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    The Nomad Chronicles

    I have had many types of dream-like experiences from hypnogogic and hypnopomic hallucinations (visual and auditory), nightmares, sleep paralysis, false awakenings, lucid dreams, dreams from the mind, dreams from spirit, astral projection, remote viewing, sleep deprivation hallucinations, drug induced closed eye hallucinations, drug induced open eye hallucinations, spirit visions from playing music, visions from listening to music, and visions from chanting.

    Well, I have to tend to my waking life, but I will begin adding entries soon. Some will be dated, but they are from my dream journal that I've been keeping for the past year, and I want to transfer some of the entries here, because some are significant.

    Check out my non-lucid DJ: Nomad's Dreamtime

    Tasks Completed:
    Annual Tasks:
    Visit the Massoleum of Mossolus
    Visit the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
    Visit the Great Pyramid
    Visit the Temple of Artemis 8/31/09
    Visit the Statue of Zeus at Olympus 9/9/09
    Visit the Massoleum at Mossolus
    Visit the Collosus of Rhodes


    Monthly Tasks:
    Ask a Dream Character what it feels like to be in a dream
    Make a Tornado
    Make leaves fall off a tree and put them back on 09/09/09
    Scare a DC
    Ask a Ghost How it died

    Powers I have right now:
    Breathing Underwater

    as of September 1st, 2009:

    transform into Pan
    transform into a frog
    walk on water
    create a fireball
    disintegrate people
    bend earth
    bend wood
    super strength

    as of 09/09/09

    summoning rabbits
    summoning locusts
    morphing into a wyrm
    becoming giant
    morphing into a huge tree
    morphing into a mountain
    morphing into a volcano
    creating leaf tornadoes
    creating a locust tornado
    air bending

    Dream Goals:

    Do dream drugs:
    Smoke some dream salvia [ ]
    Eat some dream magic mushrooms [x]
    Smoke some dream cannabis [x]

    Meet my spirit guides:
    Michael [x]
    Koomo [x]
    The Trader, Francois [X]

    Meet a dream guide [x] 8/31 (gnome)
    - The Red Dragon, Zaphor

    Meet my 'aumakua:
    He'e/Kanaoloa [x]
    Pua'a/Kamapua'a [x]
    Pueo [x]

    Psychic abilities:
    Teleportation [x]
    Telekinesis [x]
    Make something big small [x]
    Make something small big [x]
    Walk through Walls [x]

    Superhero abilities:
    Invulnerability [x]
    Super strength [x]

    Alien Contact:
    Grey Alien [x]
    Reptilian [x]
    Martian [ ]

    Earth Conversations:
    Elephant [ ]
    Dophin [ ]
    Merperson [x]

    Places to go:
    A populated planet in the Milky Way Galaxy [ ]
    Macchu Piccu as it was being abandoned [ ]
    Visit Koomo's planet [x]

    Dream Body Changes:
    Transform into a Faun [x] (Pan)
    Switch Genders [X]
    Explode [X]
    Change into a Vapor [x]
    Change into a Water Elemental [x]

    Summon a dragon spirit [x]
    Summon a magic wand [x]
    Summon lightning [x]

    Become a wizard [x]
    Become a summoner [x]
    Become a dark knight [x]
    Become a superhero [x] Ion, Green Lantern
    Become a god [x] Pan, Juargawn

    Create A Dream Home, a living banyan tree [x]
    Create A Dream Temple, where I am worshiped [x]
    Create an army of dream warriors, fantastic creatures [ ]

    DC conversations:
    Ask a DC the name of my dream world [ ]
    Ask a DC what they think about 2012 [x]
    Ask a DC what my Dream Name is [ ]
    Ask a DC what they want most out of life [ ]

    Elemental alterations. ok, bending:
    Bend Earth - cause the ground to spike up [x]
    Bend Water - walk on water [x] 8/31/09
    Bend Fire - engulf myself in flame [x]

    Flying goals:
    Fly in a vertical body position [x]
    Hover [x]

    More Dream Goals:

    Find Zaylon [ ]
    Dream about the next day [ ]
    Become a millionaire [ ]
    Evacuate the negative energy from my house [ ]
    Access the Akashic Records [ ]
    Talk fluently in my sleep [ ]
    Induce lucid sleepwalking [ ]
    Bodysurf with Kaipo in a dream [ ]
    Appear in a dream to my sister as Juargawn [ ]


    Allies of Nomad:

    The Great Dragon - I called to be rescued by the King of Dragons, and met a very feminine dragon, who gave me two of her babies as allies in combat

    golden dragon, Skyfire - an eastern looking dragon. Powers: breathing fire, and lightning

    sky blue dragon, Rainstorm
    - a dragon that looks like a mix of the two. Powers: becoming liquid water.

    Otherme - me from another dimension. He appears shirtless and barefoot in jeans, and has red spikes coming out of him. He gave me budgies which aid in battle.

    - used these to defeat a great dream demon

    - my dream guide appearing as a red dragon floating on a cloud, but I have also have seen him as a huge dragon, and a mech dragon.

    Koomo-A spirit guide, his people are descended from bats

    Michael- An angelic spirit guide

    The Frost Giant He lives in a Cave in the North. He has healing powers. Raven perceives him as a Crystal Golem.

    Users on DV:
    Raven Knight- My lucid dreaming partner. I still don't know what she physically looks like as of this writing. I always see her in white. When I looked at her face intently, her eyes changed colors. Raven is a little smaller than me.

    Man of Shred- I perceived him as green crystal.
    Walms- I perceived him as orange crystal. I fought him. He beat me.
    The Cusp- I perceived him as purple crystal when we were not fighting. I fought him also, and he beat me.
    Mylynes- We fought, and he scared the crap out of me. Quite a dark soul.

    Other People:

    Selene- A lover from past lives, she used to haunt my dreams, until I made peace with her. She is always in white. Sometimes I see stars in her hair. She has dark wavy black hair, and dark brown eyes, and is petite.

    Spike- A lover of Raven Knight, a vampire. He and I were both friends and enemies in past lives. He is always wearing a black leather jacket and jeans. He has blond hair. He has really light blue eyes, and fangs. He has an attitude.

    Basara- A Bard. He's really intense. I feel like I have known him before. His pupils go in spirals. He is a healer.

    The Magistrate
    - This alien led us to meet The Dream Warrior Master. I perceived him to be an alien with a long face and pink skin.

    Hades- The god of The dead, The King of Hollow Earth, brother of Pan. I perceived him as a stone man, with a stone crown and then, an ancient man with a white beard, and a golden crown

    Morpheus - The god of Dreams (who may also be Pan) I perceive him to have many appearances.

    The Dream Warrior Master, Gawn - Pan, Noah, The Devil, The Great Progenitor. I perceive him as The Devil because I am a fool, apparently.

    Q- This powerful being creates training scenarios and training grounds for us. He is Raven Knight's spirit guide. I have only seen him once. She perceives him as Q from Star Trek. When I saw him, he was sitting in a cloud in lotus wearing red and gold, with shoulder pieces on his clothes, and a large hat.

    Cerberus/Sphinx - Solve the riddle of the Sphinx to access the Underworld/Hollow Earth

    Joseph formerly Tooth- a young boy that was a Nightstalker.

    Samuel/Sornax- He was my dog.

    Jose- A gardener of sentient plants.

    Chronos- the god of time.


    From Selene:
    -energy belt: this forms a force field around me when I press the button on the buckle
    -energy gloves: this makes my punches more powerful. I can extend these out to grab enemies
    -energy boots: I can use these to walk on walls and ceilings, also they increase grip on the ground, and have rocket boosters

    From Michael: a holy winged helmet. the helmet is a silvery blue in color, with pale gold angel wings. It hums and vibrates when fighting unholy beasts, but I don't fully understand its power yet

    From Koomo: a pair of bat wings to increase my flying agility

    From the Great Dragon:
    two baby dragons to aid me in battle

    From Otherme: cute budgies which form a giant sky blue sword

    From Zaphor
    : secret magic knowledge

    From the god of the Forge, Vulcan: True Sight Goggles, which I can see the true nature of entities beyond illusion. I altered these goggles to make them ocular implants.

    From The Borg: a disk in my head with which to access the calm of the Collective

    From Raven Knight: The witchblade, armor that forms over me, and a blade with gems in it.

    From Man of Shred- Selenite, which increases telepathic ability

    From The Atom: atomic belt and atomic disk, which I use to shrink to the size of an atom

    From the Ancient Egyptians: shards of a heart crystal which synchs up my heart and mind

    From a master Remote Viewer: an infinity watch to travel through time with

    From Hawkman: The Axe of Ages to decapitate Templars with

    Fly pods- I have a small pod on each shoulder full of swarms of flies which automatically open fly in the face of remote viewers. Centipede disk- I have a disk on my chest that silver centipedes swarm out of, and cover my body in case of a swarm attack. They also crawl in my dream body and remove parasites.

    Skills learned from Raven Knight:
    teleportation, creating portals, summoning weapons

    I am a shapeshifter.


    Nomad Form
    In this form, I am a bedouin

    Juargawn Forms
    - cheesy king lion-man
    - purple winged jaguar cub
    - black winged lion
    - god of Nothing
    - Sorceror lion
    - various big cats

    Gargoyle - a light blue gargoyle with a dragon face

    Dark Knight - a Dark Knight with spiky armor, and a huge sword

    Green Lantern - I had every color of ring on me, creating a wormhole as I flew threw it

    The great god Pan. Sometimes I have a human face, sometimes a goat face, sometimes ram horns, sometimes goat horns
    -Faun - a person with goat legs, not

    -Lava Minotaur

    -Timelyst Knight, Lord of Night

    - Soulkyst, Vampire Supreme

    -Chimera Supreme

    -Fear Form

    -Dark Knightmare

    Other forms
    -rubber ball
    -water elemental
    -Katch creature
    -stone golem

    You are in reality. All is real. Everything you see is real. Nothing is everything, and everything is nothing. Existence is infinite. You are infinitely less and infinitely more than a speck in the sea of existence. We are connected to everything because of existence. Separation of self is an idea for survival, but we are incessantly united. Everything is the same. Nothing is real. The Void is a real place, which doesn't exist, never has existed, and never will. The Void is within and without you. Foolishness is wisdom, and wisdom is for fools. The merry at heart are righteous, the sad are blameless, the angry ones pity, and the evil ones destroy themselves out of necessity.

    None of this is true,
    but you understand the meaning.
    Deep goes the tunnel
    for the one truly dreaming.
    Close your eyes now,
    and you can see what you are seeing.
    Open your heart,
    because that's what does believing.
    Your mind is a tool,
    but it's deception is convincing.
    Create the world you want,
    then be open to receiving.
    Nothing is coming,
    and everything is leaving.
    Inhale nothing to
    know that you are dreaming.
    Inhale nothing to know
    that you are dreaming.


    1. Revenge of the Shadow Beasts!

      by , 06-16-2010 at 02:49 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)

      BVVT. BVVVVT. I am morphing into my shadow beast self on the Moon.

      Raven: Uh... what are you doing?

      Morphing into my Shadow Beast Self. Try it!


      You got dark energy under control. You'll be fine.

      Raven morphs into a black jaguar queen.

      missing time

      I am with MoSh, Tigress, and Raven in Club Nexus at the center of the Universe. We are lounging in a VIP room. Angel opens the door. A Reptilian tries to follow her in. She rips his head off, and kicks his body away. She sits down beside me. I then notice we are all our Shadow Selves.

      "So, how about we morph into Shadow Beast Selves, and go kick some Templar ass?"

      Angel: what's that?

      I morph.


      missing time

      We are in some time of hedge maze. We practice morphing. We tear through the maze, tearing it to pieces.


      We are in a hotel lobby and the center of the maze at the same time. Hunter S. Thompson is sitting with us, cutting a drug with a razor blade on a table.

      "DMT and Adrenachrone, straight from the pineal gland and adrenal gland of my dead dream body! HAHAHAH! Try it!"

      "Dude, I do my own DMT."

      Hunter sticks tubes on my head that connects my pineal gland and my adrenal gland to my gums.

      Everything smears. We are our Shadow Beast Selves riding through a stormy sky on cruiser bikes. We are all big black were-cats in leather. We land in the parking lot of a strange roadside Midwestern Bar.

      It says, "Republican Knights, in service of The Queen" out front, and there are strange Masonic symbols all over it. We barge in.

      It's full of men in black suits and sunglasses. The bartender: Excuse me? Why the hell are you here?

      "We are here to FUCK SHIT UP!" I roar and throw a table at the bartender. It crashes into the drinks as he ducks behind the bar, and a mirror shatters. The table bursts into splinters, flying into the Templars' bodies. They shoot at us with lasers from their sunglasses, and fly around in a "random" pattern. We each manifest a strange elemental magic. I have a flaming blue metallic aura. I shoot blue flame at me enemies, and attack them physically. We throw furniture at people. MoSh smashes things with a huge chain. Raven is wielding a strange weapon, like a morning star with a blade at the end of the chain. Tigress has spiked brass knuckles. Angel has strange wires spinning around her.

      I get hit with a flaming orange. My witchblade forms around me. I bite the Templars' heads off and consume their energy.


      Loaf appears a small red vampire. He runs in and places a time bomb on the central pillar. We all run out of the bar. It explodes.

      Aquanina appears as a mermaid swimming in the sky, and she puts out the fire on us.

      Cacophony appears piloting a helicopter. We climb up a rope ladder and get in. We hi-5 each other.
    2. Akashic Records: Meeting The Scribe of My Life

      by , 06-16-2010 at 02:28 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am wandering in a large library in England. I feel there is some hidden knowledge. Reality peels back, and I see the real library underneath.

      I am in some weird alien interdimensional Hall of Records, the Akashic Records.

      A glowing white man, with a face that is feline and reptile, maybe even insectoid all at the same time approaches me. His voice sounds like a thousand trumpets.

      "Well, hello, wanderer. You have finally came. You want to find The Book. Everyone does. Everyone starts with That One."

      "Uh... What is The Book?"

      "The story of your life, your lifetimes, your soul's journey, from inception to end, and back again."

      "I want to unlock the mysteries of the universe."

      "You are a beautiful mystery unto yourself."

      "Am I?"

      "Yes, all things living and non-living, sentient and non-sentient, even the comprehensible and nonexistent things are lovely mysteries."

      We walk to a simple leather bound book on a glass pedestal. I open it. A white light pours out of it, and grabs my face. I get sucked in to the picture. I am in some other life. I am having a picnic on a mountain with a beautiful woman in post-warII Europe, but I am in a different Europe, in a different Earth, a different dimension.

      The dream explodes. I am in hundreds or thousands of dreams in many dimensions simultaneously.

      I feel like I am grabbing my soul and pulling it out of my mouth, simultaneously melting my face off and slapping it back on like hot salami.

      Everything compresses. Hunter S. Thompson is sitting across from me in a hotel lobby. "This is some good shit, this DMT stuff, boy. Hell yeah. I am going to do this shit this entire afterlife, kid. Mahalo." He is cutting a powder on the table.

      "Uh, Hunter, is that cocaine?"

      "No! And even if it was, who gives a shit? This is our dream, and we are going to do whatever the hell we want."

      He yells his head off.


      Hunter turns into a giant albatross with a can of tuna with two mice in it on his back. They turn into Ralph Steadman, and Ralph the Motorcycle Mouse, and then, Hunter flies off.

      Now I am in The Rescuers. I feel confused. I get dizzy and puke.

      I wake up in a hotel bathroom. Johnny Depp is slapping my face. I cough. Smelling salts.

      "Holy shit, kid," he says, turning into Hunter. "That was some crazy shit you just snorted pal. Why don't you take it easy, and just go kill some lubricant aliens. They keep trying to infect my fucking wormholes. See, I got water on the brain, from being in the desert. My skull's bloated man. Don't you get it, you asshole? I thought you were my lawyer, you worthless Samoan. HELP!"

      Hunter has a heart attack, and explodes. There is blood everywhere. I freak out and scream.

      I am in Hunter's den. He's writing a suicide note. He burns it and chuckles.

      He loads a revolver.

      He looks at me. I realize I am looking at him through a mirror.

      He points at his reflection. "FUCK YOU."

      He lifts the gun to his head. I leap through the mirror as he blows his head off.

      I freak out and beat the crap out of his body. 'YOU ASSHOLE! WHAT THE HELL.'

      His ghost taps me on the shoulder.

      "It's all green gravy, kid. No use crying over spilled blood. HAHAHA. Hey, I was planning on it for years. I didn't want to go through any of that old age bullshit. Can you blame me? Now I am free. I am going to a angel or demon or something write? Get it? Write. See I am speaking to you telepathically, so you can see what I am saying. Anyway, aren't you supposed to give me a pair of wings, kid?"

      "No, I am just a human, you idiot!"

      "Dammit! Don't lie to me!"

      He throttles me.

      "Fugg yew! Here!" I cough. I summon a pair of cheesy red costume bird wings. He puts them on and flies up. He strums a harp, then shoots red arrows.

      "I am going to play Cupid for awhile, Nate."

      "That doesn't make any fucking sense!"

      "Hey, fuck you kid. I will now proceed to wander through Heaven and Hell as I so choose."
    3. Monster ship thingies

      by , 06-16-2010 at 02:05 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)

      We are in an RPG game I made. It's a naval battle with triremes, Hawaiian canoes, and Spanish galleons.

      I stand up from the water. I have a ship strapped to my back for I am a Monster Ship Thingy!

      I roar, and the people in my boat shoot flaming arrows at the other boats. The other Monster Ship Thingies, stand up, and we battle. Suddenly we are in the desert. Don Juan laughs, and the dream explodes.
    4. About a Dream Poem: America

      by , 06-14-2010 at 08:13 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      This is a paper I wrote for my English class. Read the Poem, "America" by Tony Hoagland.

      English 100
      Dr. Mark Lawhorn
      Poem Analysis: “America” by Tony Hoagland
      In the poem, “America” by Tony Hoagland, the poet tells a story of an experience while teaching a class in the modern day United States. A student compares America to a prison. The poet in annoyed with the young man who presumably comes from middle class Suburbia. In the middle of the conversation, the poet recalls a dream about stabbing his father. The poet compares modern America to a nightmare of floating in a pleasure boat down a river full of drowning people.
      Overarching themes throughout the poem are consumerism, capitalism, and greed. The poem describe the poet’s journey as he goes through a mental and implied spiritual metamorphosis firstly getting annoyed with his student, wanting to tell him “how full of shit” he is, then recalling his dream, then recalling a quote by Karl Marx, “I was listening to cries of the past when I should have been listening to cries of the future,” and lastly empathizing with the student while imagining the metaphorical nightmare.
      Another main grouping of themes is dreams, nightmares, waking life, dream life, sleeping, and lucidity, specifically, being aware that one is dreaming. The people in the drowning in the river could be compared to the laborers in foreign countries manufacturing goods for America while living in squalor, or Americans unhappy because of misguided values. The “you” in the pleasure boat is The American, or America itself, or the ideal of consumerism. In the poet’s dream, money is clogging up the father’s heart. The poet is actually helping his father by stabbing him. In the dream poem, the father thanks his son, and says, “And so I perish happily, freed from that which kept me from my liberty.” So, again, we have the theme of captivity. The subtle metaphor of America is money comes to the forefront. The poem in the dream becomes a dream sign, something in a dream which makes the dreamer realize he is dreaming, and the poet becomes lucid, which is similar to waking up in a dream. The poet thinks, “I am asleep in America too, and I don’t know how to wake myself either.”
      Themes are paired with contrasting themes: older generation and younger, teacher and student, nightmares and dreams, communism and capitalism, anger and compassion, the material world, and the world of dreams. The young student bemoans the modern American consumer based value system, and as the teacher questions himself and learns, the student becomes the teacher. Marx’s quote “near the end of his life” implies Marx retrospectively thought communism was less than ideal. But, the poet wonders if capitalism is really so freeing as he questions if Marx would have imagined the modern American nightmare if Marx had been “listening to cries of the future.”
      In the last stanza the poet speaks of you turning the volume higher in the nightmare. This is obviously a reference to television or listening to a radio. The sound could either be you drowning out the cries of the future, the implied screams of the people dying in the river, or the screams of third world laborers themselves, as if we somehow take a perverse pleasure in the pain of others by passively purchasing goods which we know are manufactured by those suffering in poverty, and in doing so are exhibiting a kind of complacent sadism. “America” is a complex poem, with thought provoking ideas, and interesting themes cleverly threaded through the fabric of the piece.

      Updated 06-14-2010 at 08:22 PM by 27486

      side notes
    5. We are FLYING: RPG dream

      by , 06-13-2010 at 06:41 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)

      A bunch of people say let's have an RPG dream.

      I turn into a dream octopus. Every arm is holding a different dream-bubble. The worlds appear different, but they are all the same basic theme:

      I am a flying steed: a dragon, a pterodactyl, a great bird, a bat-creature, a dragonfly. Other dreamers get on my back. We sky battle. We go to a floating island in the sky. We battle the boss.

      The boss is a fat steampunk robot. Inside it's being controlled by a little man, which is me.

    6. Drinking Battle with The Cusp

      by , 06-11-2010 at 07:33 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      The Cusp and I are in a bar having a drinking contest. Then we decide to play beer pong. I lose. I slam my palms down on the table. It flies up toward me, all the beer spilling. I suck all the beer in through the air, and make the table land back down in place.

      Impressive, Nomad. Then, The Cusp drinks beer out of a beer bong, and then it comes out of his butt, and back into the beer bong going in a circle.


      What? It's a dream, man. Everything's perfectly clean.
    7. Dream RPG : In the Caverns of Satan Claws

      by , 06-11-2010 at 07:21 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)

      I am on the Moon in the Biodome with Raven, MoSh, Tigress, Silverwolf. Angel appears and is mad because I didn't invite her to the game. I tell her I didn't think she'd like it. She says that's her waking self. Her dream self loves dreams, and loves dream games. OK!

      Loaf appears and says he wants in. Then a bunch of portals open, and an assload of dreamers pop in. It's overwhelming. I don't recognize a lot of them. About half the people on Deep Dreaming.

      I ask Q10 to make a giant sky portal, and he takes us to the Outer Lands.


      I break the dreams up into a group of dream-bubbles. Each dream has about four or five people in it. They all have the same basic adventure.

      They are flying on individual reindeer in winter over mountains. They spot a cave. They land to explore it. They go in. There are shadow goblins hiding waiting to pick off stragglers. They battle some of the minor DC's, and get some cool power ups, like mantra balls.

      They finally find me in the center. I am guarding a giant mantra ball of lucidity.


      Most of them kick my ass, but some of them PARTY DIE EPIC PHAIL. and have to start over. HAHAHAA.

      Then, I put everyone in a carnival. All the carnies turn into zombies. And shit! The cotton candy was drugged! WE ARE ALL TRIPPING BALLS ON DREAM LSD. HAHAHAHA

      I make the rides melt. They get stuck in a funhouse, and can't tell the difference between glass, mirrors, and air. I run around looking like everyone, basically a 3D mirror. Then, I become a mad scientist sentient zombie robot fucker in the center of the funhouse.

      Suddenly, everything goes 2D, and it's a multiplayer Megaman game. I AM SCIENCEMAN, AND YOU SHALL NEVER HAVE MY SUPER EPIC SPINNING AIR SLICING TIME-BLADES!

      Someone turns into Sonic and spins in my face, killing me. LOL
    8. strange drugs

      by , 06-11-2010 at 06:33 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am with Angel in her apartment. I am non-lucid as sin.

      We are drinking. We take some pills and smoke some herb. It's okay, we're dreaming!

      We explode into colorful wormholes. My being vibrates through time. I eat my own soul, and fart it out. The universe melts.

      We are on the floor dry heaving. Then, we puke rainbows. WTF

      did we do acid? Are we really puking?

      dammit! It's DMT! we are dreaming!
    9. Maze of DEATH

      by , 06-11-2010 at 06:29 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)

      Tigress, MoSh, Silverwolf, and Raven are in a Battleworld I made. We are playing a dream RPG game. I put them in a labyrinth, become a Minotaur in the center, and try to make them lose their lucidity by making the maze look like a real hedge.

      They themselves are not normal, but they don't notice.

      They find me, and kill me. DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL.

      Then we go back to the Moon.

      We wake up in the Night Dream Temple in the City of Nowhere on the Moon.

      That was weird!

      Let's do it again!

      I am a huge space station, and they are in space ships. We battle. Kraftwerk appears and he's a cyborg. I tell him he can't breathe. He starts to gag, then he says, "It's a dream, asshole!" then he blasts me with a rocket up my vent shaft and I blow up.
    10. Rpg

      by , 06-10-2010 at 10:45 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)

      I am playing a board game in the Bidome with MoSh and Raven.

      Let's do an RPG! you guys want to? Yes yes!

      OK. hold on to these Lucidity balls. don't forget you are dreaming! ok! ok!

      i make an ice cavern modeled after the one MoSh and Selene and i were in as kids in the dream world.

      I make some traps and puzzles.

      i am the END BOSS. I am the ICE BEAST! BWAAHAHAHAHA!

      oH NOES u guys beat me. lol
    11. Vehicle Battle

      by , 06-09-2010 at 06:36 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am in a strange assault vehicle with MoSh, Raven, Tigress, and Silverwolf. We are battling another team in an assault vehicle in a large Colloseum.
      non-lucid , memorable
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