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    1. Random Gunfire Kills Children, Mile in 4:30, Messy Apartment, Relative Catches Me Late at Night

      by , 12-11-2013 at 08:16 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Random Gun Fire Kills Children in Sporadic Intervals (DILD)


      When I became lucid, itís in a dream setting similar to a school cafeteria. It's completely different from the pre-existing models my mind usually utilizes. The flooring has the basic bland light gray colored tiling with black tar/rubbery-like substances between the creases.

      It's either morning or early afternoon, and there's a lot of individuals in their own groups. Two distinct groups where the ones that seemed to be Hispanic. For some weird reason, I had some predisposition into thinking they could be two gangs that have turmoil between each other.

      It seemed pretty normal in the sense of a school having individuals desperately trying to find an identity for themselves through gregarious activities with peers to have some illusory perception that there could actually be sustainable bonding. And I happened to be in the middle passively acknowledging their existence.

      I hear abrupt and short bursts of gun fire to the left, and I immediately turn in that direction to see the group to the left of me panicking and crowding around someone that may have been shot. Naturally, I get up to see what actually happened.

      There's a man who seems to be close to descending into a crying fit as he's holding a dead child in his arms. I can't really describe the details of how the dead child look because it was too disgusting to even contemplate on it.

      There's blood streaming through the child's face in several directions, almost as if there's some kind of radial streak originating somewhere along their chest. The group seems to be in a longer state of shock, and I didn't pay attention to what was going on with the group to the right of me.

      For some reason I wanted to confirm that this actually just happened, that a child just randomly dies due to gun fire that was very difficult to confirm where the origin was. Seeing how there were walls surrounding the building, the only presumption that can be made is that the bullets can somehow pass through walls and people and solidify until it meets whatever target the shooter wants.

      After looking at the child and the man who seems to be at his nadir, I presumed he was either the father, or some kind of relative to the child. Then I noticed most individuals here seems to be around my age or even older, and it felt weird with them existing in a school that would seem to be formatted for Middle School and High School.

      I don't know where I'm headed, but I just wanted to get out immediately because of my current attachment to the high state of paranoia of who would be next.

      This next environment seems to be an expanded version of the previous one, and the next attack seemed to have been initiated diagonally to the right. I'm sitting with a dream character that was a counterpart of the waking life individual I talked with in High School mostly though lunch period.

      Although his existence didn't really seem to matter much, though for the sake of just getting some descriptions down:

      • He was wearing a bland gray shirt, dark blue jeans, and his usual messy hairstyle

      • His body composition emulated gestures that seemed as if bad was going to happen, though I'm not sure why I'm led to believe this

      Most of my attention was on the right section of the dream environment, and I seemed to have some restriction to turn to the left. Maybe it's because I felt something bad would happen in the direction I'm paying attention to the most, or it's something else entirely that I wasn't aware of.

      Then more gun fire comes in randomly, and everyone starts screaming. I get up immediately, and the person to the right of me gets up and seems to be shifting his head left and right frantically trying to find where the shot came from.

      Turns out it's another child that died, though I didn't bother to take that into consideration seeing how I ended up bringing out the neurotic state again. Since the attack came from afar, I didn't bother paying attention into looking at the child.

      Because at the point, if I came in to see what would happen, I would be questioning why I would want to make the attempt to go there and confirm whatever visualizations would show up of the late child's body. And like the previous event, I get out like everyone else eventually did.


      Running a Mile in 4:30 (DILD)


      Guess DILDs are my frequent means of reaching lucidity. That's glad to know considering how haven't done any WBTB lately, and the fact that I was sleeping late and waking up fairly late as well.

      The environment looks exactly like the middle school I used to go to, except there some weird atmospheric overlay of brown, orange, and other warm colors. It seemed it was close to night time, but the sunset managed to sustain its existence for a pretty long time.

      The conditions of the dream with the environment, and where I was placed with other dream characters and other factors such led me to believe there was going to be a mile run. I can't recall when the coach blew the whistle, but I proceeded to run at the same time everyone did.

      I seemed to have realized my legs wouldn't tire out, though I seemed to have been experiencing psychosomatic processes where I felt like I was tired after running fast from the start. The dream shifts to where now I have to go around a huge ring where there was a large field of grass in the middle.

      However, it wasn't necessary to go around this circle. All I needed to do was get to the middle, and then turn around and dash all the way back to the start, and then turn to the right to the next new outer ring. I was stumbling a bit in my movements, but then a random image somehow gave me a jolt of energy.

      Out of all the imagery that could show up to emit some kind of emotional response, Shanks from One Piece shows up and fades away. It was a younger version of him smiling while wearing a straw hat, at least younger than the current version that looks like he's in his late 30s or something.

      Either that was some weird reference on how Luffy has a long-term goal of eventually meeting Shanks when he becomes more powerful, or just a random image altogether.

      Anyway, deus ex machina kicks in and I'm running very fast. So fast that I'm already close to finishing the mile run and I'm already by the large gates that I have to go outside the edges. I then get the urge to propel myself to run even faster and finally reached the end.

      The coach looks like exactly like the waking life counterpart that seemed to be in his late twenties. He was wearing a dark blue polo shirt along with dark gray sports shorts. He checked his stopwatch and stated that I finished the mile in 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

      Clearly something I never was able to do during middle school or even in my current state.

      The dream shifts to where I'm heading somewhere holding a cellphone and calling someone. I don't know who it was, but based on how I felt and communicated with them, it was someone really close. Though that's pretty vague seeing how it could be anyone really. I told them how I managed to finish a mile in 4:30, and by that time it was night time.


      Messy Apartment and the Realism Distracts Me From Dream Logic (DILD)


      I'm in an apartment that resembles the one when I was in College Station, and it seems my father was on his way over there. I didn't know how much time I actually had, but with the situation I'm in now in the dream, my apartment was a horrible mess.

      Everything here felt so real to the point where I really started to get distracted. I tried formulating ways to clean up this mess before actually doing so, but I barely got anything done. Then the dream shifts to where I meet an individual in waking life that I'll just abbreviate as Jas.

      Jas seemed to be close to this area for some reason in order for me to interact with him so easily. He looked exactly like his waking life counterpart, probably to near perfection. His expression and his fairly passive demeanor to twist his words a bit to make himself look better seems to be there, but that could just be my conceptual schemes playing out within this dream.

      He seemed more casual, and even friendlier than he is in waking life. It was almost as if I was a very close friend of his within this dream. I was getting something out of a Jeep Blazer vehicle, and I seemed to ignore the fact that I owned a vehicle for once as well.

      Jas was stating something, and I interrupted him with a joke since how what he was saying was going to end up awkward and weird. I forgot what I actually took out, but I went back to the apartment only to go back to square one on what to do with the messy apartment.

      Sometimes I wonder if it was an error in perception on the apartment being messy, and instead it I was probably confused on how there were so many objects in front of me that were most likely organized in a weird fashion.


      Relative Catches Me Late at Night (DILD)


      I'm just going to be lazy and give a brief overview of what happened:

      • It's night time in the dream
      • I wanted to get out of the house that I was in for reasons I can't recall
      • My relative wanted to get out, but he wasn't aware that I was outside for a few seconds
      • I ended up walking into his direction, and he's surprised on how I was able to get out
      • I go back into the house
    2. Eating Popsicles, Random Jury Duty, Pissed off at Cheerleaders and Black Dachshund Dog Licking Me

      by , 12-03-2013 at 06:56 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Eating a Green Apple Flavored Popsicle (DILD)


      I don't know where in the world I had lucidity, but the experience was so real that it just felt really out of place compared to waking life. And this dream probably occurred after the one I had where I was inside of a room where I was probably doing jury duty or something.

      I'm hanging around with some male child, and I believe I'm with one or two more individuals about my age or much older as well. It seems that we're preparing to go to an ice cream truck, and it definitely feels as if this dream initiated after the weird jury duty related dream.

      It seems that we're at an area that is close to a forest that would be fairly difficult to traverse through, and although I didn't pay attention anything beyond my horizon for too long, it was clear things were a bit foggy. I was standing on dark brown dirt and could hear the small cackling, snapping, and grinding sounds of the surface as well.

      Me and the 1-2 people along with the random child proceeded to the ice cream truck, and the person inside the vehicle immediately prepared ice-cold popsicles for us to have. I think it was for free as well, and we all ended up eating green apple flavored popsicles for some reason.

      I don't know how I came to the conclusion that it was green apple since I could barely manage getting anything with my taste buds within this dream. Either it was a random association with something I heard on television with green apples helping with claustrophobia, or something else entirely. It seems I was quick to finish the Popsicle and probably managed to eat it all in maybe 3-5 bites.

      I guess brain freeze is non-existent, and I guess if it were to occur in the dream, it would just be a psychosomatic experience. After that,
      recall of anything else after that is a bit blurry and too difficult to extend on.


      Random Jury Duty (DILD)


      Throughout the dream, I seemed to have went through random climbing with boxes and trying to reach edges of higher flooring that had 3 feet of space between us.

      It felt like this area was fairly busy with random dream characters, and I managed to see one entity that looked like an individual I met at a wedding one time. She seemed to represent her waking life counterpart fairly well, and I recall she was looking up at me for a few seconds before going about her separate way.

      The boxes I was climbing on top of seemed to be fairly heavy in order to actually stay solid and firm. They looked like regular office boxes with the base with a U-shaped edge loop on the two sides or something. After having constant struggling with trying to get to the higher edge flooring safely, I decided to call it quits and resorted to asking random dream characters.

      I managed to encounter a dream character that looked like the boyfriend of the same female I mentioned above me. It's abbreviate him as "Rl." He was wearing a gray suit with a yellow dress shirt and a red and black striped tie going diagonally from the top right to bottom left along with gray dress pants. He has dark brown shoes as well, probably lace-less, but I didn't bother to pay attention to his feet for too long.

      I asked him a question on where I could find a particular individual/room/event/etc., I can't really pinpoint my actual query unfortunately. He started to point in some directions and informed me I could start by going up the sloped floor that was about 30 feet away from us. I leave, but I'm not sure if I said thanks to him, and proceeded to go up the slope.

      Seemed I had another fiasco with finding where the hell I was trying to get to in the first place. Seemed pretty futile asking questions for a place when all the dream character does is pointing you in one direction and not giving a detailed set of information. The overall environment for the dream was fairly bland with walls consisting of milk turquoise textured painting and regular gray floors.

      After going around like a headless chicken, I miraculously found some area I felt I was "supposed" to arrive at. At this point, it felt like it was a jury duty in a regular high corporation office. I'm not sure when I was lucid, but the
      cluster of emotions ranging from anxiousness, feeling rushed, worried on the arrival for another dream character and such made me lucid at some point.

      I wasn't fully aware of my body moving, I just seemed to shift my awareness towards the head focal region and just scanned the area. I was waiting for a certain dream character that presumably is a doctor of some sort. It seemed that they were arriving pretty late, and it seemed that they were most likely important for whatever event was occurring in here.

      The room itself had a seating format where it would be a | _ | arrangement. Imagine that same format flipped over the Y-axis. Now imagine me on the left side sitting down looking down towards nothingness with the flooring desperately wondering if the random doctor dream character would show up.

      Eventually, I see an individual in a white coat and presumed that was the doctor. I believe he was a Black male that looked oddly familiar to a character from the "Meet the Browns" television sitcom (or lame-com) that was one of the main characters and a doctor. He was holding a document in his hand, and it didn't seem like he had a lot of information contained in it other than a dark gray piece of paper in between the manila folder.

      After that, I had a sigh of relief, though I never contemplated why in the world I would be relieved to know a random doctor showed up. Either way, whatever happen, if this was even a jury duty in the first place, happened.

      I can't remember anything else after that.

      Cheerleaders, Guards, and a Black Dachshund Licking Me (DILD)


      Wow, I guess all those hours of militant image streaming training is starting to help tremendously with the dream recall and filling in the gaps that would've taken longer just to recall decently. I thought I wouldn't be able to devote so much time into recall this, but it seems my mind is connecting things at a faster rate, which is always good I guess.

      It's getting easier to know when I'm lucid now, which is another bonus, but even though I did at least 20+ hours image streaming, I might have to push it more in the near future if I ever get as much time. Or maybe I can just go back one hour of image streaming a day instead of doing like 3 hours one day and 1 hour the next, and then nothing for a few months.

      I'm outside with a group of people, one of which resembled one of my close relatives. It seems that there was some kind of rush built up throughout the dream, as if I wanted to start a raid that would descend into some short metaphorical adventure into exploring deeper into my mind.

      I believe I'm wearing some type of milky cool colored dress shirt that was most likely blue or something of that nature along with a dark vanilla suit and dress pants. I also was wearing a light brown shoes with a yellow rubbery sole texture on the bottom as well.

      The environment surrounding me was a mix of two High Schools that I used to go to. The ground itself consisted of a light gray color, but the sky above me seemed to have some sort of ambient lighting to it that made it look a bit more of a very milky and light violet color.

      It was very spacious, and I there were all sorts of structures surrounding me that I didn't bother to absorb them into my perception in great detail. What was about 30-40 feet away from me was a building where the front had a series of glass blocks. There was double glass door with light gray metal bars for the door handle to push in, and the tint of the glasses consisted of a dark brown color.

      The individual that accurately resembled a close relative of mine was wearing a simple black shirt along with Khaki-colored long pants that was a little baggy around the knee and ankle regions. He's wearing a pair of glasses and has a hairstyle that looks exactly like what my relative would conform to if he got a haircut.

      The hairline makes an "M" shape that's more rounded and spread out which leaves a pretty large gap around his forehead. I forget what color the shoes he's wearing, but I'm presuming he's wearing something similar to mine.

      I get closer and closer to the double glass doors and pushed them in an aggressive manner and I heard the clashing sounds of the small metal gears opening the door. The area inside was pretty dark, but in the dream setting, it seems it was early morning I believe.

      It was easy to spot some backlight that was probably 100-200 feet away from my current position within this school building. The area I'm at looked like a cafeteria similar to what the two High school had the same model for.

      It was very spacious, and continued to become more spacious the more I paid close attention to the environment with peripheral vision. There's some weird dark brown atmospheric overlay as well that adds on to the darkness in the middle of the cafeteria that was fairly empty.

      In front of me were a group of females that looked as if they were practicing some choreographed moves for cheerleading or for some kind of dance squad. There were about two females that I was able to identify on the spot without actually having to pay attention to their visage in extreme detail.

      The contours of their face had an immediate association to the ones I had some interaction with in waking life in the past. The first contour was one of a Black female that was probably around the age of 16-17, at least based on her body composition alone. I'll just label her as "Chels" for the sake of anonymity.

      She had the same radiant personality she used to exhibit to others in general, and the second person that I recalled was a blonde female. Since her name is a bit shorter than the previous, I'll just label her as "Sarah."

      She had the same hairstyle as her waking life counterpart, where most of her hair was bundled up into a ball. Then there were regions of her hair that were spread out and had a tangle, wavy, and spiraling effect at the bevels of the ball's curvature.

      Other than those two, the rest seemed to have a very opaque composition, almost to the point of being pure silhouettes. It was almost as if they barely had life in them, and I wonder as I'm recalling this why I wouldn't be able to identify the other visages except for the two noticeable ones when I was probably a sophomore or junior in High School.

      The cheerleaders or dance squad seemed to be performing very mechanically, almost to near perfection with synching, though this was all presumed based with a mix of peripheral and 360 vision that's fairly difficult to articulate properly into words.

      I believe there's a series of light brown cardboard boxes that were flattened and spread out and most likely taped to the floor as some kind of cheap dancing pad for them to practice on. The floor itself consisted of a weird milky mix of light pink with a barely noticeable overlay of light milky violet as well.

      The tiling for the floor consisted of maybe 3x3 inch squares that were separated with black lines that had a few inches depth to it as well, which adds on to how it matched perfectly with the sounds of footsteps and echoing as well.

      Now, let's focus back to my perspective of being filled with a cluster of emotions in relation to adrenaline, passive-aggressiveness (somewhat), and just a few seconds from a monumental rage that would end off anticlimactically with submissiveness.

      I asked the blonde female Sarah a general question in a fairly rushed and aggressive tonality on whether or not if I could proceed further into the building. She immediately shifts her awareness to me and makes a head motion for "No." I believe she was saying something after doing so, but by then, my emotional responses were so quick that I ended up drowning out my auditory awareness of her voice tremendously.

      I was already in rage and started to scream abruptly which ended up with the room being in complete silence for a while. As I'm reaching the apex of the scream, the same relative I mentioned before seemed to have an expression that seemed intimidated or irritated slightly from the scream.

      To the right of me at about 20-30 feet away from me would be a small set of stairs that would lead to a slightly higher flooring that would be maybe 3-4 feet tall. There were metal bars that were spaced out 6-10 feet wide and had a weird contour where the pole on the top region would go straight up, horizontal, diagonal to be parallel to the small set of stairs, and then downwards to the lower floor.

      I make a power walk towards the stairs while sustaining the weird cluster of emotions, and then I noticed that my close relative started to get ahead of me. He proceeded to the top of the stairs and scanned left and right.

      He seemed to have been paralyzed for a few seconds, and I wondered what was going on. He ended up turning to his right and trying to make a dash towards some area. Most likely the other set of double doors presuming this dream modeled the two High Schools to exact specifications in generalizations.

      I could sense there were going to be a group of individuals where a huge column to my left was blocking me from visualizing. That column and the rest had the similar color of the tile flooring inside the building as well, and for some odd reason, my emotions shifted abruptly.

      From the auditory awareness of a group of men yelling at the dream character that resembled my close relative, I decided to prepare for an immediate surrender. I probably even had a mental rendering within the dream of how it would turn out to be as well, which just added on to me promptly lowering my body slowly while having my hands up.

      Sustaining the 360 vision while having my back facing the set of dream characters that would eventually find me, I paid attention to their details. They were fairly bland and dull for the visage aspect and had a default clothes setting of black shirt and black long pants. I believe there was a white font across their chests, but I can't recall what was stated specifically.

      And as I'm continuing my descent to the floor, I'm finally down on my knees and end up lying down on my stomach. At this point, this is where things started to get really awkward. I have my hands placed on my back and the top of my rear waiting for the guards to do whatever they needed to do since we seemed to have been intruders.

      But it doesn't seem they're coming in my direction, and were probably busy taking care of the relative of mine that probably escaped already. In the meantime while I'm still lying down on the floor, a random Black Dachshund dog appears on my right side.

      I found myself in a fairly awkward position where I was worried that this dog would probably maul my entire face off or something. Fortunately, it seemed the dog had a liking for me and ended up just licking the right side of my ear and face occasionally while looking up.

      I wanted to look up to see what it was looking at, but I was paying more attention in making sure the dog wouldn't do something random and change its demeanor from friendly to rip-your-face-off. I could feel the body head for the dog as well, and I could tell that out of all the dream characters within this dream, this dog had more lively nature to it.

      It's almost as if I could feel its tail wagging and breathing to some extend compared to the lifeless and air-filled dream characters around me. After a while, I can't recall what happened next because things ended in a blur.

      There was probably a dream shift where I was captured and in a different location, but that's all I remember unfortunately.
    3. September 2013 - October 2013 Dream Journal Entries

      by , 12-03-2013 at 06:49 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sitting in Lunch and Comparing Electronic Devices (DILD)


      I had the intention to do a recording of using IamCoder's Halovision plugin for sleeping prior to a WBTB and then after a WBTB. However, since I'm not used to waking up so early after only attempting a WBTB a few weeks ago after months of just focusing solely on reality, wasn't able to get the motivation to move the laptop near the bed.

      Made me realize how much sleep is more enjoyable when you stop making a habit where you would prefer to wake up as soon as you hit that tra

      I'm in a school cafeteria, and based on how my senses were in the dream, the atmosphere or condition of the dream in general was fairly milky and blurry in some aspects. The tile flooring consisted of a milky violet color with black rubber or colored cement separating each square by maybe half and inch to an inch wide.

      It was afternoon within the dream seeing how it was fairly sunny outside by looking through the glass windows. The seating arrangement in the cafeteria consisted of long light gray tables going horizontally in perspective of you looking at this text and light gray circular flat seats supported by a curved J shaped metal attached to the bottom railings of the table.

      I noticed that I'm wearing an general outfit similar to a High School get-up I had horrible sense of fashion in. It was a maroon polo-like shirt with black jeans, joes, and a black wind jacket of some sort. I proceed to an empty seat where to the right was an individual that had a long-sleeved shirt under a gray shirt. Sitting down, I take out a random object out of my pocket, and I started having a small conversation with the dream character.

      I noticed he was similar to someone in waking life that I used to know a little bit in High School, he had an enthusiastic demeanor. I held the electronic device and noticed it's similar to the Zune HD I had. I wasn't paying too much attention to it, just tilting it in a semi-circular motion and noticed the same dream character was listening to something on what seemed to be an iPod.

      Wake Up! (DILD)


      I felt someone's fingers touch one of my eyes to try and open it, and I hear a familiar voice.

      I decide to pretend that I was sleeping, though it seems the dream character knew I was awake. She decides to say "Wake up!" in a casual tone, and I tilt my head and feigned usual sounds when a person is being bothered in their sleep.

      I hear her footsteps trailing away from me, and I hear another female's voice. After things seem quiet, I open up my eyes and I was resting on a white sofa. Its composition was fairly flat and square-like and barely round on the edges. This environment feels very peculiar....too lazy to update on this...

      Lady Spares my life (DILD)


      Shooting people

      Lady almost shoots me but spares my life. Oh, I'm so going to remember this one, hopefully.

      • Mutant being with pulsating heart external from its body
      • Metal Tank with Spiked Wheels grinding everything up except me
      • Coming out with an injured arm
      • Hiding from a female and her group of men that apparenty want to kill me
      • I try to kill the men, but they just won't die
      • Eventually get trapped and I'm held at gunpoint by the lady
      • She smiles and walks off without shooting me
      • I sit there still looking perplexed on what happened just now



      Metal Tank of Death (DILD)


      I believe I'm wearing a warm colored dress-shirt, maybe a milky yellow color that's tucked under a gray dress pants. I'm wearing a gray suit as well along with a brown belt with a silver or brass colored buckle in the middle.

      My hair is shaved off, and I find myself in a dark area. I don't really pay attention to confirming if I'm dreaming or not, this is just one of those dreams where you decide to get absorbed into the adventure instead of destroying the environment and being confused on what to do next.

      the floor consists of milky and faded yellow tile flooring, and there seems to be small hallways, almost built like a maze. I'd presume each hallway was about fifteen to twenty feet wide, and I find myself lurking around the corners.

      I have a dark gray gun in my hand, and I can't really make out all the details because there's several yellow lights in random patterns on the ceiling. After walking a bit, I noticed there's a fairly large entity in front of me about twenty feet away.

      It looks like a mutant, completely disfigured body composition, and I'm wondering just what it actually is. It seems to have a face, but this face looks like it has been mutilated, and it's hard getting its visage in good detail.

      It consists of an dark apricot skin complexion that's stretchy and a bit flaccid in a few areas. It almost looks like it's dead, or just pretending to be dead. I noticed that it's heart was external from its body and was still beating.

      The heart had a dark violet color, and was pulsating in a slow but strong frequency. Things shift and there's a metal tank with two cylinder shaped wheels going horizontally that have small spikes on them.

      I make a run for it, and the machine grinds up the weird mutant body.

      I can't remember what happened next because I wasn't expecting to get a lucid.

      I got an iPhone....wait, just a lucid dream... (DILD)


      I was taking an hour nap from attempting 71 minutes of image streaming. I did 3 hours of it 2 days ago, and it's amazing how quick things come by in my mind lately.

      I'm inside of a house similar to the one I'm currently in, and I go outside and go around the side yard and end up talking to two dream characters. I don't know what I was going to mention to them, and I end up being distracted by the mailman that comes by.

      He's an elderly man, but seems to be in pretty peak condition for his age, and he gives me a brown box with my name on it. I go inside the house and open it up and realized I've been given a free iPhone!

      Some dream character that looks like a relative of mine started to state that someone merely glued all those pieces together and managed to make the phone look like new. For some reason, this prompted me to realize once more that this is just a dream.

      My enthusiasm was sapped, good bye imaginary iPhone!

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    4. Chaos Emeralds, Pseudo-Self-Hypnosis, Apophenia Actually Saves Me, Not enough food in Cafeteria

      by , 01-15-2013 at 12:54 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Chaos Emeralds, Pseudo-Self-Hypnosis, and Apophenia Actually Saves Me!! (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a classroom, and I believe I'm assigned with a partner to find the Chaos Emeralds, and the whole Sonic associations come in random moments with the simulated version of waking life. It feels so awkward as more anime and cartoon themes started to intertwine.

      One moment I have my middle and index finger together as if I'm trying to do an instant teleport in DBZ,

      and the next I'm back to Sonic related themes, specifically the Chaos Emeralds. I'm actually using the motion for the instant teleport to locate where the Chaos Emeralds could be, and while other teams are out scavenging for them, finding the items was easy for me.

      There were 6 in total, and not 7 oddly, that we had to find. I found about 3 within the room, and I realized I'm wearing a white tuxedo suit with white pants that look like they're tight on me.

      Probably because I put 3 Chaos Emeralds inside the right hand pocket. I felt like bragging to the others that I already found half of them, but I was also afraid of what they might do to me if I did. So I just sit down resting my chin with my arms at a 60 degree angle.

      I decided to do the instant teleport motion (but I'm not using it to teleport, just to track for more Emeralds), and found that the fourth one was in the hands of Amy Rose.

      I also had a glimpse that she kept it in a leather bag, a really light brown one, and ironically, this would actually save my life, but you'll find really quick.

      So after sitting around doing random stuff, the dream now shifts where I'm in a different room that's brigther than the last, and it seems I'm being questioned. Apparently, if I don't answer the question right, I die.

      And guess who's the person who wants to question me?


      I think my hands are tied behind my back on the chair or maybe not. She's wearing the outfit she used to ride her vehicles in the show "Legend of Korra," and I really don't know why out of all dream characters, we would be one to question me lol.

      I don't even recall seeing anything Korra related after the end of the first season of Korra, and that was months ago.

      Anyway, she as her left leg over her right, and she has these white flashcards and informs me that I have to pick the right answer. I'm not sure is she's interrogating me, or if this is some kind of twisted foreplay for sex.

      I actually feel that if I don't think of a right answer, I'll really die, so I get hyped up, and decided to think things thorougly.

      The question was something I can't recall, but I had three possible answers, and I had to pick one, and they were:

      - Tropical Beach

      - Leather bag

      - (And Some other choice I can't remember)

      Oh and before I go on, remember the leather bag thing I mentioned about Amy Rose? You'll find out how it helped me in a bit.

      So when the question was asked, I decided to relax, get into self-hypnosis and tried to visualize what the question is wanting me to find. I immediately see a faded out image of a Tropical Beach that looks like it's a cartoon version of one, but it's also realistic in some sense.

      Since that was the first image that popped into my mind, I stated it was "Tropical Beach" as the answer.

      So Masami asks,

      "Are you sure?"

      So I think again one more time, and honestly, I didn't know what else to choose, so I'm just assuming whatever comes up in my mind as potential answer. So apophenia starts to kick in, and I'm like, "Screw it, whatever" mode, and saw a leather bag and Amy Rose.

      The I presumed the question was related in finding a Chaos Emerald or something like that. I decided to go with leather bag based on the previous experience where I noticed Amy Rose had the 4th Chaos Emerald, and just made meaning based on that.

      When I stated "Leather Bag" as my response, my eyes are squinting even harder, and I don't want to open them because I'm wondering if the Apophenia was worth it. Then some random voice stated how I got the answer right.

      After that, I was free to go.


      That's about it for that dream.


      Not enough food in Cafeteria (Non-lucid)


      So I'm going to a cafeteria in a random High School, and the whole place looks like it's barely even operational. The lights are too dimmed out, the whole place looks a bit dark, and the unlight from the big glass wall that's maybe 50 feet away from me is the only thing giving the majority of the light source in here.

      To the left of me is a random dream character serving lunch, and it's mostly hotdogs, which is enticing to me and a few others. However, there was something about the hotdog that people didn't like, and I decided to go with the conformity to save myself from being disgusted with eating the hotdog. I quickly moved to the other two sections in front of the previous one, and I didn't really like any of the options there.

      So I quickly moved back to the first section before this tall dude gets a spot in the line. He looks a lot like a guy named Elliot I knew in High School, and this dreaming counterpart is passive like all of them are in my dreams.

      The dream shifts where I'm sitting at a table that I don't feel I belong in...great, nice High School nostalgia to reflect on and make me feel better........

      I asked the random people on the lunch table, excluding Elliot of course,

      "Can I sit here?"

      They all say in unison, including Elliot,

      "No you can't"

      Well fuck, normally people say, "Oh sure!"


      They were blatant with the whole response, and I felt even more awkward. Then I realized they didn't really give a shit if I sat there. I guess it was just me getting answers I wouldn't expect them to reply through.

      Then I had some weird conflict with Elliot, and after a while, he gives me a small piece of paper stating that he was a cop or something like that?

      Okay...........when he gives me the paper, I calmed down a bit, and for whatever reason, this same piece of paper had a location instilled into my mind or something that I would plan to go to after the dream school experience ends.

      And that's all I remember, probably would've recalled more if I decided to type things out early, but I couldn't skip breakfast before going to college classes, otherwise I might pass out and die of starvation....wouldn't that be fun!?!?!

      I guess the recall is okay after not focusing on it for nearly 10-11 hours now.

      I'm Assigned to a Bing! Search Engine Seat (Non-lucid)


      Yeah, I go into a room, and I'm assigned a seat. I told the teacher planning things out about something, and he's like "Cool."

      More like "Cool Story Bro," and I go ahead and sit down and saw on the Computer on my desk that I'm assigned to the Bing! Search Engine site.

      Apparently they wanted to separate the seating arrangment so that a person who would also have Bing! assigned to them would be 5 seats away from me...left, right, up, down.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Code Lyoko Forest Sector and Sasuke Uchiha......Hoarding Females' Phone Numbers

      by , 01-05-2013 at 02:59 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Code Lyoko Forest Sector and Sasuke Uchiha? (Non-lucid)


      I remember focusing on Odd from Code Lyoko in his virtual form, and it looks a little bit different than the default for some reason.

      I'm in spectator mode most of the time, and I find myself controlling Odd at some points as well. Odd is running around some forest-rock dome with a few big gaps to go inside another area. There seems to be several cave entrances, but Odd doesn't go anywhere near them.

      I sensed something was hiding within this dome area, so I used some random item that looked like a Tiki Mask. I think it had the words of:


      in all caps or at least it was shaped to represent those letters. Odd wears the mask, and the mask gives the user the ability to make several jumps in the air with ease. Then the mechanics of the whole dream turns into a Super Mario Galaxy type of gameplay where Odd could perform a Ground Slam.

      I think I'm the one that makes him jump up in the air about 4 times, and I immediately do a ground slam on a rock that has several cracks on it that looks weakened already. Then a Star, just like the ones you get in Super Mario Galaxy, appears and rotates for a little bit before going to Odd immediately.

      I can't recall what happens after that, and then there's a dream shift where things get a little be confusing and freaky.

      Odd is checking to see if Yumi likes Sasuke Uchiha, who just happens to be sitting at a random seat in a generated school cafeteria.

      Odd goes over to Yumi and asks her if she likes Sasuke, and she has her mouth opened for a few seconds and says "No!"

      She goes back to tying her black boots, and then I see Sasuke is reading a paper note from someone, and it seems to be from a secret lover.

      Sasuke asks himself,


      Then he scoffs, crumbles the paper, and throws it away.

      That's all I remember for that one.


      Hoarding Females Phone Numbers (Non-lucid)


      I'm getting females giving me their phone numbers left and right, and I can't freaking tolerate it.

      So much giggling, and at least 5 pieces of small notebook papers are given to me with quite a few sets of females' phone numbers. These girls weren't even attractive, and honestly, I say that because they were at least 16 years of age.

      This bothers me, and I felt like the sudden liking of me was just a distraction from whatever it is that I was doing in this dream. But I didn't throw away the papers, apparently I was hanging out with three people I used to know in Middle School.

      I'll just shorten their names to Pat, Bri, and Feli.

      I asked Bri first,

      "Hey, you wanna have a chick to yourself?"

      "Nah, no thanks." He responds.

      Dude wtf, free chicks, and possibly free sex, how could you DENY THAT?!?!?!

      Then I asked Pat and Bri, and they both said "No."

      What the fuck am I going to do with all of these women's phone numbers?

      I can't possibly have sex with all of them now, that's just not fair!

      That was my mentality in the dream mind you, not what I think of now.

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    6. Middle School Cafeteria and I need to get to an Airport

      by , 12-22-2012 at 03:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Middle School Cafeteria (Non-lucid)


      All I recall is that I'm sitting with familiar people in Middle school in the cafeteria, and they were talking about some random people and what they thought about them.


      Need to Get to Airport (Non-lucid)

    7. Girl brags about DBZ Hentai, Mall, x+y^2 Equation, Windwaker Possessed People (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 04)

      by , 10-09-2012 at 06:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Girl watched DBZ Hentai (Non-lucid)


      There's a girl who looks like someone in waking life from my Organic chemistry Lab, and she's in the ROTC or Corp Cadet as well. She's wearing a dark greed cadet uniform with some fancy badges on her chest. We're sitting at a lunch table on the opposite sides.

      She's a few seats to the right of me on the other side, and I seem to be alone, but I to distract myself, I just listen to the people on the right, and the girl. The girl is bragging how she looked at DBZ Hentai all day, and starts making fun of herself, even doing a pretentious crying reaction.

      Then the dream shifts or resets where she said that I would sit next to her?
      Mall with Parents (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a mall, and I'm walking with my father and mother, and my father asks what would be his favorite kind of food, and I make an assumption that it's Whataburger.

      He then says, "No your real father,"


      I'm a bit puzzled when he told me that, and then passed it off and said "Panda Express." I don't know why I'm saying these things, since I don't know what the hell he likes, and my mother looks at me weird when I said that fast food place, like she's surprised or something. I see some different Asian restaurant outlet when I declared it.

      As I'm following my parents, I think, I see two men to my right stilling on some rotatable stools, and the one on the right looked very familiar, at least based on the profile view I saw him in. It ends up being "Rup" (nicknaming) that I know in waking life. The other person on the left is probably a relative or friend of his, but I don't know his name.

      Father shakes hands with Rup and the other guy, and I do the same. When I get to the other guy by saying,

      "I'm Brandon," I move my ears closer to wait to hear what his name is.

      He says it, but I can't recall what he stated, and he declared that we've met before, when I used to be quiet.

      Ummmmmmmmmmmmm............don't think you were around when I decided to be quiet as a child....

      The mall has a lot of contrasting colors, the most apparent being Blue and Red.
      x+ y^2 Equation (Non-lucid)


      I'm going inside of a classroom, and I see an African American male teacher who is fairly tall, about 6'6''-7 feet tall. He's wearing long sports pants, and a shirt. He seems to be doing last minute reviewing for the class before the exam starts.

      A student queries on a concept on what they would use for some random equation I can't recall too well. The teacher was in the middle of passing out something that seemed to be given in the order of colors ranging from yellow, red, and blue while the student was asking the question. The colors are probably just different exam forms.

      The teacher then shows how to do the problem requested, and there's two models where you would graph it. One is a basic line with some points on it, and the other seems to be just half circles curving downward and in a chain.

      Then the paper I'm looking at with these models changes into a sepia colored hill slopes with black ink outlining the top and at least some of both sides of each hill-like structure. I guess the black ink with the hill slopes were the answers, so I decided to memorize that before the exam begins.

      The teacher finally gets the exams handed out, and I see a yellow paper and small packet handed out to me. I presume this is my exam, and I quickly get rid of all my stuff I took of my backpack to prevent from being accused of cheating.

      Then the dream shifts where I still feel I'm taking an exam, and this time, I have a gray laptop open in front of me. It seems to have the same Acer Aspire Series background I currently have in waking life for my Acer Laptop, but I didn't notice it at the time.

      I was stumped on a question that had something like:

      (X value here) + (Y squared) = Value here

      I seem to have difficulty remembering a basic concept here, and I just stare at the laptop like an idiot. There's a person sitting next to me on the right. I didn't want to pay attention to her too much, so I kept her within my peripheral vision, so I can't recall her visage too well.

      Something about her makes me presume she must be an Asian female that I knew in waking life, so let's call her "Jen"

      I wasn't sure why Jen was looking at my laptop, considering we're still taking an exam, but it seems she doesn't care, and is looking at my laptop still for some weird reason.

      It gets irritating and makes me nervous because I had feelings that she was looking to see how I'm having trouble figuring out what would've been a simple problem if I didn't have basic logic eradicated in this dream.

      I tried entering a random equation of x+4^2 = something, but it doesn't help, even though the problem is clearly an x+y squared format....


      I started to tense up more, and to prevent myself from looking like an idiot to Jen, a DC that just happens to conform to the body composition and visage of her, I clicked a forward arrow button on the bottom right to move on to the next problem, and planned to go back to the one I stumped on later on.
      Windwaker Windfall Island Possessed??? (Non-lucid)


      I seem to be controlling Toon Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker, and he's walking around in the front section of Windfall Island, and everyone's eyes look weird.

      They all have some kind of dark orange aura around their pupils, and every time I go near an NPC, they always come up with the response,

      "I remember!"

      WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE...It's LIKE A FUCKING CREEPYPASTA of Majora's mask or something, except it's just for Windwaker....holy shit......................

      Instead of using them using the typical response in white font on a black box with the green circle thing on the bottom from the actual game, it's on the blue-violet type of box that would show up if you were to get an item or it couldn't be used.

      After looking around a bit more, I feel I finally like I'm really just playing Windwaker as a game through a gaming console, and I see one person's eyes who are normal, but they quickly enter some building.

      From the quick glance I took, it was Orca from Outset Island in the game, and I quickly go into the random house/store (which seems to be the bomb shop in Windfall placed near the water instead of the hill).

      I finally see Orca to my left on the other side of a small border that's like 2 feet tall. He has no shirt on, just like in the game and concept art, and his the blue pants or whatever along with holding his long spear too.

      I try to catch up to him, but it seems he breaks some vases that concealed a portal that looked a lot like the Twilight Portal Midna uses in Twilight Princess to warp to several main areas.

      He uses it, and I don't know where the fuck that portal is headed, and I can't remember if I decided to chase him.

      What the hell is going on in this dream?!?!?!

      Seemingly possessed people with orange pupils all saying "I remember!" every time I go near them....and then Orca who just magically wants to disappear through a portal on a floor?

      UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH, how the hell am I supposed to interpret this?!?!

      Bleh, N-REM bullcrap.

    8. Being Handed a Scantron, Strake Jesuit

      by , 09-14-2012 at 01:41 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Being Handed A Scantron (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting inside of a classroom, and it looks exactly like my U.S History Dual Credit course in the other High School I took the second semester of it in. The lights above emitted an orange setting to the whole room, and the carpet below seems to be dark turquoise with all sorts of small colors in between it.

      There's quite a few dream characters in this class, and the whole dream experience is surprisingly clear. The seat everyone has consists of a wooden base, and the standard plastic type of chair that has the bottom curved instead of creating a straight "L" formation.

      The seat itself seems to be a dark swamp-ish green color mixed in with turquoise. In front of me is a girl for sure, she's wearing a shirt that has red stripes going horizontally. She had a petite structure, and the back collar of her shirt had a fairly deep curve to it. Her hair was brown, with a few highlights appearing from the same light above shining down.

      I don't know what I'm doing in this class, so I just try to listen in on the girl in front of me instead of asking questions. It seems everyone is handing down scantrons from front to back. The classroom seating is structured to where as you go into the classroom on the door to the left side (while you're looking at this screen), the seats will be faced in a vertical formation.

      I was sitting at the last seat in the second to last column of seats to the right, and as soon as I see one girl in front of the other girl in front of me, I quickly prepare myself to see what the girl in front of me might say. She turns around, and she gives me a Blue Scantron.

      She looks at me for a while, making me look at her as well. She stares at me for maybe 3 seconds or so, and I got a good description of her.

      She definitely looked like Rachael in waking life that I had for the U.S. History course. It seems she took a slight 180 degree turn to look at me so that she could know she's handing the scantron to the right person I believe. Her lips are neutral, and it seems she's not really in a thinking mood right now, neither was I.

      I look at my Blue Scantron again, then peeked at Rachael's Scantron my shifting my head to the right, and I noticed her Scantron is red, and is much bigger.

      She has a grade on the Scantron, and mine doesn't, so maybe I'm here to take a Make-up exam or something like that. I just sit there nonchalantly, and happened to hear Rachael talk to the girl in front of her. I believe it was something related to what grades they got for the exam.

      Rachael declared something along the lines of to the girl,

      "I got a horrible grade for the exam...." and if my memory serves me right, when I peeked to see her bigger Red Scantron, I saw a value of a "70" with a circle around it, this value was written in red ink I believe.

      After that, I don't remember what happens next, but a funny thing while I was searching for images of Scantrons for this dream, this meme I found makes sense.

      Strake Jesuit (Non-lucid)


      I'm at a cafeteria sitting with some random people. The area is spacious, the flooring consists of white tile colors mixed in with spots of dark and brown colors. The long table going horizontally is made of a wooden texture coated with a dark brown wood shine on it, though it's showing signs that it's faded a bit. There was one guy sitting in front of me to my right, and a girl to my left.

      The girl to the left asks me,

      "So, did you go to Strake? Jesuit?"

      *facepalm* I don't know if she was unaware that it's Strake Jesuit, and not two branches of College Prep School, and I just couldn't give her an honest answer. The guy to the right of me seems to pick up on my awkwardness in trying to form an answer, and answers for the girl.

      "You think this guy would be able to get into Strake Jesuit?"


      He was even chuckling as well, but he was right, I would be so horrible in that school it's not even funny....everyone just WORKS too damn hard there....they HAVE to in order to make things look "natural" to them.

      The dream shifts to where I'm going to enter a classroom, and that same guy that basically made me feel like crap, even though it is true I probably wouldn't have been able to go to Strake Jesuit, or even AFFORD it......

      *cries* Why am I butthurt over this? Oh right, because I'm not one of those people going to Cornell, Dartmouth, or Harvard...right....public university.....meh....same education, just less prestige...

      I better take advantage of this Friday....AND I'm getting a screen protector for my Wacom Bamboo Create Tablet today!!!! (Hopefully, since it said the maximum arrival date is TODAY)

      This is going to reduce the nib wear by a loooooooooooooooooooot. Too bad I won't have time to actually use it because of two exams, lab report due, and a lab activity next week.

      I really hate how I'm coloring like a kindergartner with these drawings. =( I'll find time somehow after I graduate to get way better...

      Anyway, talking about tennis, it reminds me of this song when I used to watch Prince of Tennis during summer vacation before I became a sophomore or junior in High School I believe.

    9. Random Fights, Ellen Degeneres and 11 O' Clock AM (SDE Day 09)

      by , 08-23-2012 at 04:12 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Random fights (Non-lucid)


      I remember being outside, and it looks like it's a little dark outside, and we're under a some train tracks. It honestly feels like the part of New York I walked through during vacation. There a mix of colors of lights ranging from purple, red, white, etc. I can't remember too much on the dream characters engaging in this really pointless battle against each other. There seems to be just two groups fighting one another, and I'm only watching everyone just moving around, trying not to get hit too much.

      There were moments where several members would try to attack one or two people, making the other group just stand there because they don't know what to do. After a while, the random moving around, waiting for someone to make a move started to get boring, and I only remember patting someone's back after this really pointless moving around and waiting for someone to make a move.
      Ellen DeGeneres and 11 O' Clock AM (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a High School again, and it feels like it's at Cypress Lakes again. I'm coming out of the area where the athletics locker rooms, and the P.E. Gym would be located at. I'm walking with a few people that are on the left and right of me. I noticed that Sarah from that last dream two days ago with the school bus thing is here again. She doesn't notice me as yet, she's just walking with two random people on both her sides as well.

      As I'm walking, I realize that how I walk is a little difficult. I'm wearing these default black shoes, and I get this small dream flashback of some sort where I decided to just wear the shoes without any socks because someone else wore gray shoes with the white rim on the bottom without any socks as well.

      I come back to the reality in this dream again, and presumed that the reason why I'm not walking properly and feeling as if I could slip and fall on the ground at any moment was because like the flashback suggested, I didn't wear any socks. The guy to the right of me resembles Cor (not his full name) that was a highly ranked Varsity Tennis player in the tennis team I was part of.

      I believe he's wearing the Varsity Tennis Outfit like Sarah did in this dream as well, which makes sense, since we just came out of the Athletics department. The floor consisted of small light-brown tiles, and the area was very spacious, probably because there weren't a lot of people in it to begin with.

      There's more than enough lighting from above with the the huge glass rooftop on top that's probably extending at least 1/4 of a mile like the High School in waking life. I didn't pay attention on whether or not it was artificial light or sunlight shining down inside the building.

      Cor started to correct me in nearly everything that I was declaring to myself at the time. It was annoying, but I felt that what he said to me made sense.
      A dream character that makes me feel stupid....well isn't that a nice...

      I'm still walking a little slow since this floor or shoes I'm wearing is making me slippery. I look at Sarah again, and for a split second, I saw a random image of a white sheet of paper with some kind of sketching. It looked like there were squares and lines stacked together, like a blueprint for some building. I come back to the reality in the dream again, and noticed someone, I think Cor, comes up to Sarah to tell her something.

      I had a feeling it's something I was talking to him about somehow while looking at her and blanking out for a few seconds. He was probably 5-6 feet away from me at the time, and he starts whispering to Sarah, which forces me to listen and augment how I'm receiving the audio input between the too. It seems Cor was mentioning a "she," so I guess he didn't include me in the conversation at all.

      Sarah turns around to listen to what he's saying, and she's just staring at the wall to the left of her, which looks weird from the angle I'm seeing her, because it looked like she was just blanking out and letting the information Cor gave her come passively. I couldn't hear anything else other than the word "she."

      I felt as if I missed out on some important information, and by important, I just mean based on the environment I'm in. It's a High School, so the only thing that would make me concerned if this was some kind of stereotypical setting where someone would tell someone else gossip, which in turn would make me wonder if they're mentioning me...

      After a while, I start losing focus on Sarah and Cor, and decided to focus on going to lunch. The dream shifts to where I'm waiting in line, with no white Styrofoam tray in my hand. I'm bracing my wrist against the shiny gray metal extension (forgot what you call it) where you place the tray and can slide it along the path. I look up to see who's going to serve me something to eat, and it's the girl that I remember shaking hands with at a store in waking life.

      In short, this was a girl who said she wanted to have sex with me....and you know what that means....

      Let's manipulate her a little bit and see if I can get a free meal!

      I look at her, and she's telling me something, but I forgot. When I looked down, I saw that there's a meal inside of what looks like what Caesar salads are served it (the black bottom and transparent plastic covering). I looked up at her and made facial expressions rather than talking on whether or not this is the meal she set out for me, and she nods.

      Then I hear her declare,

      "I put a little something special for you."

      Poison? Viagra? What did you put in here that was so "special?" Maybe she wanted me to eat it so I can pass out and she'd have sex with me knowing anything at all! Ha ha ha, don't be like that Link...but I really think she would do that if she could in waking life. Oh, and she's one of those girls who appear like an Amoeba, out of nowhere, and randomly say, "Hi!"

      But I wasn't thinking about what I said in gray just now during the dream, I was happy that I was special to her (LOL), but then the guy on my right starts grabbing some of my food with his fingers. I'm looking at him, making the facial express that just says, "WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?!"

      And he's still taking my food, and all I'm doing is just holding that facial expression until he gets a hint to just stop taking my food and eating it, but he's just going and going and going. I decided to just shift the tray to the left side, and asked the same girl if she can give me something else.

      She's a completely different person now, she basically just gives me the cold shoulder...

      Wooooow, so much for giving me something special....and so much for me manipulating her emotions for me to get something extra

      I can't really do anything at this point, or was too much of a wimp to demand that I get something to eat, so I just continue moving forward until I hit the section that's perpendicular to the line I was at. I saw a few things in the frozen section where you would pick up drinks like Gatorade, Sprite, etc. I saw some Sausage Biscuits that were frozen, and decided I should use the black tong to the left of me to get a few contained in the box.

      I don't know why I'm getting frozen Sausage biscuits, 1 Diet Coke and 2 Sprites...but at least it was better than nothing on my tray plate. I go up to the cash register, and I have to enter in my own lunch pin code from the machine.


      What the hell do I put? Lmao.

      "9658" is the first set of numbers that comes to mind...
      so I'm assuming this is what I put on the pin, but I do know I entered something else before that, and then cleared it to try again. I don't know if this is going to work, but I guess it does because the cash register didn't see anything wrong with it. Then things get a little random, and she points to a clock, and I look at it.

      I even looked away from it, and looked back again, but that didn't help with become aware of anything, despite knowing that I couldn't tell what time it was. I listen to the lady, and she said something like,

      "I'm not supposed to be telling you this, but at 11:00 AM, everyone can leave early."

      "I know." I said. Wait....how did I know that before her?

      After this awkward conversation, I go to a random lunch table, and as I'm trying to find a seat, I see Ellen DeGeneres sitting on the other side of where I planned to sit. I moved the items away so I can put my tray plate on the table, and sat down wondering how Ellen DeGeneres got here.

      She has a white outfit, pants and suit opened, along with a light blue shirt underneath I believe.

      She's just staring at me smiling, probably waiting for me to respond to her in some way. I sit down, still a little shocked from this, and for some weird reason, I handed her the Diet Coke that I bought. I think I gave the two Sprite bottles I ordered to other people, but I had my focus on Ellen.

      I had a feeling Sarah from before was somewhere around me, and I find it odd that I'm concerned about her in general. I pretend to do something silly to see if she would look at me, so I go to a randomly placed mini-fridge that you have to open up the top, not the side, and tried to reached for a bottle.

      I didn't care which one it was, I just wanted to make myself look like an idiot...I think? I didn't even look back at Sarah to see if she paid attention to me.

      Wait...did I just do that? I actually wanted someone to pay attention to me? Looool.

      I gave up in getting the bottle, or whatever is in there, and turn back to Ellen. I think I wanted all my drinks back, but by the time I look at the Diet Coke in her hand, it was already empty.

      I look at her and asked,

      "You finished all of that already?!?!?!?" I can't remember if she's even talking, it's like I'm talking to a wall or something. For some reason, it's like I start losing all logic and start thinking things out of my ass or something.

      I asked these random people around Ellen about something that they took away from me, and while I'm going through a conversation of "No I didn't" "Yes you did" for a minute or two, one person asks me if I ever considered blaming a guy that I'll just abbreviate as John C.

      I don't know where I found any respect for this guy, but I said,

      "No, he's John C., he's cool."

      Then I lift both my arms and start pointing fingers at random people and blamed on them.

      Wait what? Did I just go full retard mode here? I don't even want to type the rest of the dream. Actually, that's all I remember.


      It's 10:18 AM, and I'm afraid of what's going to happen at 11:00 AM

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    10. Give Me a Dollar, Small Flood, Middle School Again,

      by , 06-22-2012 at 04:00 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Give Me a Dollar (Non-lucid)


      Inside a random school building, and I believe I'm at an auditorium. I forget what is going there, but there are quite a few dream characters listening to someone.

      Whatever event happened ends, and I believe I get out of the building to go do something, then I forget I left something at the auditorium looking place.

      It was dark, so it was hard to tell if it really was one, anyway, I go back and I find that one guy that looked like Spencer from "The King of Queens" (the sitcom) is responsible of containing lost material.

      Apparently, some girl to the side of me that I can't remember too well told me about him, and as I'm going to speak to him, she interrupts me and says,

      "Give me a dollar."

      "Hold on," I replied while putting my up my hand. I talk to the Spencer looking guy, and he starts showing me what I left behind. I get the stuff back, and then I have a dream shift to where I'm near a school bus.

      It's pretty difficult trying to get inside of the bus, and I basically spend nearly 30 seconds or so looking like a complete idiot trying to climb up to the entrance of the bus. You literally have to take one arm, lift yourself up, and then find a place to plant your opposite feet just to get a small boost.

      The bus starts, which prompts the others to start as well, and I still haven't gotten inside the bus as yet!

      So I'm left dangling with my hands holding tightly at the edge of the entrance to get inside the bus. After a few seconds, I managed to pull myself up. This bus is really small, like build for only 2-3 people at most, excluding the bus driver.

      I glance over to see some lady trying to run after the bus, and apparently she's some kind of assistant for the bus driver since I heard her screaming at the top of her lungs that she's supposed to get on there as well.

      The bus driver ignores her though, and I only remember standing for a while inside the bus, but not sitting down.

      Small Flood (Non-lucid)


      I believe this dream goes with the first dream. I find myself shifted to a place that feels like home. I go inside, and my father invited a few of his friends to hangout and have a drink. There's probably 3 men I recognize.

      Let's just nickname them "W," "R," and "C."

      R is basically standing there relaxing, and probably speculating about something because he looks a bit spaced out from my view. W is sitting down, and he looks pretty chilled as well, and he tries to ask me a question, but like the other girl in the previous dream, I tell him to hold on a little bit.

      I go up to C, an adult I played tennis a few times with outside the realm of being in tennis teams in High School.

      Anyway, C tells me that I've lost some weight since the last time we met, which is probably just my mind telling me that I really lost a few pounds.

      I forget what I say in response, but the conversation eventually ends. Then I realize that the floor I'm walking on, it's flooded with water. It's as high as my ankles, and I decide to go upstairs.

      There hasn't been a house that I remember having a two story, except for one, but it was a really small area to be in, so technically it was still a one story house.....meh whatever.

      I have a few dream bits that somehow get incorporated with this dream. I see Kakashi when he was much younger from the Kakashi Gaiden arc or whatever you call it from Naruto Shippuden.

      Seems Kakashi is trying to protect something wrapped in white cloth, I would presume it's a baby safely contained with open space to breathe of course. Seems he and a few other shinobi are trying to send these babies or containers for them somewhere else.

      They're stored in what looks like a random house, and the most apparent feature of the place were the shelves with books.

      I think Obito was there as well, but things went a little fast for me.

      Demon/Incubus Version of Me? (Non-lucid)


      Seems I'm engaging in some kind of Call Of Duty: War at War-esque type of dream. I believe I'm a spectator most of the time, but I have moments where I'm shooting people as well.

      The area resembles the "Cliffside" map in COD:WAW, but the thing that makes it different is that the bases inside look completely new compared to old, dark, and ancient look from the actual game map. It almost felt like being inside a mini locker room.

      I don't recall myself dying at all, and I do some weird things too, like lifting dead bodies and using a person's weapon to kill a few people, but that itself is something I'm not sure of.

      I continue doing this until I probably get bored decided to spectate for a while. I'm inside from of the bases, and after I've seen that people aren't coming it as frequently, I see a woman come in.

      She looks a lot like a girl who was from my art class that I thought was really cute.

      It's call her "Allis" for my own sake.

      Spoiler for 18+:
      Middle School Again... (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a Middle School environment all over again, more specifically, Thornton Middle School in Texas. Some parts are a little different, but the section with different food selections and all that is still preserved like in other dreams I've had about this school.

      I wait in line to get the side meals for the foam tray we're using to contain it. One of the servers, who was a male, looks young, like he's probably still in college, asks me if I wanted another part of the meal added. I kept saying yes because all of the food looked pretty damn good.

      While I'm waiting in line, I arrange the food properly, and even took a little bite out of the french fries on the tray. It seems the line I'm in, the supply of the main meal is already done, so we have to move to another line, but there isn't anything interesting.

      I get out of the line, look around for other sections, and I see there's a soda machine. I get a foam cum and start filling it up with Sprite, even though the logo for the part that I'm getting the Sprite from said "Asian."

      In fact, all of the soda names were "Asian."

      I was this close from doing a reality check, but assumed it was just some prank.

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