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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Dream artifacts

      by , 01-12-2021 at 04:25 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)

      1) Hopefully no one in the dream group was at the swimming pool this time...

      At the swimming pool, well, either getting ready to get in or I just had gotten out. I'm hanging around one of the changing rooms waiting for someone to come out, it reminds me of the swimming pool we had in junior school. I'm standing there and realize I am totally in the nude - (seems like I forgot to put my swimming costume on) so I do the thing kids do at school and tuck my bits in between my legs, and stand there for about 2 seconds before realizing I'm a 38 year old dude and not a kid! ha ha, so I quickly get a towel (which happens to be on top of a table I'm standing next to) and wrap it around my waist. As I stand there waiting I figure I could play a prank and jump out at the person, so I crawl underneath the table and wait. I'm in a kind of awkward position and feel my bowl groan, and all of a sudden I ... well I do a poo on the floor. I'm horrified, everyone in the room is looking at me in disgust, I apologize over and over, telling them I will clean it up and run out looking for something to clean the mess up with.

      2) I drift into the dream, lucid, I fly over a city looking and start calling out for '7', I can't find her, this is becoming frustrating, I feel the dream close so I just try to keep it open for as long as possible. **time missing** I'm sitting with a bunch of friends, dreamers, we're discussing an artifact that one of them has. It has the power to grant wishes - you kind of put it next to your bed when you sleep. It's the Tasmanian Devil (from the WB cartoon) holding a yellow submarine. It's very funny and interesting. We are discussing that we now have 2 artifacts, one deals with space (Taz) and the other deals with time - I can't quite recall exactly what it is, but one of the dreamers have it, and I 'think' it may have been related to the dark fog that @stranger' told me about in a dream the night before (dark fog = time? or maybe it was dark fog = space and taz=time?) I start to wake, and shake it off, I'm gonna make the most of this time. I look at the taz again, but now it's a small bird of prey - like a kestrel. I go to pet it and it attacks me. I think in the dream this artifact turns into a bird, and the guy with the bird/Taz tells me it's the reason why he has it, because nobody else will look after it! He's been looking after it for years apparently. The bird lunges at me again, starts scratching and clawing at me, I wake up now.
      memorable , lucid
    2. Searching for the dream tree ship

      by , 12-16-2020 at 01:49 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 15-12-20

      Pre-sleep meditation: after meditating I close my eyes and try to stay focused, aware, I see something in front of me - actually I see THROUGH my eyelids , or do I have my eyes open? I'm confused, I open my eyes and I see what is really there (my bedroom)

      Lucid attempt 1 (don't close your eyes in a dream)

      1) Walking through a forest, I do a little look around, I'm a little confused - how did I get here? I woke up in my house - my step father was near by... no, this either did not happen or was just a back story in the dream, I recall what I was really doing - I just did a WBTB , I'm lucid now. But.... everything is wavering, nothing is solid, I've not slept well tonight and this is just a continuation of it. (also I always seem to get unstable when I become lucid)

      I stop. Take time to pause.

      I close my eyes.....

      BIG mistake! fuck, I feel myself waking up. I start running, feeling my feet touch the ground, grabbing out in all directions to get the dream back. I feel I am in an apartment store now, men's clothing. It's too dim to see details so I reach out and take a shirt off of the rack and bite down on it. It doesn't taste of much - but it's enough to solidify me into the dream. Now I am on a street corner, people are everywhere, I see some cars down the street, they are kind of glitching out, flying in loops off of the road and into the air. I pull myself from this distraction, think about my dream goals, but I'm pulled off again, waking, I can't hold the dream...

      Lucid 2 (don't travel by forced flight)

      2) I'm walking down a corridor, looks like a university corridor. The walls are kind of drab, classrooms left and right. I realize I am dreaming, This pretty lady approaches me and smiles, I kiss her. I'm getting pretty into it then realize I need to snap out of it and focus! I walk out of the building, wanting to achieve my dream goal and find someone from my dream group. But I feel the dream is slipping again. Fuck. I see this swimming pool and I think - nice - I ll sit in there, feel the water around me and just focus on the dream surrounding me so I can get stabilized! I jump into the swimming pool and... WOAH!! it's freaking freezing. I kind of do a little yelping sound. I was NOT expecting that. It sends a cold shock to everywhere on my body. I gently lower myself into the swimming pool again and sit there for a couple of minutes just clearing my mind and focusing on everything around me. It feels better, more stable (yes!) So I stand up and call for '7', I try to draw her symbol on my hand, then I shout for her to come, I get a little impatient -where the heck is she? I think I see her in the distance. 'come on 7! what are you doing?' Now I am walking down the street, my second option - to get transported directly to the dream tree! I put my finger to my ear to turn on the 'comms' and speak directly to '7' 'Can you transport me directly to the dream tree ship?' I ask her 'but don't teleport! that just wakes me up , fly me there please!' I have to say this a few times until finally I hear static and some distant voice. That's good enough for me! I stand there , in the middle of the street waiting to be flown upwards. A gang of thugs are walking toward me now, they are shouting, asking why I am just standing there like an A-hole? Come on 7... what the hell.... Suddenly I am lifted off of the ground, I'm floating, it's slow to start off with but then I am shooting super fast, I zoom past some kids who are travelling in a kind of sphere like blue and red craft. I'm trying to keep my eyes open for the dream tree - it's gotta be around here somewhere? But then I realize it's not, it's deep in space because I'm going even faster now - it's so fast I can feel my stomach in my throat, the g-force of the travel is making the whole experience so intense, that I can feel EVERYTHING (much more intense than a roller coaster) , I'm just shooting through the sky, above the atmosphere shouting 'fuck, fuck... fuck... fuckkkkkkkkk' seeing the ground below me getting smaller and smaller, but I can't hold on, these intense feelings, I can't and I wake before I see the ship (damn!)
      lucid , memorable
    3. invisible tricvertops and alien invasions!

      by , 12-11-2020 at 04:23 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 10-12-20

      Pre-sleep : focusing on Becky
      1) Early night dream (1:21-1:37) I'm fighting in a big huge field, I'm beating up these people one by one - they are mean horrible racist (white supremacists) things. Each time I smash one to the ground I see an image of a black woman and child pop up (almost like I am saving them) but it's all very much in a video game type of format. Though the format is daft my rage is real, I feel so angry I need to get rid of these vile human beings. I go deeper and deeper into this infinite field, and rack up quite a few points, feels kind of like Classic Doom game. I wake up with my blood pumping

      2) (from long dream period of 3:16 - 4:00) Suburban setting: Middle America, an innocent looking back yard with a white picket fence, and then some kind of electrical sparks -and 'boom' the whole area around the house has been morphed and changed, sparking different colors and metals (though layered on top of the same structures) And a bunch of scary looking aliens appear in this mess, armed to the teeth and running after the lady who did this: Now we see a blond lady, mid twenties, she is driving away from this craziness, driving in her pink Cadillac, no roof and I am sitting in the back with another person. Behind us the aliens are catching up, but a invisible triceratops comes stampeding around the corner and bashes the aliens out of the way. Now we have the same scene from the viewpoint of the Triceratops, his journey begins - seemingly willed into existence just after the aliens appeared, outside the american house. He sees the aliens and feels and urge to chase after them and we see the pink Cadillac from the perspective of the triceratops now, as he charges directly at the aliens saving the car from harm.
      After a few moments the car slows down to a halt and I ask the lady driving the car what she has in the glove compartment - I m not sure WHY I ask though. I climb forward to the front seat and open it - inside it's like a doorway to another universe, vast and open, I don't know how it is this big. The door to open the glove compartment is both regular size and the size of an actual door.
      **time missing**
      I ve warmed up to this lady with the blonde hair, we have a spark between us, I know she likes me too. We sit at a dinner table, a bunch of us eating and I move seats so that now I am sitting directly across from her. I want to talk to her more, kiss her even. My wife walks into the room, I'm confused - am I married? I recall then that I AM married, and I don't know what to make of these feelings toward this woman now

      3) Dream Frag (from 5:45 - 6:05) Watching an episode of classic Sabrina the teenage witch, She is in New York, in the middle of the new York iconic Central Park. She is walking past what looks like a coffee shop and now we see it is actually 'central Perk'. Phoebe pops her head out of the door. It looks like she is working there as it is late and she is cleaning up, she waves at Sabrina and we now know this is a 'cameo'. She runs over to Sabrina to say hi, but Phoebe is actually tiny compared to Sabrina, like a mouse, and there seems to be a crazy explanation here that she exists in a parallel 'smaller' reality. It makes for a comedic exchange between characters though

      4) Short dream (7:19-7:27) Sitting in my house (that is not my real house) My wife asks me to write a song for her, she needs it for work. It looks like I am a professional song writer in this reality. I tell her I will, and start to talk some more but she butts in - then she starts to moan at me , saying that I always say that I will do things, but never actually do them (even though I was about to start) I tell her I just wanted to ask if she needed just the lyrics or the tune as well? because I usually just write lyrics. Then I am sitting on a sofa and I have longer hair, I'm suddenly a teenager again - and it is my step dad that is shouting at me - I get pissed off, I tell him to try to talk to me like an actual human being every once in a while.
      memorable , dream fragment
    4. 11/05/18

      by , 05-11-2018 at 11:44 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      Dream comic
      I have gone to see my friend Stevie, , but he is not at home and I am having to stand around awkwardly with his mom as I wait for my next train back home to come. So I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and go upstairs and then nose around in Stevie's room to see if he has anything decent to read while I am waiting. His room is dark and it is difficult to see, it is a real mess though, lots of junk and toys and books all over the floor, and I accidentally step on a glass of water and knock it over breaking it. Damn. I then reach over at a comic book - a nice thick book, called 'dream adventures' written by John Lydon (although I don't think it is the same John Lydon punk legend) flicking through the book I see lots of familiar sights, like watching the ready player one movie there are lots of pop culture characters that the dreamer turns into in his adventures. At the beginning of the book there is a section (still in comic form) about rules of combat on the dream plain, this part refers to #hukif Hukif directly, because I think he wrote it. It's a double page spread and is called 'no weasels' in combat allowed. It then goes on to explain what a weasel is in the form of Indiana Jones fighting multiple foes and getting overwhelmed.
      A 'weasel' apparently is when two fighters starts to replicate themselves as a way of fighting, which in itself is fine, but when they replicate themselves to the extent that the dreamer cannot control every version that they have made, or every DC, and these versions/replications just turn into mindless zombies wandering around and overpopulating the battlefield, kind of 'bugging' the dream out. These mindless replications are then known as 'weasels' . I head back downstairs after putting the book down, but then think, it's a long journey home and I am sure Stevie wouldn't mind me borrowing this for a bit, so I go back into his bedroom and I accidentally smash yet another glass of water on the floor, now there are two glasses smashed on the floor, and I try to pick bits up but it is useless - what a mess!
      Morgan Freeman sings
      Morgan Freeman, the king of the spoken word, well the sound of it in anycase, decides to bring an album out and everybody declares it the best singing ever ha ha
      Basement again
      I'm working on a fallout piece for a job, and I am just SO bored, so I decide to take the afternoon off. I decide to go with my wife to the beach with the kids, and we start to walk down the road but I feel strange. My wife asks me if I fed the rabbit, and I really can't be bothered with any of this, but no, I didn't, so I go head back toward the house and I am feeling really dizzy. I do a RC, because damn I must be dreaming, but no, RC checks out (nose pinch) but I am so sure, so I do another RC nose pinch, but no, NOT dreaming, I can't breath through the nostrils so I am not dreaming. Damn, why do I feel so funky? SO I go to the basement with my daughter, which is now huge, and seems to go on forever, and go through all of the crap we have there looking for the Rabbit food - but I can't see it. Then my daughter finds some stairs and says perhaps it could be up there? another secret passageway that I had not seen before. Urgh, I think to myself, is there any point? I know that won't be there when I wake up, its just another one of those hidden rooms I keep dreaming of! (although for some reason this doesn't make me lucid?) but my daughter persists so I go up the steps with her, it goes up a long way, must be in the walls of the house or something going up to the attic, and we finally reach an ominous red door, and inside is a large room. But I can't recall what else, or I woke up
    5. 01/05/13 : Pirates ahoy!!

      by , 05-02-2013 at 09:24 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      Before I go to bed I ask my dream guide to send me to the moon (I write it in my dream journal)

      Street fighter X-men

      I am playing on a video game with my wife, it is basically street fighter (old style) with x-men character in it, by choosing random names we find we can create new and secret characters. I find Rogue from x-men this way - but she has been animated with a huge head and a massive stupid grin. WTF?


      I am standing in a field, talking to a friend and looking out at the tranquil sky, all is clear and calm. Suddenly I see something large falling in the distance - is it as Helicopter? No, it's some sort of an animal, and more are following it. Jesus, in the distance the whole sky is filled with falling animals - wolves, dogs, dear, giraffes, I specifically spot an Okapi. This is bad, very bad. It looks like it us coming down on the town I used to live. When I get near to this town, I spot a local and ask him if he saw the animal down pour - and he just shrugs and said that he didn't


      (fragment).... I am on board a ship, struggling against someone on the ship deck - a male I think. He has a Machete close to my throat, he is saying something about how he and his men are basically mercenaries and they are heading for the Caribbean - and it is at this point that I realize they are pirates. This is a pirate ship!! This is exciting stuff The pirate is using another sword to sharpen his machete, man it looks real sharp now. He places the sword on the floor. I spot it on the floor and make a grab for it.... (not sure what happens here)

      ... I have the sword, now in hand looks more like a knife - it's tiny! On the main deck of the ship , toward the figurehead is planted a tree. A large new green tree planted on the pirate ship!! They must be using this to grow fruit while at sea for food. On closer inspection I can see where other pirates have hacked into the tree - testing the sharpness of their swords.
    6. 18/10 - Lion men, Kuno, the gangsters and I (plus playing with fire)

      by , 10-18-2011 at 01:48 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      18-10-11 Intentions I deliberately decided to just chill in the case I got lucid, I had the feeling I always tried to do too much and that this was causing some stability issues. Besides I figured it would be easier for people to find me if I remained calm and fairly stationary.

      “Hypnagoic Havoc”

      Two times before actually falling asleep I was awoken due to HH. The first time I had a pulling sensation that frightened me a bit and I shut it down consciously, which resulted in me floating back to waking condition, which I regretted after having done it. The second experience was someone popping into my head saying something, might have been something simple as hello. I remember seeing the face, though it was fairly jumbled.

      “The Master of Swords am I!”

      I am something of an Egyptian god. Half lion half man and I have this Egyptian name that I don't really understand. What do you do when you don't understand something, you wiki it so I did just that =P. The name translates into “The Master of Swords” and apparently I am somewhat connected to handling slaves.

      There is someone there with me, maybe Float?, who is also a feline man with an equally impressive title. We are going up to see the boss (?) who is on the top of this structure that might be a pyramid. The colourings of the surroundings would indicate that it is set in Egypt and the structure definitely is the colour of the pyramids.

      While we are walking up towards the boss we are goofing around at our impressive titles. We both sort of know that it is a role play situation and we find it funny that we are so highly ranked as well as being lion men.

      Our joking abruptly ends as we get to the top were a lion woman, who reminds me of Windy, tells us that the ropes that are tying us together have been severed. The way it is severed is by the top triangle of the Illuminati symbol all of a sudden appears behind her and it radiates a glow that cuts the bonds between us.

      I get a panicky feeling and don't want this to be the case. I become aware that it is a dream as I wake up, while wondering why I wasn't the top dog seeing as people were trying to find me =P.

      “Just chill man, who the fuck is Kuno and pall?”

      I am walking down this narrow cobbled street feeling fairly gleeful. I notice that there are four people acting strangely and I notice that they all open a can of Tuborg at the same time. I continue down the road, but I find it unusual and turn around to observe what is happening.

      I get the feeling that they are either doing a social experiment, to check if anyone is noticing their weird behaviour, or shooting and ad for the beer. While I am looking at them they enter a shop, think it is a small fashion shop or similar and I get the feeling that they are the proprietors since they are walking in while the shop is closed.

      I turn back around and start walking down the street again. The sunlight would indicate that it is afternoon or early evening. I spot four other people down the street and notice that they have just opened four cans of Carlsberg, which might be the explanation for the other group's weird behaviour.

      One of the guys stops up and I am walking down beside him. On an elevated platform made of stone to my right I see a pick nick table and upon that table is a bundle of keys. I pick them up and turn around asking the people behind me if it is their keys, but they inform me they aren't.

      The guy who had stopped up then approach me and tells me it is his. I give him his keys and explain that I wasn't anything personal, but the behaviour of the other guys would indicate that they were more likely to loose a set of keys. He laughs a bit and tells me “Yeah always look for the people in a festival costume” You should take it as a compliment that I didn't think they were yours” (?)

      skip (small one)

      There is a shop on my left hand side, which serves food as is apparent as it is a transparent cooling desk. The scenery has a 2D quality to it now and I know I am dreaming. I keep pushing myself forward intending to fully submerge in the dream and soon enough I am in a 3D environment.

      I remember to just chill out without really trying to alter the dream or use powers, but just walk around and experience the dream. I start looking at things and I start smelling things, one of these elements being the fish on the counter, which I can't recall how smelled.

      Henriette walks up from behind me and we start chatting about how she has been. She tells me about her studies and I do try and pay attention, but I keep shifting my focus away from her to focus on details in the environment to keep the dream stable. At one point I notice this shelf with some golden glitter on it.

      I ask Henriette if she is aware that we are dreaming, she replies that she is, though she goes on to explain that I am dreaming, but she is not, indicating that she understand herself as a figment of my imagination (which is weird, but I don't think more of it).

      I walk off I think Henriette keeps following me and there is this wooden frame with a hole in it, to act as a window, that I try and crawl through parcour style as I am getting a bit bored. There are loads of wooden boxes and barrels on the other side of this frame and also there is a room with people in it.

      I walk into the room which is grey, but still has some boxes in it. The man from the street (the man with the keys) is in the room and I ask him if he knows we are dreaming. he replies that he is aware and I go to shake his hand. I tell him my name is Dennis and I ask for his. He walks around me and tells me his name is Kuno before he sits down on a box.

      Then someone from behind the boxes jump on my back and scares the shit out of me, his name is some metaphor for my anus and I don't find him funny at all, mainly because I get the feeling he wants to violate me sexually. He has this crazy grin on his face, which look like Gareth's from EIMS.

      I don't trust him and I tell him that I don't appreciate his way of behaving and he seems somewhat hurt of this. Throughout the dream I keep telling him that he will have to do a hell of a lot to prove himself trustworthy for me.

      I turn back to talk to Kuno, I ask “By Kuno, do you mean Katsuno?” “No” he answers. I want to get an idea about this fellow so I ask him to stand up. He does so and turns out to have blonde/brown hair, quite a pronounced forehead, he is about half a head shorter than me (I am 180 cm) and he has this wide smile on his face pretty much all the time.

      We walk out of the room and through these corridors with grey walls. At one point we stop by a window and I notice how the light gets bend through the glass of the window creating these small colourful spots and find it fascinating. Furthermore I notice a pattern playing in the light that wouldn't have been possible in waking life. I also notice that the light projection is actually on the same wall in which the window is placed rather than on the other wall, so I am witnessing something completely impossible physically speaking.

      Something after this point is missing though I don't know what.

      I keep talking to the guy who jumped me and tell him that I don't trust him and that he will have to make up for his stupidity if he wants to earn my trust.

      “No flight!? - You will burn for this!”

      I have a false awakening. My flatmate enters my room with a badminton racket and say something weird. I go back to bed.

      I wake up again and notice that it is a false awakening and I think that the situation with my flat mate would also have been a FA. I get out of bed and start walking around. I don't do any reality checks I just know I am dreaming. I start heading towards the window and I sort of lie on my back floating in the air and start floating out through the window actually seeing the glass as I fly through it without breaking it (I never tire of that one ^^).

      I get a brief thought that I am absolutely insane to start jumping out of my window without having done a RC, but I go with it. It is sunny, bright and warm outside and I get the feeling I am naked. I fly up to my right and have a brief chat with my neighbour, explaining to her that we are dreaming. I face her and she looks at my package and before I fly away she thanks me for the experience. “It was nothing” I tell her and consider I hope I didn't just deliver a stupid joke about the size of my junk.

      Anyways I decide I don't care what people think about my naked body and fly on. I fly down toward the centre of the garden and start thinking about Katsuno in lack of anything better to do. I think about the spider man technique and although I don't feel or see a rope come out I do feel a sensation in my left hand that serves like a compass or homing beacon.

      I start flying towards the direction indicated by my hand, but then I get this message that I can't get to him because the vegetation and foliage of our dreams are currently incompatible (WTF!?). I then fly down and land in some dense material, which is a mixture of pineapple and reeds. The leafs are really thick, but edgy meaning you could cut yourself on them, and I get stuck in them. Moreover I loose my ability to fly, which doesn't really create a panic, but I sure do get angry.

      I start walking through the bushes and end up between a hedge on one side and really tall stingy nettles on the other side. I wonder if the nettles will sting me, but they don't even when I pick them up. So I am walking along the hedge and there is a lot of foliage above me reaching in over the path. I can't fly up and this really piss me off now.

      I just look up and start climbing up through the plants while screaming “FIRE!” repeatedly. I think about doing some fireballs or other interesting stuff, but I don't really manage this. Instead I get out to the sea at a marina with a lot of house boats, and auto campers and trailers as well (?), in the water.

      I kneel down and slam my arms in the ground while screaming “FIRE!” some more. I look out over the boats and in the beginning nothing is happening, but then this one boat starts burning, nothing spectacular, but small flames leaping all over it, and though they aren't big and intense, you get the feeling that they are very effective at eating the boat quickly.

      I channel telekinesis through my left arm into the ground and lift the boat out of the water. I pull it back towards me though on my left hand side. Then I crush it. I can feel the phantom hand I have created around the boat and I clench my fists around it so it looks like the boat implodes. I then release it and return my attention to the rest of the marina.

      Another boat is burning on my right hand side, I keep going nuts and soon I notice fire in many boats and campers, essentially the entire harbour is burning. The sky is no longer sunny, but has turned night time dark. I wake up.


      FA: I pick up the dicta phone and start hearing my voice through the device, thinking that I am starting to record over my first lucid.

      “Cosmic Gangster Showdown”

      I am on a battlefield and two rival gangs are facing one another. “My” team led by my father is holding daggers and is stood squarely facing a bunch of archers from the opposing gang. I wonder why they aren't retaliating or fighting for their lives.

      There is something cosmic going down, some shit about planetary alignment and the battle is part of a greater story. I decide to take one of my daggers and throw it at an archer and sidestep before letting the arrows hit me. But none of the men there besides me does this, and I somehow get the feeling that it was intended for them all to die.

      I rummage the battlefield after the slaughter and pick up a dagger and three other throwing knives that looks like a mixture between a halberd and a scalpel, but in a size suitable for throwing.


      I am in a gangster setting and I have caused a problem, maybe by interfering in the battle mentioned before. However I am not the only one in trouble, I have actually caused some problems for my friends as well.

      Especially this one guy, who is about to be a father I have caused problems for and I do my best to help out. I do this mainly by sourcing pregnancy stuff and a children's bed for him. He is really grateful for this and thanks me at one point in the dream. I ask him not to thank me and reminds him that I have also placed him in the shit. I think Ronja makes a gesture towards him reminding him about this fact.

      In order to make up for this I have started taking a more active interest in my fathers gangster business. I will one day inherit the operations. I have ensured that a lot of small business, responsible for significant income, has been added under the wings of the corporation.

      I intend to get a car salesman going for the firm as well. So I make a trip to this dealer not far a away who is of Spanish origin and in his 40es or 50es. I look at a station car and open the door in the wrong end of the car, though I am convinced it is the front door it turns out to be the rear one.

      The salesman comes over to me and start talking about the car. I offer him a job and tell him that whatever he is getting paid my dad will pay him more. He gets into the driving seat of the car and we drive back to the HQ of my father's empire. On the way I ask if he has a card I can take so I can get back in touch with him. He gives me one.

      Back at HQ we walk the ground floor and look at all the shops down there. I notice that there isn't actually a suitable one for a car business, though I was positive there was. I do know however that some of the existing shops will close down and potentially open up a spot. I thank the salesman for his time and openness to consider my offer.

      slight skip.

      Back upstairs I am talking to people, in particular the coming dad, who I assure that no harm will come to him. I intend to up the game. I am going to go and cut up some people to make sure the rival gang knows not to fuck with us. So I pick up a scissors and give it to a guy and I go into the kitchen to pick up a meat knife, one with a slight hint of teeth on it, while considering it's use against a throat.

      All of a sudden a lot of people are joining me, feeling it is a good idea. We leave some of the woman behind and they put on some music we all know, that we start laughing about and dancing to.

      Down by the front door the doorman stops us. I know him to have been affiliated with the rival gang, but he has taken on a more neutral role nowadays. He grabs my left wrist with an iron claw thing that he is using as an artificial hand. I tell the others that he is sound and isn't to be hurt.

      Across the road I see the entire other gang on bikes wearing fluorescent yellow/green jackets and fake mu-stages and glasses as disguises. They have been tipped off and I instantly recognise that the music we were listening to is actually the tip off sign, we have a traitor in our midst, though I don't know who as of yet.

      The doorman starts singing about the music has been used as a sign.

      I run across the street and start chasing the gang, which is led by Dirch Passer (Famous old school Danish actor) and my old Karate trainer. I chase Dirch who stops casually at a red light, but then he notice I am chasing him and he sort of come to the realisation that I mean business and he takes off. I turn around wanting to chase the others but they have all disappeared. I ask hypothetically if they have all entered the bus, and my gang replies that they have, but that there wasn't enough room for Dirch.

      Throughout the dream (bar the battlefield part, where I think I am wearing some sort of leather arour) I am wearing this bright flashy yellow suit, AWSOMENESS!