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    The Persian Princess and the Towers

    by , 09-11-1990 at 04:29 PM (211 Views)
    Morning of September 11, 1990. Tuesday.

    Of all the continuous precognitive dreams I have had since early childhood (many of which were specifically linked to my wife-to-be, though some of that is now considered as “sent” impressions from her long before we met), this one stands out a bit more as it has several layers of precognition relative to a particular time period (though I have had many like this since childhood, including the “Patches” series which even foreshadowed the exact but highly unlikely imagery from how the house in Cubitis would look many years later). The mood was somewhat similar to the more impersonal missing Malaysian flight dreams I wrote online just prior to the actual events (and one post which still has the original server date for the “cop out” mentality crowd that pretends to have an answer for such things that really could not even begin to be explained in human terms). The odd thing about the missing Malaysian flight (in terms of my precognitive dreams) is perhaps related to the fact that Malaysia also has buildings called the “twin towers”. This is something I have only pondered fairly recently. Pop culture synchronicity and foreshadowing may be more relative to some world events than how my own mind is differently wired.

    Before I get into the more summarized details of this dream (only the more major scenes), I should mention possible (but vague and very early childhood) influence from the May 1952 issue of “Imagination”, one of those digests leafed through before I could read much (in 1965 at age 4) and which a brother-in-law (sister Carol’s first husband) sometimes dried out on a wood stove after retrieving them from the dump. As mentioned in other entries, this cover featured a dark-haired woman with her arms raised and two skyscrapers coming apart in the foreground. This featured the story “Tonight the Sky Will Fall”, which also happened to coincidentally be in the same edition as a hard-to-find book I had in my youth (a particular print of “Space Opera”) but which inexplicably a copy (same edition, even) was on the top of a pile in the Maryborough library - in fact, the first book seen in the first trip to the library after meeting Zsuzsanna my wife-to-be and the last place I would expect to find such a book. This event made even me do a double-take and once again think “what in the world is going on” for a week after, even though I was used to unexplained wide-ranging over-the-top synchronous events by that point. April 9, 1994 was also a relevant date to this dream concerning the “rise of the tower” and seems directly related to the concept of the 99th day: "Jerusalem literally fell on Tam. 9th, 586 BC, which was the 99th day of that year.“ Without intending it, we got married on April 9, 1994. It just worked out that way due to time and VISA concerns. (In my "Kingdom” story, which used details from this dream and others and written during this time period, the date of the event was also associated with 11-9, though Australian month and days are indeed reversed this way. This dream was also partly influenced by Tom Petty’s “You Got Lucky” video, regarding a scene after the supposed apocalypse and my dislike of older video games.)

    In my dream, the only directly familiar character (aside from the “mystery girl”) is my older brother Dennis (from my mother’s side). For some reason, we seem to be in New York and enter the ground floor of one of the World Trade Center buildings. I find myself gazing intently on “A Young Lady Reclining After a Bath” (Muhammad Mu’min). The painting is covering nearly the entire upper half of the wall. However, it appears mirrored to how it actually appears in reality and at one point seems to become far more lifelike, displaying the familiar “mystery girl” of hundreds of past dreams. The image shifts to where she is also more on her side and seemingly eating a fig. Dennis also looks at it but seemingly for a different reason, as if he is uncomfortable. For some reason, I get the strong impression that this is the “Persian princess” I will marry (even though the “mystery girl” also had Hungarian Romani heritage on her father’s side) and it will be within less than a year that she will make contact (which it was, in March of 1991). I “explain” this to my brother Dennis, though he seems a bit awestruck by other unknown concerns. We go up to the top at one point and it seems to be like the Lake Placid Tower (although it was Carol and her husband that took me there, not Dennis). I feel a strong sense of urgency that we need to get back down to ground-level and so we do.

    From here, a dramatic event unfolds. I start to feel a very strange and unexplainable awareness of motion and change, and a powerful sense of “something coming up from below”. A large tower rises directly from the ground and knocks aside the World Trade Center towers. They collapse suddenly but then seem to vanish. The “new” tower is multicolored but otherwise ancient-looking and I sense that it is Persian. Dennis leaves the area and my dream shifts slightly.

    From there, I see hundreds of people wandering in the streets, seeming confused and some in shock, looking at the “new” unusual skyscraper. The people are looking at numerous posters of missing people on various fences and such (this part being identical to imagery I saw on television after 9-11). I spontaneously say, “Well, it was a nice planet while you had it”. A young male looks at me oddly and somewhat angrily. I look up into the sky and notice two large objects, seemingly pillars of green fire that move horizontally and then arc upwards. They make a sizzling sound and I am not quite sure what they are. I get a sense of something Biblical and cannot quite think of them as spaceships even though I seem to resolve them as such as I wake.

    The missing Malaysian flight was another extreme and unlikely world event which I did manage to post online at least part of beforehand from a few precognitive dreams (and since did not edit - the server date remaining as prior to the event for the typical “cop out” crowd). As I am certain I am not the only one that has experienced this continuously, I have to wonder what is going on with the rest of society (and in fact have wondered this since I was about four).

    Precognition often has extreme and layered detail in terms of overall accuracy, yet is often skewed into unlikely composites linked with one’s own life (but which may also be linked to books or movies you have not yet seen in an artificially personal way as if the fictional event was actually integrated into your own life somehow in-dream), which is why it often seems “wrong” or not correctly “seen” (not counting visually exact remote viewing and similar perspectives). I have been studying the nature of this since childhood. It seems to be a combination of true precognition, skewed metaphors, and visual associations that are more relative to puns or other types of plays. It is also often so trivial and impersonal as to be ridiculous (such as dreaming with more precision about a television commercial or comic book before you see it). The 9-11 pop culture foreshadowing has been more significant and examples of it can be found all over the Internet, which tells me that the majority of people can “see” yet somehow do not acknowledge or express it more socially (but through art, stories, comic strips, and so on). It seems that only long-term dream journalists are the ones the most open and honest about it (and of course for entries already written such as my Malaysian flight going missing, the point becomes moot anyway, I suppose).

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