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    1. 10/29 felt like over 2 hours long!

      by , 10-28-2011 at 03:59 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      maybe false awakening, I am in my room sitting on a bed. my brother and I are making little pictures for some kind of poem I wrote. it's in Korean, so I have to write all the pronounciation in English. there are 2 hispanic female friends to help me out for pronouncing the poem. we have to do this infront of kindergarten kids.(they are in my room)

      my recall is foggy. I think I went outside my room. I watch a TV; the announcer says that there's gonna be a snow blizzard tonight due to electrical-thunder-snow-blizzard in Antarctica. I see penguins suffering in extreme windy weather. (kinda sad...) so I tell my mom this news in the living room. suddenly there is another 'new' mom. I recognized that we had new mom before...(in dream) so terrible. my real mom is kinda sulky about this situation.

      anyway I return to my room, and the pictures and poem writings are disarranged. I ask my brother, whats going on? and he says, the DVD player is broken(I dont see the connection b/w DVD player and this poem stuff)... so I'm like, okay.
      a kindergarten boy is sleeping on the floor with pillow and blanket. I wake him up, saying "do you wanna sleep in my brother's room?" and he nods, slowly walking out of my room.

      here my dad knocked my room and I woke up.