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    1. Dream Poem!!!

      by , 05-13-2018 at 05:45 PM
      A scary elephant came into my room.
      I was scared and felt alot of doom.
      I knelt by my bed and asked for help.
      It was not sleep paralysis so I could yelp.
      The scary elephant whispered "roger that".
      I woke up in my bed laying flat.
      It turned out it had just been REM sleep.
      And now I had a new dream memory to keep.

      (doo doo chh, doo doo doo chh)

      In another dream I found some flowerbeds.
      But instead of dirt, there were reptile heads.
      I could see they had a lot of thirst.
      And if they got thirsty that would be the worst!
      So I flew to Wal Mart in 5 minutes flat.
      Got a gallon of water and gave them that.
      I was just glad that they were alive.
      Those reptiples almost did not survvei.

      (doo doo chh, doo doo doo chh)

      I got lucid in another part and saw myself flying.
      Surprised to get lucid cause I wasn't even trying.
      It was a clone of my physical appearance.
      I tried to stabilize and give the dream some clearness.
      Because I had been dreaming a while,
      I thought I'd take a more conservative style.
      I asked my clone, "Want to recall what we dreamt today?"
      But my clone wasn't interested and flew away!!!

      (doo doo chss, doo doo doo chss)

      And before I end this conversation,
      I also want to mention my false awake-nin'
      I found I had a golden retreiver dog!
      I pet him and then went to find my dream log.
      This was after I tried to astro-project...
      And I did neglect- to have reality-checked!
      My land line rang and played a pop song.
      But I was in my dreaming mind and nothing seemed "wrong"!!!

      (doodely doo doo ch ch ch ch)

      My last verse will be about this class,
      I heard while I was cleaning a thing made, of green glass-
      The teacher said, "What if, when you were a kid,
      Everyone showed you love, no matter what you said or did?"
      The rest of the class cheered with enthusiasm.
      The other dream details must have fell in a chasm.
      Those wise words will stick with me.
      I remember the dream also had a tree.

      (the end!)

    2. My first FILD ever. During a nap! :)

      by , 04-27-2018 at 03:50 PM
      So, this is my second Dream Journal post today, because I ended up going back to sleep later that morning for a nap. First I slept on my back after doing some meditation. I had some dreams but didn’t remem bird them.

      All the Channels

      I remember I was typing on my lap top. Typing dreams I guess. Typing away on there. There was some audio that kept coming on. Maybe a sports broadcast.

      My Dad kept coming in my room and setting up a T V. it was a big T V. My room was a lot bigger, too. “Now we can watch all the channels!” said he, excitedly.


      There was one scene where I was kind of on our back deck. And I saw the back yard neighbors window open. It was black. But the mom was out there and some kids.

      I was behind some wall kind of thing. I felt the need to hide. Not sure why. Maybe I realized it was fine and I could get up. But I remember really really hoping they wouldn’t see me!

      More Lap Top

      Funny I would dream of my Lap Top a lot. I was typing more on my lap top. I REM ember that the blue headset wire had pulled out. In waking life this causes my computer to blue screen so I was like, oops. Maybe I don’t need it in because I hadn’t been listening to anything.

      I remember I was at a podium this time. Maybe more audio kept coming on. I think someone was telling me they did something for me.

      I remember tilting the screen to get the words to appear better. As if there was a glare. The screen was red orange with black text like when f.lux is on a high setting.

      Forgotten parts

      I thought there might have been a part at my Nana’s room or something. I tried to store some details in my head but later, after the FILD, found I had forgotten at least some.


      I started to get some vibrational sensations like I might Dream Exit Induced Lucid, Dream. I tried to amplify the ringing but it didn’t go anywhere yet.

      As I did this I realized I might forget the previous dreams. I told myself I formed a strong enough memory.

      Finger Induced Lucid, Dream

      Yeah! So Then I randomly got the idea to try Finger Induced Lucid, Dream. I think it was the fingers on my left hand I started to twitch. I felt something happen I never felt before.

      It was hard to describe. I will have to pay more attention to it in future attempts. But something like a bright light in my head. And some sensations.

      Twitching my 2 fingers felt different too. They started to move super fast because I was probably twitching my dream fingers.

      Back in bed

      I was back in bed. Or so I thought. I figured the Finger Induced Lucid, Dream had done nothing. But then I noticed another sports broadcast playing. That wouldn’t be playing in my room since I didn’t leave it on. And no one was home. So I felt like taking a little chance that I was in the dream world.

      I’ve heard of this before. During Wake Initiated Lucid Dream for example. Someone being in their bed, and it seems like its their physical bed, so they’re afraid to move. But really it’s a dream and if they open their eyes its going to be a dream.

      Snow?! In my Room?!

      I started to feel snow fall on me. This seemed normal at first. (LOL) I opened my mouth and let it fall on my tongue. Yep, snow.

      Then that also made me think this might be a dream. So I decided to roll onto my back at least and take a peek.

      Getting Up

      First I was on my back. My low back felt stuck to the bed but everything else could move.

      I got to where I was still stuck on my lower back, but I had fallen onto the floor. Or teleported there. I still wasn’t totally sure it was a dream. Maybe I was just getting up.

      I willed myself to stand. It was kind of like flying a little, more than using legs and arms to get up.

      I still had my eye mask on within the dream. I had to remove a few layers of cloth until I could see. They kept appearing once I removed the previous one.


      One thing I noticed was the objects in my room kept going invisible. My room was laid out like waking life. Shelf in same place. Desk and lap top in similar place. Even my Dream Journal chair in same place.

      Even my dream body would blink into invisibility, then become visible again. I noticed this when trying to check my hands to verify it was a dream. I had a hard time believing that I hadn’t just gotten up out of bed physically.

      This will prove it!

      I eventually found my lap top and opened it. There was a VLC kind of icon on the task bar, but more to the left than in waking life.

      I tried to open a note pad file. My goal was to type myself something and then see if it was there later. But the more I noticed the difference in the computer, I was already sure it was a dream.

      Morphing Keyboard

      What really sealed the deal was the key board. It was smaller and had more tape on it. Also I remember looking at the letter “D”. It was like where “W” in waking life. But I did the good old double check letters and the “D” became an “S”. The rest of the letters morphed, too.

      Popped Back

      I thought of checking out the window or something but the dream didn’t seem that stable. Everything was going invisible and stuff.

      After I was looking at the key board more I thought, “You know how I will know it’s a dream? That thing will happen where my consciousness pops back into my body in bed. So that’s how I’ll know.” And then that happened.


      I was really excited to get my first Finger Induced Lucid, Dream! It was hard to believe since I never entered a dream that way. But I guess the Finger Induced Lucid, Dream teleported me into a dream. Very cool.

      Thanks for reading!
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    3. DJ & Drawings

      by , 04-22-2018 at 04:36 PM
      This is my PDF version with the drawings in-line. Otherwise the drawings will be at the end of the post.
      2018-04-22 dreams and drawings.pdf

      Round 1 of Dreams
      The first time I woke up I just remembered a little bit. One was something of a lucid dream cycle and they mentioned the Lucid Saint. It wasn’t refering to the podcast but it made me think of it. Also there was something in my sister’s
      room but I couldn’t remember any more.
      Round 2 of Dreams
      These got a little more dreams going on. I remember my friend had 4 hero sandwiches. He offered me some. I didn’t
      want one because I had already had dinner. Even though I felt hungry I would rather wait until breakfast.
      I remember talking to him about how he was going to teach foam rolling. He was wondering if he should speak in the “I” or “You”
      Position, something that always confuses me. When I put on my sun glasses, my vision got a lot clearer.
      I had an app on my phone. He told me the code was 1-2-2-2-2-2-… And more 2’s, to get a special app. So I typed that in but it was
      hard to press the touch screen.
      We had an audio book playing with a heavy bass instrumental. Some women upstairs wanted us to turn it down so we turned off the instrumental part. I’m not sure if there
      was anything else in that dream.
      Round 3 of dreams
      There was something with a bee type of thing that scared me.
      This was a long one. I dreamed that we had to go on a trip. But we were taking a short bus ride home. My friend was
      throwing a pill around and picking it up.
      I remember I was talking to someone about Astral Projecting. And to go if it feels safe but not to go if it doesn’t. Then I dreamed of my body going to sleep paralysis and being unsure if it was safe or not. But a
      light flickered in the loft that seemed paranormal. That was when I knew it was a dream. But I didn’t know it was a dream within a dream!
      So then a female fell or jumped down from the ceiling and onto my friend.
      At first this scared me. But it turned out okay.
      I woke up from that dream but it was still a dream when I woke up. Another friend was there and he had a girlfriend. She had black hair with a big red dyed part and wore denim.
      My friend went in the other room and she talked about how I don’t need to be some iron man. I kind of knew what she meant. Then we went out onto the roof. It overlooked water.
      I got the feeling she might be a smoker. So I hinted, “I give points to help people
      quit smoking.” I said this as a way to gauge her reaction as if she smoked or not. Worried that if she was a smoker, it would be a problem that she came around. I didn’t know it was a dream any more.
      It turned out she was a smoker. My friend came
      out. They were sitting together in a sky light. I started to tell my friend she smokes. He said that’s not okay. I felt relieved that he wouldn’t condone her smoking.
      Then she started to try to kiss him. I felt like this was a way of her trying to
      manipulate him to get him to change his mind. I felt threatened by this so I kept saying, “Don’t listen to her! She is an evil, manipulative addict! She is just trying to manipulate you!”
      Her eyes began to glow red. I didn’t know it was a dream, so I was so
      surprised at this. “Look! Her eyes are even turning red!” And they did. First just the pupils but then her whole eyes. I tried to draw a picture but it was too scary. Her teeth got sharp and her face morphed a little, like Monster Form of Frieza almost. Like a venus fly trap mouth.
      I was sure I had talked my friend out of having her over. But then she began to come towards me. She slowly inched towards me
      and I backed away. She was holding some writing utensils. It seemed like she was going to stab me with them. I thought of going to hide behind the door.
      It turned out to be such a fearful dream that I consider it my first official nightmare in a while. I have
      a high thresh hold for what I consider a night mare but this was truly one. In fact even while I was awake and recording the dream, I felt like I could see her face in my mind. I felt like if I opened my eyes, she would actually be there in my physical room.
      Round 4 of Dreams
      It took a little while to fall asleep. I had some sniffles developing. But I had a dream that ended with this green candle wax man holding a green candle. He lit the candle, and began to melt along with the candle.
      I couldn’t remember the parts of the dream before that.
      A dream flash happened where two kids in green
      coats were flying towards me. With their backs facing me. I got startled and woke up.
      Empty hoodie: I was at the mall. There was something about getting ice cream before they closed the metal gate thing. I got locked into a jail cell thing.
      I might have got lucid but I didn’t put this in my L D count because I’m not sure if I was. I saw myself in a mirror. I had on a brown hoodie. But where my head and hands should have been, I had only a black void.
      I squeezed out from between the jail cell bars and a friend carried me upstairs.
      Stop Smoking/ High fence arboretum: In this dream I was walking through the part of the arboretum near the mulch piles. I actually smelled smoke. I rarely have a sense of smell in dreams but in this one, I did. The fences were high picket fences, not there in waking life. I didn’t know it
      was a dream though. I looked around to see what trail it was coming from. Up around the bend? Behind me? To the left?
      I yelled out stop smoking twice and heard a cough. It was from behind me. A guy with a dog. He yelled back, “It’s a disease!” I tried to run away. Then I woke up with a startle. Lots of emotionally intense dreams tonight.
      Round 5 of Dreams
      My sister asked me to do the dishes. So I helped her out with those.
      There was a commercial of a guy in a foreign zoo. I felt a sense of dream de ja vu. I felt surprised at how long the commercial went. That’s what was funny
      about it. It took up so much time. The guy joked around with some animals. Then he stood on a log and put his arms overhead like a bear. And some bears imitated him.
      Baby commercial:
      There was a commercial with a woman and a baby.
      Then another woman sang a song about how other people can have their issues but you can be free of yours. In a nice yodely voice.
      I had a little false awakening after that. The commercial draems were
      funny because I felt like I saw them before.
      I got more details on my voice recorder but this was just off the top of my head. What I notice is more of the dreams from my final
      sleep cycles tend to be the ones that I remember easily the next day and can draw drawings from. The earlier dreams I don’t remember until I listen to them (more often).

      vitamin B-6-bee-thing.jpgvitamin B-6-dream-trail-map.jpgvitamin B-6-faceless-hoodie.jpgvitamin B-6-green-wax-man.jpg
    4. 2-17 to 2-18, final dream phone in water nightmare

      by , 02-18-2018 at 11:14 PM
      Here are dreams from 2018-02-17 to 2018-02-18.

      First dream. There is a teacher trying to get me to do something which I don't want to do. I don't comply. I am standing in the hallway near my high school gym locker room. Another kid there gets a sandwich from my Dad. I take the sandwich from the kid, saying, "He can't have this food! It belongs to my family!" And I walk out. We are headed to the bus. My Dad is getting on the bus, too. An older woman in the front seat of the bus calls me faulty. I am angry at her and I spit on her. There is this military guy who has come to keep an eye on me because I am "unruly". I sit in a school bus seat on the outside. My friends J R and S H are in the middle and window parts of the seat. I am telling them how it is better I sit with them than sit alone and have some military person sit with me who is on my case. A military guy is sitting behind us. He starts trying to trick me into admitting to things I didn't do. I catch his game and start saying how I would never do such things. He is falsely accusing me. I am talking to J R and S H about how when I use caffeine, my sentences go up on the page. I am writing words in an exponential function shaped line. Then I write a lower case a and there are many words or sentences all branching off of it. I think this is where I woke up from. Earlier in the dream, I remembered there being something to do with Pokemon, vaguely.

      There were a few hours when I couldn't sleep. I didn't put on any lights, not even my phone screen or look at a clock. I eventually fell back to sleep and had some dreams. They aren't in perfect order but I will do the best I can.

      There were some dreams of some kids on this island thing I forgot most of.

      There was one scene where there was this tan couple saying things to each other. The woman was saying her husband is away. Then the "dream screen" showed this guy in a river in a boat. He had some red sort of armor on and an inverted triangle shaped red helmet thing. Then some more guys like that appeared in boats. Then the couple was spooning.

      In another part I was in a room of where I lived in college. There were dogs and cats in the room with me. I started to notice all of these greenish slugs crawling around. Then the pets were freaking out and I got the sense it was from the slugs. I looked at the ground and saw all these slug spots on the ground. I opened the door and all the pets ran out as fast as they could. I slowly followed them down to room 15. K W and his girlfriend were there. The pets seemed happy with them and they seemed happy to see the pets. They looked directly at me when I walked in with big smiles.

      In another scene I was in my room. The context was that I had this expensive almond oil in these bottle things. There was a guy who was my assistant. He was putting oil on house hold objects and clothing, which in the context of the dream was his job. But I told him he was using too much oil, and that he should re use the oil or use it more sparingly. He gave me a funny look.

      In another scene I had a lot of pink bubble gum in my mouth. I was trying to hide it from people or something. I blew a huge bubble and it floated me into my Nana's laundry room.

      In another scene I was at the local arboretum. There were 6 guys ahead of me wearing dark clothes and walking slow. I wanted to walk faster so I went around them. In a place where there is normally a lot of trees, there were no trees at all, so I was able to cut from trail to trail. I ran accross it. I wondered why there were no trees there but came up with some explanation and didn't see it was a dream. I was writing on my phone after that in my Fii Write app. I was using white font but as I scrolled through I had this cursive blue writing at the bottom.

      In another part there was a woman giving me a pass word to something online. Her name was Clare or Claudia or something like that. She gave me a pass word to write down but I didn't get it right. Then she copy pasted a new pass word into my computer that was more complex or randomized letters and numbers. I was wondering why she was giving up her pass word, or if she just gave everyone her pass word.

      There was a part where I was driving by my local elementary school. I saw a baby out the window and the baby gave me this look that seemed like the baby wanted me to go over there. So I did. Then I was watching two young kids, myself as a child and my sister as a child, playing games. They were doing some tug of war thing. I remember thinking that the children were happy to be able to just be able to play and eat snacks. Then there was something with a bath kind of with the same dream scene in a way. I was peeing on the drain of the shower floor. There was some bubble bath. I remember the bath turning blue and orange. The whole time I heard my aunt saying how she wanted to cook meat balls, and offering me meat balls. I got out of the bath and saw my hair covering my whole face. It looked funny to me. Then I was brushing my hair with a wide tooth comb and thinking if I wanted my aunt's pasta with meatballs. I was thinking about what kind of processed foods might be in the meatballs and decided not to have any.

      In another part of the dream I was in my bed but my dream bed. there was this hanging shelf hanging off my wall with stuff on it. Something about it not being mine or being about to fall. I was looking at my computer monitor. It kept lighting up as these windows on the bottom task bar would emit a diamond shaped thing. Orange colored. I wanted to turn it off but it wouldn't go off. I could get the diamond shapes to stop. Heard people talking.

      In the last dream scene, I am at the local arboretum again. It is a sunny day. I am walking along toward what they call turtle island. I am walking over a small isthmus type thing, but I don't know the word that is for an isthmus in fresh water scenarios. Land bridge? Anyway, in waking life, it is a narrow strip of land accross a pond to get to the other side. But in the dream it was a wooden bridge. The arboretum has wooden slat bridges across other parts of the pond or streams. In the back of the arboretum, there are old wooden bridges with one slat missing here and there. Well, in the dream, a wooden bridge was where the land bridge is, and it had a slat missing. So I was walking through there with my phone and then I dropped my phone. It slid in slow motion accross the whole bridge and into the stream through the slat. The stream there is very shallow. I dove after it and got to my knees, reaching my hand down into the mud. I could feel my phone in my hand and then the mud and the water. I thought it was hopeless anyway but I was going to do my best to rescue it. I really started to panic. I thought it was waking life. I started to be like, "This has to be a dream. Please let this be a dream." It was like my worst night mare and I was so sure it was waking life. I just thought saying it must be a dream was like a coping mechanism for my phone breaking. All the thoughts about all the stuff I would lose and how I couldn't afford a new phone right now crossed through my mind. Then I was so surprised when I slowly woke up in my physical bed. That was the first dream where I have ever deliberately woken myself up without even knowing it was a dream. I woke up like, wow, I wish I had just done a finger palm test first.

      So there are all my dream memories from last night.

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    5. 2-14 to 2-15 (lucid dream chain with dream food, manifesting dream money, dream Pokemon cards)

      by , 02-15-2018 at 08:38 PM
      Ctrl+F "lucid" if you just want to read that part, which is "round 3 of dreams"

      Here are my dreams from the night of February 14 to 15, 2018. I had a very nice dream chain in the third round and other than that just some vivid or interesting dreams.

      First round of dreams.
      "Restaurant Job. "

      I woke up after a few hours sleep like I usually do. I tried to think of any dreams, but they all seemed too blurry. I thought of maybe two or three things clearly, but needed to get up to use the bathroom. I laid back down, thinking I would remember whatever I remembered next time I woke up without writing it. Or that I would have a better chance of remembering if I laid back down and thought about it, instead of writing. Well, I only remembered one part from that, but its alright. I needed the sleep.

      That part was that I was at a rectangular table in front of my old house, at the end of the driveway. And I was talking about circumcision trauma. I don't remember much else of that part.

      There was also something at the end of my Nana's drive way with my Uncle. There was some kind of shelf or table we were standing around.

      So then I fell back asleep and had a very eventful dream.

      There was something about a google search saying to eat watermelon before bed to induce lucid, dreaming. I think there was some nutrient that the watermelon contained. I was thinking that will make the person need to pee a lot but maybe that's part of the goal of the technique. I might actually try this.

      There was a part where I was in a gym. It was more detailed but now I only remember it vaguely.

      Then I guess I was showering after the gym, and before I was showering, I was applying a lot of white lotion to my body. (Note to self #1*. ) I remember reaching a little farther than I could in waking life to my back and massaging my own back, thinking, wow, I should give myself a back massage more often. I was massaging my own back and shoulders. That could have been a dream sign because my arms would have to be an extra two feet long to reach that far! . Also, while doing this, I was thinking it didn't make as much sense to do this before I showered, since it would wash all the lotion off.

      Then I was with a bunch of people at these tables near where I went to fifth grade. With people from grade school only closer to their current age. I must have gotten up and come back to see that my friend G F (male) was at one table and a woman I knew, maybe L K or K S, was at the other table. There was this thing where I had trouble deciding whether to sit with G F or the woman. I sat with the woman, thinking I could invite G F to sit with us and we could all sit together. But, for some reason I wanted to just sit with the woman, maybe to not have to compete with G F. G F came over after a while and was mad at me. I tried to explain myself and invited him to join us. He sat with us. I had left my hoodie at the table with G F, draped over a chair, so he wasn't expecting me to have sat somewhere else.

      Then we were all working around this computer monitor but instead of being perpendicular to the ground, it was parallel. I call this horizontally mounted but it isn't the same word. We were all making a slide show, each of us using a small part of the computer screen, all sharing one monitor. I started to think the woman who was there might want an easier to use monitor, so I went to get one that I thought was in a nearby closet. I had my old Sony monitor in mind from waking life. On the way to the closet, I saw my friend R F, and we went in to look together. We didn't see a monitor, but the closet had these tall shelves each with four big black box fans. The box fans were blowing towards each other. R F said that it was much cooler in here, and gave a temperature reading. I thought of taking one of the fans, but he said we shouldn't because it needs to be this cool in here. I actually felt the temperature difference in the dream which was cool.

      Without the monitor, and seemingly having forgotten all about the project we were working on at the table, R F and I went to see what the temperature was like near another wall.

      On our way there, a woman who kind of reminded me of an art teacher from high school, Ms. T, asked for our help with a restaurant. She needed help serving the food or something. We followed her to where that was.

      I walked up a big flight of stairs to the restaurant floor, and there was a square seating arrangement. I walked around and noticed a transgender person I may have noticed in a previous dream. I felt bad for looking at them too long and looked away. I felt a sense that this person had been in a previous dream that night, and decided if I saw them again, I would become lucidly aware, but did not see them again. I also saw R M and some other people from high school. I think the seating arrangement changed from a big square to everyone being at tables and I was taking peoples food requests. Then I went back down the stairs and I saw my friend S R and another younger guy who had a gangster vibe. The gangster vibe guy was mad at S R and he flung a tiny white piece of plastic that he had ripped off a plastic bag at S R. It was the size of a fingernail. At first, I thought it was a fingernail, but it turned out it was just plastic. It was maybe half an inch long, and a quarter inch of it got lodged into S R's skin, I think on his arm. I was looking at it like, wow, that really cut through his skin pretty deep. There was no blood but it kind of scared me. I forgot what they were fighting over.

      So then I saw Ms. T and she asked me about where to deliver the food. I realized that while I had taken everyone's food requests, I had not identified what seats the food should go to. I tried to remember people by name or create some kind of seating chart in my mind but it was too late, the food was already made.

      There was a guy dumping his plate over his head and behind his back. I saw this and caught his food on another dinner plate. I was amazed at how good of a save that was. Everything landed on the new plate just like it was on the previous plate. It was onion rings and some kind of cheese steak sandwich. The guy was upset because instead of the cheese being melted all over and into the rest of the sandwich, it was just melted to one side of the bun. I thought of putting his sandwich in the toaster to make the cheese melt more. I was kind of being apologetic about it and trying to help in whatever way I could.

      I forgot if anything else happened in that part. I might have been thinking that I am not a "perfect Jesus".

      I woke up and was thinking back through the dreams. There is a funny effect when this happens lately that if I drift back to sleep, I will dream of another scene and then think that was interjected back in the dream I previously had. I started to have another dream of a well known actor dressed as a knight outside of a movie theater. He kept multiplying so another of him would pop onto the screen from a different angle or doing something else. There was some kind of music playing I think as he did this. I think I noticed I had started dreaming again and remembered, wait, I am not done remembering the other dreams yet! Then I woke up.

      I forgot some earlier stuff but I don't mind because I needed the sleep. It looks like I didn't write this D J entry until 1 in the morning so that's pretty good amount of sleep. I wake up a lot throughout the night naturally, usually after dreams, so i don't need any alarm clocks.

      Second round of dreams.

      This "round of dreams" contained a bunch of very eventful and long dreams but I just consider it one "round of dreams" because it was the dream activity between two dream journal entries.

      I forgot some from the beginning but here is where my memory starts, and there are parts where I don't have a memory of what happened along the way.

      I was in the room I lived in growing up at my Nana's house. I was looking through this childrens book full of really vivid artistic pictures of various types of dragons. I was flipping through the pages in reverse. I remember one grey whale dragon that as I reverse the pages seemed to disintegrate or fall apart. Like in one page its jaw was attached and in the next page its jaw had fallen off and was just showing red flesh. I know they were really cool looking but I can't really get a clear picture in my mind beyond that. The final dragon was actually a Transmetal 2 Megatron with dragon heads for his hands. I remember looking at this thinking it didn't seem to fit with the other dragons who looked more organic. Plus, I didn't think Megatron belong to whatever company made the other dragons. But then I was actually playing with the Transmetal 2 action figure of Megatron.

      There was a part with my Mom and sister in the same location. They might have been making food or something. I don't remember as much of it. I think there was a part where my sister was telling me not to go into her dream. I was about to go to sleep. I was sleeping on the floor to the left of my Nana's bed. My Mom was sleeping in my Nana's bed and she looked down at me. I felt this wave of anger or hatred like she didn't want me there. Then I woke up and thought that part through so far.

      I drifted off to sleep after remembering a good chunk about that dream and dreamed some more.

      Where my memory of this dream starts, the theme of looking for some place to live continued. I was living with my friend R K. He had a room I was going to be able to stay in. His friend and friend's girlfriend were staying on one side of the room. They seemed to be saying good bye as I arrived. I felt a sense that I might want to give them some time to finish saying good bye, but didn't. While I was near this wire shelf, the guy's girlfriend came to give me a hug. I was feeling bad about myself and didn't want to hug her that much so we had a really distant or light hug before she left.

      Then I might have gone out of the room and back in, or it just followed from that point. But I looked on my bed, which was a big king size bed. Only now, I T, a guy I went to grade school with, and 5 of his relatives, were all sitting on my bed. They were wearing some funny knit sweaters and hats that all matched. I T said, "What up" and then a nick name I had. I responded like, whoa, I T! Surprised to see him. It seemed they needed my bed more than I did, so I thought of where else I could sleep. maybe on a floor somewhere.

      Then there was a woman whose job it was to clean the house. She was telling me something to do and I didn't want to let her ego "win". It seemed like it was becoming an ego battle between her and me and so I resisted her instructions. She was fed up and walked down the hall. This room was all taking place on the room on the left hand side of my Nana's house.

      I also remember at one point, not sure if it was here or earlier, seeing my Nana's upstairs hall way. But I was saying to my sister, this hall way is bigger than our whole house! And it was a long hall way.

      Some other parts may have happened between these parts that I forgot.

      Then I went down some steps somewhere, near a dock and some water, feeling really worthless and bad about myself. No where to live, really down and out. There was this Asian fellow at the bottom of the steps who was dressed in somewhat of a funny way, maybe as a clown or a mime, but not exactly. He was praising me for something I had done way in the past. I tried to think of what it was, and concluded he either had me mistaken for someone else, or it was something in college, back when I was more active in my waking life. He looked me in the eyes in a way that was memorable. He was trying to come up with a way to repay me. It gave me a good boost because I felt very down and out at the time.

      Just then, a woman in a white shirt, with brown hair, walked by, asking for help. She kept asking for help as she walked by us, but did not stop walking. I wanted to help her, but I also didn't want to leave the guy I was talking with, because I was going to find out this good deed I had done. The woman must have been on some kind of auto pilot because she walked straight for the dock and fell right into the water, sinking immediately. I decided that the guy would be there later, and went in the water to rescue her.

      I ran to the dock and dived down into the water without much hesitation. A few other people did, too. The first time I came up for air, another guy dove into the water who looked like he would save her because he was in better shape. But I went back under the water after a big deep breath, thinking I might need to open my eyes to see underneath the murky green water. (In waking life, there is no way i would open my eyes under that water, much less swim in it!). I forgot what happened to the woman who had gone underwater, if she had been rescued after all, or what.

      But I moved on from that scene and went back to the stair well to talk to the Asian fellow. To my dismay, he was nowhere to be found. I knew I shouldn't have left him.

      Okay so I forgot some more parts, but then, there was a part when I was seeing a guy in a dorm playing video games. The story was that he was a woman's partner but he was being selfish.

      Then, the "dream screen" showed me four women sitting together and eating donuts at a food court table. Another woman came by and the "dream screen" showed all this glitter going all over the place as she joined them. One woman at the head of the table had two donuts, and one was for this guy back in the dorm the dream screen has just showed me. She ways saying how she got an extra donut for him so as not to be selfish. The women went on talking. (Note to self #2*. )

      Then the woman all the way to the right hand side, who had joined last, seemed to have her attention drawn to the side. The "dream screen" briefly showed all these pool floats at the end of a hallway leaning up against a rail. Then, it returned to showing the woman, looking concerned.

      She got up to see what was over there in the directions she had been looking. Then, I was kind of seeing the dream from a first person perspective from her viewpoint, or just behind her, but I was more just watching from outside like on a "dream screen", not really in it as an active participant.

      This next part got really nightmarish. The woman noticed that there was a photo booth with the door partly open, down some steps. I could hear her thinking, "Who is in there?" and she approached the reddish brown photo booth door to investigate. When she got close enough, the "dream screen" revealed some really creepy old guy in there. Before the woman could pull away, she got sucked in to the photo booth. It was really freaky because the man became a kind of spider and the dream showed the woman very vividly being tied up like in a spider web. She was screaming for help. I was glad she could yell for help because someone near by definitely heard her, and would come to her rescue. But the dream showed this pointy, sharp looking giant spider with a big stabber thing on its abdomen go to poke her, like how Shelob injected people in the Lord of the Rings series. It was really freaky and I don't know how that suddenly got in there.

      I woke up from that, kind of startled, stayed still, and thought it through. I wondered if I was supposed to become lucid in another dream to go back and help her, but my dreams usually don't have that level of continuity, at least in terms of form. There is some continuity but it is not that direct.

      At some point during that dream, or a later or earlier dream, there was this idea of these people who had some dogs. The dogs had a special place in their house, like a room that was just for them. I was reading some text which talked about the dogs being named "Burr", as in, the sound you make when it is cold. There was also another memorable word on the page which I forgot. So I just threw that detail in here because I forgot other parts.

      As I was recalling those, I fell asleep again and had a shorter round of dreams! Luckily, my memory of them held up pretty well. I must have needed the rest because I even napped this morning for an hour.

      There was one dream memory, not sure exactly where it fits, but I was in a grocery store aisle. There was a black gel pen section and I took one of the black gel pens out of the packaging to steal it. I had it in my pocket and was justifying my actions in my mind because of how many rotten apples the grocery store has sold me, that I haven't got a refund for. At least ten dollars I spent on apples that looked fine on the outside, but turned out to be rotten. Good thing I dice them before eating them because I would hate to bite into that, not knowing what it was like on the inside. (I have wondered about the symbolism of this. )

      I was checking out some regular items at the register, worried that the gel pen somehow had some sensor attached to it, and they would detect me with it on the way out. I tried to tell myself that wasn't likely to have a sensor just on one pen. I also remember thinking someone might have seen me through a camera and they were waiting to "capture" me on the way out of the store. (I guess this is my dream reminding me that stealing isn't the way to go in terms of having justice about my rotten apples. )

      Okay so then there were some more dream details. Kind of a scene of looking into the hatch back of this Subaru, near the woods on the side of the road. It was like a camp site. I was trying to write in one of the notches on the plastic flooring of the trunk. Some letters using a pen. Maybe trying to dream journal.

      There was some idea of someone stealing another person's prompting? Like what they were going to say.

      There was this yellow football headed thing with funny googly cartoon eyes. I was looking at it in the trunk as I overheard people talking.

      I was peeing in a big orange jug in the middle of the parking lot, near a walk way, and another guy saw me doing this. I was afraid I would get in trouble. The idea was that the guy never lets anyone get away with anything. My friend's dad, J S, was involved in the dream scene.

      There was this part where an older man was yelling at a younger man, "Are you a lawyer?!" and the younger man replied, "No, I will never be one," as if to say he should stay out of situations or something like that. While hearing this, I was ripping a little perforated edge off a piece of white paper to use it to write on. Maybe I was trying to dream journal.

      There was also a part with a lucid, dreaming You Tuber showing a video of how to modify the wiring of a head set to get a certain two channel sound effect. It involed opening the head set, separating the two wires, and then bending it over itself with tape. It didn't make sense to me. Apparently it only worked temporarily but then it caused the head set to be broken.

      Other dream notes included "something with a guys website" and "parked near nature".

      This was a huge amount of dream memory to keep all in my head at once before coming to write it, but I was just too tired. When I finally do get up to write, it is when I feel I have the physical energy. Like when my body will let me. If I try to push it, and interrupt the natural sleep phases too much, it tends to back fire and I will burn out. So I do it this way to keep it sustainable. Also it gives me a few natural W B T B's a night without needing any alarm clocks. I think alarms are bad because they might come in at the wrong time of a sleep cycle. My sleep cycles are never this cookie cutter 90 minute thing. I am in the "anti alarm clock" party of the lucid, dreaming world.

      Round 3 of dreams gave me a cool dream chain. That just means I woke up between dreams a few times in sleep paralysis, stayed still, and went directly into the next dream with lucid awareness. It usually happens if I get lucid in an early part of a dream, and wake up, and stay still.

      I forgot parts of it, but overall my memory of it turned out to be pretty good. Where my memory begins, Megatron and Waspinator are on the "dream screen". Waspinator was in robot mode and flying around the beast wars world. Megatron was using one of those statis pods to teleport something to Waspinator.

      There might have been a part with my sister. I was fighting with someone. maybe there was more beast wars battling, or I was a beast wars character. I am not sure if I was lucidly aware yet. I remember being maybe a foot tall, and riding this little motorcycle thing, or perhaps being in beast wars mode where they are part vehicle, part animal, and making a Bee Line for a closing wooden door. I thought I would make it, but the door closed just as i got to it. I was running away from something or someone. Somehow I got into that door or maybe another door. I had a sense of being chased. Now i was in a human body, with clothes on. I looked underneath a metal storage cabinet and thought my best bet to remain safe would be to morph into an ant, or something else small, and go under that cabinet. I think I morphed into an ant and had to crawl out of my human clothes to get away. I was in a little office, and the people chasing me had caught up with me. But I had already morphed. There was a woman who came in the little office room to look for me, and she started patting parts of me that were floating around. I realized I must have morphed into a plant. Somehow, she knew that I had morphed into a plant, and she had caught me as such. (note to self #3*. ) She tried to coax me out of plant form and at this point I am sure I knew it was a dream. I woke up for a moment before another dream began.

      Okay so then the next part was of me sitting in front of a television. (Note to self #4*. ) I had a great success with ree cognizing a dream sign, which was that I had an extra finger growing from my body. At first, I thought, oh, cool, an extra finger. Then I realized it was a dream! I played around with stretching my body as if it were elastic because that's what I thought to do. Then, I remember a part in which there was like this kid and his Mom yelling at him from a ramp. She was getting spit everywhere as she yelled, which was getting onto him and maybe on an open wound.

      There was also a part with the red eye. I felt a pain in my left eye. I knew I was dreaming, so I figured this related to some kind of physical condition. I wanted to ignore it at first, but I remembered that in lucid, dreaming I want to deal with my issues instead of running. So I looked in a mirror looked more closely. It had a lot of sharp pain. It was covered over with red scabs and all bruised and puffy. I almost couldn't believe it was my eye. I thought of using a little energy ball like I heard in the audio book I was listening to the previous day. I didn't really have enough coordination to do that. But I was able to ask the dream for help and as I looked in the mirror, my eye returned to normal.

      (Commentary from when I woke up as to waking life effects of this. I was sleeping on my left side, so it could have been some pressure was on my left eye. Other than that, I have no existing left eye problems. Both my eyes in waking life have always been fine. But I do have a left ear problem from using ear plugs a really long time without taking them out (foam ear plugs). There is a sharp pain in my ear if I put the ear plug in too far. So maybe that pain was translating into the whole left side of my face in the dream, and I was able to address it from there, where as something in my ear wouldn't have been visible to me. I will keep an "eye out" for if I notice any decrease in symptoms of left ear pain. Other than that it could have just been more symbolic in a broader sense. But it felt significant. )

      At one point I was hiding under a blanket from someone. I might have gone in and out of being lucidly aware.

      Then the "dream screen" played an awkward scene between a mother and her son. There was an awkward silence, and then the mother made a fart joke. The son wasn't amused and seemed kind of annoyed by the whole thing.

      Some other stuff was likely to have happened that I forgot.

      I next remember a dream begin where I am looking at a guy's chest in a sweater. It looks like he is bench pressing. Then I realize he is rowing a row boat and I am sitting accross from him. We are facing each other in a row boat. The water comes to an end and we scrape up on shore. The shore is actually made of the same material the street is made of. I kind of worry the bottom of the boat will be ruined. Then we continue rowing down the street as if the road is water. We go down a hill like this and get to a parking garage thing or something like a food tent at a carnival. Then I see both rowers get out of the boat and I am neither of them.

      I excitedly think to myself "this is a dream" as I approach the food table, trying to make sure to stay lucid. I almost tell two people near me it is a dream but I hold back. there is a plastic container of grey circles that doesn't seem like food. Some stuff happens and I am looking for something cool to do. I get the sense that there is this green juice that everyone really wants. In a near by fridge, behind a counter, I notice a bottle which has some of the juice in it. The label has the number sixty on it but besides that, I forget the name. I fly over to that fridge, reach accross the counter, and drink the last of the juice. It is very sweet. It feels very good to drink it. There is a younger kid who seems sad that I got the rest. I feel kind of bad for not thinking to share it with him. I was in a pleasure seeking mode for a lot of the rest of this dream. But I think even that is a beneficial use of lucid, dreaming, because I can get out my desires for physical gratification in the dream world, and not need to do it in waking life, where for example careless eating could make me very sick. Being able to enjoy dream food helps me stay on a healthy meal plan in waking life without needing to have "cheat days".

      In the next fridge to the left, there is a flattened everything bagel. I grab it, expecting it to taste like card board, and it kind of does. It doesn't stay stuck in my mouth though like I expect. Then I see some plastic containers with fruit and a pastry thing, like a muffin. I eat those and it is delicious. As I eat the food, I am mindlessly flying around, like a drunken bumble bee. I can tell I am sort of "food drunk" or "sugar drunk" within the dream but I just try to let go of worry and enjoy the sensory experience.

      There is a part where I have this drawing of a three or four headed guy on gray paper. It has three frowny faces and I relate this to why I am off to the side by myself and not in the main party enjoying other peoples company. So I swipe my finger over the frowns and they become smiles. Then I go back to the party tent thing.

      (Note to self #4*. )

      I forgot some parts where I was walking through buildings. I might have eaten more stuff or seen some giant Pokemon cards. Just different wish fulfillment I guess. I saw a sign that said A T M and figured, this sounds fun. I went in to that lobby and almost thought it wouldn't be anything, but it turned out to be a dream A T M.

      The first thing I notice is a packet of ten dollar bills similar to how post it notes are stacked, sticking to the A T M. It says "ten ups" which I guess means a free ten dollar boost. I look around for buttons and it looks like there are calculator buttons on the A T M. I enter some numbers, thinking about four thousand dollars, and pretty the START button. A bunch of money pops out, mainly hundreds and twenties. There are also drawings on pieces of construction paper that come out, which are mainly blue and brown. These are equally interesting but I don't take the time to examine them. Maybe they are the real prize.

      I grab the whole stack of ten ups, with little regard for anyone else in the dream world wanting them, and go out side into the street. It is dark out. I see a bunch of people I know from college. I ask them if they want the money. One kid, A B (male) says, "I want all of it!" I give a bunch to him and throw the rest around. (there were some times I considered stopping and counting the money but that seemed to take too much focus. )

      Success story part. In one of the parts where I was flying around a lot of people I knew, I saw this web site where there were guys posting success stories about various things. I had been seeing people from college, and so I was thinking of posting my success story of how I talked to people from college in my dream. i was thinking of telling them in waking life how I was with them in a dream and that being a success story. The page has white back ground and blue hyperlinks.

      In the final part of this dream, I am walking down the street or hall way. All along the sides are giant Pokemon cards. There is Machamp and other Pokemon. I feel totally amazed and happy. I am telling other dream figures how I always wanted these Pokemon cards! A lot of them really look like Pokemon cards in waking life. One is grey and silver and there might be a purplish Gengar one. I am so overwhelmed that I don't really know how to take it all in.

      Around that part, I woke up, and thanks to my new sleeping position, I was able to stay perfectly still. It seemed like a minute went by before I thought to recall dreams, because I was kind of preparing for another dream to begin in the dream chain. When i realized it was over, I was like, oh, no, let's get to remembering it! Luckily, I was able to remember a lot, but I wonder what else I would have remembered if I would have had that recall begin as soon as the dream ended. Waking life recall meditation has helped me with that memory "muscle". If I can pull up one detail, others start to come up, and then I have a whole big "movie" of the dream in my head I can rehearse a few times until nothing else comes up as I do it.

      At some points during the sleep paralysis between dreams in the dream chain, I heard some auditory hallucinations of female voices saying various things which I forgot. I also felt some of those vibrational state feelings which felt kind of like intense pulses of my whole body, but were probably in my non physical body. Then I would "pop" into another dream.

      I am pretty happy with this lucid, dream chain. I probably am somewehere between "fully lucid" and "semi lucid" for most of it according to the lucidity spectrum in terms of having all these dream abilities and stuff. But I mainly just enjoy the "lucid euphoria" of being like, woah, I am in a dream! And doing stuff. That's good enough for me and I figure the higher levels of lucidity will come with experience and study over time.

      Round 4 of dreams.

      I managed to get back to sleep one more time after those, which is wonderful. I didn't seem to have as many dreams or remember as many but once I noticed I had slept I tried to think back through them and here's what I got.

      I remember seeing "Maharishi University of Management" written somewhere. It was something to do with M U M and Lucid, Dreaming.

      There was another scene I only vaguely remember, to do with my Nana's steps going up to the dining room.

      The last scene I remember was I was driving this truck and listening to a voice recording of my own voice. I needed to go to the bathroom so I pulled into this parking lot near a convinience store. When I got out of my truck, I noticed I had parked over the edge of the spot, and kind of double parked into the spot ahead of that. There was a guy near the front of the convinience store I didn't really trust, and it seemed the lights were just turned off. The whole time, there was some angelic kind of music playing in the back ground. I realized I wasn't in a good neighborhood and went back to my truck, thinking I might just go pee in the parking lot between the trucks, hoping no one saw me.

      There was something else in the dream involving being out at night without much lighting.

      I thought through these dreams and drifted back to sleep a little. That's what I like about laying down and thinking through the dreams without moving instead of needing to spring up immediately once I have woken up. It usually works just as well, in terms of the quantity of details I remember, (if not better), but it is more restful.
    6. 2-11 to 2-12 dreams (one short LD but cool story of relaxing through night terror)

      by , 02-12-2018 at 05:28 PM
      I know I make really long Dj posts so if you only read one part just read dream #1.

      Hi, everyone. Here are my dreams from the night of february eleventh to twelvth.

      Dream 1.
      "A Real Dream State Superhero. "

      I went to bed around 7 P M pretty tired and I think I fell asleep pretty soon there after. I found myself in a dream which seemed like almost right upon falling asleep at the beginning of the night, which is usually surprising. By the time my memory of it starts, some other stuff had already happened, which I was trying to write down within the dream (not lucid yet).

      I was in my room at the house I lived in last with my Dad and my sister. They were playing some Biggie Smalls and something else on the television. I was getting mad and I think my sister was even doing it to annoy me. I kept trying to start writing my dream so far and then the noise would irritate me again. I got mad at them, said "this is B S," and left my room.

      I walked out into the living room and heard more televisions and radios on, that I figured my Mom was listening to. I turned it off, and it came back on. I fought with it a little bit, turning it off, and then it popping back on, until eventually it stayed off. I was getting pretty angry at this point, although feeling bad about cursing at my Dad and my Sister.

      I went into the kitchen of that house. The layout of the house was very much like it was in waking life. I saw my Brita filter out on the table or counter which is a little unusual because I usually keep that in the fridge. For some reason I started to think it might be a dream, and did a finger palm test. This time the dream state check was done from more a perspective of thinking I was awake, but doing the dream state check to cope with a crappy situation. I do that sometimes in waking life and I guess it is translating to my dream now. If I get really ticked off about something, I will do a finger palm test, because I expect that emotion to translate into my dream somehow. This time, it actually did, and I was very surprised when my finger showed through on the back side of my left palm.

      So, here I am, lucid in this dream. I am trying to decide what to do first. I look at the windows and door and consider flying. It is dark outside.

      I think of apologizing to my Dad and sister for sort of yelling at them before. I start heading back to my bedroom where they were last. Next thing I know, I am running through the house, but everything is all black. I feel the sensations of my body running. I am running at full speed but I can't see anything. I feel like I am fighting against a current.

      I am in my physical bed now and I feel a very ominous form of sleep paralysis. I begin to fight it, hearing some ominous sounding voices and seeing some visualizations I am afraid of. (I don't remember the exact voices or visuals as of now. ) I am punching my arms, wondering if these are my physical or non physical arms. (They turned out to be non physical arms. ) I remember my intention to just relax if I encounter sleep paralysis, and I am able to just relax. The wave of sleep paralysis passes and I am laying in my bed a moment.

      Another wave of sleep paralysis begins right after that. This time, I see two sort of faces above me, one of which has the word "Liver" written above it. I hear a mix of male voices that I think I have heard in other dreams. (The Mr. Singapore dream and Scissor Hands Kills Me. ) They are saying that they will give me lots of power, and then chanting the word power over and over. This seems kind of scary or ominous but I remember to just relax. Then, after hearing the scarier voices, I hear a very shrill voice that reminds me of Tutter from Bear and the Big Blue House. The voice says, "A Real Dream State Super Hero!" and then the wave of sleep paralysis ends.

      Now I am in my physical bed, thinking through the dream experience. I feel very pleased with my successfully remembering to relax through the sleep paralysis. I think that if I could relax during that, I could relax during anything. I feel so enlightened and happy about the shrill voice's comment, that I am now a "Real Dream State Super Hero" for passing the test of the night terror.

      As I think through the dreams, I realize I must not have slept for long. I feel my body go tingly and I decide to go to sleep again. I feel confident that the memory will be in my mind next time I wake up.

      Dream 2.
      "Fragments. "

      Vague memories, I am telling my friend Tom something, maybe in a battle with him. Maybe something with weight lifting, maybe something in the woods.

      There are some women from a meeting or concerned with their weight, maybe my aunt.

      A lot more happens in the dreams but I don't remember.

      These parts i remembered a little more clearly. My friend Jared is working on a project with my other friend Dave in an office. Jared is away a lot and Dave is working on the project by himself. He is wondering if the project matters. I am thinking about Dave's predicament while looking at the base of a tupperware. The idea comes to mind that I could send him a letter saying that the project is important and Dave's work is much appreciated, and say it is "From Jared," But then I think that Dave will find out it really wasn't from Jared and I will be caught for making the fake letter.

      People are at computers. Maybe my friend Carlos is there. I also work there, but as I walk through the corridor between cubicles, I think about how I don't want my job.

      Some more things happen that I forgot.

      Then there is some talk of a Blue Tooth headset thing shown from the back of a persons head. There are some superior and inferior models of bluetooth headset shown. The guy talking about the Blue Tooth headset seems to be Tim P from Snoozon dot com. Something about dating is also worked into the scene. The band of the head set wraps around the back of the persons head, rather than over the top. There is a little plug like where a Samsung charger would go.

      In another part, there are reference web pages. Someone is saying that children should just be given this big volume of lucid dreaming references and left to work it out on their own, not ask questions from others. the text is white and the back ground is black on the page I click on. There is another page to the left of that I didn't click on.

      When the dream ends I am laying in bed for several minutes thinking but without realizing I have woken up from a dream. I come to my senses and realize I have just dreamed. I recall as much as I can and go write it down.

      Dream 3.
      "Cat Spray / Booty Pants. "

      I had a very hard time falling asleep for these. I just could not get the position of my pillows right and it took me forever to fall asleep.

      I had some parts of this dream that I forgot. Maybe this was when I dreamed of Stephan from how to lucid talking about Brain Wave power Music. Now here is the part I remember clearly. I am laying or sitting down somewhere. A cat walks onto me and at first I am kind of uneasy about it, but I decide cats are good and I just relax. Next thing I know, the cat is putting its butt toward my face. I start to panic because cat spray is supposed to be really yucky and I think it is about to spray me. However, I can't move. I try to struggle to get the cat off me, but I can't move. (I know this was a dream because I was laying on my back or in a recliner chair in the dream, but physically I was on my side. )

      I wake up from that and think back through the rest of the dreams. I remember some right after, but I can't remember them now as I write this. (This is why I find dream jouraling in the present tense confusing. )

      A lot happened in the next dream but I forgot. There was a part where I was telling someone I really like them instead of fighting. I was setting up my cell phone and stylus on my dresser drawer near my bed, like how it was arranged at my house in high school. I think i fell asleep within that dream, and dreamed of dreaming.

      The dream within the dream is of a game show thing. There is a blonde haired guy with short hair answering the game show hosts questions. He is kind of doing these dance moves from behind the podium as he answers them. There is one other contestant on either side of him. The middle contestant has a funny voice and I notice the situation is a little unusual.

      Then the game show host starts to question the contestant on the left, who is a female. Her pants are very baggy. She is also doing dance moves while answering the questions.

      The game show host mentions "booty pants" and now the girls entire bottom is hanging out of her pants, but they are pulled up all the way in the front. Her bottom sort of sags out of her pants in an unusual way.

      Next, the "dream screen" is showing me a bunch of african american people running from one building to another. They are all wearing these "booty pants" that their bottoms hang out of. They all have the same kind of saggy bottom that flaps around. I am thinking that this must be a new trend, because maybe it is not considered public nudity, for them to show their bottoms. Two women are running from one building, then they are all killing each other. The next thing I know, I amn't just watching through a "dream screen", I am actually there! And a few people run at me to kill me.

      I think there may have been a part where I was hiding in a bathroom but now sure.

      Next thing I know I am in a mall type of place. (I forgot some parts of the mall. ) In the first part I remember, i am in some kind of lecture. A woman is standing up and telling the crowd how we must never forget the trauma of the booty pants massacre. She doesn't refer to it as such but that is the idea i get from it. She is saying how it is unfortunate her boss doesn't want her bringing it up and how we all want to forget the horrible event. I respect her for speaking the truth but I judge her apperance in some ways. She is wearing a woman's business suit type of thing.

      Next, someone is giving a lecture from up ahead. I am sitting with my back against the edge of a table. Kind of hard to explain, but like the only thing supporting my back is the narrow edge of the table, not a whole back of a chair. It is a black glass table. A woman asks me to move further back or to where there are seats for some reason. I go to move back further to this place where there is a semi circle of folding chairs. Some have more padding on the bottom than the others. One faces perpendicular to the lecturer, but has more padding. I go to one ninety degree from that to be head on to the lecturer. There is black cushion on the bottom of the seat. They are a type of tan or metallic brown fold up chair that is a common color for fold up chairs. I am thinking about how sitting with my back against that table like that would definitely give me a knot in my back from all the pressure on one tiny spot. But now I can't see the front of the place in the mall where the lecturer is speaking. I can still hear them speak but can't make out the words. (I don't know what the lecture was about. )

      Some more stuff happened in the dream but I don't remember what. It took me a while to remember to try to think of what I had dreamed this time, probably due to the difficult falling asleep. I am glad to remember the part about the cat spray, because I thought that was interesting, and not too upset to have forgotten the rest. It seemed too soon to get up again.

      Dream 4.
      "Dream Journal in Nana's Front yard. " (Segments)

      I forgot what happened earlier in the dreams, if anything.

      I am sitting in my Nana's front yard, by the exit of her driveway. My friend S was sitting toward the middle of her front yard. We were both dream journaling. I was on a low beach chair and he was on some blankets about 20 feet away. there was something about not being social enough, and I replied by saying, I am making great relationships right from this chair. What I meant was that I have a lot of social interaction within my dreams, for one. Also, writing my dreams probably helps me be a better friend when I have the chance to.

      I was dream journaling something from earlier in that dream or a previous dream. It came out upside down some how and I was kind of confused about that. One dream idea involved relapsing in the dream, and waking up glad I didn't relapse in waking life. Glad it was just a dream. In the dream, the idea was that before bed, I wanted to relapse, but I didn't. So then I relapsed in my dream but woke up glad I hadn't really done it. I was trying to use that to explain one way in which dreams have been really valuable to me.

      My sister was showing us her dream journal and talking about how she had a new annotation system. She had two dreams on the same page, but in different fonts, so they were still separated, but most dreams went on different pages.

      Someone was under S's blanket at some point. I think that's why he said something about relationships to me, when I was just sitting alone dream journaling. It is funny that I dream journal so much in dreams but it is because dream journaling is one of the main things I do every day.

      Throughout this night, i had this funny experience when I would wake up, that I would be in a stream of thoughts, but not aware I had just woken up. I would slowly come to and realize I had not thought of dreams right away. It was kind of different. I also had a lot of dreams of dreaming within a dream or falling asleep in a dream and waking up in my physical bed, more so than usual, not sure why.

      Dream 5.
      "Kidnapped / Nightmare. "

      First there was something that wasn't a night mare of selecting Pokemon for my roster of 6 in the game or a battle. I was checking if I got all the types I would need to cover all the type advantages but I think I was missing a few essential types in favor of keeping some Pokemon I liked more on the team. there was an idea of making it through a long dungeon within the Pokemon game where there was no where to get more potions or ethers and it was one of the most difficult parts of the game. I think my team had a water type, a Meganium, a Dragon and Flying type, and some others. I wanted to be sure I had accounted for my rivals starter. I was sort of merged with the game screen at times but other times I was standing at a desk, playing the game, and talking to other people there. It was kind of dark.

      I forgot some parts in the middle here.

      The next thing I remember, I am looking at these really scary masks up high above me. there is one mask up to the left that is scary but I dont remember it now. Up and to the right, there is a gray mask with a really scary, scary, scary face, and I keep looking away and looking back. A voice is telling me not to look at the masks. Every time I look back, I am like, man, why did I look again? But then I look again. It is very nightmarish with amplified feelings of dread.

      In another part, I am being held captive by a guy and maybe more people elsewhere in the building, but one guy is watching me at the time. (Note to self #1*)

      At one point, I tried to look out the door, down the hall, but I could tell they didn't want me to. The guy supervising me in the room was holding me still and holding a phone screen in my face saying some accusatory words. Then, he was pinching me from the left side of my abdomen, and it created a really unpleasant sensation. I was afraid this pinching would go on forever but I was also afraid to complain to the guy in case he would make it worse. He gave me some confusing instructions.

      Then another guy came in the room who was going to torture me at mid night. The guy was wearing black gloves and seemed in his fifties. He was called Spike. The main guy in the room with me said, "Spike comes out to play at midnight." I felt a lot of fear and like I had no way to escape. So it was definitely a night mare. I guess if things got really bad, I would have become lucidly aware it was a dream, but it wasn't quite bad enough for that to kick in. Maybe they meant for it to be that way!

      I may have forgot some parts. But midnight hadn't come yet, so Spike "hadn't come out to play." I was walking in a lit hallway, like the hallway of a mall. There were rolls of toilet paper on a shelf and I went to get some of them. I had a sense that I was being a good prisoner and I would return to my room with the toilet paper, not that I was escaping. Then, the guy from my room was there, and he told me not to take those toilet paper rolls. He brought me along the hall way and I saw some doors that said employees only or something like that on black placards. Then he brought me to this one door that became a giant garage door, and typed some things into a key pad. I think he typed in the number 6 and the letter D, but I am not sure. But in the dream, I definitely took a mental note of what buttons he pressed, in case I needed to go back there during my imprisonment.

      It turned out to be a train station. the guy said to pick up someone for a Pokemon T C G game and then make money off of playing the game with them. He said that was how I could be more independent. There were lots of people in this room, and it was bright. I remember noticing some heavy people in particular.

      I forgot if anything else happened in between. I may have woken up there or right before and thought it through, but fallen back asleep for there to be more of a plot.

      I was walking on a wooden walk way, with two black bags. One was like a gym bag and the other was another shape. They were my stuff and I was leaving wherever I was imprisoned. Some metal music was playing in the dream and it went with the emotions of a mix of deep sadness at having this done to me, and anger at the people who imprisoned me. I don't know how I got out. But I knew that I had been traumatized and would never be the same. I felt really numb about it all but beginning to notice the anger and sadness surfacing as I walked along. It was a bright day and everyone else on the wooden walk way seemed happy.

      Some women were walking by in the opposite direction, commenting on the feeling of the wind. One woman stopped right as we were passing by each other and stood still, saying how she didn't need to go anywhere, just to feel the wind. I wanted to say something to her in reply, but I was too withdrawn. I walked by her.

      I don't remember if I woke up directly from that part or if there was any more after that. When I was reviewing the dream, I thought it was cool how the dream continued after I woke up a little and had some resolution. It didn't just leave me there being tortured by a series of captors, but it sort of showed me that I got out and was free again. It seems like a significant dream in a lot of ways but I don't know what it means.

      Dream 6.
      "Stretching on mats / I think I'll go to sleep now. "

      This was a pretty short dream. I tried to fall back asleep on my left side after writing those previous ones but a nerve was pinching in that shoulder. I was really annoyed at this but switched to my right side.

      I dreamed of being in a wrestling room with a bunch of maybe 15 foot by 6 foot pieces of wrestling mat. Each person got their own 15 by 6 piece of mat and it was kind of like an extra big yoga mat. Mine was in the front corner of the room to the right. I got up from it and saw another kid going to take it, but I told him, that is my stretching mat. I was far on the other corner of the room and had to keep yelling it accross the room as I rushed over to stop him from taking my yoga mat. Then, I was helping him and some other kids find their own. There were other stretching mats folded and rolled up here and there. Mine was dark green and others were blue.

      Then, I was laying back or reclining on my stretching mat. I forgot if anything else happened between these parts, but I remember looking at an image of a Goomba from Mario on my phone. It was brown and pretty big. I was surprised to see it. The top left corner of the screen was blocked by something else square.

      As I looked at the Goomba picture, I noticed I felt sleepy. I felt just how I sometimes feel before I know I am going to drift off to sleep. So I kind of closed my eyes and laid back, excited that I was going to fall asleep and maybe have a dream. I really thought it was waking life. I felt my body do this vibrational thing where it kind of bounced back and forth in a range of motion of a few inches, kind of hard to explain. I was really excited because I thought it meant a cool dream would begin. It turned out that I was already in a dream, and the next dream to begin was just that I would be laying in my physical bed! So I awoke to the "physical dream", ha ha ha.

      I was surprised that I had fallen asleep because I didn't remember falling asleep. I tried to lay still and dream chain a little, but my body wanted to move, so I got up. It was about 7 A M so that is not too early.

      That was it for dreams last night. It seemed like my dream recall was much fuzzier than usual but there were plenty of interesting dreams now that I look at it and type it out in full.
      nightmare , memorable , lucid , non-lucid
    7. 2-9 to 2-10 dreams (2 LD's, first nose pinch breathe, told my mom I loved her in an LD)

      by , 02-10-2018 at 04:38 PM
      I had some trouble falling asleep right away. I noticed that when I switched from mouth breathing to nose breathing, it was easier to relax.

      Round 1 of dreams.
      "Accidental O B E / my sister's knife."

      So I was having this dream of playing some video game. It was a racing game or something. I also remember a visual of a grey photo with Pokemon on it that said S E on the bottom left. I somehow calculated that this meant it was from serebii.net. It was ripped on the top left. There were other photos or magazine cut outs near by. My sister was also playing. I wanted to stop the game and go to bed but she wanted to finish the game. I was in my bed in my room at my previous house. I was laying down in bed with a woman, just to go to sleep, nothing really romantic in this dream. She had a knife at the head of the bed, down on the floor. It was like the red knife we use in the kitchen. Like a silver knife with a red handle. Something about the name of a teacher from my high school, Ms. H.

      The knife was apparently for her to be able to stab me in case I woke her up or something like that. I decided she might accidentally grab it and stab me in her sleep, so I tried to move it to a table near my bed. While I was up from bed doing this, she got up and covered my face. I noticed that i could still breathe, which in hindsight was due to the same reason nose pinched breathing works in a dream. She was holding me down and I couldn't move. I tried to fight her. Then I think I woke up a little or something and the dream repeated, ending with her holding me down again. I don't know if it repeated in full but I think I remember playing the video game thing twice and then her holding me down trying to kill me, twice. I actually realized it was a dream and I should be able to sort of stop her from trying to kill me. I tried to push her away (gently) using telekinesis, and it didn't seem to work. I remember feeling kind of overpowered. I woke up in the heaviest and most paralyzed sleep paralysis I have ever been in before. I couldn't even breathe or move and it was so weird. I panicked and started to try to fight it, just as I was fighting it within the dream. I thought of relaxing like I had heard of from many lucid dreamers who had sleep paralysis but the fight response was too much. I was totally panicked and this became almost like a nightmare. Also, sleep paralysis within an hour or two of going to sleep at night was the last thing I expected. I felt total dread. Dread is a great word for the feeling I felt.

      I really thought I would have a terrifying night terror if I stayed still, and I wanted to avert that. I thought my eye cover had slipped off and I could see things in my room dimly illuminated with white light. In hindsight, that wasn't my physical room, it was like an astral overlay of my physical room which i was seeing, or just a dream room that was close to my physical room. I remember touching my non physical eyes with my non physical hands thinking it was physical to check if the eye cover had fallen off.

      I struggled with all my might to get my physical body to move. I thought I felt my physical body get up out of bed and go toward the window behind my bed. It turned out it was my non physical body, but I didn't know that at the time. That's why I called it an accidental O B E. I don't know whether to call it my astral body or my dream body. At any rate, I pushed against the window to see if I would fly out. The window was solid. The curtains were not drawn the same as they are in waking life though, but I didn't notice at the time. I could feel the cold glass window. I could also see out the glass a bit, just some rendering of street lights and house lights and maybe stars or moon. Now that I was up, I was thinking that I must have only slept very briefly. But I would just journal about it and then go back to sleep.

      So I looked for my dream journal setup and my dream journal chair. The lights in the room sort of went on on their own without me noticing. My dream journal chair was in a different place, but I didn't notice the discrepancy. I started to gather my thoughts and get ready to dream journal.

      Then I woke up in my physical bed in semi sleep paralysis and thought through the experience. I think I also heard some exit and re entry noises, now that I think about it.

      Once I was in my physical bed for sure, my fear was pretty much gone. After forming a clear mental image of the dream, I tried to see if another dream or O B E would begin if I stayed perfectly still. I told myself that even if a night terror came right up to my face, I would just relax.

      It kind of scared me that I went out of body and kind of abandoned my body in fear. That has never happened before. But I thought it was cool because I have never had an O B E like that before where a non physical body literally separates from the physical body into the persons bedroom. Of course it would happen to me accidentally, not when I try hard!

      Round 2 of dreams.
      "Just Fragments".

      I dozed back off a lot on these even as I thought them through so some memory was lost. But I must have needed the sleep.

      There was a part with my cousin and my aunt. My aunt was saying something, sitting near a door.

      There was a guy who looked like someone from the gym I used to go to, saying how he did one thing per minute. He was sort of hanging off the edge of his bed, saying how dream recall was so easy. He had one hundred percent dream recall and if everyone else would only do it his way, they could have it too. But no one would listen to him. He was on one of the beds of a bunk bed. The bed was on the left side of the "dream screen" and he was facing towards the right.

      There was this part where I was going through old stuff. I saw a picture of a picture of my Dad in a white polo shirt. I kind of wondered why someone took a picture of a picture but I tried to give it to him anyway. There was an old white sneaker that looked kind of droopy. I was holding it up by its navy blue laces. My Dad was saying how he didn't want us to ruin the shoe. It was like his old pair of shoes, but he had it in case his new pair of shoes broke or something.

      I remembered more after waking up from them, but fell back asleep. There were definitely more parts I forgot. Later on, I remembered one part about a four versus four pokemon battle, or like a double double battle. I wrote more about this during the dream journal entry in which I remembered it.

      I only got up because I needed to pee very much. Otherwise I would have kept sleeping.

      Round 3 of dreams.

      I am not sure if I remembered parts of last dream I thought I had forgotten as the beginning of this dream, but I will put them here.

      My Dad and I were moving into a new place to live. Somehow Homestar Runner was involved. There were two vines I wanted to replant. (I dream a lot about planting plants since I started growing some house plants) So then I started a fire in the fire place. I got the feeling that I was only supposed to put one log, because it was burning a lot. It was really just glowing red, there really wasn't fire. But I think it felt too hot or something in the dream. (Maybe my blanket was on too high?)

      There were cigarette butts on the floor. There was an implanted context in my dreaming mind that my Dad had been a smoker, and now he was smoking in this new house. The dream context was that he had smoked all along and just hid it from me. (I have a major aversion to smokers and cigarette smoke in waking life and if my Dad started smoking it would really be tough since I live with him). There were also some latin american guys who were going to help us with stuff. I think I remember remembering more of this at some point but I forgot. It was a pretty complex scene.

      Now this part I am sure is from this "round" of dreams.

      My Aunt B and Aunt C were having some conversation about some life topics. Then I was sitting around with other people at the marble table in my Nana's room from when I was a kid but it was taller. There was a woman I was interested in at the door to my Nana's room. My Aunt was joining us at the table and I kind of felt weird about her joining us all. Probably because there weren't any other of my relatives there so it was kind of like "mixing worlds".

      Then there was a class my cousin was in, like a Health class. I was there, sort of auditing the class from the side, to keep an eye on her. She didn't know I was there. The teacher was talking to her and some other guys in the class. She was saying that they should always have a good grasp of how to use "feelings words". At any given time they should be able to think of some feelings words and use those. (Good advice for me!) Then the teacher gave some examples of using feelings words that I forgot. My cousin saw me and expressed her surprise that I was there. I told her, yeah, I am just following the class or something. (I guess this is because my younger cousin is away at school now and maybe I hope she is only having good influences during her time there.) I may have had a skate board or been riding a skate board during this time.

      I forgot some other parts of the dream that would have been here.

      Then there were these long balance bars or metal rod type of things standing up against the walls. My friend Chris from grade school was there. I was moving the metal rods but I think I wasn't supposed to. I think I was examining the physics of them, but not even in a pre lucid way. Just as a thing I was doing in the dream.

      This next part is kind of hard to explain. I climbed up this jungle gym type of thing and I was falling off the side. The physics were a little different from waking life, but I didn't notice. Then I was in the middle of the thing, kind of in a square? I think i did something they didn't want me to. then another guy, someone like my friend Jeff T or Pat S, scolded me. I felt upset about that. I think I exited the square part going down a slide type of thing. It was kind of vague but that is the most accurate I can be about it.

      Then there was a part about how my friend Chris has somehow wronged me or taken my money. So I was taking his money and then running away. (This might reflect a gripe I have with the grocery store because it seems that one of every three or four apples I get is rotten on the inside lately, and I want them to give me free apples to make up for it, but I don't keep the rotten apples to prove it to them) .

      So then I was sort of running through a school. I was running through the hall way and thought the home economics room would be the safest place. I could feel I was being chased. It wasn't that much fear but just a mild chase feeling.

      When I got into that room, I felt safer. There was a 50 dollar bill and a 20 dollar bill on a counter top. I remember looking at the money and it looked like waking life money to me. I thought of taking it and putting it in my wallet but I decided not to. Then I was sitting at this other table and trying to write on some paper. I was totally non lucid, but I think I was trying to journal what had happened so far, which is cool. Writing in the dream didn't work like it does in waking life. I was using a pencil on lined paper. Then some stuff happened in the room that I looked around at. I looked back down and there was more writing on the paper than there was before I looked away. I wasn't doing a dream state check, that was just what happened in the dream. Then, the paper became graph paper. I was trying to write an uppercase "I" to start a sentence but it was coming out all funny. I thought of using the lines on the graph paper to sort of trace the shape of the letter but it wasn't working that way, either.

      My friend Pat was sitting to my right. He wasn't talking to me. It was like he was mad at me from what happened before, but not scolding me or anything. Just sort of waiting for me to talk to him or being in my company but silently. It was kind of comforting of a feeling, like we were still friends, just kind of at odds a little, one waiting for the other to break the ice.

      Rather than bring up our past squabbles, he tried to help me with writing. It still didn't work, but that was nice. Then at the left end of the long table we were at, some girls sat down and some guys joined them too. One I think was Tom from my high school. I didn't recognize the others. There was a T V monitor at the end of the table showing a video of a girl. (Note to self #3*)
      The girl from the video was actually sitting to the right of the video, showing it to everyone. That group of guys and girls was not really part of my group but just using the empty table space. There was another girl to her left and then maybe two guys accross from them, on my side of the table. I remember in the dream, thinking, wow, she is showing a video of herself. That is so weird to see a video of a person who is right next to the screen.

      Then apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger was coming through the room. He was understood to be the president in the context of this dream. He didn't look much like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he had a different kind of face, but his body was tremendous. Not really like a V taper but instead it was like his whole body was really wide and really tall, from shoulders to waist to feet. He was wearing some kind of black suit. He had some body guards with him who were a bit smaller, but also kind of tall.

      I was sitting there trying not to look too busy so that in case the president wanted to talk to me, I would seem to be available. I thought the president would want to talk to me about something, such as asking my advice for what to do about the world.

      The guys and girls next to us were talking about taking showers soon. I realized that I better get in there before they take up all the showers. I grabbed whatever towel I could find. It turned out to be my friend Pat or Jeff's towel, but by the time I realized that, I was already in the room with the showers. There was another towel hanging on the door. I felt bad for taking my friends towel but didn't want to go all the way back there to return it. I considered using another one of the towels in the showering room but those probably belonged to other people, too. I think I used my towel to hide a bunch of clothes covered in poop earlier in the dream... LOL.

      Then I realized I had to take a dump. So I went in the shower and hoped there would be time that I would have the place to myself before that other group of people got to the bathroom. I squatted down all the way and started to poop in the floor of the shower. I figured it would all wash down the drain! LOL. Then I looked toward the door and I saw my reflection. it was funny because it was moving out of sync with my own movements of my "dream body". I noticed this in the dream but it didn't come as a dream sign, it just seemed kind of funny to me. So as I squatted there, I kind of played with this out of sync reflection. Then I figured I was done pooping and looked down. The floor was brown where I had been squatting over but there wasn't poop, just brown spots. I forgot to wash it down into the drain, whatever it was. I knew the group of people who sat at our table could have come in at any time and I really didn't want the embarassment of them finding out I had pooped there. Then my friend came in for his towel and I told him sorry i accidentally took his. I hadn't used it yet, or really even showered. I guess the dream changed after that and I forgot I was going to shower. In fact, the whole room changed into like a combination of a library and a kitchen.

      There was this one part where I was walking through a library. An Indian fellow I knew from college was saying how planks (the abdominal exercise) didn't matter. I was saying that they weren't a major muscle group so that made sense. Then I realized they are a core exercise and the core is a major muscle group. Then, I told him that. There were book shelves around. I think I spoke to him from the other side of a 4 or 5 foot book shelf.

      Then I had all of my stuff in a big plastic storage bin. It was a see through plastic bin. In that bin were a bunch of smaller see through bins. It wasn't really all of my stuff, but just in the context of the dream, it was thought to be all of my stuff. I had everything I needed except a tooth brush case. My friend George F was there and he heard of my predicament. He was telling me about some tooth brush cases he had as well as two bottles of different kinds of green tooth brush cleaning liquids. One said 50 gallons of galantamine on it, and it was a dark green color. It was known as green apple. I think the other was a brighter green. This one was like a dark aqua green.

      Earlier in the dream, I forgot exactly where, I was trying to hide a bunch of my clothes that were covered in poop. I had them in a pile and really didn't want people to find out I had poop on my clothes. I was trying to jam them under a table of some sort and cover them with a towel or other clean article of clothing. I was kind of panicking about hiding them.

      I woke up on my left hand side. I felt dissappointed at first because I couldn't think of any of the dreams. I thought it was going to be a night of grogginess and no dream recall. But then, one by one, things started coming to mind. Once I felt I had thought of as much as I could, I got up to write. I had shoulder pain from laying on my side, so I had to roll over before I could recollect all the memories. But I actually found a way to sleep on my side without as much weight on my shoulder that I am trying and it is helping not have as much shoulder pain when I wake up, which should mitigate this problem.

      Round 4 of dreams.
      "First time doing nose pinch breathe test".

      Before this round of dreams, I did my "workout back to bed" method where I use my exercise bike and stretch a little before laying back down. It usually helps me become lucid for some reason. I laid back down on my left side and had difficulty positioning my body at first but eventually I got to sleep.

      I forgot a lot of the earlier parts of this dream.

      Then I remember seeing a guy I knew named Jesse talking to the "dream screen". He used to give me advice and was even kind of a mentor, and he was saying some of the kind of advice he used to give me. I forgot anything more specific than that. Then it showed him saying that he had a red minivan. Then, the dream screen showed him sort of ghost riding the red minivan into an alley way. It was like a red jeep or mini van thing.

      Then the "dream video" showed this kind of tricycle thing a kid was riding and it would zip accross the screen. There was a kid riding the tricycle. It may have been pink at one point. When it zipped accross the screen, it was more white and black. It looked like a funny MS Paint image moving accross a video taken by a video camera, like a way of editing the video. Like clip art super imposed on a regular video.

      Then there were more parts I forgot. Try as I may, I couldn't remember them. So I don't know how I got from one part to the next, but the next part I remember, I was lucidly aware it was a dream.

      I was telling a kid at a computer that I was willing to help him with fixing something on the computer. He was at a cubicle and there were more cubicles in the room. I forgot who the person at the computer was, or what the computer problem was, but I know I felt sort of honor bound to follow through with helping fix his problem. The computer problem was probably that it was a dream and computers in dreams are different sometimes!

      Anyway I decided to stop doing that and fly away, telling myself I would get back to it later. I knew it was a dream. I flew over to a tree.

      I was on the second branch of the tree and decided I wanted to climb the whole tree, because that would be cool in a dream. Then once I did that, I told myself, I would go finish helping that guy with his computer troubles.

      I don't remember what else happened there. I might have climbed the tree or finished helping the guy but I don't remember! I guess some lucid stuff happened but then maybe I forgot it was a dream or maybe I still knew it was a dream. But here is what I remember next.

      I was with some girls in the mall, or just watching them talk from a distance. There was something to do with food, maybe I was eating, or they were. A blonde girl seemed to be the center of everyone's attention. (Note to self #4*) I wasn't really comfortable with what they were talking about and I tried to stay away. I also had the idea of protecting my younger cousin or sister from what they were talking about.

      Then I was on a computer. There was some kind of music playing. I knew it was a dream but I didn't want anyone to overhear the audio that was playing. It may have been kind of awkward to listen to. It was as though the mall scene became a video I was watching, then I was sitting outside the screen watching it there, only now I could see it was just on a screen within the dream, not the actual scene I was actually in within the dream. So I closed that window to make my computer stop playing it. Down by the download bar, there were three files that said lira.pdf. L I R A dot P D F. There was also a file I didn't catch the name of in between them. Then, a Beyonce type of song played and I wanted to close whatever window that was coming from. I couldn't close it or stop the music so I went to put the computer to sleep. I don't know if I lost lucidity temporarily or what happened in terms of lucidity but I know for sure I was lucid within a few moments of this. So I tried to open the computer's "start" menu to put it to sleep, but the start menu had no words in it. It was all blank. So I thought I would just do a manual shut down, and I pressed the manual shut down button. I was afraid I would lose all my windows and files, which is why I think I might have had a temporary gap in lucidity during this part. I could understand being lucid and wanting to stop the sound so i could continue the dream. But i can't see being concerned about saving files if I knew it was a dream and not my waking life computer. (Next time I am in a dream and some music or sound is playing that I want to shut off, I might actually try to just listen to it. Maybe it would have a message for me! It is kind of habitual for me to want to shut it off but I don't think the dream is playing it just to annoy me)

      When I stepped back from the computer, I saw I was at a desk similar to my desk in waking life, with two big blinders on either side I made from dresser drawers. The room lights were on. I was actually in my bedroom from the last house I lived in, not this one, but didn't catch that until I had woken up. I thought it might be a dream, and I tried putting my right finger through my left palm. No luck. It didn't go through! Sometimes my "dream body" is too "solid" or something. But then, I tried a little more, and I saw it come out the other side a little. For me, the finger didn't really go through all the way this time. It just made a dent on the other side of my left hand that wouldn't have happened in waking life. It kind of hurt, like it usually does. Does that hurt anyone else?

      So that was enough for me to know I was in a dream. I looked around the room and saw a desk with stuff on it on the side of the room to my right. So I had two desks in that room on different walls. I felt kind of panicked for some reason, maybe because I could sense the dream was about to end? I decided to keep playing around with the finger palm test and see what I could observe from just continuing to do that over again. This might have been when I tried to remember the topic of the year or month but maybe that was a different time.

      then I thought of the nose pinch breathing test and decided to give it a go. I had never tried it before in a dream. I was already lucidly aware but just wanted to see what really happened. So I put my right hand up to that nostril, then my left hand up to the other, and I basically pressed the nostrils. Now, if my finger could pass through my hand, how do my fingers be solid enough to press my nostrils shut? But I guess it does that. It felt like I was pressing my nostrils closed, but that I could breathe at the same time. I think I sat in my swiveling desk chair and closed my dream eyes to just sort of meditate by breathing with my nostrils pinched. I could feel the dream chair swiveling as I did it and I thought I would get a bonus spinning effect to increase stability in addition to getting the dream state check really thoroughly. It felt cool to breathe in and out deeply. I also thought of rubbing my hands. It is funny how my mind jumps to the next thing so quickly even when I am lucidly aware.

      (It reminds me of how I am when I try to meditate. Okay, let's sit down to meditate. *Starts to breathe in* Oh , wait, let me go do this or that. *Gets up and does that*. My mind sort of jumps away and I follow it. So maybe practicing meditation in a lucid dream will help me meditate better in waking life, which I used to be much better at. )

      I heard some really nice instrumental music playing and I thought another dream would begin to begin. But I woke up in my physical bed. I maintained the deep breathing as I thought through the dreams.

      I felt I had only a limited memory of the dream, and some parts that definitely felt memorable at the time just weren't coming to my mind. I was so relieved when at least that red mini van part came to mind. That one surprised me because it was a while after I felt like I had already got everything. I thought if I stayed still, I could have a wake initiated lucid dream while still remembering that past one. But I couldn't stay still, too much energy, so i got up to write.

      I thought that lucid dream was really memorable because it was my first time nose pinch breathing. Also, I breathed in and out fully within a dream, which was one of the beginner tasks. I sort of did it with that task in mind, which was helpful.

      Round 5 of dreams.

      I got up from these dreams without any memory. Actually, I stayed still, but couldn't remember anything. At first, I had some memory perhaps of some Latino or African American people. There was this one word or phrase in my mind that seemed like it would stick in my memory. But as soon as I got up to use the bathroom, it was like it was snatched away.

      I remembered a part of the dreams, I think from round two, of a double double Pokemon battle. So, it was like a quadruple battle. There were four Pokemon circle thingies and two Pokemon in each, two on one side, two on the other. One was about to use a water move or a thunder move that would affect all 7 other Pokemon on the field. I was like, I didn't know they had quadruple battles now. I don't rememember the Pokemon who were there. I remember it was like your standard video game battle screen with the Pokemon on the bottom left and top right, and stats on top left and bottom right. That was pretty cool to remember something all the way back from my second round of dreams. I had thought of it then, I am sure, in a brief period of waking, but fallen back asleep.

      So then I fell asleep on my right side again. It was already light out, but I did my best to ignore that. With a pillow under the right side of my torso, I didn't get that pinched nerve in my right shoulder, which enabled me to stay still long enough to sleep again.

      Round 6 of dreams. .

      First dream I remember, I wasn't even sure if it was a dream, or just my conscious imagination. But I think it was a dream. I was on the road perpendicular to the road I live on, and I had a female dog with me. The leash she was on had infinite length and she ran to the neighbor's fence, trying to go under it or something. I figured there was a dog she was friendly with there. I woke up from that kind of surprised it was just a dream. I was trying to think if female dogs behave that way.

      Then, I had a dream I forgot. I think this was my first one in this series where I had this false awakening but became lucid within it. However, I don't remember the specifics.

      Next, I had a dream that was kind of personal, so I will just make a note to self #1* about that. But I didn't realize it was a dream until after.

      Then, I had another false awakening thing. I think that I had a few more false awakenings in here that I just couldn't remember. I kept dreaming of getting up out of bed and then realizing it was a dream. They seemed like they would last forever. I think my sister was in one. There may have been one with a dark haired or black haired girl.

      The parts I start to remember clearly start here. I had another thing where I thought I had gotten up in waking life but it turned out it was just a dream. I might have done the finger palm test here and it poked through just a tiny bit. I remember there were a bunch of televisions all around me, playing different stuff. I wanted to calm down and avoid being overstimulated by them so it wouldn't wake me up. I knew it was a dream. Then I was in this blue locker room thing with lots of aisles. I was kind of chilling out, trying not to adrenalize or do anything too extreme. Then, I looked to the end of the locker room, and I just thought I would like to rocket myself to the very end of it. So I flew there as fast as I could and stopped. I flew by some people going that way. I decided I would fly back after that, so I jumped up, exhaled really hard, and tried to fly. but I could only fly very slowly, making this funny whoopie cushion noise with my mouth. On my left, I saw a beautiful blonde haired girl at some kind of cubicle with some lights shining on her face. I flew by her though. Someone I flew directly over gave me a funny look. I woke up.

      I think there were a little more parts I forgot.

      Then, I remember this part outside of a store. I wasn't lucid yet I don't think. I was dream chaining so some dreams in the dream chain, i was automatically lucid. And some dreams in the dream chain, I had to wait to get a DILD. This was one where I had to wait to get a DILD.

      In this one I found myself outside a store, listening to two kids talk. Their Dad was this guy Eric I used to see more often. He smoked cigarettes, which I usually don't think is good. The kids were saying how he really isn't capable of being too much of a bully, but he is not capable of being too sensitive, either. They sounded kind of sad. They were saying how he made a lot of money on a Youtube video contract. I guess Eric was more on my mind because I have been passing by his house more often on my walks to the grocery store.

      As I was listening to the kids talk, I think I noticed I might be dreaming again. I don't know exactly how I noticed that, but I started to run. It was a beautiful day with a blue sky and all of the buildings were neon orange, neon green or neon yellow. I decided just to go for a run in the dream, which was lots of fun. There was this interesting lightly colored stone statue in the middle of the town that had something written on it in a stone carving. I kind of did a double take to try to read it, but didn't feel capable of stopping long. I don't remember what it was now but it gave me the feeling of some reading on someone's grave stone. That was when I realized that I felt like I was going against the grain of the dream. So I stopped and asked the "awareness behind the dream", "hey, what is your will for me now?" I kind of wanted to go more with the flow of the dream, but I didn't feel like I could get into the flow of the dream. So I kept running up this hill, noticing the neon pastel yellows, oranges and lime greens of the many buildings. To my right , I saw what looked like a prison with bars in front of it. There were men in dark blue uniforms out front I thought could be police officers. I was scared that they would stop me and take me into dream prison but I was able to run right by. There seemed to be some other dream figures being incarcerated.

      Then, I sort of woke up from that, but somehow I maintained the feeling of running. This was really interesting. I maintained the feeling of my body running while the "dream screen" showed me these green binary ones and zeroes on a black background. There was also some white shiny lining behind the binary code. I continued to feel my body run and look at this binary code, knowing my physical body was laying still in my physical bed. At some point, it started to scare me, like it might go on forever, and my soul would be stuck there? So I willed my body out of bed, not knowing that I was willing my astral or dream body out of bed, like I did by accident earlier in the night.

      Then, I was laying in my bed on my right side again, like the way I had fallen asleep. I thought it was my physical bed. I heard some audio playing. There were actually two recordings going at once. One, I figured I could have left on when I went to sleep, even though upon reflecting now I know I did not have any audio on when I went to sleep this time. This was one of the first times I had a false awakening that started laying on my side in bed, but I actually noticed it was a false awakening. So that is a big sign of progress.

      I sort of rolled over to my front and saw two ipods, a blue one and a bigger old fashioned black one. I un plugged the blue one, and now I only heard the second audio. It wasn't coming from the black i Pod. I wasn't lucid yet. I walked along the side of my bed there and found the other audio was coming from this radio thing in the wall. It had a knob that I dialed to the off position. It was kind of a red knob, poking out of my closet. The dream state indicators were beginning to pile up but I wasn't lucidly aware yet.

      Then, I saw all these stickers on the wall near the left hand side of my door. My wall was a mix of orange and pink and I knew those stickers weren't there in waking life, so I became lucid. Yay! I thought to myself that I am just in a really long chain of false awakenings and this is so fun. I felt like it would go on forever!

      I think the radio came back on, or I never fully turned it off. I turned it off again, but I had the feeling that turning it off was "my will" where as maybe the "dream intelligence" wanted me to just stop and listen to it. I heard some of the words but I don't remember them.

      There was one part, which was either in this dream or earlier, where I realized the dream chain was going on so long that I would like to stop and recollect the events, while remaining in the dream. Perhaps try to jot down some dream journaling within the dream or otherwise think back through it. (One of my biggest dream intentions is to ask the dream itself for an increase in dream recall, or to help me remember the dream in 100% detail. And I will promise the dream to write out every bit and piece of the dream that comes to mind. But I didn't do that this time.) I find that in dreams, I have a hard time staying still long enough to really do something like that which requires me to sort of sit and focus.

      Also, this may have been earlier, or maybe it was in this one. I remember a yellow green thing and a sky blue rectangle thing. I remember wondering what I could think of to do, and not being able to think of much. (Note to self #2*)

      So I felt that I needed to go pee, which would make sense by now, having been dreaming for what felt like so long. There was this black toilet kind of thing that appeared when I turned in one direction. I almost went, then thought, maybe I could just wait until i get up. I was afraid to wet the bed, and I didn't need to go very much. (I have actually peed in lucid dreams and not peed in real life though)

      So then, I was realizing I really want to do something cool. But I couldn't think of anything. I found a wall mirror that was about shoulder width, one of those 3 to 5 foor tall by one to 1.5 foot wide ones. And I talked to myself in it. My eyes got kind of slanty and it looked cool, but other than that, it looked like me. I was telling myself, come on, Charles, we gotta think of something we really wanted to do! I think I remembered to ask the dream what its will for me was again but I am not sure. I remember realizing that I wanted to help someone in a dream, which is really good for me to remember. I walked in to one room kind of thinking that but I didn't officially ask the dream. But the dream must have read my mind and made it happen. Then, I heard my sister in another room. At first it was oriented like the house I live in now. But then, it was kind of a different kind of house I had never been in. I actually heard my Mom's voice calling to me. So I went to where I heard her calling from. It was this room that had a door to it on either side, as if it was between two hallways.

      There was a big bed in the middle and to the left of that bed, she was doing art on an easel. I had entered from the right hand side of the room. She was painting, drawing or coloring some kind of orange and yellow butterfly. I immediately remembered my other L D from a few days ago where my Mom was being really nice to me, and I wanted to compliment her on her art, but my dream mouth was too full of dream food! So I was so excited to have another chance.

      I immediately went, something like, "Mom, your art is so beautiful!" She seemed surprised. I think she was just asking me for help with something minor around the house or something. But I flew accross the bed, still lucidly aware, and gave her a big hug. I said something like, "I love you, Mom!" Apparently I didnt have a shirt on, even though I think I did in the mirror before. Apparently I was sweaty, too, and my Mom was like, you're all sweaty. L O L! She was wearing some kind of knitted sweater. I told her I would wash it for her so no worries. She started saying how she needed help with organizing her art awards. Then, I woke up in my physical bed.

      That was SO AWESOME. That was definitely one my best L D's ever so far. I remembered a really positive and wholesome intention. I think listening to 3 to 4 hours of Robert Waggoner interviews from You Tube gave me a lot of inspiration for how cool of a thing can happen in a dream.

      As I was dreaming, I was aware that I was sleeping in much later than usual, but luckily, I had no prior arrangements. My schedule in my waking life is pretty flexible. So this dream chain was a huge, huge bonus, because I already had a nap the day before and a full nights sleep.

      I stayed perfectly still upon awaking that last time, thinking through it. I actually thought if I stayed still long enough, I might have more dreams, or an O B E. I remembered as much as I possibly could, and even felt some sleep paralysis kick in.

      What my body will do is either stay still and go to sleep, or if it doesn't want to sleep, it will stretch out like a big lion, flexing every muscle, with a big yawn. When that happens, I usually assume I am done sleeping for now. I definitely am very satisfied with this experience and I feel great right now, even with having forgot certain parts of the dream.

      I remember waking up between earlier dream segments, thinking about them, and thinking I was formulating a memory. but then a new dream would begin. So, I guess I didn't consciously form and store the memory solidly enough.

      In dream chaining, I look at those dreams I forget kind of like a gamble. I might remember them, but I might forget them. Either way, I will go deeper into the dream chain, and maybe have more dream experiences that I will remember, so it is kind of worth it to keep dream chaining, in my current analysis.

      I feel really happy now. I think it would be nice to tell people I care about that I love them in more dreams. The thing about this is, in waking life, there are usually barriers to how much love I can express towards someone I care about. Like it will feel weird to express that much love. But in a dream, the same barriers aren't present, so I can fully express my love for someone I care about. If it was actually a shared dream with my Mom, where perhaps she was not lucidly aware it was a dream, but I was, she might not remember it, but she would definitely have an inner sense of happiness from that, too.

      At some point, I also remembered to think of the task of the month and year. I am pretty sure I remembered to think of it.