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    1. Friday, July 15

      by , 08-01-2022 at 12:34 AM
      I知 driving home, I think from downtown, though it mostly looks unfamiliar. I知 at a Y type intersection, waiting to turn to the left. I pull out slightly, waiting for the cars coming from the other fork. The light turns yellow while I知 still waiting and red as I finally make it through. I知 not trying to pick out a Furthur show on my phone; I think I have a lot of time, so I知 looking for a long one. I find one with a long timestamp, but clicking into it it looks more like studio material. Now, I知 parking at a 45 degree angle on some dirt shoulder. A cop car parks right next to me, which is weird with all the space around. The cop then gets out and sits in my passenger seat. She痴 taken off her uniform (there are street clothes under - I think leggings and a pink tank top) and stuffed it to the right side of her. She says something like 惣ou look flushed, so I知 just waiting [to get me for something]. I take a quick video of her from head to toe. She is a large female with an intense, childish face. I sit in complete silence.
      Tags: driving, music, police
    2. Saturday, July 2

      by , 07-09-2022 at 08:34 PM
      I知 driving somewhere and notice that the horizon behind the hills has an ugly yellow tint of wildfire smoke. The look of it is unmistakable and instantly saddens and angers me. I sigh my discontent. Now, I知 walking with Melissa and Stella in what looks like these hills. We round a corner going uphill and some flames come into view. They are burning tall and intense yet confined to roughly a 20 foot diameter. We continue walking on the trail. (I had seen an ambulance? - which maybe I assumed was a fire truck - while driving earlier, otherwise I壇 be calling 911. Come to think of it, it was headed in the wrong direction). As we get a little uphill of the flames I consider throwing some sand onto it or rolling some rocks over it. I then think the rolling rocks may only spread the fire and that it looks to be surrounded by sand anyway. We now seem to be at the top of this hill. There痴 a man with a dog on the trail a little ahead; Melissa starts running after him, calling 都ir! I知 confused, but it痴 because she watched him not clean up after his dog. She catches up and tells him this. He looks annoyed, maybe because it痴 outside - though it is right on the trail - but goes to pick it up. It looks tiny through the bag. This path leads into a stairwell built into the hillside. There痴 a little landing before, on which the dogs meet and don稚 really do much with each other.
      (I知 not sure if this is part of the last dream or not). I知 in some two story house with Melissa. Stella is on the second floor and we can hear her barking at something. It sounds and feels like she痴 directly above us.
    3. Friday, June 24

      by , 07-06-2022 at 10:44 PM
      I知 at work and walking from the direction of the second office to the front counter. I notice the regular Lance talking to the new Ethan at the computer closest to me. Lance must have asked if something is in; without even looking, Ethan tells him something like we haven稚 gotten our shipment or he would致e heard about it. This irritates me because I know it is here. I interject 杜eet me in the parking lot, Lance. What I have for him is a simple looking black handgun. I slip it into my waistband (of my athletic shorts?) which is not sturdy, as it ends up in a few different places. I go between the two offices looking for the box of ammo that I know I have, but can稚 find it anywhere. I end up walking out without it. Lance has been waiting right outside the door; I walk off to the side a bit with him, not sure how discreet this should be. He looks happy when I pull it out and hand it to him, handle first. We池e right outside of a truck full of unfamiliar people that he must know. I get into the truck, everyone in camo and similar outdoor gear, and it feels like we池e setting out for a trip. We are sitting on what feels like a water bed in the bed of the truck. We池e on a dirt road up in the hills and climbing some steep inclines. The one we池e on right now becomes almost vertical, but we drive right up and over it. I wonder what it値l be like to come back down this. We池e parked now and I get out. This area looks like a small crater or bowl. The view is of the entire surrounding area and is impressive. I think we池e going to be spending the night here, which I am fine with.
      Tags: driving, gun, truck, work
    4. Monday, May 2

      by , 05-19-2022 at 12:21 AM
      There痴 something about me driving to a bar or something similar to meet Alex. The place is kind of far and it seems late, but I think it値l mean a lot to him because it痴 the last time I値l get to do something with him. There痴 an image of the place in my mind - a bland exterior in what looks like a bland shopping center. Now, I知 with him and his mom in a house. Her hair is completely shaved on the sides and the top portion is pulled back in a tight ponytail. She痴 holding something and Alex says it痴 more than he brought to Maryland, implying that it痴 a weapon.
      Tags: bar, driving
    5. Saturday, April 9

      by , 05-18-2022 at 07:48 PM
      I知 outside somewhere with Zoe and either her son or Jessica from work. Her car is here, with the back full of Blu-rays and DVDs. We are sorting them into fruit trays. I get going and then realize I haven't been checking the condition on the last few. Some are still wrapped and the ones I did check were in good condition, so I知 not really worried about it. Now, we are in the back of the car with the door open as Zoe starts driving. She accelerates far too quickly for this situation. Still speeding, she glances in the rearview with an expression almost of joy to see if we池e still holding on (which we are).
      Tags: car, driving
    6. Tuesday, November 9

      by , 05-04-2022 at 11:28 PM
      I知 with Jessica and Julia somewhere. A random man is bringing us to his house, I think for a party? I知 not sure how we found this man or vice versa, and I think there is a vague acceptance that this isn稚 the safest thing to do. I think he is driving us there and we approach the place. The house is massive, on a huge stretch of land. We look at each other in awe. It痴 dark out and the house is lit from the front and the ground, making it even more impressive. It looks more like the White House than an average house. Palatial is the best way to describe it; there is even a toroidal water feature in the front with a massive planter in the center. There are marble steps and the landscaping is immaculate. It also feels like we are fairly far away from anything else. Inside now, the place is completely empty. I think the man has also disappeared. I start exploring. Every room is impossibly clean, like a model. The floor plan is open, yet complex. It seems corners serve to divide space more than do walls. There are multiple floors and I keep ascending. There is one room with a tan couch against the wall and a small, old TV awkwardly in the corner. I imagine sitting on the couch and having to turn to see the TV. I notice that all of the TVs in this place are antiquated.
      Tags: driving, house
    7. Monday, September 27

      by , 04-16-2022 at 07:57 PM
      I am walking outside somewhere with Melissa. The area is a large gully and for some reason I think it痴 between Reno and Carson. We致e been on the upper edge of it, but I ask if she wants to walk along the bottom of it. There is a very faint trail down, though it almost looks too steep. I then change my mind, not remembering if it痴 too overgrown at the end for us to get out. There is something about picking up Alex around 1. I think that should work fine; Melissa then mentions casually that it痴 1am, which changes things. Now, I知 driving in what looks like the same area (the highway through Washoe Valley?) and end up turning around. I also end up at Mom痴 (I try not to care about turning around because I think I値l be making another trip or so) and packing some things from my mostly full room, though I thought I had everything I needed.
      Tags: driving, walking
    8. Saturday, September 11

      by , 04-16-2022 at 07:32 PM
      I am driving somewhere and can currently see the GSR from the car, maybe a mile or two away. I notice that it is extremely tilted to one side (probably between 45ー and 65ー). Whoever I知 in the car with also notices and makes a comment. Now, almost impossibly slow, the building begins to fall in the direction it痴 leaning. I hurry to take my phone out, but it痴 already fallen before I can get a video. The building doesn稚 appear to crumble but simply to fall over. Now, I almost think I was in the car with Melissa and her mom, but I am seeing them under the very top edge of the building. Somehow it fell on top of them leaving enough space to do no harm.

      (fragment) Melissa is driving me and her mom somewhere. She is taking an extended turn really fast. This is fine until her turning lapses for a moment and she is unable to correct it. She veers off the road and we come to a fairly violent stop in the dirt and sagebrush. It is a very tense moment.
      Tags: driving
    9. Monday, March 29

      by , 06-09-2021 at 09:52 PM
      I am walking up to a larger seeming store, apparently to return a bag of dog food. I notice that people entering and exiting through the foyer don稚 have masks on, so I知 thinking it痴 not something we have to worry about anymore. Still, I have a mask in my hand and/or pocket that I知 ready to put on. I can稚 do it before I enter because of my carrying this large bag. Just a few steps into the foyer, a masked employee tells me to put on a mask. Now, I am further into the large, busy store. I知 at what looks like a hardware or even food counter and around the side of it is a place to return the bag. I walk over and set it down in front of the 2-3 indifferent male employees. Again, I don稚 notice many masks. Now, I am leaving and Melissa is driving. We seem to be at the top of the hill. It is typical Nevada, yet there is something scenic about it. I think it may be that some greenery is starting to show. Melissa starts taking us the wrong way. I can see this on a map on my phone? There is a loop and had she gone the other direction we壇 quickly be where we need to be, but she痴 taken the long way that includes a few switchbacks. I think I mention this and it upsets her. I think this way ends up being very pretty. When we get back, I look at the map to see exactly where that was.
    10. Saturday, July 11

      by , 07-27-2020 at 05:43 AM
      I知 in my car with Melissa, driving us somewhere. I think I need gas, so she tells me where to go. She tells me to go left through this roundabout and then to take a right, and I do so. I notice a car coming to the roundabout and think it痴 not going to yield to me because everyone assumes no one will take the second exit. Indeed it doesn稚, speeding in front of me. I知 driving down a hill now. The area is very green, with many leafy trees and a large grass area. There痴 a large pond in the grassy area. We are now swimming in it, and the surrounding area doesn稚 seem as green anymore. A few people in kayaks pass us, too closely I think, and say not to fish/swim in here, humorously. I jokingly say we won稚. I think he meant not to submerge ourselves, which, looking at the murky water, I知 not going to do anyway. We池e out now and on the sandy shore. I知 laying face down on either a towel or my shirt so I can dry off.

      I知 on my bed with Melissa and I think we池e each doing something separately. On my record player I am listening to a Brokedown Palace from 1972. Bobby is telling the crowd to shut up and says 登h, I don稚 wanna sing to the melody of the song. I chuckle at the historical interest of it, and Melissa makes a comment too. Now I go out to see if the air is on. I think it痴 been running all night, same as the water. We also watch an animated movie with a twist ending or something that suggests a sequel.
      *Last night I meant to turn the water off but kept forgetting.
    11. Tuesday, July 7

      by , 07-11-2020 at 05:33 AM
      I知 in a car with Mom and Makayla, I think with Mom driving. We are in or near downtown. I am in the backseat and currently looking behind us as what looks like a large flame bursts through a window in the GSR. I can稚 believe it, and I take my phone out so I can get it on video. I think there is another fiery burst towards the top, and then the building appears to slowly collapse. We are a ways away and driving straight away from it, but the dust cloud slowly engulfs the street and everything else not too far from us. I tell Makayla (maybe she was driving the whole time) she might want to step on it a bit. It almost seems like no one else knows what痴 going on. Now, I知 in the GSR and I don稚 think there痴 any damage. I don稚 get how this could be.
    12. Wednesday, July 1

      by , 07-04-2020 at 11:42 PM
      I知 at a Target, where I have a new AP job. I知 on the second floor, in a hallway with all of the general offices. The walls are lime green and white, and everything seems clean and orderly. Mairin walks me into one of the rooms and introduces me to the AP manager. He seems rather unaffected by us entering but warmly shakes my hand. Though he definitely says it, I miss his name. He looks like an average, middle aged white man, wearing faded denim jeans, some outdoorsy/sports shirt, and a ball cap. His mostly white beard is trimmed fairly close to his face. He stands by a tall shelf of tools and assembles what I think is going to be a table. He screws pieces into one another to form what must be the leg. They are small, so I think the table will be as well. (The leg is maybe the size of his forearm). I notice two instruction sheets lying at his feet. Mairin doesn稚 seem to mind that he痴 doing this as we talk. I imagine how this will correlate to the work environment. To me, he both does and does not look like typical AP.

      I seem to have just finished up with something and am getting into my car that痴 parked on the street. It is towards the end of sunset and growing dark out. I don稚 think that it痴 all that late and think about how the days are getting shorter. I think I知 fine with it, that this is a reasonable time for sunset. I begin driving now and am going to go to Kelli's house. I miss the street I should致e taken and think I値l just keep going and figure it out as I go. I then take my phone out for the map and text her, asking for the address. I continue driving straight on this fairly small city street and then slow to let some people cross the street. They are coming out of a door to my left that is only a few feet from the street. The first one glares at me as he crosses as if I wasn稚 going to stop in time for him. There are around five people total crossing, and I notice that they池e all Black and all look disgruntled. There痴 then a gap, which I take. One more starts to come out to cross, but I知 already going. He stops and waves at me, unbothered. I知 texting Kelli about something else now and see that she hasn稚 responded yet.

      I知 in a fairly large, brown shower stall. There are a few of these, in a line. A few others are occupied, all with guys. Everyone seems genuinely friendly with each other. I知 drying off and getting dressed. I think this room of shower stalls is at my work (the Target from the first dream?) and I leave some things in the stall because I know I値l be back. I leave now, but I知 not sure if it痴 to go home or not. There is a sense of us living here? I think I initially walk out unclothed and then come back.
    13. Friday, May 15

      by , 05-16-2020 at 05:16 AM
      I知 coming home to Mom痴 after having left Melissa痴. Ryan痴 car is backed into the driveway and I see him out front. I think I get mad and yell at him, causing an altercation. I知 still in my car and he is on foot, so I start driving after him. He sprints away, which I find funny, but I am genuinely trying to hit him. I think he is now gone and I am on foot and picking up some things he has left by a mailbox. Now, I知 in the house and at the table with Mom and some unknown dirty blond girl probably a few years older than me. I can tell that her personality is not all that attractive and somewhat prude and priggish. I think they池e discussing legal matters regarding the situation and I can稚 tell if they池e on my side or his.

      I am going to a Flowing Tide with the family. It seems to be in a room off of the main area of a casino or something. When we get in, the place is empty. I notice a sign saying that they open at 7 and at 8. I guess we致e just missed the 7 o団lock cutoff, but a female server lets us hang out while she cleans. This room has all of the tables and chairs pushed against the walls. I notice all the crumbs on them and on the dark carpet. One of the staff hesitates for a moment, looking it over, looking exhausted. We池e now sitting, and Sage is here. We致e both ordered beer. Mine is a pint of something autumnal? that is really not all that great. Sage痴 is a bomber of a dark/strong beer. I try it, needing two hands to lift the dark bottle, and it is good. It is bitter, but that seems to be the point, and I end up wishing I got this instead. The family is going on a hike after this, but Makayla and I have gone to the wrong spot. The correct spot was right above the Flowing Tide, but we went a little ways away (I think I drove). There is something about Makayla still wanting to do this hike and me just picking her up later. I知 trying to stick to the plan/just go with the flow, and this just seems like an inconvenience.

      I am in a bathtub with two men and two women around my age, all unfamiliar, all nude. I don稚 think there is any water in the tub, and it痴 also just big enough for us all. There seems to be some kind of glass partition around the tub, and the tub seems to be in a bar?room where there are other people. I think we can see out but they can稚 see in. I am touching one of the men now; his penis is thick but very short, not sticking up very far past his patch of pubic hair. I seem to be mostly pulling on the skin, and I don稚 think it feels that good for him. I touch the other now; his penis is a bit larger and I think I do a better job. Now, a new blond and slightly pudgy girl is here (and I think the others are gone). I知 still naked as she coats my flaccid penis in some black liquid and then sucks it off. I don稚 think I like her or this.

      I知 in bed with Melissa and we池e talking. She asks what kind of science? I like, and I tell her dreams, music, and space.
    14. Monday, May 11

      by , 05-16-2020 at 05:09 AM
      I am driving with Sage to see Tool in Arizona. I know I am going with her, but it looks like I知 in the car alone right now. The scenery is nothing immediately familiar to me, but it is the typical arid landscape I would expect. This two lane desert highway meanders through some scrub and brown hills. It is dim, but at one point dark. I drive past a silent scene of carnage. Strewn across the road is a creature (maybe a human?) that has suffered an attack on its head. There is a chunk missing and a trail of blood and remnants. Since there is a hill right nearby, I assume that whatever did this must be up there. It is light again, and I am looking at some dark rock outcroppings atop a hill. There are small farmhouses at the base of the hill and openings in the rock pile that look clearly inhabited by something. The openings are almost as large as the structures, and it freaks me out slightly that they exist so close together. I then realize that they are actually barns or sheds, but still don稚 like the thought. Only a little ways to the left, surrounded by some trees, is a house, still too close I think. I think we left at 4 pm, which I知 thinking will give us plenty of time (I知 thinking it takes 2-2 ス hours to get there). We have arrived, a typical large indoor arena, and I think our seats are apart. I conclude that it shouldn稚 be too hard to find someone willing to switch. The place seems pretty full and all of the lights are still on. I知 telling Sage I知 sure they値l open with 羨enima (thinking of the Fear Inoculum tour) but it壇 be cool if they surprised us with something like 詮lood (I think we were listening to that in the car - I remember seeing the dash display with the track time and hearing the intro).

      I知 in some house with some others, one of which is Krissy from work. There is also a child on the brown couch that might be mine.

      I知 looking at the full moon and watch as it looks like something is shot through it. The 壮omething is small compared to the moon, but it leaves a trail of particles. I tell someone and think they don稚 believe me until it is publicly announced that the moon has been shot.
      Tags: driving, kid, moon, music
    15. Friday, May 8

      by , 05-11-2020 at 11:56 PM
      I am at Melissa痴 house (though this house looks nothing like it). I知 in a larger, open living room that I think is mostly barren except for a short, wooden shelf with a larger TV on it. I think it痴 off right now. The place seems somewhat dirty and doesn稚 have the feeling of a home. In here is her mom, someone unfamiliar, and a guy that looks like Ryan. He has those same drug-addled features, and I instantly dislike him. I think the other is the same, and, sadly, there is something a little off about her mom too. They all seem to be arguing about something dumb, and I sense that it痴 going to lead to a fight. Her mom starts talking to me for a while, but I知 eventually able to sneak away. I end up in a small kitchen with two counters, one at a diagonal to the other. Each has a sink, and I recognize the one facing the TV as the one her mom likes to use. I知 washing my hands in the other, notice I致e left a small pool on the tan tile, and leave it there. I figure I can go this way to sneak off to Melissa痴 room, and head that way. Suddenly, an old lady in a thin, pink bathrobe bursts out of a bathroom and rushes past me without a word. It startles me. Now I致e made it to Melissa痴 room (different) and notice that it痴 kind of messy. She痴 sitting at a desk in the corner, wearing what is either pajamas or lingerie, a matching blue set. They look like satin and lace. We start talking and I think I知 sitting or something, as she comes over, puts a leg up and pulls the bottom to the side, and I start licking her. I致e barely started when a noise just outside the door causes her to jump back and straighten herself up at the desk again. I sit up normally, but am laughing as Brooke comes in. I don稚 worry about it, as I could致e been laughing at a joke for all she knows. There is a mirror across from me, and looking in it I move a portion of my hair along the part.

      Michelle is driving me and Melissa somewhere, and she is driving terribly. She starts driving the wrong way and only us telling her causes her to realize it. The cars that were coming slow and stop for her as she reverses. Having not reversed far enough, she hits the landscaped divider and then decides to drive right over it. She makes it to the other side, but we are still going the wrong way. We eventually end up going the right way, as I notice an old fashioned sheriff car turn right in front of us. I think 双h god or something similar and hope for the best.

      I am sitting in my car that is backed into the driveway. I know it is 6 am; it is light out but the sun is not up yet. The mountains glow yellow, pink, and blue. I had woken up, started listening to an early Pink Floyd show, and then came out here. I notice a larger family on the street in front of me. There are about three or four kids of different ages. All are wearing shorts and tee shirts and look happy and ready to go. They also look like they池e deciding which way to go, pointing and looking back and forth. The next thing I know, they池e walking up the lawn towards our house. I am on edge for a second, but then think they池e probably just going into the communal area. I知 now back inside and see my things on the bed where I left them. I think it痴 my laptop and a dream journal. This room seems square and somewhat empty. I think about finishing the show, but Melissa is awake. Surprised, I ask if she feels awake, and she enthusiastically says yes.

      I知 in a parking lot with some others. It seems dim to dark out. We are secretly going to put a sticker or two on Felicia痴 car (a white car or truck?). The sticker is three words, I think, including 素uck or 素ucking.
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