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    1. 757 words

      by , 06-19-2018 at 10:11 PM
      I was probably asleep by 8 or 8:30.


      First round of dreams, I think I woke up from, did an RBFA, and didn't re-remember.


      Second and third round of dreams kind of mixes together in my mind.

      I remember sitting in some kind of meeting room with my sister. She needed to talk to a counselor and get a "sponsor" to help her with something like Al Anon. Because she had just ended a relationship.

      I remember sitting next to her and filling out the form for her. I made some lines accross the paper. The counselor woman didn't seem to notice or mind that I had done that.

      Then I remember walking with her in a stair well. She was upset. I wanted to tell her that perhaps she was re-living the abandonment rupture from childhood. But wondered if that would help her in her current state.

      I remember a part with S D. We were working in some kind of grocery store or restaurant. I remember it was the clean-up part. He was playing with some yellow artificial sweetener packets.

      I also remember a scene when I was walking around the woods, and thinking about my food program. I think I was exchanging contact information with someone on one of the phone bridges. Maybe near a tree.

      I remember being in a weight room. Someone had set up 3 of those foam barbell things with weights on either side, and dropped it onto the rack. It didn't make a noise though. Then A M and V S and some other guys from H S were setting up weights to military press. They had got to 95 before I wanted to jump in. I started helping load the weights. I think P B was there, too.

      I figured I could do 95 cold. But I went to warm up with 20 pound dumbbells while they had a turn... And could hardly lift them at all! I remember flaring my elbows a little. Movements that I would not be doing in waking life.

      Then I remember being in the bathroom at 24. I remember the tiles like how they were when we lived there. I was trying to do squats between the wall with the towel rack and the sink, with my back to the sink. There was a cardboard box behind me that got in my way, so I moved it... Then I couldn't get my footing right because some tiles elevated one foot while not elevating the other. That's definitely a dream sign, the sudden change in scenery.

      I think there was something that took place at my college house, but its too vague.

      I remember a part with Goku, some alien or super powerful beings, and some Al Anon people, and some blue plastic cups. So the super powerful beings would have been capable of helping save planet Earth, but they weren't going to help for some reason. Goku was pleading with them to go help. Then it was like an Al Anon meeting and a woman shared about needing to feel safe. Goku shared afterward repeating a lot of what she said. I kind of cringed because this would seem like cross talk to me. I remember having gotten water in my dad's plastic blue solo cup and wanting to dry it out.

      I think that was all I remembered or re-remembered. I did some RBFA in there. I was really groggy. My dream recall is taking a major dip lately and I don't know why. I'd be lucky if I could get to sleep one more time but I don't feel sleepy enough...

      ...I didn't get back to sleep.
    2. Days off

      by , 05-12-2018 at 04:39 PM
      Hi everyone. I am taking some more days off writing my dreams. Before any one panics, I am not totally quitting or anything. I still recall and record my dreams in a voice recorder because I know one day I will look back and be glad to have those recordings. But I am just taking a break from the extra work of typing and formatting.

      If you look at my dream journals until now some days I have written 5000+ words. So I am really burnt out. I literally have no enthusiasm or interest for LD beyond the minimum of recalling and voice recording my dreams, because I am so burnt out. So I am just saying that. My "goal" is not to force myself into anything LD-related until i actually recover from burnout.

      Now this is not to say I will be reverting to a mode of video gaming and eating dessert food all day in leiu of intensive LD practice. I am taking a look at my general mental/emotional/physical health. I won't go into detail on it here before it gets too non-dream-related but I just wanted to make an appearance. Thanks everyone
    3. Day off

      by , 05-10-2018 at 11:25 PM
      Hi everyone! I think I have successfully taken a day off typing my dreams. I have them all on my voice recorder but I decided to just give myself a break on making the whole PDF thing. Maybe I will go back and do it another day. I'm going to keep voice recording my dreams but give myself a break from making the PDF's until I naturally feel enthusiastic about it again.
    4. I asked my friends if they knew it was a dream too!

      by , 04-15-2018 at 07:08 PM
      I wrote it out in full in my own notes. But I just made a summary for online because my actual Dj entry was 3,581 words.

      Summary of Dream 1

      I got up from taking a test to use the rest room. When I got back, more time had passed than I thought. I had to get a make up test. I got to an office where someone was typing in a pass word. Then it linked to her dream views blog. Her dream goal was to put an animal inside a ghost and see if it could walk around. Then she wrote that it was too violent.

      Summary of Dream 2:

      I was in a writing competition at my high school. I turned in an entry about Golden Light and Healing. Then someone tricked me into downloading something not so good on the computer. My Dad got mad at me. The trickster came into my room and I told her to stay out. Then I got the chance to explain to my Dad how it was all her fault. However, deep down, I knew I downloaded it somewhat willingly. There was also a part where I was on the phone with a friend, talking about how important it is for everyone to write their dreams.

      Summary of Dream 3

      Goku and Frieza were in space. They went into a big green ship. I sat at the table with my friends, and we all had plates of food. I realized it was a dream, and said to them, “Hey, it’s a dream! Did you all know that, too?” And they said yes. Then the dream faded. I resumed in the ship but not lucid. I fought some green and white robot things. Someone was trying to charge a gameboy to my account and I wouldn’t let them get away with it. Then I was being pinched, and attacked with a knife, but protected myself.
    5. Ampharos

      by , 04-13-2018 at 01:12 AM
      Before bed I read a lot of the old Task of the Month and Task of the Year posts. It was really inspiring and set a good example for me of remembering dream goals when I become lucid.
      (((personal infoz)))Round 1 of Dreams

      I am not sure when it was, but at some point, someone said, “17, Thanks for noticing this.” Maybe something to do with an address.


      (((PERSONAL INFOZ))) was in this part. There was some kind of cooking area. Someone wanted me to bring over all of a certain kind of food for cooking. (((personal infoz)))

      Long Day

      I dreamed that it had been a long day. I was in the (((personal infoz)))gymnasium with (((personal infoz))) as the teacher. It was around 8 P M and I hadn’t eaten yet that day. And they were still pushing us to keep doing stuff. I got mad about it. (((personal infoz))). (((personal infoz)))Fish

      I was out in the water. (((personal infoz))) told me that it was okay to catch one fish, but if I wanted a different fish, I would have to replace it. My hands got all cut up from the fish. It must have had sharp scales. I remember looking at my hands and the skin was cut off really badly, leaving a lot of red parts exposed on my hands. I was wondering how to make them better.


      Something about doctors saying how to cut the skin. I pictured cutting off the loose skin with a little razor. (Wait, wouldn’t I want to repair the existing skin, not cut off more?) The doctors were talking about a “0.777 razor” for this job. I was also looking into different band aids.


      The doctors were trying to build some kind of house out of something like cards. It was like a card house but not quite. (((personal infoz))).


      I took my 100mcg of Huperzine-A before going back to bed. I think it’s day 5 on that. And about 1000mg of Choline Bitartrate a day, split between some at breakfast, and some at dinner. Choline said to take it with food so I’m following that instead of having it on an empty stomach.

      Round 2 of Dreams

      I slept, but couldn’t think of any dreams upon awakening. That seemed weird, but the rest of the night turned out great.

      Round 3 of Dreams

      This dream chain was really cool. I was a little dissappointed with my recall once I finally woke up in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness though. It seemed so vivid, but once I woke up, I struggled to remember it. That sometimes happens with really long dreams.

      (((personal infoz)))

      The regular dreams began upstairs at (((personal infoz))). In this part I went into my Dad’s room to ask him something. I told him the lamps were too bright so he turned one off. He asked me if I still had all the “photos from Rome”. I assumed he meant the childhood and family photos from the bin in my room. “Yeah, I still have those.”


      My sister was on the floor in my Dad’s room doing the D C Quad Stretch. She was doing it all the way down on the hard floor. I was like, do you want some cushions? Are you going to count your time? She said she didn’t need to because it wasn’t difficult for her. She also did some kind of movement with it. I was really impressed. I need to be on a bed to do that stretch, with pillows under my back. Then there was a part about (((personal infoz))) being stronger than me. I was looking up how much I could bench press. At first, I guessed 150, but then I guessed, probably 135 or less, due to my shoulder. So I imagined what it would be like if my sister benched more than me.

      (((personal infoz))) said she had a stone blanket. It referred to her comforter being very hard. I understood her in the dream but I don’t understand as well now in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness.

      Ringing #1

      I was laying in my bed, thinking through those dreams. Then, the ringing started. The high pitched ringing I have grown familiar with as I’ve had more “phase” experiences. I felt particularly afraid of an ominous prescence because I participated in some threads about night terrors. But I found I was easily able to get out of my body. As I was exiting my body, I remembered that expectations had made a difference to me in the past. So I tried to create a positive expectation. I even thought of having an “inner smile” as I separated from my physical body. My idea was to “appear” in a gym, and lift weights. That’s been something I wanted to do. So I tried to picture that.


      Well, I “appeared” in my room anyway. I didn’t think to check if my physical body was there, so I don’t know if it was an O B E or a dream. I went right for my room door and opened the handle. Turned it and opened it. Went out into the hallway.

      Next I jumped down the whole 14 stairs of the stair case. I wondered for a moment if I was in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness, but when I landed softly, I was sure I was in a dream or whatever it was.

      As I jumped down the stairs, I was repeating two affirmations. One was “I’m Lucid.” The other one was “I’m (Something)” But I forgot the exact word. I think it was not directly about dreams.


      My Dad was coming down the steps. I wondered if it was my physical Dad or just a dream of him. And I wondered if he saw me, or if I was a ghost. He didn’t seem to see me. Then, I saw myself coming down the stairs! I wondered if it was my physical body, or a dream of it. Then I wondered how my physical body would be up and moving if I were not in it! It didn’t seem like my self saw me, so I just said some nice things anyway, and went out the front door.


      When I stepped outside, the whole scene was very vivid and complete. It wasn’t like the dream collapsed when I opened the door. There was a whole big world out there. I flew up with ease. (((personal infoz))) house had a big opening in the middle, and sparks were flying. I assumed they were working on a car. But I thought it was (((personal infoz))) from next door to us at (((personal infoz))).


      I tried two things. One was I used an affirmation. “My Lucid Dreams last long and remain stable.” I said that out loud a bunch of times within the dream. It seemed to stabilize things a lot. The other thing was I tried to put my fingers to my forehead, to instant transmission myself to a gym. But, it wouldn’t work. When I opened my eyes, I was still flying around my neighborhood.


      I remember I flew around some more houses and roof tops. I think there were more details I forgot. Eventually I got to a part where I was in this warehouse kind of place. There were tall white stacks of shelves with some white covering. If I was regular size, they must have been 30 to 40 feet tall.

      There were big red wood drawers sliding autonomously towards the shelves. Giant ferrets were living inside the shelves. I was worried that the giant shelves were disturbing the ferrets.


      I met a woman in the dream named Meg. She was the boss of this warehouse. She had dark hair and a yellow shirt. (She was not anyone I know from waking life.)

      I had a lingering sense of fear in this part. I didn’t really know where I was. I felt like I was in somewhere that was supposed to be off limits.


      Eventually I returned to my physical bed. I thought through all that had happened. But, it wasn’t over! I heard some voices and some ringing, and slipped out of body again.


      The voices seemed to pertain to something with my Dad. So I phased through my door like it was air, and through his door like it was air, to go into his room. Maybe I needed to protect him from some spirit thing. The T V was on in his room. I didn’t look around much. I kept on the move a lot during these. I felt weird having gone into his room, so I quickly went through another wall or ceiling. I think he was sleeping.


      I am not sure if this is all in perfect chronological order. But next I think I flew up through the ceiling. I expected to go through an attic, then up to the sky. When I got up through the ceiling, I roosted on the floor. The attic room was all white, definitely not like our physical attic. There was a white styrofoam square in the middle of the floor.

      Keeping on the go, I tried to fly up again. But I passed into the same room again. And again. It was dimly lit.


      I decided to surrender and just explore this little room that kept repeating. I put my face close to the panel and took a good look. It looked like a human face. That made me think that I could summon a person. (((personal infoz)))I transformed the panel into a person. I interacted with the new dream figure a litte bit until the dream briefly ended, then started again from that same room, only with me by myself again.

      I remember thinking that maybe “summoning” the person worked because we both wanted to meet at the same time. I was thinking of them as if they were another lucid, dreamer.


      I was still in that room. I looked at the floor and stuff. It was kind of grey. I think there were some bright colored orbs on the ground, like the plastic pellets I saw in the woods.

      Warehouse again

      I forgot if I appeared there from flying around more, or if I returned to my bed and then another dream began from there. But I was in the warehouse again. Now there were more people besides “Meg”. (This Meg doesn’t pertain to anyone I know in waking life.) I felt like I shouldn’t be there. I hid behind the 30 to 40 foot shelf things with the ferrets. I hoped that I would be a ghost, and even if they looked at my location, or stepped over me, they wouldn’t notice I was there.


      Eventually, I got caught, while trying to leave. I was looking for an exit. But all the corridors seemed to go on and on. One exit door seemed to appear. But “Meg” caught me as I went through the main room.


      She was like, “What are you doing here?” And seemed prepared to call some security guards. I was like, “Please don’t make me be in trouble. I just want to get out. I don’t even know how I got here. I will leave right away. I didn’t see anything.”


      She told me to follow the corridors, making a turn at every poster that showed “Protein”. That made no sense to me. I tried confirming the directions with a hand movement, but she wouldn’t help me any more. On the way out, I saw a kid with a candy wrapper on something he was eating. There were other children there too at this point. It seemed like a school thing.


      I appeared back in bed, still in the “phase”. I heard more ringing and felt scared again. Going out of body didn’t seem to work. So I kicked around, running in place, unable to fully separate. Honestly, I didn’t really want to continue. I had been dreaming for so long and it was time to do some dream recall. The odd thing is, when I’m in “the phase”, its hard to think of the dreams I just had. So if it ever feels unusually difficult to think of what I just dreamed, that’s a sign I could still be in the “phase”. Like if my brain doesn’t seem to work. I might be in a different brain wave state.


      There were some moments in this dream when I considered stopping to try to write out the dreams, within the dream. Or at least doing some dream recall affirmations. But I didn’t really want to! I took it for granted that I’d remember it all.


      The last thing I experienced of the “phase” this time was this voice talking. I was trying to recall my dreams even while it continued, but I couldn’t concentrate while it continued.


      When I could tell the “phase” finally ended, or almost did, I quickly flicked on my recorder. I wonder if this dislodged anything. I probably could have thought of it if I stayed still, but my brain didn’t seem to work. I couldn’t think. When I snapped on the recorder, it seemed like a snapped out of the “phase” prematurely. Oops!


      At one point, I tried to fly through something, then got stuck in it. I think that was when I was in some danger and part of me was still poking out the wall. So I felt fear in that. I forgot when that was so I just tacked it on here.


      At one point I experienced sleep paralysis with my eyes open. But I think it was just a dream of it. Because I woke up with my eye mask on. The room looked kind of blue. I was afraid, and closed my eyes again, not wanting to see anything scary.


      (((personal infoz)))Round 4 of Dreams

      I didn’t do any yoga, just straight back to bed. But I told myself, if I fidgeted at all, I would have to get up. If I fidget just once, I have to get up and do the yoga stuff. Not as punishment but because it would mean that I needed to tire my body out a little. But that helped me stay focused as I went to sleep. I actually didn’t move after that. (((personal infoz)))That was a huge success since fidgeting at night is usually my downfall.

      Missing Details

      I forgot a ton of details about this dream. Don’t know why. I stayed perfectly still and thought through them as best I could. But it was a really long dream and I guess I came back from it disoriented. I know I was lucid, and flying around some places. But I only remembered the following parts clearly.

      (((personal infoz)))Room

      I got to this room I had been to a few times in the dream. There was something about money in there. I had been dreaming of astral projecting there or something like that. I remember that it was someone else’s room. I had messed up their stuff a little bit, thinking it was a dream. Then, I started to think it wasn’t a dream. I was like, what have I done?! I will need to buy all new stuff so that I can replace everything before these people get home. I remember the bed was made of these slatted things. And I had turned it around 180 degrees. And the cushions didn’t line up right. What a mess! I did a finger palm test, and it didn’t go through. Oh, no! I thought. I must have dreamed of being here for so long that I physically transported here!


      My Mom said she was going to go hang out with her friends some more. Only, it wasn’t my actual Mom. It was just a dream figure of a small woman. (((personal infoz)))In the dream context she was my Mom.

      Not Gentlemen

      She said she would go upstairs to hang out with her “friends”. I went up after a little while to check on her. Two really tall guys answered the door. One blonde haired guy, one with black hair. I asked them, “So, are you guys (((personal infoz)))?” They said no. But then I asked, “Oh. So you’re my Mom’s perfect gentlemen friends then.” They were like, “Well… No.” Which pointed back to the first option being true, but they had denied it.


      I was like, “I can’t judge any of you. But I feel sad. Or dissappointed.” But I was aware those were my own feelings to deal with.


      I walked down this walk way and it showed me from a top down perspective. I remember walking around some people, but seeing myself from outside. I felt pretty lost.


      I got to a group of people who said I need to keep trying to progress in the game. The dream took on a video game feel. I had to get past my sticking point in this video game to free my Mom. I was supposed to ride the platform around and find something, but I hadn’t been able to yet. I decided I would look up a walk through.

      Waking up

      I was really surprised once I had woken up. I stayed perfectly still and eventually, little bits of the end of the dreams came up. I like having long dreams, but only if I remember them!

      Round 5 of Dreams

      This dream chain really redeemed the whole night. I used the same technique as last time for falling asleep consciously. I told myself if I moved at all, I would have to get up and do exercises. So I stayed still, and felt myself “drop in” through the levels of consciousness. I didn’t enter the dream consciously at first but it led to a dream chain. I remember a little “dream flash” in the beginning, which gave me some confirmation to hang in there.

      (((personal infoz)))(((personal infoz)))

      I was at (((personal infoz))) getting jars or cans of olives. The ones I needed were out of stock. I asked someone to show me where they would be but the ones on sale were all gone. There were just some glass jars with water and only a few olives at the bottom. Black olives.

      (((personal infoz))) came to the aisle, with two children. (((personal infoz)))She was with two little girls. They had melons tied up in strings, presumably not to lose them. (((personal infoz)))The little girl had a balloon. She was supposed to not let it fly away. She was supposed to keep it tied to her or to the cart. But she said, “Don’t worry, I will just hold it.” But then it flew away anyway. I remember seeing it fly up the 30 or 40 feet to the ceiling. (It’s a tall store in waking life too.) It had a little black string.

      Breast Stroke

      I am not sure when this part was. But I remember the feeling of doing a breast stroke. I might have been swimming, or doing it to fly.


      Tigger appeared in one part. I forgot when it took place. But the rest after this are in order. There was this robot thing with a blaster arm that appeared twice. In this scene it pointed the blaster arm at Tigger. Tigger moved, and the robot didn’t follow it. Tigger was looking at himself in the water. Then his nose and stripeys fell off. He jumped in after tham and probably swam through a tunnel to safety.

      Missing pieces

      I recalled about 90% of the dreams. But there was like 10% I forgot. So, before I continue with the rest, that I remember very clearly, I want to acknowledge that.

      Computer Lab

      I appeared in a computer lab after thinking through the previous dream a little. I knew it was a dream some how.

      I was at a computer. It needed a password. The mouse pad was this circular thing, off to the right hand side. I remember trying to find it at first, and being confused.

      I felt like I was older, and all the dream figures were equally older, like it was 30 years in the future. I talked with a woman sitting near me. We made eye contact. I remember knowing it was a dream as we spoke. I forgot what we talked about. We commented that we both had gotten older.

      That dream gently ended.

      (((personal infoz)))

      I reappeared in the same computer lab, only now we were all our current age. I saw my friend (((personal infoz))) over at a bench. I approached him as if to say, it’s a dream, what do you want to do? (((personal infoz)))I asked him what year it was. He said 2017 53 B or 2017 63 D or something like that. Not just a year but also another identifier. I got the sense it meant 2017 but in a parallel universe? The dream faded out gently again.


      I appeared back in my bed, in the “phase”. I rolled out of body again like I did many times throughout the night. I could just tell that it was time to roll out. (((personal infoz)))I got out onto the floor of my room. I think it was just a dream. I knew I was dreaming at the time. I saw a little old fashioned box T V on the floor. It lit up the space under my desk. On the screen was a woman wearing sunglasses. Heart shaped sunglasses, colored dark black. She had dark hair. (((personal infoz)))That part gently faded and I appeared back in my bed. Not done yet!


      In this next part, it was almost an exact repeat of the previous part, (((personal infoz))) and except for the content of the T V. This time I watched a movie of a man who looked like (((personal infoz))) to me at first (but then I realized wasn’t) pulled a woman along kind of forcefully with his left hand. He punched a wall with his right hand as he walked, making a big hole. I knew it was a dream, but I was in watching mode.

      Then, 5 super heroes burst in the door! Presumably to rescue the woman. That was nice. What really interested me was, a few days ago, I dreamed of these broad shouldered, tiny headed alien creatures that came into my room. And they seemed more ominous. But in this scene, there were five broad shouldered, tiny headed characters, and they seemed very heroic. So maybe they were heroes in the other dream, too. Only I judged them by their appearance. So if they make another appearance, I will see them as good guys!

      He’s Gonna Jump

      After that scene faded I appeared in a hotel room made of grey stone. I was like… “Wait. This isn’t my physical room. I’m in a dream again!” It was kind of dim. I went towards the window, thinking I would fly out.

      I opened it up and looked out. There was a beach below, full of people. My vision was dim. I looked down and felt that if I jumped, I would go crashing to the ground, and really feel all the pain. Even though I knew it was a dream, I still thought this dream would have physical gravity. I was very convinced of this.

      As I stood at the window, I heard some life guard types of people start shouting. “He’s gonna jump! He’s gonna jump! Stop him!” They thought I was going to jump to my death.

      I was like, “oh, no, I don’t want to deal with this.” That wasn’t my plan but I fore saw a bunch of authorities coming up the building to detain me. So I thought of how to avoid that, even though it wouldn’t have been that bad, since it wasn’t my intention any way. Just a mis understanding.

      Looking out on the beach, I wanted my vision to be clearer. I said “Increase Brightness” aloud, expecting it to get brighter. Sure enough, it did. Every time I said it, it was like pressing Alt and Page Up on my computer with F dot Lux. There was an orange tint, too. I could see all the people far away down there on the beach, much more vividly. I guess it was some kind of resort.

      That part faded and the dream shifted to a new location.


      I appeared in front of (((personal infoz))) in the snow. It was snowing. I could feel the cold of the snow and the wetness. At first I didn’t fully know it was a dream. I think I tried a finger palm test or just logically decided it must be a dream. Then I had to take off my eye cover.

      I sleep with an eye cover on. Actually I use a head band thing and some extra rolled up shirts for total darkness. It creates some sensations along my face and my eyes that sometimes translate into my dream. I will dream my eyes are covered in a similar way. Once I remove the eye cover in the dream, I can see again. Earlier in my L D career I was afraid I would be removing It in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness but so far that hasn’t happened. I think over time my concerns about my physical body moving when I go to move my dream body have lessened.

      Anyway I took the thing off and I could see again. But it was still dim. I said “Increase Brightness” out loud again and that worked. Nice to have some consistent dream control there.

      For the first time all night, I thought of trying a Task of the Month thing. What came to mind was to summon my favorite Pokémon. It’s an old Task of the Month but I had never finished it. So all I did was, sitting there in the snow, I said, “My favorite Pokémon will appear.” And snapped my fingers. I felt pretty confident about it. I remember clearly hearing the sound of snapping my fingers, too. Here is a little curve ball but I didn’t decide my favorite Pokémon ahead of time. I don’t think I have a particular favorite. I have too many favorites to even fit on one team. So I figured I would let the dream choose for me.

      I walked up towards the street. It was raining. I considered attempting to change the weather, but decided to let it be. I walked down the hill along a side walk. I almost thought the Pokémon summon didn’t work.

      Then I saw a bike riding up the hill, towards me. Not to run me over but it was going to pass me on my left. I was like… “Is that an Ampharos on the bike?” It moved fast. My reflex kicked in and I grabbed the yellow thing off the bike seat. The bike continued on, moving just fine with no rider.

      What did I have in my hands? It was a stuffed animal Ampharos. It had really soft fur. Yellow fur with black stripes and a white belly. I remember its antennae things. I wasn’t entirely surprised that the dream gave me an Ampharos.

      (Commentary: In the original Gold and Silver games, back in 1998 or whenever it was, I didn’t know anything about Pokémon game dynamics. I caught the little sheep Mareep and trained it because I liked Thunder Shock. It evolved into Flaffy but then I was really amazed when it became an Ampharos. I was like, wow. This is an amazing Pokémon. And it must have had good I V’s in the game because it would always deal so much damage. Also the steel types were really difficult for me. I didn’t know what type advantages were, so I just thought Ampharos was like a top secret super powerful Pokémon that could even beat Skarmory. I saw an Ampharos recently and it reminded me of all that. So this Task of the Month was great because it connected me with a really happy memory of my childhood. When Pokémon was still magic, and not just E V’s, I V’s, base stats and type selecting. And when I cared more about what Pokémon I thought was cool, not their base stat total or move pool. And when I could just enjoy a Pokémon for what it was without grinding for natures or breeding for odd egg moves. Also I thought I was the only person ever to have found it, same with Tyranitar.)

      So anyway I stood there on the hill squeezing the stuffed animal Ampharos. It felt so soft. I looked at it really closely and it was vivid.

      Then it occurred to me that I was still dreaming and I could rush off to another task! The dolphin ride thing came to mind. I reigned myself in and said, hey, let’s just do one per dream. I think that is because it can create more of a quality experience. So I tried talking with the Ampharos, but it didn’t say anything.

      I noticed it had a wooden circle thing on its bottom, maybe that it was sitting on. It reminded me of the rim of a basket. Cars drove lightly by on the road. The dream gently ended and I was back in my bed.


      I stayed perfectly still and recalled the dreams in my mind. Little by little, more parts came back, until it almost made a complete picture. I was very happy about this dream chain and it ended the night on a good note.

      I wanted to note that as I was falling asleep before these, I also endured some hunger sensations. I sometimes feel hunger sensations at night. But that, plus an itch on my nose, was probably one of the most uncomfortable parts of staying still and falling asleep more consciously.

      Overall Notes

      (((personal infoz)))I got up around 6:30 thinking it was later. I wound up feeling really tired around 2:45 and laid down. Next time I looked, it was 4:50. So that’s a great nap. Sometimes a nap during the day helps with dreams and recall the following night. I felt a lot better after the nap. The dream drawing is good and I am getting stuff in my dreams that makes me want to draw it, more and more often again.

      Wow, this is about 6,000 words. I finished typing it around sun down but also had more stuff to do today. Plus that nap. So it didn’t take all day. But I like transcribing it this way for now. If it gets to be too much work in a day I will have to figure something else out but for now its O K.

      (((personal infoz)))
    6. 2-16 to 2-17 (2 L D's, almost got a TOTM)

      by , 02-17-2018 at 10:08 PM
      Dreams from 2018-02-16 to 2018-02-17.

      Round one of dreams I didn't remember much of. It seemed like it would have been interesting to remember. I think I dreamed about learning dream control in some in depth way. I would have like to have remembered it.

      Then I got insomnia for a few hours!

      Then I had an Animorphs dream. The Animorphs were being chased to the edge of a cliff. Marco jumped or fell off the edge. Jake jumped after him and morphed into a lion or tiger. When he morphed it made an Elephant noise though, not a cat noise. Cassie morphed to a bird and flew down. They were falling a really far distance I think down to a river. I wondered why Marco and jake didn't morph into birds in midair. I figured Jake would land on all fours and Marco could land safely on his back in human form. There was something involving a boat.

      Next scene. (pre lucid. ) I find myself in a basement on a hard floor. I think I have woken up (false awakening) in physical world and I am trying to stay still to remember my dream. Really bright lights are in my eyes and the floor is really uncomfortable. I am worried I will forget the dream as I try to get comfortable. I look around a bit and see grey and red around me. Something makes me think it might be a dream. I attempt a finger palm test but it doesn't go through.

      Next scene. (Non lucid. )I am at a table with three females. They are all talking about various things. I am trying to write my dream journal entry in my phone. I consider seeking out some better ear plugs or going to get my ear muffs. My phone has a funny small window pop up that I don't ree cognize. I get a little annoyed as the females continue to talk, keeping me from being able to concentrate on my dreams. this room is in the location of the room I stayed in when I lived with my Nana as a kid.

      I woke up from those dreams, thought them through and recorded them.

      Next dream. (Non lucid. ) Where my memory begins I am trying to clean up some dry rice thats been spilled. G W seems mad at me or judgmental that I should be cleaning it. As I sweep it, I stoop to talk to someone in a chair.

      (Non lucid. ) A somewhat different looking person is trying to talk to me and keeps grabbing my chin. Their nose is bruised like a really mushy apple bruise and their right eye looks the same. I am trying to be nice to them but I feel kind of funny about them grabbing my chin that way. I don't want other people to see them grab my chin.

      (Non lucid. ) The person turns out to be a male but disguised as a female. I let them know they did a great job of disguising their gender, even though I knew something was off. I am not interested in their advances but instead of saying this outright, I am very kind to them. The person goes down a hall way and breaks a metal bar. I see where it is broken and try to bring it to them. They are up on a high shelf on a wall.

      (Non lucid. ) Now the person has become M B from grade school, wearing multiple hoodies. He has on two skate board types of shoes with high tops, but they aren't the same color. Same design, but different shades of blue. He is asking me how great his shoes are. I tell him they are very great.

      (Physically awake. ) There are some other parts I forgot. I woke up and thought through these. Just as I was part way through thinking through them, I felt the vibrational state. I was able to take it a step further this time and actually create a sensation of rotating my whole body like an O B E. Like a log floating in water, as one of my audio tapes says. Then I rotated forward like a front flip. I started to fly downward but got scared due to connotations with downwards. I started to fly up but also got scared due to what could be out there in the sky. I didn't have any vision. I think it was more a WILD entry than an O B E.

      (Lucid from onset. ) I see a dream flash of money beginning to form. I am like, cool, money! And I am able to move my eyes around the formulating dream scene but I can't move anything else.

      (Lucid. ) I am sitting at a table with M G and two big paper bags of money. The bags are sealed all the way around but full of money. M G tears one open and says he needs all the money. This pains me, but I know it is a dream, so it is only dream money. I feel threated by M G, like if I don't give him what he wants, he will hurt me. So, I tell him he can have all the money.

      (Semi lucid. ) I am overly concerned with M G and sort of forget I am dreaming and I have more power than I realize. I spend most of the dream considering his demands and how I will avoid him hurting me if I don't meet them.

      (Non lucid. ) In the same room, there is now a white bed bracket hanging off the wall, bouncing around. I notice it is very high on the wall and I wonder how it got up there, and if it is safe. M G is laying on the bed bracket, bouncing around.

      (Non lucid. ) I am in my room with my sister watching something on a very high tech lap top I once used for work. It has a really shiny and clean monitor. My Dad comes to my door in a white shirt and says something about how something is a gamble, or a risk. I realize the volume is loud on the computer and I apologize for it being so loud. He says that wasn't bothering him and walks away.

      (Physically awake. ) I woke up from those and thought them through. I was really amazed by the WILD entry / O B E thing. Never had that much of a non physical movement like that. I think my fear prevented me from going as far with it as I could so next time I will try to have more positive expectation.

      (Dream flashes. ) I am looking at a dream computer screen with 6 panels or windows open on it. I am trying to decide which one to click on. The dream flash lasts only a second and I am back in bed. I try to be mindful of these since sometimes I can make a WILD out of them if I think fast enough.

      (Non lucid. ) I am in my college weight room. I am doing some heavy dead lifts, perhaps with 495. I look to my left and see someone un racking 315 pounds to do a front squat. They have their fingers under the bar like an olympic grip but move their hands in a way that kind of scares me. I watch them squat the weight and I am pretty impressed. Without me noticing, the front squat changes to a back squat and the bar is at a physically impossible angle on the guy's left shoulder. I notice his last few reps are above parallel. As I walk by, I notice another guy getting ready to squat what looks like 155. (This might have been part of a dream but it was all I remebered. )

      (Non lucid. ) I am watching some wealthy people move into a mansion. Then I am seeing them all in a kind of year book or catalogue. I think one of the people looks like B H. They have a silver mini van.

      (Non lucid. ) I am in my Nana's room looking at a year book. There are more people there. There is a female there I am interested in.

      (Non lucid. ) I am in my current bedroom near the covered window. My exercise bike is by the covered window instead of by the foot of my bed. I have a giant year book. There is a ripped out page poking out. It is a picture of someone I know. I feel bad for looking at her picture, but I don't think I will have a chance with her anyway. I put the year book by the exercise bike and try to "go to sleep" within the dream, not knowing it is a dream.

      (Non Lucid. ) I am an old man in some kind of nursing home. I am wearing a hat and wondering where my hair is. The nurses say it is time to clean my teeth and put me through a conveyor belt like on a car wash. Along the side is shown an X ray of my mouth being held wide open and washed. When I come out my teeth are all white. I go down to a metallic bathroom place and wrinse.

      (Lucid. ) Same location as above. I become lucid in the bathroom some how. I am looking in the mirror, thinking I look similar to my physical self, but also like the people in the photographs during previous dreams. Parts of my body seem different. I go pee and water seems to come out. (This doesn't cause me to pee in physical life but when I went to pee, the thought of physically peeing never crossed my mind. When I feel like physically peeing and I am in an L D I don't go in the dream. ) I am wondering what to do to make the best of my lucidity. I decide to go out and interact with dream figures. One woman says I am not wearing a hat. I decide that is enough dream figure time and fly out through the glass door. On the way out, I see the year book from the previous dream. I fly around, sensing that dream figures can see me flying. I feel pretty good flying this time. The dream collapses after a little bit.

      (WILD/DEILD induction thing. ) Thinking the previous dream has ended, I see a black void. A big grey plus sign appears over the whole thing. I think it might be a road. I realize this is my chance to enter a new dream and apply a great deal of mental force to entering this dream scene before I lose my chance. At times I think I am not going to be able to pull this off. I am amazed when I land on this road, as if I had just fallen from ten thousand feet in the air, in a rectangular indent in the road.

      (lucid. ) A lot of people are running or biking by on the intersection in the road. They are wearing black. This place is like a desert. I remember the task of the month to summon a Pokemon, but it isn't a stable enough environment for me. Too much activity and I feel worked up. I think an indoor location would be better. I start to walk in a direction, seeking a better place within this dream scape.

      (Lucid. ) I am climbing up a big rock. I think I am by myself. I am getting ready to summon a Pokemon when I get to the top. Suddenly, I notice a woman in black tight clothing climbing up behind me and to my left. She gets in front of me and I feel somewhat distracted as to whether I will engage this female dream character or do the Pokemon thing. I think to myself that I should accomplish all my monthly L D goals before I do more spontaneous things within L D's.

      (Lucid. ) I try to ask the woman for help summoning a Pokemon. I suggest that we can do this together. She doesn't really respond in a direct fashion but I feel an energy of being attracted toward her. I continue looking at her as I think that I am about to summon a Pokemon. I wake up.

      (Physically awake. ) I woke up from that pretty amazed to get another good L D for the night. In hindsight, if I had looked away from the woman and at my hands, I could have regained focus and aimed to complete the task. Good learning experience, though. that was all my dreams. I typed them up in a shorter format because I worked out my other dream comments and put the more detailed descriptions in a voice recorder.
    7. October 7 to 8

      by , 10-08-2017 at 11:35 PM
      Dreams from night of October seventh to eighth, 2017

      I was too tired to get up after my first dream, but then I realized the dream memory was slipping away. I didn't used to be able to think through the dream. I used to have to get up and write. Now, though, I can play it through in my mind. I am not sure how that happened.

      After I wrote about the feelings of laying there, realizing I had forgotten the dream, the details began to come to me. So I guess that is like working backwards.

      I am in the passenger seat. Meg is driving. We are on the highway. She is loading a pistol type of gun, but with what looks like shot gun shells. The gun holds four shells. The shells load straight in. I offer to load the gun while she drives. I am loading a gun as well.

      In another scene, R from a fellowship is there. Something about an enemy.

      Next round of dreams.

      I am walking down a black hill, driveway in front of a white church. Then I see that it slopes up. The pavement suddenly is pulled up like a sheet. I wake up and talk about it. laying on my front, I have some visuals that I can control. I realize that I am half asleep, but my neck is bothering me. So, I turn to sleep on my side. We are having cooler WILD-ish types of techniques now. And if we momentarily wake up we can use WILD again.

      I'm a bit lucid again. A guy and a dog are going down a road. The dog seems to want to attack me. The guy straddles the dog to hold it down. I think it wants to attack me. The guy has long whitish hair.

      Like in waking life, I wouldn't mind the dog coming to me. The guy wants to restrain the dog, but the dog doesn't want to be restrained.

      I am working in a restaurant. My hands are messy as I go to the chef about the food. I am ignoring my messy hands to keep working. For me to stop and clean up, it has to be an order from someone else. Chef Jose asks me to go get him towels. I say "Yes sir" to him. Then, I think, "Did I really just yes sir him?"

      There are a lot of Spanish guys downstairs. I look in the bottom right of the fridge for avocados, but there are only pits left.

      I am on a phone meeting.

      Am I near a jeddy? I am late. A woman is sharing. I am just signing on. Something about. I am pretty star six but its not un muting me. I start to panic.

      I just think it is so cool that I have had a lucid, dream, no matter what the content is.

      I woke up from that around there, really tired. I thought it through a little, but wanted to go back to sleep. I got up to write, anyway. I found I had already forgotten some, so it was good that I got up to write as soon as I did. It used to be that my dream memories couldn't flow unless I wrote, but now I can stay still and just think about them. I still need to record them before I go back to sleep though.

      Dreams round 3

      I am sitting at my black desk. What am I doing? I pee under my desk. It gets the bottom of the desk all wet. I clean it up!

      Under the desk, there is a little note on some paper. The desk is dripping. A door slams behind me. There is a dark building, but I realize I am dreaming. Maybe the noise comes from outside. Maybe it is from the dream.

      At the end of a hallway, two guys are being mean to me. Why are they being mean to me? Anyway, I still go in. I feel like I have done something wrong.

      The clock keeps saying its between 9 and 10 A M but I know its later. It's actually almost lunch, and people are eating at tables in a restaurant. I am sitting alone, next to a booth with 4 guys in it.

      This girl goes to one bathroom, to the left. So, I go to one on the right.

      I judge my apathetic tone. Now its my turn in the bathroom. Something about giving birth, too.

      I'm using a Fii Write type thing, with many colors. A guy wants to use it. I share it, but I try to tell him, to only use the Stylus. He is wearing a white rubber glove on one hand, and no glove on the other. The glove is on his right hand, which is the one he is mainly using. I am so worried about scratching my screen. He says to get stylus gloves and I try to "be nice".

      Game of green Decepticon heads Versus Red Maximal heads. All Green heads except for one, on bottom left. The next part of the game has pyramids. I wake up and lay there some more. Maybe I'll sleep again and dream deeper. No luck. I get up to write, to salvage what little memory I can.