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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

    1. OGF_Kill; The Mob

      by , 12-11-2012 at 11:01 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      The Mob

      I was watching in 3rd person perspective as a guy in the mob was showing another guy this weird move. He was in a restaurant setting, but in his home. There were swivel chairs set up in a semi-circle. Golf balls were set up over the chairs, and their were lasers going through the air and connecting the balls and stuff.

      The mob guy jumped over a chair and ended up sideways and trying to hit a ball. This was supposed to show how much he'd practiced and to show his power as a threat.

      Then the mob guy was trying going to kill me. I had done something wrong. He ended up giving me two cigarettes. I didn't want them. He forced them on me saying that he had done something, so I should take the two cigarettes. He put them in my mouth. Someone somehow tasted one and said they weren't cigarettes. He meant they were poisoned.

      I told him I would take them anyway. (I didn't have much choice.) I started to walk away so I could then run away, but the steps I was going to use had a black guy walking up the stairs. He would have stopped me, so I walked back like I was just nervous, but wasn't going to go anywhere.

      I then did walk away over to an area with plants. I saw one plant with two spider webs that made balls of a sort. Then there was webbing connecting them and all around the plant. This was also good for the plant as it kept warmth and moisture in.

      I got out my phone to take a picture, and accidentally tore a bit of the web. That exposed a tunnel of spider web. I looked in and it had a blue light shining on it. It was so cool! I got out my phone to take a picture, but then the mob boss grabbed my arm and started pulling me to kill me again. I was so scared.

      I tried to take off my jacket but I couldn't. He made fun of me and sang a song about trying to take off dream jackets. I realized then I was dreaming. The mob boss dunked himself in the water to show how much control he was in. I imagined the jacket off and it worked, but the dream ended.

      I can't remember where, but one time I was trying to escape, I had looked one way and it was too far. As the mob guy was chasing me I turned to the right and saw a beach with beautiful water, but the mob guy caught me before I could get there. I can't remember where that fit in, but the water was beautiful.


      I was with an OGFJ. We were on a floating dock that wasn't big enough to hold us both. We were trying to make out. We fell into the water and had trouble getting back up to the dock. It seemed like I didn't want to move my arms to swim. The water was greenish and it was night time, so I could barely see through the water.

      We finally made it back up and she made a comment of displeasure. I said something like, "At least you could get to the dock!"

      Dream skip

      I'm with my cousin Michael. We headed to a party or something. I ended up getting into a fight with someone, then fighting someone else. I was trying to stab the second guy, but then he ended up with the knives. One was a little curved.

      When he got the knives, I said, "Oh no, knives!" Then the guy commented that it's OK when I have knives, but when he has them I get scared. He was right.

      I was in two t-shirts. I straightened them out because my arms weren't through the sleeves right. Then I ran. I was really scared.

      Then he was above me in some kind of cacoon. I had a razor blade in my hand. He started knocking things out of the ceiling (his floor) and I attacked them thinking it was him. It was just some sort of padding/stuffing. Eventually he did fall through. He was in some kind of suit. I jumped him and took the razor to his body. He was protected by his suit, but I started wearing away at the suit until I was cutting his body and his head.

      Once I had him good, he turned into a roach. I started chasing him all over the room to kill him. Once I ran over a bunch of bikes knocking the all down and stepping on and over them. I chased the roach into a corner and tried to kill it. He got away. There was shit all over the place, but eventually I got it with the broom.

      He ran up the wall injured. I saw another roach which was a diversion. I found the right one and killed it. Then he was a person again whom I buied, though I didn't actually have to bury him in my dream.

      Then I had to deal with the other guy. I didn't want to deal with him. I was afraid he would kill me. I started trying to find MJ in my phone to come pick me up.

      Eventually my friend Michael showed up. I kind of ignored him looking for MJ. Then a girl showed up and I was going to go out with her. That was cool.

      Then there was my first girlfriends mother. She sat down and was playing a card game with a kid from my bus. Since he was playing an adult game, he had to bet adult amounts instead of the half price kid amount to bet. At first the bets were real money, but eventually it was like monopoly money or something so it really didn't matter, but he was sad he had to bet the full amount.

      Some of the cards got wet and the front and back separated. We held them on with paperclips.

      I was driving a car on a dirt road with an unknown passenger. We drove until we found the main road.

      That is the end because I have to log a dream from 12:00 midnight (will be above) and I need to sleep some more.
    2. JAR vs IF;

      by , 05-05-2012 at 04:00 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      JAR vs I

      I was with a group of people in someones house. I was with JAR. I couldn't believe it. I held her and we danced. I think I kissed her neck.

      One by one the other people, mostly kids, started coming in the room. I couldn't be personal with her. I told her it would be impolite at this party to keep going away from everyone to be alone. She said, "OK."

      Later, I was with IF. If was sad because she understood. She was going to leave. I felt bad. IF began to tear up. I opened a tiny bottle of something from her work. It smelled like isopropyl alcohol.

      Dream Skip

      The group contained young adults now. We were being instructed by someone on how to fly a jet in a game. We were being given step by step instructions that we had to write down.

      The first instruction was to engage the thrusters and keep them on. He was referring to a kind of pilot light that would allow actual thrusters to engage when necessary. He said that whether we needed forward or reverse thrusters, the fire would start that thruster.

      I was falling behind writing the instructions. I think there were between 9 and 11 instructions for us to take home and study.
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    3. A Predictable Sandman Lucid

      by , 02-06-2012 at 04:50 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I don't remember anything until I started to realize I was becoming lucid. There were a few women. I saw them in a rather baron environment. I realized I was lucid and decided to go for one of them.

      I got one and leaned her back to lay her down. I'm always afraid I'll wake up, so I decided to get her clothes off as I was bringing her down. I lay her down with my left hand, and raised her tight, pink, cotton dress with my right. By the time she was on the ground, I had her exposed.

      I nommed on her breast for a short time, and had an FA.

      I was in a restaurant in a booth. There were two blonde women at the table. One was paying her check with a credit card. I reached out to take it wondering if I was lucid and thinking it would be no harm. She retracted the card and I got nervous. I tried to explain I thought I was having a lucid dream.

      She didn't get it. I asked her if she had ever had a dream where she knew she was dreaming...the old explaining lucid dreaming routine.

      She seemed relatively interested, but she and her friend left. I was left alone. The restaurant was noisy. I wondered what all the commotion was. I finally leaned up to see a T.V. with the picture of a U.S. soldier in Iraq. I asked if someone was talking to their husband in Iraq. They said no.

      I was a little "confus" and got tired of the noise, so I left. I went outside to see another dirt road with some women up ahead. I realized again, I'm dreaming!

      All the women were unattractive, obese black women. I flew towards them hoping to find a cute one. No such luck. I kept flying down the road. I flew through a shanty town. On either side of the road, there were shacks made of metal roofing material. All had their back side to the road.

      As I flew down the road, I looked at the homes and noticed everyone had a goat. Some people had two. I thought I should fly to the front of the homes, but I kept straight.

      I finally came upon a young woman with strawberry blonde hair. She could have looked better. I looked away and looked back and she looked a bit better.

      I looked for a place to lay her down. I saw an black iron bath tub that would never hold enough water to bathe in. It only came up about as high as a black iron pan.

      I decided that would be too cold. I didn't want to lay her down in the dirt though. I went to lay her down so as not to waste any time, and a piece of plastic appeared under her. That was convenient.

      I lay her down the same as with the first one, lifting her dress as I lay her down. Again, I nommed on her perfect breasts for a while, glad this is one of my few lucid capabilities.

      I didn't want to leave her breast, but I wanted to taste her lips. I began to kiss her. It was yummaliscious. As I kissed her, I touched her below. She finally got into it (my DC's are often rather lifeless). She moaned, "Oh don't..." but she sounded like she was in ecstasy.

      I don't remember the order of these dreams very well. I know that at one point in my FA, I was so mad that I had awakened from a lucid that I made an angry face gritting my teeth at which point I saw a yellow mist with a face gritting its teeth. I thought that made sense. I was seeing my emotion.

      Also, between lucid's my alarm went off. I snoozed it and went back to bed and had the second lucid. I actually think I had two FA's, but I'm only certain of one.

      Mixed in there, likely somewhere around the restaurant scene was another dream I had where I was in the office of an ogf Jennifer M. She looked great. Her office was positively opulent.

      We were going to go somewhere, but she left and I stayed looking at a door that was right at a window looking several stories below. I liked the door to nowhere. Then I noticed another one.

      I eventually left and saw a restaurant for the office building workers. It was dark and cozy, though a bit sterile. I walked through thinking how much I liked that an office cafeteria would make the dining room dark for an intimate environment at work.

      As I came out, Jennifer came back to get me. I was kind of sad because she had such a good job and I didn't. She said she could get me an application. She walked over to an executive who gave her one. She came back and said, "I told you I could get you an application!" I was still sad because she could get anything with her looks and it had nothing to do with me deserving a job.

      I then saw a vignette type corridor where the walls looked like an alien planet's cave landscape. I asked Jennifer to walked into it so I could take a picture of her. She did, though I never actually took the picture.
    4. At Work

      by , 01-07-2012 at 05:15 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      At Work

      I was at a job. I was on an elevator. I hit the wrong button which bothered me. It didn't have any major implications, but it was a flub that seemed to bother me due to some kind of implication.

      I was wearing a suit. This would be a reflection from the first corporate job I ever had. As I got off the elevator, I stood tall. I walked with a crowd. I looked over and saw the ogf. We didn't speak; I just kept walking, but this really effected the mood.

      I was showing somebody pictures of a vacation. This was strange because I got to see 2 of the pictures, and in my experience, seeing pictures, art, hearing music clearly--are all difficult to do, and I consider them free art. In other words, if I wanted to write down the music or recreate a piece of art, I wouldn't have to be creative because it all came to me in a dream.

      So, the picture I showed the lady was of my daughter with a bridge in the background. It was a basic bridge over water. My daughter had told me she thought it looked like the Golden Gate bridge. I thought she was so smart to remember that bridge, even just the name, as I had been to S.Fran as a kid, but she never had, so she was reaching deep to remember a picture or a conversation or something.

      The lady then said that if she turns out to be really smart, she could pass all the tests in high school really easily, or win awards in high school, or something like that.

      Then I saw a manager type figure. I tried to show him the picture, but it was at the bottom of the stack and I kept going forward. The pictures were not good, but then I came to one really interesting picture.

      I was on an I-beam like 500 feet in the air. I was sitting on the beam hunched over and holding on scared, but I had no ropes on me. I showed him the picture and wondered myself exactly how I ended up agreeing to be on that I-beam with no ropes. It wasn't a ride on an amusement park, so it was kind of weird that I ended up on the beam.

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    5. User Dream

      by , 07-11-2011 at 03:54 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was with my first girlfriend. She was smoking a blunt
      She threw the end of it on the ground and I was a little disturbed.
      She wouldn't do that in waking life. Anyway, we got in her car. It
      was her Camaro. She had a weird tray with marijuana on it. There
      was also a pipe. I tried to explain that she was asking to get in trouble
      because if she gets pulled over for anything, she's in trouble for the
      weed also.

      All of a sudden, we are getting pulled over. I am now not in the car,
      but outside, hiding behind a staircase handrail. The police find me.

      They look in my eyes and think I'm stoned. I don't smoke, so I know
      I'm not, but I'm worried because my eyes feel so heavy. I know I look
      high. I tell the cop I don't smoke and that I have a CDL, so I can't anyway.
      They don't care, but my dream ended there.
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    6. Class and Securing the Hill; OGF

      by , 07-03-2011 at 05:53 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Class and Securing the Hill

      I was in a class, but don't know what I was learning. We all chose net-books for the day. They were all unique.
      One computer had a problem.

      Dream skip?

      I went to a grassy hill and was going to fight some machines. Everyone in my unit or on my team had a vehicle
      that served as protection. I chose a place on the hill that offered protection from ahead and from behind.

      These dreams repeated. When I went to class again, I knew one of the computers had a problem. I got the same
      computer I had had before because I knew that one worked.

      I saw some meat that had been flattened and salted. It was raw. I ate some and realized some how, not by the taste,
      that the meat had been poisoned. I started to spit out the meat. Every time I spit, I had a lot more spit to spit out. I
      spit enough to fill a baggie half way. I left the class.

      I was on the hill again. Someone had a boa constrictor--possibly a red tail boa. It was about 8 feet long. They were letting it get very close to me. It was trying to bite me. Eventually I was trying to hold it anyway. I tried to get it behind the head, but being tired in waking life (I guess), I couldn't focus on it much. I ended up holding it by the tail and letting it crawl on the ground.

      Then I was positioned on the hill again. My spot was now vulnerable from the rear. I didn't like that at all. I had a premonition that we would be attacked from the rear. I ended up in some kind of a room that was walled by tough, nylon strapping material. I had a machine gun. It was like a cross between an AK-47 and an AR-15. I liked having it. I shot about 15 bullets and then thought I should stop in case I hit someone. I wanted to get out of the room, so I started pulling the strapping and it was coming loose. Eventually I guess I did get loose with someone else who was in the room with me.

      Then I was in a military aircraft. I was never in the military. We were preparing for something. I was trying to get my machine gun it a case because I didn't want to leave it, and I didn't want to walk around wherever I was going with an open machine gun.

      One of the other guys with me, a superior I think, threw a jacket out of the plane. I was upset because I think it was my jacket. It was as though I wasn't supposed to keep the military property (including the gun). I quickly put on another jacket so as to claim it. That meant the jacket thrown out was someone elses.


      I met a girl who looked like someone I used to date. I was my current age--she was the age I met her. I approached her nervous of how she would respond to what I wanted to tell her. I told her that I know I am much older, but I just wanted to tell her that she looked like an ogf. She looked exactly like her. I was in love.

      Later, she responded more to my liking, and I became semi lucid, or at least controlled my dream. I started holding her. I was taking my time to go up her shirt because I was enjoying being with her, but I realized I may wake up soon, so I started going further up her shirt. I got so far as to feel where her breast started. I didn't go further because I wanted to save some of the enjoyment. I never got to feel her breast, but I was enjoying looking at her face too much.
    7. Video Game; Killer Car; At old GF house

      by , 04-29-2011 at 01:13 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I have been playing zombie games with my boy.

      Last night I dreamed I was playing a game where you had to shoot these zombies,
      but they looked more like slugs that stand up, which is an idea that a friend of mine
      had in waking life. The interesting thing about the game was that there were clouds
      that you had to blow on or they would form a dragon.

      It was a cheap looking dragon, but I remember at one point, after we had blown the
      clouds apart, they started coming back together, and watching them start to form a
      dragon was really neat.


      I was outside somewhere and it was night time. A limousine pulled up by a curb under
      a tree where it was even darker. It was an old limousine. The paint had lost all its luster,
      and it didn't look like any old limo I've ever seen. It had a grill like a truck on a
      tractor-trailer. It was a giant square grill.

      Then, the grill opened like a mouth. It was a devil car. The grill opened to reveal another grill
      behind it, on which it said something about sex. Super evil. Then the car started to talk with
      the inner grill moving up and down so it was more like a mouth. It told some guy that he had
      to kill some people or the car was going to kill him.

      This guy went into a room where there were a bunch of servers that held information on
      people around the world. He started pulling some kind of cards or mother-boards out from these
      shelves of servers and destroyed them all. Somehow this translated into killing hundreds of
      thousands of people around the world.

      Then I saw his boss and some other guy who didn't even seem to care. I thought that they
      didn't care because the damage was done and there was nothing they could do about it.

      Dream skip:

      I'm in a room that is like a museum. I see a ceramic pot that I really like, and it is teetering on
      edge because someone placed it incorrectly. I was upset and tried to fix it, but only succeeded
      in knocking it over. It fell about 7 feet to the floor and bounced a couple times only barely
      nicking it.

      (This was a replay of when I was 15 in waking life. I was changing a light-bulb at
      McDonalds and it dropped from waist high. It landed perfectly on the top of the bulb--the glass part,
      and bounced back up. I had no idea it would bounce, so I didn't have the presence of mind
      to catch it, though if I had bent down a little, I could have caught it. Instead, it fell back down
      and shattered.)

      Anyway, dream skip and I'm in bed with a stranger. This isn't strange somehow as in my dream
      this happens a lot. I always snuggle with my partner, but it is not sexual. It is just being close
      at night. I kiss her on the forehead and she tells me she doesn't want me to kiss her, so I apologize
      and roll over. Her body was still touching me, so I try to scoot over. I tell her that I am at the edge
      and can't move over anymore.


      I'm at my first girlfriends house and she is telling me something. Her dress comes up a little and
      she exposes herself a little. I look at her in the eye, but enjoy her accidentally flashing me.
    8. OGF and "They Live meets Chuck Norris"

      by , 03-17-2011 at 12:45 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was in the car with an OGF. I knew it was strange, but I didn't become lucid. She was having trouble with the gear shifter (though it was on the column). We discussed that for a little while.

      I had a couple dream skips. I think the first one was me standing outside looking at the stars. It was interesting to see the detail. I saw individual stars and star clusters. I took it in more than usual.

      Then I heard a voice say that everyone was a stand-in as in a movie set. It didn't refer to me though. Something was going on elsewhere.

      The next dream skip was me in a car again. I was the passenger and the driver was having a problem. Someone told the driver to back up. He did so and he almost went back too far. The driver started explaining how the car got messed up.

      Then I was out of the car and I was fighting an an alien from They Live. In that movie, a massive signal was broadcast to make these aliens look like people, but if you wore special glasses, you could see that they were aliens. Then I was one of the aliens. Yikes!

      I was fighting someone and they kept blocking my punches. It turned out to be Chuck Norris. He knew just how to block punches and tie up my arms. Darnit!

      He threw me to the ground and I saw a burn mark in the carpet where a hot pan had been. Our hands were about to go into the burn mark and burn us. I tried to win Chuck over by warning him and lifting his hand away from the burn mark, and it worked.

      At least the dream ended there.


      I was in some school that I don't recognize, I'm taking a class that doesn't make sense in waking life, but it was a type of composition class.

      I was working on an assignment. There were ab out 10 pieces of paper about the size of a playing cards. They were layed out in two vertical rows.

      Having used some of the information on two cards, I was trying to stack the papers to be more neat. The teacher was upset about it and wouldn't let me. I was really frustrated because I needed to organize my work. She made me be quiet. I was so frustrated I started punching myself trying to give myself a black eye.

      I couldn't hit my eye, but I could hit myself in the head.

      The End

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    9. OGF's

      by , 03-17-2011 at 01:37 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Was making it with one, though not well.
      Got a call from another.
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