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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. 3,383 words - 2 LDs - selected parts in bold / dream signs in italic

      by , Yesterday at 06:45 PM
      3,383 words
      Yesterday I took a lot of processing time and also did waking life recall. I think the waking life recall and the processing time... instead of those couple hours of accumulating more information and more interactions with the world... Increased my dream quality. I got lucid twice and had a high level of recall.


      Round 1 of dreams.

      There was more earlier stuff I couldn't remember back to. The earliest parts I remembered was something in the H S football field or gymnasium, or both. Mr. L was a teacher. I remember R S and R M were there. Maybe something with a kick-off.

      After that, I remember being in a class room. It was like Mr. V's class room with the rows of desks... I was given a test. I hadn't prepared for it. There was a book I was supposed to have studied for the week, or a section of the book. I remember the panel with the question on the top right side of one page. I decided I would spend a lot of time focusing on that reading over the next week, to be ready for the next test.

      I remember a woman like B R was sitting to my left. I dropped a paper thing near her seat by accident. She seemed annoyed and went to get it for me but I said I don't need it. She seemed generally annoyed by me, but interested in other people.

      I allowed myself to fall back to sleep as I recalled these. I re-remembered about 90% in the morning of what I originally remembered, just lost some details about the quiz thing. Pretty good since just a few weeks ago I was losing round 1 and 2 of dreams when I RBFA'ed.


      Round 2 of Dreams.

      I was at the corner of T and K. I remember seeing the guy who lives on that corner's bushes pretty vividly. It was something to do with the Matrix. I even remember hearing Agent Smith's voice, saying, "Mister Andersen..." Also I think this dream related to being against smokers.

      However, once I woke from that bout of sleep, I could hardly remember anything. I drew a total blank. Maybe there weren't many dreams that time.

      I did an RBFA and re-remembered it later.


      Round 3 of dreams.

      There were some earlier parts I forgot. I remember I was keeping the time on a phone meeting. A was sharing about something. I realized that 5 minutes had gone by, or more, and I had forgotten to say, "Time." Oops! I kind of panicked. I was at the kitchen counter, multi-tasking with some stuff, like when I forgot to call time for T on Saturday. I think that came from that.

      Then I remember being at the kitchen table at 24, typing my dreams. It was bright. I think it was like 3 A M. I remember talking to my mom, dad and/or sister, thinking, 'Its 3 A M. I really gotta get back to bed.'

      When I got in my room at 24, I realized that there were a lot of bright light bulbs... One was at the top of the Ikea lamp. I flicked the switch on it a bunch of times and nothing happened! That's a major dream sign, but I didn't get lucid until later. I reached to the bulb to remove it manually, but it was burning hot. Eventually, I un-plugged the lamp.

      Electronics refusing to turn off or on when I use the correct buttons is a common dream sign.

      After that, I noticed there was another light, in an outlet. And a reflective mirror thing at eye level on the wall accross from it. I needed my dad's help to remove it. Once he came in to help, I suddenly realized, 'Oh no! What if I left any personal items out in the open!' But, luckily, I hadn't.

      Living at my parents old house is a dream sign. Mom and dad being together is a dream sign. Seeing mom and/or sister is a dream sign. (they live upstate.)

      After that, I had a memory, perhaps an "implanted memory" that was of an earlier dream where dad had a belt. I almost hurried back to my computer, at the kitchen table, to add it in. But decided to just go back to sleep. I will call this layer of the dream world, "Layer 1". PMWC = Physical matter waking consciousness. I had switched the reference for PMWC to layer 1... and did that dream within a dream thing again.

      So I went to bed in layer 1, laying on my right side, like my body was in PMWC. The sleep paralysis sensations were much more notable. I didn't feel many ominous feelings. But I was thinking of getting back up for some reason. Eventually I decided to let the sleep paralysis "take me to the dream". I remember seeing some kind of visual, like a computer interface. Then I felt myself be sucked into it.

      This intro to the lucid part was funny. I saw a lap top screen come on. And the computer booted up. I smiled a little. My dream was symbolizing the beginning of the lucid part with the image of a laptop booting up. Foreshadowing: It ends the dream the same way later!

      This may have happened before or after the intro. I had no eye sight. I could just feel my astral or dream body moving... I tried to rotate and wiggle and eventually was standing up. I decided to fly up through my ceiling like I had done many times before.

      I appeared in my bedroom at 15. Or somewhere upstairs. It feels like I missed a part. Anyway, I remember eventually I had the phone in my right hand. I was talking out loud. (I read a thread on r/luciddreaming which recommended talking out loud as a stabilization method.) I talked to myself as I went down the stairs. "I feel so worried that this will be my only L D of the night, and I won't be able to manifest any dream food!" Something like that. I said some other things. I felt i connected with a real emotion.

      I tried manifesting dream food in my left palm, without looking away. It didn't work.
      Later, I would remember the "rule" that to manifest something, I have to do it somewhere I can't see, like behind me, or behind a door, or my pocket, then go to check. Not manifest right in front of me, until I'm more advanced.

      Eventually I got down to the kitchen door. I ran full steam to phase through. Just collided with it. 'Okay, I will just use the door knob,' I thought. The door knob and screen door worked fine, just like waking life. Once I was outside, I saw the tree tops in the back of the yard, and flew up diagonally towards them.

      Once I got about 50 feet up, the land line lost reception. Some how, that caused my dream to end, or so I thought. I guess my phone was connected to my lucid dream state some how. So then I landed on a thin tree branch. 'Wait, if I was just dreaming, shouldn't I have woken up in bed?' I might have thought. But I really thought I was awake now. I ran towards the tree trunk and the tiny branch bent beneath me. I felt bad for breaking it.

      My mom came outside. "Oh no! You're stuck in a tree!" She said, or something like that. I wrapped around the tree in a bear hug and slid down. It was wet and easy to slide down. Then I slid down the next half after pausing on a branch.

      'Wait, its still a dream!' I realized. I grabbed my mom in a bear hug and flew into the air. My vision and senses started to fade. The last thing I did, was try to put my hand behind me and mainfest some snacks, then look at my palm and see them. I manifested a snack to share with my mom as I flew with her in mid air. Then I woke up, but it was a false awakening, back to layer 1, since this had been in layer 2.

      When this part ended, there was the lap top screen again. only this time it showed the mouse cursor going to the start menu and clicking, "sleep". Then the screen shut down. I was still lucid and figured that signified the end of the dream.

      I woke up back to layer 1 of sleep paralysis. My body felt funny again, more tingly or heavier than usual. There was music playing. I forgot the first, song, but I got up to turn it off.

      Waking up with music on when I'm trying to remember my dream or dream journal is usually a dream sign.

      One more thing happened, which was with my sister. I saw that she was drawing a picture of a sword. It was a wide sword kind of thing. She hadn't completed the back blade yet. She was very happy with her drawing so far, though. "I finally know who I am," she said.

      I filled in the back of the sword for her. I made it very spiky, more like a saw blade than a straight sword blade. I also made some lines showing that some parts were flat. She was okay with it but I felt bad for not letting her finish it. I was glad it was just a dream.

      I was able to re-remember 100% even after RBFA.


      Round 4 of dreams.

      My memory of these begins with a cool dream of flying with cars. Maybe we were leaving a bank. My friends' flying car started to veer off track, so I used telekinesis to help them out.

      I woke up from that, but into another dream. D W and J V were there. I remember a grey foam mat near my bed. Probably like a grounding mat. I was up side down or something, getting ready to sleep on it. "Don't go to sleep!" said J V. So, I didn't. I had been in my room at 15, but when we walked outside, I think it was the hallway to my college house.

      I remember at one point, J V was carrying me. I looked up at him and spoke. Then I realized my retainer wasn't in. I felt embarrassed, and apologized for my missing teeth showing.

      In another part, I remember Mr. H appearing in the hall way. I think he had some hair instead of being bald. I'm not sure if I was lucid yet but I gradually got lucid around here. He gave me a big smile and I talked with him. I was still embarrassed about my missing teeth, and tried to talk with my upper lip pulled down over them, which I know never works.

      Mr. H was very tall. Another tall fellow came along, at first a little taller, then the same height, as Mr. H.

      I was at least 3 or 4 feet shorter than them. I moved along into the open part of the hall way. V S was near a fridge, preparing a pitcher of pink beverage. I jumped way out in front of him. "Hey, V! Mr. H was here! Did you see him?" I forgot his reply. He was swishing the pink beverage around in the pitcher. Then the pitcher doubled in size. He poured the beverage in a big bowl, like punch.

      I had a small coffee pot type of container with some drink in it. It did contain alcohol, even though I don't drink in waking life. I walked near some much older women. "Kids these days shouldn't drink so much," one said. "I am only having a little," I replied.

      I kept noticing a small rectangular box on the ground off to the side. 'Is that a **** cigarette box?' I thought. When I got closer, it turned out to just be a golden box of something like ginger snacks. They were all half the height of the box, packed in columns of 2.

      However, one of the older women had begun to smoke! I was definitely lucid at this point. I grabbed her poisonous stick of smoke and threw it on the ground, rubbing it out with my foot. I knew it was a dream, so I would not be harmed by the smoke. So I could enjoy destroying their cigarettes!

      I continued on, hoping to find more people smoking so I could take their poisonous smoke tubes and put them out.

      I don't know if there was anything else during that party part.

      What I do remember is that the screen changed to show a gym. It looked more like a touch screen on a phone... I was able to use my finger to move the "dream screen" around and zoom in on it. I was lucid during this.

      There was a lucid part when I was playing a sonic the hedgehog game. I could be tails, and fly using my tail as a helicopter propeller. Or, I could be Knuckles. There were giant rows of rings. I tried to do infinite moon jumps in mid air, and found that I could.

      I used the ability to get all the coins in a straight line, way up in the air. Then it got really boring! It was just too easy. I wanted to use some icons on the screen to make a single high-jump possible, but not infinite levitation. I woke up before it happened.

      I let myself RBFA again after this, and re-remembered it in full, the next time.


      Round 5 of dreams.

      I think these dreams began with a walk at W... Unless there was earlier stuff, too. I remember walking along at W, then having to cross a fallen tree that bridged over a very long fall.

      There was a part with a guy driving around my neighborhood. I was driving, too. There was something on my mind about having a job.

      I remember another scene with dogs in a yard... But not too clearly.

      I remember a fenced in area. One guy was sitting by the entrance, checking people in. One guy was in front of me. I remember the sense that I was standing behind him felt surreal. Like I was supposed to be him but then split off into the person behind him. Not sure how to explain it.

      Then I was in the school library. There were lots of books on shelves. Something about growing flowers, then losing the flowers behind the books on the shelf. It was like my sister had lost them, so I wanted to help her.

      I looked around the other shelves. One book was like the size of a children's book. It was green and said "Witchcraft Telepathy" on the cover. I wanted to read that! But kept moving down the shelves.

      I found what looked like a computer directory, with 6 series of books available. Those were what we had lost. The dates were from June but the numbers shifted from 7 to something or back again.

      I knew it was around 2 P M. I wanted to go up to the library's loft to read them. There was some cushioned thing to climb up. Then, I realized school was almost over for the day. That was why it was so quiet in the library.

      I needed to use the bathroom. "Will there be time to use the bathroom and still come back to read?" I asked someone. I think they said sure. Climbing down the cushion thing seemed precarious. I saw a guy who looked like Hurley from lost. To be nice, I said hi, and made some small talk. Then, I really needed the bathroom even more! I got really mad at the guy for starting to hold me up. We both began yelling at each other. Then I just walked away.

      The bathroom turned out to be like nana's bathroom at the top of her stair case. A guy was already in there, helping clean everything. I was like, "Get out of my way!" He said he had to keep his finger on a black button on the wall, which made him have to stand in front of the urinal.

      "I don't care! I'll hold the button!" So he let it go. Then a urinal appeared to the right, and I went to use that one. I felt bad for messing up his cleaning thing. Even more exasperating, I had accidentally tunked the cuffs of my shorts in the toilet water. (I was wearing my grey gym shorts.)

      'Should I put them under the blow dryer?' I thought. Then that part kind of ended...

      The last thing I remember is passing by a train thing but also near a neighboring town... Maybe sitting with people in a meeting. I remember M and D were talking about how they both worked. And they split their income so that they traded half their income with each other. So if M made 8 and D made 6, M would give D 4 and D would give M 3. Does that always make them even?

      I woke up from those and recalled them. Once I had them solidly in my mind, I reviewed rounds 1, 2, 3, and 4, then 5 again... I realized I wasn't gonna sleep any more, and got up.

      I did the short hand notes in the morning and was able to come back to it later and still re-remember it in full.
    2. 1,357 words

      by , 06-20-2018 at 02:14 PM
      1,357 words


      I think this was my first round of dreams but I also might have woken up slightly before this.

      I forgot a lot of earlier stuff...

      I remember Mr. R from gym class and a few other teachers giving me 100 dollar bills. I wondered why. It was 3 or 4 of them. I think it came from reading a story of a kid getting tipped 300 dollars. I wondered why Mr. R was giving me 100 dollars and tried to tell him he didn't have to. But he insisted. I figured it was to apologize for male genital mutilation, but Mr. R wasn't Jewish... I'm not Jewish either but I had that association in my mind in the dream.

      I remember walking through a grassy field. Something with someone Russian? I remember some sprinklers. And C R. Something we were talking about, I kinda forgot. But I remember having sandwiches. Wheat bread with some sort of cold cuts and cheese. But especially tomatoes on the very bottom.

      I remember something being shown at a school. Something about December 16 the Russian people or German people came and took a bunch of prisoners, something like that. It showed a room with a pool, in a school?

      I remember a blonde haired woman. She and some other people were with my in my nana's back yard...

      I remember going by the patio of the pool, and noticing the weeds from between the pieces of stone. All the plants were very green. I remember thinking, 'Its great that those plants are getting to grow. (Even what most people call "weeds".) And I felt bad that my nana would probably pluck them. I pictured some of the seeds falling from the trees and landing in the pool.

      Then I needed the bathroom. I went to the kitchen. Nana said she had been sick for 3 months and if I stepped on that red floor mat, I could get sick too... 'Oh no!' I thought. I decided to go to the bathroom in the woods.

      The trail to that area had several vines accross it with giant leaves. I had to duck under one to get there. Eventually I found a white water gun thing and went to the bathroom into that. As I went to the bathroom it sprayed the fluid about 20 feet from me, at a white garage or shed type of building. My nana was like, "Does that help?" And I smashed the water gun thing on the ground, screaming and yelling.

      Then I remember my dad saying something about how he had to be there on December 16th. I think I saw a glimpse of him being held captive and stuff. (I don't think it was an actual historical event from waking life.) I either dreamed or just day dreamed about the people from that event pulling into nana's drive way to attack us, and me distracting them while dad got some heavy artillery from his van to defeat them.

      I'm surprised its only 2:15 A M right now. I should be able to sleep more soon.


      Finally got back to sleep from like 5 to 8 or so.

      There may have been some earlier stuff I forgot. The earliest thing I remember is being in a parking garage kind of place. But also seeing some grocery store mushrooms. The ones with the big caps that people use for soup. Someone was saying if they eat massive quantities of those mushrooms, it enhances their dreams. So I chose some big white mushrooms to eat for dinner in place of my usual vegetable. I imagined eating the mushroom. I remember walking in some kind of corridor thing.

      I was in my convertible near the bank I go to. Something in my car might have been levitating. I remember kind of resting in there and hearing some voices or thoughts. 'Is that g**'s voice or loving parent's voice?' I thought. The thoughts were more mean or critical, I think. 'I will go to a meeting,' I thought.

      Then I remember being in this mall thing. It was kinda complex. I remember there was something we had to climb up to to get to a secret meeting room. I even imagined sliding under some foot high space and being afraid of spiders living there.

      When I got out of there, I saw a mural on the wall of the word "hello". It was in some kind of 3 D lettering. Red and yellow mainly. Maybe it offended people of a certain belief system. Not sure the details.

      I remember seeing a car with B D and another guy who looked like him. Driving down the road, talking about a religion. And judging the rest of the world as they spoke.

      I remember seeing one guy on a flying scooter. Then I saw another guy also on a flying scooter. He levitated up, but needed an extra boost. To achieve an extra boost, he sprayed some water from his scooter that propelled him higher, into the opening of his lofted room. The water sprinkled over his plants as he entered.

      I remember working on a paper, either hand written and/or by computer, outside this food place at a restaurant. I wasn't buying any food though. I was just using the table. In the dream context this seemed like something they usually allowed. It was a busy day for the restaurant and if I wasn't taking up that table, they could have had more customers sit there. I started to feel some pressure to leave, but didn't want to.

      Eventually, the manager, who was like K, sat with me. He said that it was busy. I wasn't sure if he was just hinting me to leave. I spoke in almost a whisper because I couldn't speak much louder. "If you want me to not use this table any more, so you can have more customers, then just set that boundary, and I won't." I just wanted him to be clear. I think there was a rule in place in the mall that people couldn't really be asked to leave the tables no matter what they were doing. The guy got up and left without speaking.

      I was going to leave when another person came and sat with me. Also my table position had rotated from being at a 2-top to being at a 4-top. He was new to the school and needed the pass word for his lap top. Maybe the wi fi pass word. I didn't have it with me, but could go get it. I just didn't want to leave my stuff.

      2 more people sat with us. They said they had car keys. They gave me a key chain, but said the one key was a trade-in. I would have to trade-in the key to get the actual car key. It was too confusing and I gave it back. I tried to gather my stuff to go find the bathroom.

      It became more like night time. I remember a female voice talking about how people who make noise at night are ego-maniacs or narcissists. I opened a door to a room with some dancing lights or shadows. There were music stands and it looked like a band set-up. No one was there but it looked like ghosts were playing.

      I forgot if there were any other dreams at the end. Because of my insomnia from 2 to 5, I ended up sleeping until about 8, and missed W A. That was kinda sad. But I could see that coming and tried to let it go. Adequate sleep is more important.
    3. 3,221 words - selected parts in bold

      by , 06-17-2018 at 05:54 PM
      3221 words
      I went to bed pretty early and must have been asleep by 8 or 8:30 P M. There was no annoying noise.


      Round 1 of dreams. The first time I woke up, I thought I was already on round 3 or 4 of dreams. But I wasn't. I forgot a lot in the beginning. Some, I originally remembered, but after RBFA, didn't re-remember.

      I do remember reading from a book. Then these 2 guys were reading from it. "That's total hypnosis," they said, in a critical voice. They both had very white, straight teeth. They started pretending to be holding a magical staff. Apparently, they hypnotized themselves so well that magical staffs materialized in their hands. I think one was red orange with a bulb at the end. They did some other magic that I forgot.

      I forgot the other parts of round 1 of dreams. My brain is definitely cloudier lately, and my only guess is that I made a dietary change. Cooking my kale instead of having it raw, due to thyroid concern. I also ate more brown rice the last few days so maybe the carbs are clouding my mind. It might also be stresses or worries of my life situations. I hope my mind becomes clearer again soon.


      Round 2 of dreams. I remember hang gliding somewhere near some caves. I think we went in the caves, too. There were parts I initially remembered, but couldn't re-remember after RBFA.

      I remember a part where I was driving in a parking lot. I some how one wheel fell off to the side, and I was afraid I'd landed it in a ditch. But, I managed to turn the wheel and make it jump back out. That's very dream like but I didn't notice.

      Then I got to a black metal gate. Luckily it opened, so I could drive through it. There was a woman there, who I think had a child. I think she was asking for directions but I forgot the detail of that.

      Some more stuff happened that I forgot. But I remember we got to the parking lot of the local food store. I remember a big delivery truck was open in the back and delivering a bunch of those 10 gallon jugs of water. My dad was telling someone else that they should buy one directly from the truck driver.

      I remember going into the store and getting some things. I was looking for a gallon of water. I forgot what kind. I saw that some were labeled "distilled" and that sounded like a good idea, but it wasn't what I had set out to get. Also the prices were like $2.73. A lot for a gallon of water.

      When I was at the register buying everything, a woman told me I wouldn't have enough on my car. 'That's not fair!' I thought. But it turned out I had more than enough. I also had some cash in my wallet. Some fives or singles, and two twenties. One old twenty and one newer one. Since I had more than enough money, I gave the woman the newer twenty dollar bill. She was an older woman.

      I let those go to RBFA as well.


      Round 3 of dreams. My brain was still pretty foggy by the time I woke from these but I got better recall than the last round.

      I remember this part where I was filling out some charts. There was a teacher giving instructions, like, "one, up, one, down..." and I would write a number one, then an up arrow, a number one, then a down arrow... I also made a cloud and some other shapes in various boxes. When I zoomed out, it made a graph.

      That became a video game. It was a side scroller similar to Mega Man Z X. At first, I was playing on a low level.

      Next, I re-started the level. Still on a low level to begin with. Some how there was a glitch and a giant version of one of the regular enemies appeared... But there was another glitch that I had this "spinning top" move that made me take no damage while slowly whittling away at the big beast. Eventually, I defeated it, and gained like a million E X P. It was a big dark blue thing. I was on a slanted level.

      I watched myself level up, in amazement. It reminded me of the time I used the 500000 something multiplier for E X P in pokemon myster dungeon. I defeated one Shellos and stood there watching Bulbasaur level up all the way to 99.

      My Mega Man Z X character got above level 50. I watched these enhancements rapidly appear on his suit. He got some kind of motorcycle or other vehicle, and an awesome sword.

      I think there was something about going up to the clouds. And then arguing with a woman over whether I was allowed to use those powers... I forgot the basis of the argument. But it was something adversarial or antagonistic.



      Round 4? of dreams.

      I remember something about scrambling to find a bowl. I was in the kitchen. We had the clear bowls but then the first one on the stack was dad's white one. I didn't want to use it but I was in a hurry. I think when I looked away and looked back, the bowls had switched position, but I didn't become lucid from that.

      I remember being in the big food store near the bank that I go to... To get spinach and kale. I was near the bags of spinach and kale, checking the expiration dates. They seemed different than they would be in waking life, but I didn't get lucid just yet. One said May 34. 'They must have meant to write June 4,' I thought. There was a store clerk I think I remember. The other dates made me take a closer look but I didn't get lucid... Yet!

      I remmeber having a dream of flying over a beach. I gradually became lucid during it. I think it was supposed to be like a video game. I was shooting at these green crab-like things from the sky. Before fully realizing it was a dream, I blasted one right before it got to its crab hole. Once I became more lucid, I cast a red heart-shaped body of energy over the crab hole. This was to heal them and make friends instead of destroying them to make enemies. I remember waking up briefly after that and thinking it through. I might have even rolled over to the other side before falling back to sleep. RBFA.


      Round 5? of dreams.

      I remember seeing a woman dressed in a blue uniform. Not like a police officer but just a blue uniform. She was waiting for a ride in front of my house. I remember she sat on this big boulder that's not there in waking life. I felt bad, like maybe she would want a chair. Eventually, a man, also in a blue uniform, pulled up accross the road. He was in a red jeep. She got in and they drove away. I wondered if it was my business anyway, whether or not the woman got a chair to sit in.

      I might have had another brief awakening after that, or between others of these dreams. I remember waking up in a dream, as the phone was ringing. It was around the afternoon. 'Wow, I slept in!' I thought. My dad was at the door. "It's a call for you." The caller I D said "Nathaniel Branden". I thought it was my friend from Texas... I already had a phone in my room, so dad didn't have to bring that to my room. Anyway, I think I answered. I must have thought about dream recall somewhere along the line.

      I forgot some middle parts of these dreams.

      I remember my sister was sad. She had opened a giant cube of chicken bullion and some was sanded off the top. She was sad because someone had already made a thing of chicken broth, so she had opened it for no reason. "Why don't you just make another thing of chicken broth, and freeze it?" I suggested. I remember the pot of chicken broth was on the top shelf in a cabinet. I also remember drinking a cup and chewing on some carrots and other vegetables. It tasted good.

      In these next parts the context was that I was sleeping at my nana's. My mom and dad lived in nana's room. So did my sister and I. I had a mattress on the floor near her fire place. There were lots of other guests staying in the house. J R and C were living in the red room. I figured my Aunt C was in her room. I had dreams within this dream and referred to this context as "waking life" and the dreams within it as where I was getting lucid. That was how it shifted my mind.

      Anyway, I was laying on my mattress, thinking about my previous dreams, when my mom walked by. She plugged in some kind of loud hair iron and it made lots of noise. "What's that?" I asked. "Don't complain to your mother!" She said, or something else scolding like that. First of all, I can complain to whoever the F I want. Second of all, I wasn't complaining, just asking. But if I was complaining, ain't nothin' wrong with it!!! Anyway, that part ended.

      Between scenes of these dreams I remember returning to my dream bed. Within the dream layer 1 thing, I was laying on my right side, just like my physical body was. Except, I had severe sleep paralysis. I started to hear sounds that sounded like my sister being tortured... And wanted to help. I figured it was an attack by misunderstood entities, not physical, so i wanted to astral project out and defend her. However, I was frozen. I was "physically" frozen as well as my astral body being totally stuck. I tried to relax, and felt more misunderstood, but seemingly ominous feelings. Eventually I relaxed enough that I fell asleep in layer 1.

      I had a false awakening in layer 2. My sister was showing me a card she had designed. It had a character drawn and colored in red and gold. At the bottom of the card were some box letters that I can't quite put into words. But they caught my attention. "I wrote those letters because when you look at them that way, you will be cursed with nightmares," she said. I didn't know layer 2 was a dream yet... 'Why would she do that to me?!' I thought.

      I popped back into the dream of sleep paralysis in layer 1. 'Oh! That was a dream, too.' I thought. The misunderstood sounds and ominous feelings returned. I also got the feeling that I was gonna be stuck in this dream for some misunderstood reason, which led to feeling fear. I tried to relax, after realizing my layer 1's "astral body" was still stuck... And decided to just re-play my dreams in my mind.

      Eventually, I "fell asleep" in layer 1, and had another "false awakening" in layer 2. Because I had been thinking about my previous dreams, a laptop materialized in front of me which had the outline of my dream journal entry all typed up. I didn't stop to think that I hadn't really typed anything yet.

      Then this white-grey, misunderstood entity type of guy appeared to my left. He said he was here to "get me" or something like that. I felt him get me in like a bear hug and start taking me somewhere. 'Ahh! He's taking me to be tortured!' I thought. I tried to resist.

      I felt really scared. Whatever this entity was, I was really misunderstanding him. My fear drove me to attempt to call on a religious name instead of attempt to dialogue with the entity. So, I called the religious name I could think of, which I associated some some ability to rescue me. Sure enough, I was delivered to a church type of place. I regretted calling on the religious name, since I knew for me it was a fear-based decision, and I missed an opportunity to get to know whatever "shadow" part of myself was arising.

      There were some religious people up in the front. There were some quotes on the wall which I forgot. Friendly snakes and mice were going around. There didn't seem to be any negative connotation with the snakes. I did see one chase down a mouse who was running down its hole, and suck up the mouse, to eat it. It was just nature, though.

      I went up near the throne thing and there were 3 people there. I knew I needed the bathroom. So I asked one guy who seemed to be in charge, if he could come with me back to "layer 1" (which I thought was physical world) so I could use the bath room, then take me back to the dream.

      I boil had developed on the underside of my left big toe. It was a big bubble of skin and it hurt to walk on. The guy up front said, "That's your Inner Child." It made sense to me. I thought it was more of the psychic spell that I had been put under, and would be on my body back in layer 1 as well, which I thought was layer 0. Anyway, I headed back towards the bathroom...

      As soon as I left the church place, the Misunderstood returned. I was kind of glad because I'd get another chance to try to understand and accept them. I felt the Misunderstood start to try to physically restrain me, and thought of a way to show the Misunderstood some acceptance. It worked. I woke up after we interacted a little bit. It was a friendly interaction once I chose to try accepting it. It was kind of personal so I will leave that part out of the public dream journal entry, but suffice to say, it was very constructive. I realized the number one thing I want to do if I get lucid is to ask for help "talking, trusting, feeling and remembering." I think "talking, trusting and feeling" is the ultimate experience for me, so that will be my ultimate dream goal for now on.

      I was able to stay still for a while after waking up and recall the dream in good detail. After that, I couldn't sleep any more. It was 7:45 A M by the time I got up, which is great. It means I slept a lot. And sleeping a lot is good!!!
    4. 4,210 words - selected parts in bold.

      by , 06-15-2018 at 03:37 PM
      Went to sleep around 8:30 P M. Had 3 fairly high quality L D's.
      4,210 words…


      Round 1 of dreams. There was a lot in these dreams, but when I woke up, I needed the bathroom right away. So I didn't get as good of recall.

      I remember being at the local food store. One of the registers was like a self-checkout. But instead of a register thing they had a video game screen. So I went into that and played it.

      I forgot exactly what it was but I think it had a Mario type of game. And a long walk way thing that curved around in 3D to walk along. It had like 40 coins along it. It was cool and I wish I remembered more.

      I think in some parts, I was running from someone. I remember passing by one or two guys in a hall way.

      Then I remember running down a corridor. I had a black nerf gun thing with bright orange darts. I wanted to wait in the end of the corridor and then shoot them at Transmetals 1 Megatron, who was chasing me.

      Eventually I got to a bathroom. Megatron was chasing me, still. I had to go #2 as well as hide from Megatron. So I went in a stall and tried to perch with my feet on the actual seat. It was hard to "get it out".

      Then Megatron walked in. He had his tail laser cannon thing. I saw him through the crack in the stall. I kept hiding, hoping he'd conclude that I wasn't in here.

      Eventually I left the stall. Megatron was still there, talking with 2 other guys. One guy's name was "Edwin". He had large front middle teeth and a navy blue shirt. Megatron asked us all the same question. I think it was actually, "Whats the best lucid dreaming technique?" but I'm not totally sure.

      I woke up from that and recalled a little. But, I had to use the bathroom pretty urgently. So, in getting up to do that, I think I dis-lodged some of the dream details. How frustrating! It happened 3 times tonight, costing me a lot of recall.

      RBFA. I'm able to re-remember some of rounds 1 and 2 now without needing to write anything until morning. This is fantastic!!!


      Round 2 of dreams.

      I remember being chased again in this dream. Like with round 1 of dreams, there was a lot in the beginning that I forgot.

      Eventually I got to a class room. There was an exam going on. I remember the teacher was Ms. T, the math teacher from my senior year of high school. There was a desk for me to the right of D H, next to the center of the class room.

      When I looked at my exam, it was confusing. The first question was about the number pi. It asked to express the answer without using r squared. I tried to make an alternate equation by putting r outside parenthesis and then h over r as one of the terms. I was thinking of pi r squared which would be the circumference. I didn't realize that it was only asking about pi. The question said I could only use i, the imaginary number thing. It said 10 to 15 points.

      I decided with the person next to me, who turned into P W, that we would skip that one and move on. The rest of the questions were also fairly confusing. I remember there were more on the back of the paper.

      I remember L K talked to us after a while. Also, the desks had shifted and became a long table, rotated 90 degrees. I was looking at the back of a clicky pencil. L K said how she wanted us to wear alligator heads. She would like it if we wore alligator heads. I was looking at the clicky pencil thinking of alligator heads.

      I woke up directly from that and recalled those parts fairly easily. But again, I had to get up to use the bathroom too soon. The details were OTTOTT but having to use the bathroom dis-lodged them too much. These 2 rounds of dreams reminded me what my recall felt like a year ago... Frustrating! But I told myself I wouldn't give up, and the next rounds of dreams would be a lot better. Which, they were!

      RBFA. I want to note that tonight when I did RBFA I still re-remembered 100%!


      Round 3 of dreams. I got a lot of high quality lucid time in these.

      First I remember being in the guest room. There were 2 people in there, a man, and a woman. I think they were showing each other their morning yoga routines. Eventually, the guy leaned forward with his arms out to the sides. Behind him on the wall, there were a bunch of Pokemon cards. For some reason, seeing the Pokemon cards on the wall immediately triggered lucidity. I've had Pokemon cards on my wall in waking life, but its also happened in many dreams. That was how I got lucid.

      Then I was kind of teleported to my bed at 24. I was laying on my right side, the same side as my physical body was, but staring at the cards on the wall. At first they took up my whole vision. Then I remember being able to get up out of bed and move a little. But that led to a false awakening.

      In the false awakening, I was in the same room, just not lucid any more. There were more magic or pokemon cards on my bed. I examined one closely, too. I remember there was someone else in the room. I was probably trying to recall and record my dream. All I remember from this is a white cabinet door with a little white knob, but I'm sure there were more details in this scene.

      I remember this part with a children's book. At first, it was really scary. I was looking through it and there was a circular-headed guy on there. The first picture of his face wasn't too scary. But on the next pages it showed one of the scariest faces I've ever seen. It was like a circular monster mouth with sharp teeth. Just the proportions of the eyes and nose and mouth made it really freaky. I was like, 'Why am I looking at this?!' and turned back to the nicer pages. When I looked back through the book, the pages were different. 'How did the pages change?' I thought, but didn't get lucid. This time there was a funny cartoon mouth, like from a meme. And every page had a similar mouth on a different character. At the end it was a pop-up book with a zebra with the funny mouth, and some thing that pulled out of the page.

      I remember being in this room with glass-door fridges. There was some talk of reading one of the children's books on a meeting. Maybe the 2 PM W A meeting. I think I was eating red and blue popsicle things.

      Next thing I remember, I was listening to a friend on the phone. He needed someone to listen to him, so I was listening. As I listened, I washed a cup. Then I worried that the sound would disrupt him. He asked me to stay on the phone with him for a few hours. I said, sure. So, he continued talking. I think he became G.

      Then I was walking G to her dorm. I remember walking over an elevated garden thing. I don't think I was lucid. I said that the more we talk about the difficult emotions, the more spirits will come out at night. (Which I figure is a good thing.) I think she went inside.

      I remember falling asleep within the dream, again, on my right side, like how my physical body was. The bed was in the middle of the room. I felt vibrations come on. I felt something ominous, and began to fear the night terror. I would open my eyes a little, and see some black mist or black dots floating around. I kept telling myself, 'This is a dream. This is a dream.' And trying to relax. I figured if I relaxed enough, I'd get to a really great lucid dream... Which I did!

      After the ominous feelings passed, I heard my sister speaking in a foreign language. She said the word "ningun" which I think is Spanish for "nothing" and a bunch of other words. I spoke in a foreign language too. Not one I understand. The message was that my dad had prepared food for us all. I got up to go enjoy some dream food, lucidly!

      So, I went out to the hall. There was a kitchen, and a hall way. Then it led to a dining room. I remember beginning to sample the foods. I know I ate some kind of bread or cookie thing. There were some Spanish or Latin American people there with us, too. Everyone had a plate of multi-colored bell peppers with white dressing. Maybe it was Ranch Dressing. I went to eat one. I worried that it might be waking life, and I would end up eating food I would be allergic to, thinking it was a dream. I discreetly did a finger palm test. My finger went through a little and I confirmed it was a dream.

      Then my dad started to fight my Uncle C about how he should get a job. 'Uh-oh,' I thought. I just wanted everyone to be happy. I thought I could solve the conflict by showing them it was a dream. "Look!" I said. And I floated up about eight feet above the ground.

      My dad's eyes looked like he had been drinking. I realized that this wasn't going to go anywhere helpful, and hoped I'd still be able to salvage the dream. I flew away, down the hall. This was a great example of "walking away from an unhealthy situation".

      I arrived at a library kind of place. I was eating some brown cookie or bread thing. In one of the shelf cubbies, there was a big bag of cheese sauce. Oh! I also remember mayonnaise and black pepper. Anyway, I dispensed some cheese sauce on my food, and it spilled all over the desk.

      A guy started to follow me around. "You'll have to pay for that damage," he said. At first I thought of telling him it was just a dream, but figured he wouldn't believe me. "Okay, so send me the bill!" I said, hoping to get him off my back. He continued following me.

      We got to a room with some books. He kept telling me I wasn't doing the right thing. I pulled out a four to six inch thick encyclopedia of animals and read through it. He said that wasn't the best thing for me to do. "What should I do then?" I asked. "Go get a job?! Go find a girlfriend?!" He didn't answer. Then, I noticed an opening in the roof that showed through to the sky. And I flew out through it.

      That was the best thing for me to do!! The dream remained totally stable as I flew through the blue and white sky. It was kind of pixelated. I kept yelling out, "F*** all this S***", referring to all the stuff back on the ground. I think I flew for a while, just in the open sky. That's the longest I've ever flown. It really felt like flying.

      I started to notice there was water beneath me. I had been flying so long that I figured it must be the ocean. My dream goal of exploring the depths of the sea came to mind. 'What if there are sharks or other scary fish?' I thought. 'What if it is too cold?' I also thought. But I was feeling confident, and just flew right into the water. It wasn't cold.

      I projected some kind of peace into the water so that no fish would come to eat me. Then I just swam down as fast as I could. I guess I was breathing under water but didn't think of breathing at the time. The water was kind of dark. I was doing a breast stroke.

      I started to see some shiny dots at the bottom. When I got there, they turned out to be a bunch of pennies. 'Pennies?' I thought. I looked up and saw I was only 10-20 feet deep. 'Aw, man,' I thought, kind of dissappointed. I began to feel fear of sharks again and flew up. It was easy to fly up out of the water though. That was difficult in earlier L D's but tonight it was easy.

      I got onto a beach. The same library building was right there, so i guess I hadn't flown far. Or the dream transported me back. I went to this brown porch thing to get a running start and fly again. I think I flew a little and then ended up inside the library some how. I tried to run and take off again, but bumped into the brown ceiling. There was only a narrow opening to the sky, which I missed.

      I kept trying to fly out. But then a boat went under me and I bumped into the mast. I ended up almost tipping their boat by having my weight up on the mast. They were angry at me, and began to shoot spoons at me from bows and arrows! I easily deflected them and flew around near the ceiling.

      I started to realize that they might be trying to wake me up. Deflecting all the spoons wasn't too hard but it was starting to work me up. 'Time to go to the next level!' I thought. 'Let's stop time!' So I did it for a second. For a split second, time stopped. But it resumed again.

      'Two minutes this time,' I thought. My plan was to stop time and then go out through the door and fly before time resumed again. That might be one of my first times stopping time in a dream.

      I didn't need to go potty right away after these dreams. As a result, I was able to recall almost 100%. How wonderful! I'm glad I didn't give up.

      RBFA and re-remembered 100% in morning.


      Round 4 of dreams.

      It was some kind of meeting. And people passing a note.



      Round 5 of dreams. I got a little more lucid time in these.

      I know there were more parts earlier. But the first thing I remember is baby Doug. Baby doug's head was a toilet paper roll. But instead of white paper, it was skin-color. 'Do they have this kind of character in the show?' I thought to myself. Then i was on the bed, and I think I was the baby. I remember saying that I wouldn't tell my mom my name. 'Won't she already know it?' I thought. There was a phone on the bed.

      I remember falling out of the bed onto my shoulder. Then I got up and I was lucid.

      My sister was towards the door of nana's room. There was a wooden construct with two wooden 2 x 4's as legs and then one long 2 x 4 on top. I wanted to show my sister that I could karate chop it. I gathered my energy and tried, but it didn't work. I tried again, but it didn't work. I thought about how I must convince myself that it isn't really a solid object.

      I laid down to go to sleep. I think I lost lucidity at that time. I was feeling some sensations like I might DEILD or WILD... While at the same time hearing someone like Robert Monroe talking about being more than physical matter and more than the physical body. I started to need the bath room. This really bugged me because I thought I just went. And I was so close to WILD. (Little did I know, I was in a dream already!) I told myself I'd pick up right where I left off after using the bathroom.

      When i went to go to the bathroom in the dream, I woke up, feeling warmth... "Down there"... and was really afraid I had wet the bed! Luckily, I didn't. I tried to stay still long enough to recall some dreams, but eventually, had to get up. Some details still came to me after laying back down.



      Round 6 of dreams! That's what I love about being able to re-remember after RBFA. I get to sleep more!

      This was a simple non-lucid dream of being in the kitchen at 24. I remember green boxes of cookies or crackers in the cabinet above the microwave spot. I looked for the toll house crackers and found a sleeve of cookies instead. 'Did I really eat gluten?' I thought. I was relieved when I woke up and hadn't. But during the dream I just told myself, "Well, I guess everyone makes mistakes. I hardly noticed." I remember my sister was at the table. She is in a lot of my dreams!



      Round 7 of dreams. I got a little more lucid time in these.

      First there was a part with a phone meeting. M was sharing. He didn't use his full share time. A L was moderating. She said next time he could use the last minute if he wanted. 'Was that cross talk?' I thought.

      Then some other people were deciding who would share next. I thought maybe I would. I remember being near a bathroom stall. Then I think it transformed from hearing everyone on a phone meeting to actually being in a class room with them.

      Then I remember 3 guys coming to sit near me. One had shiny black hair and ink or hair dye running down the back of his neck. I thought it might be because he was in disguise.

      I remember waking up for a moment during these and thinking about the last scene before dreams began again. I was at a sink, cleaning some dishes, or dumping stuff in the sink. A guy came up to my left with my green salad bowl on his head. Two holes were poked in it for his eyes. One had a yellow piece of paper over it. "Is this a good way to check if I'm dreaming?" he asked. "Yes!" I said. "Great idea."

      Another guy, maybe C C, was saying how he would write me some tips about lucid dreaming or R C's on little slips of paper. "Thanks!" I said. I really didn't think I needed them, but just wanted to be nice.

      Then he went on to show me these amazing colored pencil drawings of a guy with his arms over his head, and some kind of trapezoid shaped armor in his arms. It started to look like bricks. There were several forms of this character on the paper. One made of only black and red on the bottom left. I was amazed at the skill. The last picture I was shown had a left side profile view of this hero character. To his right was a brick wall with some bricks missing that showed the sky, water and beach on the other side.

      I remember getting lucid laying in a bed. I was laying on my left side, like my physical body, but it was a dream. I remember a dog on the corner of the bed I was facing. It seemed to want to absorb me. I thought of a big monster appearing and letting it eat me as part of the lucid dream.

      There was one part where I saw a bunch of 20 and 100 dollar bills. They belonged to a guy from earlier in the dream, who was standing near by. I asked if I could have them. He said no. I figured he might be dreaming so I could play a joke on him. I got a withdrawal slip from his bank and asked him to sign it so I could take out money for him. He laughed, but didn't fall for the joke.

      There was something with a female character that I forgot. I remember someone being underneath a truck as it drove, with their head in a blue box. Sparks flew from the box as it scraped the road beneath the truck.

      I wanted to talk more to the female character but she was on the other side of a glass door, and held it shut. I felt bad. Did I do something wrong? Well, I went to do something else in the dream.

      Then I decided I'd like to apologize, even though I don't know what it was. She was heading down a long series of stairs, maybe to the bus. I decided to swing down the stair rails to catch up with her. Eventually, I got past her so that she would walk towards me as she came down. But she never came down. I guess she vanished.

      Then, that part of the dream ended. I was in a false awakening of looking at r/luciddreaming sub reddit.

      I woke up and recalled these pretty well. Stayed still and replayed rounds 1 through 7 in my mind. When I wake up from one dream I re-play it 3 to 4 times in my mind before going to re-remember the previous rounds of dreams in my mind. This is to form a "solid image" of it or as slash112 says "make multiple copies" of the memory.

      I felt like I wouldn't fall asleep again and got up. It was about 7:07 A M. When I get up, I just make an outline of the dream journal entry, with some key words. This way within 20 minutes I can have all the main ideas written somewhere and not worry about forgetting it. Then I will work on writing the full entry throughout the day. I am lucky my dream memory is strong enough now to be able to do that but even a year ago it wasn't this strong. In the last year, my dream memory really sky-rocketed.
    5. 4,039 Words - Selected parts in bold

      by , 06-12-2018 at 04:45 PM
      Wow! I had lots and lots of dreams last night. I was so surprised to see the clock when I got up, and it was only 6:39 A M! I thought it was like 10 A M. I had 2 lucid dreams and some other interesting ones.

      It took me 30 minutes just to write the short form of my dream journal entry. I will work on typing it in full in 30 minute increments because otherwise it will be too over whelming.

      I had a different routine before bed. Instead of going on forums for 2 hours from like 5 to 7 I just relaxed and stared at my ceiling. Just let myself unwind and be under-stimulated for a change. I wonder if this helped me sleep and dream better.


      The first time through the night that I woke up, I did have some dreams in mind. I didn't open my computer to type them, and just laid back down instead. There were only a few details and I was really tired still.

      I tried to do a mental acronym of "g.p." to help bring them back to mind later, but it didn't bring the memory back later. Oh well. I actually recalled round 2 of dreams for a change, so I guess it worked out just fine.


      Round 2 of dreams. The first part I remember is being with my friend C L up in the room he lived in with some other people.

      The next thing I remember is being at a food store. Like the big store in G C. I was doing a friend a favor by picking up their groceries. When I went to check out the groceries, my card didn't work. I had to put it in the chip reader thing. There were a bunch of strings of letters that I had to match. Eventually there was a screen with streaks of colors like red and blue swirling around. It showed the words anger and rage being transformed into something to do with achieving goals.

      I remember a scene where I was going to go to the beach. I had one wet towel which I wanted to hang up in the sun to dry when I got there. And another towel to lay on. When I got there I found that there were 2 to 3 sections of the beach. One with docks, for boats. One for swimmers. And maybe a third. I was in the one for boats and had to go to the one for swimmers.

      Eventually, I was in the beach water, swimming. It was sunny out. The water was dark green blue like beach water. Something's tail suddenly bumped into me! I saw that it was a black or dark green tail. It had some kinds of bands around it. I will try to draw them. I touched the tail, and it was slimy.

      'Is that an alligator?' I thought. I rushed to swim to shore, but careful not to draw its attention and make it chase me. Once I got a little closer in to shore, it swam under me again. Then its head poked up from the water to my left. My friend said it was a Tyrannosaurus something. I was feeling such tremendous amounts of fear this whole time. Its head was almost rectangular but had sharp T Rex teeth. I put my hand on its head to try to keep it from biting me. It was really scary!!!

      Then my friend and I were walking on land. I think we talked about it a little but eventually moved on from the fear.

      I think we were arguing with people around us. Eventually we came to an orange and purple building. It was orange with purple squares where the windows would be. My friend said he would climb it but he was afraid of the torque at the top. When we got to the top, there did seem to be a feeling of torque. Pulling us down.

      When we got to the ground, W G was there. We were talking about moving to a new place. W G was in a bed. I told him as soon as we moved, I'd get to working towards my goals right away. I told him my goal.

      Eventually, we got to the new place. I remember starting out in the library. But I wanted to attend 2 A C A meetings that morning to ensure that I would be in a good mind state for the coming day. I also resolved not to try meeting any new women at first because I wouldn't want to make anything awkward.

      I remember walking around in the middle of this quad housing complex. There was a woman there who I was going to meet. Her parents made some kind of diagram appear that showed where we both were so we could find each other. I remember the diagram actually was skewed and made it more difficult so I was kind of angry at the parents. I wanted to tell them it didn't work. I remember a picture of a dog on it. The dog had a speech bubble saying "Hi".

      I woke up from those and recalled them. I let myself RBFA, confident that I would re-remember them later. And I did!


      I had one sleep cycle i woke from and couldn't remember any dreams. Also I got up to use rest room and laid back down. And thought about cross talk rule for a few minutes without realizing it was time to try to recall that dream. By the time I realized it, it was too late. But I was just thinking of how my need to cross talk is magically reduced.


      Here was round 4 of dreams. I had an interesting lucid part at the end which I woke up directly from and tried to re-enter. Because of that, I neglected to recall the earlier parts of the dream. I'm sure that if I would have tried sooner, I'd have remembered more of the earlier parts. So by the time I realized there had been earlier parts to this dream it was almost too late. I only got a few things.

      I forgot a lot of the earliest parts.

      Then I was on a message board using chrome without images. All the images were not showing but I wondered how because last I checked that setting was turned off.

      In the thread I clicked on, I saw that the woman had posted several grey bird type Pokemon evolution things by her avatar and more in her signature. Some of them looked more like bugs. I wondered if they could possibly be from the same evolutionary chain.

      I forgot these middle parts.

      Then I remember being in a big dining hall with just myself and C R. We both had some steaks to microwave. Some only had a little left on the bone and some were big pieces. I remember mine were on a napkin so some of the grease was removed. C R didn't want to sit near me. I was thinking of the other side of trait 12 and how he pushed people away before really becoming good friends. I accepted that he just wanted space, and sat far away with my food to work on something.

      Then two people came in. "Mike" and "Tim". (No waking life correspondence.) But I said that the managers of my restaurant were also named "Mike" and "Tim". They wanted to check the kitchen so I went in there with them. There were shelves above the stainless steel counter tops.

      I don't remember anything in the middle here but I know there was stuff.

      I had a lucid part at the end which was interesting.

      I let myself fall back asleep after recalling these in my mind. I also checked to see if round 2 was still in the "storage bank" and it was. I eventually fell asleep while thinking of those.


      Here was round 5 of dreams. I remember my friend L on the phone. She was saying how we couldn't "pray" to each other. We had to pray to our own "higher powers".

      I was out front of my house looking at the garbage that was put out. There were lots of beer cans. 'Dad must have been drinking a lot,' I thought. He came by and put out another bag of cans and maybe some loose cans. I was afraid that he would be drinking even in the morning so I avoided him.

      I remember a part when I was walking up some steps from a tented area. They were grey stone steps. I was thinking of making a heavy metal song with 4 different heavy metal voices. I forgot the subject of the song.

      Next thing I remember I was in my kitchen and living room. A woman from the phone meetings was talking about how her religious text told her to put chores before comfort. However, she disagreed. I was glad that she was speaking up for herself and not just blindly following the religious text. She was explaining how a female relative, maybe her cousin or sister, was planning to come over to help her with her chores. However, she didn't care about the chores at the time. And her relative offering "help" was really just a way of putting pressure on her.

      In the next part I remember, I had a bag of red orange beans in water. There was a part toward the top or bottom of black liquid that I figured was released from the beans. There was another guy in my kitchen with me. I went through my fridge. There was no kale or blender. Just my two tupperwares of rice in the back. And some containers of berries which the back of the fridge had frozen. I said something about how the foreign guy could send the frozen berries home, to his country.

      I was also thinking that I would need more groceries tomorrow, since I was out of kale. So I would have to ask my dad to borrow some grocery money.

      I woke up and recalled those. Then I played rounds 2, 4 and 5 in my head until falling asleep again, confident that I would re-remember them all later.


      I forgot what happened in the very beginning of these dreams. Maybe I initially remembered it, but was unable to re-remember it. This was round 6 of dreams.

      My first memory from these was walking on the corner of my parents old block and the intersecting street. It was dark. I think P and C were there. I wanted to talk to them but it was too dark.

      Next I was in the garage at that house. I remember thinking how it had been a dream that it was dark. And I could have used dream control to make the sun come out. I don't know if I got lucid before or after this. But I did something that made the sun come out outside the garage. When I stepped outside I saw the sky had become bright blue. By that point I was definitely lucid. I either was already lucid, and used dream control to make the sun come out. Or the fact that my dream control worked made me become lucid afterward.

      I flew up to the roof. It had grey shingles with a scratchy texture. I looked around at the sky and tried to make a dragon fly to me.

      The dragon did not arrive. I remember seeing some cloud formations in the distance and observing their shapes. I could look at the sky much more easily than in waking life. Eventually some really cool rainbow streamers started to fly in the sky. I observed the show of colors.

      Next, I had a false awakening of driving down W S Road. By the water. I had a voice recorder. With the voice recorder I was recording my dreams thus far. I was saying how I could look at the sky without being distracted like in waking life. I was saying that it was cool that I could make the sun come out.

      Next thing I remember, I was walking around a place like down town by the Staples and the movie theater. I remember walking by a store that reminded me of the religious store. There was A A stuff in there. I went in and out of the store a few times. It wasn't my type of store. Some how I walked around and ended up going in that store through the back. I became lucid again.

      There was a bunch of food being served. I served myself some food. Since I was lucid, I took a lot of food. I was still afraid that people would judge me. My plan was to enjoy the food and leave, not to read anyone's comments about me afterward, saying how much I had taken. I never got around to tasting the food.

      Then there were these yellow bus things on blue wrestling mat things. Out of the side of the bus, a series of things folded outward. Then, a series of things folded at a 90 degree angle from that, to the direction of the back of the bus. It took up much more space than the original size of the bus. I was commenting on it. Someone seemed annoyed that I was commenting.

      I had a brief awakening in my bed where I thought of the dreams. But then a dream began again and I was totally concious at the onset. I was like, "Oh, I'm in a dream again!"

      I laid there and recalled it. I let myself fall back to sleep. I think I initially remembered more from before being on the dark road. But was un-able to re-rememeber it later.


      Round 7 of dreams.

      I remember a scene of sitting by the fire place in Nana's living room. Uncle C and other family members were there. Uncle C came down with a big metal lobster pot. It was full of green liquid and had a big meniscus of foam up over the top. He said it reached a point where it needed to be taken off boil a little. This was part of the normal cooking process for whatever it was. It reminded me of my kale shakes. Once the foam meniscus had expanded even more, he slurped some of it off. Then he said it was ready to continue boiling. He had put the pot between his knees while he sat. I guess it was the preparation for a holiday meal.

      The other scene i remembered from round 7 of dreams was in Nana's drive way. There was a white S U V type of car. There was one guy further down toward the exit of the drive way. And two guys in the S U V. They had on white, futuristic-looking clothes. I asked them who they were. They said they were the family therapists. I didn't think they seemed dangerous at all.

      Again, I woke from those, and did another RBFA. Playing all the dreams in my head from rounds 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7. I was glad that they all stayed in my mind so I could continue going back to sleep.


      Round 8 of dreams! I haven't had this many rounds of dreams in quite a while.

      I remember some dreams at a food store. There were yellow and green peppers, normal in width, but 6 to 12 inches long. I showed some to another guy there, asking if he would like these. He said no. There was a woman behind him.

      I remember trying to dream journal in the shower. I was leaning into the shower from outside it. It was the shower from my parents old house. I wondered how to write them. I figured using my left hand in Fii Write would be a good idea. I remember some how the white floor mat became rainbow in color. I was holding it over my shoulder. I wanted to show my sister because it looked really cool.

      In the next part I was hanging out with a friend who had no waking life correspondence. His name was "Anthony". "Anthony" said that he would rather I go process my anxiety when we weren't together so that when I was with him, I wouldn't be anxious. Obviously that isn't really a fair request because feelings come and go. But in the dream I kind of understood what he meant.

      I forgot if anything else happened. I think I was dreaming that I woke up and was trying to make short form notes of my dreams. Then I left to go to this meeting room. The people were from a religious group thing. Someone was leaving. They felt it was their fault and worried about them being "saved". Anthony arrived. I think he missed his 9:33 flight. I felt like I was holding up his schedule because I kept waiting to do my short form dream notes. I said that once I got the short form of my dream notes complete, then I could go about the day without worrying about it.

      He showed me a picture of a jeep veering off the road a little. "Anthony" had yellow-ish hair.

      I woke up and recalled those. I would have let myself RBFA, but I didn't need any more sleep. So, I got up to write them, thinking it must be 10 A M by now. When I saw the phone, I was amazed that it was only 6:39 A M! I guess I was in a hyperbolic time chamber.

      Most of the dreams were WUDD (I woke up directly from the dream) and moderately easy to remember, except for round 4, which I botched in a different way. And, of course, round 3, which I must have gone through significant dream-less sleep before waking up from, because I remembered nothing.

      It took me between 1.5 and 2 hours of typing to get these all done. It is the first day I tried to work in 30 minute increments instead of stressing myself out to just write, write, write until it was done. I think it was a healthier approach. I took breaks between 30 minute segments.
    6. 3,065 words - selected parts in bold

      by , 06-11-2018 at 02:50 PM
      Closing the computer around 7.


      A lot of vague parts in the beginning. Something with my mom and some nature trip thing. Something with a bug?

      Something with the names of countries. And needing a special note book to be a writer. One with thin lines but then to write each letter 2 lines tall, and leave one line between. Something with name countries. one country was name Patrick. It had to do with Africa.

      I remember my mom working under some kind of window panel thing. I wanted to erase or clean the windows but it was under copyright.

      Maybe something similar to Super Mario 64? For some reason I can remember that now.

      Something with N M, R K, and some Pea Protein jug I won in a competition. The freshness seal looked funny. I wanted to keep the protein but there was something weird about it.

      I remember cutting my hair, then being in a panic. I had cut it un-evenly. I didn't want to cut that much because I wanted my hair to cover my ears. This way I could wear ear plugs any where and hide them under my hair. I was looking in the mirror, horrified, wondering how to fix it. Then, I hoped it was a dream. It turned out it was and the dream shifted, giving me a second chance. I even remember adjusting my head angle in the mirror, to see if it fit.

      Something with designing some computer program on Game Boy DS. Something with someone named Drew. A Nintendo DS building with a black material on the outside similar to DS product. A R saying how he used it to make his design. Had to be on Drew's mail relay.

      I woke up directly from one scene but these were hard to remember. Probably due to being first round of dreams. I could tell there were so much more details.

      Back to bed...


      Round 2 of dreams was an RBFA. This has been going on for a few nights now. I hope it gets better and I start re-remembering the details from round 2 of dreams.

      There was something with a class room setting. And a heavy person in the desks. He was mad about something. Maybe some thing with R K.

      I do remember waking up really groggy and I kept visualizing that I was filling out a form. Then I would try to think of details and go back to filling out the form in my mind. I didn't wake up directly from the dream and it was difficult to recall so (notWUDD-2).


      I fell back to sleep for round 3 of dreams. This round was my best recall of the night even though it, too, was groggy. I was groggy during recall tonight. I don't know what to attribute it to.

      First thing I remember is R M asking me how to lose weight. The Grey Sheet program came to mind. A S was already on it. So I was excited to tell R M about it. I forgot some other parts of that scene. But I remember I flew somewhere.

      Next thing I remember is something in my Nana's room. J S was taking Xanax and 5 to 10 times the serving size. Then we were at a beach and he was talking to a woman like N. I felt bad because she didn't know he was on drugs. But he probably was sounding very "smooth" due to the drugs, temporarily. I remember they were over by the water.

      Then I remember a part with these stair climber elliptical machines. There were sandals on the foot pedals of one. I was showing a woman how to use it. We also talked about nutrition. Something about a protein serving and a fat serving at each meal. I wasn't sure how to distribute the quantity. One option was a certain protein quantity and a certain quantity of peanut butter.

      Then I remember another dream with pea protein. I had sent in an e-mail asking for a quality check on my current jug of pea protein. They sent me a new jug which felt like a totally different texture. It was much finer. I scooped it with my black cup measure like I use in waking life.

      Then I was talking with some guys about the morning routine. They said how they go for a run then drink a coffee and sit on the toilet. Then they imitated fart noises, demonstrating what happened when they sat on the toilet with a coffee. Kinda funny.

      One guy was from another country. There was a mirror in the bathroom stall. He was saying how he got in trouble in private school or something like that. Another foreign person, maybe African, was saying how he could have made millions of dollars on his online selling business if only he had slightly reduced his prices.

      In the next scene I remember, I was preparing to have a Pokemon battle in my room. 3 Pokemon were going to come up to fight my Pokemon. Their group had an Exeggutor, another one I forgot, and a very intimidating water/dragon/ice legendary. I was mainly worried about the water/dragon/ice legendary. On my team, I know I had Arcanine. I forgot the rest. I might have actually been in the fight myself.

      When the Pokemon eventually arrived up in my room to battle, I hid behind my bed. But then I got up and started giving everyone a hug. I hugged the Exeggutor. It became more like a giant Epipremnum in a pot. I told the opponent Pokemon, "We're not battling yet. Lets hug first." So they just hugged before the battle began.

      When the actual battle began it became a card game I was seeing from above. They had some kind of Spider card and another card with no HP. The Spider card attacked and I calculated that I could do 11,000 damage in return. It's max HP was 14,000 or sp. Then, their other card attacked. Its move was to roll a barrel and roll something else at the opponent. It only worked if they rotated their energy card 90 degrees. A grass energy. There were no numbers involved so I figure it was a one-hit K O. They won the game.

      Then I was in super mario galaxy. Mario was training Little Wario on a space ship. Mario tried to jump to a little space ship with another Mario who had a glowing speech bubble thing above his head. But there was no where flat to land so he kept slipping off and falling into space.

      After that I was Doug Funny from the show, "Doug." I was thinking about how to impress everyone at this event. Suddenly, I was at a white boxing ring. It was surrounded by people. Someone who looked like a side-character from "Doug" said he would be my opponent. I was nervous.

      Luckily the scene shifted and I had a pool cue. So then I was supposed to shoot pool balls into this closet accross the room. Everyone was amazed. I think I aimed perfectly and knocked over bowling pins. Then I managed to make the ball bounce to the side and knock over shoes from a shelf.

      Then the closet transformed and the pool cue thing went away and there were some women in the closet sitting down. One woman had these shoulder pad things removed. Well, they were like two bones that poked up beside her neck but came off. They were blended into her skin with some kind of putty. It was so another woman could wear them. I can't tell what purpose they would have served.

      I needed the bathroom (in the dream) so I thought I would go up stairs. It would be less busy up there. I ran up the stairs instead of going up carefully, like I did in waking life that day. When I got up to my room the room I thought was a bathroom was a recording studio. 3 people were recording a song or pod cast thing while riding stationary bikes in there. It was supposed to be motivational. I remember when I opened the door, I closed it quickly, because the guy didn't have a shirt on.

      When they finished, they came out of the recording studio. One of the guys was saying how his hip flexors were sore. I was glad to know an easy remedy for that. My hip flexors in the dream were a little sore, too. So I suggested that I could go get the foam roller. I would get it for him and return. He decided to come with me. Someone else was telling him, "Wait for your man," meaning me, the guy who would get him the foam roller.

      Someone was loading a squat rack with 225 or 275. We ended up getting 25 pound plates instead of a foam roller.

      While we were out looking for a foam roller we passed through this food court thing. I saw a guy doing 405 pound squats. He did each rep to varying depth. At first I thought it was no good due to the lack of depth but when I looked back he was doing them to parallel or lower. Also it looked like there were only weights on one side of the bar at first. I think there was a food court in the back ground. The background looked grey.

      Then the guy I was with said, "WTF is that?" And I looked and saw some guys with helmets and big plastic noses. One had some clear bells or cups and he said he had to fill them with... poop? The other guy had the same types of cups or bells but they were a brilliant gold color. It had something to do with justice.

      Right now as I write this I am getting glimpses of other dream details but only in a very vague way.

      I recalled these once I woke up. I guess it was (notWUDD-4). Tonight I must have been sleeping more deeply because I didn't wake up directly from REM sleep as much.


      Round 4 of dreams was RBFA. I re-remembered some, but not all.

      The earliest thing I remember is being in a class room from my high school. It was S S D's class. J D was there and some other people. I was teaching them how to use the A C A Red Book. It was in a back pack. I think I was saying to live life a little bit without thinking of it, then read it and kind of reflect on the experiences in light of what the book said.

      There was a part where a wealthy person had gone on a date. He wanted to send an e-mail to the person saying he enjoyed the date. He had his assistant write the e-mail. I remember carrying a computer screen down some stairs. Uncle J was at the next floor down. We talked a little. One of us had a sandwich.

      In one dream scene I had a pair of boxers which I had attempted to hand wash. So, it was wet. I wanted to hang it somewhere to dry. I looked everywhere for a concealed place with some kind of rack, but couldn't find one. I explained my difficult to my room-mate. He said that there were places to hang wet clothes everywhere, and once I did the "spiritual work" I would be able to see them. I think what he meant was that I could hang them any where but it was my own judgment or modesty that made me think they needed a special place.

      I remember a scene where I was writing in the bathroom, near the sink. At first I was using different Fii Write apps with lines accross the screen. Then I got a sheet of paper. I wanted to write my dream details because I thought I'd woken up. With the sheet of paper, I used a pencil, planning to erase the dream details once I was done because it was my dad's paper. I felt bad when the pencil wouldn't be fully erased. It left little faint copies of the words I had written. So i figured I would just write my whole dream on it any way.

      There was something outside where my cousin J had quit drinking and smoking. Now she was saving lots of money. I was explaining the good news of this to her mom. There was water near by and a dock.

      I remember another scene when I went to a restaurant to try to get a job. There was a Hispanic fellow that came up from down stairs to interview me. He was pretty harsh. I think he said it was clear I could not do this job.

      The last scene I remember is of being at a cafeteria table with some friends. There were trays of food there. One of my friends was sitting right accross from the garbage can. I didn't think that was a good idea. I think they said I was making too big a deal out of it. I don't remember much about the scene but I think I was too tired and just sat with them anyway, even though it was near the garbage.

      So, I woke up and recalled these. I think to make them "stick" in my head, I have to go over them 2-3 times and form a solid memory. If I just go over them once in my mind it won't be enough. So I couldn't re-remember as much of these dreams the next time I woke up. Also, I didn't wake up directly from REM on these, either. So it was (notWUDD-4).


      After a little while, I fell back to sleep, and had more dreams. I remember being in a Mario game. It was like the castles in Super Mario World from Super Nintendo. I had some kind of cape power but I could also shoot green shells out in front of me. I got to one of those boxes on the ground that seemed to have some special item inside. So my plan was to shoot it with a shell to make the item come out. Well, I ended up hitting myself with the shell, and losing my power.

      But then the game continued and I had another power. I could be partially see-through. I climbed this fence thing like in some Mario castles. I saw that in the background of the level there was some kind of gate. I phased through the fence and went along the Z-axis to go to that gate. (Normally, in Super Mario World, there was no Z-axis movement, only X (side to side) or Y (up and down.)) I flew over some lava but my flight couldn't take me all the way to the gate. The gate had some words on it which I forgot. Then the game ended.

      In the next scene I can remember, I was in a town. On the side walk. I wanted to cross the street. There was a cross walk, but it was very faded. I started to walk accross it but then a car wanted to go. I stopped in the cross walk to let them go, but then they insisted that I go. As I continued walking I realized the cross walk was very faded and I didn't realize I had the right of way. Then I was walking down an exit ramp. It was very curvy with yellow on the side barriers. I wondered if I was supposed to be walking on an exit ramp like that. I was trying to call my dad, I think. I wondered what he would think of me walking there.

      I remember a scene of being in my Nana's room. She was in her bed and I was sitting on the side. She was watching TV. I really wanted to watch channel 88. She wanted to watch something else. Eventually she gave in and flipped to channel 88. (I don't watch TV in waking life and have no clue what that corresponds to.) In the dream it was a news channel, not what I intended. There was some burning and carnage as if it was showing a war zone. I felt bad for insisting to watch channel 88. That wasn't what my Nana wanted to see either.

      The last dream I could remember was of an A C A e-mail from L. He was saying that there was some kind of convention coming up. Or there had already been one. Another woman from A C A sent us all an e-mail of a video she did about A C A. L began to smooth-talk her, saying that they should go for coffee together, and discuss the video. Maybe he would include it in the next conference. I could tell it was mainly just to get her to go on a date with him though.

      I recalled what I could of those. I think it was (notWUDD-3). So recall was definitely difficult tonight. I wonder if I adrenalized too much during the day or if it was just an off night. But I will try to see what I can do.

      I stayed in bed until around 7:30, resting. I was mainly re-playing the dreams in my mind, as well as, having some other waking life related thoughts poke their way in.
    7. 3,399 words - elected parts in bold

      by , 06-10-2018 at 01:55 PM
      A lot of cool battle dreams and creatures in my dreams tonight as well as a character-assisted LD + dream food moment.

      3,399 words


      I woke up an hour or 2 after laying down and used the rest room. Fell back to sleep easily.


      Round 1 of dreams was very interesting. I had more stuff in the beginning I forgot.

      My first memory of it was going along B Avenue. And something about setting it up for someone or myself that every day they would get the same food. Same flavor, same quantity. The goal of that was that there would never be any excitement or anticipation. They would know what was coming and just be able to eat it. There was some kind of protein like tuna and some kind of vegetable or fruit, I think.

      During that part, I remember trying to park my car in this parking lot. I had 2 cars. I was trying to get parking spots for both. One, was a kind I wanted to back into, so that I'd be able to pull out easier later. There was a cornered spot blocked out by lines that I almost tried parking in. 'Whoops!' I said. 'Not that one.'

      Then I vaguely remember some parts with my cousin J, Nana, other relatives, maybe M R, Aunt C, Aunt B, maybe dad or Uncle C.. Maybe sister. Not sure exactly. Smething with a library.

      I remember walking by this thing, I forgot what it was. Maybe a carnival kind of thing but not really. Anyway I saw J R and he was off to the side. Preparing for something.

      Eventually we all got to a point where we were about to face off against some knights from a castle or something like that. Only, we had no preparation. I was like, "You want us to fight them with spears? Without having given us any spear training?" Our general seemed to think that we should just be able to use a spear without any preparation. I was so scared to get hurt.

      I remember some drawings of a castle. And some print on it. I tried erasing it to buy time. The print was in ink and got a little dimmer but didn't fully go away. I tried to cross out the last few words, which we jumbled. That didn't work and they ended up asking me to remove some of the cross outs because I had ventured into crossing out non-jumbled words.

      Eventually, it was time for the enemies to come. We stood ready. I was going to be one of the first fighters. At first I thought it would be one fight at a time. And I wanted to escape the other way and avoid any fights. But I was in the first group.

      Six enemies appeared. When I looked closer, they were 3 to 5 Transmetal Tarantulas, and 1 to 3 of these other red and black characters. They were meant to be "demons". That made it a little easier for me than just knights. I instinctively started blasting energy balls at them and numbers appeared on them, showing damage. Then I rushed them and was able to deal 3 digits worth of damage with each hit, destroying them quickly. I was relieved at how easy it was. I felt myself operating a video game controller.

      The Tarantulas were able to wrap around me and bind me. It didn't do any damage, just held me in place. I tried to shake the joy stick and mash the buttons to get out. Eventually I was able to kick one off the level, since we were near the edge. I saw that my character was Black Arachnia from beast wars. The Tarantulas had got me to a point where I fell off the level. But then I re-spanwed on a part that I would inevitably fall again from. This repeated a few times until I scrambled back up onto solid ground.

      I defeated some more of the "enemies" until they were all gone. I was really happy with my fighting skills. I flew up to the ceiling and waited. I noticed N P and another woman setting up some black tape, dangling from a ceiling beam. That was their part in the battle. They were on the enemy team. I flew over and cut up the tape. Turned out it was too soon. I had ruined all their work before it was ready. We had to re-start. More Transmetal Tarantulas appeared.

      **BTW I don’t mean Tarantulas like the spider. I mean the Beast Wars character. It is a humanoid robot who can transform into a robotic spider thing. But I was battling it in its humanoid robot form.

      I am not sure if anything else happened. I was getting one memory of an earlier scene but it is too vague. I don't remember if I WUDD (woke up directly from dream) or it took some time. But the difficulty of remembering them was a little higher. So... nWUDD-2?

      Back to bed! I think for the rest of the night I will try to hold the dreams in my head, until morning.


      I had another cool round of dreams that I will type even though its not morning yet. I might have even had a round 2 of dreams, RBFA, and then had round 3 here. I'm not sure.

      My earliest memory of it involved a woman walking down the street. I wanted to join her. Something about a pharmacy. There was a big Rite Aid pharmcy thing with big red trapezoid logos over the top of the brown building. I felt like we were in that town in waking life. I wanted to walk with her. She seemed to like me. There was a lot more even earlier that I forgot! I think I rmemeber being in a food store with her.

      I remember we got into a restaurant. At first we sat in a booth in the corner. But then, because it was slow, we moved over to a circular table in the middle of the restaurant. Eating with various people. I went back to the booth to check where our desserts were. They had started clearing the table, so one plate of one brown dessert was stacked on top of another plate of some white and brown striped tubular desserts, like long canolis. One was crushed under the plate but one was in tact.

      I remember the waitress came by and I said that we were still eating here but had just moved temporarily to the middle table. But we wanted both tables. She said it was okay.

      I remember some religious people talking. It made me angry to hear the religious stuff. One woman on the far right had a halo thing with flower petals. White. She was saying some kind of doubt. Another woman came along and tried to stop her from saying any doubts. She had a halo with yellow flower petal things. I was annoyed because she wasn't letter her think for herself.

      Then the actor from Transformers, S B, had another circular thing but this time it was different. It showed some kind of diagram. He was saying how there was a two thousand foot tall nuclear B in England. I started to panic, too. 'Why am I watching the news?!' I thought. He went on to show Depth Charge and Optimal Optimus. And how he was going to create a new Transformers movie to help save the world.

      I was surprised to see Depth Charge in it. My favorite character. It showed D C up close, at the bottom of the ocean. Then, a train coming in a tunnel. D C blasted the train with his hand cannons. When the train was close enough, he jumped to the side and let it go by. Instead of going by, the train stopped. A predacon pretending to be a maximal poked his head out the door. "Depth Charge! Come on in!"

      It looked like Depth Charge fell for it. He went into the train. The predacon guy led him to a statis pod urgently, telling him to get in there to be healed. I knew that it was a trap. And Depth Charge would be locked in the statis pod and harmed or just trapped. Luckily, Depth Charge caught on to this, too. It showed his arm raising up and then he used his hand cannon to propel his elbow to elbow the guy behind him really hard, sending him flying. Good move. Two more predacons appeared to fight but Depth Charge defeated them.

      Tarantulas appeared again. Only this time, Tarantulas voice was coming from a flat, rectangular centipede thing with lots of legs. Like a mix of a scorpion, a centipede and the shape of a dollar bill. Blue body and orange legs. Anyway it was in that moment that I thought it might be a dream because this character was so surreal and out of the normal character convention of Beast Wars. However, I didn't become lucid. Even if I did, I was just watching from outside.

      I think Depth Charge moved on a little. But eventually I was just imagining what would happen if Rampage came along and fought Depth Charge. I think I had partially woken up but instead of going right to recall, I laid there imagining the next scenario. Of Rampage and Depth Charge fighting.

      Eventually I was in another dream. It was a cartoon of some kids who wanted to play with Pokemon. Or it was something saying the original episodes of Pokemon aired in 2004. And it showed the cartoons. The kids were colored in yellow. It showed 2 kids out playing but their parents wanted them to go home and eat dinner, so they could do their homework before bed. So the parents called out something that would make them want dinner. It showed a picture of a waffle with some berries on top and the kids started to want to head home.

      It also showed another yellow person (cartoon) in the water swimming. He had on no clothes. He swam along and said something. I forgot what it was.

      One last thing I remember was walking around a house, thinking of Rocket Power. And thinking of the characters objecting to homework. I wanted to make a comic where the kids had to go to school all day and it showed them sitting around doing speech bubbles but with complex mathemetical equations in the speech bubbles.

      I did not recall directly at the end of the dream because I laid there thinking about "Homework. Bummer, dude." In a Rocket Power voice before I noticed I had woke up from dreams. So it was (notWUDD-3).

      Now, I typed it and hopefully will get back to sleep easily. I would have let myself RBFA but I felt restless.


      It took a little while but I managed to fall asleep again. And I slept pretty well. But woke up with no dreams. There was one thought in my mind from a dream that I can't re-remember now.


      I stayed still and fell to sleep again. This time I had a bunch of dreams.

      In the first dream I remember, I was in a doctor's office. At the medical plaza near the food store. Where I went as a kid. I remember comforting some kids there. And drawing some kind of outer space picture with crayons or markers. I remember using the color blue. I was visualizing being in space as I fell asleep.

      I was downstairs laying on the fold out bed. Sharing on a phone meeting. I remember feeling like I wasn't saying much. I heard my sister come down the stairs. She was singing. It was like an opera voice. I told the people on the phone listening that I would have to go.

      There was one lucid part when P S, J R and S H, (some friends from middle and high school), were sitting out in the street, indian style. Facing the buildings on one side of the road. I joined them. One of them passed me a coffee cake. "Quick! Eat it!" they said. "It's because the universe loves you!" The words 'lucid dream' came to my mind. I guess it was a character-assisted lucid dream. I ate the dessert food and it was delicious. I also quickly passed some to the person to my right because I really wanted them to have some too. I'm so glad I remembered that.

      In another dream there was a pushy woman at the end of a W A meeting. She was demanding some information for a conference. I think the moderator asked her to wait. I remember walking with her around and up some stairs. I vaguely remember the building, but can't describe it. There was a cube with a screen on it, in the air. It had some statistics or information on it. Maybe part of her work. I continued to walk with her up some stairs.

      I remember seeing my reflection. In the dream it looked like I hadn't cut my hair in 5 years. I spun my head back and forth to whip it around. When I looked again, my hair was puffed out even wider than my shoulders. It was so cool!

      We were near an elevator. There was a digital scale on the floor. I wanted to weigh myself. Not sure why. I stepped on and it was skewed. "How do I zero it?" I asked. Then a little button appeared with the number zero near it. I pressed that with my toe and more seemingly random numbers appeared. Also, it showed a globe, and a number like, "088,855,888" which I think was indicating a number of people. Also, to zero the scale, it did something with an exponent raised to the negative third power.

      Then there was something with W S (an actor) and some kind of re-birthing thing. His body was put in space or something in this chamber for re-birthing. And then it would be stronger. I remember some golden fluid around his body but not much else.

      The surreal stuff continued. There was a character with a really cool helmet. He was floating through the water in this easter-egg shell thing that opened and closed. I think it was orange or pink. He had other humans in there with him but they didn't have helmets. He kept saying something like, "The world! The world! The world!" Unfortunately I don't remember the exact phrase. But it was cool.

      Then I remember flying around my Nana's back yard. There was some kind of green gunk on some of the white siding on her house. I flew above the sliding door over her kitchen and ran my finger along a thin white panel thing. A bunch of green algae stuff came off. I felt a sense of wanting to clean the whole thing.

      Next I remember being at my college house. I was brushing my teeth. I remember being in the kitchen. There was a sink disposal thing and a lot of yucky food in the sink. Also yucky food on the floor. I wanted to pick it up and throw in the garbage. I remember something with R K near the paper towel dispenser. He didn't like how it was positioned right above the garbage, because the roll had fallen out, and fallen into the garbage.

      I remember a part with Vegeta. Someone was training Vegeta. Trying to challenge him to fly up 10,000 feet. He seemed hesitant to go that high without a parachute, in case he lost energy and started falling to the ground. There was a big body of water near by and some mountain ridges they were on. There was also something about flying on someone else's back.

      In the body of water I started to notice this giant cone shaped creature. It was several hundred feet tall and had thousands of worm shaped heads poking out from every spot. It reminded me of some kind of alien from Animorphs. It was dark blue. It just kept going back and forth along the body of water it inhabited.

      I remember being Marco from Animorphs. I wanted to morph into an eagle or similar bird to fly up high. I think I flew into the water. Then I felt the big cone creature coming near, even though I had no eye sight. So, I quickly swam up out of the water. Transitioning from swimming under water to flying above the surface was simple and I got onto dry land. I wondered how intelligent the thousand headed cone creature was. 'If it is intelligent, what did it think of a human morphing into an eagle?' I thought.

      That part faded out a little and then I was flying around some more. I remember hearing a religious extremist guy talking. I forgot what he said. I saw a lap top screen and tried to press some buttons. And the legs of a tall chair maybe. The scenery started to take the shape of the upstairs of my current house. I think I woke up directly from that part.

      I would say this was kind of difficult to recall. Mainly because it was a lot of RBFA and going back to sleep again. So once it was all done, I had to really dig to get those memories back. Luckily, I got most of them. The first scene with the doctors office I remembered better the first time. So I'd rate it WUDD-3.

      I laid back down to think them through. My body felt heavy and I thought I might sleep again. However, I did not sleep again. So I went to start the day.
    8. 5,880 words - Selected parts in Bold

      by , 06-09-2018 at 02:37 PM
      I'm already tired and it's only 6:23 P M! Well, I will go to bed early.

      It was 5,880 words and I had 3 Lucid Dreams. That might be a personal best on word counts.


      Going to bed really early, I must have fallen asleep before 7:30. That's great.

      First round of dreams. I'm not sure if I woke up directly from the dream. I forgot which way the numberical scale went, but it was easier to remember than most first-round of dreams.

      I'm sure I forgot earlier, earlier stuff. I think I had a girlfriend. Maybe M C. I remember talking with her. I remember playing some kind of baseball game. Except, there was no pitcher. I was going to have to pitch the ball to myself and then run to the home plate and hit it from there. The ball was red, I think. I had no idea how to coordinate all this, but they wanted me to be first up to bat. I told them I need someone else to go first so I can observe their technique. I think G F was there.

      Next scene I remember is being at Nana's. Being on her couches in her living room with Dad, Uncle C, and other relatives. something about Dad and Uncle C Smoking something. There was also the basis for some kind of meeting, perhaps W A, from which the woman and I related.

      Then I remember a part with this packet. In the packet there ws a paper that said something bad about certain groups of people. I took the pamplet apart, and just crossed out the name of the group of people, to replace it with "Smokers". Someone almost caught me doing that. I quickly scrambled to fold all the pages back together. There were big drawings of some kind of animals I had to fold back along the creases. I think I also waited around a corner for someone.

      In an office kind of place, I remember making a lot of noise as I headed for the shower. Not sure why. There was this part I forgot. But then O A and C V came to the shower. (Before I was un-dressed.) And started to annoy me. I particularly remember O A pinching me. The bullying felt really severe. D G also came by. Eventually I agreed to leave there and go live somewhere else if they just gave me time to gather my stuff from the locker room, and look up one more thing in the online database. D G was holding up my pad lock to show everyone the deal was being done.

      I remember I had a text book. I forgot the subject matter but I was trying to look up one particular concept to review from various points in the book. I was in the middle school library of my middle school. G D came up from behind me with another book. She told me it was an Earth Science kind of book. There were various calculations in there. it also showed how there were mushroom types of creatures living in space. They were white and the red caps were actually a separate organism or item that joined them over time. I remember the dream gave a vivid demonstration as G D explained it to me. However, I wasn't interested. I just wanted the specific thing from my book. After I got my online query met, I would have to use library computers from then on.

      I remember R from A C A had been sponsoring a woman in A A. He also was the treasurer of this A A meeting. The only problem was, he had been drinking lots of vodka on Fridays. I kept thinking how he was in Vietnam. And how I guess A A elders could drink if they wanted. I told everyone I thought he was great, ignoring the news about his drinking.

      I also just remembered a part of being in a really hot room. And if I just opened a little window the hot air could get out.

      I remember going on this web forum. I was going to make a thread title like "Linkin Park - Meteora" or some other "Artist - Title" and then a list of songs. Then, I realized that I never listened to the songs anyone else posted. So I decided to go and do that. It showed someone whose forum name I forgot, posting something. Maybe a Spanish name. Then the person who replied said something in English and also included a Spanish translation. Something about the same song. I don't quite remember what it was.

      There was something with M from Grey sheet. He was doing a share in a meeting. A share about how he wanted to do his art or prepare for his movie but he had to think about others first. The fake-ness made me cringe, like a similar share I had heard in waking life that day. Not really fakeness because I don't think he even knew he was faking. Not only that but it was just really negative self-talk.

      I think there was one more thing before I woke up. But I don't know what it was!

      Okay, back to bed. I typed those because If I RBFA the first round of dreams I don't think I will re-remember it.


      Round 2 of dreams was largely lost in RBFA. With round 2 of dreams I usually don't need to get up to use the bath room so I stay in bed and think them through. I will usually remember a good amount but I'm unable to re-remember it all later. However, I guess the sleepiness factor is still such that I drift off to sleep in the middle of thinking, 'If I stay still I can keep getting more details.' I eventually hope to find a solution to this.

      So, as stated, there was a bunch I forgot.

      One part in my high school's drive way that I had OTTOTT but couldn't remember more of.

      Something with D F (friend from college) maybe discussing medicine in 24 S bathroom. Too vague.

      There was a dance party in an auditorium thing that I remembered. I didn't have the ideal clothes though.

      In the next part, I was on some kind of blog or social media site. K had an account there. She was on my friends list but not actively looking at my posts. it was like a dream journal blog. Someone else had came along and made a nice comment. I appreciated it but wondered why K wasn't interested in me any more. The other person's name started with M. (It wasn't anyone from waking life.)

      So like I said, I had an RBFA, and forgot the other 50% or more. I guess its not until the third REM cycle that I'm really forming solid memories.


      Round 3 of dreams had a lot of continuity with Round 2 due to not moving between rounds. It began at 24 (which is what I will call my parents old house from now on.)

      I remember another scene where someone had parked their car in the wrong place. Something like that. There was a giant dog, like 12 feet tall. A black dog. Meant to guard the place. So it approached the place and went through the gate. The gate was only a frame and had no bars in the middle. It walked right up to where the car was. Only now it was a bunch of kids cowering there. It was really cold out. I think the dog didn't detect them, and walked away.

      I remember seeing the little kids, then being one of them from the first-person. We decided to run back inside. Because it was freezing cold, we thought it would feel weird to move our ankles. But we made a bee-line for the house. There were icy puddles we had to go around. It was night time. And kinda scary. Something, maybe a dog or a big bird, came up to get us. I think the dream shifted before anything happened.

      Then I was going through something with being in a relationship with K. But she needed space and I wasn't picking up on that. She was kind of pushing me away though. Anyway we were in an auditorium like the earlier dream. Only this time, sitting around having a meeting. K was the chair person. She said how she was tired of sitting next to the same person on the train every morning. (Meaning, me.) Someone in front shared. Then M B shared about T R, who was behind her, diagonal by one spot to her left. They were a couple. I forgot what she said. B F, another row behind T R, said that he could hear singing. It was a joke though, because there was no singing. He was just pretending.

      I remember looking at a little philips head screw, formulating a share in my mind. I wanted to tell everyone about my dreams so far. It occurred to me that I had been dreaming a long time. I remembered one scene of a black silhouette kind of figure becoming someone else. That's what made me feel like there had been so many parts of rounds 2 and 3 I forgot.

      S S was sharing. I thought to myself that since K was the chair person for the meeting, maybe I would be better off not sharing. Because, I didn't think she would want to hear me even more! And I could process it later.

      For round 3 of dreams, I woke up directly from the dreams, I think, and the parts I did remember were fairly easy. I had some brain fog. (WUDD-5?) But one thing I think that cost me a lot of details was I needed the rest room within 5 minutes of waking up. I still think of the dreams as I go, but I think having to move kind of dis-lodges them. Once I lay back down I can resume some recall.


      Round 4 of dreams seemed a little smaller. Actually it took a while to fall asleep after having difficulty recalling rounds 2 and 3. I almost thought I'd get up and write them. But sleep did come.

      I remember one part where there was an Eckhart Tolle voice. He was saying a story about how two guys had listened to his talks and decided the world was too noisy so they went somewhere quiet and peaceful. But he said it as a silly joke because of the "wherever you go there you are" thing. I think that it's true to some extent but also a peaceful and quiet place is still better than a noisy place.

      I also dreamed about a hot glue gun. I was using it on my desk at 24. There were metal inserts which provided the glue. I remember having trouble operating it. The room was bright. I think some glue leaked and burned my hand. I tried to un-plug it. Nothing was working.

      There was a third part but once I thought of the Eckhart Tolle and hot glue gun parts, the third part had vanished!

      I reviewed those in my mind, re-played rounds 2 and 3, and eventually drifted to sleep again.


      I got back to sleep without much difficulty. The first thing I can remember is heading to 24 and knowing mom and sister were moving out. I hoped that mom would leave one mattress in the house so I could sleep there if I wanted to, until it was sold.

      As I approached the house, I saw that mom was putting a mattress in the back of the moving truck. She was throwing a bunch of stuff in there. It wasn't in boxes or organized in any way. She was just tossing everything right in it. The moving truck was in the slanted drive-way. When I tried to walk up along side it, she got mad at me and said to go around and up the steps.

      I tried to go up the steps part but there was a towel covering the path between the bushes. Also I was afraid there would be a spider in there, even though she said there wouldn't. I walked back around by the truck and went inside.

      Mom was also dismissive once I got inside. I sat on some couches. I wanted to type my dreams. My sister let me use her lap top briefly, but then needed it back. So, I never got to type them. One theme of tonight's dreams was trying to type my dreams somewhere, because I kept letting myself RBFA and hold them in my head all night. I think I tried it at least 3 times in various non-lucid dreams.

      I remember one short scene, maybe when I was on the way to somewhere. I was driving down a road. A car backed out of a drive way and some how went on a slant that had their car perpendicular to the ground. Like the drivers side of the car was parallel with the ground. Kind of hard to explain. I didn't become lucid but I wondered how that was physically possible, without the car flipping over.

      There must have been some stuff I forgot. FSH. I remember I had a job though. It was kind of like being a store clerk. I remember some people came in. They had Chicago accents. I remember imitating it or noticing it. They thought I was making fun of them. "No, I like Chicago accents!" I said. "I wouldn't mock them." The accents were very subtle but pretty cool.

      A big fellow gave me 20 dollars. I figured it was for the store. I went to look for where to put it. There was a donations box on the wall. M C tried to tell me to put it there. But it didn't seem quite right.

      My employer was behind the counter. He had brown hair. I think his name was Chris or something else with a "C". I was waiting for him to demonstrate stuff to me. He seemed like he would be busy for a while so I decided to go do some typing. I figured I would type up my work experience so far to help me process it, and then make some notes about the dreams I hadn't written yet while I was there. I knew I was on the clock so I had to make it work-related some how. I kept justifying it in my mind.

      I was thinking of where my Lenovo lap top was. It must have been in my back pack. Since I had moved to a new place to get this job. Instead of using that, I found the computer lab. It had a bunch of monitors. I remember looking at an old school computer and noticing the slow computer speed. But there seemed to be enough operating speed to type words without any lag in a basic note pad.

      M from Florida was a few seats to my left. He was reading his old journals out loud. One of them said something like, "I don't want to sit near Charles." I was trying not to let his reading out loud bother me while I tried to type, but it made it difficult to concentrate. I wanted to ask him to stop talking out loud and just think in his head since I was doing my work in my head and quietly. Before asking him to adjust, I figured I would go get my ear muffs.

      He asked me about the computer set-up. I said that I wanted to put the key board and mouse on my lap for better arm positioning.

      The key board was such that if I pressed one key there would be a corresponding spot on the screen that would get dimmer. So I experimented with different keys. Once it was dimmed all the way, I would use the up arrow, at the top right of the key board, to bring the brightness back up. I only managed to actually write a little bit. In a dream I am easier to distract!

      Then one of the manager people came in and told me it seemed like I had a cold, or asthma. Because I kept on blowing my nose and coughing or sneezing. He said that I could go on sick leave. 'And still get paid?' I thought. 'Sounds good!'

      Before we got up and left I remember seeing this website with some yellow design. It said something about June 2018 and how I had kept my job all this time. However, even during the dream, I knew that June 2018 was this current month and so it was funny that it wasn't a long time. But they had a lot of articles about it. I think this may have been when the dream rolled the credits. It might have been later but I will just describe it now. My dream rolled credits which had a bunch of character names who had played the parts. I knew it was a dream when I saw the credits roll because my dream sometimes likes to roll credits after a scene.
      So, I followed the manager guy out of the office. I noticed it was dark outside already but only 4 or 5 P M. I realized that I wouldn't really want to work that late due to it causing me to drive past dark to get home. I wondered why I signed up in the first place. I kept walking down the hall.

      We got further down the hall to someone at a desk. He was in a blue shirt with a silver name tag. I figured he was like the owner, or an executive. I was thirsty and had an empty cup. He had a water cooler. It was green but it had some plants growing in it and looked gunky. I remember 2 or 3 water spickets with maybe red, blue and yellow knob things. I wanted some water but was afraid this water would be contaminated.

      Now that I think of it, it was day time outside again. There were big glass windows over here. Paul Rudd was to my left. He asked me if I wanted some water. Or if I thought something was wrong with it. I said that I didn't trust the water's cleanliness, but didn't want to insult the guy at the desk. In case my concerns were coming more from my O C D instead of there really being a problem. I explained that sometimes there is a time to speak up about something but I wasn't sure if this was that time. Paul Rudd started crying. He said something like, "That's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard." I think this was where that part ended. I might have briefly woken up in my bed but I'm not sure.

      Then I was looking at a web-site again. One of the thumb nails was a book called, "Where does feminism lead?" The words were all in something like times new roman except the word "lead" which was in thick blue script. The back ground was white and the text was dark blue.

      Then it showed a couple in a high-end cafe. The man was seated with a donut thing and a piece of chocolate cake on top of it. He was about to take a bite with it in his hands. "You know that's a chocolate cake on a donut, right?" His girl friend said as she sat to join him. He acknowledged it, and put the donut down. But then took a giant bite of the chocolate cake part which was half of it. Then the dream flipped from showing her face to his face and his appearance changed to a guy with short blond hair.

      This might have been where the credits rolled. I'm also not sure if the dream ended and I woke up briefly, or if I just went right on dreaming.


      I remember walking up some stairs with another fellow up to a meeting room. There were a bunch of open cabinets. They were made of nice finished wood and I wanted to dust them. There were paper towels on one cabinet. A man sat in a soft arm chair.

      I had an idea that I might get a job here if I helped enough. The man told me it might be an A C A meeting and that he was a therapist. He said that if I paid attention to him, I might find out when the meeting was! That was exciting because I wanted an in-person group to attend. Well, then I looked around and saw people seated all around the room. 'The meeting must be now!' I thought. 'What great timing!'

      He proceeded to tell me all the rules. I felt more like I was at an overly critical A A meeting. The guys there were pretty harsh. The share time was 3 minutes but one guy said if I shared over 50 seconds I'd be made wrong. It started to seem like a bad environment.

      Someone was smoking. Apparently they smoked in here despite the laws. That meant that when I had worked here before I had been exposed to third hand smoke! How infuriating. More people began to light up. 'Okay,' I thought. 'I want to be at the meeting so maybe I'll just open a window.' When I went near a window to open it, no one objected. I opened it but saw that 3 people right near the window were smoking, too. 'They're not gonna stop smoking. I gotta leave.'

      I started yelling, "Scum bags! Scum bags!" and left in a hurry. "Scum bag!" They called out after me. I was really angry. I ran down the stairs extra fast so they wouldn't chase me. I even jumped and slid down a pole.

      Guys with golf clubs appeared to catch me as I ran away. "He's gonna get hit by the train! Let's wedge him!" they called out. I saw the train tracks and wondered if they were going to beat me up then act like the train did it.

      I turned to the left to run that way, but more guys with golf clubs appeared 20-30 feet ahead. I was feeling a lot of that trapped, dream-like fear. 'This is really bad!' I thought. 'I'm gonna get beaten up by golf clubs!'

      Then the thoughts started to enter my mind. 'Lucid dream.' Huh? 'Its a lucid dream.' I realized... 'Yeah!!! This is a dream!!!' And felt a lot of relief. The guys started to close in on me. I wasn't sure if it would work, but I jumped up.

      I flew about 100 feet into the air. It felt awesome. The sky was bright blue. All the guys with golf clubs cheered for me. "He did it!!!" Stuff like that. I began to sing, "I'm on the highest of highs!" In the same tone as "My friends provided me, I'm an alligator in a tall, tall, tall tree." from another dream in February. I think I heard some other music or Eckhart Tolle's voice again.

      Then I started to stall in mid-air. I was really afraid that if I landed, they would catch me and beat me up. So I considered letting the dream end. I tried to stabilize it with with my mind first, and then keep my flight going. But I woke up directly from the dream. (WUDD - easy to remember)

      I thought, 'If that was my last dream of the night, I'm glad it ended on a high note!' But it wasn't. I laid there and re-played it in my mind. Then I re-played rounds 2, 3 and 4 again until I found myself back asleep.

      So it was an RBFA but I re-remembered all of it next time I woke. This is working so well because I'm actually getting more sleep this way and more dream time.


      I slept briefly again. When I woke up, I was surprised to find that I had slept. However, I didn't remember any dreams. I thought about rounds 2, 3, 4, and 5, and eventually fell asleep again.


      I will call this round 7. The first thing I remember is that I was at a kitchen table thing. Maybe at 15 S W. I had dialed in to the 9 A M A C A meeting. It was time for the sharing portion. I got in the queue and shared how I had a dream that guided me to come to this meeting today. I thought I sounded cool and spiritual.

      Then I remember being at 24. My mom was there again. I dreamed about her a lot tonight. She was busy around the kitchen. There was a plastic bag on the wall with some chunks of brown stuff in there. Maybe someone's elimination. I thought this should be disposed of but I think it disappeared on its own. I was thinking of going to look at cars, but I wondered if that was really the right thing to do. Maybe it was too "worldly".

      Next, I remember being in a house with a stair case. The stair case turned at 90 degrees after a few steps. My mom had been putting down these small rectangular rugs. I stopped to examine them. I was very surprised at how the brown rugs each had a design similar to the back of a Magic the Gathering Card! The ones on the floor had one version. The ones on each step had another. As I looked at them, I was on another phone meeting. I got in the queue to share.

      I wonder if those dreams were actually from round 6 but I didn't remember them until after waking from round 7.

      Next thing I remember is being in a room with my sister. There was some kind of animal she had to put outside. Maybe a bird? I don't remember. I do remember that she was at a table with paper clips all around the sides. She was distraught and wanted me to remove the paper clips. I said, sure. And tried to remove them. But I got side tracked and tried to put some in my hair.

      It became a food store. There was a manager guy who came up to my sister and I and began to talk. I don't know if he was talking down to us or what. But I became lucid. He was showing us a wooden or metal thing. I took it from him and took a big bite. I knew it was not food in waking life but in a dream I could make it food. It was hard to bite through but I did.

      I forgot a lot of these middle parts but it was just more of me going around the store, and eating dream food. I was eating anything I could off the shelves. The manager guy and some other people were following me around. I don't think they knew it was a dream. They were looking at me as if it was waking life.

      Eventually a woman was telling me that if I have so much power, I have to make sure not to use it to destroy the Earth. I have to use it for good causes. I just kept eating whatever I wanted. L O L. To show my power I flew down an aisle with my back to the ground and then flew back. My control was good.

      I noticed that there were eggs and bacon along one shelf. They were cooked. I did a double-take and walked back a few steps to get a roll or a bagel to put them on. When I looked, nothing looked edible. Except a bunch of oranges which I didn't want! I wanted an egg sandwich. I went back to find the eggs and they had vanished! I knew that the dream was making things vanish and materialize, maybe to make me become frantic. I resisted becoming frantic, and tried to relax. It helped me last a little longer. I noticed some cereal boxes up ahead. The cereal appealed to me. All I did to stabilize was just mental and emotional control.

      I ended up in another dream where I was at the end of a long bench. Lots of other people were to my left on the bench. A guy behind a brown counter kiosk thing was showing signs that showed how much damage I had caused. Some money for damage to the wood, damage to the food, some other things, and also a class my actions caused them to pay for. the class was about Love and it was at Harvard. It cost about 40 dollars. The total cost of all my destruction and eating was a couple hundred dollars. I don't know if I was still lucid. The guy behind the kiosk threw a smaller guy out front and he handed on his belly on the ground. He was the kid who had to take the "Love" class.

      'They should be paying me for all I taught them about lucid dreaming,' I thought. But I also kind of worried about the damage. I wondered how I'd ever earn that money. If I was lucid enough I would have liked to just materialize it all.

      So, the dream ended around there. I woke up directly from it and it was probably WUDD-5.

      There was only one dream out of them all tonight which was not a WUDD (wake up during dream). I forgot which one but that dream was much harder to remember.

      I used the rest room after recalling them. Then I re-played round 7 in my mind a few times to make the memory "solid". After I felt it was "stored" in my mind, I went back through all the dreams from rounds 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. I figured if I laid there and did that, I might fall asleep to one more dream. Or, by the time I got to the end, I'd know it was time to get up. Well, I didn't fall asleep again. What a great night of dreams. I got up around 6:30 A M and didn't finish writing them all until about 9:30 A M.
    9. 3,851 Words - Selected parts in Bold

      by , 06-08-2018 at 02:08 PM
      Closing comp at 7:33 P M.

      3,851 Words.

      RBFA = Recall but fall asleep
      WUDD = Wake up during dream
      OTTOTT = on the tip of the tongue
      FSH = Forgot something here


      First round of dreams. I think I dreamed of Pokemon, or some other field of cute animals. Vague.

      I think I dreamed of being out front on the side walk at the local food store. I had a cart of stuff.

      There was a part when I was at home and my mom was there to visit. But I could tell that my parents were separated, like in waking life. And wondered how they'd get along.

      I remember having some guests. Some male friends and a female friend. I felt that I wanted the female friend to like me.

      Typing those took a big push but I didn't want to just RBFA. back to bed now.

      I think I WUDD on these but had a hard time remembering them more due to grogginess.


      Round 2 of dreams. I remembered more initially but couldn't re-remember it later. I am noticing that rounds 1 and 2 of dreams seem to be the ones that I will recall some of, fall back sleep before I'm done recalling, and wake up, unable to re-remember what I initially recalled. Where as rounds 3, 4, 5 and so-on, I am able to wake up, usually recall everything I can (doesn't mean the whole dream but just everything I'm gonna be able to) and replay it in my mind a little, then go back to sleep. And re-remember it next time. So the fact that I can wait until morning to record rounds 3, 4, 5 and so-on helps me get alot more sleep. I am going to keep testing it and hope it continues to be true.

      Anyway in these dreams I remember something vague with a guy in a helmet thing?

      Then a part in a Mario level. I remember the background was navy blue. I was going to have to make a long jump and land on one of those grey platforms, but I fell short, and landed in the abyss. The next time I tried, I found out it was a water level and I could have just swam. There was a little gold star thing to pick up, like a coin.

      Like I said, I recalled a lot more than that, but it became an RBFA. I wasn't able to re-remember it next time.


      Round three of dreams. The first thing that I remember of these is a Pokemon card. It had the image of two Starmies facing out of a house. One was in the door. But the card was of a Fire Pokemon. I wondered why two Starmies were in the picture. The card text said something about Starmie and Staryu. They shot beams out of their middle abdomen thing.

      Next thing I remember is a black dog chasing me. It kept jumping up, and trying to bite me. I was flying from tree to tree. Not lucid though, as far as I know. Eventually, I chose to land near the dog. It turned out not to attack me, and it was nice. maybe my sister was there.

      Next I remember K from S W T. I saw him on a grey flight of stairs. I was pushing a shopping cart down the stairs, but basically letting it fall down multiple stairs at once, and crash down. He said I seemed really good at my job, and I was welcome to come work at S W T again. I knew right away that night shifts would not work for me. However, maybe I could work during the day. So I thought about it or we discussed it or both. At first day shifts sounded great because I could work until 5 or 6 and that would save a lot of the double shift waiters a lot of energy. But then I realized it was an out-door restaurant and people would be walking by smoking all day. So I couldn't even work during the day time due to the smoke blowing through. I was sorry to let him down.

      Then R M, A M and D H and maybe some other guys from high school were sitting with me on some sectional couches. They wanted me to join their football team and play a game soon. I had some reasons why I couldn't play. I was sorry to let them down. I noticed a few bottles of stimulant pills on the shelf, which in the dream, were mine. There were four bottles. I wanted to offer the guys some stimulant pills to help them win the game. However, I realized that bribing them to like me using drugs wasn't a really good idea. So I changed my mind. They left without me.

      I must have forgot parts here and there, especially here. I remember this thing that was like an A T M but it was a gambling game. It was really easy to win more money than I originally put in. I did something else and returned to it. This time, there was a different icon, shaped like a gear. The gear seemed to indicate a new kind of game. The new game was harder to play.

      I went down a near by elevator (I think) to get to the customer service desk. There were some people there, maybe my mom. I talked to the woman behind the desk. She ignored my concerns about the new game and kept trying to con me into playing it more. This really got on my nerves. She had a cube thing poking out of her mouth. I pressed it in and it caused no sound to escape her mouth when she spoke. I was glad she wasn't making sound any more, but I was afraid I would get in trouble. She wasn't otherwise hurt, just muted.

      I ran to find an exit from the store. There were a bunch of escalators coming down from upstairs. I wanted one going up from this floor. It took me a while to find one. I forgot what happened after that.

      Eventually I remember running through a dark red hallway with lots of glass doors. I ran straight into the glass doors and luckily they opened. I kept thinking I would run into them from the wrong side and hurt myself but they kept opening. There was another guy in the hall. I got into the elevator to go down, because I felt like I had been running in circles. The elevator was really hot. There was a music video of a male singer, singing a song. In the video, he was sweating through his suit. I pressed the "up" button to go back up to where I was.

      I don't know if there was anything else after that. But I remembered the end, which was some written stuff in black on an off-white kind of background. On the left of the page or screen I was some writing I forgot, then one short quote, then a poem thing. The poem thing had one word per line in bold. Each bold word was one form of wrong-doing. The artist was saying how doing art helps him avoid each form of wrong doing. One line, maybe the third down, had the word circumcision in bold. It said circumcision was wrong and through art he could speak out against it. Another line or two down from that had the word avoidance in bold. He said that he was scared to face "the void" but through art he could counter his avoidance of "the void".

      WUDD - easy to remember
      RBFA but able to re-remember

      Yeah, so I just got up to use the rest room after these and laid back down. I was confident I'd remember them next time I woke up, and I did.


      Round 4 of dreams. I think that going back to sleep after the previous round created some continuity between the dreams.

      I remember D from the U K and he was talking about some stuff. I remember leaning against the back seat of a car. Eventually the car was parked in S beach parking lot. I tried to lean my head on the back seat and cover my eyes so I could do my dream recall. Eventually I walked a little outside the car. It was day time. This was a false awakening kind of thing. I know I forgot more stuff earlier in the dream than this.

      Here is the next thing I remember. There was a woman with a poster showing a 5/5/5/5 dollar split. It was the prize money per player for winning a foot ball game. Next thing I remember is I was on the red team. We had red uniforms. There were all African American people on the other team, in white uniforms with black letters. There wasn't really an organization to the teams. My team had the ball first. I was standing on the left side of the line and no one was in a line man stance. But we all had pads and helmets. I was scared because I was never good at hitting, but here I was, about to go for it. Some how, the other team intercepted the ball right as the center snapped it to the quarter back. I was hoping we would score a point by having the ball first but we weren't. Some how I intercepted the ball from the opposing team, which really surprised me. But I threw out out of bounds by mistake. Also, it had become a circular ball. I remember seeing a goal be made. I think after the game I was given 20 dollars. It was really cool to win 20 dollars and I figured if I just played foot ball all day I could win 20 dollars a bunch of times. And it would be more fun than having a regular job.

      I was considering playing another game. There was a beverage served to use before the game which I found more about later. I remember beneath the football field there were these train tracks. Two guys were meant to ride these cart things along the tracks which lit all the tracks on fire. So I watched them do that.

      Then I was watching another football game. Not in this one. A M was picking up a younger kid and messing with him. Being a bully. I got kinda mad at A M. When A M walked away I told the littler kid that no one messes with me any more because I will kick their butt. So I offered to teach him to do this. But he didn't seem interested. This surprised me but I didn't pressure him. I remember going to a bathroom.

      I think I remember a part where my escalator stopped. I was going up to the top to get a drink. When I got up there, the sinks were clogged. I was really nice to the guy behind the counter, who seemed stressed. "Why do you think all the sinks clogged?" I asked nicely. He didn't know. He took apart the drink dispenser and it showed that nicotine was being added. 'Nicotine?!' I thought. 'Now I will be addicted to nicotine! Crap!' I realized that their plan was to give the foot ball players the nicotine drink to make them play with more energy. For someone who had never had nicotine, it would be pretty powerful.

      I feel like there are blank spots between each little scene that might have been transitions. Where my memory picks back up, I was lucid. Not sure how I got lucid. But I was in another grey stair well that spanned over 4 flights of stairs. A guy was showing me how he lived here. The whole stair way was his living space and he could store all his stuff there. I remember he had stacks of napkins, and various food. Eventually I got the feeling I had been following his lead for a while. This was a very "surrendered" way to approach my lucid time but I decided I wanted to fly.

      "Hey, let's go fly," I said. He didn't seem that interested. "How will we get out?" I asked. Then I noticed some little square windows on the wall, with screens. "Just phase through those!" I said. or thought. Not sure. He seemed skeptical. I imagined the glass would be easy to phase through but not the screens. However, I went for it, and got myself through. I some how went into his mind and got him through, too. Then shifted my awareness back to myself going through the left window.

      I hung out the window a little bit, then fell. Oops! I wasn't flying. I got kind of afraid I would collide with the ground. People from the ground saw an old man falling from the window. The dream showed me their perspective for a moment. Then it shifted back to first person and I caught myself and flew above the city street. I don't know what happened to the other guy, maybe he just vanished.

      I was holding my orange gym shorts as I flew. I didn't have much altitude. Because I was holding the orange gym shorts, people thought I had killed the person they belonged to. Because I couldn't gain much altitude, I swooped down near one detective guy and handed the shorts to him. Then I had to land.

      They cornered me, thinking I was the perpetrator. For a moment, the one detective called them off, and the tension decreased. But another detective was like, "Wait! It is him!" And two younger guys with black guns pointed them at me.

      I felt fear for a moment but remembered that I have totally mastered guns in dreams. As their guns charged, I could see a red-orange glow in the barrel. But, I wasn't phased. The other detective who had told them to "get me" called them off. But I was entirely ready to deflect the gun shots. The tension was eased again.

      We were underneath an over-hang of the building. I wanted to show the one detective guy how I could fly. I explained that I need to be under the open sky so I walked forward.

      I don't know if the scene just shifted or if I forgot the transitional parts.

      I remember we were inside a mall. People were very impressed with me. One guy was saying how he had to work on a 1000 foot tall roller coaster so he ate tuna salad plus 1,000 calories worth of pasta at lunch.

      After that I wanted to show them a really cool jump. So we were at the mall where there was one of those gaps. Like how on the second story of the mall, you can see down onto the first floor. So it was like that. I jumped over that middle part, doing a great flip. It felt like good dream control. People were very impressed, and I gained credibility from this. I told one guy to please stop adding nicotine to the pre-football drinks and he said okay. I remember he had a sleeveless shirt and tan, thin arms, with some visible biceps. To the rest of the people, I said to please go to bed on time, and don't wake up too early. Allow yourself to sleep until you feel fully refreshed. I know it will be difficult not to get up the first few times but it will feel a lot better after that. They all were willing to listen to me. It was a good feeling.

      WUDD - easy to remember
      I woke up right from that scene and had a fairly easy time remembering the dream. There were of course some forgotten parts but for what I could remember, it was easy. I always need the rest room within 5-10 minutes of waking up and I think getting up to do that some times dis-lodges some dream details.

      Oh! Here were some parts which I couldn't fit chronologically. In one part, a purple Pokemon kind of character with the number 995 beneath it appeared. It had lips like Pikkon but was more of an orb. It had a purple glow that created a band of high density purple glow around the Earth. Then to either side of that, it created a slightly less dense or less intense band of purple energy, and cascading on down. I remember being surprised it went equally to both sides instead of just one. I am really glad to have remembered that as it was a more mystical part.

      I also remembered Goku engaging in one of the foot ball games and easily winning. Then it showed Kid Goku caught in a black soccer net, fighting it while laying on his back. I felt afraid that the net was made of special material and Kid Goku would be caught. But he eventually got out. I haven't watched DBZ stuff in like 6-7 weeks and I still dream about it more than when I was watching it.


      So! I fell back asleep. There was an annoying noise from outside but I tried to relax and keep re-playing the dreams thus far in my mind. Eventually, sleep came along... I couldn't remember the earliest parts. I think getting up to use the rest room dis-lodged them. But I was lucky to recover a few more details once I laid back down.

      First thing I remember is Goku fighting some enemy character. I tried to remember the enemy's appearance but couldn't. Goku and the enemy teleported up to some place where they could fight, and Goku easily defeated the enemy guy. In fact he won while maintaining a totally calm demeanor. It was so easy for him to win, he even started going through his memories. It showed a younger Goku, who really looked like adult Gohan, but it was a fight with Cell. The drawing looked like an anime drawing this time. Then it showed Kid Goku and Kid King Kai. Kid King Kai told Kid Goku he was very unique.

      I'm not sure what was next but next I part I remember is that I was going around taking cigarettes from the smokers, and destroying them. I clearly remember one woman who had 3 dirty grey cigarette butts in her container. I took all the toxic material and buried it in some dirt. (I would dispose of it differently in waking life, not contaminating the Earth.) She was mad but I moved on. I think I was lucid, and really enjoying this.

      Eventually I reached a food court counter thing. R K was there. I was starting to be afraid that security would be after me to punish me for destroying people's cancer sticks. Sure enough, some men came up the stairs behind me. I was hanging out on a bed thing. I had been eyeing the windows, planning to phase through them to escape, if needed.

      The men that came up the stairs after me had screen windows. They put one on the bed which went under my knees in an uncomfortable way. I got up. It seemed like they were putting up screen windows to prevent me from phasing out. As if one more screen would psychologically make it seem like too much for me to phase through. I got scared and saw that there was an elevator. I quickly got in and pressed the "down" button to escape. No one chased me. I guess they weren't out to get me after all.

      When I got to the ground floor, I saw a grey car. It was a stone building and opened to the city street. 'Oh, no!' I thought. 'Someone might walk by smoking.' So I don't know how lucid I was. I saw a woman with brown hair to my right, but focused on scanning her hands instead of meeting her as a person. I always scan people's hands out doors but I realized from this dream, that it could cause me to miss a chance to meet someone if I am scanning their hands first. I looked down and saw another restaurant counter made of glass. There seemed to be rice in there.

      That was when I woke up. The dream was kind of difficult to remember past a certain point but it had to do with other reasons to. So it was WUDD-5.

      I laid there and re-played all the rounds of dreams in my mind multiple times, just relaxing. Eventually, waking life thoughts started to crowd out the dreams, and I couldn't fight them off. I got up around 7 A M and made some short hand notes before starting the day. I finished typing them all by 9 A M. It seemed like too much work before I did it, but now that I did it, I'm just glad its done. Even if I recall them in my mind, I think writing them adds a new level of working that dream memory muscle.

      Also, by doing this it gives me more total dream time since I am not spending as much time writing during the night.
    10. 4,035 words - selected parts in bold

      by , 06-07-2018 at 03:23 PM
      I went to bed around 8 or 830. Fell asleep pretty early.
      4,035 words


      I woke up after like an hour or so, went to rest room, and back to bed. Not sure why I woke.


      I woke from other dreams just now. There were dreams with Nana and/or other relatives and other dreams in the beginning I forgot.

      The part before R asked me for a sandwich was something complex but I can't quite grasp it.

      I just remember having some papers near me. We were in the H woods. R was there. I forgot what the papers were about. Maybe my drawings? I do remember one paper with some check boxes. I think it was to say something about someone who died - that they wouldn't be missed? I was afraid people would judge me for that. There were check boxes.

      R told me he didn't have much money and needed food. I felt that because he asked, and explained his situation, I would help. So I asked him to follow me to the food store. As we walked toward the peaches section I told him my idea, and he said that peaches would be no good. He couldn't have processed juice. Then he explained how they had a peach juicing place and I got the un-attractive image of a bunch of people squeezing peaches with their bare hands. "These aren't processed peaches," I tried to explain. But he wasn't having it.

      I wondered if pizza or a sandwich would be the right thing, and tried to bring him in that direction. Eventually he dissappeared and the next time I saw him, he was eating a hero sandwich. I remember walking again through H woods over to the trails closest to that road there.

      I remember seeing one of the windows in the up stairs of my current house, 15 S, open. And thinking of the flip side of the other side of trait 11.


      It took a while to fall asleep but then I had a bigger round of dreams. So, I'm glad I hung in there. I remember being in a room. I think we were on a couch and mom was to my left and dad was to my right. Dad's elbow kept digging into me and I wanted to move to the left but couldn't because I was in the bend of the couch. M S told me I look like M S and I said, "You look like him too!"

      I remember my sister having poured a really big bowl of cereal (the size of my orange and green salady bowls) full of cereal and milk. Then she fell asleep by the fridge, and was snoring. I put the cereal in the fridge and closed it. Then she woke up. I tried to find a cover for the cereal. It had big puffy parts.

      There was another part where my Micro SD card was missing. I dreamed that my phone had an SD card slot and then a Micro SD adapter in there, and that the SD card part had gone missing. So I was searching all around my house, in the drawers, and trying to find it. I thought I saw it upside-down somewhere but it was a black one with 21 GB in my dad's tool drawer, in the kid's room at nana's. '21 GB? Do they make them that size?' I asked myself. 'Guess so!' And continued, not lucid. It was dark grey. There was another SD card adapter in the drawer on the counter to the right of the stove in the 15 S kitchen. Dad had a bunch of cereal boxes on top of that counter. They barely fit. There was so much food in packaging it was falling off.

      I remember going to sleep in a room that was like the kids room location at nana's but it was also a bath room. There was a tub in there. I drained the tub a little, wondering where all the water came from. I remember trying to put a fan on a fold-up table. It was an old, loud box fan. But the room was hot, so it would be worth it. The window, which faces nana's front yard, was closed. Some light was getting in though. I looked for my orange glasses and they were closer to the bed.

      I laid back down in bed, recalling those dreams. I thought I was physically awake! And almost grabbed my voice recorder. I started to do some body separation exercises that felt like I was just flexing my lower back to make my upper body and legs go up. But I couldn't really separate much. Once I floated up a few inches or a foot, I felt some interesting sensations and stayed right there. I had some fear. I didn't push it any further, just felt all the sensations.

      I don't know if that counts as an RBFA because I may have only dreamed of having woken up to begin with!

      R was in the next part. He was in the H Woods again. He needed a phone, so I let him take my phone off to the trail near the road and use it. Later, he brought it back. I think one other person also used my phone. Eventually, I found that the SD card was missing. I wondered if R had taken it but I couldn't believe it. He seemed so trust worthy.

      Walking back to H Woods, reviewing it in my mind, I thought that R must have been a secret agent. He wanted my phone's SD card so he could have all my journals and other personal information. Worrisome feelings went through me as I realized that the people out to get me would now have all my journals. I remember seeing a black car and thinking they were closing in on me.

      I saw T R walking through the woods and it became a neighborhood. It was sunny. I walked through a grassy yard and down to walk with him. I forgot what we talked about.

      Then I got to some kind of gym. There was a woman talking to me. There was another woman I wanted to ask about contacting R. "I'm sorry I don't seem so attentive, but I just don't know a lot about that subject. It's nothing personal." I explained to the first woman. She was really nice about it and went inside. I was pre-occupied with finding my SD card. The second woman showed me a list of names. Here is a good dream sign. I looked at the list and it said R, and his phone number. The woman said it was for a Call of Duty meet-up. I began to copy it down. The numbers were skewed a little. When I looked back up, the numbers had changed, and R's name was gone. 'Did they just swap out the new one?' I asked. Looking underneath it, the other one was swapped out, too. So the morphing text could have been a dream sign but I missed it.

      Then I asked the second woman there about where the number had gone. She started to pull my ear-plug out of my left ear. It seemed logical to do but I'm not sure why. There was blood all over it, though. Also, it made no difference in my hearing. At first there was only a little blood but more blood appeared on it once it was out of my ear. This could have been a time to check if I was dreaming but I went into panic.

      I remember looking around a table with a blender of green vegetable shake. And everyone behind the counter. And having a pre-lucid moment of thinking, 'Maybe this is all a dream! That would be great.' But I talked myself out of it. 'No, it can't be a dream.' And I didn't bother with any checking if it was a dream.

      Eventually I think I contacted R. But it was awkward to try to ask him if he had stolen my SD card.

      I remember something a little different after that. There were these rooms and it was like an African American cultural place. Fabolous, the rapper, had a new album, and it was playing. 'These lyrics really aren't that great,' I thought. The instrumental was based on a guitar, though. Electric guitar. There were 3 guys who seemed goofy. We were all putting down cups of rice on this bench thing. Then they were talking about walking in the nature trails. Something about seeing animals. "No, no animals," one guy said. I forgot more of what they said.

      I remember a woman on one side of a window screen scraping lemon slices on the window screen. It made lemon juice spritz out into the side I was on. Some little kids tried to catch it in their mouth. One little girl even started putting her mouth on the window screen.

      I remember it shifted into this cool video game thing. Kind of like Kirby or Mario side scroller. He got all these special moves. I was picturing what an orange would do if it were a power-up in Mario. There was one of those fences Mario had to crawl on and navigate around the Koopas. Eventually he was just a little while ball guy with a few moves. Mainly, spinning would defeat everyone but there was also a kick. The graphics were pretty vivid.

      In another part, there was a wealthy couple. I think they did counseling from their home. The wife was mad at the husband. He said he had to sleep in the "pregnant woman's room" and it showed a lawn chair on the back patio. "Where will I pee?" he asked. She said something I forgot. Later it showed him using a bottle to go to the bathroom, in front of a TV. (I don't remember seeing any private parts!)

      I remember seeing some of the houses in that neighborhood, and they were nice.

      I think there was something at the very end of these dreams I forgot by the time I got to writing.

      I forgot to say in the part with the fan, it was already running. And, tan. In the first round of dreams, I remember sensing my dad would dis-approve of me spending my money on food for R. And there was lots of OTTOTT stuff that I was trying to think of when I laid back down, but couldn't.

      Well, recall was pretty good on these. And there's still time to go dream some more!


      It took a little while to fall asleep but not too long. I did the MILD technique which was to visualize myself getting lucid in some of the dream signs above.

      This is really good because I slept a lot. I had one round of dreams, which is this one, and then did an RBFA. But I was able to re-remember them.

      My first memory was some kind of Mario level. Mario was running along. It was a combination of Mario and Sonic. I remember seeing Mario have to dodge spikes on either side of the wall and deal with springs. It was like Mario/Sonic would lose some coins, gain back less, and eventually got down to only a few.

      Eventually we got over to another game thing with letters on the wall, only this was more first-person. There were W, X, Y, Z, and now I remember even trying to arrange P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, etc. I think I put the Q after the R but corrected myself. Then a woman in the "party" had a smart idea. She took out a computer keyboard, and placed each letter on its corresponding place on the computer keyboard. At first the letters were too big but they became keyboard-key sized squares. I was impressed with her cleverness.

      Then J G came along and was being a drill seargent. He yelled at me for taking naps, saying it was a "waste" of time. Obviously this was coming from a militaristic and workaholic place, and couldn't be further from the truth. I replied with some anger that naps are very good. In the dream context, I had taken 2 naps that day, which I was proud of. I gained strength from standing up to this workaholic, miltaristic bully, especially in the prescence of the woman there. Because it felt like I was standing up for the napper in both of us, and I could feel her appreciation. I guess eventually he backed off.

      Then we all had to go into this church thing with the benches. There were a few columns of benches. G F was concerned that he wouldn't get to sit next to a woman. I told him to just relax because one day, one will come to him. I was hoping to sit near the woman from the previous scene, too, but couldn't find her. She had my water bottle, which gave me an easy reason to look for her. I needed to use the bathroom. I figured I would wait until the service thing had been going on for about 10 minutes and then go use the bathroom, not worrying about holding it or rushing to go before hand. I would just go when I needed to.

      I ended up sitting next to G F and then everyone squeezed down towards my side of the bench so much that I got squished up against the end. It really hurt my hips. I stood up and yelled at everyone. It felt great to stand up for myself and set a boundary, instead of stuffing it. I was really mad at everyone for not realizing that they would end up squishing me the most.

      After that there were women that came around with baskets of shiny medallions. They were glowing like holograms. I even tried to put my hand through them at one point to see if they were just holograms. I forgot what the result was. Some women had baskets that were empty and we were meant to add more medallions to them.

      While I cleaned the floor beneath my bench, I noticed a pink organism which looked like it was made of several pine needles linked together. One for the body, one for the head, and one for each limb. I watched it have difficulty moving, because of how its legs bumped into things. It reminded me of Porygon. 'Was this the bug they designed Porygon after?' I thought. I wanted it to get out of the walk way so no one would step on it.

      Brian Griffin, the dog from Family Guy, appeared to my right. I forgot what he said. Eventually I woke up.

      I thought through them, and had pretty good recall. Actually, I think it took me a while to think through them... I was lost in thoughts when I woke up. Sometimes, thats another unconscious or hypnopompic state that delays my dream recall. So I drifted back to sleep a little and when I woke up again was really lucky to re-remember the dreams.


      So I slept more after those and like most sleep cycles closer to morning, I "drifted and dreamed" meaning, I just went in and out of dreams and laying there awake a little. I fell asleep while recalling the previous dreams.

      I remember being at Aunt B or Nana's house. There was some kind of gift bag. I was thinking of doing things around people that I would feel shame or humiliation about even if no one said anything. Just because my inner critic would beat me up over it. Or just the fact that I could imagine someone having judgmental thoughts about me, led me to feel really bad, in a spiral. Not even if they actually said something mean but just if I thought they might think something mean.

      I think the next part was at my parents old house. I remember there was a guy driving around, eventually in a clown mask, telling everyone historical facts. He told us all about things that happened in the year 518. I briefly became lucid, and thought to myself, 'I want to check in on that year 518 on google when I wake up.' After that, I was in a car of someone driving around B Avenue by my old neighborhood, and the clown mask guy was in another truck. I wanted to jump from the car I was in, to his car. I kept poking my head out the window and trying to sort of will myself into his truck, but the dream had a boundary that wouldn't let me fly out of the moving car. I kept trying to imagine it but it didn't work. Eventually I imagined that the clown mask might be really scary up close anyway.

      I remember something very vague with R A and some balloon people. I think there were orange and pink ones.

      In another part, a guy was calling me and making threats. He said he was from A C A and due to the way I treated him at one meeting, he was going to make all the meetings in the future very miserable for me. He said I called him "worthless" which rang true in the dream context but I never called anyone that in waking life. He sounded like F from Massachusets. Hearing how angry he was, I tried to apologize to him, but he wasn't having it. He kept threatening me and I felt some fear.

      I remember walking over an elevated garden to get to an arch way that opened into a stone building place. I remember lots of little flowers really close together and it caught my eye. Eventually I was sitting near M F in an auditorium. He had said something really harsh to B F. I told him he might want to speak in a gentler way to people, based on what I had just heard on the phone from the guy threatening me. He didn't seem to want to hear that.

      There was a vague memory of a cruise ship thing.

      Then there was something where I was laying down on a stair case with a glass thing over me. I was trying to prop it up a little so that air would still get in. I didn't want the glass cover to limit my air. My mom was around and some other people. I think I tried to use my leg to create a gap between the glass and the stair case but it was uncomfortable.

      Then I was at some kind of A A thing, in an auditorium again. M was saying how a woman had "gone out". Then there was another woman in a black dress with some white necklace, maybe pearls. She said that she got so tired that she just slept in her wheel chair. A lot of people were using wheel chairs to get around without really being handicapped. The woman said the F word and everybody laughed, encouraging her to get her feelings out. It was a good feeling.

      Then it reached a point where I was laying on my back again. Aunt B, in a black dress, came and stood over me. Pressuring me to slide in so she could sit on the bench, too. I realized that I didn't want to move, since I was sick. In the dream context, I had thrown up earlier. (In waking life I wasn't sick at all.) We started to argue with each other and some swear words flew around.

      My sister was sitting to my right while Aunt B was to my left arguing with me. My sister was holding a baby and squeezing its face but in a comforting way. The baby started to cry and my sister started to cry, too. She took the baby and walked away. I felt really bad for having that effect, but I knew that I couldn't possibly have moved. I was really sick and needed to stay perfectly still, and breathe very carefully. So it was really my Aunt B's lack of understanding. Still, I regretted the whole thing.

      I was drinking a glass of water with hard boiled eggs and cooked beef in it. I had a brown paper bag with more of this mixture. It had been out for over an hour, so I wondered if I was making myself sicker by continuing to sip from it. Then I was sipping from a clear alcoholic liquid, thinking that it was necesary to recover from my illness. After some of that I was sipping a yellow wine drink from a wine glass. (I haven't drank alcohol since February 1 of 2014 but these were just the dream details. Alcohol dreams don't really worry me since I know I'm not gonna drink alcohol in waking life. They are just dream details like any others.)

      I guess I had been standing up for myself in the dream. Then I noticed a kid near me, maybe M K, on his cell phone. He was typing something with @ (at) symbols and the name of the tubes full of toxic chemicals they sell in little boxes for people to burn and inhale. I could tell he thought he was "standing up for himself" too but I didn't agree that that was a good thing to "stand up for himself" about. So I was kind of annoyed that he took my example the wrong way.

      Then the rows expanded around me. There was a girl who came up to my left. "I'm 10 years old and there's a boy from fourth grade who likes me," she said. She wasn't directing it to me but to the group of people in my area. My mom said something like, "Don't trust him." Something about ulterior motives.

      So I woke up very slowly and gradually, playing those in my mind. I didn't get up until 7:30 A M or so! I was just re-playing all the dreams in my mind that I hadn't written yet. I had to battle with my mind to not drift to other things, but overall being able to lay down and keep resting, and just solidify the dreams in my mind, was peaceful. As opposed to hurrying up to write them. Maybe that works best for dreams after 3 A M which tend to stay in my mind more easily, while still allowing me to sleep.

      For these dreams, I had to write short hand notes because there were so many of them. I was actually stressed about all the writing, even though I'm happy to have remembered so many.

      I looked up the year 518 on Wikipedia and read some stuff. Nothing reminded me of the dream though. I guess the dream just wanted to make me think about history in general, which I don't think much about.
    11. 3,145 words - Surprisingly high amount of lucidity

      by , 06-04-2018 at 06:33 PM
      I went to bed around 8.
      3145 words


      After my first few hours sleep I woke up and thought through my dreams. I actually sat in my chair and recalled them sitting with my lap top instead of laying back down. To ensure I didn't have the RBFA. My chair reclines so its comfortable enough to kinda think of my dreams without strain, but it's not gonna let me fall asleep under most conditions.

      I forgot the earliest stuff. I remember something from my Nana's. Something with my cousin J, and Nana, and maybe Aunt B. Probably other relatives, too. Something near the pool.

      I remember walking down the beach, on the side accross from the other state. There were people, doing various things. One person was commenting on someone far away, eating too close to a garbage can.

      I don't remember a lot else from walking down that beach, but there was more stuff. When I got to the end, there was someone smoking. Then I walked up, kinda angry and saw more people at a table, seeming to be about to smoke. So I "gave them a piece of my mind" by saying, "I'm sick of your crap" or something like that. I forgot exactly what happened.

      I remember walking away from there, afraid they were mad at me. I was a few blocks from the block I lived on, since fourth grade, but I turned up 2 earlier streets coming from the lower numbers. D G was on that road.

      He was residually mad at me from before, so we fought. I managed to pin him down and thought this would be best so that he didn't escape and hurt me some how.

      I had been holding him down with weapons but let him get up. P B and 2 other guys came along, one a replica of P B. F S H. Then there was something with these pills we had to take. They were like retainer brite pills. I remember thinking of when I should take it, then remembering, "Wait. I'm supposed to just take the medicine, not try to analyze how and when." P B was to my left, and had a thicker pill, which was supposed to be the "negative ion" of the one I had. it was thicker. The word Hydro Chloride comes to mind and my pill may have been something with an M.

      I kinda remembered something with A J or J M, my Dad's friend's kids. But, only vaguely...

      In this last part, we were at my college house. Y J was there. It was a party. There was some winter holiday sounding music, saying, "Please be (religious chracter), Please be (religious character), Please be (religious character) tonight." I wonder if I will remember the tone. I was sitting at my desk kind of annoyed maybe.

      There may have been something with a pool somewhere in there.

      Okay! Good to get those typed before going back to bed. Would have like to have recalled more but its okay for first round of dreams. Back to bed.


      It took my a while to fall asleep that time, but I finally did. I had some restless legs but not enough energy to get up and exercise. I dreamed that I was in my room. And had some foam thing next to my bed that wouldn't stay up. I was on the phone with M from Florida while trying to turn on my lap top. The room was kind of dark. I remember the lap top screen.

      M was saying something about how people apply the same stuff to dating as they did to church and they have to stop that to have any success dating. I think I was afraid my dad heard the conversation. I woke up, recalled it, and then RBFA.


      In this next dream I was driving one of the silver cars. I parked somewhere. I was wearing my orange glasses to drive as well as jeans and a navy blue shirt. FSH.

      I remember getting to this building that was made for people to come hang out. Like a "boys and girls club" but for any ages. I remember walking in, and seeing some older people there at first. Forgot some of those details. At some point I became lucid but its not clear to me now exactly how or when.

      I remember talking to some people from there, but I was afraid the indoor lighting would keep me up at night. Still, I liked the fact that people could see my eyes, without my orange glasses. I figured I'd put on my orange glasses on the way home and still fall asleep. So that wasn't lucid yet. I talked with 2 guys there at first. I've been thinking recently in waking life about how I don't go out much, so in this dream, I felt good about having gotten out more. I was like, 'Oh, yeah, I come here every week! I'm getting out a lot. Maybe I will even find a girl friend here!'

      There was a chalk board that said something about how some people think gaming is okay but "believers" and some other people don't. But they have to not interfere with the people who like gaming.

      I know I got lucid at some point. I walked through one room and someone was on a computer. I still had my clothes on. But suddenly, I was naked! 'Was I naked all this time?' I thought. 'No,' I remembered. 'It's a dream and my clothes must have just dissappeared.' I still tried to get some privacy.

      Around the corner there was a woman. "Don't come here! I'm naked!" I said. "Wait," I said, knowing it was a dream. I basically asked her to psychically make clothes appear on me. It didn't work. We interacted some more, and I woke up.

      I laid there and recalled them, and had another RBFA! But it's okay because my memory held up pretty well.


      In these dreams, my sister and I were on a picnic blanket at the beach. There was something with Eckhart Tolle's voice, too. But I remember looking out accross the water and it went on forever, no sign of anything on the other side. And there was a brilliant orange glow to it, like a sun rise or sun set. When we looked up the beach, that seemed to go on forever, too.

      The Eckhart Tolle voice was joking about how it must be India. But it was silly because there was no indication of any particular location. It was just a beach somewhere in the world, presumably near the ocean. I'm not sure if I became lucid there.

      I "woke up" to another dream from that one, and I was sleeping in my room at my current location. Only it was like being kids and my sister shared a room with me. We both woke up at the same time like, "Wow! We just had a cool lucid dream of being on the beach!" So the context was that we had both been working on lucid dreaming together, and sharing dreams.

      We carried our bedding accross the hall to mom and dad's room, which in waking life is just dad's room, accross the hall from mine. We were gonna sleep on their floor. Mom seemed unsure about this but it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. To sleep on mom and dad's floor and tell them about our dreams.

      So, I woke from those, and recalled them, and didn't RBFA. My recall was overall pretty good and the dreams were very interesting.


      It took a while to fall asleep again, but eventually, sleep happened. I remember there was a pizza, but it was for other people. I ate some anyway. Then they came back. I thought I would be in trouble. This part is kinda vague.

      There was a bunch of stuff in the middle of this dream. I remember walking around, hoping to find where A J N worked because I would move to that state and see if she was single.

      I remember pacing around the house and turning. There was some other stuff, but it was too vague. There was a significant amount of it though, and I had become lucid.

      Where my memory picks back up, I was walking around with my hands in a sort of clasped position (one palm holding the other hand, with the palms open?) and a woman told me I looked pathetic that way. And that I should stand more proudly, basically. I told her my mom said something similar. (Was that in the dream?) Anyway, I continued talking to her, when this old man with a big white beard appeared. He looked like of like Saruman the White from Lord of the Rings.

      The woman seemed to not notice him. "Do you see that guy?" I kept asking her. I think I was lucid. The guy with the white beard started trying to dance with me, and she didn't acknowledge him. But then eventually she did. I think the woman had brown hair, and was wearing red. There was a white fridge in the room.

      I woke up from that briefly, and thought about it. But then had a DEILD.

      The first thing I wanted to do was recall the previous dream, because it was so long. (I guess it was REM rebound.) So, I tried to find a place to lay down. There was a table I tried to lay down on but it wasn't that comfortable. I decided I would need a cushion, and went looking.

      There was a room with a woman and a baby. I think I talked to them a little. Then, I got the cushion. There were plenty of cushions. I laid it on the table and almost laid down to do my dream recall, when I decided, 'I am in a dream already! I will just let the chips fall where they may in terms of recall. And for now, I will just explore the dream.' So I walked into another series of rooms.

      Each one had a woman and a baby, I think. I walked through one, through a door to another. Through a door to a third room, and I got to some place kind of new. It was playing Here as in Heaven by Elevation Worship. The music was really faint but it took a while to realize what it was. I think the words were the same.

      I remember seeing these little machines which dispensed Jelly Beans. 'Dream food!' I thought. 'Gotta go get some!' But I felt like I wasn't allowed, for some reason. I went anyway, and dispensed some Jelly Beans with the little knob thing. I ate a hand ful. They were super sweet and tasted exactly like my memory of Jelly Beans. I don't think I've had Jelly Beans in over 5 years, maybe even 8-10 years. But I clearly remember thinking that this was exactly how I remembered them tasting. 'They are taking a while to chew,' I thought. I wanted to eat the next bite. I thought about Steve Pavlina's Dream Food article and how the Dream Donuts melted in his mouth within moments, allowing him to eat the whole thing easily. But these Jelly Beans were stuck in my mouth and I was getting bored. Also, this cookie thing appeared. A few of them. They were square with some kind of bumpy frosting. They looked like pop tarts. I remember looking up to see what the music was coming from, and the dream ended.

      I had a false awakening of being on my dream journal chair, on my lap top, ready to dream journal. My dream journal chair was where my exercise bike is in waking life. Instead of my note pad file, it showed a video screen of another guy's face. As if I was on Skype, but every word I said, he mirrored it, to where I thought he was reading my mind and then saying what I was going to say before I could.

      Eventually I told him, "Look, I'm sorry, but I need to dream journal." I think that's what I said, unless I some how decided that talking to him was enough of a dream journal, or became lucid. Not sure. Then a moose appeared. "A moose just appeared," I told him. He made a dog appear. The dog jumped on the moose's back and suddenly the dog had antlers but the moose did not. Then there was a puddle I think they drank out of. The moose got antlers again.

      I woke from that back to bed but I was in the phase again, really. I heard some ringing, but highly doubted anything else would happen. No way I would have another dream.

      But, I actually had one more false awakening of going to use my dream journal chair. I just don't remember what happened in it besides the room being light. When I appeared back in bed, I think I was still in the phase, having a stream of conciousness. I was trying to do dream recall but it wasn't working because I was still in the phase, and just didn't know.

      Eventually I found myself physically awake again, and realized, "Oh. This time I am really awake." And then proceeded to do dream recall. The giant gap of missing material from the middle of that first dream was sad, but the rest of the memory was good. That's to be expected with REM Rebound. The dream is too long to fully remember. That's why sleeping regularly is ideal for dream recall, because it's easier to remember a dream of average length. (I think.)

      I got up to go #1, and then instead of typing, decided to lay back down. I realized it would be a gamble to RBFA but that if I was awake enough to recognize what a gamble it would be, I was awake enough to remember the dreams next time. It worked, and I'm lucky!


      I slept some more and had more dreams. I don't remember the exact order and there was a bunch of RBFA.

      I remember a part where I was over my neighbors' house. It was drizzling. I had gone into their garage or something. I forgot why and I don't think I knew why in the dream, either. One of them asked me if it bothered me that they had some red wine. I said it didn't bother me but it kinda did.

      One of the last dreams was pretty complex. I had laid there a while, and eventually I felt like the dream transported me back to a previous scene of the earlier lucid dreams, which was exciting. Now that I think of it, I don't remember this being a repeat, but I felt like it was. There was someone gambling. They kept bringing up their tokens and winning a lot. But they said the person at the desk never complimented them for their wins, only put them down for their losses. I remembered R from my job in the Mid West.

      There was a part with D W. I had a giant thing of rice. I offered him some. He took two globs and pretended to eat them but then spit them out. It was all meant to be a joke.

      My memory is weirdly blanking out. There was stuff I had in my head but it's vanishing. Maybe it will come back if I lay down.


      Well, actually I didn't fall back asleep. I remembered one scene where I was in a room and there were women there. I had a stack of money from 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 dollar bills. I put it out on the table to kind of show off. I might have been lucid. I remember there was a 55 dollar bill which seemed funny to me. I also remembered the skee ball table thing where the guy was getting the tokens, and feeling like I was predicting things within the dream.
    12. 2,235 words

      by , 06-02-2018 at 05:50 PM
      Closing the computer at 9:40 P M tonight. I couldn't sleep when I laid down at 8, but now I feel tired enough.


      Tonight I did something different on my dream recall which was to just make little voice notes, and then go back to sleep. My brain felt cloudy each time I woke up and recall didn't come as easy as usual.

      There was something with my bank account being accessible, and going to a movie theater before travel.

      Something with A B bullying me or attacking me in the kitchen. He was blasting me with hot water from the dish washer nozzle. Then we did this tug of war with a champagne glass and it broke. I wanted to fight him back.

      I know that after I recorded those I had 2 more details come to mind. But those became RBFA and I forgot them.


      Next was round 2 of dreams.

      I remember being on top of a building or roof top. I forgot why but it was complex. There were some bleachers, and a book being read. I remember the book had some specific content, but don't remember what it was. I got an in-depth look at it, though. A woman had a baby. I helped her set up an audio player to play the book right near the baby's little bed thing. It played the book in a female robot voice. However, they were also reading the book out loud up front at the same time. I hoped that the two readings would stay in sync. There was more to that dream but it was too vague of a memory.

      There was something with R A putting his boogers on me. There were some big globs of boogers. We were in my Nana's room, actually a bunch of people were on her bed. I got really mad when I realized his joke was to put boogers on me, and ready to retaliate. I tried to put them back on him. Then I ended up walking around and thinking about tin foil. To put the boogers in tin foil. But I wasn't allowed to do that, or something. Then there was something about a woman in a car.

      There was something with my friend A, and going to Switzerland. His family was very wealthy in the dream. But then it turned out I was going to Switzerland with my family. I remember when we got there something with some guy in a room who some other people were after or something. But I mainly remember that I was by the front windows of the house. It was a lot like my Nana's living room windows. And I had some food that smelled good. Well, there was a wolf or a dog that came up to the window, smelling it from outside. And he or she wanted some. I didn't want to go directly outside because I was afraid the dog might be dangerous, so I got a spoon ful of the stuff (it was like grits) and tried to find a hole in the window screen to poke the spoon out through. There seemed to be a good sized hole so I got ready to put the spoon through there, but then found that the front door was already open! It turned out the dog was our dog and it was a nice dog, so the dog got to come inside.

      When I got up to my room, J G was giving me a hard time about my vitamins. It reminded me of when my Nana thought I was taking "pills" when she saw me taking my multivitamin and other vitamin and mineral pills. I was mad at the accusation. I remember seeing my B complex and my multi vitamin.

      A was trying to fit me with a zip-up wind breaker jacket kinda thing. The size around the belly was said to be 34. The zipper didn't quite reach all the way around, or if it did, it would squeeze. A said he might have to get me a new one of the right size. I told him it was no problem because that was just with my belly pressed out. If I flex my core, I would easily fit in it. And I usually flex my core by default. There was another guy there too, to my left. We were near a window. On the window, something like a stick appeared but it turned out to be a two-legged lizard. it had a tail with was one fourth of its length or so, and then the 2 legs, then the front of its body was three quarters of its length, and a head, but no front legs. I looked at it in amazement, wondering what it was.

      Then the dream shifted to showing these lines of little bugs one after the other. And big bugs came along and started to eat them. So the bugs changed direction, right to left, then again, left to right. It was sad to see the bugs get eaten. After that, the world changed to a Mario side scroller thing. There were enemies kind of like pink bomb-ombs and black bomb-ombs but they all had a spike on their head. Some how I had to run accross a whole field of them without dying. (In waking life I remember seeing that it was possible to use the spinning jump to bounce off them but I didn't know that until this year!) Anyway I did that and might have lost a life but eventually got to where I jumped in through this tube. The tube had a castle over it and warped me to a world where there would be a demonstration. T H told me something about how it was good that I made it here. I think there was a building I was flying to with some words on it, but not sure.

      Then I remember being in a library. We were doing a demonstration video. Two of the guys in the video were smoking. I didn't know it was a dream. I was mad. 'This is not okay to advertise smoking subconsciously,' I thought. 'Not on my watch.' So I grabbed the cigar from the one guy and then we got in a fight. I remember seeing his reflection. "You look like Samuel L. Jackson!" I said. Anyway, it became a big fight. I think he initially got the upper hand in the fight, but I escaped. I'm not totally clear on that.

      While I was plotting revenge on the attackers, I was side tracked by an interesting woman. I didn't get to the part where I approached her but I saw her with a phone and it took my mind off the resentment.

      At the end of these dreams, there was something with a tupperware with some protein shake stuff in it. And my sister had called me from being away. I wanted to ask her if she would be back in time for the end of her school year. She said she didn't care about that stuff. It pained me that she wouldn't even try it for the sake of her future, but I knew there was nothing I could do to change her mind. I think that was the last scene before I woke up.

      Tonight I woke up from the dream still thinking about the last situation as if I were really in it. I did that each time and by the time I finally realized it was a dream, a few good minutes had passed without me doing any recall. it is why the word count is so much lower than usual, but also because I overworked the day before, and under slept the previous night. Also I have not been doing adequate waking life recall and it might be time to renew that.


      Round 3 of dreams were also very eventful but again I woke up and didn't realize it was time to recall dreams, until too late. It took me some time to fall asleep for these. I had to do a little stationary bike in the dark and stretch to be able to sleep and even then, it took a while.

      I remembered dreaming of being in front of the fridge at 15 S W. And eating these little pretzel sticks with some kind of dip. I remember almost being out of pretzel sticks.

      I remember going accross a bridge in the wood, and thinking about "beast mode" which meant becoming like a were wolf or very primal. I was looking at my hands. And thinking how it was important to go into a "primal" mode.

      There was a part on the phone with my Nana, I think. She said how she will try to quit cigarettes now. It seemed like a waking life memory at first but then I realized that was a dream memory. I also remember looking at the phone, and checking if it was almost 7 A M because there was a men's meeting starting at 7 on Saturday, in waking life. I must have thought of it within my dream. In the dream, there was plenty of time until it, and when I woke up, there was also plenty of time.

      In another scene I remember going out for a walk. There was something about looking through my wallet. And something with a dog. I had not taken the dog out for the walk. I felt really bad when I saw the dog waiting by the window, wishing he could be outside. I just saw the dog's silhouette in the window because it had got dark. I remember a cement path and grass to each side. How sad.

      I had one mini-dream of looking at a cup of water. It had a lot of condensation on the outside. A big ant was crawling up it. I figured the ant would crawl on the outside, but wouldn't go in the cup. Then the ant went over the rim and crawled into the cup! I was like, 'Oh no! The ant's in the cup!' and then woke up. As I saw the ant, I started to get lucid because something seemed different from waking life. Usually I don't drink out of that kind of cup and the ant seemed dream-like. Sure enough, it had been a dream.

    13. 2,169 words - selected parts in bold

      by , 06-01-2018 at 10:35 PM
      I'm closing the computer around 7:30.


      I woke up from these dreams and found I had turned in my sleep. This made me think I had already woken up once but when I thought more about it, I realized it must be my first time waking up.

      There was a lot that was OTTOTT. Earliest in the dream, I remember fighting with my Uncle C. I think he was bullying me. I remember swimming in the pool, maybe with my sister. Something about teaching her to swim or practicing going back and forth, but I couldn't remember more. I also remember something with my Dad that's vague. And a part where a woman was serving a wealthy man lemonade all day and catering to him, because he was so wealthy. I think they were married and when he was home from work, she took care of him. The lemonade was in a pitcher.

      I remember being in my high school. There was a meeting* and an art class. The meeting had this menu of things. One was like a religious text**, and contained a part about a character saying something like, "What about me?" I don't quite remember. The meeting had a menu that said studying this religious text was important. It also said that in order to have a relationship, it was necesary to study the religious text, with the name of it in italics.

      I think in the earlier part, Uncle C had to travel somewhere. Anyway, in this part, I remember being in a class room. Something with A S sitting with a paper thing. Kinda vague. I remember that we all had to draw L R's face 10 times. I had been writing on lined paper, but switched to my little note book for drawing. I had 2 packs of colored pencils which I spread on the floor to my left. I was in a regular high school class desk. I had to lean to my left to adjust them. Some pencils were just tiny tips and I had to get them out of the aisle so no one would slip.

      I was ready to draw L R's face really well. Then some how it changed to a computer screen, and I was locked out of the menu that led me to the drawing class. So, I had to figure that out. There were a bunch of menu options pressuring me towards that religious text. One was like an arrow pointing right. Eventually it reached a point where I was with 2 women who were talking. One, the teacher (I think) mentioned adverbs and what words go with them.

      I asked what to do about washing or drying my shirt. Then I was near a dryer and I had some khaki pants but it would cost 7 dollars to run the dryer. I was being angry about this. I talked to my Dad. Apparently if I got change for the 7 dollars it would only cost a dollar or so to dry them so I did that. I went to get a snack from the vending machine, and there were little packs of cookies. I remember J B and M R and J P. So I eventually did that. There was also something about not leaving one's clothes wet in the machine because it will make it yucky.

      After that, I remember getting to a computer lab. It was late. The computers said 12:09 A M. I was not happy that this was cutting into my sleep. I think it was J P who was next to me, and he said every few weeks it was normal to have a weird sleep schedule. That didn't quite ring true. I remember on the computer seeing a page by C in my search options. In waking life we just ended our relationship so it was weird to see something by her. It was as if the search results were mocking her, which kind of helped. They had some words inserted in other words that made a sort of hidden message.

      I woke up from these with a lot of energy, thinking I couldn't possibly fall back sleep. Even though I don't really remember them that well. Okay, I'm glad I got up to write them. Maybe there was some kind of bug in the pool. Oh! In the class part, there was something that said I could have an out of body experience where I met my own personality from the outside. Back to bed.


      It took me forever to fall asleep, but I finally did. I did my waking life recall in my mind and then imagined some stuff while waiting, and even did some left hand writing time. Eventually, sleep came. Glad I didn't give up.

      I remember being in a class room. The desks were in columns and rows, like in high school. The teacher had his back turned to the class, so one of the students behind me thought it would be funny to push the desks all the way up to the front of the class. So he managed, from the back of the column of desks, to push us all up to the front, right up to the teacher's back. I forgot exactly what happened. I know the teacher had been explaining how his name was "Eduardo Doucher" and not "Edward Doucher" and not "Ed Norton" but if his last name was "Norton" it would be "Eduardo Norton".

      I became lucid somehow. I forgot what did it. I just remember standing there, lucid, and realizing there was no way I could stabilize the dream in time. Too bad I forgot what triggered the lucidity. It was only a few moments before I woke up. I remember hearing a drill sound, and trying to get it to turn off. There was some kind of loft thing. It occurred to me that since it was a dream, I could confront the driller, more easily than I could in waking life. But the dream ended.

      Well, I didn't really wake up! I found myself in my bed, in the phase. I could just tell it was the phase, and not the physical world, so I got up. There was vaccuuming or drilling this time again. First thing I had to do was remove my eye mask, which had transferred into the dream. It took some prying. Then, I could dimly see my desk. I almost thought I'd actually got up physically but I looked and my desk had nothing on top. This showed me it was a dream again because I remembered that in waking life my stuff is on my desk.

      On the wall behind the desk was an array of photos, 4 wide by 3 tall. But it was on the wall that goes into my sister's room, not the wall that goes to the side of the house. I read one photo and it said something about fasting, maybe, but I forgot the exact word. I was trying to keep it in mind though. I thought of repeating it out loud, but I'm not sure if I did.

      I tried to open a hole in the wall starting with my fist. My fist was able to press into the wall but only up to my wrist at most. It was fun but eventually I gave up on that, and walked around. Instead of just one room accross the hall, there was one accross, and one between. My sister was vaccuuming one bed. There were three beds, with soft, fleece kind of blankets.

      I thought it would be a good lucid thing to do to try to talk to my sister in the dream. It didn't work out though. I remember the dream ended or shifted and there was a really cute orange cat looking at me. Then the dream ended again, and I was in the phase. I thought it was physically waking up but not yet. I rolled out of body but felt a lot of resistance or gravity. It made it so I couldn't stand up or fly up out of my roof, but I could roll out of bed. Then, the gravity pinned me to the floor.

      This was pretty scary. I felt like it would be a time when I'd experience "bad entities". So I casted a white bubble around me. I had no vision, just all black, but imagined the bubble. I kept trying to crawl a little further, then stand. Every time I tried to stand, I got pulled to the ground again by this gravity-ish force.

      Then I lost the sense of a body but saw a white silhouette thing of white lines kneeling. I felt apprehension. Suddenly streams of words flew over the silhouette's head, from left to right. First it ducked them but then the stream of words got thicker and the silhouette had to fight them off. Then that part ended and I woke up physically, for sure this time.

      That last part was interesting. I was the silhouette and I think the stream of words was my troubling thoughts.

      I woke up and recalled what I could. Now, time to go back to bed!


      I couldn't sleep again. now sleepy. Will try to sleep now. Weird night.


      Finally got back to sleep. I might have got another hour or 2 at most. Now that I write this, it's around 8 A M. I had a pretty vivid dream.

      I remember being on some kind of cement walk way with railings that walked out over a body of water. I was at the end of it. But I forgot what I was doing. (Something with a sugar cereal?)

      I remember that I recorded some kind of dialogue with my family or my friend S S's family. It was on my phone. He seemed appalled that I had recorded it. So I turned it off before he could realize it. I hadn't recorded it for a bad reason.

      I remember seeing my Nana, maybe Nanny F, and other relatives. Uncle C was there, and he kept smoking a cigarette. I saw the smoke, and it was near by, but I couldn't smell it. This is my dream sign, but I didn't catch it. I got annoyed but figured it was vapor or something (which is also dangerous though).

      I remember these plat forms that were floating or on water. I remember Krillin from D B Z wanted to train because I was very strong. Something happened where I got up stairs and corned by Frieza and 2 big minion guys. I remember seeing Frieza's face in beast form where his head was really long. I tried to escape them and got cornered at the end of a corridor up stairs. Frieza began to charge an attack to shoot me and I saw the energy ball form.

      I must have become lucid because I remembered that one of my dream goals was to form an energy ball or an aura, to defend myself. I tried, but nothing happened! Like usual. But, to my surprise, my efforts nullified Frieza's energy ball. I saw it totally vanish. So that was pretty cool!

      I remember going back down stairs and there was a vision of a green lizard head guy I kept seeing. But he seemed to be staying put. However, there was a black lizard thing which was much bigger, that decided to come after me. I'm not sure if I maintained or lost lucidity, probably lost it. But I had the sense it was a video game. I had a Nintendo 64 controller and escaping the beast seemed just as easy as pressing the pause button. However I think it still continued to chase me. I don't remember how that ended. Maybe the Frieza part came after this, and that's how. I'm not sure.

      I don't know if there was something with G D or if that was in my head once I had woken up.

      That was all I remember even though these seemed eventful. I was so groggy from all the insomnia that it took a while to start recalling the dream. I think there was one more part I remembered at the end but its not in my head any more.


      I don't know if I will sleep again because its already after 8. I might nap today and that could be a chance to get lucid. Or, I will just get REM rebound tomorrow night, or both.

    14. 3,304 words

      by , 05-31-2018 at 06:48 PM
      3304 words
      Off computer at 7:16 P M.


      4:18 A M: This is my first time up to dream journal. I had one or two rounds of dreams that went to RBFA and I couldn't even get a single clue as to what they were about. I tried, because I know I recalled them once I'd woken up. I almost thought of at least making some voice notes but I was like "if I stay still I will get one more detail" and then fell asleep.

      The second round of dreams must have only had a brief awakening afterward because I didn't even get up to use the bathroom.

      My earliest memory from this third round of dreams was that M R and N H were trying to talk me into something. I remember a fridge, and that I had taken the two glass shelves out of the fridge. I put the top one back in, and some food on there. But the bottom shelf from the fridge was still out on the table. Also, there were a bunch of little glass pieces that went with it, which I was trying to figure out what to do with. Stacks of little glass rectangles.

      I also remember a part where there was all this gunk. maybe in a shower. maybe something to do with a beach. I don't really remember now. But I remember thinking it was a bad thing, and should be stopped. However, no one else was really bothered by it. I think I kept trying to clean the gunk or something. It was clearly one person's fault. I guess I moved on when it turned out no one else minded.

      I remember a part where I was standing in the center of a circle with some other people in the middle with me. And lots of people began to circle around us in a big circle. I had the idea they were some kind of demons or bad guys all circling around us. But then the mood shifted and I was talking to one of the guys in the circle. He was taller than me. I was like, "Thanks for letting me use your body!" Because I guess he had let me use his body like a robot. There was another big guy next to him who was also heavy and very tall. I told him he had giant muscles and could defeat anybody. They both went and walked on a track.

      Now I remember this part. Maybe it was earlier. I remember a really light shot gun someone had. And driving in some cars. Maybe something with a smaller gun. Never mind, I can't piece it together.

      I also remembered a part in which I was trying to write down my food. Something with numbers and maybe even a graph.

      There was another part in a restaurant with an Indian man like K. He was making an egg sandwich on a griddle. At first I don't think it was a griddle but it became a griddle as I started at it wondering why he had just cracked raw eggs onto a plate like that. He put a sheet of bacon the size of a slice of bread, and then cracked 2 eggs on the bread, and I think some cheese. I remember tasting some of the egg white but it still needed to cook a little more. Still, it was pretty good. He said how that was a really cheap way of making it and so he could profit more from selling that, than if he cooked it another way.

      I don't know if there were details in the middle here. But next thing I remember is being in the dining room with a family. The Dad was mean to the kids and wife. It was the last straw because he had been mean on a regular basis. This meant it was time to call the lawyer and get the Dad out of there. I ran for the phone because I knew the dad would physically try to stop me. I remember the rush of running. The phone was near by and I managed to find the lawyer's number on a piece of paper as I ran. I almost wondered if there would be no point, because I didn't have the lawyer's number.

      As I ran, I made an appointment. The dad was chasing me. To get ahead, I jumped down the stair well, from railing to railing, down a few flights. I got to a floor with a pool table and went in there. That was where I was supposed to meet the lawyer and discuss things. What a relief, I made it, without the dad catching me.

      Then I was more focused on the people playing pool. The pool table had some different elements to it. Almost like a mini-golf course, but as a pool table. Not quite but it just had some segments. People there made some pretty skillful pool moves. (I just got a flash back of the earlier dream with the gunk in the shower, and a woman saying it didn't matter.)

      Eventually the dad caught up and brought us this raccoon thing. He handed it to me because I was supposed to take care of it. It curled up in my arms and went to sleep. (I think its from observing the rabbit in the yard for a while last night.) The raccoon thing seemed to go to sleep though and it was supposed to sleep 10 days. I wasn't sure if it would sleep all 10 days or wake up. Or what it would need. There was a little house for it. I wondered if it belonged in the fridge.

      The dad got a big dispenser of water. He called it "carbon water" and it was the only kind of water I could feed the raccoon. This worried me because it was going to be expensive. (Was there something about brushing my teeth?) So we sat around and drank the carbon water I guess. But something theatrical happened and a bunch of bubbles floated up. They contained the word A7 which was the name of an ion. (Something like that, maybe A7+.) It was really fascinating to see all that happen. Then there was a really steamy cup of tea. It was under the table at first so I thought someone had a cigarette, and got ready to get mad. But the tea was just the thing making the steam, not a cigarette, making smoke.

      There was also some other magical stuff like presents appearing. Because I didn't think it was a dream, my mind actually shifted the whole thing so it became a movie. This way I would believe it was waking life, because that would be more likely to happen in a movie scene. It looked like special effects. Then I found myself sitting and watching the movie.

      There was a woman in the chair to my right. She was saying how her boyfriend was workaholic and would never just relax and hang out with her after a movie. I turned so I was facing her and started to try to talk about my recovery from workaholism. Partly to be nice and partly because I was single and wanted her to like me! She didn't face in my direction which I guess meant she would have felt bad to talk with me due to having a boyfriend.

      I got up and walked some ways away. Up some hills. Maybe through some snow. Thinking about the woman there, feeling off about it. And I was still thinking about the animal but I forgot if I left it in a tree or still had it. Anyway, I walked so far that I realized I'd gone too far. There was a train heading back to where I'd come from and I sprinted towards it. Just barely made it. It turned out to be a bus, on train tracks. I thought I'd have to go all the way around to get in, but there was a door on my side. When I got in, I barely made it. I had to grab the door and yell to the bus driver to slow down. He must have been on a schedule, and that would throw off his schedule. I explained to him gratefully that its my first time using this bus. He was nice about it.

      The rest of the people on the bus looked shady, like gangsters. I was kind of nervous and sat towards the back. We ended up playing more pool. I guess the bus just transformed into another pool hall, because dreams can do that. I don't know why I am dreaming of playing pool. I haven't played pool or even seen a pool table in years. Maybe my dreams are suggesting I go play pool! The table was divided into sections again, unlike a waking life pool table. People were doing all kinds of tricks like blowing on the pool balls and putting spin on the pool balls. I also noticed that no one used the triangle. And if they did, there would have been 2 triangles worth of pool balls. Anyway the first guy who went used the pool stick differently. swinging it from above. I was like, "Cool style." Someone knocked the cue ball in. I forgot every move of the game but it was very vivid and interesting to watch. I think round 3 of dreams (which was this round) is usually my most vivid and eventful so if I take any Alpha-GPC or Huperzine-A it should be between rounds 2 and 3.

      After that there was something else about whether or not a woman would like me. And more lucid dreaming tips. I remember R S leaning back with his hands near a bubbling pot of water. He was a master lucid dreamer, in this dream. And the Lucid Dreaming tips were naps, RC's, and 2 other things. The guy said that besides, that, nothing made a big difference. I wanted to impress the woman.

      Then I think was when I woke up. Nothing I can do now to re-gain those first or second round of dreams' dream details. Some of the second round may have trickled in to the dream journal. But I am thinking through them and I fall back to sleep! If I got up to write it would seem premature as I wasn't done thinking of them. So its definitely a "double bind" but there will be lots of dreams in the coming days, weeks and months and even years. Okay, back to bed.


      8:20 A M: Great. I managed to get some sleep. It took a little while to fall back asleep and I almost doubted I would. But, I did! I had lots of short dreams and snoozing.

      I remember something with trying to get on an A C A phone meeting. They said something about how I would have to press any key to skip the main menu and go straight to the meeting. I figured everyone would start to do that, and skip the main menu. I remember a fellow traveler, maybe named J, calling me. We talked about some stuff. I said something about how if I isolate too much I could return to old behaviors or an addiction. I think I remember a poster on the wall. In the walk-in fridge, there were a bunch of milk jugs. However, all the milk jugs were opened and partly drank out of. I thought it was weird that they had all been used a little bit, instead of people just using one all the way. It was like the walk in fridge at my house in college. The milks had the light purple label which means 1% or skim milk, I forget which. I wanted some milk but decided they wouldn't be any good, due to having been opened. They looked spoiled to me.

      Then, when I walked out of the walk in fridge thing, someone talked to me about getting a job. They were saying how smart I was, but they couldn't hire anyone to work on the crane. I was thinking, 'Good! I don't want to work on a crane!' Then instead of a person, there was more of a voice talking to me. I could tell I was hearing a voice from the sky, but didn't know it was a dream. The voice was telling me some different things. One thing it told me was an earlier part of the dream I had forgotten. It was because I couldn't remember the earliest part of this sleep cycle's dreams, and it actually told me what happened. However, I don't remember it now! Unless it was the milk jug part. But I remember it then, and it rang true.

      There were parts where I was starting a subreddit called r/nojob or r/dontgetajob in addition to other subreddits like another sub-reddit for being anti-cigarettes. I was in my room from senior year of college. I remember looking on our big screen T V from the couch, which was up, and to the left. It was really hard to see anything at that angle and it got kinda frustrating, trying to work like that. At another point I was in my room with my 42 inch TV hooked up as a monitor. Something about using the correct kind of cable and a tutorial about that.

      In yet another part, I was in this one house by the ocean. The ocean was so blue and went on forever. It felt like I was on the very edge of the world. There was something about how I had to go talk to the guy next door so I went over there. He was an African American guy with a beard, like Mr. T. I saw another person interviewing him from outside. They talked in a totally un-known language but as they spoke, a female robot voice translated everything. (I forgot the exact words.) I didn't know it was a dream but it was so vivid. I remember the guy had a huge mansion. And I remember going and walking out to the side of the stone patio, which went right up to the ocean, too. There was a little mini pool thing but it looked like it went down in a whirl-pool. I thought of it as a jacuzzi and wanted to jump right in. It was so vivid. The sky was bright blue, the ocean was waving, it was really vivid.

      Next I was going to use the bathroom, I think back in the same house as above. I saw my sister so I knew she wasn't in there. I went to go to the bathroom and then saw one bedroom and then beyond that, another bedroom. In the 3rd bedroom I saw purple legs standing on a pillow. It was my cousin J. I tried to close the door and use the bathroom but I didn't go in the stall. I aimed for a hole in the floor. I missed a lot and was going to have to wipe the floor up after. My cousin came to the bathroom right then and I saw her eye, looking in to the bathroom. I covered up, and didn't want her to see that I had peed! I just couldn't figure out how to use the stall. I yelled at her about it, like, "Don't look!" And felt bad for yelling. I felt like I had to push her away. Luckily, it was just a dream. (This is why I am trying to train myself to RC every time I go pee.)

      I remember a false awakening where I was walking around a building. I wanted to go pee in a corner somewhere and go right back to bed, without waking up too much. My goal was to keep dream chaining and try to get lucid, and go explore that ocean. Unbeknownst to me, I was still in a dream already. I found a corner that I almost peed in but then there was a heavy guy who came out of the kitchen, like 50 feet from the door I was at, walking into a cafeteria. So, that plan was blown.

      When I woke up physically, I realized there was a bathroom that was easy to go to. But it took a while because my mind had still carried the impression of there not being a near-by bathroom.

      My last dream was about looking for the next season of Dragon Ball Super. There was something cool about Vegeta and how he could freeze time and rewind to where everyone was standing around him, and someone said something mean to him. Then re-play the scene but do it differently. I remember looking on-line because a new show had been released every day. So I was trying to find it up on You Tube. I think it was Sunday in the dream. That led me to a message board, where they had video game links. Someone replied to my question in Spanish with a link to a web-site that would have a Pokemon game. My attention went to that. I remember looking at a Super Nintendo Controller, trying to set up the buttons, like in an emulator. The titles to the paragraphs were in Spanish but the rest were in English. One was a silly gossip article about how Charizard fell in love with Manta Something. I woke up from that thinking that I'm trying to avoid gaming, so I can't actually go set that up. Then I realized it had been a dream.

      So, those were a good amount of dreams. My recall on them was pretty good. I am glad to have slept in so much. For me its much more of a success to sleep in than it would be to wake up early.

      I am beginning to be a little down about how I'm falling back to sleep after the first round of dreams lately, without writing it. And usually, forgetting much of it. So, although I think its healthy to have a balance between sleep and dream recall, I might start to think of some way to avoid forgetting those first or second rounds of dreams. But also it will probably come back to me naturally, once I allow myself to get the rest I need. because some nights, I would be recalling that first round of dreams, and at the end, have plenty of energy to get up and write it.

      Oh! I also remembered a dream detail of going through my phone and trying to convert the audio format of my voice recorder (m4a I think) to mp3 or vice versa. That detail came back to me later in the morning, when I thought of my phone.
    15. 3,453 words - selected parts in bold

      by , 05-30-2018 at 02:00 PM
      Today I'm closing the computer a little later, at 8:30 P M. Just want to note that.


      I had one round of dreams that was RBFA. I did end up recalling a good amount at the time but could only re-remember certain parts.

      I think I remembered M R, G F and N H in these.

      One part was of a fight. Someone flying with jet packs. Some kind of red sugary drink powder.

      At the end there was an Italian guy waiting tables and he was talking to a giant bottle of red wine.

      I woke up from those and recalled a good amount, even with the fan on. Recall was going so well I considered making some voice notes, but I was unwilling to get up and write. So I fell back asleep. Again, balance is important, so I'm not mad about it. But when I have the energy I will write them.


      Round 2 of dreams was different. I didn't RBFA (Here I am writing it now) but when I woke up, I couldn't latch on to a detail and start remembering, right away, or as soon as I'd like to. It took me a while and then I realized they had been a very long series of dreams. So here is what I got.

      I remember S S, G S and N S in one part. I was with S S and we were going to his house. I had to take out my retainer or put in my retainer before talking to them. It was a detailed part but I only remember it vaguely.

      I remember being in convertibles with some friends in a parking lot. And we were weight lifting. We had weights in the car. I forgot if we did a variety of workouts but I know I did a back workout. Afterwards, I was moving my shoulder blades, and realizing I shouldn't do any back workouts for a few days, so that I would recover the energy I'd used. One of the guys there said something about working out which I forgot.

      Then I remember driving around by the local intermediate school. I wanted to pull in to the parking lot by the big field. It was totally empty, no one was there. Still, I was afraid I wasn't allowed to, like it was just for people who currently went to school there.

      Something happened and I thought I had done something wrong. I remember Ms. M (math teacher) saying that it wasn't me who had done anything wrong. It was something else at the same time. Well, that was a relief.

      I remember this demonstration with a pyramid thing. It was more surreal at this point. The pyramid had several symbols on it. There was a guy doing a demonstration of how the pyramid could shoot streams of fire and ice. Or lava and ice. But he also said frozen lava and burning ice. The red and blue streams twisted around each other in a show. There was a girl who was afraid to go into the pyramid because she imagined a corpse would be in the first chamber to the right. It showed an outline from the outside of what she thought might be there.

      I remember sitting out by the school and talking on the phone with my friend M, from FL. We were taking turns talking. He was saying something and as I listened, I thought, "This is great to be talking to M again at the end of each day." Then a really loud helicopter went overhead. I was so annoyed at how low it was flying. But it was also spinning around and around very fast. Not just the chopper blades but the actual body of the helicopter was spinning. This seemed different to me but with dream logic, I explained to myself how that always happened.

      Then M and I were on the plane. We found out how to de-stabilize it because there was a frozen bottle of soda. In the dream, soda couldn't freeze, so a frozen bottle of soda became highly pressurized, like tanks of liquid oxygen. So we were playing with that, knowing it could mess up the plane, because we were mad at the plane.

      Then, my Dad and even N F and other family members were all trying to get me to come talk to them. But I just walked right past, glad to escape their clutches. However, my sister got caught by them. She got away again, and morphed into protein powder, and hid in a tupperware, mixed into some water. My Dad could easily find her because she was with her friend A and that's the only place she would go. So he was able to poke a hole in the tupperware and get her out or something like that.

      Maybe some more things happened. The last thing I remember is being on the computer and receiving an e-mail from my friend K. She had sent me a list of affirmations, saying that she sometimes had a busy mind and would use the affirmations. They had to do with all categories of life, but one was something like, "My room is clean and peaceful." After I read that, I looked up from my computer and looked around my room. Nothing seemed different from waking life to me (Not that I was actively checking) but I don't remember exactly what I saw. I was just looking at my room and thinking of the affirmation. Also, my chair was in a similar spot as it was in waking life.

      So, that was fine to recall all that. I kind of wish I'd recalled more, because I got a little burst of energy while recalling those and could have gone on typing. Another thing that I think limited my recall a little this time was the fan's noise. But I had no clue there had been so many dreams in round 2, so I didn't even know what to look for, until one of the memories reminded me. I remembered thinking of how many dreams there had been. I think I also remember kids in my Nana's back yard, but not sure.

      So, back to bed now. I think my word count will be down a bit based on letting myself RBFA. But I am just trying to listen to my energy levels and find balance.


      I slept some more, and had a cool dream chain thing. The first few dreams I did another RBFA, partly because there weren't that many dreams. When I fell back asleep I found myself in a long dream and had some lucidity. Plus, very vivid.

      I remember being in my Nana's den with O A, C V and A R.

      My dad came down and started to pin each person on the couch for no reason. I wanted to stop him but he was kind of bullying my friends and he was too big for me to stop. So, I tried to escape before he could bully me, too. On the way out, I remember running as fast as I could. I grabbed a serrated steak knife in case I needed to defend myself. It was my best option. I remember crawling beneath the windows outside Nana's living room. The lights were on in there, and I was afraid they'd see me, but I got away towards the road. I don't remember what else happened after that.

      I think that was all I remembered from that time of sleep. Then I did the RBFA and had more dreams.

      My earliest memory of these took place in a class room, but it was a lot of dreams. I remember there was a guy at the chalk board with some kind of mask. He asked me something about a church, which bothered me, but I decided to be nice to him because I thought I knew him long ago, when he was different. I forgot what else happened in that part.

      Maybe there was some kind of class room I had got into where all these women were having an art competition. It is too vague to fully recall it. I think it involved my mom.

      I also remember something in the fridge that was maybe my sister's.

      Now I clearly remember walking with my Mom, and holding her hand. I think at first we had our fingers clasped but I started to worry that someone would think she was my girlfriend. So I wondered if it was okay to hold my mom's hand. It was because she was having trouble walking or balancing. So it made sense to me. I just held her hand the other way, without fingers clasped. That seemed to be the better way to do it.

      We got to a square of pavement with a puddle in front. I would have jumped the puddle but I realized my mom couldn't so I looked for another way around. Then we had to go back up to a platform but there were no steps. I helped my mom up a ladder thing that was like light yellow in color. Then we watched the bridge to my town open up. A red truck had segments dangling down from the bridge which seemed different to me. I guess they opened the bridge before the truck made it all the way over. But dream logic said the truck would just finish driving itself fully to one side. There were some little kids swimming in the water underneath. It got my attention but again I just figured that's what kids do. They had floaties on.

      Then my Mom and I walked somewhere. I think it shifted to where we were at her friend C's house. (I think J L was in the previous dream on the plane.) I forgot all that happened, maybe something about someone's food in the fridge? Actually, I think I was eating steak. I've been vegan for almost 2 years and I knew this in the dream but I figured I'd just eat the steak one time. I wasn't lucid yet. There was something about my sister having certain food in the fridge that wasn't for me.

      Anyway I remember standing with my mom in one upstairs place and looking down at the back yard. There was a beautiful rectangular in-ground pool. The color was sea green but it looked intentional. not like it had got full of algae but that they meant for it to look that way. I went to point it out to my Mom. She said, "Yeah, this is the home of the wealthiest 40-head." I was like, "40-head? Who?" And she said it was her friend C. It made sense since her friend C always seemed like she had alcoholism or addiction issues. I think there was also stuff involving my mom's friend J from upstate that I can't remember.

      But then I looked again at the pool and it was a square garden of green leaves. This caught my attention. I knew there was just a pool there moments ago. So I told my Mom, "You know, sometimes things can just change from one to another around here. It's like we're in a dream!" I knew for sure it was a dream but when I heard myself say that I realized I was just giving my mom a hint, not directly saying it. She asked me more about dreams. "Do you keep a dream journal?" I think she asked. I got really excited because it just felt fun and maybe I'd teach my mom to lucid dream. I casually answered while looking at a little yellowish spider thing on a web. I was trying to see what its shape was. "I write down all my dreams! You know, just last night, I was dreaming about..." and then I think the dream shifted.

      I'm not sure the exact order, but there was this part where sponge-bob was trying to get the world record for bathing in some really gross liquid. It was like some kind of burning liquid with lye, or some kind of vomit stuff. Eventually something happened and it drained out of the tub. I thought he'd be upset that he didn't get to the world record. But I also didn't want to see him keep suffering. I think I was still lucid for this part, looking at the different characters and thinking of how to draw them later. Also I remember examining some of the brown gunk before the scene changed.

      Next I remember being in some kind of weight room. Some athletes were in there, training. It reminded me of my high school weight room, maybe with a different hall way leading up to it. I was lucid. I got all my energy in my head and tried to blast myself like a rocket, accross the room. Just to try it. And it worked, I flew over there at rocket speed. One of the football players asked me how I did it, and I pointed to my skull. (Saying it was from brain power.) Then, I tried to do it again. Aiming to teleport or fly super fast over to another weight machine and lift the whole thing. But I couldn't get it to work.

      There was something about a custody battle with some people's kids. I don't remember as much of it.

      Somehow I got to the arboretum and I was lucid. Coming down the trail along the pond, from where the baby snake was. (Waking life reference.) As I got to the parking lot area, I noticed Eckhart Tolle's voice was playing. 'Wow, my dream is doing Eckhart Tolle,' I think I thought. (I forgot what happened up until then, if there was anything.) I walked by some green plants and over some green plants growing in the middle of the trail. Eckhart Tolle's voice was saying, "It is possible to hide some feelings, it is possible to hide with..." And then he did one of those long pauses. I was thinking of how gentle and non-accusatory his voice sounded. Just very objective and calm. I thought the audio had ended, he paused so long. But he continued, "...thoughts." (So he said hide with thoughts. And I think he meant that it was possible to think thoughts in my head quietly without telling anyone what they were.)

      I was going to try to indulge in something but caught myself. I had set a goal to do something more constructive. So the first thing that came to mind was "Run!" So I ran and breathed deeply. It felt really good to run in the dream. I remember feeling my lungs expand. In waking life there is a lot of impact, so I can't really run, because the impact hurts. (I am only 5'10 160lbs but it hurts.) But in the dream I could run. Then I noticed the pond, like in waking life. In waking life its not really for swimming. More of a shallow duck pond with mirky water. but because I was lucid, and I knew it was a dream, I dove in to swim! It's been ages since I swam in a dream. The arm movements felt weird because I was dreaming that my body pillow was stuck to my chest. I switched to a back stroke and tried to look up at the sky, but there didn't seem to be a sky.

      After swimming out a little far I realized that I was in the water. And there could be scary fish! So I hurried up and swam to shore. Now instead of a hill, there was a squared-off level kind of like a Mario world. So I pulled myself up the ladder.

      Sure enough it was like a bedroom, a mario level thing, and then I could see a town of white mushroom-shaped buildings off in the distance. The town looked inviting and I wanted to run to the edge of the cliff and fly down to it. Then I looked into the open bedroom part and saw Jingles, my sister's cat. An orange cat. It was light orange with slightly darker orange striped. They had to give it away when they moved upstate.

      I tried to summon my sister so that she could re-unite with her cat. Around that time, a rainbow-striped cat appeared.

      The rainbow cat became a dark blue cat and seemed to be an adversary. It was scary so I escaped.

      I thought I had woken up but it was actually a red and orange map showing some houses. I had a mouse pointer and I noticed that the dream hadn't ended. I could click on one of the houses. There was one near the bottom left that lit up when I hovered the mouse cursor over it. That would be the one I'd click on.

      I forgot if it took me anywhere else. Eventually I woke up and thought them through. But had a false awakening. (An RBFA-FA!)

      In the false awakening I knew it was Wednesday morning (like in waking life) and that W A would be soon. When I checked my phone, it looked like it was already 8:10 A M! So I had missed the first 40 minutes. But the moderator, one of the women from the group, was just welcoming new people. So apparently the phone was an hour ahead and it was only 7:10 A M, and they were just welcoming new people who had arrived early. 'Well, thats nice,' i thought. My plan was to hook up the meeting to record it so I could do my dream recall.

      As I tried to hook up the phone to record I realized my dream memory was slipping away. Putting on the phone is not something I'd do until I'd at least recalled my dream fully, in a solid way, even if I hadn't recorded it yet. But then I wanted someone's contact information - One of the guys from the custody battle in the earlier part - So I could support them in winning custody. I forgot why, maybe the mom was worse. Or he was my friend.

      I got his contact information and it was a video chat thing. He looked angry. He had light brown/blonde hair. And was saying, "Learn to talk back!" In a rapper voice. I realized all this was delaying my dream recall, but I felt it was my only chance. I got to a point where I could stop on the phone and go to dream recall.

      I also remember the location shifted from my room, with the recorder under my bed, so the woods near the local library. Specifically near the tree where it goes toward someones back yard. And the blue houses.

      Then I woke up physically again and was really relieved that I hadn't really gotten up and disrupted my dream recall by going on the phone. I recalled what I could of the dreams. It seemed blurry in some areas, but still pretty good. I was happy with the lucidity and the eventfulness.

      I will try to sleep once more since its still pretty early. it's only a little past 6 A M.


      Well, I didn't get back to sleep. It was probably enough sleep. Trying to dial into W A woke me up too much.

      I just remembered kinda randomly that I dreamed of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. First it was another kind of more complex game but then it was just Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I can't remember if that was this night or a previous night.
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