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    Linkzelda's Dream Journal

    1. Alarm Interrupts Experience at XXX Shop, False Awakening, At Tennis Courts Without Tennis Attire

      by , 12-12-2015 at 07:30 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Alarm Prevents Me From Trying Out Some Toys (DILD)


      I was actually going to attempt 12 hours of image streaming before thinking that 30, or so minutes of it was more than enough, and that I could always do it on my next day off. Fortunately, the image streaming session beforehand proved to be advantageous in remembering some dreams.

      So Iím doing some grocery shopping, but not sure who for in particular; maybe just myself, but later on in the dream, it probably was for a relative, or even one of the co-workers I was trying to image stream in being with. Whatever the case, I remember that Iím finish with the shopping, and I have a huge paper bag with some vegetables on top; your stereotypical visual cue of produce being bought along with some random items underneath.

      The size of the vegetables were a bit larger than they should be, but I had a one track mind towards something else-finding the near XXX store to buy a sex toy for myself. I eventually stored the paper bag filled with items inside of a car that was probably white, but fairly old (in the 2000s, or even 1998), and proceeded to casually zone around the area. Itís an evening setting, but it really feels like itís 2AM, or something.

      Thereís streetlights around, but theyíre emitting a faded white light, and this misty aura thatís shaped like a cone penetrating the ground. The ground itself-side walk and all, consists of a melange of blue and gray colors, and by looking at that, it has this chalky, semi-realistic vibe to it. I eventually reach a section of the area that looks like it could sell sex toys, but the layout looks weird.

      You get the impression that whoever owns the store is about to move out, or that theyíre sold out, and probably needed to stock for the next day. I go ahead and open the glass door anyway. Inside of the store, the walls are light brown, and the milky, yellow lights make it more caramel. The flooring is a generic white checkered pattern, and to the right of me is a Caucasian male. Heís wearing a gray hoodie with the hoodie resting on his back, some brown pants, and a generic cool colored shirt. He has light, caramel hair, but he could have dirty blonde as well, and based on certain features of his visage, he looks like he could have originated in the East.

      I wanted to feel that his overall clothing scheme would be shady, but honestly, Iím not surprised based on what the shop was in general. I go up to him, and started to get down to business. I first had apprehensions on this people a XXX store, but he clarified things to me in vague ways, almost as if heís trying to have external ears deter away from that probability, I think.

      He turns to the right, and I promptly follow him, and wondered how weíre going to pass through this brown wall that will clearly make him face plant into it. Then, a concealed door opens, and I hear this futuristic Zwooomp sound for a few seconds, and became even more confused. It felt like this guy was over playing it in hiding the real intent of the shop.

      I continue to follow him upstairs for a bit, and thereís this bright, white light above us. When we reached the apex, I noticed this grandiose area thatís covered in white. Thereís some white tables stacked in rows along with some white metal fold-able chairs that are spaced out about two feet from each other. Thereís all sorts of dream characters, but the ones that I can remember at the moment was this Asian female that looks like sheís in hear early thirties thatís wearing a white dress shirt thatís tucked in nicely into a faded black skirt that accentuates the contours of her thighs, and ends a few inches above her knee.

      She looks like Lucy Liu, and she has a hairstyle akin to the one Jady Nguyen had in Hitman: Absolution.

      Sheís handing papers to everyone that seems to be in the building, including me. I look at the paper for a moment, and noticed that thereís nothing of sexual connotations whatsoever. It looks more like complicated math formulas, and some scientific context thrown in there for good measure. Iím confused once more, but I continue to follow the guy around, as this is probably his second layer of hiding the fact that he owns a XXX store. This still seems like heís over-playing it, especially when there shouldnít be anything to hide in this dream.

      I couldíve said that this is only a dream, but I couldnít be bothered with opening Pandoraís Box that comes with the reactivity levels of said dream characters. I had a feeling he was talking to me, but it was filtered out as background noise for a few seconds while I was processing the general layout, and more of the dream characters. I noticed a second dream character looks like one of my co-workers. Sheís of dark complexion, has her black hair tied in a hair bun, and her visage really looks like itís fleshed out with barely any noticeable nuances to it.

      Sheís looking at me, which feels awkward, and she has the demeanor that sheís out for some toys as well, but we just dart our eyes somewhere random in space. I think sheís participating in the pseudo class being set up, when sheís probably trying to get more information on toys in general. I follow the guy, and get a little impatient, and started to ask if he had any toys for sale. He magically pops out like three Flesh-lights-one green, one blue, and a black one. He makes me privy to the function of each one. The blue one seems to have vibrations set up along with some ring that fluctuates horizontally, which seems to imply that it sets certain amounts of pressure if you put your rod in it. The green one seemed to be alien related, I think, and the black one was just your generic Flesh-light. They looked like actual flashlights from the base, and smaller than the actual Flesh-lights.

      I asked him how much each of them would cost, and he starts throwing out figures like $49.95, $59.95, and $XX-95, and he literally just hands me all three of them. I ask him more questions as to why heís handing me them all at once, and he states that I can go ahead and try them out before I buy. Then I started to question if these things were used, and how the packaging for each entailed of Bubble Wrap. Then again, he took it out of a large box, but I was kind of concerned on whether or not there was a metal rod in each of them in the first place.

      Started to reconcile that itís just a dream subconsciously, and thanked the guy. Now, I had to dart out of this place, and then realized that itís fairly late in the night. I look at my phone, and noticed that itís 11:02PM at the moment. I realized I probably would have caused moments of consternation for whoever I was supposed to bring the paper bag of groceries to. So, I utilized my phone, and wanted to text them that Iíll be back soon in about 30 minutes or so. First, it started out with ďBRT in XX minutes,Ē but when I rejected this for something else, the moment I was about to send it to them, the phone in waking life sets off the alarm.



      Typing Tags To Recall Previous Dream (Non-lucid)


      When the alarm rings for the dream before, I believe I woke up in waking life, or so it seems. I think another alarm rang for the actual time, and the dream itself was just a false awakening.

      I can feel myself feeling tired and groggy, and trying to gain mental fortitude to attempt a WBTB seemed so difficult for me inspite of sleeping very early (around 8-9PM). I'm waving my hands over, and realized that my phone should be located on the floor.

      I somehow have a notepad app that I took the liberty of typing down some quick tags for the previous dream I had with the shop in order to remember some of the content, and expound on it later on. Once I finished, I went back to sleep.

      Dang it.


      At Tennis Courts Without Tennis Attire (DILD)


      Iím inside of a school facility, and it looks like it could be a High School. There was a class that I was in, but I canít recall too much of the events other than seeing a Caucasian female about to sit next to me thatís wearing a gray shirt, and a white hoodie on top along with generic skinny, blue jeans.

      Then the bell rings, and I felt a little apprehensive, and figured there had to be one more period to attend. It turns out, based on the professions of an Asian male that looks exactly like an Asian Jon I used to know in real life, thereís only 7 periods, and the rest is up to the person to revel in extracurricular activities.

      I told him how awesome that is, and I wanted to attend tennis practice, even though I didnít have a racket. I was so caught in the moment that I went to the tennis courts only to see that theyíre occupied at the moment. Some are red courts, and others are green courts, and thereís a mixed race of people. I see an elderly man with a dark complexion wearing a white shirt, cap, and maroon colored sports shorts. Heís wearing sunglasses as well with a small silver necklace. I donít know what heís doing, but it seems like he could be warming up.

      The other people are just people about my age, or in their early teens rallying with each other. I pass through one of the courts, saw that they were looking at me and waiting before they presumed their rallying, and I felt odd being here at the moment in my current attire. I had plans to buy a racket pretty soon, but didnít really think about just fabricating one along with a sports attire.

      Iím in pursuit of a racket, clothes, and shoes to go along with it for the rest of the dream.
    2. Parody, Trying to Give Lucy Liu the World, Brakes Don't Work, Met a Dinosaur, High School Pep Rally

      by , 04-27-2014 at 12:50 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Parody About a Commander (DILD)


      Iím inside a house thatís similar to one Iíve been in waking life, and this dream was probably correlated with the one with Lucy Liu. For some reason, the landlords who were Asian in waking life just seemed coincidental that I would be in this particular house, and have the other dream come at some point.

      I can see the house in full detail, and had a little trouble at times distinguishing if this really is a dream, or waking life. I start getting weird moments where Iím in a different environment talking to a girl wearing a red shirt, and blue jeans. Sheís wearing glasses, has blonde hair, and looks a lot like one of the workers I used to interact with. Then I see a 3D model of some old man wearing your generic commander uniform, and he looks a bit like George W. Bush in some way.

      Thereís some text scrolling down, and it was some kind of parody for someone, most likely the commander in the still image that the text was on top of. Even though I canít recall the text word for word, I do know it was very funny to me.


      Trying to Give Lucy Liu the World (DILD)


      Iím watching two people swimming underwater, and they seem to be looking for something under the massive pile of debris. I seem to have mostly viewed this dream in a spectator point of view through first person perspective looking at two people interacting with each other.

      Sometimes I feel as if thereís a fluctuation in one of the dream characterís form: Itís either the form of Slade from Teen Titans, or myself wearing a red long sleeved shirt with khaki pants.

      The other individual looks like Lucy Liu with her hair tied back, and the male is following her, I guess. Thereís not much going on other than them continuing to swim, but then thereís a moment where the male tries to go up to the lady, braces his chest against her back, and starts hugging her while declaring:

      ďI can give you the world.Ē

      She gets herself away from him, and they both continue swimming. I believe at this point, or maybe throughout the dream, I started to crack bad jokes at this Lucy Liu dream character, and I had a strange feeling that I did it to cope with the possibility that we may very well be the only people in existence within the dream; kind of like a post-apocalyptic implication, I guess.


      Brakes Don't Work, Met a Dinosaur, High School Pep Rally (DILD)


      Iím driving around, and things seem to go just fine for a bit. The usual traffic, stopping and going. Then after a while, I have trouble trying to use the brakes, and I already seemed to have past two red traffic lights. I noticed that there were a few police vehicles dormant in random areas, almost as if theyíre trying to meet their quota or something.

      However, despite of being close to them, they didnít use their sirens at all. Maybe how I perceived what shouldíve been a sensation of a vehicle stopping via brakes was messed up, or the cars themselves didnít really have anyone inside to try and get me for driving past several red traffic lights. The environment seemed to be a fairly dark afternoon, with the clouds covering whatever bright lighting there is above.

      I decided to let go of the gas pedal, and just do whatever was necessary to avoid colliding with other vehicles, which wasnít a problem at all. I stopped, got out of the vehicle, and the dream seems to have shifted to where Iím not inside a fairly enclosed hallway. It feels like walking through a museum thatís trying to emulate a tropical rainforest setting.

      I see thereís some people looking around, gazing at whatever features this section has. I noticed thereís a huge, and live dinosaur to the right of me. I was shocked for a few seconds, only to have the feeling subside when people seem to be petting it as if itís no harm at all. It had light brown skin, and seemed to be very long laterally. It had a weird head shape, and I canít remember the specific name of this kind of dinosaur.

      After passing through this section, I go through an open door with a bright white light, and Iím shifted into an environment that looks like a High School pep rally. I look for some seats by the bleachers inside, and I felt apathetic about being here in the first place. Everything just seemed so pretentious, just like how most pep rallies were conceptualized to me in school in general.

      I canít really recall what happens next, and I donít really mind not knowing.

    3. Tranquilizer Gun Fails, or I'm a Lousy Shot, & 120+ Subjects Learned?

      by , 04-15-2014 at 05:49 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Tranquilizer Gun Fails, or I'm a Lousy Shot (DILD)


      Iím hiding behind a rock thatís probably 5 feet wide, and maybe 3-4 feet tall. I have a tranquilizer gun on me, and I believe Iím wearing a black tac suit as well. The environment resembles a jungle, and the ground itself had a color of white rock material thatís covered by all sorts of minerals, dirt, and grass.

      The areaís pathway Iím on seems to be curved like a ďC,Ē where if I were to reach the end, I would probably have to jump off from a pretty high elevation to get to the lower section of this area. Iím as the bottom end of the ďCĒ shaped area, and thereís a soldier patrolling around the section farther away from me.

      He looks kind of like a Panamanian guard that you would see in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, though Iím not sure if the design for the Gamecube version was different from the XBOX.

      How I conceptualized the whole experience seemed to have involved me looking at my dream self through third person point of view, and occasionally feeling my dream body as well. I try to take my time to aim the tranquilizer gun at the guard, and it seems this experience in the dream had to be reset several times because I was either missing the shot completely, or I didnít shoot him anywhere in the head to hopefully make him unconscious quickly.

      One experience within the reset was that when I took a shot, and miss, some kind of random object launched its way over to the guard. The object was hard to see from afar, but I remember that it had a violet color with a slight overlay of blue. The guard turns around, looks alert, and isnít hesitant in calling for backup.

      I can visualize how said backup would arrive, and thereís soldiers wearing some kind of dark yellow camo outfit with brown spots spread around it, along with them wearing black masks where only their eyes are portrayed through a horizontal oval cut-out.


      120 Subjects Learned? (DILD)


      Apparently, I tell someone that I learned over 120 subjects in High School and at a University.

      Words come out of my mouth like crazy, and I felt like it was just coming by naturally without any intention of having to cover anything up. I think I stated I learned 110 in High school, and the rest at a University.

      Even though the dream didn't make any sense, it's kind of true of how you barely learn crap at a University, other than:

      Spoiler for university/college logic:
    4. Preliminary Horse Lineup, Licking Azula's Fingers, Azula's Traps, Epic Horse Racing, Pre-Cal Math

      by , 02-04-2013 at 11:03 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Preliminary Horse Lineup (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a stadium that didn't have too many people sititing on the bleachers, but I'm within the playing fied with light brown dirt/sand. There's this mini-trial to see who can better control a horse to be a contestant for a horse race that will be starting tomorrow.

      It seems kind of weird having to face against someone tomorrow that would already have more experience than any of us that participated in this pre-run. There were many dream characters that tried to control their pace with the horses, but nearly all of them failed.

      Horses were like rodeo bulls, with as much rage to fling their whole bodies literally STRAIGHT UP, thus throwing off riders with ease. It was my turn, and I felt kind of scared. The horse I had to tame or at least ride around with was a brown horse with a nice fur shine to it. It had a black mane and tail, and pure black eyes with white reflections on them.

      I get on it, and surprisingly, this horse is following the majority of my commands without going crazy on me like the other riders. I tried to use my very limited knowledge of controlling horses, and focused on my feet and the way I stroked its mane. I gently rubbed my feet forward to make it move forward, then to make it turn to the left of this very limited environment, I slowly tapped my right feet to the left and slightly dug its skin gently towards the left. It complies with my orders, and I basically end up doing random things with it.

      Basically, this horse was the most peaceful, probably because it liked me the most. I started swaying my hips left and right, and the horse is doing the same. This whole scenario with me doing random commands with my hands and feet reminds me of the ANDREAS HELGSTRAND - WEG2006 Freestyle Final Video I watched when my Chemistry professor showed it in class in High School:

      So I was slowly guiding it in an oval path, and then I was qualified to participate in the race. I felt kind of shocked to be picked, and I haven't had any practice whatsoever, at least any dream recall of me doing some kind of activity where I am practicing for horse racing.

      So in the mean time, I believe I have another dream as a sort of vacation from all of that competition just now....


      Azula Chokes Me and I Lick Her Fingers Sexually (Non-lucid)


      So apparently I'm sitting with Azula from Avatar, and in this dream, she'll be age Infinite, therefore, that prevents me from feeling insecure of what I did to here.

      You hear me Dream FBI?? YOU HEAR ME?

      Anyway, I did something to piss off Azula, or maybe it could've been an intentional thing to start getting into this whole.....err....how do you say....(never mind). She gets pissed off at me, she picks me up with her right hand and starts to lightly choke me. She tightens the grip a bit more and tells me,

      "If you ever do that to me again, I'll..."

      I want to say that she said "I'll kill you," but I don't think she would be happy if she started disposing me and having to find someone else to play with.

      Whatever it is that she said, I get a little scared and turned on by this. We were in an area that was very dark, and I remember two blue flames to the left and right of her as she holds me up. She slowly lets me go down, and she sits on a couch or some kind of furniture.

      I started getting submissive, and I felt as if she wanted me to do something sexual to her. I don't know, I just had this weird hunch that she would automatically go from dominant to submissive.

      I can't even string together how this felt.

      I start cudding with her, yes, I was cuddling with this fictional character,

      So I wrapped myself under a blanket with her, and she puts her right hand in front of me, showing her slightly sharp nails at me. I slowly licked her index finger, and then started to taste the salty sweat saturated all over. It wasn't completely wet, but it was strangely a turn on to lick a female's fingers.

      Then it went OVERBOARD when I clasped her right hand together and slowly engulfed her fingers a bit more. She slowly pushes it down my mouth, and my tongues starts going crazy licking every nook and cranny of her hand, every crease it can reach forwards and backwards.

      The salt from her hands, and feeling her soft skin in my mouth......it's hard to put into words what's going on in my mind. So I take her right hand out of my mouth, and the slobber is going down slowly on the couch...

      I forget what happens next, and I'm kind of glad I don't remember lol. It would be weird having sex with someone that could kill you with firebending if you didn't satisfy her enough. LOL.

      Ugh....scary thought, but seriously though, I can't believe I did that.


      Azula Sets up Traps (Non-lucid)


      I'm with Azula, and this time, we're outside at some Aztec type of environment where it's very sunny outside. She had a random plan to collect all the males, except me, to be trapped and knocked out.

      She had some wooden objects way up some columns where if the males went anywhere near them. They would be picked up by some weird object, then slide down to the bottom and become unconscious by gas.

      Not sure what's going on here....


      EPIC Horse Racing (Non-lucid)


      So now that the dreams I had before this dream are now over.....

      I'm at a larger stadium than the previous dream I had with the brown horse. It's still my companion for this race, and I felt an overwhelming feeling of confidence rushing inside of me from the large crowd.

      Compared to the last dream where there's barely anyone in it, seats are now completely full, and I can passively hear their roaring of cheers. The place is dark with stadium lights fixating only on me and the opponent I was going against.

      Apparently it was a man who was at least 6 feet tall, and he's wearing a red sweater and black pants. He's smiling for the crowd, and he looks at me. He still sustains his smile, which makes it hard for me to judge how he feels having me here as his opponent.

      We both get on our horses, and before everything starts, I see what's in front of me for the course. There was this long white, flexible object that would split both of us so we either had to take one side and go along with that side for the rest of the course. The race starts, and I decided to take the left side. Things get pretty tense quickly, and I feel as if I'm not even controlling the horse most of the times.

      I was interchanging with specator mode and third person mode, analyzing the environment around me, checking to see what would be apparent beyond my horizon if I were to stay in third person riding my horse. I see there's a small gap that extended for at least 5 seconds where my horse and I could move to the right side and trick out opponent into slowing down.

      I shift back to third person and decided to move to the rightside, and I'm still passively acknowleding the lights flashing around the stadium, but that's most likely because we're going at insane speeds with our horses. The opponent was a male and then suddenly turned female for the majority of the match.

      I could also see my perspective in spectator mode panel over to her side in the front, and her mouth and face are going backwards a bit from the wind from the speeds. She's holding on to her horse for dear life, like, she's literally hugging the horse's neck as much as she can.

      Our Horses basically go on autopilot, and I'm not in front of her horse. Her horse decided to trip us all, but everyone gets back up, proving that trick wouldn't work on me. We're finding getting close to the finish line, which apparently would be beyond the double gray doors at was at least 100 feet away from us (with our speed, that would be accomplished in a matter of seconds).

      It was weird, whenever I shift perspectives, like spectator mode, everything was normal pace, like some kind of time dilation, and then when I'm in third person mode, it's very quick and hyper. We crash into the double gray doors, and we both fall down with our horses. I had a feeling that having our horses to the finish line wasn't necessary, so I quickly ran to the finish line.

      Even though I touched the wall after the "FINISH" undernearth me on a ramp going upwards, I noticed my opponent was 1 second late from reaching the wall as well. I didn't hear anything as yet to signal that I won the race. Then I realized, we needed our horses.

      Her horse was way closer than mine was. I decided I have to somehow bring my horse or at least touch one of its hooves and quickly bring it along while I touch the wall again. I do so, and my opponent is almost getting there before me. In fact, she did, and then she turned into a male again, this time, a dark-skinned male.

      He looks at me as I felt miserable for almost losing after having so much effort being put into this race, and I felt that he started pretending that he couldn't reach the wall out of sympathy for me?

      I quickly take the oppportunity to touch the wall and won the race. After a while, I started talking to my mother for some weird reason, and then informed her that I won the race and that it would go my funds for college. I couldn't remember the prize money at all, or even recall reading any flier that had the prize money for the 1st place winner of the race.

      I think it was at least $1,000 for 1st place, and I felt as if this was so real and that this would help me so much that I did something as random as horse racing to get this kind of money in my posession. I saturate myself into this pseudo-reality, continuing my assurance that this dream was a reality, and just went completely blank in content that I can't remember what happens next.


      Pre-Calculus Math Class (Non-lucid)


      I remember being in a room that's in front of a math class I had in my last High School. I saw the blonde teacher that I had in waking life, and she's wearing a light violet shirt with blue jeans.

      There's some student that's flinging things at people, and the teacher notices this and gets annoyed by him. I peek over and watched the whole scenario, and she's going to turn around to write more formulas or something on the black chalkboard.

    5. Chaos Emeralds, Pseudo-Self-Hypnosis, Apophenia Actually Saves Me, Not enough food in Cafeteria

      by , 01-15-2013 at 12:54 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Chaos Emeralds, Pseudo-Self-Hypnosis, and Apophenia Actually Saves Me!! (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a classroom, and I believe I'm assigned with a partner to find the Chaos Emeralds, and the whole Sonic associations come in random moments with the simulated version of waking life. It feels so awkward as more anime and cartoon themes started to intertwine.

      One moment I have my middle and index finger together as if I'm trying to do an instant teleport in DBZ,

      and the next I'm back to Sonic related themes, specifically the Chaos Emeralds. I'm actually using the motion for the instant teleport to locate where the Chaos Emeralds could be, and while other teams are out scavenging for them, finding the items was easy for me.

      There were 6 in total, and not 7 oddly, that we had to find. I found about 3 within the room, and I realized I'm wearing a white tuxedo suit with white pants that look like they're tight on me.

      Probably because I put 3 Chaos Emeralds inside the right hand pocket. I felt like bragging to the others that I already found half of them, but I was also afraid of what they might do to me if I did. So I just sit down resting my chin with my arms at a 60 degree angle.

      I decided to do the instant teleport motion (but I'm not using it to teleport, just to track for more Emeralds), and found that the fourth one was in the hands of Amy Rose.

      I also had a glimpse that she kept it in a leather bag, a really light brown one, and ironically, this would actually save my life, but you'll find really quick.

      So after sitting around doing random stuff, the dream now shifts where I'm in a different room that's brigther than the last, and it seems I'm being questioned. Apparently, if I don't answer the question right, I die.

      And guess who's the person who wants to question me?


      I think my hands are tied behind my back on the chair or maybe not. She's wearing the outfit she used to ride her vehicles in the show "Legend of Korra," and I really don't know why out of all dream characters, we would be one to question me lol.

      I don't even recall seeing anything Korra related after the end of the first season of Korra, and that was months ago.

      Anyway, she as her left leg over her right, and she has these white flashcards and informs me that I have to pick the right answer. I'm not sure is she's interrogating me, or if this is some kind of twisted foreplay for sex.

      I actually feel that if I don't think of a right answer, I'll really die, so I get hyped up, and decided to think things thorougly.

      The question was something I can't recall, but I had three possible answers, and I had to pick one, and they were:

      - Tropical Beach

      - Leather bag

      - (And Some other choice I can't remember)

      Oh and before I go on, remember the leather bag thing I mentioned about Amy Rose? You'll find out how it helped me in a bit.

      So when the question was asked, I decided to relax, get into self-hypnosis and tried to visualize what the question is wanting me to find. I immediately see a faded out image of a Tropical Beach that looks like it's a cartoon version of one, but it's also realistic in some sense.

      Since that was the first image that popped into my mind, I stated it was "Tropical Beach" as the answer.

      So Masami asks,

      "Are you sure?"

      So I think again one more time, and honestly, I didn't know what else to choose, so I'm just assuming whatever comes up in my mind as potential answer. So apophenia starts to kick in, and I'm like, "Screw it, whatever" mode, and saw a leather bag and Amy Rose.

      The I presumed the question was related in finding a Chaos Emerald or something like that. I decided to go with leather bag based on the previous experience where I noticed Amy Rose had the 4th Chaos Emerald, and just made meaning based on that.

      When I stated "Leather Bag" as my response, my eyes are squinting even harder, and I don't want to open them because I'm wondering if the Apophenia was worth it. Then some random voice stated how I got the answer right.

      After that, I was free to go.


      That's about it for that dream.


      Not enough food in Cafeteria (Non-lucid)


      So I'm going to a cafeteria in a random High School, and the whole place looks like it's barely even operational. The lights are too dimmed out, the whole place looks a bit dark, and the unlight from the big glass wall that's maybe 50 feet away from me is the only thing giving the majority of the light source in here.

      To the left of me is a random dream character serving lunch, and it's mostly hotdogs, which is enticing to me and a few others. However, there was something about the hotdog that people didn't like, and I decided to go with the conformity to save myself from being disgusted with eating the hotdog. I quickly moved to the other two sections in front of the previous one, and I didn't really like any of the options there.

      So I quickly moved back to the first section before this tall dude gets a spot in the line. He looks a lot like a guy named Elliot I knew in High School, and this dreaming counterpart is passive like all of them are in my dreams.

      The dream shifts where I'm sitting at a table that I don't feel I belong in...great, nice High School nostalgia to reflect on and make me feel better........

      I asked the random people on the lunch table, excluding Elliot of course,

      "Can I sit here?"

      They all say in unison, including Elliot,

      "No you can't"

      Well fuck, normally people say, "Oh sure!"


      They were blatant with the whole response, and I felt even more awkward. Then I realized they didn't really give a shit if I sat there. I guess it was just me getting answers I wouldn't expect them to reply through.

      Then I had some weird conflict with Elliot, and after a while, he gives me a small piece of paper stating that he was a cop or something like that?

      Okay...........when he gives me the paper, I calmed down a bit, and for whatever reason, this same piece of paper had a location instilled into my mind or something that I would plan to go to after the dream school experience ends.

      And that's all I remember, probably would've recalled more if I decided to type things out early, but I couldn't skip breakfast before going to college classes, otherwise I might pass out and die of starvation....wouldn't that be fun!?!?!

      I guess the recall is okay after not focusing on it for nearly 10-11 hours now.

      I'm Assigned to a Bing! Search Engine Seat (Non-lucid)


      Yeah, I go into a room, and I'm assigned a seat. I told the teacher planning things out about something, and he's like "Cool."

      More like "Cool Story Bro," and I go ahead and sit down and saw on the Computer on my desk that I'm assigned to the Bing! Search Engine site.

      Apparently they wanted to separate the seating arrangment so that a person who would also have Bing! assigned to them would be 5 seats away from me...left, right, up, down.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Box Experts and Pranksters & GIVE ME MY ZUNE HD, Staged Bungee Jumping, gMail to Mail Food Packages

      by , 01-08-2013 at 06:07 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Boxes With No Content and GIVE ME BACK MY ZUNE HD!!! (Non-lucid)


      I'm with a group of guys who do all sorts of box related stuff, whether it's dressing themselves as boxes or doing box pranks.

      The first thing that comes up with these guys is that one of them had their mother killed by a dog, which I really do believe. So when they're showing evidence, I see things in spectator mode, like a movie clip being played.

      Things start out with sticks being placed, and I feel like I'm wacking the sticks with another stick. I don't know how I'm in this movie clip, and certainly do not hope that I'm the killer.

      Turns out it's a prank, and I see one of the members of the box people dressed up like a Boxed version of the Katamari Prince.

      Then I follow him for unknown reasons, and we're at this plane garage of some sort, and the other members are sitting down on vanilla metal fold-able chairs conducting a plan to prank a specific group of people.

      So what they were going to do was get some rectangular shaped Styrofoam and put them in white boxes. Then they would put in some bogus instruction manual to things look legit right on top section inside the box so they would see it immediately when opening in.

      I'm sitting down watching them do their thing, and they're done within a few seconds. They have a whole collection of rectangular boxes stacked on top of each other set up in rows and columns. For its height, it was about as high as my head sitting down (I'm 5'1'' or something like that).

      I could see some boxes were cut off or something, and I was wonder how they're going to pull this off. I assumed these bad boxes were only facing me, and they were just using them as fillers to make the whole set look legit.

      So then a random person comes in and picks up a box almost near to the end of one of the half opened boxes that looked like they were sawed off. Luckily he picked up one of their good ones, but for some reason, He actually has the competence to realize this box is extremely light.

      So he opens the new one, looks at the instructional manual on top, and he looks convinced. BUT NO, he then takes something that's ACTUALLY in there, which is what he should've wanted, took it out, and asked one of the guys on whose item this belongs too.

      I thought he was just stupid and should've went with a box with something in it at least. As I'm passively watching the back of him, I noticed he's holding a plastic bag with something in it. And one of the guys responds,

      "Oh, that's his Zune HD."

      And he's pointing at me.

      So I start spasming and I go into the mode of,

      "GIVE ME BACK MY ZUNE HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

      So I quickly try to hold on to it, but this guy who's at least 6'4'' tall holds on to the other end pretty well. I tried to get control, but the dream immediately fades away,
      and I wake up with my eyes closed, realizing I could DEILD. But then I started talking to my Tulpa for good 45 seconds or so until the alarm rings.



      Staged Bungee Jumping??? (Non-lucid)


      I just remember some guys dressed in White Robes and Desert hats are trying to simulate some event where some evil group of people made someone bungee jump near high traffic. They wouldn't send them right into the traffic, but they would make them 10 feet above it though.

      It was kind of scary, and I'm watching things in spectator mode being worried if these people can actually hold their victims properly. No one was killed, at least to my recall, and then the staged version of it happens where the guy seems to be preparing for Circus Acrobatics.

      This was all in an environment that represented some parts of New York. The people, both the staged and the actual evil people were all on a bridge that was maybe 20 feet above traffic. This same bridge was connected to the apartment complexes or random buildings on opposite sides.


      Use GMail to send out Package Orders? (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a school hallway that resembles a High School's in waking life.

      There's the milky caramel colored tiled flooring along with this white glass covering on top that has the run blasting its light all over it, and the place looks pretty peaceful and quiet.

      This is kind weird since this section of the hallway would have a cafeteria to the left, and I thought there would be a lot of chattering since it felt like Lunch Time.

      People started to come to the hallway more, and there was a plan where me and a few group of people would eventually use Gmail to send out food packages or something.

      I came up with the idea of using the Gmail, so yay me!

      Then there's random manifestation of food on tables everywhere when someone said there will be tables.

      After 10 seconds or so, the hallway that's about a quarter mile long has a lot of food lined up on the right side (looking at this screen). I feel hungry and decided to help myself on some food.

      I think there were restrictions, especially on the desert where I hear two old people saying that they'll be using their eyes very well to see who picked out more than two items for each plate.

      There were a lot of plates if I was thinking clearly at the time, but I started to become paranoid by picking only 1 food item from every other 3 or even 5 plates.

      Then I noticed people are just taking food like that without a care in the world, so I jump into the bandwagon and did the same. I picked out random stuff like Chowmein, Cheesecake, and other stuff I can't even place a name on; I just know they looked and probably tasted REALLY good..

      Then the dream shifts where I find myself thinking that the tardy bell, or the warning bell before that bell was going to ring. But for a few seconds before knowing that, I remember going into the wrong sub-hallway to my left, but not knowing it's the wrong area as yet.

      I see a many come inside the glass doors with metal bars to push in to open, and he looks really familiar. After 1-2 seconds, I easily picked up on who it's a counterpart of, which is a guy named Carly or something. He's wearing a gray shirt, faded blue jeans, and can't remember the shoe color.

      He's basically a pretty decent copy of the waking life version, and he waves at me and I do the same. Then he looks at me weird, and I don't even know why. Then I realize this isn't where my Chemistry room is!!!

      I don't know, I just had a random surge of thought come out and presumed I had to go to Chemistry class in High School. I realized I'm wearing a white dress shirt tucked underneath black dress pants and fancy black lace less shoes, and also a red tie as well.

      I prepared myself to dash, but I'm having a difficult time running of course. I feel like I'm running on a treadmill at times, but I am able to move forward a bit.

      It gets tiring for a while since I can feel my feel and the shoe front bending a bit (I think the shoe was a little big for me). My main objective from that point was to get to the other side that had red stuff.

      I finally get control of my ability to run, and halfway in the hallway, I see some random guy to my right who's wearing a light gray shirt and regular blue jeans and is close to being obese looking at a Widescreen television placed to the left on top of the sides of the higher floor.

      I stop and wondered why this guy is so phased out watching it, and I look at it myself. I think it was random commercials or someone giving a message. It felt like instructions on doing something, but I forgot what it was.

      So I spend the rest of the dream trying to reach the other side,
      and I don't know if I actually reach there before the dream fades away.

      There's a few more dreams I recalled, but I'm too lazy as hell to type them down, and I'm hungry too...
    7. Passing Another Scantron, What Year Am I In?

      by , 11-15-2012 at 09:47 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Passing Another Scantron (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is that I'm being assigned a task of giving someone their scantron with their grade on it. They have a B in it, and I'm looking for the classroom. I finally reach a hallway with a door at the end, I go to the left after going through the double doors, and had to wait until the teacher was done.

      She sees that I'm outside, and quickly comes near the door so I can give her the scantron. There was a student who was a Black male, and he was complaining on something related to his degree, which happens to be Biochemistry.


      What Year Am I in? (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a random classroom with wooden desks with metal based chairs. The walls are dark brown, and it feels a lot like High School. There's a girl that I'm aware of that I know in waking life that's in this dream, let's call her Christina.

      I look at Christina for some odd reason, and then turn back. I have to fill out some blanks on a colored worksheet that's probably a cool color, most likely blue. I can't figure out what year I'm going to graduate, and I look at those awards that are posted in gold and surrounded by fancy brown wood polish for an answer.

      However, there's years in 1950, and all sorts of stuff that it confuses me more.
    8. At least give me $20, Kaiba's Wives (SDE Daty 13)

      by , 08-27-2012 at 12:51 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      At Least Give Me $20 (Non-lucid)


      Inside of a High School, and the tile flooring is light brown, and I'm at one of the end sections of it like the one High School in waking life that shows up a lot lately. Apparently, I'm waiting for something, I think, and I can't go inside of the rooms because most of the students are taking an exam of some sort.

      I'm just casually waiting at a wall, wondering when it's time for dismissal. I'm assuming I finished my exam early, like REALLY early, so it's no wonder I'm waiting so long for the bell to ring. As I see people coming out, for some reason, I had to give some guy cash, like around $30 if I remember correctly. I felt as if I didn't need to give him this at all, I felt like I Was just giving away free money.

      I tell him to give me back my money, and he does. I check the amount in my hand and had $5 instead, so I asked him,

      "At least give me 20."

      He looks at me, but he's just standing there like an idiot, and since he's not going to respond at all, I decided to prepare to leave for the building. There's a red sign with white font saying something along the lines of talking not being permitted when others are taking the exam.

      When it's time for most students to leave, there's a blonde teacher who looked likes Ms. Anderson in one of the High Schools I attended. She's wearing a light gray jacket, light blue jeans, and has the same, or close, body composition as the waking life counterpart. She's resting one of her hands on the red sign, and is pushing it forward, which obviously means we can't talk for as long as she drags the sign wherever she's going.

      I walk a little faster, since there's really no point in being in this area anymore, and I finally get out of the long hallway from one of the end sections, and I am now at the beginning of the 1/4 mile path that would be perpendicular to the hallway I just came out of. It looks like good weather out there, light gray skies, not too sunny at all. I turn to the right, since the left side is pretty much a dead end with a brown wall like the waking life version of this High School layered in bricks.

      I'm still cognizant of the sign being moved around, but by this time, I'm already at a fair amount of distance from it. Here's the part that makes this High School different from waking life. There's a section to my left where you can prepare to leave the building and go to the bus docking area. It's easy to distinguish because of the light gray carpet flooring and glass doors.

      I had a feeling that I might've been late to get on the bus, but I don't know why, just a hunch. That hunch was wrong because as soon as I get out of the building, there are plenty of buses that are dormant. All of them are your classic canary/yellow colored buses. A few are starting to get ready to form a line for students who will be outside in a few minutes.

      I decided to get a clear view of all the buses, so I decided to take a jump up some wide ledge above me with easy, probably 10 feet, and look at the view. It's pretty decent, and I have my right hand between my waist and upper thigh. I had it in a reverse upside-down L position
      (if you try to make that with your arm right now, I'm sure you'll know what I mean), and I said a few words to someone, though I can't remember what exactly.

      I believe it could've been something related to how cool the scene looks from above, seeing the horizon and the buses preparing to form a line. From afar, the school buses still looked pretty huge, but I didn't pay any attention to that. The person to the left of me looks like a debater I knew in High School named Danny.

      He responds by whatever I'm saying by saying, "Yeahhhh...." while looking at what I'm looking as well. After a while, I'm presuming that I get ready to find my bus to go home, and
      that's all I remember.
      Kaiba's Wives (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a light-orange room, and it feels too weird to be in here, it feels like a garage to me. If I turn to my right, I will see a Plexiglass type of window where you could look outside, however, it's too dark to see anything at the moment. I can feel that my father is here, and a friend of his as well too. There's three entities that would come near the Plexiglass outside.

      Before they came, I assumed that Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! or someone would be the husband for all three of these entities, and I'm not saying that word loosely. These are completely abstract beings, not human AT all. The first one that shows up looks like a variant of Gardevoir, and she looks so cute. Anyway, she comes up slowly, has her hands, or whatever you want to call them, and looks shy. Then there's another entity that looks orange, but I can't remember what exactly.

      The final one that comes up is a pink octopus, though I don't know how the hell that's could be a wife for a human. I can understand if the human has some sick fetish for Gardevoir, but an Octopus?

      How does that relationship work out, through suction cups? =P

      I think I tell someone that the three wives are here, and my father and his friend come on, though I don't know why they need to come in the first place. They declared that they can't see properly outside, and the window was kind of misty that they had to wipe it from the inside, lol, that's dream logic for you.

      Then after they leave, Kaiba comes in out of nowhere and starts using these type of binoculars or some microscope lens attached to the window. I'm wondering what the hell he's doing, and he responds to me by saying my first name, and then declaring that I was disrupting him from finding out something.

      What could you be finding through those weird lens attached to a wall, and through complete darkness outside?

      Also, my father random decides to mix what seems like orange juice, milk, and hot cocoa power together.


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    9. Random Fights, Ellen Degeneres and 11 O' Clock AM (SDE Day 09)

      by , 08-23-2012 at 04:12 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Random fights (Non-lucid)


      I remember being outside, and it looks like it's a little dark outside, and we're under a some train tracks. It honestly feels like the part of New York I walked through during vacation. There a mix of colors of lights ranging from purple, red, white, etc. I can't remember too much on the dream characters engaging in this really pointless battle against each other. There seems to be just two groups fighting one another, and I'm only watching everyone just moving around, trying not to get hit too much.

      There were moments where several members would try to attack one or two people, making the other group just stand there because they don't know what to do. After a while, the random moving around, waiting for someone to make a move started to get boring, and I only remember patting someone's back after this really pointless moving around and waiting for someone to make a move.
      Ellen DeGeneres and 11 O' Clock AM (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a High School again, and it feels like it's at Cypress Lakes again. I'm coming out of the area where the athletics locker rooms, and the P.E. Gym would be located at. I'm walking with a few people that are on the left and right of me. I noticed that Sarah from that last dream two days ago with the school bus thing is here again. She doesn't notice me as yet, she's just walking with two random people on both her sides as well.

      As I'm walking, I realize that how I walk is a little difficult. I'm wearing these default black shoes, and I get this small dream flashback of some sort where I decided to just wear the shoes without any socks because someone else wore gray shoes with the white rim on the bottom without any socks as well.

      I come back to the reality in this dream again, and presumed that the reason why I'm not walking properly and feeling as if I could slip and fall on the ground at any moment was because like the flashback suggested, I didn't wear any socks. The guy to the right of me resembles Cor (not his full name) that was a highly ranked Varsity Tennis player in the tennis team I was part of.

      I believe he's wearing the Varsity Tennis Outfit like Sarah did in this dream as well, which makes sense, since we just came out of the Athletics department. The floor consisted of small light-brown tiles, and the area was very spacious, probably because there weren't a lot of people in it to begin with.

      There's more than enough lighting from above with the the huge glass rooftop on top that's probably extending at least 1/4 of a mile like the High School in waking life. I didn't pay attention on whether or not it was artificial light or sunlight shining down inside the building.

      Cor started to correct me in nearly everything that I was declaring to myself at the time. It was annoying, but I felt that what he said to me made sense.
      A dream character that makes me feel stupid....well isn't that a nice...

      I'm still walking a little slow since this floor or shoes I'm wearing is making me slippery. I look at Sarah again, and for a split second, I saw a random image of a white sheet of paper with some kind of sketching. It looked like there were squares and lines stacked together, like a blueprint for some building. I come back to the reality in the dream again, and noticed someone, I think Cor, comes up to Sarah to tell her something.

      I had a feeling it's something I was talking to him about somehow while looking at her and blanking out for a few seconds. He was probably 5-6 feet away from me at the time, and he starts whispering to Sarah, which forces me to listen and augment how I'm receiving the audio input between the too. It seems Cor was mentioning a "she," so I guess he didn't include me in the conversation at all.

      Sarah turns around to listen to what he's saying, and she's just staring at the wall to the left of her, which looks weird from the angle I'm seeing her, because it looked like she was just blanking out and letting the information Cor gave her come passively. I couldn't hear anything else other than the word "she."

      I felt as if I missed out on some important information, and by important, I just mean based on the environment I'm in. It's a High School, so the only thing that would make me concerned if this was some kind of stereotypical setting where someone would tell someone else gossip, which in turn would make me wonder if they're mentioning me...

      After a while, I start losing focus on Sarah and Cor, and decided to focus on going to lunch. The dream shifts to where I'm waiting in line, with no white Styrofoam tray in my hand. I'm bracing my wrist against the shiny gray metal extension (forgot what you call it) where you place the tray and can slide it along the path. I look up to see who's going to serve me something to eat, and it's the girl that I remember shaking hands with at a store in waking life.

      In short, this was a girl who said she wanted to have sex with me....and you know what that means....

      Let's manipulate her a little bit and see if I can get a free meal!

      I look at her, and she's telling me something, but I forgot. When I looked down, I saw that there's a meal inside of what looks like what Caesar salads are served it (the black bottom and transparent plastic covering). I looked up at her and made facial expressions rather than talking on whether or not this is the meal she set out for me, and she nods.

      Then I hear her declare,

      "I put a little something special for you."

      Poison? Viagra? What did you put in here that was so "special?" Maybe she wanted me to eat it so I can pass out and she'd have sex with me knowing anything at all! Ha ha ha, don't be like that Link...but I really think she would do that if she could in waking life. Oh, and she's one of those girls who appear like an Amoeba, out of nowhere, and randomly say, "Hi!"

      But I wasn't thinking about what I said in gray just now during the dream, I was happy that I was special to her (LOL), but then the guy on my right starts grabbing some of my food with his fingers. I'm looking at him, making the facial express that just says, "WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?!"

      And he's still taking my food, and all I'm doing is just holding that facial expression until he gets a hint to just stop taking my food and eating it, but he's just going and going and going. I decided to just shift the tray to the left side, and asked the same girl if she can give me something else.

      She's a completely different person now, she basically just gives me the cold shoulder...

      Wooooow, so much for giving me something special....and so much for me manipulating her emotions for me to get something extra

      I can't really do anything at this point, or was too much of a wimp to demand that I get something to eat, so I just continue moving forward until I hit the section that's perpendicular to the line I was at. I saw a few things in the frozen section where you would pick up drinks like Gatorade, Sprite, etc. I saw some Sausage Biscuits that were frozen, and decided I should use the black tong to the left of me to get a few contained in the box.

      I don't know why I'm getting frozen Sausage biscuits, 1 Diet Coke and 2 Sprites...but at least it was better than nothing on my tray plate. I go up to the cash register, and I have to enter in my own lunch pin code from the machine.


      What the hell do I put? Lmao.

      "9658" is the first set of numbers that comes to mind...
      so I'm assuming this is what I put on the pin, but I do know I entered something else before that, and then cleared it to try again. I don't know if this is going to work, but I guess it does because the cash register didn't see anything wrong with it. Then things get a little random, and she points to a clock, and I look at it.

      I even looked away from it, and looked back again, but that didn't help with become aware of anything, despite knowing that I couldn't tell what time it was. I listen to the lady, and she said something like,

      "I'm not supposed to be telling you this, but at 11:00 AM, everyone can leave early."

      "I know." I said. Wait....how did I know that before her?

      After this awkward conversation, I go to a random lunch table, and as I'm trying to find a seat, I see Ellen DeGeneres sitting on the other side of where I planned to sit. I moved the items away so I can put my tray plate on the table, and sat down wondering how Ellen DeGeneres got here.

      She has a white outfit, pants and suit opened, along with a light blue shirt underneath I believe.

      She's just staring at me smiling, probably waiting for me to respond to her in some way. I sit down, still a little shocked from this, and for some weird reason, I handed her the Diet Coke that I bought. I think I gave the two Sprite bottles I ordered to other people, but I had my focus on Ellen.

      I had a feeling Sarah from before was somewhere around me, and I find it odd that I'm concerned about her in general. I pretend to do something silly to see if she would look at me, so I go to a randomly placed mini-fridge that you have to open up the top, not the side, and tried to reached for a bottle.

      I didn't care which one it was, I just wanted to make myself look like an idiot...I think? I didn't even look back at Sarah to see if she paid attention to me.

      Wait...did I just do that? I actually wanted someone to pay attention to me? Looool.

      I gave up in getting the bottle, or whatever is in there, and turn back to Ellen. I think I wanted all my drinks back, but by the time I look at the Diet Coke in her hand, it was already empty.

      I look at her and asked,

      "You finished all of that already?!?!?!?" I can't remember if she's even talking, it's like I'm talking to a wall or something. For some reason, it's like I start losing all logic and start thinking things out of my ass or something.

      I asked these random people around Ellen about something that they took away from me, and while I'm going through a conversation of "No I didn't" "Yes you did" for a minute or two, one person asks me if I ever considered blaming a guy that I'll just abbreviate as John C.

      I don't know where I found any respect for this guy, but I said,

      "No, he's John C., he's cool."

      Then I lift both my arms and start pointing fingers at random people and blamed on them.

      Wait what? Did I just go full retard mode here? I don't even want to type the rest of the dream. Actually, that's all I remember.


      It's 10:18 AM, and I'm afraid of what's going to happen at 11:00 AM

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    10. Pink Flag, Good Kitty, Electrical Boxes and Aunt, Oneironaut Zero's Typos, Alyzarin...(SDE Day 04)

      by , 08-18-2012 at 06:29 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Pink Flag with White Dot (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a school building, most likely High School. I don't even know the name, and I try my best to find out without asking the people around me. I felt that if they are trying to hide the name, that asking them would be rude. I'm next to a blonde female, who looks a lot like my Chemistry 102 tutor before she graduated.

      The school walls are made of brown bricks, everywhere. It's the most basic and dull style there is. It's hard to tell if there's a roof or not, it looks like a really faded canary kind of color. Maybe there wasn't a roof at all, maybe the sky had some kind of weird faded gold-ish color to it. The whole atmosphere was saturated with this type of color, it felt so real, the people, the materials on the wall, everything.

      I stand around a bit, desperately trying to find some kind of logo or something, school uniforms, sports outfits, etc., ANYTHING that has a name of it. Nothing at all! What is up with the name of the High School not showing up anywhere? I tried to calm down since there's no way I would ask these people what's the High School name if they go through so much to hide it.

      Even in abstract dream logic, I'm still thoughtful of these people....loool.

      I see there's a pink flag hanging away from me at 1-3 feet, and maybe 10 feet above me. It's just a pink flag with a white dot on it, and it's hanging diagonally like any basic flag with a small pole holding it on a wall. Then I decided to check the back of the shirt of the blonde female next to me. Her back was slightly facing me, and I knew there was another dream character to the left of me. He was tall, probably blonde as well, but I didn't pay too much attention to him.

      I looked at the tag at the back of the blonde female's really close, I zoom onto her neck, without trying to make myself look like a creep, and I finally see some kind of wording.

      "PPW," in fact, It was lined up to be started from the top, and then would go diagonally to the right. It was just a tag, but noticing this subtle detail on how it's laid out amazes me when I'm recalling this dream. Anyway, at some point, this same blonde female is going somewhere, and I'm following her as well.

      Seems she's headed for a class, and the whole environment changes according to that. There's a white floor, basic white lighting on the ceiling. I'm trying to find where the teacher is, and it's a female voice for sure, sounds like someone who's maybe in their late 40s or so. Turns out the teacher sits in the middle of the class, probably to emphasize on interacting with the students or something I guess.

      I think she's blonde too, kind of, and she's wearing a thin layered clothed black jacket. She's wearing some kind of shirt with a shade of green, maybe swamp-ish kind of green. She's also wearing long Khaki pants, and as for the shoes, I'm not so sure.

      She's holding a book with her left hand, and she's looking down and reading whatever it is from the text. The blonde female I followed sits down, and I try to find a spot quickly. I could tell the teacher knew I was here, I could see that she used her peripheral vision, and she went back to reading the book without any kind of pause in her speech at all.

      I guess that was my confirmation that I should go ahead and find a seat, and I looked around quickly for one. I decided to sit behind the blonde. I noticed she's wearing a black sports jacket now instead of the pink sports uniform shirt. Maybe she covered it up with the jacket, don't know.

      As I'm sitting down, there's one dream character that looks fairly young, maybe 14 years of age, probably a little less than that. He's wearing a gray shirt and I can't pick out the pants he's wearing. He's fairly dark-skinned, and has black curly hair. He's trying to understand some problem, but continues to portray that he cannot comprehend anything on the matter.

      I didn't know what it was they were talking about in the classroom, so I just stayed quiet and paid attention to how others would react to each other. There was one guy that's diagonally to the right of him writing down notes fairly quick.

      The dude in the gray shirt asks that same guy some question related to whatever is projected on the screen, and the guy writing down the notes gets irritated saying that what he's doing is real, something along those lines.

      I noticed that when we was saying that, he's holding a yellow folder, close to be golden, and it has paper stacked inside of it. He was waving it up and down, probably a form of sublimating his irritation with the question the guy in the gray shirt asked him. The guy taking the notes was wearing a white polo shirt, had slightly spiky black hair as well.

      After that fiasco ended,
      I can't remember what happens next.

      Good Kitty (Non-lucid)


      For some reason, I'm suddenly a potty-mouth towards my mother, and I don't even feel concerned about it for the first few sporadic sayings at her. She starts repeating what I say to my father, and I eventually said to myself quietly,

      "Shut the fuck up."

      Where did that come from?!?!?!

      She still was able to hear me, and repeats it to my father. I screamed at her,

      "NO, I DIDN'T SAY THAT AT ALL!!!!"

      My father comes out, and he looks at me and says something to me that I shouldn't forget the $1,500 he's putting in for my tuition.

      LOL. Okay...........

      I just take what he says without saying anything, what a complete lie.

      Am I really this bloody stupid to not do a reality check?

      After things cool down, I still feel heated up, the dream shifts to where I'm resting on some sofa with a black and white cat. It's very close to me, and I start rubbing it, feeling at peace each time. It's enjoying how I'm scratching under it's neck gently, having its eyes closed, and the form of its mouth almost resembling a smile.

      I rub the cat on the head again, feeling how fragile this thing is compared to me. I continued doing this probably for the rest of the dream
      because I can't remember anything else.
      Electrical Boxes and Aunt (Non-lucid)


      I remember the vehicle I'm inside with some random people completely stops, and to fix this, we had to insert electrical boxes that don't look anything that belongs in a vehicle's engine. Two boxes were needed in order to fuel up this vehicle, and I think I was the one who inserted them.

      At first, I did it wrong, but that was corrected quickly, and then there's another dream shift where we have to get new boxes. Robert Ri'chard shows up, and is apparently an employee for the random Auto shop we're in. I can't remember the exact details on the work uniform he's wearing, but I do remember that the main colors are: Red, yellow, and black, and maybe orange.

      Then I realize we're inside of a garage, well, a work garage for the auto shop. Pretty dull place if you ask me, but I can't really expect much from a place that would have a lot of dirty work from grease in the first place.

      There's another dream shift where I see the back of the vehicle, and I'm probably 10 feet away from it. I seem to be eating something, and it's on a vanilla colored ceramic plate. Seems to be Spanish rice, or dirty rice, I just know the rice is yellow, and I'm eating something else with it, probably chopped up chicken breasts. It tastes pretty decent, and I continue eating this for a while, even though I don't see any signs of this food actually decreasing lol.

      Infinite Food!

      A lady wearing a red shirt, and a yellow long dress skirt....think of the stereotype of a Hispanic lady with a fruit bowl on top of her head.

      Now just exclude the fruit bowl, bam, that's imagery for you!

      She was a really nice lady, very enthusiastic. She was dark-skinned, and I could swear she looks a lot like my father's sister. The more I think about it, she really did look like her. She had black long hair tied up from the back. The same eyes, nose, lips...........


      Maybe it's just me being in a suggestive mood.

      Anyway, she comes with a plate with food on it. It looks like Scrambled eggs and some red beans. She puts some on my plate, even though I didn't want any of it.....wow, another characteristic just like the waking life counterpart....always eager to put more food on my plate....


      I decided I might as well eat it, since if this really is the waking life counterpart, she would be able to cook well. I take a small sample of the egg, and it tastes pretty good. I could taste some of the salt mixed in with the cooked yolk. It gave off a distinct feature, a little bitter, but that's what made the egg taste amazing!

      I spend the rest of the dream eating this food, even though I'm sure it wasn't going to run out in the first place.

      Oneironaut Zero's Typos (Non-lucid)


      I can only remember seeing O try to make a legible post, but judging by the typos, he was probably in a hurry for something.

      I can't even remember the words on the post because it was really hard to comprehend. The post was related to a thread where someone had a question, probably a personal one related to waking life.

      I do remember some signs there like:

      but that's all I can remember.
      Alyzarin & Golden Edit (Non-lucid)


      I remember communicating with Alyzarin somehow, and she told me a solution to how I didn't like the quality of webcam pictures I would save for myself. She said that if I used some feature called "Golden --------------," that it would enhance the quality of my pictures, so that needing an actual camera wouldn't be necessary.

      I tried it out on a sample picture, but I couldn't really see much of a difference, however, the picture was saturated with a type of golden aura.

      Too bad I didn't know what the other part of the word was.....Golden-------------....this really bothers me not knowing.
    11. You can Do it, Cafeteria Round Table

      by , 07-21-2012 at 03:58 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      You Can Do it (Non-lucid)


      I took a nap around 2 PM or so, and woke up around 5:15 PM I guess?

      3 hours for a "nap", no wonder my recall of this is better than those skewed recall with 1-2 hour naps.

      I'm following an Asian man, he's wearing a hoodie, without the actual top on his head, has glasses on, and your generic light blue jeans. I don't know why I'm following him right now, but it seems we're both having a decent conversation while going through waves of people.

      He has black spiked hair as well, but it's only spiked at the edges, everything else is smooth. He's making most of the conversation, and I'm just answering what he asks me. After we get out of the airport, the environment shifts to where it feels like we're in some kind of run-down urban area.

      The whole atmosphere just breathes that this area is industrialized. As I'm following the Asian man, I noticed that we're walking on some old and faded out wood. There are a few wood houses and stores to the right of us, but I ignore all of them and focus my attention on following the Asian man.

      I look to my left, and I see a few more wooden houses, but they are more spread out, and they are high off the ground and supported by some long wooden beams. The ground itself is pretty much light brown and sandy dirty. As I continue to limit my sensory input on the environment more to catch up with the Asian man I'm following, I randomly asked the man if he plays Runescape.

      When he responds, he speaks so fast, that I could barely recognize what he said. Instead of saying "pardon me" or "excuse me," I just tried to speak fast too to show that I didn't understand what he declared.

      He takes the hint and speaks slowly, and declares, "HaHaIhave0Range." It felt like a weird name to have, and I even repeated it just to make sure I heard him correctly, which I guess I did since he didn't respond back to me for correction. He then asks me what my Runescape username is.

      "King Wuggles."

      I start to giggle silently because I realized that sounds so silly to admit to someone, and then the man starts laughing more than I did, which compels me to laugh just as loud as him. I continued to block more of the environment I'm in, and it seems it's night time right now.

      I'm finally inside the man's house, at least that's what I think I'm in right now. There's a few light sources, both ranging from faded yellow to bright orange, and I think he said that we can play a game on his Nintendo 64.

      The moment he mentioned that, I started to have images of outdated graphics in my head, but I figured I might as well be sociable to the guy, since I am staying at his place (apparently).

      He turns on the T.V., and it turns out the game that we're playing on the N64 is actually a Basketball game. I didn't really care too much about it, but it was a good time killer. The graphics were actually pretty decent, dare I even say better than actual N64 graphics.

      For the game itself, we were playing in an indoor Basketball stadium, and I think some of the characters' heads were a little bigger than their actual body. I think one of the teams we were using were wearing white outfits and long black socks.

      I can't remember much of who won or lost, and I could care less. The guy disappears, and I assume he's just going out to get something, and then the dream shifts to where I'm outside again.

      It's not night time anymore, but close to it, and I can still see the sun on the horizon. I'm standing on the light brown sandy ground surface I mentioned before when I was following the Asian man. There are a few vehicles that look like your 1960s type of small trucks and cars passing by me.

      I wasn't sure how these people were able to distinguish the proper lanes to be on, since I couldn't see any lines that would majorly help with preventing accidents. I see the house that I was in before the dream shift, and I immediately start running to get there.

      I see a vehicle coming to my direction going diagonally on my right side, which leads me to assume the driver will keep going that path. I run a little faster from this assumption, and she nearly runs me over.

      I pause for a moment, turned around to look back at the idiot trying to run me over, but I knew I couldn't do anything about it. The reason being is that when she was driving, she was either so lifeless to not know where she's going, or she's being too careful to where she's not actually paying attention to the area she's driving at.

      I somehow jump up on top of the same house that's elevated through long wooden beams, or maybe I climbed a ladder, not too sure on that. I noticed the dream environment changes into night time again instead of being in the onset of it.

      The place is empty, and I'm still outside of the small house. It has a square walkway for you to see things outside before actually going into the house.

      After looking around for a little while, I see a HUGE dog that looks like an Alaskan dog, or at least a hybrid of it.

      I thought I would feel afraid when it jumped up, but it seems in the back of my mind that I met this dog before. I even presumed that this was the Asian man's pet as well, and I tried to get its attention by saying,

      "Hey boy!"

      But it doesn't pay attention to me, it simply passes by me and jumps down where I went up. I felt a little disappointed because the dog had this energy that it could be playful and fun to be around. As soon as it jumps off the place I went up, it's like the bottom area was saturated with darkness, and I could not visualize where the dog was going to go.

      This prompts me to go back inside of the small house, since it's getting a little too dark out here. Everything is quiet, and I walk a little bit to hear someone talking. The voice sounds like teenager girl, maybe 16 years of age, or at least close to my age of being 18.

      By the sound of things, she's arguining with her mother, or an older relative. I can't recall her visage well enough unfortunately, but I do remember her wearing a small green hoodie jacket with fairly long strings on the sides to tighten or loosen it.

      She had long and beautiful Platinum Blonde hair. I see there's some food on the table she has her hand resting on, and as I get closer to her, I hear the sounds of the older relative yelling at her. I finally glance over to see that it's a tall redheaded lady.

      She's wearing a long green or gray jacket. She has glasses on, and she has a fancy hairstyle. It's hard to describe it, but here goes. From her forehead, the hair is slightly cut off to be in a straight form, and then the sides of her are short, but both of them have depth and a nice orange shine to them.

      She immediately silences herself when she sees me, probably because it felt awkward to continue yelling while a guest is here. I actually felt I was in the wrong house, but the mother of the girl didn't seem to mind my presence here. The mother seems to be embarrassed that I heard her yell at her daughter, and she turns around probably to go into house clothing.

      After that small drama, I look at the food near the girl on the table. It seems to be some huge sausage with hot dog buns made with white flour. It's inside of a small paper tray, so I guess they went out to buy the food. I take a small bite out of it.

      I can't remember the taste though, but I guess it must've tasted pretty good.

      It realize that we're in the kitchen, and the lights above are the only ones on at the moment. I turn to the girl, placed my hand on her shoulder, and declared to her with confidence,

      "You can do it."

      She asks me what I meant by this, but by the time I could make a response, I forget what happens next.

      Cafeteria Round Table (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting down at a round table in a High School I attended before. Everything outside of the range of this table feels blurry, so I let myself focus on what's in range of my peripheral and main direction of vision.

      To my left is a girl name Sarah, the same Sarah that accepted my request to sit by her and her friends in lunch, since I moved to that High School in waking life, and needed people to hang around with so I wouldn't look like a social outcast.

      I'm wearing long black pants, a gray shirt, and my black winter jacket. Sarah has her attention to me, but it seems I'm ignoring her. I'm still looking at her with my peripheral vision, and it seems she's smiling at me.

      She holds this facial expression a little longer until it's just her mouth being neutral. I couldn't say anything to her or the person to the right of me.

      The person to the right of me is Joel, someone that used to question why I didn't talk to others in the tennis team in waking life. He's looks depressed....like he usually is. It's time for everyone to leave and go to their next class. As I'm getting out of my chair, there seems to be something in the way of me and Joel's path. I think it's just a small backpack where you just pull the string to tighten it, and I kick somewhere out of the way.

      Joel looks down to try and move it, but he sees I already took care of that, and he goes back to looking all depressed and ignoring me again.

      I guess this dream was just portraying proof of how quiet I was at the table when I was a senior in High School....oh well.

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    12. Missed Flight and Blind Rage, Old Camera, New Classroom

      by , 07-20-2012 at 03:18 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Missed Flight and Blind Rage (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a two story house, and right now, I can tell that it's already night time, or at least early morning where it's still dark outside. It feels like I'm at my uncle's house, except with a few modifications to it.

      The house, at least the top floor, is a little bigger than normal, because it isn't split off to where there's two different floors, it's just one big floor linking to several rooms. It feels like we went out to some kind of party or at least went to a fancy restaurant.

      I go inside a room that's apparently the guest bedroom for me, and I look over to my left to see a Black TV Cable box. I look at the time passively, not really double-checking if it's going to alter. It's in green digital font, and the time was around 5:37 AM or 5:57 AM.

      I had a feeling that I had a flight to go that would depart around 7:45 AM I think, and I felt too tired to even care. Bad idea...

      As I'm drifting to sleep, I wake up around 7 something AM in the dream, and then the awareness that I'm not going to make my flight back home starts coming back to me. I panic a little, because I would have to contact my father that I couldn't make my flight.

      And then I would have to worry on what he's going to say to that, wondering what kept me back and blah blah blah blah blah blah.....

      I decided that it can't be helped, so I thought about having it re-booked instead, and I can always tell him later on. I honestly didn't really care too much oh whether or not my father knows I missed my flight because I overslept. I shift my focus back to being in the house, and as I'm getting up, I get another feeling that I was working on two drawings before.

      I keep walking on the top floor until I see a table in the middle with two mini sized poster paper with portraits of myself. One drawing was me posed as if I'm drawing something with my head down, and the other one.......I can't remember what it was exactly.

      I think I come back to those two drawings, and I look back to the first one I described. I take a good look at it, and the details start becoming more vivid and clear. It looks like I did the drawing myself, and I tried not to touch it too much because it was a graphite drawing, and didn't want the lead smearing on my finger.

      I look at the drawing closely again, and I see a blue ink mark.

      I get pissed....someone either did this out of spite, or was completely fucking clueless when they wanted to see if a pen had ink in it and needed a paper to test it. My rage gradually builds up, and I feel like I'm grinding my teeth while keeping my mouth closed. I started to make assumptions of who could have done it.

      I shift my focus to my Uncle's sons, and I realized that "J" couldn't have done it, since I had a feeling he told me he didn't do it. Then I try to find "D," trying to suppress my rage until the time was right. I calmly ask him if he was the one who marked on the drawing.

      I wasn't cognizant of his mother being close to him at the moment, and he told me that he did do it. What made it worse is that he said it in a passive tone, as if it wasn't a big deal at all.


      I don't remember what I said exactly, but I know I screamed at him and asked him what the hell is wrong with him. Then I remember that my Uncle probably heard all of this.

      I tried calming down quickly, because I hear my Uncle footsteps. I wasn't worried on how he would respond, it's just that I didn't want him to see me pissed off, since I always had a calm demeanor and respectful tone towards my uncle and his family.

      My Uncle comes closer to me and asks me what I would like for breakfast, seems he didn't really hear what I said to "D." I'm still trying to get out of the thought process of worrying that my Uncle would be concerned on why I screamed at D, and after a few seconds, I calmed down completely.

      I told my Uncle I would like some Pancakes, and a few other things I can't remember, since I still had my mind on calming down with the mark on the drawing.

      My uncle leaves, and then I shift my attention back at "D" and his mother. His mother changes the conversation immediately, and she's talking about something.

      This is the part that confuses me, I'm not sure if someone else explains it to her, or if she's explaining it to me. I also have thoughts about missing the airport flight, and I get a mental image of several air planes outside at an airport, and seeing several flags hanging on tilted poles.

      I regain focus on the two people in front of me.

      I'm going to assume that there's a dream shift now, because things feel out of synch right now.

      I believe a blonde female, probably around her early 30s is talking to me on how she paid for college. She declared to me that the funding was based on how well she did in her courses, the higher the grade, the more likely she would receive more funding to pay for tuition and other expenses.

      There was a specific scholarship where you had to at least have 3 100s in your current semester of courses, which elevated the difficulty of being eligible for the award in the first place. The blonde female shows me that she was able to get it easily. I think she managed to get 6 100s or something like that.

      Okay lady, I'm glad you did well and all that, but I don't see how petting your ego is relevant to adding anything to my own knowledge.....sigh...

      Old Camera (Non-lucid)


      I go inside of a room, and it's really dull and boring in here. I see there's a dark brown shelf with a nice wood layering to it. However, the insides of the shelf looked old and dust, and I peek to see what's contained in the shelf.

      I think someone is behind me, but I don't pay attention at all of their presence. I see a Camera bag inside, and I immediately take it. I slowly opened it, because I had a feeling something would crawl out, especially if the zipper for the bag was slightly opened to let little critters go in it.

      I take the camera out, and this looks like one of those non-digital cameras. That was the initial thought until I turned it on. The screen behind it flashed, and then there's just a blank bright screen that's on. I didn't pay attention to the fact that it wasn't gathering light from the lenses to show its focus.

      I look back into the insides of the shelf, and I see a slightly smashed cockroach.


      For some odd reason, even though the camera bag was opposite of the dead cockroach, I didn't want to touch the left side of the Camera, because I had a feeling the cockroach was contained in the bag somehow.

      I really can't believe I'm going this far to describe what it was like to take out a camera from a bag.....

      New Classroom (Non-lucid)


      I go inside a classroom, and I try to find a seat. There aren't many people there as yet, and when you go into the class by entering it to your right, if you stick you arm out as if you're going to spread both of them out to make a snow angel or something, the seats were parallel to the direction of your arm.

      The desks were very flat and gray, with a nice shine to them, seems things are pretty new in this classroom, or the janitors know how to clean well.

      I wanted to sit at the back of the classroom, and since there was a weird seat arrangement for a classroom with a small surface area, sitting in the middle wouldn't be ideal, especially if there were seats on both sides of the desk. Then I realized that I never been to this class before, and I look at the teacher, and he's a tall dark skinned man wearing glasses.

      I think he glances at me to see who I was, and I take out a paper out of my backpack with my schedule on it to eventually show the teacher. While I'm in the process of picking up my black backpack, I see with my peripheral vision that an Asian girl is looking at me. She looks a lot like one girl on the tennis team I used to be in the last High School I attended.

      Let's call her Angelina, since I doubt she's going to find this information in the first place. I don't know why Angelina is paying attention to me, maybe because she didn't expect me to be in the classroom in the first place.

      I go up to the teacher, and I quickly hand him my schedule to show proof that this is the right class that I'm in. He nods and acknowledges this, and I go back to choosing a seat. More people start coming in, and some even put their backpacks on the desk and left for a while to confirm that's the seat they wanted.

      Damn it, and they took the good seats, especially the seat that was near the door to leave the class. I tried to look for other seats near the side of the door, since there was a better walkway to quickly leave the glass. I guess it's just a habit for me to speculate on this because I wanted to make sure I was early to class a lot in High School.

      More people start coming in, and it gets more complicated trying to find a seat, and I didn't want to sit next to people who had a seat saved for their friend. I had no choice but to go to the back section of the seating arrangement, but fortunately, I was able to get a vacant seat that was at the corner of the side with the walkway to the door.

      A girl two seats to the right of me is saving a seat that's on the right of me. The girl she's saving the seat for is Hannah, and to my surprise, she looks exactly like the Hannah I had for my World history class when I was a sophomore in High School. Hannah has her hair tied back, and she's wearing a pink shirt that looks like the ones cheerleaders in high school would wear to show school spirit or something.

      After everyone finds their new seat, the teacher begins by having these helmet parts handed out to us. You know those small race cars you have to turn the gear constantly, and then let it go on a flat surface to make it drive automatically until the gears you turned reached their end?

      It felt like being in Pre-K or something, and the teacher's impatience with the class not following his instructions for this weird assignment made it even more hilarious, at least it was when I'm recalling it. One helmet part had a mini ramp going down or up, I can't remember, it was like a slide.

      We had to attach this helmet on our heads, and somehow arrange the racing car on top, turn the gears a bit, and then wait for it to land on the desk from the ramp it's on. Weird assignment, and it would've been fun if the teacher didn't go bi-polar on us.

      I don't remember anything after that, but I do remember a dream fragment related to High School.

      I'm walking in the hallway, and it seems it must be break time for students with a specific schedule. Everyone is hanging out with their friends by the lockers on the sides of the hallway, and I hear someone say "Brandon."

      I didn't pay attention to them, because I felt it wasn't meant for me, but every time they said "Brandon," it was as if someone was yanking an invisible chain on my ankle, tempting me to turn around to see who it was.

      That's all I remember. I guess the recall is okay, considering I woke up to do some small things that kind of skewed the recall a bit. I really do need to get into the habit again of only focusing on writing my dreams, and completely eradicating all logic of daily life when I have that opportunity of not being distracted at all.
    13. Pissing off my Father, Party in Class room, Cooking in the Computer

      by , 07-12-2012 at 04:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Pissing off my Father (Non-lucid)


      I think I'm in a bedroom with my father, and I start to gradually piss him off by just telling him how much he doesn't pay attention to what he says to me.

      I don't know why there's any point in me doing this honestly, but the more I tell him off without him being able the respond, the more he starts bottling up his emotions. But I keep picking his brains some more, and he can't contain himself anymore. He doesn't do anything to me, all he can do is just stand there.

      I think he takes out a few belts, and I just stand there for a while to see what's going to happen. I have my hands to my hips for a while staying quiet, then I got bored and left him.

      I think I see my mother, lol, and it seems she eavesdropped on the conversation, and she remained quiet. I didn't really need to say anything to her, it's like she was just a filler for this dream or something. My father didn't say anything to me after I told him off.

      Party in Classroom (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting in a class that has seats set up on an upwards slope. It felt a little awkward, but the seats were securely attached to the slope. I sit there for a while doing something, probably listening to random students converse with each other.

      Then I decided to leave for a little bit for something. When I came back, it seems it's a party in here, I hear some music that's fit for some kind of mini-rave party, and I think I even see a disco ball floating around somewhere, or maybe it's just me.

      I had a mental map of which seat I was sitting in before I left, and someone takes my spot. I didn't mind, and found another vacant seat.
      Cooking in the Computer (Non-lucid)


      I walk into a classroom that I used to be in middle school before, and I see a group of people getting ready to play some cards. My middle school Science teacher was there as well, so I guess everyone was finished with finals for him to allow something like that.

      I get closer to these group of people, and then I think my Science teacher suggests I should try out some online Cooking Session, something like that. I didn't really pay attention to the computer monitor, and something about the teacher made me feel weird.

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    14. Obama and Sneezing, Jumping on Panels

      by , 07-05-2012 at 04:31 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Obama and Sneezing (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking in a High School, I don't have a shirt on, and I feel kind of disturbed about this, but I never really looked down to see how my stomach looked like. I'm passing through a small hallway on the side of a cafeteria.

      I think I went to get something from my bicycle, not sure what it was. I go back inside the school with a shirt on, it was white and the pictures and words were a bit degraded. I would say it's exactly like the white shirt I have in waking life that has some of the plastered picture chipped off.

      I go upstairs, walking at a reasonable rate, and once I reach the top, I see Obama. I pretty much treat this as a normal thing and continued by going left. I think I had to go to the bathroom to blow my nose or something.

      There's a small dream shift to where some dream character who looks like he's a bully is showing me something. He isn't trying to bully me, in fact, he looks like he's trying to become friends with me. He was a little creepy looking for me, but I didn't really mind him being around.

      He eventually goes away, and then I get some brown paper towels, and I start blowing my nose really hard.

      Surprised I didn't wake up with snot.

      I get more paper towels because I feel that most of it didn't come out, even though I had the sensation that most did come out already. Guess I wanted to double-check.

      I look at myself in the mirror, but not my whole visage. I already had my head up to see what's inside of my nose. There's this huge white blob inside, and I wanted other people to see it for some odd reason.

      And then I see Obama again at some point in this dream again, but I had the same passive reaction as before.


      ...................................what a shit dream.
      Jumping on Panels (Non-lucid)


      I only remember jumping down on some panels, and some moved around a bit. The bottom was an abyss, and I had situations where I almost get into the abyss itself.

      When that happened, I think the dream resets to a certain point. Then I remember seeing someone like Spike from Cowboy Bebop and I think Naked or Solid Snake from the MGS series.....


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      non-lucid , nightmare
    15. DV Forum Art, Horrible Lunch, A Gay Poster, Scantron Fail & Algorithm

      by , 07-03-2012 at 04:13 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      DV Forum Art (Non-lucid)


      There was a member what was afraid about something related to art. I responded to try and make them feel a little better.
      Lunch with No Utensils (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking inside a fairly huge building that seems to represent a High School, or at least, a Middle School since it felt like one I've been to in waking life, but just with a different layout.

      I don't literally go to the cafeteria, there's some kind of table on the side with all sorts of food that looked very enticing. I think there was Lasagna and all sorts of things in front. The problem is, there aren't any utensils available.

      There was more food behind, and to get there, there was this small slope you would have to go up to see the rest. The food behind was horrible, I swear I saw dead fish being popping out of a wide gray metal tray with some weird-looking liquid, even with some bubbles forming around the fish.

      To the right of me, in the same section behind the fancy food, there's some rice, but the utensil for it looks like someone licked it already. Are you freaking kidding me? I forget who I asked, but my question was if they can get someone who has knives so we can cut and put some of the better food in front on our plates.

      They said sure, and I follow them just to make sure they don't disappear. It seems they're headed to the gym lockers, and I'm wondering why would they would need to go there for a knife.

      This isn't looking too well for me.
      I forget what happens next.
      A Gay Poster (Non-lucid)


      Okay, maybe not a decent title for this dream.

      I'm inside of a lecture room, the flooring has a dark carpet texture, and the walls themselves are shades of blue as well, only way lighter than the carpet itself.

      There are some small posters hanging in a horizontal row on the walls. And there were a few on the ground as well, and I think I'm here to help pick the up along with a few other people as well.

      I look at one of the posters, two of them in fact, and they're both identical. They have a picture of a female, but I can't remember how she looked like exactly. I think she was wearing a latex suit.

      Apparently, there's some words above her picture that assumed she was gay. I wouldn't care about this at all, but I felt like there was a staff member in the next room to the right, and to confirm that, I had a spectator perspective again and saw some old man in classes in the next room.

      I start panicking because I want to hide these insulting posters from the man's view if he comes into this room. I quickly look left and right, and I think I find a stapler, and I start covering the poster with the ones on the floor, since they seemed to be more appropriate.

      I follow someone again, and I don't know for what exactly, maybe to try and paint over something. You'll see what I mean very shortly. =P

      I'm following someone by the name of "Pacify State," and I realize that the person looks like a Runescape Character. Anyway, the reality shifts back to normal again instead of the game, and I believe me or someone else sprayed a section on a ground somewhere outside.

      It ended up being a lewd anime spray painting. I think I gaze on it for a while, and I forget what I do next.
      Scantron Fail & Algorithm (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a Biology Class lecture room, and the professor and his assistants are giving out grades for an exam. I get worried because I have not received mine as yet. Eventually, everyone get theirs, and I get up to go in front to find what's wrong.

      The professor, who looks like the prof I had my first semester freshmen year for Biology, holds up a pink exam sheet with a letter grade with a circle around it in red ink. I assume it's mine because I'm the only one who is going up front.

      The professor basically calls me out in front of all of these people, and I thought I received a "F" for the exam, and while in that thought process, I cover my face with my hands in shame as I get closer to the professor.

      I finally put my hands down, and find the grade is a "C." I felt WAY better seeing that, but even with that, the professor adds more mental injury by declaring that's the grade I would've gotten if I filled out the scantron.

      So I guess I only filled the answers on the pink exam sheet and not the scantron.

      I literally drop on my side to the floor feeling so many mixed emotions from being pissed, depressed, helplessness, and incompetence.

      It really sucked going through this. I think I grabbed the sheet and walked back to my seat with my head down. I don't recall anyone laughing at me, but still, it hurt a lot, because I thought this was real.

      Then I believe there's a dream shift, dream reset, or maybe a dream rewind before the event I experienced. I'm back at the lecture room, and I believe I asked one girl to left of me on what's going on in the room.

      She declared that apparently, we have an exam tomorrow.

      Is it possible to shit bricks in your dream? I didn't know ANYTHING about this, and the day in the dream felt like a Monday.....I was thinking "How is this possible?"
      and thinking about it now, we couldn't have had an exam if it was technically Monday in the dream. It would have to be on a Wednesday or Friday since this was most likely a MWF course.

      I literally stopped where I was, still shocked from this, and thinking how the hell I'm going to study for this exam.

      That shouldn't have been traumatic, since I studied at the last minute anyway in most classes. Lmao. Which is why I need to change that this coming semester.

      Anyway, the professor declared something related to an algorithm, but he used a different word instead, so I didn't know what he meant. I asked someone what that means, and they said it was an algorithm.

      The person who told me this had an Afro, and fairly tall, and looked a lot like someone I knew in High School in waking life. I didn't even bother to speculate why he's at my college if he doesn't even attend on in waking life.

      Apparently, when the professor talked about the algorithm, lecture time was up, and everyone started to leave the room.
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