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    1. Brunei Water Village

      by , 10-24-2018 at 04:24 PM
      Morning of October 24, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,937-01. Reading time (optimized): 1 min. Readability score (optimized): 60.

      My family and I (in my dream’s fictitious backstory), mostly as we appear now, had been living in Kampong Ayer, a Brunei water village, for about a year. Other than this fallacy, my conscious self identity is extant, though I am not lucid.

      There is a vague concern about my dream journals becoming damp, as there is a false memory that I keep them on the floor, where there are gaps in the floorboards directly over the water. However, I do not act upon these thoughts.

      While outside on the boardwalk, I notice that two of our curtains had moved out to the outside of the window and had become submerged in the water by about two inches. I also see a curved board on the outer wall, warped from dampness, about halfway up on the outer wall.

      The curved board is a literal, though indoor, real-life feature near our lounge room ceiling. It was caused by the indoor rainstorm when our roof was torn off in November of last year.

      Common strands:

      Melatonin mediation and circadian rhythm (The presence of water and its specific forms and dynamics is a temporal association with the sleep cycle)

      Literal dream space strand (Literal association with dreams while in the dream state, in this case, thinking about my dream journals)

      Curtains and window as a specific level of division between dreaming and waking (Common factor of subliminal awareness of being in the dream state, though I have often used curtains in lucidly and non-lucidly controlled dreams)

    2. The Stick, Typical Preconscious Imposition at Window

      by , 09-23-2018 at 08:41 AM
      Night of September 22, 2018. Saturday.

      Reading time: 1 min 19 sec. Readability score: 66.

      I enter a typical sustained “preconscious as intruder” scenario within a dual dream. It is part of an atypical late evening nap. I am aware of where I am in bed, but not lucid.

      My youngest son is in the lounge room. An unfamiliar black boy (interconsciousness avatar of this dream) of about twelve is also present to his left, closer to the west window. They are watching television.

      An unknown man (preconscious avatar) is standing just outside the window (though I never see him). He is talking continuously. He seems to be bullying everyone in the lounge room as I watch from bed. The curtain covers much of the window, though not all of it. The boys move the curtain down more behind the bureau, and the man makes sarcastic comments about the act. I vaguely expect him to break the window, but there is no violence.

      Meanwhile, parts of another dream are unfolding. It is about a stick that ends up in various machines. Someone pulls a stick that was somehow stuck into the face of a DVD player (implied to be about where my wardrobe is, though the setting is ambiguous bilocation). When someone unknown pulls the stick out, the inside of the DVD player seems organic, with the essence of the inside of a human body.

      There is talk about the stick causing malfunctions in computers in part of a “Star Trek: Voyager” scenario. Robert Picardo’s head is atop a stack of motherboards in our kitchen and cheerfully looking at Tom Paris, who seems annoyed and puzzled. It seems the motherboards will eventually fuse and come together to form a human body.

      The last scene is my dream self trying to coalesce my thinking skills to become more aware, causing me to wake in this case. (I typically use reading text and technology features to augment dream self awareness, but I also used coins to do so in childhood.) Robert Picardo as my emerging consciousness avatar is pretty funny.

    3. Mary Poppins Stops By

      by , 09-01-2018 at 03:01 PM
      Night of September 1, 2018. Saturday.

      Dream #: 18,884-08. Reading time: 48 sec.

      I enter a light sleep, with the flu. I am sitting on our couch in reality. I hear knocking (three knocks each time) in two areas of my head over time. I remain aware of my liminal state.

      I am vaguely aware of the virtual division between the dream state and wakefulness, which forms as a sash window with no curtains. I am uncertain of the location. The room is mostly featureless. I get the impression of daylight through the window.

      I think about vestibular system correlation (and imaginary proprioception) and its role in waking starts. I sense preconscious activity and see Mary Poppins cheerfully looking in through the window. As I remain uncertain if I am on the first or second (or higher) floor, I do not know if she is hovering or standing.

      Vestibular personification is often associated with flight (when the discernment of my physical body is inviable or ambiguous). The instinctual anticipation of vestibular system correlation comes before the personification of it. In this case, I am aware of the process, though not deliberately creating the simulacrum’s identity.

      The relevance is that Zsuzsanna and I lived in Maryborough when we first met, where the author of “Mary Poppins” was born.

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    4. Apex Meandering Around Clayfield

      by , 08-09-2018 at 09:04 AM
      Morning of August 9, 2018. Thursday.

      Reading time: 2 min 20 sec. Readability score: 60.

      I naturally flow into the state I call apex lucidity. Usually, though, the state has to be reinitiated by creating and going through a door (or window) that is deemed difficult to open or phase through. (I sometimes end up sliding an entire wall like a sliding door before being fully integrated into this extremely vivid state.)

      In this case, I effortlessly slide out of the illusion of my dream-rendered physical body into my apex body. From here, I phase through a window onto the ground outside. I look back through the window. The setting is incorrect in several ways, despite the augmented realism. Firstly, it seems to be the Gellibrand Street apartment in Clayfield, where we have not lived in years (and it has not been there in reality for years). Secondly, it was not possible to look through the window from the ground level at that address. Thirdly, rather than the driveway, it seems more like the space north of the Loomis Street house in America. Fourthly, the bed was never oriented this way as in the dream. The bed’s head was always out from the window, never the side. (Since childhood, my dreams render everything incorrectly in as many different ways as possible other than literally prescient threads, which makes me wonder why anyone would bother with “interpretation” in the typical use of the word, especially as dreams are typically reactive representations of the dream state itself.)

      Even so, I keep studying the bed where Zsuzsanna and a baby are sleeping. I keep puzzling over the situation because I do not see my real physical body in the bed (which should be to the right of Zsuzsanna and our baby) as I expect to. It makes me uncertain, and I question if I am “still” in my body and ended up falling out the window in reality. (This makes no sense either, as Zsuzsanna would have been blocking me from rolling over and out the window, so that is already the fifth error here.) I am temporarily absentminded and had already forgotten that my original dream body that I supposedly came out of is not my real body either.

      Still, I soon gain back my apex state after this brief lapse. Even so, I feel what seems like an invisible cat wrapping around my left leg, impeding my walking out to the public sidewalk. I consider that one of our cats is probably on my leg in reality as I sleep. (Though this was not the case, it was just illusory.) I try to shake it off without waking myself, and I do, curiously, without a hypnopompic kick resulting. I continue walking into an open area that is more like another place we had lived years ago, on Duffy Street. (As I had written in other entries, walking is more challenging and blissful in apex states than flying is in lower states, one reason being that walking is closer to ordinary consciousness in the highest lucid state with a more defined vestibular system correlation that is not as illusory as flying. Therefore, stable walking signifies far more control of RAS mediation than flying does.)

      Soon, I shift into the summoning state of lucidity as typically begins every sleep cycle. About six young, unfamiliar servants walk toward me and coalesce into my dream self. Coming out instantly at that point, I decide not to return. I feel energized. Once again, I consider how realistic the state is in physicality and overall fullness of self.

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    5. Reptiles and Amphibians

      by , 02-10-2018 at 10:35 AM
      Morning of February 10, 2018. Saturday.

      These segments come from the last two hours or so of sleep, of which there are usually a dozen or more segments, not counting the circadian rhythms autosymbolism of which I rarely document anymore, as it is usually of the same imagery or implication (other than at 07 here).

      04. Zsuzsanna is in our bed, apparently sleeping, though it is on a beach. Ocean waves are rolling in, but not as a threat, more like associations with the healing nature of sleep (as water is autosymbolism for the dream state itself).

      05. Three unknown girls are together, seemingly sharing one drink (in one glass) but they eventually start shifting identities and appearance too fast to really acknowledge with stable dream self focus, about one per second, which is usually an apex lucidity trigger. In this case, I feel that one may be meant to represent Zsuzsanna. However, upon approach, they are all mannequins, which is RAS autosymbolism from the dream self not having a real physical body, the same as with dolls and robots when rendered as such.

      06. I am watching a gondola, trying to decide if I want to be in it, vaguely remembering the autosymbolism for going to another level of unconsciousness (and water reinduction).

      07. I am standing at a window (perceived as our bedroom window), undressed, in semidarkness, looking through rattan blinds. I vaguely consider, in only partial lucidity, that this is “wrong”, without fully realizing that our bed’s head is adjacent to the window in reality (thus no place for me to stand), and that we no longer have the blinds after they were destroyed in the November storm that had torn the roof from our house. I have long believed that, other than prescient threads, dreams typically render everything wrongly so as the perceptions do not become a part of viable unconscious memory as in contrast to faux RAS-based memory, which is specifically used in RAS mediation (neural gating) for sleep-wake transitions. This is in contrast to all the people who write about the “subconscious”, of which nearly all that is written is based on incorrect beliefs or popular superstition.

      11. I am somehow able to see my feet and legs through my bed sheet, which is transparent. Oddly, even though I had been lucid moments before, I am trying to assign this to a real-life featue. Meanwhile, I “remember” that Zsuzsanna is sitting on a beach, waiting for a healing ritual in sleep paralysis. (A beach is a liminal space transition between different levels of unconsciousness and is used as such in mastership meditation.)

      12. I seem to be in Cubitis, and if so, it is likely implied to be a backroad between my old rural home and where I went to school in town. I watch a tortoise as it crosses the road, from my side to the opposite side (west to east). Eventually, four small flames emerge from the tortoise’s shell, one from where each leg had retracted. Apparently, it becomes a miniature version of Gamera (the otherwise giant flying turtle-like monster or kaiju from a series of Japanese films). (This is apparently a carryover from a dream of February 3, where a flame comes from each bottom corner of each boxcar that flies in the air. The association seems to be that, as turtles can symbolize the dream self as being asleep in reality, a boxcar is also a setting where people sleep, such as homeless people in transition. I had not made that obvious connection on February 3.) I look back to see tidal pools and recognize this as water lowering waking symbolism in addition to the return flight waking symbolism (most common form due to ambiguous vestibular system dynamics naturally triggered by being unconscious in REM.)

      13. In my most vivid waking transition, I am in the backyard at Stadcor Street in Brisbane (Wavell Heights), where we have not lived in years. The backyard is bigger and the house is implied to be more north of a much wider side yard area at the south. There are also several trees throughout the backyard, of which were never there in reality. It seems to be early morning and is still somewhat dark out but clear enough to see most detail. I sense the waking alert factor (WAF) of RAS mediation (though in false lucidity, not active), but I wish to explore more. However, RAS will have none of that. A large cane toad is present as RAS. It becomes a pest. Vestibular system ambiguity becomes more dominant and the toad swells up like a puffer fish and moves through the air as if manipulated by a varying wind (but not very realistic, as it moves through the air too slowly to be a factor of wind). At one point, as it slowly randomly blows about in the air, yet I just happen to be in its path, the cane toad’s mouth makes contact with my hand. I continuously remain wary of it, and maintain focus on its parotoid glands, though I notice there is minimal bufotoxin already on its body. It is quite silly really; a puffed-up cane toad being carried about by a nearly non-existent wind and tapping against my arms or hands at times as if it was based on magnetism or as a metaphor of slowed film footage. (I guess it is better than being “surprised” by the core WAF as a vivid rendering of a snake, of which apes and even lemurs probably dream about a lot as well.) I eventually wake.

    6. Exchanging Walls at Gellibrand Street

      by , 08-29-2017 at 02:29 PM
      Morning of August 29, 2017. Tuesday.

      My family and I as we appear now are living back in an altered version of Gellibrand Street in Clayfield. Over time, there are some abstract concepts of needing to remake part of our house (though it was actually an apartment) by switching two front wall sections. This mainly includes exchanging a wall with a window with an area where there is more plumbing (with two silver metal pipes).

      I somehow manage to have this done (with no dream self memory regarding the physical dynamics of the act) whereby the walls have been exchanged. The room with the window is now closer to the entrance and the room with more plumbing is at the right (front of the building viewpoint).

      At one point, I start to realize that, because the pipes come from the ground, it is not possible to connect them properly unless many adjustments are made and new parts are purchased. I look at the pipes coming up from the floor and see there is nothing they will presently connect to, as what they were meant to connect to is now in the other room.

      I then decide that it is not feasible to rebuild the house with this orientation (again, relating to the pipes), so I undo it as if it never happened (though I wake up realizing I am on my right side instead of my left).

      This was part of a longer series of dreams, including resets and partial repeats of this one, a few other dreams related to pipes, and a few unrelated dreams (all in all, about fifteen non-lucid and semi-lucid dreams on this particular date, which is not uncommon, not including the hundreds of hypnagogic sequences).

      In this case, I was vaguely aware of my conscious mind creating my dream’s dynamics and symbolism (which is quite common and has remained one of the puzzles as to why other people do not seem to understand the meaning of their dreams).

      Exchanging the walls directly relates to absentmindedly sleeping on my right side for a time instead of my left. I mostly only sleep on my left side as sleeping on my right sometimes causes indigestion and anxiety (one reason being that the stomach and its weight is naturally oriented to the left side of the body). The pipes in this dream relate to the digestive system (though in other dreams, depending on the dream type, can also relate to the circulatory system, the dynamics of dream induction and waking as directly related to the glymphatic clearance pathway, among other causes). The pipes in this dream were mainly in two locations from the floor, one lower than the other, which associates with one being symbolic of the esophagus and the other, the duodenum. The causal effect is based on the norovirus I had yesterday.

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    7. The L-Shaped Bed?

      by , 06-10-2017 at 09:28 AM
      Morning of June 10, 2017. Saturday.

      This is just a typical first-level dream sign dream of the type I have had continuously all my life, although I only document them when there are unique features. As I have explained before (though it is a no-brainer if one actually understands dreams and how the human mind works), the rendering is based on threads of real-time but subliminal conscious self awareness within sleep. (The number of threads of conscious self identity vary greatly from dream to dream, which is why “interpretation”, as in relating to the current conscious self, is not really feasible.)

      In my dream, I am in an unfamiliar location. There are a number of unknown people around who I do not perceive as imposers. Curiously, we are all on an oversized L-shaped bed, which goes around the internal corner of a wall (that is, of an inward ninety-degree angle). There are at least two windows, one on the side I am on and the other around the turn. I am also aware of a few family members.

      A television is on on the opposite side of the room but I do not pay that much attention to it. I want to keep the window on my side open. It is a bit difficult as the piece that is meant to hold it up (at about the halfway point) is somewhat flimsy. Someone else (unknown), around the corner and on the perpendicular part of the large bed, hands me a gold metal rod (which I thank him for), which I think was a horizontal piece from the other window (which I think may have come from the top of the lower sash). It is about two and a half feet long. One part of it on one end (perhaps attached to it) loosely resembles a very long barrel bolt lock. I am able to place it vertically within the window’s left side to hold up the lower sash at the level of the upper sash.

      After this, I do something to a headphone cord that is apparently plugged into the television. I pull it closer to where I can comfortably put on my headphones (not getting off the bed at any point). I soon hear the television sound through the headphones, although it also seems to be coming out into the room (which is not possible unless the relevant Y-cable is used).

      This last part loosely comes from a recent real-life event. The speakers on our new television stopped working and I had to jury-rig a cord from the headphone socket into amplified multimedia speakers. (Our new DVD player appears to have no tuner so I guess technology is still moving backwards, as usual.)

      Over the last several years, I have learned a little more about the specific elements of “behavior” concerning preconscious factors, especially the personified preconscious. After closely studying tens of thousands of dreams all my life, it appears, quite obviously, that the nature of the preconscious in this case is non-aggressive or confrontational as I am “already in bed” and additionally “already near the open window”. (A window symbolizes, in real time, either the threads to the conscious self status, or another level of consciousness. In holding the window up with a piece given to me by a personified preconscious persona, I am willingly, though subliminally, entering the waking transition without the need for the preconscious to create aggressive or confrontational waking symbolism). Additionally, hearing the television through my headphones symbolizes, in real time, my approach to the waking event horizon, as a television sometimes represents (in real time) the dreamer’s external environment (though it depends on the dream type and time frame of the dream).

      Additionally, the L-shaped bed is probably an unusual visual form to make the clear distinction between the fictional dream self (and its typically false memories and false identity) and the emergent consciousness (which is far more like the current whole conscious self identity). As such, it is likely analogous to the intersection feature in some dream types.

    8. Window Ice Miniature City

      by , 05-04-2017 at 11:04 AM
      Night of May 4, 2017. Thursday.

      I become aware of a window, but I do not know the location. The window has ice on the bottom in the form of vertical columns of different heights. Over time, I see that it almost looks like a cityscape.

      Eventually, I see that it actually is a miniature cityscape of ice, with some three-dimensional associations. Over time, I move my hand “into” this city and take out toys and objects, such as small metal cars, tiny dollhouse furniture, and unknown items. I absentmindedly pull out a man of about half an inch high. He squirms in my hand and I apologize and put him back. However, I put him back on the “public sidewalk”, not back through the high window of a very tall building. He stands and looks up at it, puzzled as if uncertain how to get back. (This of course is not logical. I would assume he would just go through the entrance and take the elevator.)

      After this, I continue to take out more items, even small vases of flowers.

      Most dream scenes of non-lucid dreams (although I become lucid here, eventually) are either re-induction symbolism or waking symbolism. This part contains the re-induction symbolism, where the highest building symbolizes my conscious self in real time. Putting the miniature man on the sidewalk is a subliminal attempt to sustain my dream. (There was no “protest” from the preconscious due to this dream not being near one of the last dreams of the sleeping period, where the preconscious otherwise has more and more dominance relevant to the biological need to wake.)

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    9. Kite or Bird? Self-Breaking Window?

      by , 11-09-2016 at 05:09 PM
      Morning of November 9, 2016. Wednesday.

      I find myself standing in an unknown mostly featureless room as I have just shifted into the beginning of my lucid dream. I mostly find myself gazing at the blue sky through a closed sash window. (I am not sure of directional orientation. If it is implied to be our bedroom window I would be looking west.) An unrealistically large bird, but otherwise the kind called a kite, is seemingly flying directly towards the window.

      Before the bird gets too close and crashes into the window, it slows down and becomes an actual white kite but is still moving down towards the window. Strangely though, the window still breaks (without the kite hitting it), glass flying inward, towards me. At this point, I experience the back spasm event and nearly go flying off our bed. (Ordinarily, back spasm dreams are a premonitory sequence where something seemingly jabs me in my back in physical hypnopompia, a recurring dream event from very early childhood. It does not seem as if this was the case this time, as the flying glass shards came from in front of me, although it was triggered by a sudden awareness of Zsuzsanna’s body behind mine as I was lightly sleeping on my right side. Still, the timing of the imagery was not correctly aligned with the physical event, which I find hilarious, like a movie that was incompetently dubbed.)

      A breaking window simply symbolizes dream cessation in real time (as does losing teeth, which also usually has no waking life meaning). (This metaphor is even used in the 1971 TV movie “The Deadly Dream”).

      The imagery in this dream has a thread of prescience. Zsuzsanna had checked out “Tommy” from the library, which features a longer scene near the end with Tommy on a white hang glider that looks very much like a large white kite. I had no way of knowing she would be checking it out at this time.

      Otherwise, kites, birds, airplanes, and virtually anything associated with flight or wings (including birds that cannot fly) are associated with the floating sensation typically experienced upon falling asleep. Over one in five of my dreams for over fifty years have had this dream state dynamic, but are always unique, and sometimes, as with this dream, contain literal prescience.

      The “back jab” event is based on biology, and only happens in a particular stage of sleeping or waking as a result of spontaneous neural energy. It is completely unrelated to real life dynamics, just as the hypnopompic kick is (although the hypnopompic kick is more pronounced when I do more walking on a particular day).

    10. Small Gifts

      by , 09-12-2015 at 03:12 PM
      Morning of September 12, 2015. Saturday.

      A small beautiful hand is very well-defined and well-rendered. It moves ever so slightly. I appreciate the three-dimensionality of the fingers being slightly closer to me, though I am more in the center of the room at first. There is a sense of deep peace and an essence of bliss. I find myself in a mostly empty semi-dark room with one four-paned window, open only about an inch. There is a gentle rain outside, some of the droplets seeming to fall on large leaves from the sound of it, perhaps elephant ear plants. A young girl in a white hooded dressing gown is webbed to the wall to the left of the window (on my left) but also a bit onto the actual window, mostly facing the wall but slightly turned to the right. The silky, seemingly glowing spider web covers her everywhere, head to toe, and out to the floor a bit, all but her left forearm and hand (though it seems her left shoulder is webbed against the wall). I notice five very small blueberries in the palm of her hand, none touching each other. I do not know who it is, but I assume, because of the ecstatic nature of the imagery and the strange but pleasant sensations in my skin, that it can only be an essence of my wife.

      I take one of the blueberries and eat it and the taste is very sweet. I take a second one after due consideration, and the taste is very slightly different but still nice (as with blueberries in real life, as well as strawberries; each and every one always tastes slightly different from every other). Regardless of being “woven” into the intricate spider web, the girl is seemingly alive and very healthy; just in some sort of “hibernation” perhaps. The scene is not gruesome at all; it is amazingly pleasant (and I see no actual spider at any point, though I suspect it is a redback or black widow that somehow made all the intricate webbing). She does not open her eyes at any point. I consider having a third blueberry, but the sensations in my skin are almost “too” pleasurable, so I leave her with three and I casually throw myself backwards into oblivion, falling into various beautiful abstract images and flashes of pure blue.
    11. Red and Blue Stars

      by , 05-13-2015 at 10:02 AM
      Morning of May 13, 2015. Wednesday.

      My wife and I are looking through a large window. The setting is seemingly my old bedroom in Cubitis though the window (not as it was in real life) is seemingly just an open area to look through a wall to the south (without any window features to block or distort any of the sky scene). I study the nighttime sky and notice a series of red and blue stars in no particular pattern. Some of them do imply a vertical line, though not straight. They also seem to be planets at some points and all the round shapes are all the same size. I have a slight concern as to whether or not this is a possible threat (and concern about how close these supposed stars or planets are to Earth), but it is not that clear an emotion. There are about a dozen in all, not that close together, though somewhat constellation-like.

      The imagery is not quite right, though. I sometimes get the impression at times that some of the cloud cover is behind a few of the stars which is of course impossible. Also, I seem to be aware that the stars are casting shadows against the backdrop of space, which is also ridiculous. Still, the imagery is beautiful. It reminds me of my prenatal memories and what seemed to be prenatal dreams, the main one featuring red and blue stars - or mostly the change of such, and their coming into existence or fading depending on my level of attention and focusing upon them or their potential to exist, almost as if they represented how conscious I was in the womb (relative to their brightness).
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    12. Hydra-Window

      by , 01-13-2008 at 07:13 AM
      Morning of January 13, 2008. Sunday.

      This dream occurred (past midnight from January 12) after having fallen asleep while sitting in a chair on our porch, though it is slightly longer than the typical mircodream.

      My dream involves looking into a dark void or featureless area in a mostly unlit space (not necessarily outer space as it does not otherwise seem that expansive). I focus on a floating window, perceived as being on the opposite side of an unseen or undefined room. Atop the window, on the wooden frame, each snake having grown out of the window frame and still connected to it from about half its body length, are nine snake-like “necks” with heads, otherwise realistically rendered in their detail. They move about randomly (mostly remaining vertically oriented). I do not feel threatened or alarmed; only puzzled and curious (especially as I am viably lucid and watching it as I would a three-dimensional television, thus I could not hold any fear or sense of threat anyway). Besides, my physicality is not defined as being within the same space as this window. Even though there is no apparent light source, the surreal imagery is well-defined. The window has nine panes (three by three).

      This is only odd composite waking symbolism to alert me to the fact that I had fallen asleep in my chair. The implied void simply represents my lack of discernment of my real physical body. A snake is the primary (and oldest) waking trigger of RAS (reticular activating system). A window also often represents the waking point of the dream state (while a breaking window symbolizes the cessation of the illusion of the dream state, and although this window does not break, it does move back into the distance with no perception of me moving). In this case, it is more as if I am looking into the dream state than from within it (an aspect of which people who believe in “dream interpretation”, in the inexperienced pop culture sense, either miss or completely ignore despite the fundamental difference).

      The reason why there are nine snakes matching nine window panes may only be a factor of multiplicity as relating to expansion of neural energies in the waking stage (though number nine does have a personal meaning for me).

      The probable reason why the snakes are perceived as growing out of the top of the window frame (rather than for example, snakes near a window in a more natural scene) can just come down to the coalescence factor of waking symbolism.

      Please note that a snake may sometimes have other meanings than just the RAS trigger as a waking alert. It depends on the dream and how the snake is rendered. Some common additional meanings are intestinal issues, frayed electrical cord hazard, umbilical cord (as in wishing to be free of a parent), an arm in a problematic position while sleeping, and so on.

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