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    The Nomad Chronicles

    The Temple of Kaos (abridged)

    by , 06-19-2012 at 07:34 AM (709 Views)
    I am with Mosh and Raven on the Moon, in the Biodome on the Moon.


    I appear near the koi pond. Raven is staring at the fish. She is very sad. I alter my aura, and heal myself, then I send her healing blue-gold energy. She looks up at me, and smiles.

    I walk to her, and give her a hug. Mosh tumbles out of a portal, and dusts himself off. The three of us group hug, then hold hands without saying anything.

    We link telepathically.

    One thing we have in common, is how much pain and sorrow we've been through... are going through, the three of us.

    I am going to come here, when my physical body dies, I am going to come here AND LIVE FOREVER ON THE GREEN MOON!


    A portal opens. Selene and Eris step out. We go through the portal, and are on some strange mountaintop on another planet.

    We follow a path of funny floating stones to a white Greek temple, the Temple of Kaos.

    Eris smiles, and grabs my hand leading me to the Temple. There are great white pillars, with birds and bats circling the pillars which are eating insects which are eating bacteria which are are...

    fuck! fractal hole!

    Eris laughs at me, and we enter.

    Dominating the center is a huge three dimensional chaosphere, hundreds of feet in diameter, floating above a pedestal, and slowly spinning.

    One of the arrows shoots into my third eye, and I scream madly. I feel so much pain, pleasure, terror, delight, and pure fucking insanity.


    I am in a candlelit sidechamber with lovely braziers, incense burners, flowers, and big pillows, mattresses, and sheer curtains everywhere. Selene and Eris grin mischievously, and push me down on a bed. "We are all goddesses and gods," I hear them say in my head.

    Smoke swirls into a vortex above us. Gold dust floats through the air. I smell incense, roses, and the smell of earthly women. I turn and look at a pillow. I see extreme detail in the texture, even slightly imperfect seams.

    I look into the eyes of my goddesses, and I see such amazing detail in their eyes. Eris with violet eyes, and blue-black hair, Selene her big black eyes, and snow white hair, her little pointed nose, small pouty mouth that I know so well.

    "Yes, everything is real, Nomad," Selene whispers in my ear.

    "I am... real," Eris giggles and she kisses my ear.


    "Not this time, Love, your own DMT," Selene tells me telepathically, and she unbuttons my shirt. "You are dreaming. Dreaming a Real Dream. This is beyond the Dream Plane. You are PHYSICALLY INCARNATE in THIS Dimension, and WE are GOING to FUCK!"

    With that, she grabs my manhood, and she feels 100% real.

    "YES! I LOVE YOU!" I sit up, and wrap myself around Selene, and kiss her passionately as I grab Eris, and pull her close. The three of us kiss, then I just kiss Eris, and I feel as if I just 8 the Apple of Discord.

    "You are the Prettiest One, and You are," I say to Eris, then Selene.

    "You are the Man in the Moon, and I love you so," Selene giggles as we make love.

    "You are now a High Priest unto Kaos, and forever will you lick my vesica pisces," Eris laughs. "Or a Low Priest, fucker... yes... lower."

    "Wherever the fuck this dimension is, I am coming HERE when I die!"

    "Your will is divine, my lord," Selene grins and she kneels.

    "I AM GOD!"

    "You're the God of Nothing!" Eris giggles and she pushes me down and kisses my neck.



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