlement increases and I decide to leave my dream (though remaining curious about the results of my experiment), which I do deliberately by phasing out of my dream self’s body, phasing through the wall of the tower behind my dream self’s body, and flying up and out of my dream (a recurring way I deliberately left the dream state by way of my conscious self identity, more so in my childhood and teenage years).

      In post-hypnopompia, I realize that the tower was the rendering of my emergent consciousness, the symbol of my growing conscious self identity (which is sometimes personified as another character just as the preconscious sometimes is though I was the only dream character in this case), watching over the dream state, which relates to the experiment analogy (just as a person would look over the setup of their experiment). Additionally, there was an influence from Cathy Carr’s recording of “Ivory Tower” (from 1956). I actually feel as if I had been running for a long time, as my legs feel slightly tired (though there is no evidence I had been moving my legs or moving at all in reality).

      Despite this dream being a result of apex lucidity, I can relate it to some waking life elements, one prescient. I began sixth grade August 28th (which was to be held in a different building), about two weeks after this dream, thus there may be a “testing” of seeing myself in a higher position. However, there is ambiguity with that concept in that, although my three middle school years (fall 1972-summer 1975) took place in a one-storey building, my earlier grade classes took place on the second floor (though that relates to physical dynamics, not emotional).

      In terms of prescience, the specific date marker (which remains unexplainable in terms of what people understand about the perception of time, as same-date prescience occurs far too often to be coincidental) was based on never having been in a tower in real life until much later during a middle school summer break, with my sister Carol (older half-sister on my mother’s side) and her husband Mel, which I had never expected. (I did not even know they would be coming to Florida until about a week before their visit.) This was a journey to the top of the Lake Placid Tower in Florida, which was a wonderful day for me.

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