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    1. 3 Apr: Chased by evil, abandoned palace, werewolf at a village, nudist swimming pool

      by , 04-03-2021 at 01:34 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Very long dream inspired by Doctor Sleep, which I had watched. Long chase by evil beings. Can't remember details but there were several of us in a building and several of them and I am the last survivor. I escape through an elevator to a basement with access to outside. Turns out there is still a friend of mine alive, she kinda reminds me of Zilla but it's not exactly her. We devise a plan to attract the monsters and kill them in some accident. We need to pull them into our minds and make them go from one to the other to confuse them. We create a loop of events in which to trap them. I start. My eyes turn white, I levitate in the air and visualize the events. It all works out but me and my friend find ourselves also trapped in the loop and we panic for a bit. Then we manage to get out.

      It's night, full moon, sky very clear. I am at some place looking through the window and see a most weird thing in the sky, like a cloud formation that looks like some object entered the atmosphere by crossing a portal. I try to photograph it but I need to get in a weird position or the image becomes all distorted. There is only a tiny window of an angle in which it is visible and still I am having trouble capturing it. I fall on the ground and eventually give up. But I go outside to see it live and also just enjoy the full moon. I go for a walk and find an abandoned palace and then bring my mom and friends there. Mom is happy to see someone dumped a lot of the fancy furniture and objects near the entrance gate and suggests coming later to take some things away. We are in love with a marble fountain, she says I must take it to my farm, but it weighs tons and I have no clue how to take it. We try removing pieces one by one, but it is mostly one piece about 5 mts long by 2 meters high.
      Then I am at a rural village early morning. It is very peaceful until strange things start happening. We hear a strange chilling scream of an animal and then several animals running in panic towards a road. Nobody knows what it is, but I think of a werewolf attack. Then some old lady comes outside from a house, acting like a zombie, carrying a kid of 2 or 3 years old in her arms and throws the kid in the trash bin. We are shocked and while one goes pick up the baby, we go ask her why she did it. She looks like a zombie and says her daughter is dead, no point in keeping the kid as he will only attract the devil and be taken away, like it happened to the other one. Meanwhile, we feel like the monster is coming in our direction and we are preparing ourselves to face it.

      Again trying to get away from some evil, I walk into what seems an empty modern building. At the staircase I wonder if I should be going up or down and I chose down. I go down two floors and encounter a couple of housekeeping workers with their trolleys going inside a service elevator. I decide to join them and go wherever they are going. They go up. Then they start making out passionately and undressing each other, despite my presence. They are overweight and not at all attractive but I still get a bit turned on and think "should I join?", but nah... I go out when the elevator stops and I go around a corner and see a reception desk and a long line of very attractive people. Ask what it is this place and it is a public swimming pool. I think that's exactly what I'd like right now, a plunge in a relaxing pool but the line is so long. They tell me not to worry with the line though, because they are all there just to pick up a token or whatever from the receptionist and immediately go to the locker rooms. I follow them but when I undress I realize I don't have a swimming suit or a towel, so I head to the reception fully naked to ask if they rent some. They mock me saying I should have brought my own towel, but about the swimming suit not to worry about because this is a nudist pool. I'm like "Ooooh!" and then look forward to see all those gorgeous guys naked in a pool.
      I have plans to turn it into something even more interesting. When I get to the entrance, a bunch of naked people are stuck there and I am told some dude got in with a girl against her will and locked the door behind, so the mood is not cool. They are trying to figure out what to do, negotiating with the dude and I feel like maybe I should just go full lucid and move on and so something useful but instead I wake up.
    2. 2 Dec: Time loop after bomb explodes in school

      by , 12-02-2019 at 09:20 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Caught on a time loop with some people who are also aware of it. We are at school, the afternoon class was canceled and I am not sure if I stay and eat at the canteen or if I go lunch at home. Out of nowhere there is an explosion and we all die and go back to half an hour before and relive the moment. It seems we can't get out of it or change it and I watch each and every one of the others losing it, going insane. But I also start noticing small changes in the history every time we relive it. I start exploring the moment from other angles. Until I finally find the bomb and the guys who set it up. It won't be easy to disable it but now there is hope, so I go back to my friends and tell them the news just before the explosion happens again.
    3. 06 Oct: Stuck on false awakenings

      by , 10-24-2010 at 04:52 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      During a 10h flight.

      14:30 GMT+2

      Stuck on false awakenings
      I wake up because the airplane is landing. After crossing the dark night in just a few hours, it’s daylight again. I feel incredibly thirsty and groggy. The airplane windows are huge and I can see a wide panorama while we’re landing. I find that strange and I do a RC. I find I’m still asleep but I don’t manage to wake up or to change dream or anything. It just keeps going and I feel stuck.
      Finally I wake up. I see daylight again but the windows are still wide. I do RC again and find out I’m still asleep. Thirst persists as well as discomfort grows but once again I cannot get out or wake up. I decide to let it flow and see where it leads. The airplane is landing on a small road with fences, gardens and houses on both sides. It keeps going until it stops by the side of a building that looks like a bus or train station. Everybody gets out of the airplane and I’m the last one. When I pass by the cockpit the pilot and co-pilot are already outside to and so I lean to check the instrument panel and so on. The co-pilot says to the pilot that I’m taking a peak at the cockpit and warns him they left the key on the ignition, so the pilot comes to me and asks me if I’m not planning to steal the plane. He is half joking and half serious. I respond “of course not, how could I fly this even if I wanted to?”. Then we leave to the nearest village, me, pilot, co-pilot and another girl who was left behind. The co-pilot says that everything is so compact around here that sometimes to go from one street to the other you have to cross through someone’s backyard. He tells me he has started a biodynamic garden just close from there but people keeping running over his vegetables and ruin everything. I find that all bizarre but the fact is to cross to some nearby cafés, we have to cross a sports field. We pass under some Japanese banners hanging over a door and enter a café. I remember I’m so thirsty and I see a bottle of water on some couple’s table, but I have my sigg bottle and go instead to the toilet to fill it in the tap. The pilots moved on, so I am just with this girl. I notice she is Japanese. Then as I drink the water I remember again I am just dreaming and what I really need is real water.
      I wake up. Exactly as previous times, but this time it is night. It doesn’t matter, I can still recognize I am still dreaming. I do RC again and confirm. I am starting to feel desperate. I can’t go out of this loop. I think about people I know, people I love, family members. I call for them. They establish a link to the awaken world and I finally wake up.

      7:20 GMT+9 - wake up

      The airplane is not yet landing but flight attendants are about to serve breakfast. It is day light outside and windows are normal. I see my sigg bottle of water and kill my thirst. Soon I was landing in Japan.

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