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    1. 28 Sep: Blood moon

      by , 09-28-2015 at 02:56 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I fell asleep thinking of the super moon eclipse, but was too tired to set my alarm clock to wake up to see it, so I thought " maybe I'll wake up to pee and check if the eclipse is happening at that time".
      At some point I started dreaming that I had to wake up to see the eclipse, so I got out of bed, went to the toilet, then realized the figure on the mirror was of a man and shape shifted constantly. I realized I was still dreaming. Tried to wake up again, this time even got outside, but the landscape was a bit off, there was a huge forest and many people gathering around to see the moon, which was big and red. But I don't have such forest near my house. I was still dreaming. I think I had one or two more false awakenings until I finally woke up for good.
      I did a RC to confirm this time I was really awake, I looked to the clock and saw that it was the exact moment of the half-time of the eclipse around here, 3:50 am. I grabbed a coat, went outside and the eclipse was at its peak, with a beautiful red moon in the sky. Still, I had to do another RC, because I kept seeing things quite extraordinary, like a huge dark flying shape in the sky (it looked like a dementor!?) or sparks of light, but I'm in the countryside, there's all sort of animals probably causing those sights: bats, insects... My dogs were pretty excited with my presence and offered me the certainty I was awake when they started biting my ankles.
      Back to bed I had another false awakening, this time I thought I was waking up in my house in the morning, to find that bombs were dropping from the sky and star wars imperial walkers were battling on my land. Then I realized something was not right again, but honestly the impression I had was that dimensions were crossing over, not that I was dreaming. I ran around the house looking for my pets, to run away with them to safety, only to realize that my house was being slowly replaced bits by bits, by different realities, namely other spots in space-time continuum. So, my living room was still intact and normal, but opening a door to my room I would find a street with restaurants, entering the kitchen, it was now some kind of zoo, while on the other side of the house, in the garden, an intergalactic battle was taking place. I felt awed and saddened with the perspective that my house, my haven, my life, would disappear under whole new realities, buildings, events, that would not connect in any way with the memory of me and my loved ones. It was humbling.
    2. 07 Feb: poor vs rich and riding a dragon

      by , 02-08-2014 at 12:24 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I live in a poor neighbourhood. My family sells clothes in a small shop in a shady corner. Some bullies come to collect money from us, but they get more interested in myself and I have to run through back alleys to escape them. At some point I enter a back door of a building and find myself at some kind of posh shopping center. I continue running, but I have time for some observations. I see, for instance, a lady trying on some jewelry the shop keeper put over the counter and as they turn around for a second, I manage to grab a beautiful necklace, but I throw it away before exiting with it. It would be so helpful to sell it and make some money for my family, but I can't. It's not so much that I find it absolutely wrong, but I believe there's a good chance it has an alarm of some sort and I would be caught and it really wasn't worthwile. So I drop it and keep running. I exit through another door and I find myself crossing an oriental-style spa. It's so soothing, but if they see me there, I'll be caught and jailed, so I keep running. I finally exit the building and get to a non-urbanized area, by a riverbed. The sun is setting and I duck under some bushes. I stay there until it's dark and I sense that there's no one looking for me. I then walk through a dirt road and I find a well. I look at it and see the moon reflected on the water and I feel an absolute sense of peace and detachment. I touch the rough stones of the well and have a strange feeling that they are moving. Scared, I fall on the ground and covered in mud, I see a dragon arising from the well, the stones becoming his scales. Is he going to hurt me? I feel that it's up to me. It all depends if I run from him or if I tame him. So, in a corageous decision, I grab some scales on his neck and I decide to ride it. He turns his head and looks menacing, but then he talks to me and he says something magic I can't pronounce even if I wanted. But I understand he is going to take me somewhere.
      He drops me at some big palace like hotel or something. I wonder how I can go inside covered in mud, but then he merges with me and his scales transform into a beautiful golden scaled mermaid strapless dress and I look like a queen. The doors open for me and I'm inside. But I keep feeling a stranger and everytime I cross paths with someone on the lobby, at the hallways, I fear that they will see through me and notice that I don't belong. But they don't.
      I see everyone heading to some kind of concert room and I follow them, trying to mingle. Some old rich couple starts talking to me, I have to lie about a few things, and I wonder if I'll be asked for a ticket a the door and look stupid for not having one. They do ask for ticket and I don't have, but the way I look, they don't even doubt I haven't paid for the show, they believe I just forgot and allow me in. I can't believe it is so simple. Some guy offers me a coat and then I see why. The doors open to an open air amphitheatre over a hill and it's a chilly night. We take our seats and we get a package. If we're on an even row we must open it to the right and if we're on an odd row we must open it to the left (or vice-versa). Inside are some kind of 3D goggles and other weird gadgets. I wonder what this show is about. Then I see some kind of gigantic molecular structures with lights floating above us and I'm said the show is about to start.
    3. 28 Jan: Cyborg attack to a moon dome

      by , 01-28-2011 at 07:17 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)


      Cats and dogs
      With my BF in a room that is supposedly in our home. We receive a visit from a girl who has a degree in history and has interesting things to tell us. There is a sliding glass door that opens onto the street and I notice that it is slightly open. I'll close it to prevent my cat to go outside, but actually he's already outside, in a space that looks like the courtyard of an old industry. I grab him and go back to the house through the front door instead. When I get back inside I find Lisa who says our cat has gone crazy and is attacking my mother. But how is that possible if I have him on my arms? I go to the kitchen and she is cornered by a cat much like our little one. She had brought a wild cat from the street by mistake and of course he was furious.
      We opened a window so he could go, but when he reached the street he became a little puppy. When I saw him on the path to a busy road I was afraid he would die under a car so I ran after him. I lose the sight of him at the entrance of a village and I asked a guy, who I swear was Prince William, if he had seen the little dog. He said yes, but not to worry, because he wasnít lost. Then we had a strange conversation in which he told me he knew the dog, that he was from a certain region but living on this village for many years and everybody knew him (as if the dog was some villager). I still tried to catch the puppy when I saw him once more beside the road, but he turned into a bottle of saline. I began to feel that maybe I was dreaming and I started to float in the air.

      The demi-gods sky opera
      As I rose higher into the sky, I became more lucid and gained more control. In the sky I found myself into a kind of theater with giant gods or demi-gods playing some kind of opera. I do not remember the song but it sticked to my head then and I started to sing it, as if in a hypnotic ecstasy. I flew around, from side to side, singing and the scenery was slowly shift but always themed as theaters, operas, concert halls, etc, with marble columns, red velvet curtains, white statues in grand halls, etc. Somewhere during my freaky show I thought I was probably wasting time, but the song was so overwheleming I couldnít do anything else before it ended.
      When it finally ended and I decided to pull out of there, I remember that I wanted to return to the moon and visit the biodome. I looked for a door to use as a portal and I saw a small door in the bottom of some stairs. But when I get there, I think itís the entrance to a dressing room, because there is a hanger blocking my passage. I move it away but then I see a fantastic green swimsuit that I decide to take to my next dream.
      This proved to be a bad idea, because it was too small and didnít fit me, so I distracted myself by looking for one of my size, as if it mattered at all.
      A girl comes to help me check the sizes and gives me one that might fit me and points me to the dressing room. By now I surely forgot my goal. Thereís also long queue of people wanting to try on clothes. On the wall there is a picture frame with an interesting but obscure character, clearly out of some Tim Burton movie. The persons on the queue invite me to the discussion they are having about that character. They say on the movie it was never clear if he was alive and mortal or some kind of undead or supernatural creature. I say I have no clue about that.


      A fifthsome
      On supermarket with mom and my BF. Mom is loving a barbie doll she saw but itís really expensive, so she pulls her out of the box and puts the doll inside the box of a cheaper barbie. I feel embarrassed and tell her not to, because Iím sure thereís even cameras filming her doing it. But she insists. I then check the price difference and is of 10 ER. Is it really worth it? I suggest her instead to buy some new clothes for the barbie doll I have at home, but then I try to find some and thereís nothing, only dolls. I conclude this is not the toy area of the supermarket, it is actually the natural productsí area where, for some weird reason they are selling dolls. Dream fades a bit, but then recovers and Iím among some people listening to some natural health lecture. Thereís a group of guys sitting on a staircase and I have a crush for one of them so I join them. But soon I realize they are not paying much attention to the lecture. Instead they are discussing poetry. I make some clever comment that makes me look desirable to their eyes, especially to the guy I like. He leans towards me and we start making out. The weird thing is that all of his friends, 4 or 5 guys, seem to be an extension of himself, so they all start making out with me Ė at the same time! First I find it yucky, but then I think I should try it out: a fifthsome! The main guy kisses me, and then I have ten hands cuddling my neck, my breasts, my hips, wow! Then things get more serious and he penetrates me. Then it feels weird, because not only he penetrates me where it is supposed to, but also as he kisses me, thereís a penis coming out of his mouth into my mouth. Iím still wondering if itís cool or not, but decide Iím actually starting to choke with 5 guys over me and a dick in my throat. Enough is enough! I decide to get out of this dream.

      Cyborg attack to a moon dome
      I go into blackness and I wake up in a cottage. I recognize many of my stuff in there, but I do not recognize the house itself. It had green doors and a tiled kitchen. I did a RC but it was not easy to conclude whether or not I was dreaming. I finally decided that I was. At this moment I almost woke up. Everything was black and I felt my body in bed, but I made the effort to come back and I found myself back in that house. I recalled again I wanted to go to the biodome in the moon. I used a door as a portal, but instead of opening it, I crossed it - silly, could have crossed any wall for the same effect.
      I found myself again in the darkness, but I made an effort to feel the ground beneath my feet, to stabilize the sleep. I felt a metal floor and then I stick my left leg to try to feel what was around there. I felt my foot sinking in water. Then slowly an image formed. I was on some sort of entrance hall, with a metal ramp with broad steps. Some of the steps had small round ponds on the left side.
      I went down the steps and to my left the wall became a large glass wall. Outside there was green grass and maybe 5 meters away were vertical white buildings aligned perpendicularly to this hall and forming corridors between them. By now I was in doubt this was the biodome, but because I still wanted it to be, I found two koi fish in the last larger pond, on the last larger step of the hall. One of the fish was enormous and transparent and had many other koi fish inside it. The fish rose in the air and it was hovering in front of my face. I had an unpleasant feeling about this and I was sure this was about to degenerate into a nightmare, but I rejected it and sent the fish back to the pond. The nightmare dissipated and in front of me I then saw the entrance to this world.
      On my right side there was a wall covered in ivy and branches of a lemon tree pending. I set my foot on the ground, which was covered with green grass. I felt I was in Paradise. There was a beautiful flowered valley, gentle green hills with lavish fruit trees and a bright blue sky. I saw people in the distance but they were very discrete. I looked up to try to understand if this was inside a dome or not and I saw the comb-like structure of a dome, very well disguised by the blue sky and the white clouds. I did not know if the blue sky was outside or merely an image projected on the dome, but it looked projected. The dome wasnít big, because I could see its limits in the nearby horizon.
      I walked down to the valley, admiring the wonderful orchards and I decided to call my Dream Guide. I have never called it before and it was a good occasion as nay other. But before anyone replied to my call, I saw a pink spot spreading from one of the limits of the dome, like in a defect on a LCD screen. Then I saw another and another and another. I realized it was some kind of attack to the dome and in seconds I saw an army of cyborgs coming in from those holes in the dome. I could see their robotic structure under some kind of bionic transparent cover they wore. They were firing plasma guns all over. Then I saw all the people I had seen at distance before, running from every direction into the white buildings. I thought I should probably do the same, but the cyborgs were already everywhere! There were plasma explosions all around me. I was really in doubt about what to do. Then some guy, whose face I never saw, comes running from behind me and grabs my left arm and pushes me up a tree in the orchard. He hands me something and throws me into the tree trunk. Before I knew it, I had been ejected at high speed through a hatch in the dome and was hovering in outer space, in the starry night sky. It was all so fast.


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    4. 22 Dec: On the moon

      by , 12-22-2010 at 10:39 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      2:00 GMT

      A roulette of random fragments
      I meet Diana by chance at a tiny alternative shop. We update each other on our lives. She is recently separated from her most recent guy. Her sister is with her and shows up to tell her they must go. I notice how much older they both look.
      Then on some house with a big glass walled balcony. I’m looking through the window and I see some impressive black truck on the parking lot below. It’s of some really annoying guy that likes to show off. Then some bigger haulage truck appears and locks the smaller truck to drag it along for some fake driving filming with some actors inside. We see it parting.
      Then inside some room people are queuing to drop a vote with Mara who’s on some chair with a ballot box on her lap. Behind me in the line is Zilla. She is mad at something and just expresses her protest and goes away. I cast my vote. The room is full of people waiting for the results and Mara is now sitting on a table presiding over everybody. Me and two other girls are sitting on the table with her. She is very nervous, I think she won whatever election that was and she says she wanted to quit, but that she realises people are greatly depositing hope on her. She mentions these three girls by her side for instance already said they want to share their dorm with her and won’t accept that she goes away.
      A bit after, a professor invites me for something but I refuse and say that unlike Mara I am definitely resigning from my functions. I’m a sort of agent and I hand him over my stuff. In exchange he takes me to the headquarters and I must choose 3 goodbye presents, which seem to be a pin, a tiny doll and some earrings. I then stay alone in a room, cleaning up the info on my touch screen laptop. I find a folder with recorded albums’ and as I drag and drop them to some other portable device, they actually get printed in 3D, so they come out of the laptop as actual CDs in a case with printed cover and all. Some guys who came to see what I’m doing seem pretty interested on this and go through my CDs to check for my taste. I get annoyed by that, but they are a bit of a bullies so I try to ignore them. I finish and then I am outside on the street on some bus stop. They are also there, still nagging me a bit, but I ignore and instead I see some add on the bus stop of some Barbie dolls with designer clothes. I don’t recall details, but I know they were malleable and transformable and I think they were totally cool.
      Then the black truck stops by again and all these bullies get in. I join them for whatever reason. They all get guns and start shooting to whichever target they see fit, including little birds landed on rocks. Luckily they don’t hit even once on the targets. Then we exit the big city and are in the woods, near a river. On the margins of the river, in the middle of the bushes I spot Big Foot walking around. I notice by his feminine walk, that he is gay (what...!?). I don’t tell anybody or else they’ll start a shooting frenzy, but they decide to stop right there for peeing. Oops, I just hope the Big Foot doesn’t show up or attack them...

      7:00 GMT

      On the moon
      I recall going through some arched narrow hallway when I became lucid. I had fallen asleep thinking I wanted to finally go to the moon, so I thought about doing it. Found a door and wanted to do the portal to the other side trick by opening the door, but instead I went inside this room and decided for a more original approach. This room looked exactly like a pod and I imagined it to be like that pod that hit the moon in the eye on that classic French film “Trip to the Moon”. It had one round window which I shuttered and the pod became dark. I touched the wall looking for an imaginary button which I found and used to fire the imaginary engines. The lift off felt extremely realistic, with blasting sound and all. I didn’t want this to go forever, so I pictured it ending after a few seconds and it did. I felt it landing. I almost woke up, but managed to stay on the dream when I slowly opened the shutters to check the outside.
      At first I felt I had failed. There was a girl outside looking through the window. Very pretty with curly ginger hair. She smiled at me as I exited the pod. I had landed in the middle of some busy street of some normal looking town. There was something odd about it but then I noticed it was the 50’s retro look of the place and people’s clothes and hairstyles. I had doubts this was the moon. I was about to ask her but I was scared to death by some ocean rising on my left, exactly like the streets of Paris rose above people’s heads on the Inception movie when Ariadne is playing with the dream. I could see a wall of water by my side and the fishes swimming but it never really engulfed me. Before that happened, it receded in a flash and on its place blossomed a mushroom of flat and round transformable screens, showing all kinds of images. I had the clear feeling I had seen this before and I turned to the girl to mention it. But she had already started walking and I went after her. We walked out of the town and passed by some high plateau with view over a giant canyon. At the bottom of it I could see cities sprawling to where the eyes could see. On the top of the plateau there was a giant lake and I almost fell on the water at some point of a narrow passage we walked in. Then we arrived at her tiny tiny car. Two girls were there waiting for us.
      I finally got to ask them if this was the moon. They said “why, of course. Look up!” Then I looked up to the sky. It was perfect blue with some tattered white clouds and there it was: the Earth in the sky! Wow, pretty cool! But then I also noticed 2 other crescent moons. I got confused. I ask them about it but they just said, yeah, the moon has two moons. “And how come we don’t know that on Earth?” They didn’t reply.
      They got in the car and I wondered how in the world I could fit in too. In the front there was only the driver’s seat and on the back only two extra seats. The girl closer to the door looked at me with very little will to make space for me. I asked her why the sky was so blue and if this place was under a protective dome or if they had terraformed the moon. She looked at me with a condescendent look and replied "Both!" as if it was damn obvious.
      She finally squeezed in and I did to. It was an awful feeling and I almost woke up with the claustrophobic sensation and the pain in my legs when I closed the door and got so crammed inside. But I thought “It’s just a dream, the pain is just an illusion, there’s no lack of air either...”, so I manage to cope. It wasn’t long until we arrived at some facilities. On the left of the road was a long white ground level building which was some research lab of some kind. On the right side of the road there were greenhouses. The girls went to the building on the left but I felt attracted to the greenhouses. I entered the first one and there was a guy sitting on a chair in front of some table looking on a microscope or something like that. He just turned his head to see me. Looked surprise but didn’t ask any questions. I smiled at him and kept going inside looking around at all the plants. There were also some ponds, I guess for the aquatic plants. They all looked so alien. I observed one in more detail, which had a white pompon like flower sticking from the middle of an orange like structure sitting on a crown of thick leaves. The white pompon was retractable, like some ocean tubeworms. I see many plants I suspect may be poisonous or have some secret tentacles coming out if I get too close, so I try to keep a safe distance from them. Then I find the red hair girl again on the second greenhouse (they are all connected through passages), talking to some guy at a counter. He is showing her the latest animal they’ve created. It looks like some twisted twig with dozens of fractal like branches spreading from its main torso and it looks and moves like a ramified worm would. She picks it up in her hands and the animal escapes up her arm and up her neck and hides in her lushy ginger hair. It gives me the creeps but she is loving it. The guy then says the best part is this creature eats dust! Its favourite food is dustballs! They laugh at the perfect pet they just got! “Imagine having a few of these around in your house! No more dusting necessary!” I recognize it would be useful, but no way I would like to have those creepy creatures around.
      Then i didn’t explore more of this world, because I woke up.

      8:00 GMT

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