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    The Nomad Chronicles

    IODSP: Pyramid Dream

    by , 08-20-2011 at 10:32 PM (521 Views)
    I am at the Temple of Nothing. I am a black lion man.

    (BTW this is from Carnal, a bad ass graphic novel in the making.)


    my children, my ancestors, my friends, my family, my allies, my tribe. COME TO ME.

    I play DON'T FUCK WITH THE MOON PEOPLE on my didjeridoo.

    People stream in down the Dark Rainbow Road from Chichen-Itsa on Earth to the Temple of Nothing on the Moon.

    Koomo rides up on the Black Moon Bus, and a bunch of Darklings pile out.

    Xaphor, my red dragon DG leads a fleet of black Moon Dragons with crescent moons on their foreheads, and lands them on the Moon.

    Atras and AndresLD appear near me talking at the same time.


    We laugh and hi-5.

    Atras: Are we going to remember this?

    Me: I hope so.

    Andres: Wow! We should battle!

    Robo appears.

    Robo: DUDE I AM SO MEGAMAN. But, check it, I have all these upgrades I bought at the store for free. check this shit out: PORTAL GUN! Robo charges up his arm gun, and shoots at the sky. A crazy portal opens, and hundreds of reploid people pour out. Robo runs to them, and hugs them. "I feel ... here. I feel like I belong. These people... are somehow my family?" I hear him thinking.

    Andres leaps off the pyramid down into a free for all battle below.

    Robo appears next to me with a female Reploid. "Omigod, NOMAD, this is my friend from another Dimension! She is REAL!"

    I bow to her, and kiss her hand. She smiles at me, then at Robo. "I know," I say.

    Robo flies off with the woman, shouting, "ADVENTURE!"

    Atras keeps disappearing and reappearing. He keeps waking up, but is good at returning to the dream.

    Atras: ACK! DAMMIT!

    I grab Atras' hands. "Ok, look at me, now. Look into my eyes."

    Atras: Holy shit, Nomad! You are a black lion... with golden eyes? You look crazy.

    Me: Everything looks crazy. Look around you.

    Atras takes it all in.

    Me: Sit down.

    Atras: Ok, now what.

    Me: Now, we do Nothing.

    Atras: Ok... what is that supposed to do?

    Me: sh...

    Atras: ok, I uh....

    We sit in silence, looking over the City of Nothing. There are pyramids poking up above the jungle canopy. The wall can be seen in the distance with the Moai heads standing guard. The Hawaiian warriors paddle a war canoe through the sky on patrol. Flying cars whizz by. The Juargawn statue grins guarding the gate to the City. Below there is a silly dream battle.

    Atras: wow. I feel like sleeping.

    Me: Go ahead.

    Atras falls asleep, and his strange robe becomes very detailed and crisp. He seems to be getting more solid. He wakes up two seconds later.

    Atras: OMIGOD THAT DREAM WAS CRAZY! Wait! I am dreaming!

    He does a RC.

    Atras: HOLY SHIT.

    He wakes up.

    Raven walks around the corner from a portal with MoSh. She is picking little bat creatures off her that are draining her energy. I notice we all have parasites. We sit down without a word, and we do mutual healing. Raven plays ocarina, MoSh plays acoustic guitar, and I play the didjeridoo and Hawaiian nose flute.

    "It's time to go," Raven says.

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