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    Dreamshare attempt at the hotel

    by , 01-08-2021 at 02:35 PM (388 Views)
    (night of) 7-01-21

    Presleep and meditation

    Focusing on the dream group, I get a flash form @stranger - the number 61... but, no, that can't be right, this is my house number lol. Then something else, deeper, about how he designed his room, something about masks... I focus on going to the hotel, to finding @stranger @hilary and @becky ...


    Early dream, waking at around 1:20 - feeling something, I tried to tell myself something that I did in the dream... something important, I think I met with others but I can't recall when waking - what was it? maybe a dream share? urgh... I KNOW I did something

    1) (early morning) I'm in a school, feeling kinda ill, something is in my ears... I take out an ear plug and four more come pouring gout of my ears one after another. I'm still feeling ill though - and I have a test! But it's in a few days so I can revise at the last minute? I'm walking along the school grounds, feeling sick - urgh... I think I have a bit of sick on myself? how did that happen? And people are filing into the hall to take the test - it's today!?! shit! I try to call @becky - I think somehow she can help but I wake before I hear her answer

    2) Moving into a new house, a big open plan house with a first floor that overlooks the ground floor, all modern looking wooden floors and surfaces. There is also another floor above, I guess we should be unpacking or something but for some reason I feel this is the perfect time to play hide and seek with the kids!

    3) I'm in a restaurant with my wife, eating at a table with her. It's a lovely large conservatory. I become lucid... I start to think about my dream goal - what was it? ah yes, go to the hotel, I walk out and then look behind me : I AM in a hotel! nice. I head back inside and see (what I think are) lots of hotel staff dressed in the hotel colors uniform. I stop a couple, I want to try to find which rooms @becky @hilary and @stranger are staying at, so the maid stops and they both look at me in an odd way - they are just regular people. Urgh, stupid dream being difficult. I head to what looks like an office, I see a lady sitting down at a desk 'you' I point toward her 'Please can you tell me what rooms @stranger @hilary and @becky are staying at?' 'one moment' the lady tells me, she's clearly in the middle of something and is busy typing away... I wait.... I wait... what's taking so long? 'How long is this gonna take?' I ask her, she seems quite stressed now, and and beefy guy comes into the room, I suspect he must be security. damn, this is silly, and I've wasted too much time... the dream fades.

    ... I'm not quitting yet, I wait patiently to re-enter the dream...

    I'm standing around getting some ice cream for my wife across the road to the restaurant. I realise I need to get back to the hotel and rush accross the road and head back, man this is taking forever... (my dream control is so crap still lol) I walk some more , and things get a little washy so I focus on my feet crunching into the gravel as I finally get into the hotel. I walk through the restaurant part and drop off the ice cream for my wife (which I seemed to still be carrying) and as I walk off she shouts where I was going.. nope.. not getting pulled into this.. I go int othe main part of the hotel where the rooms were located. Now things changed, both the style of the hotel and the colors - they became more murky, like I was squinting. Rooms left and right down this narrow long hallway - which are the right rooms? I see '61' ... no, I keep looking - I don't know the numbers of the hotel rooms - what am I looking for? so I start to FEEL my way around, sensing which direction to take. I'm looking for @stranger @hilary and @becky - I get drawn to a particular room. I open the door and again... the interior is totally different to the hallway or to the main hotel, I can see that someone designed this, this is how they wanted their hotel room to look like. It's still kind of blurry, I can mostly make out a large central window, it's kind of arched and low but - angular rather than curved, low pretty much level with the floor - does this ring any bells to anyone??

    Then I wake, I can't hold the connection anymore

    4) I'm staying in an apartment, feels like it is connected to the earlier hide and seek dream. I need to go and pack my stuff, my wife has already gone so I need to clean up (I said I would) I feel like I have loads of time but I see the time and actually we need to go - now! I hurry up collecting all of my clothes and such that are spread on the floor, I come out of the bedroom and see the kitchen area (again, the apartment is modern looking and very large, the kitchen area is in the middle, feels very open.) I see piles of washing up , dirty dishes and over flowing dirty water. Damn, I can't leave it in this mess, I start to wash up quickly. Then the dream changes a little, I hear a constant cry, a baby or child? they won't stop crying, I think I am waking up, that it is coming from the 'real' world, but then I realize it's inside the dream, a little girl makes herself known, she's very small and very cute, must be about 2-3 years only. (feels like she was in a previous dream) She is not crying anymore, she just wants to play. Then I go with her into the main room, it feels like evening now - I see her dad (reminds me of @stranger) he is working on something for her - a kind of experiment, he takes an old cassette Walkman and somehow makes an interaction to the computer and then something is made - a device of some kind - maybe it makes the little girl into a toy sized version of herself? I can't quite recall, the experiment is quite funny and radical though

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