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    1. Feb 22 to 23 Dreams (few short LD's, dream song)

      by , 02-24-2018 at 04:38 PM
      Here are visual DJ entries that I am trying out:
      Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReSpYoArgiY
      Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1oZ_ySfYIQ

      Here are the dreams from Feb 22 to 23.

      First round of dreams.

      The earliest thing I remember from these dreams is something with fighting with my Uncle. I remember seeing his face up close. But I had to get up to use the bathroom before I could fully recall the dream.

      After that there was a part where I was in my room in my old house. My Dad, mom and sister were all there. I remembered more about the parts of my old house after remembering later parts of the dream which is always nice. I was looking in the mirror in my bed room. I was flexing or something like that and then I realized my door was open and I didn't want anyone to see me flexing. I went and laid down in my bed. I was laying down to rest but I thought the bed was too hard. At first it felt like a rock but then it softened a good amount.

      There was something about how I was going out later at night, like a little past 7. But past dark. And then my Dad would have to come pick me up late at night and drive me home. There was a football and track field to my left in the visual of this part. And part of the town I was in. My Dad was telling me that if I went somewhere at night, I would have to balance it and only go a few nights a week, not every night. Because it was a lot of work for him to do all that driving. I started telling him and my mom that I already have enough activity in my life and I don't need the thing after 7. In fact on the other nights, I fall asleep around 7 anyway, so I must need the sleep on the other nights too. So I could just go to bed and then they wouldn't have to take me anywhere. My Dad told me that I could go a few nights a week but I said, you know what, I really think it would be healthier if I just got the sleep I needed.

      I was walking through the sidewalk of this city place and there was like a couple who was walking together. The girl was throwing her coffee on the guy but it was not an attack. It was more like just a joke. The town or city place had light grey side walks and grey buildings. More stuff happened there but I wasn't able to remember it.

      After that I was in this kind of mall place. E R, M B and M M, 3 girls from my high school, were there. It was like all the girls who lived on this one road while we were growing up so maybe it was S F instead of M M. I was saying that they look great and I was happy to see them. D F appeared off to the side but she was with a guy so I didn't really talk to her as much. I didn't actually get the words out that they all look nice due to shy ness or feeling like it is weird to say that to a whole group of women instead of individually.

      Then there was a part where we were all filling out this form. I had to put a G P A on it on the bottom left. I was going to just joke around and put the highest possible score or even higher than possible G P A scores just to be funny because I am already done with school.

      Then we were sitting around a pool table or an upside down shelf table with slats facing up. It seemed to morph from one to the other. M S was there, and he had a girl friend but I think she was not actually there. Just an understanding that he had a girl friend. M M was there and M S's mom. It was some kind of party.
      They had filled up balloons with helium so they floated and my Nana had also filled up some balloons for us. Someone was asking how we made all those balloons.

      Someone was giving advice about how to quit cigarettes by having some kind of purple and orange pie in the morning instead of a cigarette. I was thinking to myself how that didn't really seem like it would work because the cigarette would overwhelm the pie thing. But I didn't want to be a downer and discourage M M who was the one trying to quit smoking. Maybe if she believed in it, it could work for her. M M was sitting right next to one head of the table where L C was, and then an empty seat, then M S, then one more seat, then head of table, then 3 or 4 people along the other side of the table.

      There was a part where I was walking around that table. I was going to sit between M M and M S. I started to put down my plate or my stuff at that table place but then realized M M was quitting smoking so I don't want to sit near her. So I moved to the other side of M S kind of on the corner of the table. Initially I was going to sit with her because I like her but then I decided it wouldn't be a good relationship due to her smoking. I don't think she smokes in waking life but I haven't seen her in years.

      As I walked around the table counter clock wise, there were one or two really big quarters on the ground. I picked them up and threw them on the table when it was a pool table. I thought they belonged to M S.

      Something about shoveling up snow near a local food store? .

      Then in the room with the table it was time to go for a swim. Then there was a part about how things in the dream world are the same for everyone, just using different symbols. Like the symbols were kind of similar too just the equivalents from different cultures. I was telling everyone how a swim is great but a surprise swim makes it even better. I wasn't expecting to have the chance to swim that day. People agreed.

      Then my sister came in through a glass door at the front of the room. She had a big box with a cake in it. She was wearing a big puffy coat. I felt bad that my sister got there because she had to walk all that way. I was thinking how she could have asked me to drive her and I would have been glad to. I couldn't eat the cake due to processed sugar and flour. But I was thinking I will just put the cake in front of me like a decoration.

      Well, that was actually good dream recall. I wished that some more of the details had stuck with me but overall it was pretty good dream recall for the first dream. Especially even after having to get up. So my dream recall muscle is definitely improving. I think waking life recall journaling is helping a lot.

      For some reason I woke up thinking I wouldn't need to dream journal because I would dream the exact same thing as yesterday. Of course like any other night I had fresh new dreams tonight.

      I had some mild lucidity in these next dreams. The first one I remember is that I was outside this office building. G A was working there. It was red orange marble in the whole place. There was a mattress against the wall in the main lobby. It was like where the Post Office is in L V. I saw G A go by and up the stairs. I thought I should talk to him. I didn't go all the way up the stairs. I saw a quarter on my way back down the stairs and realized I was dreaming. I am not sure why the quarter made me get lucid. It was just kind of a spontaneous Dialed. I got down the stairs somehow, maybe walked or flew, and then I decided that it would be cool to talk to G A in my L D. So I started to look for him. He was going back down the stairs so I started to follow him. But then I felt the dream would collapse if I tried to do anything. It was very fragile. So, I changed my mind and decided not to go after him. I had to keep the L D going. I tried to rub my hands but it didn't work. I woke up from the dream into semi sleep paralysis and thought it through until luckily another dream started.

      In the new dream, I started out non lucid. But then I realized it was a dream somehow. I forgot exactly how, it just kind of dawned on me. So I went over to the next room and there were 3 people on a couch. One was a woman wearing blue. They were watching something in Spanish. I tried to talk to them in Spanish to ask them to help me relax in the dream. Como se relaxar? Something like that. Probably not the exact word in Spanish. They didn't understand me. I thought to rub my hands but I didn't think of spinning.

      I woke up from that dream, too. But another dream began. This one I was on a computer at the start but I didn't realize it was a dream. I think it jumped quickly to another dream.

      There was this one really abstract seeming part. Someone had a bed in a gazebo thing outdoors. They were rolling to their other side in the bed, as if they were rolling over in their sleep. It wasn't me. But I had the sense that within the dream I was out of body from that person's body. And it was interesting seeing "my own" body move from outside of it. That was just a short dream fragment.

      In the next dream, I was in the room I lived in as a kid, at my Nana's. I was on a computer that had a picture of those three people I tried speaking to in Spanish from earlier in the dream. I was looking at it like, oh, cool, there is actually a picture of them from my dream. But I thought it was waking life already. So I thought it was cool to have a picture of people from my dream. (This is why asking how did I get here? and do I remember waking up this morning? are things I need to practice more. ) I realized I was dreaming though within moments and so again I was like, okay, let's try to stabilize this one. This song came on that went, "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming" and some other words. That is pretty cool. The lyrics to the whole song were on the computer screen. I was able to make sense of them within the dream. They were clearly written words. But, I wasn't able to remember them once I had woken up. I almost thought I would remember them. I felt like the dream was showing me the lyrics too fast for me to be able to remember them. I realized I need to stabilize the dream so i tried a finger palm test. It didn't really go through. Then I started to wake up, and the dream collapsed.

      I fell asleep again while thinking through those. I think i might have had more dreams after but I didn't remember any for some reason. Maybe it wasn't a dreaming part of the sleep cylce. I had more dreams after that.

      I dreamed that I was with some people looking for an S N L actor. Something like a consultant and a web site with different things. It was hard to read but it said, weld, weld, weld, number, weld, weld. I could make out the words if I really tried. I don't think I was lucid in this one though. I got lucid again a little later. Something with a coat hanger. Then he was on a pay phone.

      Then I was in a room that felt like my current room. I was setting a grey framed glass digital clock to a certain alarm. It said 4:01 and there were dots for A M or P M. I tried to switch it to 4:01 P M but was afraid that I might be napping at that time. So I wanted to turn the alarm completely off but I couldn't see how. I switched it to 2:01 P M and it said 16 hours later, even though it was 4:01 A M. Something about the math seemed unusual but it didn't quite trigger lucidity.

      So then I was going out to the driveway to throw out garbage. I had some pants with me and an old plant. The driveway was oriented differently though, more like L V R C's driveway than my current driveway. I was bringing out a dead stalk from my indoor mint plant and I noticed some of the leaves looked more alive than usual. I wondered if it had come back to life. I jammed the clipping into the soil along the side of the drive way. It went in alright even though I was expecting the ground to be frozen. Then my pants were by this puddle of mirky water near the curb. I went in the water to get them and it was waist deep. I realized this water was very gross. I thought it was waking life but I wished it was a dream. When I woke up my physical bed, it turned out it was! .

      In the next dream, some cool stuff happened, and I became lucid. So as it started, I was at the Arboretum, near the deck thing where you can see frogs from. I was on a computer trying to work some computer program. I was also on the phone bridge and I heard some people talking. I remember looking at the time and it was around when that meeting usually ended. I was not happy about it because it meant I was up too early. Then it kind of reset and I was going through it again. This time it was 6:40 A M or so and F was talking about a business meeting. The moderator who I figured was A replied something about how we all want to labour. It wasn't quite her voice though but she usually moderated on Fridays. So then I think I realized it was a dream somehow. Maybe F didn't sound like himself or something. It was funny though because I thought of 6:35 A M which was when the meeting ended on business meeting days.

      So I think this was when I became lucid. I flew up into the sky and got dream blindness. But I could still feel myself flying. Then I kind of landed. I was trying to think of what dream goals to go for. The dream was playing this audio thing of all these ideas of dream goals which was kind of cool. I had a tupperware full of "sand mud" and so I ate some of that. It tasted bad so I spit it out. One of the dream goals that came to mind was to blast a huge stream of colorful orbs out of my mouth. So I tried to open my mouth and sort of project energy into doing that, but nothing happened. I really tried very hard to make colorful orbs shoot out of my mouth, over the pond with the geyser thing.

      At one point I also thought of peeing in the dream. I think I felt my physical body needing to go. But I decided that I wouldn't wake myself up for that. I would just hold it or try to ignore it. It went away.

      The dream answered my request in an indirect way by making a truck full of orange basketballs appear. I jumped into it and was hanging off the edge of the outside of the truck. Then I got back in. Then I was sitting in the back of the truck. Other people were sitting there eating at a table.

      I heard a song I knew or thought I heard earlier in the dream. I was glad to hear it again because I would have a chance to try to remember it. The first line was, "My friends describin' me, I'm an alligator in a tall, tall, tall sea," or, "My friends providin' me, I'm an alligator in a tall, tall, tall tree," but I wasn't sure which. I think it was the first one because thats what I said on my voice recorder. The words continued but I realized that if I tried to memorize the whole thing in one listen, it wouldn't work. So I talked over the sound level of the dream song by just repeating that one line of the song to myself. In doing this, I memorized it. I figured I better catch the one sentence instead of nothing. Then I could catch the rest of the song in later dreams if it ever played again.

      This dream made me really inspired to see if I could make a song out of lyrics I hear within dreams. Without adding any of "my" own lyrics.

      Also, in the physical world, it was Friday morning. Within my dream I was aware of that and I was glad I had taken the garbage out last night, so that I could stay in the dream, without having to worry about the garbage not being taken out.

      In my last dream I was in this grey factory place. A guy from a T V show was flying a plane. I didn't actually see him but the dream kind of told me telepathically what T V character it was. They were going to drop a missile on this big grey factory tower we were in but then they changed their plans so they would freeze us into the building first. I could see shiny blue ice all over this place like it was cartoon ice, with the icicles. I saw this grey receptionist desk type of thing from a frontal view and Ask Ketchum was at the desk. It was all dark grey. Ash was looking over at the ice and pointing to it.

      I was attempting to DEILD or WILD from this dream but I couldn't stop my mind. I am becoming more aware of how my mind actually keeps my body from going into sleep and dreaming mode.