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    Floatinghead's dream adventures

    1. Searching for V

      by , 03-31-2022 at 12:10 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)

      1) WBTB As I float off to sleep I try to create a dialogue to myself, a bit of self hypnotism and a bit of describing where I am.

      Now I am writing it all down next to my bed, this story I telling or possibly the dream I just had? As I try to read it back I realise it is not really here, it keeps changing, changing what I wrote. I sleeping already, but not fully asleep enough. So I continue writing.

      After a while I have written myself into this dream, I am in my house helping Fabi looking for something in a large wardrobe. There is a big secret we are trying to hide from the police. I've had enough, so I decide to leave the house. Fabi is calling after me - but it's my dream, my story so I continue out of the house. I need to look for V
      As I open the front door it's just a void outside, avoid and awakening is my guess. Fuck, I've written myself out and into a dead end.

      SO I continue narrating: I have to go to a train station, to travel into the city for important business. Now the dream forms around me and I am just outside a quant train station in the countryside. It's sunny, the train station is made of a beige colored stone and I appear to be in a kind of garden area for it. (this is interesting because I thought I would end up in the city) Dream is still washy though, not strong enough to leave and search for V yet. SO I look around, stare at the flowers and the courtyard area around me. It's starting to solidify a bit. A dream character tells me to smell the flowers - great idea! I go to each flower and take a strong sniff, beautiful scents enter my nose. The first is like a rose, the second is more of an exotic type flower. I do a few flowers, each has it's own particular scent. (I'm impressed at how well I can smell in a dream!) then I smell the last flower, and it stings my nose a little because it has a kind of gingery peppery type of scent (I mention this to the DC) and then try to get another flower and grab at it's stem, but I get a bunch of small thorns stuck into my palm so I pul back my hand immediatley

      'ouch!' I say. Then I look at my hand more closely - wow - I just felt pain! I'm impressed again! But... just as I am about to search for V I awake. grrrr

      AWAKE: Now there is only 30 minutes before getting up, so I figure try to continue focus, meditate, self hynotise and observe V from this vantage point. SO I spend 10 - 15 minutes feeling myself go deeper and deeper and when I feel like I am relaxed enough I instruct myself to see a screen in front of me - a blank tv like screen, and that screen is broadcasting a direct image from 'V's mind. I use a kind of tuner to get a signal (searching) and then I start seeing images. Now I feel I am inside the mind, I am drifting through images left and right, swiping left and right to look for anything interesting or relevant. I see people's faces, woman, men, older and younger. I see objects I can't quite understand what they are and objects that are simple everyday things. I see some furniture in a house, and UI grab it and pull toward me to inspect it and this causes more things to appear. I see a man outside with a spotlight on him like a UFO - hmm - interested in UFO's? I put aside as a maybe. (each time I feel like I am associating and putting my own thoughts in I put aside, I am only interested in what is in her head) some more images, a large guy, tall and quite big, I overlay Keven from the Office (series) onto his face because he reminds me of him. (ack, doing it again, stay out!) I see another UFO, this time it's flynig through the sky... interesting. I then see V, she's behind an old wooden framed 4 panel window. Looks like it belongs in a garden out house. she looks .. trapped? There are paints around the window, a bunch of paint brushes I think. She looks at me and simply says 'this sucks' I cna't quite recall if the brushes are outside or inside with her. But as she says this I am pulled out a little, because it's a delicate balance, and not reacting I would simply forget, but reacting too much I pull myself out of the scene and now she is gone
      lucid , false awakening
    2. Dream artifacts

      by , 01-12-2021 at 04:25 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)

      1) Hopefully no one in the dream group was at the swimming pool this time...

      At the swimming pool, well, either getting ready to get in or I just had gotten out. I'm hanging around one of the changing rooms waiting for someone to come out, it reminds me of the swimming pool we had in junior school. I'm standing there and realize I am totally in the nude - (seems like I forgot to put my swimming costume on) so I do the thing kids do at school and tuck my bits in between my legs, and stand there for about 2 seconds before realizing I'm a 38 year old dude and not a kid! ha ha, so I quickly get a towel (which happens to be on top of a table I'm standing next to) and wrap it around my waist. As I stand there waiting I figure I could play a prank and jump out at the person, so I crawl underneath the table and wait. I'm in a kind of awkward position and feel my bowl groan, and all of a sudden I ... well I do a poo on the floor. I'm horrified, everyone in the room is looking at me in disgust, I apologize over and over, telling them I will clean it up and run out looking for something to clean the mess up with.

      2) I drift into the dream, lucid, I fly over a city looking and start calling out for '7', I can't find her, this is becoming frustrating, I feel the dream close so I just try to keep it open for as long as possible. **time missing** I'm sitting with a bunch of friends, dreamers, we're discussing an artifact that one of them has. It has the power to grant wishes - you kind of put it next to your bed when you sleep. It's the Tasmanian Devil (from the WB cartoon) holding a yellow submarine. It's very funny and interesting. We are discussing that we now have 2 artifacts, one deals with space (Taz) and the other deals with time - I can't quite recall exactly what it is, but one of the dreamers have it, and I 'think' it may have been related to the dark fog that @stranger' told me about in a dream the night before (dark fog = time? or maybe it was dark fog = space and taz=time?) I start to wake, and shake it off, I'm gonna make the most of this time. I look at the taz again, but now it's a small bird of prey - like a kestrel. I go to pet it and it attacks me. I think in the dream this artifact turns into a bird, and the guy with the bird/Taz tells me it's the reason why he has it, because nobody else will look after it! He's been looking after it for years apparently. The bird lunges at me again, starts scratching and clawing at me, I wake up now.
      lucid , memorable
    3. Dreamshare attempt at the hotel

      by , 01-08-2021 at 02:35 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 7-01-21

      Presleep and meditation

      Focusing on the dream group, I get a flash form @stranger - the number 61... but, no, that can't be right, this is my house number lol. Then something else, deeper, about how he designed his room, something about masks... I focus on going to the hotel, to finding @stranger @hilary and @becky ...


      Early dream, waking at around 1:20 - feeling something, I tried to tell myself something that I did in the dream... something important, I think I met with others but I can't recall when waking - what was it? maybe a dream share? urgh... I KNOW I did something

      1) (early morning) I'm in a school, feeling kinda ill, something is in my ears... I take out an ear plug and four more come pouring gout of my ears one after another. I'm still feeling ill though - and I have a test! But it's in a few days so I can revise at the last minute? I'm walking along the school grounds, feeling sick - urgh... I think I have a bit of sick on myself? how did that happen? And people are filing into the hall to take the test - it's today!?! shit! I try to call @becky - I think somehow she can help but I wake before I hear her answer

      2) Moving into a new house, a big open plan house with a first floor that overlooks the ground floor, all modern looking wooden floors and surfaces. There is also another floor above, I guess we should be unpacking or something but for some reason I feel this is the perfect time to play hide and seek with the kids!

      3) I'm in a restaurant with my wife, eating at a table with her. It's a lovely large conservatory. I become lucid... I start to think about my dream goal - what was it? ah yes, go to the hotel, I walk out and then look behind me : I AM in a hotel! nice. I head back inside and see (what I think are) lots of hotel staff dressed in the hotel colors uniform. I stop a couple, I want to try to find which rooms @becky @hilary and @stranger are staying at, so the maid stops and they both look at me in an odd way - they are just regular people. Urgh, stupid dream being difficult. I head to what looks like an office, I see a lady sitting down at a desk 'you' I point toward her 'Please can you tell me what rooms @stranger @hilary and @becky are staying at?' 'one moment' the lady tells me, she's clearly in the middle of something and is busy typing away... I wait.... I wait... what's taking so long? 'How long is this gonna take?' I ask her, she seems quite stressed now, and and beefy guy comes into the room, I suspect he must be security. damn, this is silly, and I've wasted too much time... the dream fades.

      ... I'm not quitting yet, I wait patiently to re-enter the dream...

      I'm standing around getting some ice cream for my wife across the road to the restaurant. I realise I need to get back to the hotel and rush accross the road and head back, man this is taking forever... (my dream control is so crap still lol) I walk some more , and things get a little washy so I focus on my feet crunching into the gravel as I finally get into the hotel. I walk through the restaurant part and drop off the ice cream for my wife (which I seemed to still be carrying) and as I walk off she shouts where I was going.. nope.. not getting pulled into this.. I go int othe main part of the hotel where the rooms were located. Now things changed, both the style of the hotel and the colors - they became more murky, like I was squinting. Rooms left and right down this narrow long hallway - which are the right rooms? I see '61' ... no, I keep looking - I don't know the numbers of the hotel rooms - what am I looking for? so I start to FEEL my way around, sensing which direction to take. I'm looking for @stranger @hilary and @becky - I get drawn to a particular room. I open the door and again... the interior is totally different to the hallway or to the main hotel, I can see that someone designed this, this is how they wanted their hotel room to look like. It's still kind of blurry, I can mostly make out a large central window, it's kind of arched and low but - angular rather than curved, low pretty much level with the floor - does this ring any bells to anyone??

      Then I wake, I can't hold the connection anymore

      4) I'm staying in an apartment, feels like it is connected to the earlier hide and seek dream. I need to go and pack my stuff, my wife has already gone so I need to clean up (I said I would) I feel like I have loads of time but I see the time and actually we need to go - now! I hurry up collecting all of my clothes and such that are spread on the floor, I come out of the bedroom and see the kitchen area (again, the apartment is modern looking and very large, the kitchen area is in the middle, feels very open.) I see piles of washing up , dirty dishes and over flowing dirty water. Damn, I can't leave it in this mess, I start to wash up quickly. Then the dream changes a little, I hear a constant cry, a baby or child? they won't stop crying, I think I am waking up, that it is coming from the 'real' world, but then I realize it's inside the dream, a little girl makes herself known, she's very small and very cute, must be about 2-3 years only. (feels like she was in a previous dream) She is not crying anymore, she just wants to play. Then I go with her into the main room, it feels like evening now - I see her dad (reminds me of @stranger) he is working on something for her - a kind of experiment, he takes an old cassette Walkman and somehow makes an interaction to the computer and then something is made - a device of some kind - maybe it makes the little girl into a toy sized version of herself? I can't quite recall, the experiment is quite funny and radical though
    4. presleep telepathy experiment 2

      by , 01-05-2021 at 02:24 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 04-01-21


      I'm sitting in my hotel room, focusing on the room and contents of it, I'm with 7 here, we hold hands trying to focus on the room. I'm also trying to transmit this to @stranger using different ideas. After a while I decide to try and find @stranger's room again. I walk into the hall. Oh, nearly forgot - I add the number on the door and some other 'decorations' so that @stranger can find the room. I then follow 7 outside into the hal, she leads me all the way to the bottom of the hallway and I try to deepen my trance/presleep by walking down some steps before arriving at the room. I try a few different things to 'see' @stranger's room. In the end 7 puts her hands over my eyes and then pulls them off. I still can't quite see what is here. I feel around with my feet first of all, I feel a lush comfy carpet underneath my feet, and a metal safe is nearby, I don't know what could be in the safe. I wonder if I am getting confused with @stranger's real place as well or memories. I think the bed is pushed up against the wall and a poster or painting is on the wall also. I see a flash of a guy with shoulder length long hair (similar to the guy that @stranger showed a picture of, but in my mind his hair was shorter and he didn't have a beard) Then I get an octopus, and a flash, I wonder if I am under water? I don't know. I head back to my room and try to pull @stranger in, I focus in on him and I think I get him for the shortest of moments, pulling him inside a kind of cone shape and into my room

      1) I'm standing in a large hall, looks like a school theater -but there are actors walking around. It's something to do with a tv show that is being filmed. Michelle Pfeiffer comes in ready to film, I get a bit start struck but get the courage to talk to her. She's very friendly and open. She's talking to me about her career and this tv show - which she asks me what I thought about it (she knows at this point that it isn't being very well received) I try to be honest, the fact that it has her playing as the central character, in a sitcom, with her kids - would probably worked well enough, but all of the other stuff is just too much. Set in a Church? With other main characters like the priest and extended family all living in the church together? That just isn't very funny. I talk about classic shows like Fraiser - she needs to get in contact with those people! I then bring up how Catwoman from the film Batman Returns was one of my fav characters in film of all time, and I go and search for the catwoman figure I made ot show her. But I can't find it. There are shelves everywhere, and it seems I am using this theatre hall as a kind of workshop. I literally just saw this figure though, but my brain and memory isn't working. damn it! I am looking for a while and then my wife joins me, she helps me look around (she's much better at searching for stuff than I am) but ... no, I can't see it anywhere. Now Michelle needs to leave and I tell her that it was nice meeting her, I notice she's wearing this jeans that have this flower pattern going all up the legs.
    5. presleep telepathy experiment 1

      by , 01-04-2021 at 04:11 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 3-01-21

      Presleep and meditation

      Focusing on my hotel room for @stranger , I'm sitting in the room with 7, looking at her, then focusing on all of the things in the room in detail, walking carefully around the room. Then I dim the lights and see how it looks in the different light. After a while I try to pull @stranger in , but I think it's just a shell. So me and 7 leave the room to look around the hotel, we walk across the hall and into another room, it's strange, it kind of stretches out into infinity, like everything just stretches and stretches into a single point/where you can't see anymore. so when we go inside it we are kind of warped and , well, it feels odd. And then we come out of the other side. I see balloons in the hall or a room, but I dismiss because I know @stranger said he put them there. It's difficult now to stay focused as different imagery comes into play from start of the dream/going into deep sleep. Lots of random stuff I can't quite recall I wonder if it is from @stranger or just me. we make ourselves back to our room, retracing our steps back (well, Im really just following 7) and go back through the strange stretched out wobbly room, across the hallway and into our own room. I sit hear, I tell 7 to smack me every time I start to go under too much - which she does lol. I see maybe an outside, what looks like a large surface, a well? I don't think so, maybe something else (gotta write these down) So I'm able to stay for a bit longer but after a while it's too much and I black out
    6. recurring dream resolution?

      by , 01-04-2021 at 03:51 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 2-01-21

      1) I'm walking down the street with a bunch of friends. We seem to be walking back from town. My friend (and famous actor) Brendon Frasier starts getting into an argument with one of the guys/friends. They start shouting at one another and finally Brendon challenges the guy to a fight. I try to talk Brendon down, he's not as young as he used ot be , he's out of shape - he's still cool, but he needs to be careful - this other guy is a professional MMA fighter! Brendon shakes it off and they decide to take advantage of an upcoming event to fight each other 'in the ring' that just so happened to be starting in the next few minutes. We all start walking to this place when Sam stops and sits on the pavement. His guitar is broken and he is trying to re-string it. I WANT to go with the guys, it's way more interesting - but Sam needs me here. I decide to stay and help Sam (though I have no idea about guitars) because I don't want to leave him on his own. I hold down one of the strings while he attaches it. We sit like this for a while and a couple of the guys come back to see what we are doing. They tell us the 'show' has already started, but it's not like it was advertised, Brendon and the MMA fighter have to sit down on these long metal chairs like in a game show and wait until they are called up. Sounds kinda boring.

      I see the time - shit - I need to get the train! (recurring dream) I check my belongings and realize I have a large plastic bag with stuff I have been carrying (recurring theme) , it's red and has lots of useless stuff in, some pens, an old christmas present for 'Tom' (which is a mini christmas tree inside the wrapping) . I leave the bag leaning against the post and look for the train station. This is usually the point where I am lost and can't find where it is - but this time I can spot it straight away. It's a huge thing with giant pillars on the sides of it, looks more like a hotel.

      After a short while I find myself wandering around the rooms of this building, it feels like a shopping center inside, lots of rooms around and a large area in the middle. Lots of things are going on, people walking, activities, like a convention in a way. I still need to find the train though. I hit a dead end, it's crowded in this alleyway, something is going on. I spot 7 - she is crowded by 'fans' - but she's dressed as a regular lady. She smiles at me, I want to spend time with her but I need to get the train. 'Hi Sean - how are you?' 'I'm fine thanks! do you know where the train is by any chance?' she smiles again and just simply points me in the exact direction of where it is. 'Thank you!' this has an interesting effect on me, as I walk away I become lucid. But as I become lucid everything becomes loose and dissolves. I realize 7 came into my dream and made me lucid for the first time! I carry on walking, it's a long hallway like in a hotel again, I'm trying to keep in the dream but can't hold on and I wake
    7. Dream Gods and Street party

      by , 12-30-2020 at 07:27 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (NIGHT OF) 29-12-20

      Dream Gods

      1) 3 dream gods have broken free and are about to tear up the town by manifesting anything and everything! I'm part of a group of people looking out into a kind of large open square, where these 'gods' are looming above us, they are HUGE - 50X the size of a person. The group I am with - we are kind of super heroes (or something) and have been sent to sort this mess out. It's very busy, a reporter is nearby capturing all of this on camera with her crew. I am told to help create a trap, there are 3 bears nearby and it is my job (with two other people) to get the bears to chase us and use the bears to attack the dream gods. The bears are someplace nearby in this suburban area. We walk a couple of blocks, I wonder if the two dreamers with me know that this is a dream or if they think it is real (I don't think of finding @stranger at this point as I am too involved in the narrative of the dream) , I'm not sure who the other two dreamers are/can't recall. At some point I find myself with a small child on my shoulder, she is a tiny little girl - very cute, but very young. At first we can't find the bears. but then we hear them from around the corner and I can already tell that they are giving chase.
      We start to run - fast, I forget that the little girl is on my shoulders and wonder if she may have fallen off (which scares me) but no.. I can feel her legs and I grab them tight as we run and lead the bears to the dream gods. We then stand off to one side and let the other dreamers fight the dream gods (urghh... we seem to have been given minor roles) and then I discuss with my wife about adopting this little girl as I don't know where her parents are.

      Street party (part 1)
      2) I'm in a large shopping center/mall, it's late at night, just one empty space where a shop used to be is open. A kind of party is taking place here - I've been invited by a mate. When I arrive a band is just wrapping up, it's old school rock or grunge playing, I see punks and goths around, it's kind of dirty, people are smoking and drinking. It's nice. I see my mate Lee and go to join him, sitting with his back against the wall. I tell him that it's good to see him. I see a couple of guys race some RV cars around the empty shop floor, they take a tight turn around a row of empty shelves and nearly topple over. I laugh. Lee offers me a last drag on his cigarette, I thank him and take it - but it's all wet at the butt - I pretend to take a drag and then stub it out on the floor.

      Street party (part 2)

      3) Back with the same guys, this dream happened after some other dreams (that I can't recall) It's still dark, but we are outside, in a suburban area hanging around a disused lot - just a bit of grass between houses tucked away and dimly lit by the street lamps. We are crouched and standing around chatting, one of the guys is goofing around in front of us, where it's a little darker and we can't see as much. I see some movement around him and we call out that he should be careful. First a couple of dogs move around, and then I see an Iguana - then some other animals, and rats. He finally see these creatures and agrees that he should follow our advice and come into the light. We move into the street area, music is playing, I'm chatting to Lee - and I see another guy, he has a shaved head. He gives me this knowing nod, I KNOW him - but from where? I can't quite place his face... not sure what he is doing in this dream. I put my hands through my long hair, I feel good, I'm older now - we are all older, but it doesn't matter, I wonder if my receding hairline shows as much with long hair. Then I wonder about that, no, I have short hair now, this is a dream (but again, I just follow the narrative of the dream) I hear a new track start playing, I think it's the start of a Nirvana song.. but no, I'm wrong, this is just another very generic modern rock type of song. The guy with the shaved head seems to enjoy it though and start miming the drumming to the song as it plays.
    8. future problems

      by , 12-18-2020 at 07:26 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 17-12-20

      Future problems

      1) **time missing** I'm shooting down a small interior pipe , it's sort of suctioning me in and then blows me out into a small apartment. It seems to be the door to the apartment. A lady, who has been helping me comes behind me and show me around the place. The front room, which is linked to a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. The lady tells me I'll be safe here, she tells me she needs to get back to work before anybody notices and shoots back up the fireplace door pipe. now I am on my own, I wander from room to room wondering what I am gonna do. It feels like a 1950's idea of what a house in the future may look like. The rooms are kind of vacuum formed, so that where the floor meets the ceiling it has a gentle curve. I go over to the 'door' area and look at it for a bit, I look inside and prod the surrounding then I head back to the bathroom and go to the toilet, after I'm finished I flush the toilet and an alarm sounds off - I have no idea what is happening but where the 'door' is suddenly water start spurting out everywhere, it falls down and floods the whole apartment. The lady comes back at that moment landing in water up to her ankles - I try to tell her I don't have any idea what had happened - I just 'looked' at the exit. She tells me I need to go (clearly thinking I broke this) I thank her for the time I spent here, and for the time before - recalling now that she 'saved' me and a woman I was with from inside an old tavern, this is twice I owed her now. I ask her how much would cover all damages and help and she tells me '50' It doesn't sound much - but then I don't know what the currency is (even though I have it) I give it to her and wake.
    9. Future Earth and Recurring mess

      by , 12-17-2020 at 05:59 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 16-12-20

      Future Earth
      1) Early night (3:04 - 3:21) I'm part of a team of people, sent to fix things, the Earth is dying. I am standing on the Earth, the perspective is strange - even though I am just regular sized and so is the Earth, I cover continents just standing here, both of my feet stand on the northern Hemisphere, I'm pulling something, it's like a rope attached to the land. I'm pulling to make it all ok.

      We are now being told that we will be put to sleep until they need us. 100 years go by and we are awoken, it feels just a few seconds, I wonder what I have dreamed in the time I was asleep . I wonder about reality and how it works, what is real and what is false

      Recurring mess (recurring themes in dream: theme park, not getting food, being late for the train)
      2) I'm in a theme park, though it's all based inside a giant interior. It's a series of rooms and corridors until you exit. Me and my wife are waiting for the kids to finish on a ride - so we decide to get a dessert before the park closes. the lady that serves us is super nice and tells us she will come right over with our desserts shortly. We wait and wait, and I wonder what's taking the lady so long. I go to ask but there must have been a change in the shift as there are all new people now. Doesn't look like we will get our yummy desserts after all, AND we are gonna be late for the train.. damn
    10. Searching for the dream tree ship

      by , 12-16-2020 at 01:49 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 15-12-20

      Pre-sleep meditation: after meditating I close my eyes and try to stay focused, aware, I see something in front of me - actually I see THROUGH my eyelids , or do I have my eyes open? I'm confused, I open my eyes and I see what is really there (my bedroom)

      Lucid attempt 1 (don't close your eyes in a dream)

      1) Walking through a forest, I do a little look around, I'm a little confused - how did I get here? I woke up in my house - my step father was near by... no, this either did not happen or was just a back story in the dream, I recall what I was really doing - I just did a WBTB , I'm lucid now. But.... everything is wavering, nothing is solid, I've not slept well tonight and this is just a continuation of it. (also I always seem to get unstable when I become lucid)

      I stop. Take time to pause.

      I close my eyes.....

      BIG mistake! fuck, I feel myself waking up. I start running, feeling my feet touch the ground, grabbing out in all directions to get the dream back. I feel I am in an apartment store now, men's clothing. It's too dim to see details so I reach out and take a shirt off of the rack and bite down on it. It doesn't taste of much - but it's enough to solidify me into the dream. Now I am on a street corner, people are everywhere, I see some cars down the street, they are kind of glitching out, flying in loops off of the road and into the air. I pull myself from this distraction, think about my dream goals, but I'm pulled off again, waking, I can't hold the dream...

      Lucid 2 (don't travel by forced flight)

      2) I'm walking down a corridor, looks like a university corridor. The walls are kind of drab, classrooms left and right. I realize I am dreaming, This pretty lady approaches me and smiles, I kiss her. I'm getting pretty into it then realize I need to snap out of it and focus! I walk out of the building, wanting to achieve my dream goal and find someone from my dream group. But I feel the dream is slipping again. Fuck. I see this swimming pool and I think - nice - I ll sit in there, feel the water around me and just focus on the dream surrounding me so I can get stabilized! I jump into the swimming pool and... WOAH!! it's freaking freezing. I kind of do a little yelping sound. I was NOT expecting that. It sends a cold shock to everywhere on my body. I gently lower myself into the swimming pool again and sit there for a couple of minutes just clearing my mind and focusing on everything around me. It feels better, more stable (yes!) So I stand up and call for '7', I try to draw her symbol on my hand, then I shout for her to come, I get a little impatient -where the heck is she? I think I see her in the distance. 'come on 7! what are you doing?' Now I am walking down the street, my second option - to get transported directly to the dream tree! I put my finger to my ear to turn on the 'comms' and speak directly to '7' 'Can you transport me directly to the dream tree ship?' I ask her 'but don't teleport! that just wakes me up , fly me there please!' I have to say this a few times until finally I hear static and some distant voice. That's good enough for me! I stand there , in the middle of the street waiting to be flown upwards. A gang of thugs are walking toward me now, they are shouting, asking why I am just standing there like an A-hole? Come on 7... what the hell.... Suddenly I am lifted off of the ground, I'm floating, it's slow to start off with but then I am shooting super fast, I zoom past some kids who are travelling in a kind of sphere like blue and red craft. I'm trying to keep my eyes open for the dream tree - it's gotta be around here somewhere? But then I realize it's not, it's deep in space because I'm going even faster now - it's so fast I can feel my stomach in my throat, the g-force of the travel is making the whole experience so intense, that I can feel EVERYTHING (much more intense than a roller coaster) , I'm just shooting through the sky, above the atmosphere shouting 'fuck, fuck... fuck... fuckkkkkkkkk' seeing the ground below me getting smaller and smaller, but I can't hold on, these intense feelings, I can't and I wake before I see the ship (damn!)
      lucid , memorable
    11. School in a temple

      by , 12-15-2020 at 03:00 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 14-12-20

      1) (from 3:24-3:46) Dream Fragment - setting up Christmas tree lights, but using for something else

      3) (from 5:49 to 6:06) Dream fragment - looking after a friend's niece for the day

      School in a temple?

      2) (from 7:31 - 7:42) I'm sitting in a classroom, looks like a classroom I attended when I went to school. The teacher, a young looking lady, is way up the front while I am sitting near the back. There is talk and chatter in the classroom that she has a student's white sweater. I'm not even sure if the teacher knows she has it - but I can see it draped over the back of her chair. I lean over to the student in front (it Gemma, a girl I went to school with) and joke with her about maybe everyone can make a big fuss about the teacher stealing the sweater? Gemma does not reply, instead she is staring forward. I sit back down and realize everyone is quiet and listening to the teacher. The teacher is writing some things down in English on the blackboard, I copy it down into my book. THis is not that difficult, I can do this... What am I writing? I don't understand it, not in any kind of context. But it doesn't matter, I just need to copy. I think?

      We stop to take a break, I walk out of the classroom and into what looks like the interior or a church or a temple. The huge tall walls are made of blocks of sand stone, with giant windows that reach the high ceiling. I see kids running close to the edge, and I get scared that that they will fall - but forget there are windows. Outside the waves of the sea crash against the large windows. Across I see an even higher tower/temple, perched on a mountain top, I wonder who is living there? and how do they get to the temple? I notice there is a kind of pattern on each window, like stain glass, moons on one, stars on another - but then realize these are actually forms that are moving over the window rather than painted on.
      I see a bar area and go to the far side of the temple, where it is a little darker, and find a table. I see my teacher, a pretty lady with dark hair, she is chatting to some colleagues. I sit down at the table and feel this would be a good time to ask her about the sweater...
    12. the machine, whoop and dog poo

      by , 12-14-2020 at 02:32 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 13-12-20

      Trying new techniques for dream recall - I'm putting my recall in a kind of 'memory palace' made especially for dreams (though only what I recall while waking between dreams so I don't have to write them)

      The machine
      1) **time missing** (from between 2am to 3:13) I am taking a walk outside of the hotel we are staying at. Me and Matt find an empty sort of abandoned road - though also reminds me of a railway track (though I can see no actual tracks) I spot two two woman standing on the path, they look like twins from behind, both dressed the same way in a kind of white apron over a blue dress, blonde hair in plaits. They are working on maintaining this machine (that seems to reside mostly underground) twiddling knobs and turning screws. We watch them from behind, wondering what they are doing. I see another part of machinery a little closer to us, it is two large discs that are partially underground, they were not spinning, but you could tell that this is what they were designed for (like cogs) they were sticky, lubricated, but full of dust and dirt - so I give it a little clean with my hands until it shines again. An old guy standing nearby - happy that I am cleaning his machine free of charge - tells me I can carry on cleaning the rest of it if I like. I kind of do a laugh that says 'nice joke!' and get back to Matt. We can see the woman's faces now, they are pretty. I decide to go up to one and ask her out, one is a little prettier than the other so I ask her. She tells me, no, she is not interested. Crest fallen I go back to Matt - but I see he is already talking to the other lady, his approach is a lot less direct, and the result is the lady is a lot more eager, I see actually that this second woman IS the prettier one now. Matt asks me how it went and I tell him how I was shot down. I wonder about how I look, compared to him, we seem quite similar in features, was it his personality or looks? I wonder

      2) Dream Fragment (between 5:06 - 5:30 approx): putting together musical version of an advent calendar, each day you would get a different soundtrack. At the moment I am putting old school hip hop, and 'whoop - the Adams family' somehow makes it into the mix (and I have it in my head when waking up

      Dog poo
      3) (between 5:30 and 5:55) Back in the UK, my neighbor is building something fancy and fantastic in their garden, our fence between us no longer exists so he (and his wife) are walking down the garden placing down decking and structures for whatever they are working on. In my (side) of the garden there are huge piles of dog poo that I have not cleaned up, so big that they are like small hills. I feel awkward and rush to get the poo out of their way as they continue planning and putting down foundations (for a small wooden castle I think) and with the wheel barrow I drop the piles of dog poo off at the top of the garden
    13. shared dream attempt for Moonage Daydream (1)

      by , 12-14-2020 at 02:13 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 12-12-20

      Focusing on Moonage daydream (shared dream attempt)

      (early night)

      1) (from around 1:24 - 1:44) This is a deep deep dream. Feels like a memory wrapped inside a memory. I am with another dreamer, somebody from my the dreaming group - either @Becky#4927 or @Hilary#0856 - we are messing around, having fun - possibly dancing? I'm unsure

      Small realities
      2) (from around 2:58 - 3:29) I'm in a top secret laboratory - underground. The halls and rooms are made of thick steel. A scientist and his team are working hard at creating new realities. They are making them into existence, along with space, time, planets, beings and life - everything - but then having to collapse them because they are not stable enough to hold. Just before the collapse of the latest reality a couple of beings (kind of space aliens with strange forms and equipment) manage to escape and jump into the larger reality of the scientist. They are tiny compared to the scientist. They are now trapped in the secure room - nowhere to escape, they look around desperately before they are caught and wiped out.

      Strange eyes
      3) ( from 5:17 to 5:46) I'm in the city (feels like New York) walking through a sandwich bar that is on the side of a busy road, I bump into a lady - she has this red shawl draped around her head and shoulders, and past another man. This other man - his face does not look 'finished' , it's roughly painted, feels like his features, and eyes in particular were painted by a child. This creeps the lady out. We offer to give her a lift in our red convertible car. She agrees.
      **time missing**
      The lady in red has moved into a new apartment block, in the hallway on her way to her room she bumps into the man with the strange features again

      forgetting my dream goal! (lucid)
      4) (from 7:09 - 7:30) I'm at Stevie's house, I'm talking to him about course work which is now due in. I look through my notes and it's all a total mess, nothing makes sense. I think this was the course fault though - everything was not very organised. I ask Stevie if I can look through his notes, and he hands me this impressive binder. Inside the binder all course work it carefully and completely ordered. It looks like I am actually in the minority,. This feels awful - I m gonna fail this thing for sure. I realize the time and run out of the door - into the busy streets of London. I can't find a bus to catch and run down a bridge (crossing the Thames) I see a bus in the distance, which has stopped at the traffic lights and force the doors open and - for no reason I can think of - push the driver out of the seat and take control of the bus. I rev the engine and start turning , but I don't realize that I tried to drive through a red light into on coming traffic, the whole bus is screaming and shouting at me. I realize what I am doing and I leave the bus. Now I am on the streets, this all feels crazy, what the hell am I doing? I don't usually go around stealing buses! Everything feels very real, but also I am aware of everything around me. I look at my hands to do an RC, I count my fingers, it keeps failing - but no, I KNOW this is a dream so I do another check and now I see the RC succeeds. I'm LUCID! I follow a dream character...
      **time missing**
      I'm in Sunnydale high school, (from Buffy the vampire Slayer) I see Willow, this is cool, I am part of the gang- I like the fact I am here experiencing this, lucid - feels like I am really here. I give Willow a wave and kiss her on the lips (just a quick peck) then I back up - sorry - I don't know why I did that, then she kind of giggles and says it's ok because she's not a Lesbian yet (lol) and I turn to see Buffy, and she's about to tell the 'gang' some new adventure that's been going on...
      **time missing**
      ...and I recall my dream goal of looking for Moonage daydream
      and finding out the business of the dog. I fly up high, I'm flying up some kind of very tall red brick wall, but then I can't help it... the dream is fading all of a sudden. I try to stay still when I wake to go back into the dream but it's too late, nothing is happening.

      .... so I lay still and try meditating, going deep into the hypnagogia and visualization, I ask 7 is she can lead me to Moonage daydream
      - I see 7 as a kind of form of dancing purple dust. I follow the dust, then I am holding her hand and now the dust again. I get a flash - I'm in a school field, looks like soccer is played here by a girl's team? Now I am in the main building - there is a sign, a flash of a sign. It's one leg bent at the knee. I wonder what it means... no squatting? (lol) no I am inside Moonage daydream
      home, I see a nice spacious kitchen, pans hanging over head, clean work top...
    14. invisible tricvertops and alien invasions!

      by , 12-11-2020 at 04:23 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 10-12-20

      Pre-sleep : focusing on Becky
      1) Early night dream (1:21-1:37) I'm fighting in a big huge field, I'm beating up these people one by one - they are mean horrible racist (white supremacists) things. Each time I smash one to the ground I see an image of a black woman and child pop up (almost like I am saving them) but it's all very much in a video game type of format. Though the format is daft my rage is real, I feel so angry I need to get rid of these vile human beings. I go deeper and deeper into this infinite field, and rack up quite a few points, feels kind of like Classic Doom game. I wake up with my blood pumping

      2) (from long dream period of 3:16 - 4:00) Suburban setting: Middle America, an innocent looking back yard with a white picket fence, and then some kind of electrical sparks -and 'boom' the whole area around the house has been morphed and changed, sparking different colors and metals (though layered on top of the same structures) And a bunch of scary looking aliens appear in this mess, armed to the teeth and running after the lady who did this: Now we see a blond lady, mid twenties, she is driving away from this craziness, driving in her pink Cadillac, no roof and I am sitting in the back with another person. Behind us the aliens are catching up, but a invisible triceratops comes stampeding around the corner and bashes the aliens out of the way. Now we have the same scene from the viewpoint of the Triceratops, his journey begins - seemingly willed into existence just after the aliens appeared, outside the american house. He sees the aliens and feels and urge to chase after them and we see the pink Cadillac from the perspective of the triceratops now, as he charges directly at the aliens saving the car from harm.
      After a few moments the car slows down to a halt and I ask the lady driving the car what she has in the glove compartment - I m not sure WHY I ask though. I climb forward to the front seat and open it - inside it's like a doorway to another universe, vast and open, I don't know how it is this big. The door to open the glove compartment is both regular size and the size of an actual door.
      **time missing**
      I ve warmed up to this lady with the blonde hair, we have a spark between us, I know she likes me too. We sit at a dinner table, a bunch of us eating and I move seats so that now I am sitting directly across from her. I want to talk to her more, kiss her even. My wife walks into the room, I'm confused - am I married? I recall then that I AM married, and I don't know what to make of these feelings toward this woman now

      3) Dream Frag (from 5:45 - 6:05) Watching an episode of classic Sabrina the teenage witch, She is in New York, in the middle of the new York iconic Central Park. She is walking past what looks like a coffee shop and now we see it is actually 'central Perk'. Phoebe pops her head out of the door. It looks like she is working there as it is late and she is cleaning up, she waves at Sabrina and we now know this is a 'cameo'. She runs over to Sabrina to say hi, but Phoebe is actually tiny compared to Sabrina, like a mouse, and there seems to be a crazy explanation here that she exists in a parallel 'smaller' reality. It makes for a comedic exchange between characters though

      4) Short dream (7:19-7:27) Sitting in my house (that is not my real house) My wife asks me to write a song for her, she needs it for work. It looks like I am a professional song writer in this reality. I tell her I will, and start to talk some more but she butts in - then she starts to moan at me , saying that I always say that I will do things, but never actually do them (even though I was about to start) I tell her I just wanted to ask if she needed just the lyrics or the tune as well? because I usually just write lyrics. Then I am sitting on a sofa and I have longer hair, I'm suddenly a teenager again - and it is my step dad that is shouting at me - I get pissed off, I tell him to try to talk to me like an actual human being every once in a while.
      memorable , dream fragment
    15. 09-12-20

      by , 12-10-2020 at 04:20 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 09-12-20

      Focusing on the dog and Becky, only get some flashes during meditation : the dog's 'home' which is a kind of rescue center for dogs (though more of a hostel) and the color green or blue

      1) At a pub that seems to double up as a night club - though it is daytime now. It's quite dark in the pub and while I am drinking, with some friends, a guy approaches me - he asks me if I could give something to Fabienne (my wife) and hands me a plastic bag with some stuff in. He's pretty tall, has a nice suit and some kind of hair style that looks overly too styled. Simon, my mate, asks me what's in the bag - so I take a look. It has various papers and cut outs in it, I don't understand any of this - what does he want? what does it mean? As we are walking back home (which seems to be just down the street to the night club) I look through the contents again. There are some notes, hand written on old bits of paper, from what I can gather he tried to talk to her (via written notes) 15 years ago, and now wants to marry her. On one sheet of glossy paper there is a collage of images expertly put together, it's difficult to work out what any of it means, but I can see that this guy is a big deal. He runs a production studio and is a big tv star. An old photo of him in the early 2000's is also attached, the guy has tall spiky multi colored hair and looks like a total douche. When I get back home, which is now in my old home town I grew up in, I walk past my mum and wife who are in the living room, I'll give Fabi the bag in a bit. I go to see my step dad, he's painting this small intricate model of a creature. It's beautifully painted, a kind of sea monster, octopus with movable parts, a mouth that can be opened sideways to reveal red gums and razor sharp teeth. I tell him how impressed I am by it, though he was really good at art.
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