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    1. Fun

      by , 01-03-2020 at 05:18 AM
      Had some fun dream today.

      Was lucid most of the time inside dreams last night. I did lose track of staying aware that I'm dreaming in the last dream though; I think it was the dream plot.

      I did wbtb for 30 min. And just instead of wanting to be lucid or something, I just tried to focus on the dream goal more. I guess also I decided to let go of everything else when it's time to LD. To like forget about the daily troubles or whatever and just focus fully on LD after wbtb. I always woke up and thought about something unrelated. DJ helps, because you are thinking about dreaming right after you wake up or FA. But I guess the first thing you think about needs to be LD after you fall asleep and/or when you wake up. I suppose around 3 dream goals also helps to curb the unrelated thoughts in a way. Too many things at once might disperse your energy a bit too much though. Focusing on about 3 things? Maybe around 5 max.

      I was very 'awake' so to speak in my dreams. I suppose not very awake during the beginning but I focused on my hands, and that helped to deepen the dream. And then focusing on the dream goal helped to keep my thoughts from wandering and becoming non-lucid.


      I FA and decided to move to another bedroom since something was bothering me. I begin to hear sounds, sort of like ringing and it's familiar to me. When I heard it and focus on it I can usually get lucid or wild or AP or whatever you call it. Half the time I remember that it works, the other half, like today, I just have to keep doing random stuff and something eventually works.

      I am in a wide porcelain hallway with sunshine brilliantly illuminating the whole place. I keep my hands in front of me to help stablize the dream as I explore the place. I remember my dream goal and thought whether I should teleport. But I thought I could probably just summon a DC to help me out. I just expected someone who can help me to be behind me? No one there, but to the left there was a blob of flesh with googly eyes and huge lips (no nose though I think). It had thin straw like legs and wore pair of shoes. I actually don't think it had arms. Just a pair of legs. Anyways I ask it about how to be lucid all the time or something. It told me to look for "omnicut."

      I asked what is omnicut and he remained silent and wouldn't answer me questions. I just thought that I'll just find someone else to help me and another blob person decided to pop up behind him to the right. I asked this blob bob about omnicut and he said that he knew about it and can take me to it. I wanted to go. I awake but was determined to get back into the dream. I was back into the dream but was at a very narrow cliff. We were barely not falling off from the path that was about the half the width of a hand. Some time had passed from the previous scene and I was with blob bob and his friend, who was also not human - to find the omnicut.

      Behind us was a beast with 6 legs. It was also a blob head with 6 spongebob legs growing from the bottom. It was much taller though, like 3-4 meters tall? It was chasing after us, trying to eat us.

      The dream tells me that the blob bobs hunted this beast and extracted from it a substance called the omnicut to induce lucidity amongst themselves. Sort of a rite of passage for the blob bobs. They would thread this dangerous path and lure the gigantic monster down this narrow path until they fell into their demise. I awake though, once again determined to get back into the dream.

      about 15-20 min had passed from the previous scene. They were celebrating by the cliff and blob bob handed 'it' to me. A obsidian black rectangular cube. Size of a large thumb. It felt like the lead of a pencil. Blob bob looks at me and tells me that "it will make you omni."

      Didn't look like it would taste good. Tasted like charcoal, or like pencil lead I think. Dry kind of not food taste, very brittle. But it worked. I awake again.

      I focus on my hands and keep on walking. I am now in a large wooden hall. Second floor, there's some small lunch table around and people are dressed in old fashioned clothes. Maybe timeline is like 200 years back or something. I walk passed them and they all begin to look at me. Their eyes were asking me what I wanted, as if trying to fulfill my wishes. I thought about it... What did I want to do in this dream? I thought that ESP was cool so I just said "ESP." They opened way to the back of sparse masses. And an old man with cowboy hat and a very nice moustache and a younger man approached me. The cowboy told me to follow him, and the younger man trailed behind him.

      To the left was a somewhat non conspicuous door entrance. I enter inside it and there is a small bedroom, with a man lying on a bed. Like a hospital bed that Curves upward in the middle. It was an asian monk, he had hallow eyes with pitch black underneath his eyes. His stomach bloated while the rest of him being him. He was dying. He reached out with his right arm towards me and I grabbed his hand. I began to feel a slight tingle as if he was pushing some sort of energy inside me. It didn't feel very strong and as if sensing my thoughts, he began to surge much more energy inside me. Didn't feel painful, perhaps it should have, or would have for most people. It just felt more tingly and sort of numb from all the energy rushing in. His death was neigh and was transferring all his powers to me. Wake up.

      Maybe this monk is the little monk in the little monk dreams.

      I am inside a different bedroom. Still lucid and notice there are mountains of legos, dark blue legos piled up in heaps. They weren't really joined together, just pushed together in piles. I walked to the right and there were alot of fans there. It was nice as I felt the freeze from the fan cooling me, because I felt sort of hot. A window behind those fans. What do you call those, shutter doors? A window door leading outside. I went outside and climbed up the stone stairs that were worn and black from corrosion and use. Kept my hands in front of my view as I walked to maintain my consciousness.

      I am inside a school, being directed to a class for special or gifted kids or something. I had some candy and gave to other little kids and the teacher there. There was a puzzle on each candy piece and we played with that.

      FA into a DJ, trying to DJ but I didn't like my writing so crossed the words. The ink smeared the pages behind it. Realized that I wasn't awake.

      I was once again heading outside. I saw the life of a blonde lady who was babysitting some kids. She talked about gender inequality about how men can't be babysitters. She commented about my DJ. Lost lucidity towards the end. May have regained it slightly when she mentioned DJ.

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