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    1. 7 Jul: People dangling in ropes and weird bank business

      by , 07-07-2022 at 11:51 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      Three or four friends are at the top of a building. One is going down a rope stair hanging on the side of the building to do some stunt. The rope stair partially breaks and he is left hanging perilously. Another friend goes down to try to rescue him, but that is a bad idea because he just adds more weight. Some other friend then throws a rope so they hang on to it, but when the stair collapses completely, they dangle from the rope unable to climb up to safety. Then they spot another guy hanging upside down from another rope. Supposedly a banker who tried to hang himself and regretted it. They decide to join forces and swing to get closer to each other. But they still can't climb the ropes and decide to jump to a pool underneath.
      Meanwhile, inside this building there is a bank, where the rope guy works. A mysterious man comes in and writes down a number with many zeros on a paper and shows it to the manager, who then gives him an audience. The stranger says he wants to buy the bank. He wants the bank to make one specific loan to a specific person and he and his associates first tried it through blackmailing an employee (the guy on the rope), but because he did not do it and was about to commit suicide, they just decided to buy the bank and make it happen.
    2. 7 Mar: Meeting Keanu Reeves, suicidal mother, my grandparents new life

      by , 03-07-2021 at 11:32 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      At some hotel with friends on holidays. We meet Keanu Reeves, who's there too. Me and some other girl decide to come talk to him and flirt a little, but the other girl ain't so bright and she had written notes of what she wanted to say to him. With the nerves she messes the whole thing up and instead of me trying to take over the conversation, I kind of help her out reminding what she had to say and give her space to recover and get his attention. Keanu is quite impressed with my attitude, but still goes on laughing with her, showing more interest for her, which annoys me.
      I leave them and go to a garage where we left a van to be repaired or something and I stay around for a bit. Then I go back to the pension and see some lady I know passing by the reception with her two kids, a teenager and a younger one. She is asking for some nearby restaurant she heard about and then sees the business card of a vegetarian restaurant owned by a friend of mine. She picks it up and she is considering going there instead, but her teen kid says "no way", as she hates vegetarian. I ask her why and tell her I can change her mind.
      Later on in the evening I am outside with my friends and see the two kids alone inside a car. I go ask if everything is fine. They say their mom went looking for something and they are waiting for her to come back. Then the oldest says she is not feeling very well and that she feels that something terrible is going to happen. I find it weird as I too recall a strange premonition I had some days ago. So I go look for their mother, terribly worried. I see her jumping from a viewpoint and being run over by a car on the street below. She dies. Then the kids get stuck for hours in the car when the police arrives, because they don't know what to do with them and don't want them to get out and see what happened to their mom.

      Visiting my (deceased) grandparents. They now live in a new house in a small suburban village. The house is in a poor neighborhood, the decoration is very simple, kitsch and old fashioned. I really wonder why they "moved" here and cut bonds with all family members. But they are clearly happy, completely disconnected from all their previous life and family. I feel they are at peace, so I am happy for them.
    3. 27 Dec: End days and making out with Jesus

      by , 12-27-2018 at 10:19 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Sharing a building with some other people and the group is about to grow to 14.
      We sit down to prep for the bad days ahead. We decide where we will put the beds for the newcomers, about constructing an escape tunnel and some defenses for the building. Finally we plan to research a way to kill ourselves in case things go really bad and we may be facing capture or starvation. It's a tough topic, but we feel we must have a plan for that to.

      Living with my parents in my farm, with my dogs, but also I have little brothers and sisters. We follow some religion, non-christian and I think non theistic, but my dad is really strict about morality, as if we were Amish.
      One day we are visited by Jesus himself and his gang and he is seriously hot and cool. They stay for some time, they need shelter. Me and Jesus, we fall in love with each other. I thought my dad would totally reject our relationship, since we are from some different religion, but actually he is very excited about it, because Jesus is famous and has status and he thinks this will be good for me.
      But the guys have to leave for some time and I wonder if he'll come back or not. He does and my dad prepares a feast to celebrate our engagement. Jesus arrives and we are so crazy for each other, we make out in the barn, halfway between the front gate and the house. We are seriously horny and we don't wanna let go, but I hear my dad calling and my younger brothers and sisters are looking for me, so Jesus says "go check on him while I bring in the rest of the guys". So I go talk to my dad to offer my help preparing the food, but he just asks me to take the dogs out of the kitchen so he can cook in peace.
      I go look for Jesus again and he is coming with two of his friends. To celebrate the occasion, he makes a miracle: it starts to rain carrots.
    4. 15 Nov: Suicidal cousin, bear, friend in the bardo

      by , 11-15-2012 at 12:01 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakenin

      I am all dolled up to sing and dance at the Oscars. But when I am dancing, I behave like a troll. My dance partners are so upset with me and during a break ask me why am I doing it. And I say it's hard to explain, but it's just stronger than me. They think I'm having a stroke or something, but the truth is I'm having a blast, just having fun.

      I get a phone call and I understand someone died. I'm worried sick to know who died, but then I'm told it s a distant cousin called Tomť. He was found dead and all pointed out to suicide. I can't remember his face, but he was best friend with my dad who seems insulted by the fact I can't remember him, so he insults me back, with some remarks about my limited intelligence. That's when I remember which cousin is. I only met him once or twice but he was somethin. I say to my father that Tomť was the only intelligent person on this family and I loved him very dearly. All of a sudden memories start to flow and I cry compulsively.
      I go outside and I am possibly in Germany. There are lushy green hills and a castle that looks like Nuremberg castle.
      The colours and details are amazing, but I'm consumed by the sadness of my cousin's death.
      Then there's a bear on the lose and it is angry killing people.The bear enters the houses and follows people to the attics and basements. So we have to keep running cause no door seems to stop it. Then I meet some guy along the way and we end up together in a dead end at some terrace. While we're there we get to know better and we feel a strong attraction to each out, so we make out very passionately, despite the danger lurking.
      Then we see the bear on the street again, it finds it's cub and seems to calm down. They return to the mountains.
      I get lucid and remember my cousin again. I think there might still be a chance to stop his suicide, maybe it didn't yet happen in real life, so I send a telepathic message out there to him, asking not to do it, saying how much we love him. Then from the horizon, giant clouds of black spectres rise up, gather in the millions and start coming in my direction. They look like Dementors, they want to stop what I'm doing. And I conjure a kind of light shield (like a Patronum spell) to stop them. They are too strong, I feel the shield weakening, but then I trust absolutely in the power of love and they start fading away, I start to fade away, then I wake up.

      I am dreaming some kind of movie about a girl (I'm her) and a widowed guy (who looks like Tom Hanks) in a small town. Some public event is going on and we hide in some storage house away from the crowd, where we get naked to make love. But then some kids go inside looking for something and expose us publicly. I'm embarrassed, mainly for being caught naked, but the guy is embarrassed because of what people might think for him being a widow, so he says to people that he regrets all of this, that he shouldn't have done it, that he insulted his wife's memory. But then once they're gone, he wants to make out again. I feel mad with his attitude, so I tell him to fuck off.

      Then I get lucid and I decide this time I'll do something important. I've been wishing to meet my friend Isabel in the bardo. She died about 6 weeks ago. I try jumping through a portal twice but I'm kinda rusty so it fails twice. At the third time I end up in some kind of palace or opera house with a beautiful stairway. I call for her, don't see her anywhere, but I see some famous singer she likes, so I think maybe I am really at her personal "dream space" in the bardo, so I stick around, focused on meeting her.
      I am attracted to a rose marble statue on the top floor and I have a strange sensual-mystical feeling about her, as if she is the core of this place. Although marble, she is also fleshy-organic. I direct my thoughts to this statue, my message to my friend and then the statue directs my eyes through a window and I see my friend on the street below. I run to meet her and she is strolling with some friend at some street market, buying vegetables. I say "hi" and then go straight to the point. "Isabel, I am here to tell you that we're in the bardo. You have to acknowledge that." She looks at me with a serious face and decides to ignore me. She continues passing by the fruit stands and I keep telling her "You died, Isabel! This isn't real! I'm here to help you recognize this!". She pushes me away, upset and I grab her hand and insist. Then she tells me "Okay, so if this is the bardo and you're awake, show me: transform this water fountain into something else." I look at the water fountain and have no idea what to do with it, but I concentrate in making it change into something. The eye of Sauron appears at its very centre under the water, and I don't know if that's me or something to scare me. In the mental fight to tranform the fountain, I make it melt and all the water flows overboard. The street becomes quickly inundated, the stands are dragged by the water torrent, as well as people and then I wake up.

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    5. 21 Nov: Long journey through bizarre realms

      by , 11-23-2010 at 09:46 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      23:20 GMT

      Suicide/homicide attempt
      Iím an observer of a suicide/homicide attempt. Some rich kid who owns a fancy 5-star caravan is on his room inside the caravan. A friend couple is there on the living room and he closes the door trapping them and then also closes himself in the room. He had previously put the exhaustion pipe pumping the fumes inside the caravan. His friends are calling for him, asking him to please not do that or at least let them out, but he couldnít care less. Then I enter the scene, materializing in the room where these 2 are, trying to help them. There are windows, but they are very tiny. Impossible to escape through the, but at least it helps clear the air and they can hold on longer until help comes. My cat also appears, like hovering around and I wonder why.

      Family nonsense
      At my grandma home, on living room with my cousin Cris watching TV. I feel I have already watched this exact same TV show in this room but with my cousin Rui instead. My mom appears and I go to the bedroom. From there I see my dad sitting on a street bench on the other side of the street. He sees me and gets up, making a sign that he will come in. I go warn my mom, but in the end he never comes. I go back to the bedroom and Iím almost totally asleep when I wake up to the buzzing sound of a wasp. I get out of the room gently but then there are a bunch of them and they escape the bedroom and are about to attack my family members. I then am forced to kill them, but it kills me to do it.
      Then I go outside and thereís a beach. Thereís a cliff with a waterfall and the Gilmore Girls are there (again). Lorelai looks very melancholic, like waiting for her love and I feel a totally absurd feeling that I am like the real life incarnation of her (?) [although Iím not even like her....]

      2:30 GMT

      Ugly weirdo dream I prefer not to share

      3:40 GMT

      Japanese nonsense
      Iím visiting Japan with my BF.Weíre on some kind of super-speedy panoramic view bus. We go through mountain roads, we see the beautiful hills and the tree colours. I try to take pictures but I ran out of battery. We arrive at some green valley with cows grazing and a few bulls. One of them is on the loose and behaving like crazy. I didnít feel too scared, instead I tried to calm him down with good vibes.
      Later weíre on a karaoke restaurant and we sing Charlotte Gainsbourg. Thereís a girl there trying to impress her co-workers, I notice she has amazingly white teeth, I think she whitened to cause an impression.

      5:00 GMT

      Break and enter
      With mom, weíre back on that restaurant. She says she wants to investigate something. We pass by a shop with screens playing the X-files and for a moment we both become Mulder and Scully. On the restaurant she takes me to the toilet and I must keep flushing to make noise while she is trying to break into something I guess. But someone comes and weíre kicked out. On passing at the reception, some girl is messing up with the cashier over some receipt.
      We walk around the city and it gets night and she decides to try to break in again in the dark. But the problem is the restaurant at night transforms into a bar, so thereís people in there again. Weíre at the entrance deciding what to do, I read a poster on the wall, when some guy starts beating some other guy violently on the street. We watch hidden but the violence is just brutal Ė the guy being beaten is left with no bone intact! His face is unrecognizable and his body just a mass of unarticulated bloody meat. But he is still alive. Itís too unbearable to watch and I wake up.

      Long journey through bizarre realms
      With mom shopping on a huge 2nd hand warehouse. Also has an organic food section and after clothes we go there. I am delighted choosing among a variety of cookies only 5EUR/kg, but she pressures me, saying itís time to go, that weíre late for something. I delay a lot, but I finally agree to leave and then weíre almost running. I realise I can actually run high-speed but only later I realise my mom was left behind, cause she couldnít keep up.
      Outside I pass by a group of young people, where I spot Vera. I donít really want to talk to her right now, so I try to pass unnoticed. But then decide to wait for my mom on some seat on a bench structure (like those in sportsfields for the audience). I am there when a guy I knew from school and who just appeared recently a lot in my dreams, just drops by and says hi. The girls, including Vera are with him Ė so they spotted me... I push him away, because he is a playboy who enjoys flirting with me, just to tease me and I find that annoying. In front of the benches there was a railroad, but now there is a river and I jump into the water. He comes after me, but then I remember to fly away and I leave him behind.
      I keep going forward, not really with a goal and I pass by a strange dark corridor, like an underpass, but it actually has tiny windows and I see itís on ground level. People go through it like ghosts. I keep flying and moving fast, because this place is a bit unpleasant. The corridor does not end but instead transforms into a canal and people just try as hard as possible to swim out of there, but the current is pushing them back and they keep swimming and swimming, never getting out of there. There are even waves, keeping people just struggling against the current and sometimes drowning just to come above the water again and again. I cannot help to think this looks like some hell realm. At first I was also in the water like them, but unlike other people I manage to fight the current and lastly I fly out of the water and manage to get to some platform that leads to exit, I hope. I encounter a button on the wall and a door. I open the door and itís just some storage room, but then push the button, a green light turns on and when I open the door, then it leads to a dark garage or barnyard-like place. A few people managed to follow me and as we are crossing this place, we see weird animals guarding the doors, the windows and thereís a door to some other smaller division which seems to keep locked some vicious animal which is trying to get out and attack us. We feel we need to get out of there quickly and I manage to find a very small breach on the right wall. The only problem is that from there itís a long fall to the floor outside, right in the middle of some enclosure with more weird looking animals. For me itís ok, cause I can fly so I go and try to find a way for people to follow me. I donít know what I do, but I manage to save a large group of people and once they are outside and safe in a very sunny large open space, they celebrate. They make a hippie caravan and paint it with rainbows and dance and sing all the way to their next... life?
      I donít know now what to do, but I see a road. As I follow this road, I reach a place I recognize from another dream I had before, but now Iím coming from South and the other time I was coming from North.
      I become lucid. Itís the scenario from a dream I escaped some gangsters trying to kill me on a boat. Itís that road with some amazing flowered bushes hanging over from very high above. I fly to admire and smell this beautiful flowers and get to the top of this cliff. Up there I decide this place is fabulous to do my lucid meditation. But as soon as I sit, I wake up.

      9:00 GMT