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      That's an interesting read
      You know, buildings in dreams are often a picture of your body. Being lost in a building, could be that you're feeling lost in a aspect of your life? And a hospital is a building where people are "fixed", maybe that's why? And your psychiatrist is someone you feel safe with sharing feelings and emotions, a person whose job is to help you understand yourself better and the way you respond to your surroundings/environment.

      Just a thought..
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      Thanks for the reply

      The second dream is probably more about my kids than my pets. We may come to be under investigation from the State again which horrifies me. I keep thinking they'll be taken away from me again. I wouldn't go to jail, or maybe I would if the therapist lets them know I've given my daughters cigarettes on occasion. I find it impossible to juggle my role as a parent.
      BUT, we do have a ton of cats, plus 6 puppies now to find homes for.

      I agree about the last one for the most part. I always dream of drowning when I feel overly stressed or overwhelmed.

      I forgot to add the other night I also dreamed of a dead rabbit. It was gray and it's head had been chewed off by a cat.
      >> I had that dream because I'm always worried the cats will get into the bathroom and eat our rabbit (though he's brown).
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      Anyhow, last night, in one dream the face of a man was being sawed off along his mouth. Even though he was quite dead, I could hear his screams inside my head. As the person kept sawing, sand started pouring out of his face. I was more fascinated than mortified/upset.
      this part is symbolic of something you saw that most people would find horrible that you found fascinating.

      n another dream, I gave birth to a boy and a girl, one week (or 1 month) apart lol. I kept losing them and forgetting to feed them. They didn't have names or birth certificates yet because I gave birth to them at home. I kept thinking if one of them died, I wouldn't go to jail because no one knew I had them :O But them I found them and never let them leave my side after that. I was going to college so I kept asking my parents to buy me 2 baby carriers because juggling them plus my books was proving impossible.
      I was failing one of my classes because I could never find it.
      this part is symbolic of your cats

      I dreamed of the ocean and people drowning.
      This part is symbolic of someone in your life, who feels like they are falling apart in the pressures of life, like maybe work and stuff.
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