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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Dreamshpere Chronicles: What is a Chaos Assassin?

    by , 11-28-2013 at 06:03 AM (315 Views)
    I am before the Guild Council.

    I stand before them in a loincloth with no weapons on me. I have a large tattoo on my chest, mirroring the one on my hand I have in Wakeworld.
    "What is a Chaos Assassin?"
    "A Liar, A Thief, an Agent of Discord, A Priest, A Monk, A lover of Women."

    "What does Nothing Is True Mean to you, O Chaos Monk?"

    "Everything is a Lie. Of Course Some Things are true, but most of the utterances of our "benevolent" species are lies. We alone, apart from the animals engage in Denial and knowing lie to ourselves. For truth to be revealed, the layers of lies must be peeled back, and deprogramming must be deliberate, originating in the depths of the sould of the sentient."

    Explain to us, your sould word.

    The sould is the soul and the spirit, the dream and astral bodies, the energetic and etheric, and all the invisible body and minds.

    You, dost thou proclaim thyself a Liar and Heretic?
    Yes, my Lord. I proclaim myself liken unto a Pope!

    Thou Heretic!
    Yes, my Lord. Did you know that God is a woman, and his name is Eris?

    Thou Agent of Discord, art thou an Orthodox Erisian?
    O Eris, Goddess of Goddesses, blessed be her sexy name, her sexy legs and breasts,

    That's enough, O Chaos Monk.
    I do love Eris.

    Yes. Well, Ominus Dominus, You're a Chaos Assassin whenever you are in our World. Praise Eris!


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