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    06 Oct: Stuck on false awakenings

    by , 10-24-2010 at 04:52 PM (471 Views)

    During a 10h flight.

    14:30 GMT+2

    Stuck on false awakenings
    I wake up because the airplane is landing. After crossing the dark night in just a few hours, it’s daylight again. I feel incredibly thirsty and groggy. The airplane windows are huge and I can see a wide panorama while we’re landing. I find that strange and I do a RC. I find I’m still asleep but I don’t manage to wake up or to change dream or anything. It just keeps going and I feel stuck.
    Finally I wake up. I see daylight again but the windows are still wide. I do RC again and find out I’m still asleep. Thirst persists as well as discomfort grows but once again I cannot get out or wake up. I decide to let it flow and see where it leads. The airplane is landing on a small road with fences, gardens and houses on both sides. It keeps going until it stops by the side of a building that looks like a bus or train station. Everybody gets out of the airplane and I’m the last one. When I pass by the cockpit the pilot and co-pilot are already outside to and so I lean to check the instrument panel and so on. The co-pilot says to the pilot that I’m taking a peak at the cockpit and warns him they left the key on the ignition, so the pilot comes to me and asks me if I’m not planning to steal the plane. He is half joking and half serious. I respond “of course not, how could I fly this even if I wanted to?”. Then we leave to the nearest village, me, pilot, co-pilot and another girl who was left behind. The co-pilot says that everything is so compact around here that sometimes to go from one street to the other you have to cross through someone’s backyard. He tells me he has started a biodynamic garden just close from there but people keeping running over his vegetables and ruin everything. I find that all bizarre but the fact is to cross to some nearby cafés, we have to cross a sports field. We pass under some Japanese banners hanging over a door and enter a café. I remember I’m so thirsty and I see a bottle of water on some couple’s table, but I have my sigg bottle and go instead to the toilet to fill it in the tap. The pilots moved on, so I am just with this girl. I notice she is Japanese. Then as I drink the water I remember again I am just dreaming and what I really need is real water.
    I wake up. Exactly as previous times, but this time it is night. It doesn’t matter, I can still recognize I am still dreaming. I do RC again and confirm. I am starting to feel desperate. I can’t go out of this loop. I think about people I know, people I love, family members. I call for them. They establish a link to the awaken world and I finally wake up.

    7:20 GMT+9 - wake up

    The airplane is not yet landing but flight attendants are about to serve breakfast. It is day light outside and windows are normal. I see my sigg bottle of water and kill my thirst. Soon I was landing in Japan.

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