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    1. Muay Thai Training, robo suits

      by , 06-20-2019 at 12:44 AM
      Had 5 ld I think. I woke up at night , I sat up and meditated maybe 2 minutes. I couldn't keep my eyes open but I felt like I had almost the perfect amount of wakeful and sleepiness. I lay down and tried to keep my eyes open a little longer. Barely managed to keep them open while I stared into the darkness. I thought I needed to be able to maintain my eyes open a little at least to be able to be lucid in my dreams so I tried to keep my barely open eyes open. When I could keep them open about 10 seconds without closing I went to back to sleep.

      May have also visualized meditating right before falling asleep here.

      Did mild and shadow work before sleep. Did not try to do it for too long as the day before but just focused more on engaging the exciting feelings.

      I have jotted that I was lucid and meditated

      Ld2: I was in the center of a townhouse or a short apartment complex that were maybe 3-4 stories tall.. I find my friend Allison.

      I lost lucidity around here.

      I follow Allison and we head forward to her or her friends flat. I am there and we hang out. I got into fight with a dc and my kicks were not working. I began to wish I could train my kicks somehow

      I meet the muay Thai champion Sagat, that undefeated muay Thai fighter that also inspired a video game character. I am at a kind of an open area indoors that looks like ymca. He instructs me a 3 times. Micro awakenings that changed location and training in each. Looks like the desire from earlier ld manifested.

      In the first one he made me attack him to test my strikes.

      In the second one he trains me to kick in a smaller gym like place.

      In the third one he makes me do squats I think.

      -I had some FA here I think about jotting down the dreams 2-3 times

      Nld: I am with my mom in the car, she is taking me to a school deep in the forest mountains. Stopped somewhere midway forget where. "archery range" keeps popping up though it was something similar to that I think outdoor place with lush greenery for target practice.

      -mmay have missed a dream here


      I am lucid in the beginning of the dream but I lose lucidity midway.

      I'm at the Japanese school once again, I am at second floor I think where the library was. I am heading down to go outside and I meet a bunch of other students.

      I think I lose lucidity around here swept by the dream plot.

      All the students or people are heading somewhere to the left. I'm not sure where but I follow them for a bit.

      We eventually arrive at a secret science facility sort of place. Each person wears a sort of suit that is filled with liquid that surrounds your body and creates a new sort of android body that surrounds yours. Our mission was to explore this place or something. We head down the hallways and down. There we find AI robots that are hunting us. We eliminate a few and keep on proceeding. I find some weapons I think were swords but eventually I run out of ammo and my armor is disabled from the engagenent w the robos. The robots ignore me and head off to hunt others after they sense no signal from me. I suppose the plot was that they were rogue AI that went berserk.

      I am discovered by a trio one guy a doctor and scientist guy and lady. They do some repair to my suit and we proceed. I find a bathroom look at myself in the mirror. The suit was beautiful really, perhaps the image of a perfect human being in the perfect mathematical golden ratio. In awe, I lose myself for a moment I think, like the state of meditation.

      I have sex there. I'll leave out the details. When I wake i am sore from the event. Too real.

      Dreams felt very long, I thought I definitely slept way too long but I didn't.

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    2. Dream?

      by , 03-21-2019 at 05:21 PM
      1 Ld, dild dream? Mindful

      So yesterday I began questioning myself or simply stating "dream?" periodically or when I got into auto pilot.

      It seems I got a little lucid DILD from it.

      Other than the practice I had a headache throughout the night that kept me awake. It was pretty bad. There was a blockage in my shoulder that I cleared up but it went up to my head. I had similar feeling when I did tummo almost 2 years ago. But it's a blocked meridian that got opened and the right side of the back of my head near the crown is throbbing poetry badly. It'll probably get better when it gets to the crown I think.

      So I had a hypnogigic state for a while earlier in night, had trouble dreaming from headache. I managed to "dream?" during the state and I was pretty sure if I had a dream during then it would be lucid. So I was pretty sure I'd get a Ld.

      The headaches were pretty bad though but I just told myself I wanted to be always lucid so it's like my body is doing this to remind me to be lucid and non auto.

      So I decided to begin labeling thoughts each time and remind myself "dream?" and that reduced the intensity and frequency a little.

      I then had a dream. About a friend dark haired European boy from elementry school I think, long ago. And his friend, a blonde girl. The plot sas something like them and a gangster like corperations fighting over office space.

      I experienced the dream in his pov and hers. She was kidnapped I(he) went to rescue. Ended up in sea, I was (her) and her black haired girlfriend escaped from the baddies since they were swim or diving instructors. After getting away I asked my (her) mom to give me a haircut to let go of the past. It was a Mohawk and looked pretty good honestly

      So now I'm the dark haired friend (boy) again. Things are going pretty well but he gets kidnapped and the gangsters uses accupunctures to block the meridians of the body to prevent speech or any movement. They feed me liquids to keep me alive. They put on two layers of masks one large one small funny face one to hide the face. On a wheel chair also since body can't move. So now they probably are doing ransom to the girl now.

      So now I (the girl) trying to rescue the guy. The "dream?" prompts me lucid and I levitate up the office building where they held him, and found him. I freed him, fixed him up and we beat up the baddies.

      Dream perceived length a day or two?

      Although I got lucid I still got swept up by the dream plot so I wasn't sure if I should put this as a Ld. It wasn't 100% Lucidity but control was good. Maybe if I didn't wake up after I'd have more awareness.

      Next time I will keep in mind to perform some personal dream goals.

      One is to create miniature sun to better light up dark dream scenes. And the other is ofc to be always lucid in dreams.

      Creating the sun should be pretty easy since creating black holes came pretty naturally to me. I keep having trouble making rooms brighter with switches or commands so this shuld come in really handy.

      I'll keep telling myself that it'll be easy to ask dcs for omnilucidity so I'll believe it and get omniloooocid
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