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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Looknig for Dog

      by , 12-09-2020 at 11:36 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 09-12-20

      Presleep - chanting to find the dog and discover it's name, I get a name while chanting randomly come to my head - not sure if it is the correct one or not....

      Searching for 'Dog'

      1) I'm having a series of False awakenings, it's dark, I know I am asleep so ignore the false dream around me forming, I fall back asleep, now it's dark, and I try walking, I walk into my bed where I wake again, still lucid - I get out of bed, but it's really dark now, I have to feel my way around, it's not entirely solid either so I have to make sure I am focusing so it is there. I walk down the stairs and what I feel like is my front door - I open it and... Still darkness. Fuck. I go to what I know must be the front garden and take a handful of soil and shove it into my mouth. It's awful, but I feel I am being more solid in the dream now, the area is lighting up around me. I'm in a kind of open space. I hear people talking, from the waking world - an older couple. Then I realize it's just my dream playing tricks on me, I need to focus. I recall my dream goal with Becky - and call out for 'the dog' I here a small voice shout back to me -
      'I'm over here - I'm trapped!' I run over to a pile of rubble and lift the largest piece (a broken piece of rock) off of the body. A small boy crawls out, he has round glasses and messy brown hair.
      'Hmmm, you're not the dog' I tell him
      'YES I am!' he answers back indignantly. I give him a kind of look that says 'you are not fooling anyone'
      'OK... I'm not' I look around me and I call out for the dog again. Now I hear a deep bark from somewhere in the distance. I look where the bark is coming from and see a kind of building site and a dark - very large -silhouette.
      ' He must be HUGE' the boy looks into the distance. Maybe bigger than a person? I don't know - but I want to find out. But before I do I wake up.

      Past Times

      2) In a small Cafe with a friend, I'm younger, hair is longer. We look how we did when we were going out, gothed up, dark make-up etc. One by one old friends come through the door, I get emotional again. I'm semi lucid. I left these friends too suddenly, I miss them terribly now, I wish I could go back but it's changed, I'm older, so are they. Anna comes through the door, I give her a big hug and start crying, telling her I don't understand why I am doing this - why I keep having this dream. When I wake up something dawns on me, back then I dressed and took my introversion and made me extroverted, I had much more confidence, and then I kind of shrunk back into the shadows as I got older, becoming more introverted. It's not just the friends I miss, but the confident younger version of me


      3) Dream frag - of training someone, or getting trained by someone (influenced I think from the Queen's Gambit series) and seeing a mirror behind me and noticing I have a huge bald spot on the back of my head - I never saw that before.


      4) Something about wrestling, Andre the Giant is coming out of retirement and fighting again (he's not dead in this dream!) a poster of him shows he is huge, gigantic, and super super muscular like the Hulk. some older guy is takling about when he first found Andre in a small town, and it was like striking gold - getting a super sized wrestler for the same price as a regular one. Now Andre is doing a spot for TV, advertising his come back - he is dressed like a viking, and his female viking warrior princess (with long dark hair) is standing opposite from him. His name is 'UG' - he tells her that he loves her but surprises everyone by saying his lines in this old Nordic language, the viking lady is surprised at first but then answers something back in Nordic as well
    2. 01/05/13 : Pirates ahoy!!

      by , 05-02-2013 at 09:24 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      Before I go to bed I ask my dream guide to send me to the moon (I write it in my dream journal)

      Street fighter X-men

      I am playing on a video game with my wife, it is basically street fighter (old style) with x-men character in it, by choosing random names we find we can create new and secret characters. I find Rogue from x-men this way - but she has been animated with a huge head and a massive stupid grin. WTF?


      I am standing in a field, talking to a friend and looking out at the tranquil sky, all is clear and calm. Suddenly I see something large falling in the distance - is it as Helicopter? No, it's some sort of an animal, and more are following it. Jesus, in the distance the whole sky is filled with falling animals - wolves, dogs, dear, giraffes, I specifically spot an Okapi. This is bad, very bad. It looks like it us coming down on the town I used to live. When I get near to this town, I spot a local and ask him if he saw the animal down pour - and he just shrugs and said that he didn't


      (fragment).... I am on board a ship, struggling against someone on the ship deck - a male I think. He has a Machete close to my throat, he is saying something about how he and his men are basically mercenaries and they are heading for the Caribbean - and it is at this point that I realize they are pirates. This is a pirate ship!! This is exciting stuff The pirate is using another sword to sharpen his machete, man it looks real sharp now. He places the sword on the floor. I spot it on the floor and make a grab for it.... (not sure what happens here)

      ... I have the sword, now in hand looks more like a knife - it's tiny! On the main deck of the ship , toward the figurehead is planted a tree. A large new green tree planted on the pirate ship!! They must be using this to grow fruit while at sea for food. On closer inspection I can see where other pirates have hacked into the tree - testing the sharpness of their swords.
    3. Hawaii..

      by , 12-13-2011 at 04:46 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      dream 1 - I'm in a Smart car with my brother and dad. my dad drive the car and he goes into the ocean O_O
      I recognize the background that we're in Hawaii.
      we drive on the square logs floating on the ocean. when we crossed it after, I get off the car and go into the water to confirm something on the logs.
      the water is emerald bright, but something like wood chips and dirty little things are floating on the surface of water...

      dream 2 - I'm in comic class doing some kind of group project with my friends. I am tiding something, and this one guy got annoyed from me for some reason, so I'm mad, saying 'what? what's with you? do you have something against me?' and then he gets a little scared lol
      I see 2 men infront of me, talking about my business talent(??) to scout me! wth?
    4. A Puppy and a Bull Dog

      by , 12-09-2011 at 04:34 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      I am at my hometown apartment, but the house has different atmosphere.
      My cousin's family is here. I'm playing with a small white puppy in my grandma's room. there's a big green bowl containing chocolate candies on the cabinet. I throw one to the puppy and I try one too. it's really sugary with chocolate-milk taste. it's good anyway!

      then suddenly the puppy runs out of the room and I follow him. there's my aunt in the living room, preparing dog food for the puupy, saying "he doesnt eat anything. he should stop eating those junk foods!"
      so I say "hey Aunt, you should starve him, he will eventually eat the meal. my other aunt once did this to feed her dog."
      I try to find that puupy in the kitchen. he keeps trying to hide in the corner. I find him, and grab him with my hand but then he slips out and turns into...an.... ant. I'm like wtf?! then he turns into a puppy again, but then he turns into little fly and fly away. at this point I felt really weird and thought how could this happen?! but never got lucid....
      I tell my aunt about this and her face gets puzzled.

      I am on the sofa chilling out, and Aunt brought new puppy; a small bull dog. he jumps on the sofa beside me, being shy and all. so I pet his head and he gets friendly and tries to hug me. I hug him really tightly, and he hugs me too. I think he speaks that he's really happy to see me. I feel really really great.

      suddenly scene jumps. I'm on the tour bus with my cousin's family going to some kind of island fishing?
      there is my black bag infront of me. the bull dog and I try to draw a monkey face on it, and we laugh.

      we get off the bus. I'm confused whether I have to take visa with me or not...
    5. Bugs??

      by , 12-06-2011 at 04:53 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      I went to bed at 10:15 and had really nice sleep, but before bed I thought about LDing and SDing too much which led to failure of WILD...

      I'm a bug!

      I'm some kind of flying bug; I don't exactly know what am I but I think I'm a dragonfly. (similar to Zhuangi's butterfly dream!?) I had my two bug friends beside me. We are running away from a predator. this dream is kinda fuzzy but I remember flying over the grass and landing on a leaf. weird!

      I'm human but there are still more bugs?

      My family, neighbor H family and W family are having a trip to somewhere I recognize as a place of pond/ lake. There are so many fireflies that we have to clean them up. I see big ladybugs. after that H family leaves for home and we get ready to go home, too. we are passing thru a plastic bag? tunnel and inside, there are also plastic bag 'blocks' and there is a little hole that has a size about human head, and we have to pass it. I was frustrated.
    6. School and Crime

      by , 12-04-2011 at 03:39 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)

      I'm at my elementary school with my old friend. she's wearing middle school uniform, weird.. we are inside the school, and get outside, then go to the playground at the apartment where I had lived. I meet my old friend's friend. he is a boy; he's really nice and kind. we hang out together.

      Running away from crime

      I myself is a little boy. it was at night; this prisoner guy(I actually met him during jail field trip from school..), Ryan Key from Yellowcard band, and I are running away from something bad we've done. I think we helped the prisoner guy to escape. suddenly we notice that the cops are chasing us so we run on the tops of the buidlings. I jump and leap.
      Key and I feet kinda happy and excited because we are having an adventure. Key and I sing "Sure Things Fall" together.(omg this song literally fitted this dream's theme...)
      suddenly in front of us there are few people. these people are trying to help us, maybe? but this one man approched to me, and I flinch back and sink down on the floor, hitting my butt. this black-haired guy put a knife in my neck because I've done a crime, too. he says words something that scares me. but then, behind him, someone put a knife on his back, and I was saved. I wake up.
    7. dreams are getting back to normal!

      by , 11-18-2011 at 06:56 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      dream 1 - I am back in Korea with my old friend on a tour bus. we go to a restaurant and my brother and I confronts 4-5 American gangs? at the entrance... or some gloomy place. I try to avoid them smiling, and saying 'hey woah woah.. lets be all friends!' but they try to fight with us... anyway we get into the restaurant and sit besides the table. I see big white plates.

      false awakening: in the morning my brother and I talk about those American gangs in dream with our mom. I think that my brother and I had shared dream.

      false awakening: I dont know when I dreamt this but I am doing the internet pming Katsuno on DV in the morning..

      dream 2 - I am in typical American village. its warm summer. next to me, there's a man who's an animation/ film director.(Brad Bird?) we are observing the backgrounds to get inspired for filming. I am holding a digital camera to film the houses. the village is really beautiful and sort of fairy. the director says 'isnt it nice to recall 1960's?' and then we go to a lake along the houses. I walk closely on the shore, but I'm scared of falling into the water so I shout 'somebody lend me a hand!' above the ground.(there is a little cliff next to me and there are bunch of people up there, maybe partying?) a man grabs my hand and I go up. the man looks like he's in ill. sunddenly that man slips my hand and I fall into the lake. I am puzzled. the water is deep. I float on the surface of the water and the man grabs my hand again. I acted as if this was okay..
      non-lucid , false awakening
    8. tall buildings

      by , 11-16-2011 at 04:43 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      dream 1 - I am 'watching' the scene but it's described as letters. the sentences appear on the scene like a book.

      I see Vincent from Ergo Proxy and the gloomy background behind him. I think he's driving Centzon. he says " 'D' was my cousin all along..." and I recognize that 'D' is Vince's crush, and visualized her as Moa from Keroro Sergeant or Monad. and I think, what about Re-l?! wait.. if D is Monad then she is Re-l because they are cloned! then I see Re-l's countenance....

      dream 2- I am floating in the mid-air. there are really tall buildings like chocolate square densely located in the city with blue sky. I am worried that the buildings are gonna fall, thinking about those collapsing like dominos. as I turn around I see big apartments from Korea.

      dream 3 - I am in my room wearing clothes. my mom gives me the new camisole she bought(in reality) and I have to put my shirt off to wear it. but somehow I cant becuase my hair is wet for some reason.
    9. Box and Workshop

      by , 11-10-2011 at 04:54 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      I am watching a webcomic about this male protagonist carrying a box with woman? in it during Josun dynasty. he's not kidnapping her, he's trying to save her.

      scene jump

      it's at night. I am a male wearing beige coat. I think I have black hair...(probably he is from the movie Source Code; the teacher, Sean) I am carrying a huge box with green cover, female person in it and a paper bag. I want to buy something to feed her. I walk cross the street and I see a McDonald down the stairs. I get in and for some reason there is my art teacher working here. -.- she recognizes me as 'real' me. I give up buying a Mc burger because it's not healthy, so I try to find other store. when I get out of McDonald, I see two people who are on my blacklist. that one bastard tries to fight with me, slightly kicking my leg. I resist and try to walk away. I have to protect the box. then this bitch tries to fight with me too. I get so mad, I put down the box and beat them up.
      at this point I recognize that I've been helping this woman in the box at the street every night. she has a baby. I suddenly feel sad about this...

      dream 2 - I am in kinda of workshop. there is my favorite webcomic Dieter room! cartoonist Neon B let me in. she looks toatlly different than I thought. I see Caramel too. I sit in the back with teenagers ...I volunteer for making something like photo-animation.
      Neon B shared ice cream with us...
    10. Chatting with Katsuno and Floatinghead?

      by , 11-09-2011 at 04:34 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      dream1 - I am on chatzy chatting with Katsuno and Floatinghead.
      Katsuno says something about being a new leader or second leader beside Floatinghead for IOSDP.
      then Floaty says "I know IOSDP is going slow but the next experiment for targeting is me(Floatinghead)!"

      dream 2 - I am with my friends. we were taking test and when it's over, someone got 110 score. -.-
      we linger around somewhere. we chat...(it was mostly useless conversation) this whole thing is really vivid and too long. one of my friends tickle my arm. I laugh out loud...
    11. Mulan and Eating Contest

      by , 11-07-2011 at 04:42 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      I am Mulan(due to re-watching Mulan 2 days ago).

      I am in some kind of white building. I feel like it is somehow has to do with military thing.. there are bunch of people in Chinese restaurant.
      in the kitchen, there is giant person, showing-off eating a whole chicken very easily, as if he chewing a gum. then he says
      "who wants to challenge me?!"
      and people start to have 'eating contest'(this is due to having watched eating contest episode from High Kick). I hold my rice bowl and sit near the wall. there is my 'real' mom, too. I see some other characters from Mulan.

      I think I eat almost 8 bowls of rice... at last I order one chicken wing from the kitchen. tastes real honey wing chicken... I am really full.
      next to me there is a girl and her daddy. the daddy bring a package of sweet-rice-cake sticks? for her daughter. he open it and we share together. when I put one rice cake stick in my mouth I am worried that this 'made-in-china' stuff will make me sick. it is in my mouth anyway, so I just chew and chew, but it's just sugary, there's nothing 'tasty'... I feel like chewing rubber. -.-

      suddenly a man presses his finger on my throat.(I am still Mulan) the man says a line along with this meaning: if you keep swallowing then the food at the end of throat wont go down...
      what the hell, is he demonstrating something on me?! so I say
      "hey I almost threw up!!!"

      scene jump

      my parents and I at a snowy place. kids are sliding down the hill. some people are making fake hills for sliding with water, digging snow. I see a person with snowboard.
      next to me, one man puts a cost for sliding. its not free anymore..

      scene jump

      I am at school. I see someone I know coming toward me, then passes. she is holding a baby who is familiar to someone I know well. then I recognize that she had a baby between....other girl I know.
      I am like, WHAT THE F**K??!? how can two females.... have baby?!?! I am really shocked. at this point I am almost lucid. but the scene jumps again.

      I am at book store with my mom and brother. I see lucid dream book by Stephen LaBerge and other books that are related to lucid dreaming on a counter.
      lucid , non-lucid
    12. another lucid dream in snowy place!

      by , 11-05-2011 at 02:08 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      nonLD lucid dream

      dream 1 - I was chatting with my friend on computer,(it was our cell group chatzy. weird!) and I said "I have to WILD in next dream".

      lucid dream - I woke up from dream 1 and it reminded me of doing WILD. lol

      I stand up from bed. still blind. I rub my eyes in the bathroom like I did in the lucid dream from weeks ago. worked!
      I open up the veranda and the thick sheet of ice has covered the whole town. snow!! yay!! and it's not cold at all.
      I fly, grabbing the tree branch. it is so vivid. I land on the roof of a house then fly away.
      there's a very sloppy roof, and I climb on it, hearing "no lucid dreamer cannot fly over that roof!" from a DC.
      I climb up to the end of roof and there's huge green sea below the house. it is scary. but I think, what do you have to be afraid in lucid dream?!
      so I jump over, then fly away.
      I land on the street where the houses that looks like from English 1850's house style, but the people are modern.
      this reminds me of my vampire comic, and I transform into Stella and do the summoning jutsu to meet Amy.
      what?! it doesnt work. really?! I imagine popping smoke but it doesnt come out at all. so I try to summon her by looking behind.
      after doing that for several times, I see Amy sitting on a bench. I approach to her and bring her to the street.
      she is somehow taller than I think. I did not see her face exactly, but she is wearing black cloak and she has black hair.
      I am Stella, not me. I hug her, as if Amy is really sick or something...

      then I shift into non LD, but dont recall anything!
      lucid , non-lucid
    13. 11/4 mild!

      by , 11-04-2011 at 03:40 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      Dream 1 – I am driving a car. I am a bit scared that I’m gonna have accidents. Few cars crash. I run away from cops and do the road rage. At this point my vision shifts to 3rd point, feeling like playing a video game. I pick green racing car on the road and drive it very fast.

      Dream 2 – I don’t know how I got lucid but when the dream started I instantly knew it was a dream.(I think I did some mantra )
      I am hanging on the outside of veranda of an apartment. Nearby I see a lake and mountain so I decide to fly there. The sky was blue, some baby clouds, perfect green grass field, sweet soft wind, clear river… I was so happy. I use transformation jutsu to turn into Miho. Worked! (transformation jutsu rally works well )I could feel her pointy fox ears. But my voice is still mine so I use voice transformation(?) jutsu. I was surprised that I had totally different voice. I slide on water surface, flying. Suddenly the yellow hay house reminds me of my ‘goal’ so I go up to the hill on the right side of me. There is some kinda of Korean restaurant. At this point the dream becomes unstable and shifts into non-LD.
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. 10/24 getting a gun shot..

      by , 10-24-2011 at 03:42 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      dream 1 - fragment? :I lie on sofa and this small, cute little brown dog comes up and lies beside me. I strike his belly gently.

      I'm in a big building. (I dont know where this was, I couldnt recognize it.) I see huge narrow windows and slightly sloppy stair-less way ...I run down that way and met 2-3 men. I dont remember their face exactly. they suddenly put guns out, pointing each other. (I think they all pointed me) I have a pistol too, but I am so scared that I cant even point well. I even tremble. at this point, I think 'people actually cant pull a trigger; they just point gun...they just want to scare others.' so I think that they r gonna shoot...but it feels like they r gonna shoot. T^T so, trying to be confident, I think of killing all of them, acting very swiftly. I pulled the trigger at the man who's standing on left side of me, hearing loud 'BLAM!', and I tried to shoot the man in the right side, but that man shoots me earlier. I get shot in the head. completely black out. I feel my head collapsing on the floor. I dont feel pain, but I can feel that my brain is seriously injured...
      at this point I kinda feel like I want to 'reborn' by pressing Y on the controller like starting again in a game. so I press it, and I feel using the game controller. my point of view is in 3rd person, and the game character is that little brown dog. the background is still the same where the shooting place has taken. I dont remember well here; the dog has to turn on something and get weapon and then kill those 'men'. but the dog got killed, game fails. reborn again, fails, reborn, fails... it is so hard to win this game. I think I got into the game and I was 'me'... I remember confronting sudden huge spider-monster...

      dream 2 - I am Vincent Law in Centzon ship. felt episode 16...
      I am SO Vincent, I dont know I was 'me'. but I am him. Re-l is lying on the bed writing something on her notebook. I think of confessing how I love her, like that in ep 12, haha but the recall is foggy... I think I grab her shoulder and turn her facing front of me, and confessed... she is sorta puzzled, but she does not tsun-tsun LOL. anyway I'm waiting for her answer...I think talk thru text messaging...
    15. 10/21

      by , 10-21-2011 at 03:37 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      dream fragment - something about me being in prison....and my family

      I was at the mountain from some kind of camping...
      I was in some kind of huge indoor gym. my friedns were there, singing and dancing.
      I come up to them and be the part of it. my friend R suddenly tickle my stomach.
      I tickle her back too. I lie on the floor....and R pressed REALLY hard below my solar flex.

      it freakin hurt. I said stop it; she presses about 6-8 seconds.
      I think that she is giving some kind of massage...so I ask her
      "hey you did that for some kind of chakra flow right?"
      and I think she says yes....
      that was weird....
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