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    it's better

    by , 12-05-2020 at 02:34 AM (274 Views)
    I'm going to write it while I feel like it. To strike while the iron's still hot they say. It is better. So much better. After applying what I'd written yesterday that is.

    A peculiar feeling. As I of my own did nothing, the fish came upon my bait by itself. It was sort of effortless. Well, more effortless than the previous practice.

    I did sort of a comparison between the old and a few while doing something. And the new one was just, it performed better by miles on the first try already. So I decided to do it a couple of times more and see how much I could maintain it.

    The first highest number was around 200 (~210). Which was very interesting now that I think back on it. Because I'd counted inside my dream before while lucid. And guess how far up I counted? 200. So I felt like this sort of correlated with how much lucidity I could maintain. The next peak was around 400 (~420). I tried again while doing another activity (shovelling snow) and I maintained it for the entirety of the duration plus before starting it, and after ending it. I ended up stopping at 1200 since I felt like I didn't want to overwork myself this time. But 1200! It didn't take very long to get such a huge leap of improvement.

    One weakness though, of this is that I'd need to vocalize internally or externally the number. So I'm having a tough time maintaing it as I type away these words. And another is when I may be doing mathematical calculations or something, it feels like it interrupts or overlaps with the counting of numbers. How would I overcome these weaknesses?

    (talking appears to be easier to maintain than writing)


    LDs ( 3 FA, stayed lucid)
    School, english style wooden old one
    Noticed my mother and father there
    Very vivid.. checked fingers... 5 then stared into 6 slowly, persistent dream
    - 1 in different spot of the school, near 3 chairs
    - 1 in some sort of apartment building that included roommates but they weren't present
    - 1 in bed
    Meditated 2-3 times (Didn't have a dream goal). I spun around 2 of the times

    I can't remember if I had another dream as I had to get up pretty abruptly.

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