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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. WILD with GM

      , 04-12-2012 at 09:32 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Tuesday 4/10/12 5/HTP 10:37pm Bed 11:30
      WBTB 2:47 - 3:35 GM 4mg + Choline 3:14am
      I'm in a classroom with my friends. It feels like end of school year, because we don't have classes, instead we are reading geography magazines. I borrow one from a classmate and lend my magazine to someone else. I remember pushing my head down over my desk and having headrush into lucid dream. The image is something unpleasant and I don't really want to enter this dream, but I know I can change it once I enter, so I say 'I am there'. I immediately touch corner of the white wall to stabilize. I shout, clap my hands, but I guess, it didn't help a lot, because the whole 7 min dream was low awareness.
      I'm walking on a sidewalk with bunch of DCs. Some girl tells her hommies to grab me. They take me to their 'club house'. Rest is explicit. Quite vivid, not much awareness though. This dream makes me wonder, if some dreams are not just in my head but controlled by someone else who created that reality.
      Tags: headrush, wild
    2. Wild

      , 03-12-2012 at 11:30 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Friday, March 9, 2012
      WBTB 5:54 - 6:27 GM4mg+300Choline
      I'm looking at the inside of the bus. Lots of passengers, some are standing. One of them is Sean Connery. I say, OK, I could have this LD. I am there - and I'm standing on a busy street. Then my cat shifts position and wakes me up.

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      Tags: wild
    3. summoning my aura for healing

      , 03-03-2012 at 07:57 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2/2/2012 GM 4mg + Choline at 5:55am
      WBTB 5:40 - 6:20am
      I had the intent to have a healing dream, or go to a healing place, or self-heal my aura.
      WILD #11
      I'm on a street next to a bombed out building in a war zone. I ran into a building and start running up the stairs, as I'm being chased. At the same time I start to recite the mantra to summon my aura. My eyes get covered by my hand. I can only see underneath my palm and some slivers of light through my fingers. I end up in a brightly lit room. I look around and I'm very surprised, that I don't see my aura. I'm worried my dream will end, so I quickly wish to be taken to a healing place. I find myself at the hospital reception and a nurse welcomes me.
    4. hospital, invitation to have a meal

      , 03-03-2012 at 07:56 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      1/25/2012 Wednesday

      WBTB 4:54-5:35 GM 4+Choline 600 5:17am
      WILD#9 I intended to have a healing dream
      I'm in a hospital in Russia. A lady walks by me and she hides in the restroom. I read the signs on doors and walk into the restroom. I want to sleep, I turn off the radio, why am I so sleepy? The room has white shiny tiles. Nurse knockes on the door. I open the door and she asks me if I need help. I say no and she leaves. She knocks again, I tell her I don't need help, I'm just sleepy. This time she pushes her way inside. I collapse on the floor. Now my perspective changes and I'm looking at my naked body on the floor from 3rd person view. She is doing something to me. As I watch myself, I direct healing energy to my body.
      I find myself in dark room. (I just read IWL how to see - look at details of hands). I bring my hands up and focus my attention on seeing them. They slowly start to show and also I start to see around me.
      I enter through a door into someones appartment. Right behind the door is a table set for a meal with food on it. On the other site of the table stand M's grandparents. (Iknow one of them had passed away). They are not saying anything, but they are invitingly smiling. They are asking me to join them for a meal. I walk towards the door on the other side of the room. I walk by opened door to another room, I think it's the kitchen. Two young man are already eating at the table. I enter the room at the end. This room is qiet, little darker, like a room in summer with curtains drawn. It has lots of older, dark brown, shiny furniture and white laced doilies. I walk around the room, my hand tracing the edges of furniture pieces. They don't want me to be there, because there is lots of gold in there.
      There is a door to the bathroom. As I walk to it, I imagine a beach on the other side. But as I walk to the bathroom, there is just dark. I look at my hands until I can see.
      I wrote these in DJ, but when I woke up, it was not there.
      ALL THIS BEFORE 8am.

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    5. 4 WILDs

      , 03-03-2012 at 07:50 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Saturday 1/21/12

      WBTB 8:10 - 8:30 am, GM4mg+Choline300mgs 8:27am

      I have HH about standing next to window in kitchen in NZ. My dad stands next to me. We are looking at the street. I see neighbours house, trees in his yard. I ask my dad how long it has been raining, because there are not just puddles on the street, but there are water plants growing in them. Skies are beautifull dark, everything is briliantly colored and clean from rain. Then I see a deer on the street and I ask my dad 'is that a deer'. Then we are looking out the bedroom window. It had stopped raining, sun is out and everything is crisp and clean. I see the little park, path to the river and tennis courts to the right. I wish myself there by saying 'I ...am....there'. And I feel being moved and now I'm hovering higher than trees. I look at my hands, they look completely normal and I wake up.
      Again, I have HH standing by the window in living room in NZ. I see a UFO that's made out of clouds coming from the direction of tennis courts. It is laud like an airplane and flys over the house. I yell 'UFO, to the bedroom window' while running there. I look out and the UFO is taking off higher into the clouds. As I follow it with my eyes, I see the big, pale moon in shape of Antarctica. I say 'I...am...there' and I start moving towards the moon. I also wish to experience my higher self and thinking of my body wakes me up.
      I see some HH and I wish to be there. I land in middle of the street of hillside residential community. Houses are typical SoCal, nice teracotta colors, front yards with lawns and bunch of flowers, white picket fences. I look to my left in the direction of the street and in the distance is a mountain range. The tallest mountain is half bare rock, half evergreens. I see it in such an incredible detail, much more clear and detailed than waking life. There must be an airport nearby, because i see huge airliners banking above the street. It's so gorgeous.
      I watch old fashioned TV and there is an astronaut in a single person rocket that's lifting off. I wish to be there and in an instant I'm the astronaut. Unfortunatelly, I wake up.
      Last dream of the night -
      my mom is changing bandages on head of my classmate RB. She says, she'll change mine next.
    6. WILD to my higher self

      , 03-03-2012 at 07:47 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Thursday, 1/19/12
      WBTB 9am-9:15am
      WILD and long dream after WBTB, before 11am.
      I keep saying ‚Awareness' and 'now I experience my higher self'. I ask healing energy of the universe to heal me.
      I have headrush, going down, I keep saying 'to my higher self', when flight changes direction to upwards. It's a beautifull sunny day, I still fly up by buildings, don't want to enter, so avoid them in flight automatically. Land on a very long slope. Sunny, bright, crisp, vivid. Under the slope is some town, on top is a tennis court with some players. I ask either for higher self or healing, but I wake up.
    7. LD 3 and 4

      , 10-12-2011 at 07:05 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      October 11, 2011

      regular lucid
      WBTB that collapsed and was reentered as an accidental, unintentional WILD

      I slept from 4pm till 7 pm. Got up, watched the TV, had dinner, glass of wine, read the DV - AL3ZAY's "My WBTB Lucid Dreaming Techniques & Tip For Re-Entering A Collapsed Lucid Dream" tutorial, forgott to RC all day). Went back to bed at 10.40pm, feeling sleepy.

      Woke up at 11.35pm after 2 LDs - second was reentered, after first one collapsed, thanks to AL3ZAY's WBTB tutorial on reentering collapsed dream).

      Regular dream: Coming to a friends house. Lots of people inside, some kind of celebration. Walking through many rooms, getting a bad feeling. Trying to leave, somebody is trying to stop me. Finding a window and floating out. (Since started reading DV, I fly very easily just floating, before had to put some effort to it).

      Suddenly at my house. Hopped on a fence, realized I'm lucid. (First time that became lucid without looking at my hand). Started spinning to stabilize, but remembered, that in AL3ZAY's tutorial he spins to the left, so I changed direction and spun to the left. Licked the wall and ate a piece of a plant (didn't taste anything). Did RC finger through palm (my very first finger/palm RC. It really felt like my palm was from play-doh, strange feeling). Someone walked by my room and the footsteps woke me up. Dream mustn't have been stable enough, because also had not much clarity. Again, from the tutorial, I remembered how to reenter the dream. Stayed motionless with eyes closed. Started to have the strangest feeling of sinking into my bed really deep and keep sinking. I realized, somebody is screaming and woke up a little bit, when I recognized, that it was me screaming (silently), accompanied with a shrinking feeling). I let go of it and continued sinking into my bed. It was, as if my bed was 10 feet deep. Woke up on a sidewalk of a very busy town. I was excited and said Hi to a little girl, that was part of a larger group of people. She looked at me as if saying - get over it, you are not the first, and I'm getting tired of you guys getting so excited and talking to me. Behind me was a large area, looked like park/parking lot with a fountain, on left side was a big shopping center, in front of me was a row of tall buildings, and on the right side was a cathedral. All buildings were touching each other and looking crammed. I decided to walk towards the shopping center, but my idea was more to walk away from the cathedral. Then some nun bumped into me and I felt a pinch on my shoulder. People stopped and I was asking them what did she do. Then I was in different part of the town, less people, nighttime. I looked up and saw the moon. Decided to go there. Started lifting up. There were thousands of space ships, shuttles, satellites and stars were beautiful and there was so many of them. I started to cry from seing such a beauty. Then I woke up.

      Regular dream: I'm in the dorm of my school. It's end of the school year and we are packing to go home for the summer break. Finding all kind's of different things. I asked my friends, if they don't want to come back and finish packing the next day, that I'll bring my car and it will be easier to move.

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