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    The Stick, Typical Preconscious Imposition at Window

    by , 09-23-2018 at 08:41 AM (284 Views)
    Night of September 22, 2018. Saturday.

    Reading time: 1 min 19 sec. Readability score: 66.

    I enter a typical sustained “preconscious as intruder” scenario within a dual dream. It is part of an atypical late evening nap. I am aware of where I am in bed, but not lucid.

    My youngest son is in the lounge room. An unfamiliar black boy (interconsciousness avatar of this dream) of about twelve is also present to his left, closer to the west window. They are watching television.

    An unknown man (preconscious avatar) is standing just outside the window (though I never see him). He is talking continuously. He seems to be bullying everyone in the lounge room as I watch from bed. The curtain covers much of the window, though not all of it. The boys move the curtain down more behind the bureau, and the man makes sarcastic comments about the act. I vaguely expect him to break the window, but there is no violence.

    Meanwhile, parts of another dream are unfolding. It is about a stick that ends up in various machines. Someone pulls a stick that was somehow stuck into the face of a DVD player (implied to be about where my wardrobe is, though the setting is ambiguous bilocation). When someone unknown pulls the stick out, the inside of the DVD player seems organic, with the essence of the inside of a human body.

    There is talk about the stick causing malfunctions in computers in part of a “Star Trek: Voyager” scenario. Robert Picardo’s head is atop a stack of motherboards in our kitchen and cheerfully looking at Tom Paris, who seems annoyed and puzzled. It seems the motherboards will eventually fuse and come together to form a human body.

    The last scene is my dream self trying to coalesce my thinking skills to become more aware, causing me to wake in this case. (I typically use reading text and technology features to augment dream self awareness, but I also used coins to do so in childhood.) Robert Picardo as my emerging consciousness avatar is pretty funny.

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