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    The Nomad Chronicles

    The Flying Turtle Temple

    by , 12-05-2013 at 07:22 PM (973 Views)
    *abbreviated due to pain*

    really long dreams...

    go to Moon, morph into a werelion, meditate beneath clock, there is a purple wedge on the clock indicating "delta dream state", and I take the clock image, and add it to my HUD.

    I slow time until the second hand seems to go by really slowly ..... TOCK ..... TOCK ..... .... ... TOCK .....

    I close my eyes, but still see my HUD. YOU ARE DREAMING says the circle in the upper right hand corner. Right, I don't need to blink, don't need to breathe. I sit beneath a great stone clock on a hill in the jungle, and I don't breathe, blink, or move. I feel the cold stone under me, the wind blow through my fur. I smell nectar and all sorts of plants and animals, without breathing. I turn off my outer vision without closing my eyes, for I have no eyes. Eyes are illusion. I see my HUD over black. I see again. I close my eyes, and look right through my eyelids, for my eyelids are illusions.
    A butterfly lands on my nose. It pricks it like a mosquito. I feel confused and swat it away.
    Suddenly, Shadowtech appears. He turns the world around me to a Hell world. "You're in hell, bitch!"
    "Yadda yadda yadda. I'm the Son of Satan, don't really give a shit."
    I snap my fingers and turn the world back.
    "Well, you're no fun!" He disappears.
    A bird flies to my ear, sings to me something about the matrix, and i see so much energy, and every single tiniest particle has an individual number, a number assigned to it by the master computer which was created by God to make universes. Don't panic, but apparently the universe was made by a giant Xerox machine made by a god who likes making lots of universes very quickly.

    Mytlzplyk appears. "You know, Club Nexus is calling you!"
    "Get thee behind me, NatasNatasZassaznatas!
    He disappears in a huff.

    I open a mirror portal, and step through to the Temple of Nothing in the City of Nowhere. I am standing on the landing pad at the top of the Temple, and people suddenly cheer down below. Apparently, we are celebrating the 110 year celebration since I founded the City of Nowhere. that's funny.

    I step inside. Everything is so familiar, so realistic and vivid. I dip my hand in the scrying pool being lit by a sunbeam from above. There is a small turquoise stone in it, which I promptly eat. Tastes like a jellybean.
    "Why did you do that," asks my faithful wraith High Priest, Sarnox.
    "Lucidity. My HUD went down. Trying to learn to keep it up at all times."
    "Ah, the HUD. I've had one ever since I played Metroid."
    "How could you play Metroid when you were my dog?"
    "It was the life after that one."
    "Oh. So, some kinda celebration?"
    "Only our 110th anniversary, Mayor. Funny how your Urthan Dreamers get such bad amnesia. Anyway, good to have you back. You've been gone a few decades."
    "It's fine, don't worry about it. I and your former worshippers have been taking care of everything. You know, it's time."
    "It's about to be the 111th birthday of the Temple of Nothing."
    Suddenly, a rumbling. The ziggurat is moving. We step out to the landing pad. Ridiculously long reins appear in Sarnox's hands. A large turtle head appears out of the ground, and the entire pyramid rises. "Yes, we are going to orbit the earth, make the Temple a Space Station!"
    "No, don't want to do that. Did I say that? I change my mind. Sounds boring. How about we fly this crazy space turtle through dreams of the willing, and throw rainbows and fluffy bunnies at them?"
    "Yes sir!" Sarnox shakes the reins, and the space turtle unearths itself, and the people cheer as we float up and away into space.
    I sit on the launch pad, and light up a long stemmed pipe, watching the stars go by.
    "You know, Sarnox, I always did want to ride a Dreamworld ziggurat temple sitting on a giant space turtle through dreams and throw rainbows and fluffy bunnies at them."
    "Funny. Me too, sir."
    "Well, here's a weirdo's dream right now."
    I open a huge mirror portal, and we turn the space turtle toward it. Scene:
    A boy is praying. "Please, dear, Santa, make the demons go away. Every time in my dreams... Well, you know how it is. Amen." The boy goes to sleep with his teddy bear. We ride into the mirror. An astral demon appears at the boys bed. We are tiny, about six inches high. The turtle opens its mouth, and a laser shoots out, cutting the demon's head off. We go into the boy's third eye.
    I am in the boy's dream. I am Santa Claus, flying a sleigh with a turtle pulling it. There is a snowy city beneath me, full of demons and vampires tormenting people. WHAT THE FUCK. I use time dilation, then I divide myself, and summon an army of summoners which summon elementals to battle the vampires and demons. I make it rain to wash all the bloody snow away.
    I find the little boy asleep in a large house by a Christmas tree.
    I go in a window, and leave a present of a sleigh pulled by a turtle, and giggle. The boy wakes up.
    "Hi Santa! You came! You made the demons go away, huh?"
    "Yes I did."
    "What's this? A present?" The boy opens it. "A Santa pulled by a flying turtle? That's funny!" The boy laughs.
    "If you ever have demons in your dreams again, just pet the turtle, and say, Santa, help."
    "Ok! Santa, why do you have a turtle?"
    "Because I'm the real Santa!"

    *had a lot of other dreams, but can't type them all, oh well!*

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